Netroots Nation, the annual convention of progressive political activists, will hold next year’s meeting in Detroit. That is, provided Detroit is still in Detroit next year. So much progressivism to implement and so little time left!

Here’s something Detroit’s heard for decades, which is part of the problem:

We must admit that it’s the perfect location. Not even could have found more levels of compatibility.

  • stang2000

    Good! Let the progressives see first hand the city they have created.

    • Clayton Grant

      The only thing they will see is the need for more hand-outs.

      • Stephen L. Hall

        But they will still blame Detroit’s condition on Bush’s economic policies.

    • V the K

      To progressives, Detroit is a triumph. 50 years of unbroken rule by progressive leftists. The poverty, crime, and decay may be appalling to us, but to leftists, Detroit is a place where they always win and hold all the power. It is their vision for America. “Si, se puede!”

    • Ronald Green

      But I thought that was Chicago…

  • ceemack

    I wonder if they’ll bring guns…

  • Billy Brown

    Ahem. ”
    “amidst the crumbling ruins of this once great city, I must say our progressive ideas are evident all around us” LMAO

  • Marvin Nelson

    It should be very interesting to see how these anti-gun nuts handle this!

    • Billie Slash

      With copies of Al Gore’s book. If swatting at the criminals doesn’t work, the lefties can read a chapter and bore them to death.

  • Marvin Nelson

    This should be used as the new definition of “irony.”

  • Ntr

    Perhaps they should hold it in the Brightmoor neighborhood to get the full experience that liberal politics has bred.

  • Barracuda Bob

    I happen to live in the Detroit area and I’m sorry, but you conservatives bagging on Detroit should first look at your own communi…hang on…shot’s fired…ok, down the street, nothing to worry about. Anyway, you should all look at your own communities and the troubles your facing before you go start….shit…let me close the blinds, that car doesn’t look too kosher…ok, so sure, Kwame and Monica have been a problem but we as a community are banding together to…holy Mother of Jesus, the house is on fire, I’ll have to get back to you.

    • Karl Morey

      As a former resident of The D, I am laughing my ass off at this.

    • Billie Slash

      Carpe carbine, my friend!!

    • halflight

      The “Detroit area” ain’t Detroit, cornball brother.

    • NRPax

      Bob, if our remarks about your fine city offend you, please accept my apologies from the bottom of my heart. I assure you that there was no malice involved and would be happy to dialogue with you on this topic as soon as you get a new home. Or perhaps you can go to your local library and use the one computer that hasn’t been stolen?

      • Stephen K

        But that will only work after he’s chased away the guy fapping to porn on it.

  • halflight

    Guy Benson needs to stay up to date with his Detroit felon/politician news!!! The irrepressible Monica Conyers has been unleashed on the public, although it seems that the probation officers have discouraged her from commenting to the press. The wife of the former chair of the House Judiciary Committee presently mans the phones at an auto body shop.

    And a reminder as to why Detroit is facing bankruptcy: “[auto body shop] customer Jerod Shannon would vote for her again if he could.”

    I don’t know how she does it. It must be the populist touch of taking her $2,000 bribe in a McDonald’s parking lot.

    From The Detroit News:

  • trixiewoobeans

    Yep, they built that.

  • Anna D

    The host hotel is the Four Seasons Detroit, Oh wait never mind. Motel 6. Don’t Leave the Lights On!

    • Ken Alan Draper

      lights draw gunfire after midnight.

  • Sons Thunder

    Leave it to Twitchy to celebrate the hardships caused by the decline of manufacturing in the United States. Leave it to Twitchy to celebrate the economic devastation of an American city.

    • NRPax

      Leave it to liberals to think that living in squalor is far better than actually doing anything to solve a problem.

    • crosspatch

      Devastation of a city caused by “progressive” policies. Think for a moment: Over the past 40 years, how much in state and federal program money has been poured into Detroit? Why are nearly 50% of the adults in that city illiterate? That school system needs to be burned down, it is actually destroying lives of people and wiping out their potential future. “Progressives” are about what “feels good” right now. They are incapable of thinking about the longer term consequences of their decisions.

    • rosetta_stoned

      Leave it to a leftist to blame others for the results of his own, failed policies.

    • Noah

      not as much as many libs reveled in the destruction caused by a tornado in Oklahoma. nice try.

      • Sons Thunder

        I live in Oklahoma City. Nice try.

        • Noah

          okay? your point was?
          congrats goooooodddd for youuuuuu (to paraphrase OK native liz warren)

  • Ken Alan Draper

    it’ll be the only place in detroit that there will be no black people to be seen. which is a heavily black populated town is pretty sad. but no where near as sad as what liberals have done to that town & it’s people.

  • Noah

    quick, somebody alert Robocop.