The National Football League is legendary for being protective of its brand. Where the NFL will fall on this one remains to be seen, but judging by some tweeters who responded to Falcons’ wide receiver Roddy White, he might have some explaining to do:

In response to Roddy White and others commenting on a controversial evening, here’s a tweeter who might turn out to be one of the more prescient Twitter users of the night:

So far, White’s tweet remains undeleted.

  • Tommy Joe

    Damn, Roddy. It’s already hard enough to be a Falcons fan. Focus on the playoffs instead.

    • Jefferson Tea Party


  • Bui van vat

    I’m done with the NFL, until they rid themselves of thugs.

    • RedandBlackPeachy

      An inappropriate outburst surrounding an emotional issue does not a thug make.

      • Jeff Coil

        Suggesting that six women commit suicide is not an “inappropriate outburst”. The Falcons should get rid of this hatemongering thug.

  • Medicinewoman2

    Damn shame his mouth works better than his parts that he’s paid to use.No class,just trash.

  • rbc

    So just to be clear, it’s offensive to Roddy White that Richard Sherman says he isn’t a Top-100 player, but it’s acceptable to tell a bunch of jurors to kill themselves. Terrible excuse for a human being.

  • AndyDontCare

    It’s because his last name is White. Ohnohediint!!!!

  • Maxx

    Give the fella a break folks….I mean, he only charged Atlanta $1,175,000 per touchdown in 2012.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Don’t hate him for being more successful than you.

      • Maxx

        Ah yes…the intellectually lazy “don’t hate him because he’s rich” rebuttal.

        It would be nonsensical to hate a total stranger. A person I’ve never met. I just mock his “faux outrage” while he chills in a multi-million dollar home or vents his “anger,” by taking a drive in a $250,000 exotic.

        How many Tweets has he created about the murder rate among blacks in urban cities like Chicago? Get back to me on that one.

        You see, even with the “successful,” as tonight’s tweets have proved, it’s not about FACTS, it’s more about FEELING. We now have a segment of the population who wants jury decisions decided on emotion.

        Now THAT is to be mocked…in addition to White’s touchdown per salary ratio.

        • $7610427

          Oh, snap!

        • AMERICAN Kafirâ„¢(KAdams)


      • Jeremy

        You are dumb.

      • Markward

        Ah, when there was no possible way for things to get more stupid, post Sharknado, you come along again to prove that it can!

      • Mike Butler

        You call his play stats “successful”? The team should sue him for fraud, LOL

      • bluewaternavy

        Hate him? Lord, no-I just think he’s a complete ass.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Don’t hate him for being more successful than you.

  • PeterP

    Jurors spent 16 hours following the law and an NFL brat who makes millions puts a bounty on their heads. Nice guy.

  • tony macaroni

    Apparently, more white people are disgusted by this tweet than Martin’s murder. That sums up american society in a nutshell.
    Personally, I agree with his sentiment. He probably should have kept it to himself but its a terrible reality to keep bottled up.

  • TocksNedlog

    Unreconstructed pile of garbage.

  • TocksNedlog

    Unreconstructed pile of garbage.

  • Jeremy

    What a moron.I know the Falcons owner is a big Obama supporter but,I am sure he will be quite upset when he hears about this.

  • K-Bob

    Fire him. Ban him from playing.

    Anyone still watching NFL? It quit being football years ago.

  • DJ TeeOh “The Official”

    Ban him for having opinions when every person who sees this passed their own judgement on the Zimmerman trial? Bunch of hypocrites. So he isn’t allowed to have an opinion? He isn’t allowed free speech? All you jerks pointing fingers when you know good and well you do the same thing. Only difference? You aren’t important.

    Funny how Zimmerman walks but here you are ready to “throw the book” at a man for using free speech.

  • Maxwell

    I feel so bad for those jurors. I really hope they recieved police escorts home. I fear for Zimmerman’s safety as well.

    • Douglas Shonwdrika

      What about trayvons safety everything is just for caucasians

  • spbella


  • Logast

    Yeah, Roddy. So much for the judicial system based on guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Pretty stupid, huh? What an ignorant tool.

  • Mike Butler

    Roddy is just shoddy.

  • kateorjane

    Wonder what the League will say about that that post?

  • Scorpion

    The lefts War on Women (jurors) intensifies.

  • Marvin Nelson

    Thanks, numbnuts. You gave me another good reason for not following the Falcons. You should focus on football since you don’t have the brains required to think coherently. Bigoted much?

  • Goldenarm9

    How stupid does Roddy White have to be right after the Hernandez killings?
    Do these guys ever learn?

  • Goldenarm9

    How stupid does Roddy White have to be right after the Hernandez killings?
    Do these guys ever learn?

  • mapache

    Way to alienate the Atlanta fans….loser. Wonder how the NFL feels about things.

    • RedandBlackPeachy

      Are you an Atlanta fan? Are you alienated? Considering the foul things that are said everyday in the world towards everyone, if this stupid comment alienates fans, those fans live in a bubble.

      • Jeff Coil

        This goes far beyond “stupid things”. Maybe in your universe it is perfectly acceptable for someone to tell someone else to commit suicide. Maybe you could explain that to the parents of teens who have done just that after some stranger post “you should just kill yourself” on a public forum like twitter or facebook.

      • bluewaternavy

        telling people to go home and kill themselves goes a good past “stupid”

  • porgiefirefighter

    Classless and cruel. I know of some NFL franchises that would take action. Let’s see about Hotlanta.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Even if White’s tweets are deleted, he’ll soon learn…
    Everyone, all together:

  • JustChuck57