Last week, after being schooled on the facts, Sarah Silverman deleted the above N-word tweet about Texas Governor Rick Perry. Actually, Silverman deleted three tweets:

After being taken to the woodshed, Silverman tried to explain herself, and started off with this:

Following that, Silverman wrote two more tweets, and then didn’t even take her own advice about worrying less about words, because those tweets have now also been deleted (though Twitchy is forever):

Silverman has proven herself correct in one aspect: She certainly does like to edit stinkers, or else she’d do a little more thinking before clicking the “tweet” button.


    I wish she could go back in time, and abort herself to delete herself from existence.

  • FFlintstone

    Sarah Silverman is full of hate. Good comedians only make fun of their own people. Sarah Silverman attacks everyone else. She offends Christians, blacks, etc then plays the Jew victim card when people call her out on it.

    Today’s comedians don’t have talent, so they have to resort to the gutter. Seinfeld, Bill Cosby, Steven Wright, Mitch Hedberg, etc never had to resort to graphic sex, religious attacks, or racism to make people laugh. Today, all jokes are either sex, race, or smears of Republicans. Clint Eastwood showed at the Republican convention that it doesn’t take any talent to make a room full of people with the same political beliefs laugh. Just say mean things about people from the opposite party. No talent required (see Bill Maher).

    • Elvis Newton

      At least she did a full frontal shower scene in a movie, so she has had at least some redeeming value.

    • Jeremy

      Steven Wright is one of my all time favorite comedians he is so hilarious.You are right he never stooped to that level of being vulgar for shock value.Bill Maher is a slime along with Sarah Silverman.

    • unknown

      Look up Jim Gaffigan. Not only is he a great comedian that rarely uses vulgar language, but he is also a wonderful father and family man. His new book “Dad Is Fat” is a great read and you learn about how much he loves his kids.

      • Jim

        I went to a Gaffigan show where he threw in a pretty unpleasant Bush-bashing joke. Of course, he might have been playing to his ultra-liberal Seattle crowd for that one.

    • CombatDiver

      I find it offensive that you cal Silverman a comedian.

      • Jeremy

        She is in her own mind.

  • bobcumbersq

    Sarah who?

  • chetnapier

    She really doesn’t understand how the internet works does she?once you put something out it’s there forever.

    • Jeremy

      She is too stupid to realize that.

  • Meech204

    Sarah who?

  • Zane Henry

    she’s going to pull an achiles with all that back peddling.

    Twist in the wind, you toxic woman.

    • Jeremy

      She is a vile disgusting woman and not funny.

  • Leila Peterson

    I’ve never heard of her either but her comment “dif ideologies & beliefs on when life starts” is absurd. The old “when life starts” excuse was in vogue when Roe VS Wade first happened 40 years ago and it was absurd even then. Maybe those old dudes on the Supreme Court couldn’t put their finger on when life started but every woman who ever had a baby could tell them. There isn’t a woman who ever carried a child who didn’t KNOW she carried a real, live child…she could feel its movements…felt hiccups even…and was kept awake at times because the kid didn’t agree with what she had for dinner. Now, of course, you can SEE the kid with ultrasound..tiny fingers & toes even..sucking its thumb, moving around…

    At the time of the Roe VS Wade decision, one of the Justices noted that this decision was made BASED on the absence of knowledge of when life began because, he said, if life began in the womb, it would be protected under the Constitution.

  • Bozo Sapien

    If she truly liked to edit stinkers her TV show would have been three minutes long.

    • Jim Rasmussen

      If she truly liked to edit stinkers, would she post anything in the first place?


    I dunno which gal is more repulsive: Sarah Silverman or Kathy Griffin. Either one is like the female Bill Maher (NOT a good thing)

  • TheOriginalDonald

    @SarahKSilverman you can edit your stinkers but #Twitchy is #FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

  • dwsmokin

    Maybe Paula D should have hired Sarah S to do her PR-funny how Paula got demonized for admitting she used the word years ago, yet Sarah gets a pass for continually using it recently. Gotta love those double standards.

    • Jim Rasmussen

      Oh, but people like Sarah say it for their “art” and their profession and that makes it ok. Since Paula said it as a private citizen in a private conversation that makes her use of it completely different and evil … somehow … for some reason …

  • stuckinIL4now

    “Silverman … certainly does like to edit stinkers”–yeah, except for her entire repertoire of comedy absolutely all of which is a huge pile of stink.

  • Conrad2010

    Yo! Silverman! It best one make sure their brain is engaged before putting their mouth in gear.

  • Jim Rasmussen

    “Let’s worry less about words & more about actions y’all”. Ok, how much should we worry about your action of typing those words?

  • ArmyRetPat

    In that picture her mouth is just perfec……………..wait, what was I thinking? Never mind.

  • ArmyRetPat

    In that picture her mouth is just perfec……………..wait, what was I thinking? Never mind.