It was just last night that a handful of supporters of the New York Police Department attempted to hold a #ThankYouNYPD rally. The group was easily outnumbered by protesters, who taunted them and likened the gathering to a Klan rally. Just days before that, police haters hijacked a #BlueLivesMatter hashtag, while others were caught on video at the #MillionsMarchNYC chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops!”

With news just coming in that two New York City police officers were reportedly ambushed in their patrol car and shot execution-style, it’s not surprising that the anti-cop contingent is coming out to proudly express their smug satisfaction if not outright joy with the slayings.

Twitter user @LilMissRightie has been grabbing screenshots of some of the most offensive posts for posterity.



What does Al Sharpton find ‘reprehensible’ about Saturday’s cop killings? The answer is unbelievable

‘Too little too late’: Eric Holder calls for ‘forging closer bonds’ between police and communities they serve

‘Noxious and outrageous’: Geraldo Rivera questions role of ‘harsh anti-police rhetoric’ in cop killings

#PoliceLivesMatter: Michelle Malkin warned in columns of growing anti-police vigilantism

Rapper The Game to murdered NYPD officers: “I guess y’all ‘can’t breathe’ either.”

Two police officers killed in Brooklyn in ‘execution-style’ slaying; Shooter reportedly takes own life; Update: ‘Quite simply, they were assassinated’

  • Richard J Sunkle

    Are the scumbags happy he shot his girlfriend too?

    • Paul

      Exactly. Does murdering his girlfriend demonstrate that #BlackLivesMatter?

      • Charles Snodgrass

        Does murdering two black cops demonstrate that #Black Lives Matter?

        • gijane

          Were they black cops? For fuk sake…

        • TeaPartyStooge

          They weren’t black.

        • Jonathan Anderson

          Asian and Hispanic. So little brain function going on he couldn’t even recognize that he didn’t even shoot white cops.

        • Jeffrey Lamela

          One was Asian, the other Hispanic.

      • gunz

        all lives matter

      • Jodi Day

        They murder one another every day. It’s just “another day in their neighborhood”. These things are soulless beings.

        • StEwPiD_MoNkEy

          “these things” Great way to describe another human being you cunt. Have a great day!

          • Jodi Day

            You’re welcome! Anyone that commits acts like these are indeed soulless beings & yes, things. Sorry if the truth hurts. Apparently it hits a little too close for you. Thankfully, your opinion means less than nothing to me. You have a great day too! 🙂

          • Will Walton

            Yep, so the shooter is a soulless being (or, more likely, just a sick human being), and “these things” (presumably black people as a whole?), what exactly did they do to you? Why do you get to judge a whole community? I hope people don’t judge a race by it’s worst part, because you and me have nothing in common Jodi, and I wouldn’t in a million years want to be associated with you.

          • Jodi Day

            Will Walton, your racism is showing. And the soulless being is the “thing” that would happily walk up & murder innocent men while boasting & encouraging others to watch his evil. You see, presuming things about someone you don’t know is ignorant. “These things” I referred to are the terrorists, just like the piece of filth that murdered two innocent men. They come in all colors & races. I never once made any type of blanket statement regarding race, you did. I judge people by their actions, not their color. That’s the difference between you & I. Anyone committing these terrorist acts, whether shooting, beheading, beating to death with hammers, etc…innocent people that have in no way harmed them fits into the category of “soulless beings” & “these things”. As for you not wanting to associate with me, that pleases me greatly. I base my opinions on actions & don’t associate with racists so, we wouldn’t get along very well anyway. Keep playing that worn out “race card” if you like. You are part of the problem causing division between Americans, not me.

          • StEwPiD_MoNkEy

            Lol, yet you replied to defend yourself, didn’t you? Lmao. All beings are soulless idiot lil theist. But that’s another topic. Yes, enjoy your bigotry.

          • Jodi Day

            Actually, it was a wasted attempt to educate an ignorant individual, you. Obviously, you relish your stupidity & are incapable of mature conversation or debate so, I’ll not waste any more time trying. Your welcome to your soulless existence, if you so choose & by all means, pretend the rest of us are as well if that’s what you need to accept yourself. As for me, I know better. I’ll pray for you.

          • Jonathan Anderson

            At least Jodi did not call them StEwPiD_MoNkEys which is what you are.

    • celestiallady

      I don’t think half of them realize the shooter shot and killed himself. They are so stupid.

      • Thomas Paine

        he’ll be counted as another black man senselessly murdered! /sarc/

        • Keep it Real

          T Paine’s /sarc/ towards the current climate is why folks see the tweets above. I suggest you take shyt seriously.

          • Jim Barrow

            Keep it Real, you’re Keeping it Stupid. Thomas Paine’s comment apparently went over your head. The black scum that were posting the tweets above, like you, are too stupid to see the danger that they are putting their “cause” and their community in. And like all useful idiots, they will likely be persuaded to view the shooter as another murder victim.

      • forgetyoutooo

        The NYTimes will accuse cops of killing him and the media will report it as fact, something like this: A bad guy goes out for a walk and decides to shoot two cops…at this point, what difference does it make…..

        • CrystalDawn0603

          The sad thing is- you’re probably right.

      • Barack Hussein Sharpton

        Obama voters for sure.

      • gunz

        they dont

    • RobertM

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the girlfriend made the mistake of telling this douchebag that she was going to call the police.

    • gunz

      obviously the guy had a problem mentally

      • gunz

        and no all lives matter

    • heyheythere

      Actually, they’re mad people are talking about the cops more.

    • MR_Mr_Deplorable_Hapla

      “beech had it cummin'” they all overlook that the two dead officers were rather ethnic themselves. So much for diversity.


        Not all of us man. Those ppl are souless, just plain animals. & the shooter smh, killed other minorities. Wtf.

  • Wolverines

    Looks like the Obama Race War has begun in earnest.

    • john lecorchick

      maybe josh earnest-ly, cant be a fight with only one side in the fight. The OBa rase wor, will be a sound drubbing when the other side decides to join the festivities.

    • obamediawatcher

      It had to start somewhere and you can see the blacks are taking it to the next level thanks to Obama.

      • gunz

        so its the president fault he started this all cops are perfect

        • obamediawatcher

          Far more perfect than you. Next time your getting robbed, call Jesse or Al.

          • gunz

            u didnt answer the qustion
            here is another qustion for thos cops who are not perfect who should i call

          • obamediawatcher

            Why do cops have to be perfect? With Marxists like you and Sharpton they are guilty even when they do everything right.
            What would you do if someone was trying to kill you?

          • gunz

            they dont have to be perfect but whaat do you think should happen when they mess up
            u cant answer the qustion
            u cant ad mit that cops fuck up
            im far from a marxist u sound like a communist seem to me u want a police state
            and did the gentleman in this article below do anything wrong

          • obamediawatcher

            Why do you run from the Marxist label? You should embrace it since you hate America and want a Marxist form of economics where you can live w/o working? You hate cops and consider them guilty even when they are innocent of any crime as long as Sharpton declares them doing wrong. Did you celebrate when your comrade killed the two in NY?

          • gunz

            why cant u answer the qustion
            what should be done when cops are crooked

            u cant answer it at all
            why are running from the qustion

            what should happen to cops break the law
            or do cops even break the law

          • Donnie Mac Leod

            Nobody would need to answer such an asinine question. It should be obvious to even the most feeble of minds as to why crooked cops do get charged & incarcerated when they are caught doing a crime. Why pretend otherwise. I would be more worried about crooked tax cheating politicians like Charlie Wrangle, Timothy Giethner & Al Sharpton types.

          • obamediawatcher

            I answered it six ways from Sunday. Neither of these incidents were breaking any laws. One a cop killer wanted to be, tried to kill a cop and the cop defended himself. The second the guy resisted arrest and died of a heart attack.
            What crime are they guilty of? You never answered which brand of Champaign did you open over the two murdered cops? Did you feel you got your mob justice yet?

          • gunz

            i mean in general not just these cases do think police should be held accountable its a yes or no answer

            do u think their are bad cops
            do u think cops make mistakes
            do u think cops should go to jail
            all that other rederick has nothing to do with question its yes or no
            again do u think cops make mistakes
            do u think their are bad cops
            do u think cops make mistakes
            do u think cops should go to jail

          • obamediawatcher

            That’s stupid and not worth a response. Cops deserve innocent until proven guilty just like everyone else. Something you will never comprehend. Go enjoy the murders you Marxists caused Gruber.

          • gunz

            i dont think u know what marxisim is
            cuz u wouldnt call me that u deff mixed up
            so im going to give a defanition

            the political, economic, and social theories of Karl Marx including the
            belief that the struggle between social classes is a major force in
            history and that there should eventually be a society in which there are
            no classes

            i dont think i have said any thing that relates to his theory at all? lol if so please tell show me if have

            posted anything that relates to that theory or are u assuming

            keep showing how dumbu are

          • obamediawatcher

            See, it’s not so hard to admit you are a Marxist. I am not and everyone making the same is not only unreasonable w/o marshal law has led to 200 million murders last century while America was free. You know you have to purge the world of all those capitalists. You are ok with breaking a few eggs for the greater good, right? Course you are the second group in front of the pock filled wall.
            Do you actually believe Brown was shot on his knees with his arms up? You do realize the forensics show he attacked the cop in his car and hit him at least once in the face and was trying to take the gun. He even shot himself in the hand with a bullet in the floorboard.
            What did Wilson do that any other person wouldn’t do to protect himself? If that cop killer wannabe would kill a cop, who else would he kill? Now, what did Wilson do that you claim is criminal?

          • gunz

            once again please tell me when have i said i follow karl marx were do i fit in to that defination what have i said that follows that philosophy are u reading and comprehending what im saying ill type it in capitla letters



          • obamediawatcher

            If you vote for Marxists and follow Marxists, what does that make you. You are following Marxist ideology that the oppressed are being taken advantage of by the privileged. White privilege=class warfare=Marxism. You are either lying or stupid, makes no difference, the result is the same.

          • gunz

            lol dis guy is crazy i never said who i vote for never said who i follow never mentioned class never said who i follow political u are making your self even more stupid
            the subject was about police
            never mentioned any thing about a race or class or who i voted for never claimed any party at all

            when u assume u make an ass out ya self
            u digging deeper whole of how ignorant your are

            lol u cant pick one sentence of me claiming a party or a political view my critique was of police lol

          • obamediawatcher

            So you denying you voted for your messiah obozo? You denying you are a Democrat who has never voted for anything other than a Marxist your entire life? Really?
            Now, do you want to tell us what Officer Wilson did that has you so riled up? What exactly did he do that he is guilty of or are you just a stupid Gruber follower?

          • gunz

            lol i never said it was justice
            do u think death or garner and m brown was justice

          • disqus_tYowSbCKM2

            His death was ruled a HOMICIDE. Can you say it with me? HOMICIDE.

    • Kenton Clarkson

      No, that will start when an african prince or two get seriously gunned down by a white man. then the feral hoodrats will come out in waves starting with the downtowns.

    • Paula Flechtner Martin

      This is going to get extremely ugly, and not end well for the protesters.

      • ramthemdems

        After the cops were killed the protesters will be whacked big time if they fuk with the cops in any way that threatens their safety.

    • TCDave

      Strange how Charles Manson and PBUH have/had the same goal.

  • SB

    Conservatives need to wake up and get serious about this leftist war on America

    • Snap N McGarrett

      If conservatives even acknowledge it, they will be called a bad name.

    • forgetyoutooo

      Remember what happened when people protested PEACEFULLY because they had been taxed enough already? The same thing that has happened to every cop in this nation – the corrupt Obama administration and the corrupt media attacked them 24/7 calling them racists. Harry Reid and Democrats used the Senate floor to slander and ruin the reputations for those peaceful protests and they were targeted by the IRS, EPA and several other federal agencies. Conservatives have been the only people wide awake and screaming about the leftist war on America

      • homeychives

        Free Huey!

    • Jodi Day

      Many are awake & have been for some time. They have been preparing for years & I don’t think it’s going to be much longer before they’re forced to action to protect this country.

  • Tugger – ✓Still Plorable

    The only logical thing to do now is for all of these ‘people’ to get together in one place and have a rally to celebrate. Please let me know where and when it is. I would like to stop by with some friends and ‘observe’.

    • Lord Fhalkyn

      Misters Smith and Wesson would like to tag along.
      Misters Mossberg and Remington will come if necessary.

      • Tugger – ✓Still Plorable

        Everybody is welcome, we don’t discriminate here.

        • Lord Fhalkyn


  • keyboard jockey

    I have seen some stupid twitter streams some posted right here on twitchy but this one should be put up for some kind of backassward award.

  • Pilgrim22

    This doesn’t surprise me when the POTUS and the attorney general basically say the cops are wrong. What I can’t believe is human beings wrote those tweets, what the hell has happened to us.

    • Joe DeCaro

      We’ve been “fundamentally transformed”!

      • TarHeeled67

        Change? Yes, sadly in a very wrong direction.

        Hope? Not so much.

        • LJB_65

          Observing up here in Canada, I so want the old America back. I miss you guys.

          • Patricia

            :***{ tears from Texas

          • Charles Hammond Jr

            You and me both.

            Can I offer you a drink?

          • Jodi Day

            For what it’s worth, we are still here & you’ll be seeing us soon. God bless!

    • radical1979

      Don’t forget DeBlasio, also throwing cops under the bus.

      • Pilgrim22

        I wonder what the people of NY where thinking when they voted him in. I mean serious, you could tell long before the election that it would be a bad move.

        • Patricia

          Could be wrong on this – but hubbs and I think he married whom he did as a political move. Not for the sake of old-fashioned love and marriage but greedy, political, power moves.

          • Paula Flechtner Martin

            I’ve said the same thing about Hilary.

          • Patricia

            Oh YES Ms Martin, she has been riding Billy’s coattails from the git-go.

            I think REAL American women see faults in her that cannot be spun away by any “grass roots comminity organizer”crap. Like Wendy Davis of the Texas Governor’s race that WASN’T, old Hills will never get my vote nor the votes of any women I know.

          • Absolom Humblebug

            How could you doubt it? His entire life has been a long series of political boxes to check:
            “Worked for the Sandinistas. Check.”
            “Worked for a Labor Union. Check.”
            “Married a Black Communist Lesbian. Check-ity Check Check!”

          • Patricia

            Thanks Absolom, I didn’t know those other two items on his resume. Of all places to have a mayor at odds with his PD.

        • forgetyoutooo

          With the lowest voter turnout ever in NYC. DeBlasio won with 70% of the vote. Communist leaning liberals, love him still.

        • Absolom Humblebug

          They were thinking he’s a pampered wealthy white leftist, just like most other white denizens of the Big Apple. He’s representative.

      • gijane

        There’s a petition about his butt out there now….

    • Dana Davis

      Yea. I could understand Obama calling Sharpton in to explain the facts of life to him but when you get all buddy-buddy with a race baiting cop hating criminal like Sharpton there’s something seriously wrong with that.

    • Keep it Real

      The POTUS and the AG were RIGHT. The people posting those tweets applauding the death of law enforcement officers were WRONG.

    • LegalizeShemp

      Nothing’s happened to “us”, we’re still quite sane, the question is, what has happened to “them” ??

    • gunz

      qustion are cops ever wrong
      do think they are always right

      • Pilgrim22

        I’ve seen several cases where I thought the police were very wrong, there’s a current one involving the killing of a 12 y/o that had a bb gun. However, the cases involving Garner and Brown are not 2 of them. And killing innocent police to get back at what they perceive as injustice is not okay. If in a matter of months or years there were multiple cases of people shooting their next door neighbors, should the federal government and mayor announce that all next door neighbors might be suspect. And then if one killed my husband, would it be okay for me to kill you in revenge. And would it then be okay for Twitter to light up with people applauding me. As I said, I can’t believe human beings are acting like this.

        • gunz

          your comparison is off your neigbors are no civil servents and cops are hired by the state or city so feds would not get involved. the state would charge and u would we go to jail u would be held accountable. its wrong to take any life. but the system needs to accept that their are bad cops and cops make mistake many people dont feel cops make mistakes
          many feel they should not be held accountable. thats the problem the system does not hold them accountable which is why the feds always get involved city hall will stand buy iits officers before its voters
          killing is wrong can never be justfied. the cops were wrong for not respecting the fact that he said he couldnt breath just as the the man was wrong for killing those officers
          as far as furgason trail the prosecuter was joke he was working in favor of the cops. when u admit to knowing that a witness statment (juror 40) is false but u u still use shows how hard he was working for justice

          • Pilgrim22

            Yes because no other criminal has ever yelled, “I can’t breathe” or “you’re breaking my arm” etc while being taken down. Guess they’re just supposed to ask nicely for them to surrender and if they don’t, say, okay and walk away. I think it’s sad that Garner died, but the police didn’t know he had a heart problem, but he did, so he should have just surrendered.

          • gunz

            thats why police need to get retrained for situations like this also he was on the ground yelling he couldnt breath. even after they cuffed they could have performed CPR they mad no attempt to revive him its like they didnt care they just need more training

    • MrNishida

      Liberals are liberals.
      They are not human.
      They really do believe they are gods.
      They are too stupid to see they are not.

  • Ghee!

    Wow…. just.. wow. These pretend thugs are just the bottom of life. How low can humanity sink? See above…

  • Alarms & Discursions

    Wow. Just wow. Speechless at the depravity of hoodrat Dems.

  • ArmchairMike

    So I guess it will be a great night in Gracie Mansion tonight. The President and Eric Holder should be freaking thrilled. RIP Officers.

    • pajamakat

      preey is on vacay with mooch. He’ll read about it in the papers.

      • guest

        …only if it’s in the sports page!

  • Victoria Richardson

    There are a lot of people with blood on their hands tonight. All the rioters, cop-haters, people in the media and politicans that helped stoke the hatred towards cops should be ashamed of themselves. You have blood on your hands cop-haters. The hateful tweets above made me sick.

    • Victoria Richardson

      RIP to the Officers killed tonight. I pray for the families of the fallen Police Officers tonight.

    • Benji0804

      They have no shame it’s about votes and it’s all that matter’s to them.

    • Jim R

      Yes. From Barry to Eric the Bagman to Smilin’ Al to all the talking heads who whipped up mob violence with their half-truths and outright lies about Ferguson, Staten Island and Cleveland, there are plenty of people with blood on their hands.

      There was plenty of sympathy for the black community, especially after Garner died. Not too sure it’s going to last very long at this rate.

  • StopThisMadness

    Animals. So disgusting that these people walk amongst us.

  • Matthew Koch

    There is a lot of hatred in the blacks-police officer relationship. But most of it is coming from blacks and not the police.

  • Matthew Koch

    Give these people the war they want.

    • keyboard jockey

      Nah they aren’t worth it let them use their Obama phones to try and impress each other, because they sure the he11 aren’t impressing anyone else.

  • umad80

    “all of these black lives dropping left and right” Um, where? I mean, aside from the fact that there is black on black crime all the time. Where are cops doing this left and right? Two stories, one truly sad and one that is nothing like it’s being portrayed, and suddenly it’s an epidemic? If they had a legit excuse to not care, I could sort of see their point, but they have a bunch of lies and two dead black guys. Nevermind all the whites killed by police. Bah.

    • TarHeeled67

      It’s been an epidemic ever since Trayvon Martin got shot by George Zimmerman, despite any EVIDENCE of this happening on a regular basis. And we all know damn good and well it’d be all over the news if it were.

  • Duane_of_Dibbley

    The execution of the cops is one thing. The murderer’s pom-pom girls on social media are quite another. After this, I can think of no good reason for a law-abiding conservative to remain in civilization’s septic tank, i.e. NYC. Pack up and leave. There are greener pastures in this country where you’ll be welcome and appreciated.

  • BlahBlah

    Sweet Jesus. New York City you are finally gone.

    I was just in Harlem. A couple stands on every damn block on 125th street selling the stupid I can’t breathe comic sans t-shirts.

    • Pilgrim22

      Every cop should walk out of NYC and leave it to the mayor to control the crime. Why risk their life when their own mayor calls them out. I’d say bye bye and head on down here to Texas.

  • musiciangirl591

    to the people who are happy that these two officers lost their lives: what will happen if you need the police and will you be grateful if they arrive and help you with your situation?

    • Basset_Hound

      I wonder how long it will be before the shooter will be celebrated by the “intelligensia” and be giving commencement speeches at major universities like Mumia Abu Jamal.

      BTW – Long time, no type. Hope you have been well.

  • The Deplorable Lord Whorfin

    Be careful what you wish for. A race war will not end well for the minority.

    • Richard J Sunkle

      This is the same crap they tried in the late 60s. They failed then and they’ll fail again if we keep our powder dry,.

      • Joe DeCaro

        The retro-progressives have brought us all back in time.

        • keyboard jockey

          They are trying to bring us back to a place none of them ever left. Because progressive has nothing to do with making progress.

    • keyboard jockey

      This isn’t the majority of any group of people living in this country these are the “ghetto” folks trying to impress each other on twitter. All I got out of it was what a bunch of dumbasses.

    • The Deplorable Lord Whorfin

      FYI- I am speaking to the protesters.(edit spelling)

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Before the celebration begins, black people might want to rethink what just happened to them and their “cause.” I’m guessing NYPD officers are now ‘unofficially’ adopting an “if it’s black and it moves, shoot it” mentality at this point. I wouldn’t want to be black and approach a patrol car in NYC this weekend.

  • alanstorm


    I’d say “Pull the NYPD out of Brooklyn” and see how these cretins like it, but totally innocent people would suffer as badly or worse.

    They really have zero idea what they’re talking about.

    And they VOTE. Or, at least, someone votes in their name. Same effect.

    • Yeah Buddy

      There are 2 ways to fight a war.
      1. Put massive numbers of cops (or troops) in and shut the behavior down.
      2. Pull ALL cops out and let the behavior kill itself.

  • Ghee!

    I just wasted several minutes of my life reading the timelines of some of these people. They are hopelessly lost in their own stupidity. Their world view is that of perpetual victimhood. In that fact lies the success of the democrats and the poverty pimps that have perpetuated that to them. These people are animals, plain and simple. There is no humanity in them to appeal to. Where does it go from here? I have no idea, but these people are the creation of people like Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, etc. and the responsibility of the same.

    Weep for humanity today folks, it just took a huge step backwards as far as I can tell.

    • DG

      Weeping with you.

    • TarHeeled67

      Well said. I often read through the first page or two of timelines of these folks when some of these fine individuals are brought to light on Twitchy, and my suspicions that these people are evil, clueless sheep are rarely proven wrong.

  • DG

    This is disgusting and sick.

    I pray for these two brave officers who died in the line of duty. I pray for their family and friends. I pray for America.


    this celebration of the death of the 2 officers only serves to illustrate there is a savage subculture that all LEOs deal w/ 24/7/365… (race is irrelevant) IMHO majority of folks who have jumped on “h8 the Police” bandwagon of late have no idea that this subculture exists & that the only thing standing between them & us is OUR Police Officer. 🙁

  • BeevaloBill

    Aided and abetted by the lies of Ferguson. Inflamed by the President and his Attorney General . The death of innocents who were simply doing their job “to serve and protect”.

    Seriously disturbing times.Seriously disturbed people. Life in the age of Obama.

  • DG

    To those who care about life, life will seek you.

    To those who don’t, the Democratic party wants your vote……….

  • radical1979

    And next they’ll complain if cops don’t want to respond to calls in that area.

  • BigTBoom

    Is this the flash point…

  • Cory

    This world is so evil smh. Prayers to the families of the cops and the shooter and his girlfriend. They didn’t deserve this.

    • Matthew Koch

      I wouldn’t have agreed with your statement about praying for the shooter’s family in the past. But after I heard Timothy McVeigh’s dad speak for the first time, I completely agree with you.

      • Cory

        I’m sure his family is traumatized as well. They also lost their son and he left them with this to deal with.

  • thedumbblonde

    I bet Bill de Blasio is warm and dry in Gracie Mansion tonight.

    • BlahBlah

      This will unleash the NYPD and not even that clown will be able to stop them.

      Good thing the monster shot himself because had they killed him I’m sure Sharpton would have brand new t-shirts to print. Maybe I CAN’T WALK

    • Jon

      …and with his brand-new $40,000 12-foot high security fence around the building.

      • Snap N McGarrett

        Don’t forget the NYSP bodyguards that protect him 24X7X365. Maybe the troopers should offer their detail to NYPD for a day.

    • Matthew Koch

      Fuck him!

  • Wilkins Micawber

    In reply to these low-life vermin:We don’t think about you. We don’t dwell on
    your problems. We don’t care about your frustrations. We can’t be bothered to
    think up ways to oppress you because you oppress yourselves more than we ever
    could. We had nothing to do with what happened 2-4 hundred or even 60 years
    ago. Using that excuse to justify your conduct and your demands is pathetic.
    You vote for people who hate your guts and who design social programs to keep
    you dependent. You are too stupid to realize this because ‘free,’ public education
    has been deliberately compromised to keep you (and the majority of whites)
    stupid; that program has succeeded. But that doesn’t change the fundamentals:
    we spent trillions on you people and things have only gotten worse; you have
    created more bastards than any other demographic so that you can get more money from the government; you are the most bigoted and most racist demographic in this nation; you traduce every man or woman who succeeds as being either an Uncle Tom or too-white; and, in your ignorance, you think we hate you. Some of us, no doubt, do; some for very justifiable reasons. Most of us cannot be bothered. We are completely indifferent. We have had enough of your limitless dependency and whining arrogance. Excuse us, we have our own problems … most unfortunately, your demographic has contributed and continues to contribute to ‘our problems’ and that is the only to reason speak to you at all. Now that I’ve given you the time of day, please, as the English say, “bugger off.”

  • csheel00

    Sad and disgusting. I wonder if the mayor will be allowed at their funerals. God bless our police for enduring all of this, while trying to protect many of these people who don’t deserve or appreciate it.

    • Matthew Koch

      I hope their families attack the .

  • Lord Fhalkyn

    Dear Barack Obama: you built this.

    • djm1992✓𝒢𝑒𝓃𝒹𝑒𝓇 𝒢𝒾𝒻𝓉𝑒𝒹 ☭⁻ᴴ⁸ᴿ

      And he’s quite happy about that. He wants to be transformational, remember?

  • The Deplorable Lord Whorfin

    Please accept my apologies, Twitchy Team, for the apparently inappropriate image.

  • Jon

    These are the core voters pols like Obama and de Blasio want to turn out. Now they’ve both got to figure out a way to keep these people from getting angry without angering everyone else. (De Blasio has no choice as mayor but to get involved with this — Obama, on the other hand, will probably send Josh Ernest out in front of the media to issue a statement along the lines of “Where’s Brooklyn?” and try to avoid saying anything but wishy-washy pablum if he says anything at all.)

  • Sanchez

    When did an entire generation or 2 abandon civilized world?


    There’s going to be a war. These sub humans will lose.

    • Matthew Koch

      I’m starting to get worried that this’ll be a repeat of the Dark Ages.

      • TTTCOTTH

        Dark for them.

    • Hirogen

      Really? Let me know when the declaration happens. Let me know what color uniform I’m going to wear.

      • Plorabilis Ferd

        Meh…..uniforms make for easier targets.

      • Elizabeth


        • Deplorable&AdorableNavyGal

          With sparkles in the skirt.

  • cas47

    Time for a little “Blue Flue” in NY. No more police in minority neighborhoods. Give them what they ask for.

  • Cozy Powell III

    Obama’s fundamental transformation continues. Holder and Sharpton smile.

  • RightStuff

    Blood on the hands of Barack Obama and Eric Holder for sure.

  • RightStuff

    Erectus most certainly walks amongst us.

  • kateorjane

    Too bad the local police can’t get info as to the tweeters so happy to see police shot. Then the next time the usual mugging/drive-by/break-in happens in the tweeters neighborhood, the cops can mention karma and drive on by.

    • John McMickle

      You can bet if you tweeted something that sounded like a threat to Obama, every law enforcement agency in the country would know who you were.

  • plumberskid

    I want to know where I can get an I Can Breathe t-shirt? The NYPD needs to sell millions of these, with all profits going to the families of any officer KIA because of these bastards. We can all wear them when we hold the next counter protest. I’ll even bet that we could get away with open carry. I doubt the cowardly rats would put up much of a fight if they were out-numbered by 1000-1.

    • religion&politics

      They’re called “Breathe Easy, Don’t Break the Law,” being sold by a LEO in Indiana. Easy to find on Google. Buy a few!

  • Steven

    God I fear for our country

  • CO2 Producer

    This post was inevitable. Not surprised in the slightest. This obscene level of rage and hatred is abundant, sucking the joy right out of the season, spitting in the face of any talk of peace and faith in our fellow man.

    We will never make any headway in achieving a dream of unity, or even simple tolerance, as long as we have incompetence and antagonism coming from our leaders and most prevalent purveyors of our society. They offer no viable solutions. They are a major part of the problem. There is no dialogue. There is no sign that they care to listen to sense. They only want to divide us.

    Do not allow them to accomplish that goal, Americans. We’re better than that.

    • Jim R

      Google “Critical Race Theory”.

      And weep for the future.

      • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

        Professor Derrick Bell had a student… bh0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • CO2 Producer

        I’m aware of it, have read about it.

        I’ve no more use for grief. It’s done enough harm. Shows weakness. I much prefer to avoid the feeling of defeat.

  • Blues Lovr

    I never did. They deserve nothing and they destroy every country they slither into. Just ask the Egyptians

  • kateorjane

    How foolish people were to think that election of a black man as POTUS represented a positive step in race relations. It appears that too many in the black community have no interest in positive movement forward or equality – they’re still wrapped up in revenge and getting “ova on whitey.”

    • gunz

      so u r saying their no racism in america anymore and black people are just complaining

  • Ted Copeland

    Pity Sharpton wasn’t in the line of fire, he built that

    • Hirogen

      “I can’t believe the inhumanity! Wishing death on other people!! Makes me sick to my stomach!!”

      “Too bad Sharpton wasn’t in the line of fire”

      One of these things is not like the other…

      • Elizabeth

        “They kill one of us, we’ll kill two of them”. That’s what you’re hero said before he murdered in cold blood.

      • journogal

        Really funny coming from someone like you…

  • ken

    bunch of sicko’s, happy that someone got shot. praying to God that he have mercy on all our souls.

  • John McMickle

    I am glad I do not live in a liberal hell hole like New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle. This has got to stop or Obama will have more problems than he thinks he will. If Obama remains silent he should be called out by the press, his comment fueled this crap. Inviting Sharpton to the White House all so add to the situation.

  • Jake Bradford

    And none of them have any shame. Not smart enough to have any.

  • Kristine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    All of that shows exactly why “negotiating” will NEVER accomplish anything. These people are motivated by hatred & ignorance.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them are borderline sociopaths.

    They are full of apathy, misinformation, and entitlement.

    Frankly, they are useless wastes of space. They aren’t interested in equality and opportunity. These people are sick.

  • Aaron Giddens

    I hope their employer finds these tweets and they never find a job again.

  • MeMe

    Knew this would happen soon. Sure there will be copy cats.

  • Annie Mae

    What do you expect from ghetto Obama worshipper? They are low-intellect animals.

  • Mike Fitz

    I’m definitely going to run down any of these shitheads who stand in traffic with their despicable #protests- Then I’m gonna laugh out loud and say “Karma’s a bitch, bitch!”

  • MeMe

    Doesn’t feel so good, when the shoe is on the other foot. Sadly, this is only two cops for thousands of innocent, dead black men and boys.

    • Zach Smith

      You are delusional.

    • Nan231

      And it won’t feel so good when you are being assaulted by a bunch of thugs and there are no police to protect your sorry a@@!

      • Elizabeth

        Flag the ahole.

  • Carol Marie

    FUCK everyone of the scumbags who tweeted this shit…….FUCK THEM

  • Nan231

    THUGS R US are out in force I see, what a bunch of losers.

  • Jeff Henderson ✓Bona Fide

    Every one of those sick @$^#@&* should be put in Gitmo and left to rot.

    • keyboard jockey

      They have it pretty good in Gitmo. I say we leave these twits in their project housing living on ebt cards and venting on Obama phones.

  • SophieRo3

    ‘If I had a son, he would look like Ismail Brinsley.’

    – Barack Obama

    • Curly Bill

      Eunuchs can’t father children.

  • conservative2012

    Wow I’m sure our black conservative friends are really loving all the racism some of you on the right are dishing out. We Do Not Need A Race War!!!!

    • John McMickle

      It dose not matter what we need or want. When it starts all you can do is respond. Obama and Holder have been throwing fuel on the fire for 6 years. They can either put the fire out or all of us that survive will have to live with the consequences.

    • GinaNJ

      Do you know any Black Conservatives? My guess would be No, black conservative don’t agree with killing cops, any more than white conservatives do. Black Conservatives are no different than white ones, they despise Al Sharpton as much, if not more than white conservatives. This was turned into a Race War by the Liberals, and most Liberals are White, they are Racist Pigs, so obviously color doesn’t have anything to do with conservatives despising them.

      • conservative2012

        Maybe I didn’t come across the way I should have. I do know black conservatives and I just hate to think that they have to read some of the comments on here. If there is any anger it should be against progressives and liberals.

        • GinaNJ

          Anger should go towards any Savage, no matter what color their skin is. This Savage Murderer is Black, that’s a fact, it’s Not Racist to speak about the race of this animal. Black conservatives are quite capable of distinguishing between racism and factual information. Black Conservatives don’t use the Race Card as an excuse, which is why they are conservatives in the first place. Only Liberals cry and whine about name calling, yet they do most of it.

          • conservative2012

            Fair enough.

    • Jake Bradford

      Shouldn’t you be saying that last sentence to the comrades at MSNBC and Salon?

  • Benji0804

    Proof democrats only agree with science and logic when it agrees with their agenda and to hell with it if it does not suit their needs or agenda.

  • Blues Lovr

    That’s right, Whites have to fight your wars for you because you have not the balls, or intellect

  • Blues Lovr

    And if you think that 80% of the world has black skin, I seriously recommend you take a class in human biology, thanks

  • Sanchez

    Has De Blasio washed all their blood off his hands yet?

    • GinaNJ

      He can try, but this blood won’t wash off. He should be in Jail, along with his pal, Sharpton.

      • John McMickle

        Or the East River or a New Jersey wetland.

        • GinaNJ

          I like your idea even better.

    • Ultros667

      I pray that this “mayor” and the worst man alive Al Sharpton don’t go near the funerals. These men should be held responsible!

      • GinaNJ

        I hope they do and I hope some mentally unstable person is waiting to greet them with the justice they deserve.

  • Tugger – ✓Still Plorable

    Are you trying to suggest that there is any possible justification for assassinating public servants or glorifying that assassination? Oh, and will you be at the rally?

    • gunz

      i have question for u do u think all cops are perfect and they never mess up

      at all and their are no crooked cops ?

      • MrNishida

        Does that justify killing two without even knowing who they are?
        Do you think all cops are imperfect and always mess up, and there (not ‘their’, you poor thing) are no good cops ?
        Did you beat your wife today?
        Also, your racist chump hero just killed an Asian cop, a Hispanic cop, and his Black girlfriend.
        Now tuck tail and run, chump!

        • gunz

          u dIdnt answer my qustion and no i think their are good cops I have met some .
          do think their are bad cops ?
          obviusly the man had has a mental problem if he killed self and wounded his girlefreind as well as cops
          killing is wrong no matter what
          no justfication 4 taking a life
          im ask again do think cops make mistakes do think they are perfect ?
          are u going to answer or just dance around the qustion CHUMP

      • Tugger – ✓Still Plorable

        I am absolutely sure that a small percentage of police officers are corrupt and some make mistakes. We have a justice system in this country to deal with that kind of thing. If you don’t like the decisions that our justice system comes up with, too damn bad. Your option is to vote for someone who will try to change our laws to something you would prefer or go to a country that meets your requirements or even yell and holler about how unfair life is. You don’t get to kill people you don’t like. If you do manage to change the law so that you can kill people you don’t like, please let me know and I’ll start making a list.

        • gunz

          ok the fact that u can admit that they are not perfect is what people need to start doing they need to be held accountable

          cops should not be killed and civilians shot not be killed

          the system does not hold them accountable city hall stands behind the police before they stand behind their citizens very low percentage of police misconduct get taken serious let alone make it trial u right people should vote not kill which is why many voted for de blasio because he wants to reform the NYPD but people have to adleast admit that there is a problem or atleast realize their are bad cops and that they should be held accountable

  • Blues Lovr

    The “blame Whitey” card expired in the 90’s, sorry

  • Dana Davis

    This is what happens when you have race baiters like Sharpton and a Mayor who supports him. Because people are empowered and emboldened. Who are we empowering? Those who hate cops. And why do you suppose they hate them? As for all of these tweets… Bring it; let’s do this thing.

    • Jake Bradford

      Bad people are empowered and emboldened. That’s the problem.

  • Ghee!

    I know this. We all know this. Thank you for replying to me. There are this low form of human in all races and they walk among us. But for the law abiding and the enforcement of law by our police they would run rough shod over us. I wish I was at my computer and not trying to reply from my phone or I would go further in depth with my thoughts. There are plenty of other commenters that could help me out though.

  • Jim R

    Taunting people who carry a gun for a living… isn’t smart. Just saying.

  • John Smith

    I hope the families of these officers will find some peace this holiday season. The prayers and support of Americans are with them.

    Hyphenated-Americans, meanwhile, can rot in their collectivist mob hell.

  • Ultros667

    These all need to be saved. They will be scrubbed by the thugs or Twitter to try and change the narrative. These people are pure evil, no other word to describe them. Sharpton and De Blasio both have the blood of these cops on their hands!

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Both of our hearts are heavy tonight. They are heavy for the unnecessary and heartless loss of these two Policemen. May the Good Lord receive their souls and shelter them from further harm.

    Our hearts are heavy for the burden that this places on their families and friends. Please know that you have our extreme condolences.

    For those that “applaud” this action, we can only hope that the Good Lord sees it in his Divine Heart to heal your hearts and souls and to forgive you for your words and thoughts.

    Finally, for the guilty, you have sealed your fate and must now answer for your deed.

  • Kevin Sibona

    The problem is that you and those like you get no coverage. White cop kills a black guy? Instant 24-hour coverage, cries for justice, protests, riots. “No justice, no peace”, mostly because the particular flavor of justice is one that they don’t agree with.
    White guy killed by a black cop? Move along, no story here.
    Black gang-banger kills other black gang-banger? Hmm, what do we have going on somewhere else…
    The media and their ‘darlings’ only want you to see what they WANT you to see. They don’t want the self-sufficient, country loving, limited government wanting, lawful gun toting black population getting coverage. It would damage the narrative of how blacks in this country are victims and are justified in their rage and self-defeating actions.
    Personally, I could care less what color your skin is. If you are willing to stand next to me and demand that this country get back to what it once was, where the people worked for what they have and are proud to be productive members of their respective communities, I will call you my brother/sister. I will call you friend, compatriot, maybe even co-conspirator depending on your view of things. These people in the Twitter feeds above? Nothing more than uninformed animals that have decided to sell themselves for a minute of recognition.

  • Libscansuckmyass

    Liberals are sick sick sick people.

  • VictorErimita

    This is the country Sharpton, Obama, Holder and the lapdog media are creating. Between the false narrative and the psychopathology of all those latching onto it, I now care about “the plight of the Black Man” about as much as I care about global warming.

  • Margaret1948

    Let’s rally at City Hall!!!!! Let those scumbags they can be outnumbered!!! Sunday would be the best day because “working people” have the day off. LET’S SHOW THEM THEIR SUB-HUMAN EVIL IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!”

  • CJ

    Despicable human beings.

  • Hy Alldredge

    This is a very tribal method of retribution. Cops are one tribe, black people are another. If a cop kills a member of their tribe, it’s justice to kill theirs. The person they kill doesn’t have to be connected to the original murder, they just have to be in the opposing tribe. A similar thing happened when the pack of black people in St. Louis murdered Zemir Begic with hammers.

    Such a mentality works in highly primitive societies, but is quite incompatible with modern Civilization. Consequently, those who think like this have a difficult time assimilating to and functioning in a civilized society.

  • DukeCanuck

    Cops should just walk away from high crime black areas. See how long it takes for the community to beg for them to come back.

    • FaithColeridge33

      When the mayor ended “stop and frisk” it was the minority communities who were begging him not to end it. Their neighborhoods had become safe to live in and they liked it.

  • FaithColeridge33

    Cops should go on a week long, national strike. It will bring a new appreciation for what they do and a new appreciation for the 2nd amendment.

    • Pilgrim22

      They should have a mass walk out, everyone of them leave…..permanently. I’m sure they could get a job in another state – their mayor threw them under the bus, who needs that.

  • Ntr

    These people are just begging for tyranny by tweeting and supporting such idiocy. NYC already has the surveillance infrastructure and the police force. Wait until they see the electronic and manned checkpoints going up over the next decade…

    That’ll definitely fit under the idea of “you helped build that.”

    • j p✓ʳᵉᶠʳᶦᵉᵈ

      That is what the little conspiracy theorist in the back of my head is shouting. If those in power wish to build the barbed wire fences to keep”We the Commodity” in tight control, what better way to justify building that infrastructure than this?

    • Jake Bradford

      If they ever killed a bunch of rich elite New Yorkers that would definitely be pushed for.

      A couple of cops aren’t gonna do it

  • Jake Bradford

    The problem many still can’t accept… one of ideology. Not just race, inequity, injustice, poverty or whatever the social cause of the day is.
    There are two dark ideologies loose in the world: each one destructive, hate-filled, and utterly convinced of it’s own righteousness.
    One is the ideology that drives ISIS, the Taliban and people who would happily axe murder an infant in a crib.
    The other is the ideology DeBlasio, Stalin, Castro and Barack Obama all subscribe to.

    They are equally dangerous and destructive. They grow in the soils of resentment, entitlement, and hate.

  • Dan Abbett

    The movies Mad Max and Thunder Dome come to mind as I assess the parasitic sub-culture that has developed in this nation. We have arrived. We are going to have to deal with it.

    • John Smith

      The two most powerful men in the country right now, as President and Attorney General, are just as racist as these Twitter posters.

  • frozen(anddeplorable)inbemidji

    How does a generation with this much information at their fingertips turn out so ignorant?

  • geez

    All of you cheering about this despicable act, you do realize that this makes YOU EXACTLY LIKE THE COPS YOU HATE. Ironic. Now that said, does that mean all of you are murders too? Logic cuts both ways. Your behavior is exactly why we are in this current situation.

  • RememberSekhmet

    When you appeal to the criminal element, crimes get committed.

  • TheRajLOSAngeles

    Yeah, diversity is our strength. Observe the United States pre 1964 with the United States 2014. Which society would YOU choose?

  • Hy Alldredge

    You are aware that Asians are not considered black, and that Asia contains over 50% of the world’s population, right? If you divide the world into white and “other” and think that all the others are on the same team, I’d suggest taking a trip to China or India to see what they think about that.

  • Jay7027

    Don’t worry all the other gloating commenters of your “movement” have successfully tarnished this already bucket of crap protest anyway.

  • MarciaJ

    Sick, sick, sick people.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    If you’re referring to black skin, we are 80% of the world population.
    Ummm, considering the two largest demographics on the planet are Chinese and Indian, how did them blacks become 80%? *Cough ignorance on display.

    Oh, you got Hirogen to upvote you. He happens to be the lowest of low-info morons on this board, so that’s not helping you out.

  • CWS

    You know what, I’m sorry, but this makes me absolutely livid. Every worthless piece of shit cheering this, I hope you remember your words when you’re being robbed or beaten or raped and there are no police around to help you.

  • GarandFan

    You freaking people are SICK! So revel in your liberal righteousness.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Now you’re sounding downright childish
    Said the idiot that’s championing the side that wants to murder cops. …and seems to have an extraordinarily hard time with punctuation.

  • cysusa

    Ya know, the thing is these folk would not say this to a cop’s face or to anyone out loud that disagrees with them. I am waiting for Obama and Holder to comment. God knows they have an opinion on everything else. Step up and lead for once.

    • Pilgrim22

      Obama’s on vacation in Hawaii, he’s out playing golf, he doesn’t care.

      • cysusa

        I just wish he would shock me and step up. All of them.

    • CWS

      This is on them. Them and Sharpton. No question about it.

    • Jake Bradford

      They don’t comment on any crimes committed by blacks.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    You’re telling me – the world is white? You’re telling me majority of the world is white?
    No idiot, he’s telling you the majority of the world isn’t black.

    Yikes, somehow you’re conflating (that means confusing) the geographical size of Africa with population numbers?

    I’m not media intelligent
    judging by your rants, you should just drop the word ‘media’

  • John McMickle

    You better check your BS. There are more Chinese in china than the entire population of sub-Saharan Africa. In 2007 the UN said the population of sub-Saharan Africa was 800 million, with a predicted growth rate of 2.3% that would make the population today about 938 million. The population of China is 1.36 BILLION. The population of India is 1.25 Billion. Both of those groups are considered Asian. So it is doubtful that blacks make up 80% of the population of the planet. African-Americans make up less than 14% of the population of the United States.

  • j p✓ʳᵉᶠʳᶦᵉᵈ

    Now this question is not intended in any way to justify the shooting but to see if there is a stronger point to be made. Were these two cops known to be bad cops or were the just chosen at random? If random, then it is another indicator of how horribly our leadership is steering this country. Rather than fostering equality and unity I have seen a terrible growth of divisiveness. No one is seeing anyone as another person first. We must see them as a sex or color or uniform or class or nationality or religion or party or sexual orientation and judge them by their affiliation. Oh to be one nation under God. Are we to become a thousand tribes at war?

  • John Smith
  • Raye

    The tweets show how stupid people in this country are. Next time someone shoots one of your friends, steals your car, breaks in your home, robs you DON’T call the police. Stupid idiots.

    • ExiledOnMainStreet

      Remember when a conservative blogger followed Bill Ayers home trying to get an interview, and Ayers called the cops on him? Ah, yes, Billy the Bomber called the “pigs” because someone made him uncomfortable.

      That’s the left – phony, cowardly swine.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Let me guess? White boys and Chinese boys made those stats? NEXT
    Let me guess, you have absolutely no way to refute that so you’d like to just skip it?

  • DukeCanuck

    Gross. De Blasio at news conference.

    • Elizabeth

      Did you notice him wiping the fake tear from his eye just now?

  • DrSamHerman – Dr Deplorado

    No words…sometimes nothing but “evil” suffices……

    • keyboard jockey

      and stupid.

  • Braden

    Liberalism is a disease that harms everyone.

  • DukeCanuck


  • Blues Lovr

    I never said a majority of earth is White. White people, as a race have always had a low percentage of the earths population. Approx 15%. I only disputed your claim that the world is 80% black. That’s nonsense

  • Chimfish

    Cultural Marxism requires looking at everything through heavily distorted lenses. It requires you squint your eyes enough that a man dying of an asthma attack while resisting the police becomes equivalent to running up and murdering two men point blank.

  • Jake Bradford

    I have been told by several liberals on twitter that this gloating is just the same as when conservatives rejoiced when Garner and Brown were killed. I asked them for ONE piece of evidence of this, and none could provide any. Then most blocked me.
    Even if some on the right were less than heartbroken, I haven’t seen the same kind of ghoulish thrill as is being shown over these cop murders.

    I need to go watch the hockey game and drink a few beers.

    • ExiledOnMainStreet

      Are they also gloating because this ahole murdered his black girlfriend in Baltimore? No, they’ll just ignore that murder – because black lives don’t ALWAYS matter, do they?

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    I’m not so sure my wife would care for me hanging out with Asian strippers.
    And babbling incoherently doesn’t make you truthful and loose, it makes people immediately dismiss you and your message as a low-info nutbag.
    If you have a grievance against police abuse, bring it on intelligently and the people here will listen. Count me in. I’m no fan of cops – especially how often they shoot first and ask questions later.

  • GinaNJ

    Oh boo hoo, DeCommio and Bratton are sad – you should fee Guilty, Not Sad, you wanted innocent cops to be murdered, now you got it, you should be celebrating the birth of your Liberal LaLa Land. For shame…

  • Ellie Calo-Motondo


  • Blues Lovr

    Your ancestors built what? Please explain

  • audieho

    Reading through some of these reminds me of the Democrat partying booing the inclusion of God in their party’s platform three times. You get what you vote for. That’s for sure.

  • Tugger – ✓Still Plorable

    I really find your message hard to understand, but very poetic. We could do without your foul language and I really don’t know why you had to bring race into this discussion. Also, I find your masked used of the “N”-word in your other posts quite racist and offensive. Please stop doing that.

  • John McMickle

    Here is the Google search for China: population of china 2013

    Here is the Google search for India: population of India 2013

    Here is the Google search for sub-Saharan Africa: population of sub-Saharan Africa.

    Claiming 80% of the population on earth is black is just plain stupid. Look up a population density of the planet. Africa has a large land area which is relatively un-populated by humans. However china has a rather high population density in a large portion of the country. Do the research your self.

    Blaming AIDS/HIV on anyone out side of Africa is ridiculous. It is a virus that started in Africa. It comes from primates and became virulent once it got into humans. The same with Ebola people eating wildlife is how the disease got introduced to humans.

  • Victoria Richardson

    Watching the news conference, now New York City Mayor wants to focus on the families and not politics, well he should have did that along time ago, he should have followed his own advice.

    • keyboard jockey

      DeBlasio’s in trouble and he know’s it. What he needs to do is announce he’s resigning.

  • keyboard jockey
    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Mighty white o’ him.

    • DeplorableNannoH

      Holder can take this statement and put it where the sun don’t shine. He should be held responsible for this!!!

      • keyboard jockey

        Democrat’s are arrogant because they really believe they can manipulate the under class if they pander and indulge them enough and thus diffuse their anger. That’s just hubris. If you give a mob enough rope they will lynch someone IMO.

    • Bandit Keena

      Funny he doesn’t take any responsibility for fomenting racial violence and hatred. I wonder when the ignorant POS Obama will own up to his part?

      • keyboard jockey

        I don’t know how to describe the strategy that democrat’s apply to the underclass when they are out of control. But they do think that if they pander to them and “feel their pain” empathize and sympathize -you know the I am one of you canard. DeBlasio tried that one using his own son and by throwing the NYPD under the bus. They think the mob will vent and get spent and eventually go home. But that’s not really the temperature on the street because there are other “players” looking to take advantage of the mob being incited. <—and one murdered two police officers today. DeBlasio really does need to resign.

        Plenty of OWS anarchist wing found their way into those protest. They have a militant wing that is anti cop and they are constantly posting about killing cops, There are the borderline personalities that lose touch with reality and it looks like ISIS is paying attention

        The actual protests aren't just made up of actual people that lived in Ferguson and cared about Micheal Brown or people who really cared about Eric Garner they are just using it as an excuse to cause mayhem.

  • mopsi94

    Glad he killed himself. Animal is going to meet his maker and answer to him before going downstairs to rot in hell. WISE UP PEOPLE. …….do not resist arrest! If you have nothing to hide and you are are not a criminal why would you ???? seriously! Use your brains. I don’t care if you are black white green or pink you dont resist arrest! The guilty resist. The police will use force ,they are trained to do so. For those if you that are happy, you are dispicable and inhuman. Imagine if it was someone in your family. …want us to all cheer?

  • AZWarrior

    These animals don’t give a crap about taking the lives of cops, just how much do you think they care about you civilians. Expect more of this as Islam and ignorant racist mobs are empowered by the far left and this government. Are you satisfied?

  • Im_Rick_James

    Dear black people. This kind of s#$t is EXACTLY why whites don’t give a f#$k about your movement/protest/whatever. Fix your own problems.

  • Tugger – ✓Still Plorable

    This is not a situation to ‘loosen up’ about. You don’t know anything about me other than what I write here just Like I don’t know you. The assassination of two completely innocent people just because they were wearing the wrong color clothes is completely unacceptable to me and most civilized people. I have absolutely no respect and no use for anyone who would glorify this or try to make light of it in any way. Stop trying to use this murder as a teachable moment or anything other than the pure evil that it truly is.

  • Beverly Gildemeister

    Is this justice? Honestly? So, does this mean we can ALL lay down our guns and call it even? Can we?

    No. And no, again. No, this is not justice. And even if you want to call it that, the war will never end. The biggest claims I’ve seen for peace and equality were from those who today are exalting the gunman.

    And how the hell is this ‘karma’? Are we saying that since these two officers just so happened to be officers, that they are held responsible for any of the murders these protests arose from? How is ANY of this fucking fair?

    If our goal was EVER to end violence… then you end it. Simply put. Not just toward blacks, browns, whites, yellows, greens even, who gives a fuck. Quit taking color into account, even in someone’s defense. Quit generalizing parties of people and holding them all accountable for the offense of one. This event justifies nothing.

  • john lecorchick

    hey beautiful, I’m not doing anything tonight, either!

  • Dean Bruckner

    Savages like these can evidently be controlled only through overwhelming force. They are the enemy. Arm the police with overwhelming force.

    • divingpetrel

      The sad thing is that this is precisely what the left wants – ever increasing cycles of violence that will allow them to come up with the “solutions” or spark a revolution and thus take power permanently.

  • syvyn11

    I have to wonder if this piece of $#!T was inspired by that other POS Mayor DiBlazio with his anti-police statements. If he was, DiBlazio should be right next to the shooter on trial.

    The NYPD needs to come down the the ‘blue flu’, let’s see how these thugs like it without cops for one day.

  • everywhere

    It sucks when anyone is murdered. Hopefully the police can at least now relate to how the families of all the innocent civilians they’ve killed feel….. children, mothers,
    fathers, grandparents, young, old, black, white… these people were all loved, they all mattered. Many of them had no criminal record. They’re only wrong doing was being at the wrong place at the wrong time, even if that sometimes meant feeling safe asleep in their own beds. 98% of those cases don’t even get coverage, they’re quietly swept under the table. It’s only recently that folks are starting to pay attention and see just how bad the United Police States of America have become. People are waking up. If the cops don’t change their war at home, Gestapo tinted policies and snap out of these militaristic mind sets, then things are going to get worse. Our tax dollars pay them to “serve and protect” not to play the role of judge, jury and executioner. People are no longer going to take this crap, it’s time for a change.

    • keyboard jockey


    • journogal

      Thank you sock puppet du jour. Tell me, what kind of change you think is needed? Can’t wait to hear this.

    • HARP2

      Get educated before making a complete asse of yourself.

      Oooops…TOO LATE

    • ExiledOnMainStreet

      I hope that if you are ever in a situation where you are at the mercy of a Michael Brown or getting pounded with hammers by “protesters” that there are no cops around to help you. I would hate it if a brave officer got killed or wounded trying to protect the likes of dirtballs like you. You don’t want or appreciate their help anyway. It would be poetic justice.

    • Victoria Richardson

      After reading your commentary. I can say it was disgraceful, disgusting, revolting and heartless.

      • Kenner

        You just described 13% of the population.

    • Kenton Clarkson

      care to lament the thug culture with such aching poignancy? and all the victims of it?

  • sonicmoon

    Don’t bother calling 911 for help, idiot scumbag fools who celebrate the assassination of two random cops not even involved in an altercation – we’ve got your info and your particular lives DO NOT matter.

  • Thomas Paine

    I am absolutely speechless after reading the tweets coming from people reveling in the assassination of two law enforcement officers.

  • HARP2

    Will the crowd still chant for dead cops ?

  • ExiledOnMainStreet

    If the NYPD develops a case of Blue Flu soon – I wouldn’t blame them at all.

  • audieho

    You should probably just shut up. You’re uneducated ass is making all of humanity weep.

    • Patricia

      oh audieho, how DID you know? 😉

    • ajsdaddie

      Just count this one out. It’s a troll account, and now that it got caught, it will disappear soon.

  • almarquardt

    I can only feel sadness right now. Sadness for the two police officers and their families, and sadness for those who feel nothing but hate. They are missing out on the wonderful parts of life by doing so.

  • BA Baracus

    Shame Jim Cirillo and the stakeout squad aren’t around,a body count is called for. RIP Brothers.

  • An American Veteran
    • ExiledOnMainStreet

      As if no conservatives own guns. I know a few Marine sharpshooters, who visit the range regularly. I don’t think that picture would daunt them.

    • keyboard jockey

      That’s it that’s their armory lol!

    • keyboard jockey

      Pretty sure U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi had more than that on him for personal use when the Mexican border patrol confiscated his firearms. Too funny they think that’s impressive.

    • xstratusx

      Report this to the FBI. Funny how Anon are the same people who hate guns and want them banned.

  • John McMickle

    You are the dumbest human i have ever seen. No one but you knows anything. Am I correct in that statement. Everyone lies about population numbers. Have a nice life in your world of delusion. Google collects data from every article published and lines them up for you to look at.

  • zymurgeist

    Keep this up and you’ll see how much black lives matter without the police to protect them. It’s sad that so many people are this stupid.

  • Michael Scott

    Look at all of Obama’s sons acting out.

  • HDanny

    Bunch of retarded animals!!!!!~Wait and see how much your worthless lives “matter”once you have nobody protecting your stupid asses!!!!MORONS!!!!

  • Uncle Joe Stalin

    This reminds me that I should buy some ammo tomorrow.

  • Logast

    Amazing. Sadly amazing.

  • Grace Bandecchi

    I pray to God that every single one of you who are so happy that two innocent policemen were killed for no reason at all and your so gleeful, that the day you really need one of these policemen to come to YOur rescue that they don’t show up. Amen..Revenge is mine saith the Lord God himself and I just put your fate in His very capable hands to deal out your justice as he sees fit. If I was an officer now and I got called to do my duty in any of your hoods, I would not go. If you can’t act like decent civilized human being than I don’t feel a bit sorry for you. I am ashamed of you and shame on all of you.Someday, somehow you will get Karma right back at you,shame on you.

  • ExiledOnMainStreet

    Kling, you’re a POS. The officers killed in NYC were not white. Why don’t you go celebrate with the leftist scum? I don’t want you on my side.

  • Entrepmanure

    “I truly don’t care that cops just got shot in head in NYC. It’ll take drastic measures to change a racist nation that murders its citizens.”

    you mean like blacks who mindlessly execute people (officers) who had nothing to do with the alleged crime they are avenging?

    way to open the door to the kind of antipathy you are protesting… good luck… f***ing imbeciles…

  • xstratusx

    Revoke these people’s welfare payments ASAP.

  • Wanderer

    You bastards.

    You. F***ing. Bastards.

  • Guest

    There’s a $h!tstorm coming……step outside, you can almost smell it..That tree may need watering soon. Scumbags….they’re everywhere

  • forgetyoutooo

    Holder’s people – no surprise here.

  • obamediawatcher

    Well now we see exactly where thugs like Michael Brown the cop killer wanted to be comes from. Mothers like you. You are who Gruber controls and you follow it like a good little Nazi.
    Yeah, there is nothing wrong with your race that blaming Whitey can’t fix. How about blaming your own neighborhoods these cops are trying to control, but no you were a slave 150 years ago so whitey owes you.

  • ghetto_scum

    Black lives matter? NO, because BLACKS KILL BLACKS every day and they don’t say squat, only when a white cops kills one of the mayates, then you have the protesting & murdering of white cops. You don’t hear shiiit out of the negros when a Black cop kills a white or another negro, bunch of filthy hypocrites.

  • Bigeddie173

    Then they wonder why there is still some racism in segments of our society. The piece of crap that did this is a coward, commits domestic violence, and is a murderer of cops and women. Martin Luther King would be appalled by these acts of violence and the reaction of those he died trying to help. I blame the divisiveness of the Obama administration and the lack of morality of those on the left.

  • realitychecked

    R.I.P. Their blood is on the hands of Sharpton, Jackson, and the liberal media who has gleefully perpetuated the repugnant propaganda and outright stupidity and inane agenda that foreshadowed this horrific act from a savage animal. At least he’s dead and taxpayers will not have to pay for his prison room and board.

  • ForTheRepublicOfDave

    What the- Okay. You do realize Google is just a search engine used to link to other sites, right?

  • APW

    Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton, DiBlasio: you reap what you sow. I would love to see cops across the country call in sick on the same day. The tweets above demonstrate ignorance, hatred, and inability to construct a simple sentence.

  • whateverdear

    Yeah, because killing a Chinese and Spanish cop really stuck it to the Super Racist NYPD. Of course their pride in a ‘legend’ that’s too dumb to even do Kill Whitey Cops right isn’t that surprising. They’re too stupid to breathe.

  • Paula Flechtner Martin

    Do they honestly think they can win? This not going to end well for them.

  • journogal

    And how do you care? It’s a little racist to believe that certain groups of people are incapable of caring and taking care of themselves without other groups doing it for them.

  • journogal

    Yes, because everything on Twitter is factual and accurate, and no one ever makes fake accounts.

    Gullible and brain-dead, aren’t you?

    • ExiledOnMainStreet

      He certainly is gullible and brain dead, but even if it were an accurate tweet, only a bozo would think 2 cops in Brooklyn deserve to die because of something someone in Indiana did. But we can see Smash All Logic has a dumb simplistic brain and can only grasp bumper stick slogans. “Yay, anarchy! Boo, capitalism!”
      I knew men who served in Somalia. That’s anarchism. Hey”Smash the State” tell us of any successful anarchist states, dolt. In anarchist Somalia, your life would be worth nothing and a pitiful little white college boy like you (I’ll bet that’s exactly where you picked up your laughable ‘anarchism.’ I hate the State! The college Meal Plan s*cks!”) would be a grease stain on the street in 2 minutes. A pampered little sada*z who knows nothing about history or life – that’s you, little weinee boy, trying soooo hard to act tough.

  • MarioRom

    Why is anyone surprised that the dirtbags and dregs of society will support the other dirtbags and dregs of society. Guess what morons. I have no empathy nor respect for you.

  • Donnie Mac Leod

    Obama was heard to state: “If I had a son and he did this , I would be so proud.”

    • pissmonger

      Look, I don’t like the guy either – but this “hearsay” is bull

      These asshats with all those LOL tweets should be publicly shamed, maybe lose a job here and there

      • Donnie Mac Leod

        Which is my point about how such games are played by the administration . Remember the Trayvon Martin or the profiled Black professor that Obama made his assertions about? A disgrace that Obama always gets his two cents in before an investigation even gets started.

        • pissmonger

          So your “quote” needed a sarcasm tag next to it? Ppl read made up stuff and pass it on. If it’s real – source please

          • Donnie Mac Leod

            Source was he already made a similar claim about Treyvon Martin before all the evidence was in and my hyperbole should easily be noted as sarcasm. .

          • pissmonger

            That is not a source, its a reference, and I’m familiar with it… Not everybody is and some take this stuff as gospel.

  • Cliff Williams

    Obama voters all, and all fucking scumbags. Big surprise.

  • mmarino

    Obama’s America. Mission Accomplished.

  • Donnie Mac Leod

    Anybody remember when the Main Stream Media was selling the news that the Tea Party Folk were racist trouble makers?? We all knew it was a lie & now that same press has enabled and fostered this type of extreme racism along with the DOJ & the President.

  • ClinkinKY

    This is the face of the protesters, this is the face of academia, this is the face of young ignorant voters. In other words, this is the face of the Democratic base. (Execute an Asian and Hispanic policeman and “stick it to the White Supremacists”) Could they be more f ucking clueless?

    • whateverdear

      Yeah, they really made a statement against randomly murdering people of color.

      OH. WAIT …

  • William Svoboda

    Now watch as the City of New York sinks into anarchy. It happened before, it will happen again.

  • Demiurge2

    How many people have died by violence in NYC in the last year? Of all, one, a guy choked by cops, and two cops shot by a nutty Muslim, both bring orgies of media attention. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    • Snap N McGarrett


      • Demiurge2

        Given the media coverage, one would think so.

  • BoscoBolt
  • ledzepp8

    Goddamn animals.

  • The_Kat ✓vilified

    Do we really need any proof that the KKK and white racists in general don’t exist in this country? White people make up 62.6% of the country. Blacks make up 13.2%. These Gruberites are still breathing and have no fear about posting idiot comments on social media with their pictures for all the world to see. You do the math. Is it any wonder that I refer to these “protests” as fauxtests? Grubers gotta Gruber.

  • Pilgrim22

    I’ve never seen anyone that talks so much and says so little. So far, you don’t trust the white’s, the asian’s, television’s, or the media’s statistics. So just where did you get 80% figure – did you personal count folk

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    Just proves there’s a lot of racist, ignorant black people on Twitter. They were having a protest in S.A. today still doing the “hands up, don’t shoot” chant. Sad that there are that many people running around that believe everything MSNB/CNN tells them in the face of all facts that counter it. These people keep believing that cops are just out there shooting every black person they see when cops kill more whites than any other ethnicity.

  • rightofcntr

    Revolting. This is the America Obama has created. These are the kids our public schools have produced.

  • Jeremy

    Keyboard Warriors at it again.They wouldn’t say this to a Policeman’s face.

  • Jerome Goolsby

    If you don’t live in New York City, you should be very grateful right now. There are some ugly forces brewing that will turn that city into a hell-hole that will make Chicago look peaceful by comparison.

  • Jeremy

    Those Keyboard Warriors are all talk and no action.They would hide if they were confronted.

  • TeaPartyStooge

    I really don’t care what rightwingers have to say. They cheered the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Honestly, both situations suck.

    • gail24

      Let’s see your proof that there were cheers at the deaths of Mr. Brown and Mr. Garner, stoogie. Back up your ascertations with facts.

      • ExiledOnMainStreet

        TeaPartyStooge doesn’t have any. He is worth less than whatever it is you find on your tennis shoe treads when you go for a run in the park. A useless “human” being. If he ever gets murdered or beaten by a Brown or a Trayvon – who would care? Who would mourn him?

  • Joseph

    I can’t help but notice a pattern in those people who were making the godsawful tweets about this tragedy.

    Can’t help but wonder what they’ll do the next time their apartment is robbed or they’re mugged.

    • TeaPartyStooge

      I’m more worried by the lack of humanity on a very basic level in this country. It should disturb everyone.

    • TeaPartyStooge

      People are so quick to minimize and trivialize the deaths and suffering of others, whether it’s Garner or Brown or some unnamed black kid. Or two cops in a car having lunch who had nothing to do with either incident gunned down in cold blood.

  • anon

    I scroll down and I see you ranting on several comments to try to justify how ignorant you are.

    You think you’re special because you live in an urban community? No, you’re not. You think it’s just blacks getting murdered? No, they’re not. And do you really think that our country is really so racist to the point that we are intentionally spending billions of dollars to kill black people? Because that’s what you’re saying and it’s ridiculous. Or you’re trolling.

    What you’re quoting is probably nothing but some urban legend you heard on the streets, and even if they were true, guess what? Blacks aren’t special. There’s a whole market in Asia for dead newborn infants people use for dinner.

    And “like never before,” really now? I’ll go back in history which you should have learned in your AP US History class. In the mid 1920’s and 30’s the KKK reached 3 million members nationwide, and before that blacks were publicly lynched, hundreds in a day in Southern states. We took tremendous energy to reach where we’ve gone now, through the Civil Rights movement and the two World Wars, all to reach a point of boastful racial equality.

    I don’t know what world you’re living in, but I tire listening to people like you make up statistics to justify some fantasy of a particular race being persecuted as if it’s the Holocaust.

    I’m not Black, but I’m still a minority: Asian in fact. And, not trying to be racist but to make a point, I want to say that my collective race has been pushed around ever since the mid 1800’s in the Americas. But do you see us complaining, protesting, and rioting in the US when things don’t go our way? No. Instead, we educate ourselves and make a better future our way. So please, rethink your position.

  • ajsutton

    Wow. These people tweeting are truly disgusting excuses for human beings. I swear, people are getting more ignorant and horrifying by the day…it’s like Idiocracy is a documentary instead of an insanely stupid movie.

    • TeaPartyStooge

      Just as disgusting as those who cheered the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

      • The_Kat ✓vilified

        Who cheered their deaths? I have yet to see anyone who didn’t think their deaths were tragic. Could their deaths have been avoided because of their own actions? Yes. Were they killed simply because they were black? No.

        I just wish people fauxtesting would have been as concerned about their lives when they were alive so the police would have never encountered them than they pretend to care about them after they died.

        Yet these people are cheering the deaths of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in NYC.

        • TeaPartyStooge

          I saw and read the posts of plenty of people cheering it. Btw, who is “they?” Because I know plenty of people who protested. None of them were advocating killing cops, or anyone else.

          • The_Kat ✓vilified

            Exactly what did people say who were “cheering it”?

            The “they” refers to Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

          • TeaPartyStooge

            Really?? Sorry, I’m not falling for it. You know damn well that people made some disgusting remarks about those kids’ deaths. Who do think you’re fooling?? And, no, that in no way changes that what happened today was tragic.

          • gail24

            Provide the proof.

          • The_Kat ✓vilified

            Good luck getting it! I’ve been asking for it for hours. I guess we are supposed to take his word for it, a person who thinks Tea Partiers are corporate stooges instead of every day people sick of having their tax dollars spent on idiotic stuff like $5 million spent on crystal stemware for US diplomats or over $175 thousand to determine if cocaine makes Japanese quail engage in sexually risky behavior and no one being held accountable for it all.

          • The_Kat ✓vilified

            Still waiting for examples. I read people remark about Brown and how he wasn’t a “gentle giant” as the press made him out to be when he pushed around the store clerk and walking out of the store with stolen cigars on a surveillance video. I heard people say that Eric Garner was dumb for resisting arrest for something as stupid as selling “loosies.” But I never saw tweets or messages on Twitchy from people who “cheered” their deaths. Although I don’t comb all Twitter feeds to see what people are saying so it is possible a few people “cheered” their deaths and I just didn’t see them.

            I’m not the type of person who blindly believes that all cops are great people but I am well aware of the type of high crime neighborhoods they work in and the mentality of people living there. It doesn’t matter if it is an urban black neighborhood or a white trash trailer park. They go into situations blind without knowing everything about the suspect. When a suspect resists arrest or fights back, cops aren’t going to fool around and wait to get killed. It is why I always advise people to not fool around with cops. You don’t have to be respectful but don’t make any stupid moves that can get you killed or hurt.

            Sometimes when a suspect pulls a boner move (like adult-size 12 year old Tamir Rice waving around and pointing an airgun that looks exactly like a handgun at people on the street) the cops react not because of the person’s color but the content of their character. White people are not immune from getting thrown to the ground and manhandled by cops or shot either if they pull something stupid.

            Then again, I have seen dangerous black criminals get a pass from cops because they were informants. The person they were a danger to were white and the cops were white. Not sure how someone would explain away that conundrum.

      • ajsutton

        I don’t recall seeing open celebrating over their deaths. I saw a lot of protesting. Here, people are openly CELEBRATING the death of two people. Please feel free to show me screenshots of people saying similarly disgusting things about Michael Brown and I’ll stand corrected.

        • TeaPartyStooge

          Oh, plenty of people tweeted, posted on FB, discussion boards, etc.. Stop being disingenuous. Of course what happened in Bedstuy today was disgusting and saddening. No words for it. But many rightwingers were still cheering and making jokes about the deaths of Garner and Brown, regardless of what you want to believe.

          • ajsutton

            I’m not being disingenuous. I didn’t come across anything like this page, calling out the assholes posting disgusting tweets. If I had, I would have said the exact thing I did today – that this world is turning into a freakshow filled with ignorant idiots who probably need help tying their shoes.

          • TeaPartyStooge

            Ok. Fair enough. Actually, I agree, but I’d say what’s more troubling is the lack of empathy I’m witnessing in our society. If you can’t feel equally bad for two guys (and their familes) who were gunned down in cold blood while eating their lunch as for Brown and Garner, then you (I’m speaking generally here) are equally part of the problem.

          • ajsutton

            No, I agree. I don’t feel bad for the cops and their family only. But celebrating the shooter like he is a hero (when he also killed his girlfriend and then offed himself) makes my stomach turn. This world is f*cked up and it seems to be getting worse. And reading things like Twitter make me wish I had a deserted island to go to, because the general public seems to be getting stupider and meaner each passing day.

          • TeaPartyStooge

            This country is f***ed up (at least as far as developed coutnries go). I travel a lot, mostly to Western Europe (UK, NL, Germany) and Canada. I don’t see or feel the tension I feel here, and it’s only getting worse. Also, I think the empathy deficit is worse here. And I’m not sure what the solution is. And no, he was a coward, not a hero.

          • ajsutton

            Western Europe tends to seem more civilized in general, whereas the U.S. appears to be devolving to something incredibly ridiculous.

          • TeaPartyStooge

            Yeah, it’s worrisome. You want to have faith in your country but not liking where things are heading.

          • ExiledOnMainStreet

            Western Europe? Heh. France is falling apart, Germany will never be able to carry the EU by itself. You think it’s “more civilized?” Well, yeah, if you’re a brainwashed dolt like ajsutton and the silly, provincial, smug “TeaPartyStooge.”Those two yahoos probably walk around Paris gaping and drooling like hicks and rubes with their mouths open: “Oh, man how, like, civilized is this??? Man, they have buildings that are, like , 500 years old!! They must be smart!! They’re, uh, much smarter than us! And I must be, like, really smart, ‘cos I figured it out! Boy, do I impress me!”

            And the sad dickwads don’t even know what the economic realities are over there. Jeez, I’m so sick of ignorant nimrods thinking they are smart and sophisticated. Future generations will laugh their butts off at doofuses like ajsutton and teapartystooge, poorly educated provincial dolts who laughably think they are intelligent, when they know absolutely nothing about history and think completely in left-wing cliches. An original thought has never made its’ way into the mush brain of either bonehead – only the tiresome cliches they read in the NY Times .They are too dim and unreflective to realize they think in cliches. They’re left-wing bumper sticker thinkers.

            You’re about as original as the ’50’s man in the Gray Flannel Suits, you sad tools.

        • gail24

          I didn’t see any open celebrating either. stoogie should provide proof of the celebrations. Otherwise, he/she/it is just talking nonsense.

      • jamson64


  • Lucius Cornelius

    Condolences to the police and all those who have bled and died to keep us safe and free.

    Below are the words of one such:

    “What we need in the United States is not division; what we need in the United States is not hatred; what we need in the United States is not violence and lawlessness, but is love, and wisdom, and compassion toward one another, and a feeling of justice toward those who still suffer within our country, whether they be white or whether they be black.

    So I ask you tonight to return home, to say a prayer for the family of Martin Luther King — yeah, it’s true — but more importantly to say a prayer for our own country, which all of us love — a prayer for understanding and that compassion of which I spoke.

    We can do well in this country. We will have difficult times. We’ve had difficult times in the past, but we — and we will have difficult times in the future. It is not the end of violence; it is not the end of lawlessness; and it’s not the end of disorder.

    But the vast majority of white people and the vast majority of black people in this country want to live together, want to improve the quality of our life, and want justice for all human beings that abide in our land.

    And let’s dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks wrote so many years ago: to tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world. Let us dedicate ourselves to that, and say a prayer for our country and for our people.”

    — Robert F. Kennedy, April 4, 1968

  • Mark Rogers

    You know after looking at all the pics to those pictured texts and tweets…guess what they are all black.Im sorry but I have never met a more racist person in my life than another black person.Yeah Im sorry your ancestors were slaves and guess what…as of today the white population had not a damn thing to do it.We owe you nothing.Quit expecting some sort of handout or whatever it is that you think you deserve..
    And as for those posts and tweets, its disgusting
    Just recently some black kids were shooting at my son with a pellet rifle so I call the cops and then their parents are calling me racist…..better be glad I didnt retaliate…hard to tell at night if they had a real gun or not,know what I mean.

    No I am not racist,I have many African american friends and they feel the same as I do.

  • George Murrey

    Instead of making rude comments, all that can be said it that these same people will be asking for help sometime in the future. The police will be there for them, regardless. They aren’t the enemy or racist.

    • TeaPartyStooge

      Some cops are racist. Most probably aren’t.

  • HerculesLoadmaster

    #We Can’t Breathe With People Like the Browns’ Around.

  • KING_K

    Do you realize they were not white but asian and hispanic ?
    Wrong targets!

    • Michelle ✓classified

      No, they are convinced they got the right target – a police officer.

    • TeaPartyStooge

      Yeah, like this guy was rational.

      • HerculesLoadmaster

        Nice try to attempt to separate this guy from the Ferguson/NYC riots. He was all in for the Ferguson/NYC debacle. Facebook, Facebook.

        • TeaPartyStooge

          Where did I say anything about the Ferguson riots? Also, there were protests in NYC, not riots. Please try to keep up.

          • HerculesLoadmaster

            Ferguson/NYC is forever connected now. Are you telling us on this thread that you don’t think there is a connection between Felon Brown and Felon Garbage? No riots in NYC? Were the two cops just executed while sitting in their cars in NYC just in the path of some random horoscope of death? Did the executioner not post that he was fixing to kill cops due to the kerfluffle about criminal black people dying?

  • ajsdaddie

    Yep, completely and utterly trolling.

  • ajsdaddie

    A complete, utter troll.

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    you’re doing a terrible job of proving that members of your race are not all a bunch of f–king morons

    • MrNishida

      Post of the night!!!

  • stuckinIL4now

    I truly don’t care that cops just got shot in head in NYC. It’ll take
    drastic measures to change a racist nation that murders its citizens.
    — britta (@brittaplease) December 20, 2014

    Her tweet seems to say she’s concerned about changing a racist nation that murders its citizens yet doesn’t care about the cops–CITIZENS–who just got murdered by some racist a-holes. Wow, the stupidity in this one is amazing.

    • TeaPartyStooge

      I agree. She’s clearly not smart enough to get the irony there. Racism is racism no matter how you slice it, and murder is murder.

      • junkbondtrader41

        Yeah “murder IS murder.” And Brown and Garner were NOT “murder” and this atrocity is!

        Now, go look up “murder! “

        • TeaPartyStooge

          Not murdered, you mean. And, sure, they were. So were these cops. I get that you want to pick and choose but it doesn’t work that way.

          • junkbondtrader41

            Nope, you are yet another who doesn’t have the first clue what elements have to be present to constitute a “murder. ” And justified use of deadly force for an officer who’s physically attacked and the accidental death if an obese guy with a heart condition in the process of being restrained doesn’t contain them.

            Blowing 2 large holes in the heads of 2 cops sitting in their vehicle to play out some deluded revenge fantasy – fed to them by idiots like you – is textbook “murder. ”

            Catching on yet??

  • bunny06

    Sharpton sheethead Obama DeBlasio Holder they incite this type of behavior then they get on tv and condemn it. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED WELL YOU GOT IT I HOPE YOU ARE F***ING HAPPY

    • TeaPartyStooge

      How did they incite it? You’re insanely stupid.

      • junkbondtrader41

        You really are that fucking stupid to ask that question, aren’t you?

        • TeaPartyStooge

          Can’t answer, so you just insult? Btw, I’m not the one too stupid to see the irony in wishing for the deaths of people who are cheering the death of someone else. I don’t think you’re in a place to call anyone stupid.

          • ExiledOnMainStreet

            You are on the side of people who are happy that two NYPD cops got killed and you are condemning conservatives? I can smell your moral rot and decay, you putrid piece of filth – you laughably, ridiculously think you are more moral than conservatives you empty, ugly ahole? You are a morally bankrupt POS and I truly pray that one day you will plead for the help of police – and you won’t get it.

            If you were murdered by a gang member tomorrow, nobody would care – not even your leftist “friends.” Your death would be inconvenient to them so they’d cover it up. (I’ve seen it happen with other leftists murdered by their own side since the late 60’s. You are absolutely nothing to your own side.) You’d be forgotten and just dust in no time. Nobody (but your family-maybe) would mourn you. Nobody would remember you.

  • junkbondtrader41

    I truly hope these foul, hateful Tweets have been a hammer to the head for some folks to be shocked out of complacency and finally learning what it is we’re dealing with here.

    This isn’t going to be pretty. Every last GD Tweeter who would even say any such thing deserves to die. No more complicated than that.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    …gonna suck to be a perp in NYC…the NYPD has jus taken the gloves off…

    • TeaPartyStooge

      Great name, man. I’m fed up with the red states, too.

      • HerculesLoadmaster

        Oh, I see….you little, itty bitty, wee, innocent manhood of a man. You are probably good looking…in a New York Central Park stalker kind of way. Yeah…you don’t have anything against political parties.

        • ExiledOnMainStreet

          No, he’s probably a sad eunuch who hates daddy. Real women (as opposed to hairy femininistas who also hate daddy) despise him, so he has to pretend he’s a man – somehow. “Hey, I’ll talk sh*t about the red states. Maybe that will make my d*ck grow a quarter of an inch longer!”

  • ursafan40

    Let the Animals live WITHOUT the Thin Blue Line between Law and Anarchy for a few weeks.

    • HerculesLoadmaster

      I am going to be totally cliche…it will be Lord of the Flies…but even better…it will be the narrative of Vespucci in his letters back to Lorenzo Medici about the natives he encountered that were cannibals.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Why would liberals care? Liberals only care when black criminals are shot, so they can use it to advance their victim based political agenda.

  • Guest

    Now the onslaught will begin. Go police!

    • HerculesLoadmaster

      I am pretty sure the police will “mostly” show restraint, but the threat has been “man made global warmed”, it has been artificially raised through manipulation.

  • SophieRo3

    Let us give thanks for Officers Rafael Ramos & Weijian Liu.

    Assassinated for their colour: Blue.

    Along with other officers, they stood between civil society & anarchy.

    • HerculesLoadmaster

      Gives new meaning to Red, White and Blue.

    • ExiledOnMainStreet

      Yeah, and they really look like the terrible White Male power structure leftists just hate,don’t they?

      Let’s see – the dolt killed a black woman, a hispanic and an Asian in the space of a day and the leftist r*tards cheer. Because they are leftists and are therefore both stupid and cruel.

  • hexxuss

    I truly hope & pray that the next time one of the protestors needs a police officer for any reason, that none responds to their call. You do NOT get to do whatever you want & get away with it. I’ve never had a single issue with cops, and I’ve been pulled over a LOT in my life. I’ve ALSO never done anything STUPID to the cops either. Don’t want to die? Don’t try & take their gun & actually do what they tell you. Newsflash – the laws already exist, YOU do NOT get to make new ones just because you feel like it. *smh* the protestors would HATE me – I think it should be 100% legal for a cop to execute you for being in a gang. =)

  • JR48

    Prayers out to the families for their loss, and as to the people tweeting? You can’t fix sociopaths. They have no intellect, conscience nor empathy.

  • tombee

    This is very hard to read.

  • Misanthrope

    These are the same people who’d sue the PD for being late to a crime scene.
    The same people who wouldn’t last a day if there was no police.
    I’m as critical, skeptical, and suspicious of police officers as anyone; but I know the difference between holding individuals accountable for what they do, and holding a group responsible for what some of its members do. Too bad the hypocrites who’re always screaming about racism can’t do that.

  • RSnyder

    What a way to close out the year. RACE. And with Rev Al in the movie business. The Democrat party is a horror; how can one even begin to rationalize this growing race situation -to keep silent is to sanction it, the only moral thing to do is speak out against it, but does any Dem have the courage to?
    Merry Xmas Dems. These deaths and the ones to come are on your hands. May God forgive your stomach turning souls.

  • filter

    Well good thing that DHS has been keenly focused on Tea Party members and IRA harassing and harnessing the right of all stripes or there might be some domestic terrorism happen…

    • religion&politics

      Not holding my breath for Obama, Holder or anyone in the current administration to call this what it truly is, domestic terrorism. If the races were reversed, they couldn’t be screaming it from the rooftops quickly or loudly enough.

  • Kevin Giltrud

    So, what happens when the cops are not around?

    Or stay home when some “protestors” from East Armpit, Indiana are mugged, shot, or killed by “domestic” street gangs who don’t know them? And care even less?

  • Red Fred

    When you kill cops, and a block of people rejoice, expect a backlash like you have never seen.

  • Booker 😁

    I feel like throwing up. When any community loses respect for authority, it won’t be long before lawlessness and tyranny take reign.

    • The_Kat ✓vilified

      Exactly! So the thing that the fauxtestors are fauxtesting about – a police state with no accountability – will become a reality.

  • Hillary on her Hoveround

    I will look away, while the cops clean up this trash.

  • Damon

    Just stopped caring about blacks being killed, no matter how it happens.

  • Reginald Boynton

    feeble-minded, obsolete machinery

  • disqus_SWe1pH5gM2

    Time to load up on ammo. The civil war is about to begin.

    • Ice Cold Troll

      I am very afraid of something like that, and worse than that, a racially-based civil war. And most afraid because I KNOW there are a LOT of folks with dark skin who do not naturally side up with what is being portrayed here as the “black side.” I would like to say MOST black folk don;t, but I’m afraid that is no longer true. What will be the fate of conservative or moderate blacks, God-fearing, America-loving, cop-friendly, pro-liberty? The radical black faction -no longer radical but the mainstream- will see us as worse than traitors, the white man will not trust us. Especially if the white man too becomes radicalized, and is dominated by the klan and neonazis — under the creed “Your skin is your uniform.”

      *sigh* Maybe time to start looking for a job in Canada.

      • disqus_SWe1pH5gM2

        I have a black uncle and cousin. I have friend who are black. I’m married to an Asian. But I’ve got the same feeling that a race driven political war is going to start.

  • Rem

    i’m black. that shouldn’t matter. this is HORRIBLE

    • ExiledOnMainStreet

      In a sane world, your race wouldn’t make a dime’s worth of difference. In an INSANE world which is the one we live in – glad you spoke up!

  • eurorootz

    So this is redemption? Killing 2 innocent cops less than a week before Christmas? And to top it off people taking to social media applauding the act? Disgusting!

  • Citizen

    If you want to live in a world without police please help yourself. I hear Somalia is real nice. If not please kindly go fuck yourself. We live in a country where all you have to do is not mouth off to anyone and you’ll be alright. This guy murdered two people trying to help others and deserves nothing better than to be tossed in a 5×5 cell and forgotten about as execution is too good for him. If you support killing cops then as a wise man once said “you can go to hell and I will go to Texas”

  • guest

    i dont think a lot of those are celebrating the act. when your not a WASP in america the majority of your interactions with police are drastically different. Im an asian american who experienced prejudice and mistreatment at the hands of law enforcement. Growing up and seeing the injustice of your fellow citizens murdered by police dulls my sensibilities. its hard to be empathetic towards the murder of officers when youve seen even more murders of citizens by officers, often with no repercussion. Being a blonde white female automatically lends you a different perspective of cops because your interaction with them is different. In no means am i justifying the actions that Brinsley took but I am trying to help understand the reason why many peoples reactions to it are apathetic and uncaring. Personally, I do feel some empathy towards those policeman and their families but its dulled by the knowledge that there are a larger number of families out there who wont be spending time with their family because of the indiscretions by officers,

    • Deplorable Oxco

      Indiscretions?? This ‘ apathy and uncaring’ is downright sad and disgusting. Where is the value of all life??

    • The_Kat ✓vilified

      Sorry, racist guest, white people are treated just as badly or just as well as everyone else. It all depends upon where you live (high crime area), the attitude of the people where you live (condone criminal behavior), and if you are committing a crime. Whites get shot by police for pulling boners. I was pulled over for “deviating in traffic” when I tried to avoid hitting a big pot hole (got out of a ticket when I asked for the cop’s badge number and name). White people have suffered from home invasions that were at the wrong address or have been manhandled by cops.

      The difference between people who see these as fauxtests and those that don’t is whether one glorifies a life of crime or not. If black fauxtestors would march the streets of high crime black neighborhoods and out major criminals, I would call it a legitimate protest because black on black crime results in more black deaths than white cops. These fauxtests are just an excuse for anarchy that is based upon deep seated racism.

      If a cop intentionally kills someone or mistreats them because they are black, innocent, or whatever legitimate reason a reasonable person can come up with then they should go to jail. I doubt that anyone is arguing THAT or that there aren’t bad cops. But that is what the justice system is for where facts and evidence is presented to a jury of the accused’s peers.

    • musiciangirl591

      the two cops were asian american and hispanic, minorities, try again, honey

  • Massif1

    Stop sending cops to black neighborhoods. Let them police themselves.

  • Massif1

    Them Air Jordans, son #BLACKFEETMATTER.

  • HARP2

    de Blasio was married in 1994 and honeymooned in Cuba..

  • HARP2

    De Blasio was sworn into office on January 1, 2014 by former President Bill Clinton.

  • HARP2

    de Blasio was campaign manager for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s senate run.

  • Andy

    Wow Beautiful SeeAsia. I think YOU are the one who needs to travel the world. I have a passport. I’ve been around the world. And my eyes saw WAY more people that would be officially classified as Asian than any other race; hands down.

    And to say that you believe China’s claims of technology power being a bluff….really? If so, why is the FBI asking for their help (A country who we are by no means allies with, by the way) with the North Korean hack on Sony?

    You have been claiming that everyone who disagrees with you is a sheep, a follower, blinded by the media, and ignorant. It seems you are the one who is ignorant. You have this fantasy of what you want the world to be instead of opening your eyes and accepting what is in front of you as truth.

  • Me

    Wings on “pigs” and horns on a jackass. Anyone who glorifies senseless killing of any race or occupation is simply uncivilized. Don’t make a murderer into an undeserving martyr.

  • HARP2

    Democrats are like diapers.

    They should be removed often and for the same reason.

  • Kathy Smedley

    All these people who seem to be glad that two New York cops got ambushed and died have the mentality of a flea. These is what is wrong with the United States today. So much hate and ignorance. I am willing to bet that a lot of these idiots bragging how glad they are about the two dead cops are also the same unemployed idiots who are going to different cities protesting and looting, and burning things. Bet if they wee the ones getting shot at or threatened they would be singing a different tune.

  • janine g

    Ugh this is disgusting. I don’t typically like to put a lot of things out to the president but if he is willing to speak about the protests he should speak about the lives and safety of the police. If he has already I’m sorry I don’t get a lot of live news here other than on the Internet.

  • Alphabeta Beta

    All those evil people ought to read this post of the son (13), about his deceased father.

    • The_Kat ✓vilified

      That is heartbreaking!

  • Sharknado

    Is George Soros behind all this? Is George Soros funding all these fake protests by fake protesters? Can he be charged with accessory to murder?

    • Blackgriffin

      There’s nothing fake about these subhumans and their hate. They are nothing but the dregs of society. NYPD should just let them all kill each other and NEVER respond to their neighborhoods.

  • Kay

    At least the killer was considerate enough to do the police’s job. He killed himself. Thankfully, the police did not get an excuse to head into the black community killing anything that moves. If you are gonna kill cops…killing yourself after is a must.

    • whateverdear

      Too bad Kathy Boudin, cop-killer turned professor at Columbia University didn’t get the memo. Maybe we should send her a rope …

  • Douglas H Lang

    I wonder what they will think when the cops actually do start shooting back for no reason other than that their are black? There is only so much that people will take, or so sharpton keeps telling us, so how much before the police decide to take the matter into their own hands. After all it is a strongly armed body and it trains its members to shoot.

  • GerogiaBush

    The shooter had a “mental illness” and didn’t know what he was doing

    • The_Kat ✓vilified

      I am not a psychiatrist and don’t play one on TV but I’d venture an educated guess that each of these Twits on Twitter is suffering from a “mental illness” but know full well what they are doing.

    • Martin Luffa

      Islam creates mental illness

  • Brian


  • livefreeor_guy

    I see you’ve collected all of the human garbage here in one place.

    • Ice Cold Troll

      Yes, those tweets are truly the excretions of tormented, diseased souls, and surely can excite no sympathy except from one likewise so warped.

  • AdamRadzik22

    I’m pretty sure the I.Q. of all the ‘supporters’ of the murderer are right about where you’d expect them. And honestly, if they want to go after who killed Eric Garner, they should start at McDonald’s.

  • KodaKaiDojo

    Couldn’t even make it through all of them, it is just making me so disgusted with people. Treading all over my “Christmas spirit”. 🙁

    In the wake of this the “mayor” and Sharpton should be tossed on their asses out of the community. Unfortunately I know it won’t happen.

  • Calwoodrebel

    “It’ll take drastic measures to change a racist nation that murders its citizens.”


    that is future tense, they want more. I WILL NOT BE AN EASY VICTIM. Nor will I stand by and watch someone else being a victim. I am a sheep dog and I am ready for the wolves.

  • Steve

    The people praising this realize that both victims of this attack were minorities, right? I thought it was supposed to be revenge against the white man. Or maybe it’s just an #OnlyBlackLivesMatter thing.

  • nowmon

    cosmic law,”that which mercy can not rehabilitate-Justice will eventually annihilate” all those on either side with hate will be annihilated eventualy !

  • Not “That” Dr. Phil

    What I am sensing here is a lot of anger. Anger on both sides of the issue. So what you are seeing here is more anger. Think about how angry you feel when you see these comments. That is how angry they feel when you make comments about how Mike Brown and Eric Garner got what they deserve. So you have to decide if you are going to rise above. Or will you respond the same way.

    What I am saying here, is that if you plant seeds for sour apples, don’t be surprised when you grow a tree that produces sour apples.

    • Blackgriffin

      Mike Brown DID get what he deserved. However, Eric Garner did not. NOTHING excuses what these subhumans are posting about this vicious killing. They’re irredeemable.

  • Undine

    There is a lot of evil around right now.

  • old motorcycle enthusiast

    This disintegration of America is the work of true evil walking among humanity. If you doubt this, I urge you to read C. S. Lewis’, “The Screwtape Letters”. Here’s a link to a free download:
    And God Bless all Believers this Sunday before His Son’s Birthday.

    • Ice Cold Troll

      I think much more about some passages from “That Hideous Strength”, about how the differences between the “two sides” are becoming much sharper and clearer as end times approach…..

      • old motorcycle enthusiast

        I’ve been a fan of The Screwtape Letters, where CS Lewis explains how evil functions in the world in practical terms. I think of Metompkin as the nephew.


    I am not surprised about these types of tweets what so ever. What I am waiting for
    is to hear what Sharpton and Farrikan have to say when the blood starts running
    in the GHETTOS and no one responds with a Blue suit or badge. It will be very very
    interesting when Obama and Holder tell Coumo to call in the National Guard and
    lock the Ghettos down. BLOOD IS RUNNING NOW.

  • Blackgriffin

    NYPD should suddenly have somewhere else to be any and every time anything happens in black and brown neighborhoods. Then, let’s see how long it takes for these subhumans to starting whining about no cops.

    • Barry Parrish

      It will happen. They will move at their own pace to these areas. A “sense of urgency” will become relative.

  • brian

    My condolences to the family’s of these fallen officers!!As for the NYPD it seems that you are not wanted so may I make A suggestion (TAKE NEXT WEEK OFF) all of you at once so the people of New York City can attack,rob,rape and murder each other with out fear of being arrested!!And I wonder if OBAMA will send reps. from the white house as he did Michael Brown?

    • Ice Cold Troll

      I’ve thought much the same thing, every cop in this country should not so much take a vacation, but any time they get a call and find out the wanted is a black man, they should just call back and announce they are refusing to pursue because they can’t trust their racism and cop’s privilege. Yeah, even the black cops — since they are part of the “institution” even a black cop must be part of that “institutional racism” we hear about.

      The ‘hood bros want to be left alone? Fine. Give ’em their new ffkng apartheid. No part of the white man’s world will intrude into theirs. Maybe the good and decent people in the ghettos will put up with for a few days or a week and start busting heads themselves and BEG for the civilized world to come back to them.

  • DarndestTHings

    I’d be lying if I said that this doesn’t appeal to my bitter side. I don’t wish for anyone to lose a member of their family. But I’m glad the NYPD got a taste of their own nasty medicine. I also find it funny that this white bitch chooses to get mad over the death of a cop, but not the death of an innocent bystander. I guess cops lives matter to this aryan ghost, but black lives don’t. For me, I don’t have enough compassion to care for my people, and the killer of my people at the same time. It’s just not conductive.

  • Dan Downard

    Everyone who is “happy” about this murder, just show how low they actually are.
    Their mentality is less then sub human. Fixing a problem by creating a worse problem is why they burn down their friends businesses to make a statement.. just morons.

    • Bunny

      ►”… burn down their friends businesses to make a statement…”◄

      The mind set is just unfathomable to me. Complete idiocy ruining their very own community. Larceny, arson, shooting, all the looting…for what? That isn’t a show of protest. That just proves those who are doing it are thugs too.
      What will this do to help anything at all? Nothing except cause more pain, heartache, and despair for the whole community! Will it bring back the men? No. So their mom & pop stores and neighbors who built them now suffer from income, merchandise, and livelihood loss and who will be rebuilding all that they have ruined? Why should anything be rebuilt if so? Why? Why hurt each other more? There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Obviously never been taught and that’s one of the biggest problems!

  • tmf_x

    Not quite sure how killing a Hispanic cop and an Asian cop helps black people fight the fight against white people.

  • Ashley_V

    All lives matter. Those two cops (as far as I know) had nothing to do with the Mike Brown or Eric Garner cases. I’m not particularly fond of Those Who Like to Pull Over and Ticket When a Brake Light is Out, but some of those posts were straight from psychopaths. MLK didn’t condone nor die for that kind of disgusting reaction to innocent men’s deaths. Not all cops are racist pigs just like not all blacks steal and kill. Right is right and wrong is wrong. In the Brown and Garner cases both were homicides and neither had cross examinations. Special unbiased prosecutors should’ve been assigned to handle the cases. Facts speak for themselves, unless silenced by the clearly biased prosecutors. Regardless, these cops who were shot because they were cops is just as bad and unjust. #JusticeForAll #WhenIsItGoingToChange

  • Ronald Chalton

    All these people are worthless excuses for human beings. Oh wait their not human, THEIR FUCKING TRASH.

  • Tom Hood


  • Alex Jarvis

    I hope all of those people who tweeted anti-Police sentiments are on some kind of terrorist threat list now. They should probably all be ticketed or arrested for things this week too. They want to try to play the Karma game. It doesn’t work how they think it does…and people like that don’t deserve the same freedoms that those of us who are respectful and law abiding do.

  • Likell

    By “one of us” this murderer meant, stupid, law-breaking assholes.

  • Jodi Day

    The filth posting this evil are NOT Americans in my opinion. They should be rounded up & taken out of this country with the rest of the trash, Obama, Sharpton, Holder, Jackson, DeBlasio…These “protesters” are a perfect example of sub-human, entitlement infected, professional victims. They complain when officers do their jobs yet murder their neighbor with gleeful abandon. There are no appropriate words to express the depth of my disgust with these animals that are celebrating the murders of two innocent men. May each & every one of them get exactly what they deserve! When the reckoning comes, they should stand with their fellow terrorists where they belong!

  • megookin

    It’s sad that one extremist idiot commits an act like this. Because a police officer takes down a CRIMINAL and the fat and out of shape criminal dies later, this POS shoots his ex-girl friend and then shoots an Asian officer and a Hispanic officer that had nothing to do with the arrest of Garner. At least he’ll have eternity in the fires of hell to think about his actions.

    • Bunny

      For the most part I agree and like your comment.

      ►”…and the fat and out of shape criminal dies later…”◄

      I won’t get in deep, just wanted to voice an opinion on this portion of your comment. The incidents of both Garnier and Brown are two different scenarios. IMO the cop who killed Garnier deserved prison time. In the Brown case, IMO Brown was at fault and there’s now one less thug on the streets. However, I do have sympathy for his family as he was their loved one.

      This POS thug who shot these two officers should be exactly where he is…burning in hell. At least tax payers won’t be wasting money, courts, etc. for his a$$ to be in prison.

      • megookin

        We are all entitled to our opinions. Where you said “IMO the cop who killed Garnier deserved prison time” is where I’ll disagree with you. The officer was trying to handcuff Garner while placing him under arrest and Garner, who was much larger than the officer in both stature and weight was resisting. The hold put on Garner was not choking him, but cutting off blood flow to the brain to cause him to pass out. When Garner complained that he could not breathe they called an ambulance for him. The officer’s reaction to Garner’s resisting may have been a contributing factor that lead to the coronary which ended Garner’s life. Had Garner, who was out on bail for the same crime, stayed out of trouble this would not have happened. Had Garner not resisted arrest, the ‘chokehold’ would not have been used. If that technique is banned by the NYPD, the officer needs to be dealt with administratively, had Garner died on the spot as a result of the hold being placed wrong, the cop should have been charged, but he didn’t Garner died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Everything that happened that day was reacting to Garner’s actions for which he was responsible for. Let me repeat that, everything that happened that day was due to Garner’s actions causing the police to react. He was selling non-taxed cigarettes in front of a store which resulted in the store owner calling the police. The police trying to arrest him was a result of his action of breaking the law. The ‘chokehold’ was a reaction to him resisting arrest. The resulting coronary was a result of his physical health and the ‘chokehold’ that was used to subdue him because he resisted arrest.
        Until we hold people for their actions this will not change. If a police officer commits a crime, deal with him/her in a court of law. Although the hold is not authorized in NYC, it is not an illegal act. If someone dies as a result of their own actions that causes a situation resulting in their death, the responsibility must lie with the person that took the initial action that causes the reactions.
        I empathize with his mother for no parent should ever have to bury their own child. I empathize with Brown’s parents for the same reason.

  • Bonnie McCollett

    This is the mentality coming out of our colleges…who wants to hire a college graduate step right up

  • PieMan

    Pathetic Scumbags.

  • CrystalDawn0603

    I’m normally not one for swearing online, but WHAT THE FCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!?

  • Steveo

    YOU IGNORANT PEOPLE…. So while you sit there, sympathizing
    with the criminals and becoming part of the problem by saying, “Hands up,
    don’t shoot” or “I can’t breathe” and preaching an ignorant and
    biased agenda against an individual who would willingly die for you in an
    instant, no matter if you like them or not; while you sit there with hate and
    distaste over the fact that they are “all racist” and they can hide
    behind the badge and without mercy, murder anyone they please-while you sit
    there and bask in all the hatred that has been ignited this past year,
    understand that they will ALWAYS be there to help you. Your pathetic…

    How could anyone have the audacity to hate the protectors?
    The unseen heroes of every day life?

    Matthew 5:9-

    “Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall be called
    children of God.”


    This was the dumbest thing that couldve been done. Period. I am ASHAMED of the way some of my people are reacting, & even more ashamed that the shooter had the audacity to use both cases as justification for murder. He’s an idiot, no justice was served, and nothing but harm was done here. To add insult to injury, he killed (as I read) two members of the minority. Smh.

    • Bunny

      ►”To add insult to injury, he killed (as I read) two members of the minority.”◄

      Yup, an Asian officer and a Hispanic officer. Senseless. Two families lost their loved ones over something they had nothing to do with. Simply because they were officers.

  • jrsp

    Sweet Jesus.