Recently an unnamed scout has questioned the character of Heisman trophy winner and top NFL QB prospect Robert Griffin III. On ESPN’s First Take they debated the issue and certain members of the talk show’s panel seemed to agree with the scout’s assessment.

Up to this point RGIII has seemed to be one of the most humble, down to earth and nicest athletes of all time. Calling him selfish seems absolutely absurd which led to many tweeters calling ESPN racist.!/Neal_Dowell/status/193374542733918209!/therealborchert/status/193374182325747712!/B_Full_of_Booze/status/193374092634750976!/adrewzak/status/193373332903694336!/X_Dat_Nigga/status/193376917569810432

Other tweeters were hesitant to play the race card, but didn’t agree with ESPN’s claims of selfishness or comparisons to dog-killer Michael Vick.!/Jo_Pitts/status/193374325712232448!/JaredOdrick98/status/193358791306260481!/Tyson_Tomberlin/status/193374336546119682!/DeRaye6/status/193374093565890561!/Pouring__Up/status/193373866737930241!/rodimusprime/status/193373842624884737!/adrianELgreat/status/193372797827952641!/JustKC/status/193377311075209216

One intelligent and caring fan urged RGII to ignore the media and just stay true to himself.!/Joey435686/status/193377514788372481

RGIII responded to his haters by tweeting that the negativity only adds fuel to his fire.!/RGIII/status/193467712566071296

  • radjahshelduck

    I’ll bet Redskins fans hope he is very selfish.  They would like RG III to be selfish enough to want to lead the NFL in touchdown passes.  They would like him to be selfish enough to want to win the MVP.  And more than anything, they would like him to be selfish enough to want to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

  • crazytrucker1987

    ESPN SUCKS i have never liked them.

  • Popeye3

    I’ve heard the word RACIST so much that it’s lost it’s affect on me.

  • Buckeye27

    Yeah I remember when he won the Heismann and praised himself, his stats and his abilities especially since most of the country hadn’t heard of him much prior to that. Oh wait no I don’t in fact he’s probably been the least publicized Heismann winner in modern history. Clearly selfish.


    To a certain race in our country, EVERYTHING non-blacks do is racist.

    • AJCalvarese

      Jim, that was racist :-)

  • Bui van vat

    I think the criticism of RGIII is pretty silly. At the same time, I get so turned off when I hear someone play the race card, it makes part of me want to agree with the criticism.

    Fortunately, I’m not 8 years old. By the standard of professional athletes, I see no evidence RGIII has either bad character or is selfish. 

  • Osama0bama

    Long time Redskins fan here .. I am absolutely thrilled that we are (likely, if the Colts don’t blow it for us) going to get RG3 as QB in just a few days! He is high character, a beast, and BSPN can stuff it!  I rarely watch them anyway. I am sick of the clowns on their NFL coverage, with the exception of Ditka and Gruden!