As Twitchy reported, Alec Baldwin went on a Twitter rampage yesterday, referring to a reporter as a “toxic little queen,” among other things, before deleting his entire Twitter account:

So far there has been nothing but the sound of crickets coming from Capital One concerning thoughts of getting rid of their commercial spokesman. Meanwhile, a laundry list of companies have dumped Deen:

Tweeters have noticed a double standard when it comes to the reaction to Paula Deen versus Baldwin:

Many of Paula Deen’s endorsement deals are kaput, but where’s Alec Baldwin right now? Speculation:


Anderson Cooper: ‘Why does Alec Baldwin get a pass?’ Conservative ‘would be vilified’

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John Ondrasik: A right-wing Alec Baldwin would never work again

Alec Baldwin threatens ‘toxic little queen’ reporter in epic Twitter rant

  • Texan357

    I can’t take any more of The New Tolerance.

    • ObamaFail

      You mean the left’s “tolerance only when it’s convenient?” Yeah, I’m tired of that too.

    • proudloudsouthpaw

      The NEW “Tolerance,” is EXACTLY “whom and what” is destorying our country, bit by bit, piece by piece, every single DAY!! As Sadom Hussain said, “I’ll NEVER have to drop a bomb on them (us) USA,. . . they’ll do it to themselves, and their own children, in THEIR OWN STREETS!!” Generally never agree with the M.E. . . . but, I’m just sayin. . .
      HELLO IDIOTS, out there in that sweet land of milk and honey your “once” had and chose to peepee it away!! Seems to me. . . ole Sadom could NOT have been more RIGHT… at least on that call!!!

    • trixiewoobeans

      It’s just the “Old Intolerance,” repackaged.

  • ObamaFail

    Paula Deen has been professionally destroyed for something she said decades ago. Alex Baldwin RECENTLY made intolerant remarks. Why isn’t he getting ran through the mud? Is it because he is far more outspoken in favor of the liberal agenda than Deen was?

    • detroit19

      Because he’s a liberal/Democrat darling, plain and simple.

    • LinTaylor

      Let’s not forget, Deen is genuinely apologetic, and has been trying to redeem herself, while Baldwin not only has yet to apologize for this outburst, but never apologized for calling that black photographer a “coon”.

    • proudloudsouthpaw

      Most likely has to do with the fact that Paula Deen wasn’t nearly as “manly, cool, and attractive,” “SELLABLE” to this ignorant generalized, “socialized,” NEW America non-thinking, inept, PUBLIC!! And to bet it all, Paula Deen wasn’t ANYWHERE near being a “conservative,” either!! She was an older female, and “her productive days were virtually numbered anyway,” she simply was no longer the same “valuable asset, not at her age.” Sadest thing is folks agree and “tolerate,” EVERY FREAKING THING that’s imaginable these days. . . cheats, lies, theieves, gays, pologomy, beastiality, cults, . . . oh well, you name it and it is happening, and Americans are so easily “pacificied” these days, they just will NOT STAND FOR ANYTHING that isn’t considered “tolerant,” . . . even IF tolerance paves your way and EVERYONE elses too, straight to HELL!!

  • Jennifer

    Just read Paula lost her deal on the book that was due in October as well, even though it was #1 at Amazon. Sure hope she self-publishes it!

  • ★♥ Harriet Baldwin

    My cousin is a liberal, elitist hack.

    • Jeremy

      I remember that and Alec Baldwin is an ass.

    • wwbdinct

      Haha – He’s really your cousin?

  • mickeyco

    Plus she made one offensive comment years ago. Baldwin has a foul mouth & needs anger control classes. (And he smirks, too.)

  • Chad

    You guys do know that Paula Deen is just as liberal as Baldwin, right?

    • 3seven77

      That’s true. So why the double standard? Is it because she’s from the south?

    • Mike

      She is not claimed by the liberals because she:
      is from the south.
      doesn’t follow their rules for healthy cooking.
      is too successful and white.

      • grais

        And she’s a woman.

        • DS

          Hehe.. and I thought it was us conservatives that have the ridiculous “war on women”

    • proudloudsouthpaw

      Yup. . . but, she sure wasn’t the same “money maker,” FAR TOOO OLD!!!
      While Alec “still has that SWANG!”
      RIGHT IS RIGHT, WRONG IS WRONG, regardless. . . I still have to say Paula Deen “COULD STILL HAVE chosen to plead the 5th, like some of our FINE UPSTANDING ELECTED OFFICALS, in DC,” but at least she had the guts to BITE THE BULLET!! Those idiots, can’t… no do NOT HAVE TO DO a single thing which will incriminate ANY OF THEM regardless!!! PATHETIC ZOID SOCIALISM. .. it’s here FOLKS!!

  • detroit19

    Hypocrisy? Ya think? As another tweeter put it, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘if Alec was a conservative/Republican, he’d be finished’.

  • grais

    I don’t want Alec to lose his deals; I want Paula’s restored.
    Baldwin can drop dead, for all I care.

  • $24975675

    Hey – it’s not so bad. It isn’t like he wished Strom Thumond a happy 100th birthday or anything like that. Now if he had done THAT, he would have been kicked out of show business for life! Meanwhile, Paula Deen’s career is in complete shambles because she admitted to using the dreaded “N-word” 27 years ago, but not since. And she has issued apology after apology for a week. I don’t know whether she is sincere or not (and neither do you), so I’ll accept the apology at face value. But that’s not good enough for the despicable progressive left – she has been found guilty of being a racist for life – undoubtedly because she is from the South.

    The double standard is as alive & well as it ever was. Leftists are nothing if not COMPLETE HYPOCRITES!!! Eff each and every one of them!

  • luvourtroops

    Ask yourself this question: Would a “racist” vote for Obama???Give lots of money to his campaign??? Paula Deen did BOTH of the above. Her big sin is that she is a 66 yr old woman from the deep South, that is what this is all about.
    Baldwin will get a pass, as always. Just like the late Liberal, and Racist Senator Byrd got a pass who at the time Paula used the “n” word he was not just a member of the KKK, but the Grand wizard of the KKK.

    • michael s

      Who is being done in by another southern white woman.Please don’t forget that. One of her own.

      • proudloudsouthpaw

        so now… it’s “all” about the SOUTH? OMG. . . where the hell did the rapsta’s start?? OH yeah. . . I’m just guessing, IN THE DEEP WHITE SOUTH TOO! Yup… RIGHT!!! Freaking crackars!!! }

    • proudloudsouthpaw

      NOT A Paula fan, but I’m just sayin . . . @ least she had the balls to NOT plead the 5th. . . our Grand POBO and gangsters simply . . . PLEAD!!!

  • michael s

    2 men worked on the show 30Rock.Each of these men made anti gay remarks. Guess which one had to apologize,faced major castigation and forced to make outreach to LGBT groups? Guess which one got a free pass? Even though both are libs.

  • proudloudsouthpaw

    does anyone out there actually “really believe,” for ONE second this has anything to do with verbage? ummmmm. . . . !!!

  • ELC

    Do you think there is anyone left to dump this poor woman?I mean really its pretty despicable…there behavior is worse than what she did. As far as Alec is concerned I’m sure he’ll still have his job as a spokesperson for Capital One. So yes there is definitely a double standard. Alec has been shooting off his big mouth for years and gets no penalty and Paula Deen gets totally trashed.

  • southmouthproud

    Tolerance. . . ummm let’s go figure, has ANYONE made the correlation to way up NORTH. . . east, that cracka called katherine russell, the epitomy of what and where tolerance REALLY gets ya?
    Now this is exactly what makes “common core,” just as rotten as HELL!!

  • southmouthproud

    TOLERANCE my hind eye. . . does “Katherine Russell’s” name belong amongst these Oh, so PEACE Loving, KIND, LOVING, biggotted, tolerant ones?” YUP. . . I think so, the epitomy of liberals IN THE FLESH . . . they surely are among us!! Collecting all that “welfare, and vote security!”