New York City’s nanny in chief Michael Bloomberg caused a stir Friday, this time by referring to the notion of medical marijuana as one of the “greatest hoaxes of all time.” Bloomberg made the claim on his weekly radio show, “How Bored Are You, New York?”

Some took offense to Bloomberg:

While others think NYC’s nanny-in-chief finally got something right:

Bloomberg also said that he’s against full legalization of marijuana. Why?

Drug dealers have families to feed, but people who sell large cups of soda don’t?

In general, we agree with those who believe Bloomberg couldn’t spot a hoax if it came up and bit him on his nanny pants:

  • Dexter Alarius

    2nd biggest. THE biggest hoax is pResident Obama.

  • Blake Waymire

    I have to have mixed thoughts on this one. Marijuana does have a medicinal use, but the loudest portion of people pushing for legal “medical” marijuana just want to get high.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      True that…never heard of so many 20-somethings with glaucoma in my life.

    • FirstNameTooMuchLastNameSwag

      What’s wrong with that?

      • tjp77

        Its called intellectual dishonestly. If you want to smoke pot because you enjoy getting high, just come right out and say it. Don’t pretend you need ‘medicine’ and talk about pot like its some kind of miracle cure.

        • FirstNameTooMuchLastNameSwag

          Well If we said we want to smoke pot because we enjoy getting high, then it just so happens that we won’t be able to acquire it. My “intellectual dishonesty” could be avoided if the government would stay out of my personal affairs

          • tjp77

            Ummm… so if you can’t win an argument on its merits, the right thing to do is just lie so you get your way? Great strategy. The ends justify the means, and who cares what the truth is.

            The legalization argument has certain merits, but its been irreparably tainted by exactly these tactics. Its not worth even debating the issue if one side plans to lie from the outset.

          • Bumr50


            How do explain the hypocrisy of legal alcohol, then?

            If you can’t, without using some high-minded-sounding-yet-idiotic rhetoric like “It’s traditional,” then you are pro legalization.

            Marijuana is classified by the FedGov as a SCHEDULE ONE “narcotic.”

            I’m not talking about decriminalizing ALL drugs, but from almost every standpoint marijuana is SAFER for human consumption than alcohol. (Especially if you’re vaporizing)

            That’s not just wrong. It’s insulting to any objective thinker.

            That being said, the pro-legalisation crowd is not one that I usually associate with.

            Aside from being hypocrites with the whole “medical” thing, they also are always touting how much TAX REVENUE it will generate.

            Just conceding it, as though government would be doing us a FAVOR by legalizing a PLANT. BS.

          • tjp77

            I’m not against legalization. As I said, the legalization has a lot of merits, and smoking pot is absolutely no worse than smoking a cigarette and having a glass or two of wine.

            But I wish there was a fundamentally honest discussion about the subject, rather than the absurd and insulting ‘medical marijuana’ backdoor to legalization that seems to be the preferred tactic of pot advocates.

    • GTJessop

      Being pro-cannabis, I do not like those who abuse the medical marijuana model. For those who truly benefit from its use, the abusers de-legitimize their case…

    • el_polacko

      what the heck is wrong with getting high ? man has been doing it since the beginning of time…and marijuana is, by far, the safest way to get a relaxing buzz on.

      • Blake Waymire

        I have a serious problem with the idea that if you feel bad, you should be free to stick a seriously damaging chemical into your lungs (this shouldn’t be a surprise; my father died due to lung cancer). Aside from that, however, do you not see the intellectual dishonesty here? Trying to get marijuana legalized because you want to get high is fine. Trying to get it legalized as a medicine because you just want to get high (I know potheads think getting high *is* medicinal; it’s not) is dishonest and makes sure everyone who knows it does NOT trust the “legal weed” crowd.

  • tjp77

    Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day I guess.

    Sorry all you potheads, ‘medical’ marijuana is indeed a load of BS. Of course, this will cue the hundreds of rabid pseudo-libertarians with their truly bizarre anecdotal stories of aunts and uncles and best friends who’ve been cured of everything from cancer to athletes foot by the miraculous healing properties of pot. Then they’ll go on to explain how pot is safer than a glass of water and people drive better when they’re high and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be available to children.

    If you want to legalize pot, then just come out and say that you think it should be legal because its no worse than booze or any of the hundreds of other legal vices we indulge in. But don’t couch your desire to take drugs in some absurd medical argument, and don’t pretend that it’s not a drug either.

    • AaronHarrisinAlaska

      Not really, it’ll cue them to post the studies and facts surrounding the medicinal use of how one of its chemicals does in fact slow the spread of cancer and slows or out right stops the growth of tumors.

      • tjp77

        There are zero reputable studies that demonstrate anything of the sort with any degree of certainty whatsoever. If there are any ‘good’ chemicals in marijuana, they can be extracted, synthesized and precisely dosed just like every other pharmaceutical. There is absolutely zero need to smoke it or ingest it in plant form except for recreational purposes.

        • el_polacko

          why “extract and synthesize” the chemicals from marijuana when we already have the real thing ?

          • tjp77

            A couple of reasons; first off — hard as it may be for you to believe — getting high (i.e., mental impairment) is considered an extremely undesirable side effect, medically speaking. If you’re actually interested in utilizing marijuana for medical purposes, you should be totally in favor of isolating the medically useful active compounds from the undesirable side effects. Right?

            Second, precise dosage is critically important when administering any kind of medication. You simply cannot precisely dose with a plant. You can barely even ballpark the dosage. Its absolutely impossible, and anyone who says otherwise is flat-out lying. If these compounds are to be used effectively, doctors need to be able to dose patients with absolute certainty and consistency. The only way to do this is to extract these compounds from the plant, process them and prepare dosages just like every other medicine.

            Of course, nobody who advocates for ‘medical marijuana’ actually wants to do any of this, because they truly have no interest in the medical benefits of marijuana. They just want to get high, but find it necessary to wrap their drug habit in a cloak of psuedo science.

    • CatHerder

      Medical marijuana in pill form helped my mother through her early chemo.

    • Clayton Grant

      Five years ago, my older sister was dying of stage IV Lung Adenocarcinoma. About 8 months before she died, a friend of her’s provided some medijuana. Her pain was dramatically reduced and she went from 4 doses of morphine p/day to 1 to help her sleep at night. I don’t consider those results to be a load of BS.
      It is absolutely true that people will use whatever means they want to justify getting canabis legalized for recreational use, but there is also absolute, proven merit in medical marijuana use.

      • Stone Bryson

        Thank you!

  • Stone Bryson

    As a person who has been clean from drug addiction for 28 years, and someone who despises what drugs do to people… Bloomberg is an idiot.

    Medical weed has many positives for treatment of ailments both physical and emotional, and – unlike the pharma-rot that is pre-approved by the State – is not physically addictive. Mentally addictive? Yes, it can be, but one is not going to have the physical side-effects of weaning oneself off marijuana, something which cannot said about prescription pain-killers.

    I think ol’ Nanster recently got his pockets lined by a pharma-lobby. Maybe he has a cushy job waiting for him once he finally leaves office…

  • TocksNedlog

    Did he really say that dealers of illegal drugs are a vital part of our economy? or that we need to allow them to stay in business because otherwise they would be unemployed?

  • CR

    Perhaps Bloomberg is worried his personal supply will dry up when pot is legal because he’d have to be on something to say the things he says and try to pass the laws he passes.

    Also, I think medical marijuana is a lot less of a hoax than a lot of the “medical” products pushed on us by the multi-billion dollar big pharma. that comes out with some new drug every day to solve a problem no one knew existed (restless leg syndrome?) Never mind that oops, the drug turns out to have some pretty dangerous side effects a few years down the line that no one mentioned.

  • Bill Board

    The other great hoax of all time (besides Obama) is Bloomberg has a brain.

  • stillinthe60s

    The guy who ran as a Republican, changed status to Independent, and governs like a true blue Statist should know a hoax when he sees one.

  • HarlemGhost

    no, the greatest hoax ever would be AGW …

  • Jeremy

    Bloomberg is a scumbag and an idiot.

  • Not-a-Marxist

    The concept, much as everything else, is over his head 😉

  • BodiazRising

    This is why Bloomy keeps winning @NannoftheMonth over at Reason –

  • © Sponge

    Must be nice to be the smartest sumbitch ever to live. I mean, he knows what’s best for every living being on the planet AND he’s a physician to boot!

  • Guest

    I starting to think this is one of those people who THRIVES ON the HATE others have for him. He may equate this with an admission of HIS CONTROL. Oh, that man gets my GoAT! Where is that runaway Astroid again? Still light yrs away?

    • JustLikeAnimals

      Classic narcissism.

  • Paulpot

    A friend had a serious asthma attack. After a week in hospital she could walk again and walked to my place around the corner. We shared a puff and she went back to hospital and had her afternoon lung test. The chatty nurses went quiet and looked at each other. Her lung capacity had doubled since her morning test. 2 nurses left the room and the remaining nurse said out loud “Officially it doesn’t help”. Then he leaned toward her and said quietly “but unofficially it does”.

    Another friend with very serious back pain managed to get some buds of much higher quality than he had scored in years. He said it gave him the first full nights sleep he had had in as many years.

    A close friend died of Lymphoma. I would take her little bits. She told me it helped her “put the pain to one side”. Once she was bedridden I could no longer give her anymore. Her last words were “more morphine”.

    To deny people their medicine in time of great need is no different to beating someone with a stick or holding them under water. It is torture and murder on a mass scale that happens as the result of wide spread harassment and persecution of groups in the community. That means that prohibition is a “Crime Against Humanity”and the people responsible know exactly what they have done.

    We must do all we can to end the drug war as soon as possible and when it is over we must not fail to put the criminals responsible on trial.

  • unknown

    He goes after sodas and everyone agrees but going after marijuana and everyone is up in arms. For the record, I am not making a comparison between the two, I am just pointing out how people can jump on bandwagons before they are targeted.

  • Jon

    If you’re a psychotically fanatical opponent of people smoking cigarettes not just in restaurants, offices or large stadiums and arenas, but also on the street and in people’s own homes, because smoke in your lungs is bad for people’s health, you really can’t come out in favor of marijuana, medical usage or otherwise.

    Doesn’t make Bloomberg any less of an authoritarian nanny-state scold, but at least he’s a consistent authoritarian nanny-state scold. Those who’ve been all in with his cigarette jihad and Mayor Mike’s other health Nazi crusades but are mad at him because he’s against pot legalization are the hypocrites here.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Bloomberg as mayor of NY is one of the greatest hoaxes of all time, surpassed only by the @BarackObama presidency and #Holder as AG.

  • LegalizeShemp

    I’m too stoned to completely grasp the intricate nuances of the arguments being presented here.