Lately it seems the Obama campaign has been living hand to mouth due to its spending woes. But who would have guessed that Latino elected officials would have to eat lunch with their hands earlier today?

Today’s silverware grab is at odds with other presidential appearances where the dreaded fork was allowed to remain.

Some Romney supporters seized on the news as an opening to attract Hispanic voters.

Fittingly, Obama’s Autopen completed the birth of the latest anti-Obama Twitter hashtag.

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    Fork you too, Obama!

  • mhojai

    It is truly staggering that he can show such disrespect to elected officials, then presume to deprive celebrations of presents, and these “tools” – “useful idiots” would be an insult to idiots — continue to slobber over him — they really have no dignity, no self respect and certainly no sense at all!

  • gekkobear

    Was he afraid his Fast & Furious program had killed some of their relatives in Mexico? What exactly did he think he had to fear?

  • weRbroke

    This was an event with about 1000 delegates…
    Who is the D-umbass that made the directive to snatch people’s forks?

  • Marty Luther

    ¿Es eso un tenedor en el bolsillo o estás feliz de verme? (Is that a fork in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?)

  • lillymckim

    Did Obama remove all the eating utensils from George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parkers house?
    Incredibly insulting!

  • MaddMedic

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word… and commented:
    What> The Secret Service was afraid they were going to bum rush the pResident and the SS was to busy cavorting and fighting to do their job?

  • rbeccah

    Rampant paranoia in this administration!

  • reachrenee

    I didn’t know that forks were the weapon of choice for

  • sgt_joe_rock

    I would rather die on my feet than to continue living on my knees . E. Zapata . shove you forks n knives where the sun don’t shine

  • sb36695

    Is Obama paranoid? You should have walked out. If this was a test, you failed!

  • Terika

    Obama Spokesperson at the Dinner: “We simply needed the forks to apply to our tongues… to further our message for this campaign. There was nothing racist about it. Let me be clear – we are NOT RACIST. We FORK EVERYONE. We are EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FORKERS!!!”


    obamination has been asking for wedding presents, maybe this was just his way of getting the silverware he so desires! Service for 200, anyone?