It was overtime during game four of the Stanley Cup finals between the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins when NBC affiliate KXAN either made a mistake or ran a test to see how many hockey fans there are in and around Austin, Texas. Answer: Quite a few, actually:

Some things just won’t make it better:

  • DefCon99

    but it was only hockey!

    • Canadian in USA

      Ahem! 😉

      • TracyJean

        And the owner of his favorite baseball team also owns a hockey team….lol

    • Republicanvet

      …you say that as if any other sport is worthy of being watched or played.


      • DefCon99

        isn’t it knave?

  • TheOriginalDonald

    I know quite a few Blackhawks fans in the ATX who do NOT accept KXAN’s apology!

  • TracyJean

    There are quite a few hockey fans in Austin. The Dallas Stars’ AHL affiliate is located in a suburb of Austin and always pull very well (plus there is an AHL team in San Antonio, affiliate of the Florida Panthers). Anyway, apparently the station didn’t realize there are ZERO commercials during overtime playoff hockey, except during the intermissions between periods.

    And there’s a story at Deadspin which has video of the apology, which came right after a news story about the increase in interest in hockey in Texas, largely thanks to the Dallas Stars and Texas Stars (and Seth Jones being projected to go top-3 in the draft doesn’t hurt either). LOL

  • TomJB

    What’s the problem? They could just switch over to espn for a replay of the goal. Oh wait, the celtics and clippers trade talks broke down again? Sorry Austin hockey fans, you are SOL

    • TracyJean

      you mention ESPN and hockey in the same sentence…..lololololololol

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    it’s okay, I didn’t want to see it anyway. Damn Blackhawks…

  • LibLieExposer

    Bet that wouldn’t happen during an Obama presser.

  • Karl Winrich

    Kind of reminds me of another time in the infamy of misguided sports broadcasts, the Heidi Bowl