Whether he’s praising Fidel Castro or hating on Twitter (watch the video above), Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is always good for an entertaining quote. That’s why we can barely hold back our tears long enough to get through this post.

If the video wasn’t enough confirmation, Ozzie has apparently entered the last tweet of his life. His very last word was, “bueno suerte” which means “good luck” in English.

Good luck for what, Ozzie!? If you’re really done tweeting, we have no reason to live.








Ugh! We’re gonna curl up in a ball and cry until our eyes run out of tears.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Geez, what took him so long? While I’ll concede that Twitter may be less interesting without the late great tweeting Oz, but I can’t say I miss the nasty gossipy backstabbing that went on in Chi-town over some of his tweets.

  • BwBarrnone


  • tomtom1983

    My God, you liberals have been dishing out rhetorical barbs, fraudulent racism, incredible amounts of deceit and hypocrisy for many years. Yet when actual hard working folks get fed up with the lefts tantrum and decides to fight back with an overwhelming conservative voice, you cry “bullyism”.

    You only have yourselves to blame really, I mean you overused your WMD, “racism”, to the point of no return. You attack Christianity daily, You argue it’s the governments right to make decisions for the people and you say those that succeeded in life are greedy elitist.

    The truth has no agenda, it’s not biased nor deceitful, it simply is. So rest assure liberals, the truth will set you free.

    If you don’t want to be crushed under your own hypocrisy, don’t be liberal.

    And boo freaking hoo Oz.