At the time, Lolo Jones probably considered this way too tall an order coming from a tweeter who still doesn’t even have 3,000 followers:

The Olympic hurdler and bobsledder has made headlines with some controversial tweets recently, but in general she is one of the most social media-friendly athletes.

Recently, Jones accepted a challenge from one of her 360,000 followers — should this student, a 21-year-old named Bubby Lyles tally 150,000 retweets for one of his tweets, Jones would go on a date with him.

Jones was told she’d be kept updated on the number of re-tweets Lyles was getting:

Then there were a couple of updates on Lyles’ re-tweet progress:

Guess where it stands now? Check out the number of re-tweets of Lyles’ original tweet:

Goal of 150,000 re-tweets eclipsed!

From the sound of things, from Jones’ perspective, a promise is a promise:

Twitchy wishes them all the best on their date, and offers Jones three cheers for kept promises!

  • LN_Smithee

    If you’ve been paying attention to the Lolo Jones story, you know how this date will NOT end.

  • The Penguin

    Isn’t there a cat in a tree story happening somewhere?


    Trust me. I attempted this after trolls on the forum I go to dared me to do it around one year ago.

    Not a single reply from her.

    This was made all the more infuriating, when one guy (who I do not consider to be a troll at all, and actually got me on the Ron Paul bandwagon for the last election for the primaries), told me that he lived around New Orleans (which is true), and actually went to the same church she did, but he never talked to her at all. And that he didn’t really care about me much to do that.