IF you wanted to know which top NFL quarterback prospect was smarter, now you know! According to the Wonderlic test both players took at the combine, Andrew luck scored an impressive 38 out of 50 while Robert Griffin III scored a very solid 24 out of 50.

Does it really matter? That’s up to your interpretation. However, the test results did prove that neither player is an idiot.

  • John Rice

    Don’t try to spin it for RG3, a 24 is not a very solid score….not by a long shot.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QLAKRJUSANYQHTY7G74SUXEJN4 Jonathan

    wrong rice a score of 20 is average intelligence 35 mensa cut off and 40 genius level. the conversion formula to iq is 2W +60= IQ. so griffins score equates to an iq of 108 which is sorta smart