Classless dating website is offering $1 million to any female (or male we’re assuming) who can prove they slept with Tim Tebow.!/Illadelphiagirl/status/194881907790589955!/WilliamisRight/status/194888348450553858!/_grandhotel/status/194875136573317122!/tphillly/status/194871897211666433!/hillspassion/status/194860667487010816!/EmilyBlask/status/194837009821474816!/TeamSterlo/status/194825164142280705

While the whole idea disgusts us, the marketing ploy will likely help put the website on the map. If the owners have any sort of soul, they should take the advice from the following tweeter.!/LouScalise/status/194849687302451201


    Poor Ashley; just as lost and stupid as can be.  

  • Barbara Cornett

    Ashleymadison must be jewish, they never tire of attacking Christians.

  • DaTechGuy on DaRadio

    It will make a great wedding present when he finds the right woman