Hot Air’s Allahpundit is among those who aren’t thrilled in the least with the “Gang of Eight” deal, and proved it with a worthy Twitter rant.

From Ralston Reports:

Since Election Day 2012, Heller has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, from Sen. No Amnesty to Sen. Immigration Reform Broker. All the two personas have in common is that they postures rather than positions, and neither is very believable. This is the same protean politician who was a maverick, hardly partisan secretary of state who suddenly became a super-conservative after Angle almost defeated him in that congressional primary.

After a short break, Allahpundit kept going:

What deceit is next?

  • V the K

    I seem to be the only one wondering this (apologies for the longish post), but are the Gangsters of 8 and the other Republicrats who vote for the Amnesty Pile-O-Crap really so out of touch that they have no idea how much the base hates this sell-out? Or, do they plan to come crawling back afterwards; maybe by waging a faux campaign for tax reform (which they know will never happen under Obama-Reid) in an attempt to con the base back into supporting them.

    I admit, I could be totally off-base, and the Gangsters may have polling data that proves the base can be conned into accepting Shamnesty and people like me – who are ready to spit on the GOP’s grave – are a tiny minority.

    I think what happens after the Gangster Shamnesty Bill passes should be interesting. Not the total collapse of America part, but the Republicans scrambling to regain credibility part.

    • Marvin Nelson

      Good post, V. I am sick and tired of these slimy politicians lying to us to get elected. They do not represent the majority of the people in this country and need to be sent home during the next election cycle. What the hell can we conservatives do to wake people up and make them aware that we are quickly LOSING this country to the socialist libtards. Does anyone have any suggestions? We really need to rally a solid base before we wake up in the USSR, United States Socialist Republic.

      • freeinaz

        Call them and let them know directly. When they ask for donations (GOP) send them back a note in the prepaid envelope telling them NO $$$ because your all sellouts.

      • freeinaz

        Call them and let them know directly. When they ask for donations (GOP) send them back a note in the prepaid envelope telling them NO $$$ because your all sellouts.

    • Clayton Grant

      Good post, V and/or K. Our country was designed to be a Republic, but with few exceptions, there is no real representation any longer. This is true of both sides. The Left generally goes along with whatever their politicians say is good for them and most of the politicians on the Right go against the desires of their constituents. This is how the Tea Party was born in 1773 and reincarnated in 2009.

      • Billie Slash

        Yes. Our “Battle of Trenton” is upon us as we speak. And it helps that Obama’s Utopia is beginning to implode, as all utopia’s eventually do.

    • wwbdinct

      I don’t think they give a shit V! They’ve sold their soul – maybe some of them weren’t what they said to begin with (Marco Rubio I’m Looking at You!). Either way – I truly believe they HAVE to know what they are doing to their party and our country. I just saw Brad Blakeman on with Laura Ingraham – she tore him up and he looked like a bumbling idiot! All I can say is I think bad times are coming.

    • Billie Slash

      If we get rid of the House Leadership, and RNC Chairman “Pansy” Priebus, that would be a good start. If not, we’re on our way to nominating another RINO who will lose, yet this group thinks that its just our ‘messaging’ that’s the problem! These career pols, like Boehner, McCain, Graham, you know the rest—are fighting to stay in control, and I wouldn’t be surprised at the amount of pressure being put on Rubio, Ayotte, Flake, etc. to tow the RINO line. The GOP toilet needs to be flushed in 2014 by a citizens’ revolt.

    • KansasGirl

      In my opinion, these ruling class despots seem confident that they have the upper hand.
      Which makes me wonder, do they?

  • V the K

    And on a related note, will The Rube be at the Rose Garden signing ceremony, love-hugging Obama, Schumer, McCain, and Graham?

  • CO2 Producer

    Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) seems to have had an epiphany, as well.

    Candidate Johnson, June 10th, 2010:

    Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration

    The first step towards controlling illegal immigration is securing our borders. Ron believes the federal government has failed to enforce current immigration laws and tighten our borders to stop the flow of illegal immigration.

    Ron opposes blanket amnesty.

    Ron also supports REAL ID, requiring employers to verify the Social Security numbers of potential employees. Ron supports providing law enforcement the necessary tools, such as the Patriot Act, to protect our country.

    Businesses or employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants should be penalized and we should take steps to prevent abuse or exploitation of workers due to their immigration status.

    Senator Johnson, June 21st, 2013:

    Senator Johnson supports immigration reform and a path to legal status for people whose only crime was to enter the country illegally when they came here to work…

    The senator supports allowing those who came here illegally to come out of the shadows and register [for provisional immigrant status]…

    NumbersUSA gives Johnson a grade of “F-“.

    This is not the person Wisconsin voted for. Shocker.

  • Joe W.

    Speaking as a 64 year old life long conservative who has NEVER voted for a democrat and never will, I refuse to pull the lever for any of these “Republicans”. Only true conservatives will earn my vote, and that means that I will not support anyone who believes in open borders, Muslim outreach, homosexual “marriage”, abortion in ANY event, “green energy & jobs”, global warming, or any other liberal cause. I am tired of the right nominating half assed conservatives who are anything BUT conservative. I realize that there are not very many folks the caliber of Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz, but these are the only sort of candidates that will ever receive my vote. Period.

  • NixTyranny

    Rubio has lost two votes in my household for the Republican Florida Presidential Primary 2016 and hopefully Ted Cruz will be entered to receive those votes.

  • crosspatch

    Well, Graham is the only Republican up for election in 2014 of the Gang of 8. As for Rubio, he is rock solid on every other issue, I’m not a “single issue” voter. Replacing Rubio with a Democrat is not going to help anything and if we try to primary Rubio in 2018, that is what we are likely to get.

    • V the K

      Rubio’s apologists (Is that you Sean Hannity?) Always claim he is “rock solid on every other issue.” But on what other issue has he gone balls to the wall on? The way he has on Amnesty? And if his actions on Amnesty betray the positions he campaigned on, how can we ever trust him on anything else?

    • holygoat

      Here’s the problem with the “Rubio is solid on every issue besides amnesty, so we shouldn’t primary his ass” line of thinking: amnesty is the final nail in the electoral coffin for conservatives. If this bill becomes law, we will have extremist leftist Progressives running this country forever. It’s not “just one issue,” it’s the Progressive’s end-game. It must be stopped, and anyone working to pass it is your enemy, period.

      • crosspatch

        But I don’t believe it is that “final nail”, I believe that is a bunch of plausible sounding rhetoric without any basis in fact. For example: these people are ALREADY HERE, they aren’t additional people we would be “letting in”. How many kids and grandkids do they already have? Those kids and grandkids are already Democrats and US citizens. Heck, many of them are probably already voting anyway.

        Secondly: of those granted a green card, how many of them will actually go through the process of getting citizenship and getting the right to vote? My guess is, not that large a portion. They won’t have to. Once they have permanent resident status, that is all they need. I am willing to bet that relatively few complete the citizenship process.

        Thirdly: Hispanics have the lowest voter turnout of practically any ethnic group in the US. Even if they DO get citizenship, they aren’t very likely to actually cast a ballot.

        Fourthly: The notion that Republicans can’t win in states with large Hispanic populations is absolute horse malarkey. The state with the largest Hispanic population by percentage of voters (New Mexico) has a Republican Governor (46.3% of the population). So does the state with the second largest population (Texas – 37.6%) So does the state with the THIRD largest (Arizona – 29.5%). So does the state with the FOURTH largest (Nevada – 26.5%). In two of those states, the Republican governor is Hispanic. (Note: California tied with Texas at #2).

        Lets use some real arguments here, not crap made up that sounds plausible that people are “spring loaded” to believe but the facts show exactly the opposite.

        The one thing we DO need to do is better monitor the Mexican border because groups like Hezbollah are using it for various purposes.

        • holygoat

          Yes, they are already here, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are currently taking advantage of our social services and voting. Once we make them legal, they will be. Don’t believe that they won’t be allowed to vote or access those services for 13 years, because the Dems will start work on eliminating that clause before the ink is dry on the President’s signature. And they will win, because no hill is the hill to die on for the spineless GOP.

          Even with Hispanic’s lower overall turnout, the GOP can only win very close Presidential elections as it is, how do you think they are going to win with three-and-a-half million (at the very least — it would likely be even higher) new Democrat voters? Spoiler: they aren’t. Ever.

          And I hate to break it to you, but, Rubio’s plan doesn’t even guarantee that we will monitor the border any differently than they currently are, which means that we will just be inviting illegal immigration to continue unabated, and we will be debating a new amnesty plan in another 20 years. No thanks. This must end now.

          You are fooling yourself if you think this is just another issue, and that you can give Rubio or other any other Republican a pass on supporting it. You can’t. They are stabbing you and the rest of this country in the back. We’ve already been burned on this once, so why should we trust that this time will end any differently? It won’t. Rubio must go. Primary his amnesty-promoting ass.

          • crosspatch

            Well, you seemed to ignore the evidence I presented that was exactly counter to the argument. But there is a more important thing to keep in mind: that is that Rubio HAS been rock solid. His positions generally on the role of government is basically Reganesque. Tossing Rubio aside because of ONE issue that absolutely does have to get decided at some point is actually what I would expect to hear from a Democrat. They want Rubio out of the Senate. They would LOVE to run against Allen West, for example. But there is a more important issue:

            Say we don’t pass this bill. It isn’t going to stop the illegals from coming it. it isn’t going to stop the Hispanic community from growing but it will make it even more likely they will never vote Republican. In other words, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. Not passing this and addressing the issue makes the problems even WORSE for the Republicans.

            Overall, though, sometimes I wonder of those railing loudest against Rubio aren’t really Democrats pretending to be “conservatives” and intentionally walking the party to a farther right extreme just to ensure the party never gets elected again.

          • holygoat

            Sure, Rubio has been rock solid until this issue, which I can not for the life of me figure out why he has decided to flip his base the bird over. Tossing him out over THIS one particular issue will send a message to stop lying to voters during campaigns only to switch positions once safely in office. No one should be safe, not even rock star conservatives.

            And while we’re at it, you seemed to ignore the evidence that I presented that was exactly counter to your argument. If you accept the numbers that amnesty supporters cite — 11 million illegal immigrants, which I think they are vastly under-selling — and you extrapolate just the Hispanic voting percentage (50%), then further extrapolate the percentage of Hispanic votes for the Democrat Party (70%) and you reach the figure of 3.5 million new Democrat Party voters. Considering the last two GOP victories were razor thin, how do you expect them to ever win again when you spot the Dems a minimum of 3.5 million right from the start?

            Then add to that the fact that the border will not be secured under this bill. New illegals will continue to stream across the southern border. And in another 20 years you can call for calm on the side of those who wish to staunch the flow by telling them, hey, the Hispanics will really love us THIS TIME if we just give the 20 million or so who entered the USA illegally since the Rubio Amnesty Bill. They really will, and they’ll vote Republican because Hispanics are naturally conservative.

            Passing this bill will not inspire Hispanics to vote for Republicans, as history has shown. We gave them amnesty in 1986, and they rewarded us by voting for Democrats in larger numbers than before amnesty.

            California is our bellwether. They were a solidly Republican state until we passed the first round of amnesty, and they have been untouchably Democrat ever since.

            You think not passing this bill will destroy the GOP, but you have it exactly backwards, because passing this bill will mark the end of the GOP as a relevant political party in the USA. At some point the GOP needs to find a hill to die on, or they will wake up one day to find themselves on their death-bed, silently wondering how they got there.

        • V the K

          So, your plan is to give them Amnesty then hope they don’t vote?


  • Richard Wayne

    Send a message now. If you are in their districts/states and are registered republican currently, switch to independent and let them know. Perhaps they will start listening to their constituents and not their big donors/elite friends.

  • Libertyship46

    After all, the immigration issue is always an “out of the blue” topic, so how can you expect a politician to think about it BEFORE election day? Give me a break. This is 1986 all over again. We will get all amnesty and NOTHING will get done on either the border fence or more border patrol agents because Harry Reid just won’t fund it. It will be one of the many laws on the books that the Democrats, especially Obama, simply choose not to enforce. It’s pathetic. Don’t even know why we bother wasting time on it. Just open the border and let them all in. After all, that’s the Democratic wet dream come true. But after crime runs out of control in the border states, we go broke supporting all these illegal aliens on welfare and Obamacare, and a nuclear bomb is smuggled in through the southern border by Hezbollah, then I guess we can go back to Obama and Reid and ask them why an open border was a bad idea to begin with. Sure, that will work.

  • $27789750

    Dang,darn and so forth..want to stay on Ayotte’s side but am going to be deeply disappointed if she supports these loop holes.

  • ThomasD

    Don’t be fooled by any of this.

    Allahpundit, and all the other self proclaimed ‘candy-ass rhinos’ knew all along this was the end game. They knew THEIR calls for ‘moderation’ would lead to these kinds of candidates being elected.

    So don’t be fooled.

    Now that the dirty work is done they need to wash up a bit in order to claim their hands are clean. If only to pull the wool over your eyes the next time, on the next issue.

    Don’t be fooled again.

    People like Allahpundit, and his ilk, – IF they have a shred of sincerity – need to apologize, then GO AWAY. Their ‘advice’ is no more honest than the amnesty ‘epiphanies’ they pretend to condemn.

    Allahpundit displays his contempt for YOU simply by pretending that he is anything other than a shill in on their game.

    People this wrong should not be trusted again.

  • Beto_Ochoa

    Allahpundit is technically an Eeyore Squish Neo-Con….
    Just Sayin’…

  • J.J. Sefton

    When you’ve lost one half of Tepid Air…

  • Ray_Van_Dune

    I think we conservatives should be like the Air Boss in the movie “Top Gun”. Flyboy McCain and the other RINOs have broken the rules against flying lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut with Democrats like Reid and Schumer… AND I WANT SOME BUTTS!!

    Come on, people say it now and the next time these slimeballs want our votes… NO! I WANT SOME BUTTS!

  • Reno_Dave

    The “big money” hotel and casino guys in Vegas want an unending
    stream of cheap, min wage labor, and they really don’t care that workers
    displaced will cost the rest of us in terms of unemployment, welfare,
    free healthcare, etc.

    They’re telling Heller he’ll lose their support (money,) if he
    doesn’t support the immigration bill, but he’ll lose far more Republican
    votes than he’ll gain from Dems, and so in 2018, he’ll lose his seat.

    IMO, some of the things Heller added to the amendment regarding a
    pilot program for monitoring of entry-exit visas and e-verify are good,
    but should be part of a stand-alone bill improving border security, not
    this “omnibus” monstrosity.

  • troyriser

    Prior to the Civil War, the Whig Party disintegrated because Whig leadership refused to confront the Democrats over the expansion of slavery into the territories and, even worse, their ‘compromise’ on slavery resulted in Northern states being forced to return escaped slaves back into bondage. Men like Lincoln and Fremont responded to that sellout by falling away and forming the Republican Party.

    Now, in the present day, the GOP Establishment goes along and gets along on issues like immigration, and in the case of immigration, they’re doing it not because they’re driven by higher moral principles but because the influx of millions of low wage workers translates to cheaper labor costs. The Democrats, on the other hand, are doing it for the votes, for power. Credit where it’s due, at least the Democrats don’t try very hard to disguise their motivations.

    Establishment high rollers who think we have nowhere else to go and therefore must follow their agenda or vote for their candidates should remember the Whigs, who no doubt thought the same thing. Besides, a split is probably inevitable. Mutual contempt isn’t exactly a glue that holds things together.

  • Matt

    I still don’t understand why the Republicans are dancing to Obama’s tune. A recent pole showed immigration is wayyyy down the lists of concerns for Americans and yet its being pushed as a huge issue, which must be addressed immediately. King Food Stamp similarly has pushed gun control and climate change, both of which are also very low on the list of Americans’ priority issues, yet those are issues which the radical left views as most important- so ultimately, we know who’s pushing the agenda. Its amazing to me that our representatives seem to be unaware of this. Why not call for entitlement reform or tax code reform? There’s plenty of issues the Republicans could likely use to gain ground for the next election, and so many of them appear to be determined to dive head first off a cliff, following Food Stamp like lemmings. I just don’t get it.

  • $38218625

    ‘Borders First’ a Dividing Line in Immigration Debate
    But the public is divided on an issue that has been among the most contentious in Congress – whether border security must be achieved before the process of legalization can go forward. The national survey by the Pew Research Center and USA TODAY, conducted June 12-16 among 1,512 adults, finds that 43% say that people in the U.S. illegally should be allowed to seek legal status only after effective border control is established, while 49% say this can occur while border security improvements are being made.

    Republicans and Democrats are on opposite sides of this issue: 60% of Democrats say border improvements and applications for legal status can happen at the same time, while a majority of Republicans (56%) say the borders must effectively be controlled first.

    Why are these two issues connected – do you have to hand out cash to the local criminals Before you can lock your doors at night?