Because traffic in L.A. wasn’t backed up enough, people took to the street (or “freeway” to be more precise) to protest the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial:

The freeway has re-opened:

However, the demonstrations continue in the area and there are reports that Los Angeles police are firing non-lethal projectiles at the protesters and are planning for mass arrests:

The LAPD has confirmed that its officers are firing bean bags at protesters because some of them are throwing bottles and other things:

Update: New photos are being tweeted of traffic being blocked in Los Angeles:

KTLA news van surrounded:

Update II: The protest spread:

Twitchy will monitor this story and bring you updates as the situation warrants.

  • Tony0920

    Personally, i was hoping even prior to the the obvious, and correct verdict, that during subsequently expected disturbances, feedbags loaded with beans would be fired from cannons. Hey! They’re still beanbags.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    Yet when you tell these people to go play in traffic, they won’t.

  • Jim_MAY

    Well now that the weekend and Zimmerman case is over life can get back to normal. Just think if the jury had not reached a verdict until Monday we would have a whole week of this stuff.

  • Cyfon

    Wonder what the traffic is like in Chicago?

    • bossmanham

      I hear there’s a lot of loud bangs and lead flying around.

    • me

      Please make yourself more clear: Auto traffic or drugs?

    • Kim

      If people tried this s!@# on a Chicago highway, they’d get run over.

      • Spiny Norman

        If they’d done this in LA during weekday rush hour, they’d get run over… or their asses beat, one or the other. Road rage would win out.

        • Jeremy

          Yeah people coming home from a long day at work would not put up with this crap.

        • RedSoloCup

          Or be the hood ornament of a Mack Truck.

  • bossmanham

    The balance between public safety, civil rights, and a police state…

  • guesst

    That’s weird. It’s as if they don’t belong there or something. Facist police, trying to make them leave! No Justice for the Beaners!

  • Iacobus

    Note to idiot protesters: You have the right to assemble and protest peacefully, but when you get in my way, we have ourselves a problem…

    • Squirrel!

      I believe they’re trying to push the envelope.

  • Spiny Norman

    Hey stupid protest beeyotch with the f**kin’ keffiyeh! Go get your scrawny butt back in there and get yourself pepper sprayed! Do it right, ferchrissakes.


  • Squirrel!

    So far these protests haven’t escalated to what we’d expected. This right here sounds like they’re trying really hard to make it escalate into something it shouldn’t. Where I live the news just reported that they’re protesting tonight and will again tomorrow night. It didn’t appear to be a very big protest, but they’re planning to do it again tomorrow night too. What are these protests supposed to accomplish anyway? The case is over. Zimmerman can’t be tried again. Would they prefer double jeopardy in our justice system? Maybe Obama & Holder will fix that for them.

    • Spiny Norman

      So far these protests haven’t escalated to what we’d expected. This right here sounds like they’re trying really hard to make it escalate into something it shouldn’t.

      Unlike 1992, the LAPD doesn’t seem to be backing off and letting them rampage.

      Protest Twit: LAPD surrounding us on all sides. No way out right now.

      Good. Hope you all enjoy your very own flex-cuffs.

      • Squirrel!

        That may be the difference. Sorry, I was 17 in 1992, so knew there were riots and knew why there were riots, but too busy being a young person who didn’t pay much attention to the details. Just hope we can keep these things to only protests.

    • JodiRockk

      He can be tried in a federal court, double jeopardy only applies to the same court, federal court is separate from the state court that he was tried in. People are pushing for him to be brought up on federal charges. Just like what happened to the police officers in the Rodney King beating after they were acquitted in a state court.

    • Adela Wagner

      They are trying to, what with the DOJ dancing around with bringing civil rights charges agin Zimmerman. Looks like they are trying to keep something other than hope alive. (In my best churchlady voice)….COULD IT BEEEEEE……..RACISM?!!!

  • GaryTheBrave

    Do they know that Trayvon didn’t give a rat’s asp about any one of them? These idiots would hope there wouldn’t be this kind of protest if they were acquitted of a crime.

  • MarkNeil

    the white people in the crows are what Stalin used to call Useful Idiots

    • JohnGalt

      And the self-hating, “progressive”, weaklings will be the first to go if Obama and his band of Commies are successful in their destructive quest to “remake” America.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Idiots, caring about what happened to someone of a different race!

      • JohnGalt

        The backward and destructive Black “Culture” is ” what happened” to the thug Martin, Dunce.

        They would be wise to consider this an education in what will CONTINUE to happen to them if they choose to act out as violent savages.

        Civilized people have put up with this crap for FAR too long.

      • ceemack

        I doubt a single one could correctly tell you the basic facts of the case.

        But then I’m guessing you don’t know them either.

      • Markward

        Yeah, they suddenly care about Blacks now, and not the hundreds that die daily at the hands of other blacks.

      • MarkNeil

        they don’t seem to be protesting in Chicago every weekend when 5 or so blacks are killed.

  • Jeremy

    They deserve the bean bags.The low information voters at it again and what do you expect when you throw things at the police.

  • jerry148

    Love the fact that whenever you have a story like “police fire rubber bullets into crowd”, the police’s story is hardly ever told, or is completely skewed to make it seem like they started firing live bullets into a crowd that was singing kumbaya.

  • CatHerder

    Send in the scoops.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Dear LAPD, please substitute metal bullets for rubber ones next time. Thanks !

  • RedSoloCup

    Should have sent the 18-wheelers in at speed to mow them down.

  • Amanda Rules

    Dumbasses got what they deserved.

  • skhpcola

    Democrat voters never fail to impress with their stupidity. Treyvun Marton was filth and so are these “protestors.” It’s a good thing that leftist trash self-identify this willingly…makes it easy to know who is who.