• Rulz

    Finally, something we agree on Mr. President.

  • yhvhentertainment

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  • Conrad2010

    Like the pot calling the kettle black. The pun is not intended.


    Obama is a no-talent poser.  Kayne is insignificant in my view.  But both are certainly mule-like in their mindsets.

  • radjahshelduck

    Kanye West: a man who dropped out of Chicago State University because it was too hard.

  • Kevin Miller

    So I guess Mitt can count on Kanye’s vote in November….

  • brezz2285

    Doesn’t the president have something better to do with his time than be obsessed with brain-dead pop stars?

    Like golf or vacationing?

  • TAMjeanee

    Isn’t it weird that the president is bashing a singer? Does he like anyone? Or just our money?? Boy, what will he say now that Kanye is dating Kim Kardashian? Obama doesn’t like her either and bashed their show, so weird how much he bashes people….why all the hate dude>>??? or is that bullying? yup

  • d.

    I agree with Obama on this one. 

  • Calvin Dodge

    Better to be a talented jackass than an untalented one, eh Barry?

  • stuckinIL4now

    I guess it takes one to know one.