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Reason has more:

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said it can’t provide emails sent between 2009 and 2011 that were requested by congressional investigators because of hard drive crashes.

The IRS had a contract with email backup service vendor Sonasoft starting in 2005, according to, which lists the contract as being for “automatic data processing services.” Sonasoft’s motto is “email archiving done right,” and the company lists the IRS as a customer.

The extent and exact details of the service that Sonasoft provided to the IRS aren’t clear. But the company advertises its email archiving solution as “ideal for small and medium businesses, government agencies, school districts, nonprofit organizations using Microsoft’s Exchange Server.” And a document posted on its website describing its services says that its system “archives all email content and so reduces the risk of non-compliance with legal, regulatory and other obligations to preserve critical business content.”


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  • Proud_NIMBY

    The IRS demands you keep 7 years worth of tax returns…but they only have to keep 6 months worth of emails.

    • CoachSpringer

      The SEC demands 6 years for investment firms. Sarbanes Oxley 7 years for audits of public companies. Not an easy search to find requirements for the federal government. But they’re just now getting round to shredding the constitution

      • Donny Zunker

        Actually there are a post I saw… forgot where I found this.. But it offered a link to a federal web site, for all federal employees, that spoke to the subject of record keeping for federal employees…
        If you are a Federal Government Employee, you have Federal records management responsibilities. Use this site to learn more!

    • Larry Rappaport

      Now that America’s private sector knows who the service provider was for the IRS this will ruin Sonasoft’s business. The only way to defer this now is for Sonasoft to step forward and step forward quickly, if not? I believe we chose Sonasoft over EMT. We have no option but to revisit this.

    • Donny Zunker

      I’m on AOL… I have crashed more than one hard drive in the last 4 years… doesn’t matter which operating system I use, when I get back online, I can see everything I sent/received since 2009…

    • Bob Young

      apparently all those demands are no longer valid. If they ask for records just say, sorry my hard drive crashed and has been recycled.

    • SuziQgw

      And yet there’s not even a smidgeon left of all their corruption-filled emails.

  • Richard J Sunkle

    Well I hope congress is paying attention.

    If there was an IRS computer crash, this backup service should still have the emails (its what the service is for) if they don’t have them, its because they were deliberately deleted.

    • marvgoux1

      They are running the Sonasoft story on Fox this morning but will they put the Republican Congressmen on the spot and demand that they subpoena Sonasoft and call the company CEO in this week to explain what they have?

      • Gary Michalosky

        Rep. Darrell Issa is having a Q&A session on his facebook page Monday at 3pm EST. I would think this may be a good question to ask him personally!

  • waltermitty2012

    I’m sure the IRS is taking steps to prevent this from happening in the future. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

  • Mike

    Sonasoft should sue the IRS for defamation.

    • RanierWest

      good thinking

    • bcaps

      They have probably already been paid more to get rid of the emails and take the fall, then if they sued.

      • Mike

        Not unless they were paid enough to go into a different line of work. Who’d want to buy a backup system that wouldn’t survive a simple hard drive crash?

        • Patrick Johnson

          It wasn’t a “simple hard drive crash.” It was six individual PCs crashing simultaneously!

          • Michael Lawrence

            Only 6….how many does the IRS have? If Sonasoft can’t handle the simultaneous crash of only 6 PCs, how can they be expected to handle the crash of a companies network or the recovery of data after a disaster. If they don’t come up with the missing emails from these 6 computers, they are finished as a back up provider. Every business using them will dump their contracts for fear of running afoul of the law and of losing data required by said law.

          • fantasywriter

            Exactly. The emails would have been archived by the system long before the computers crashed. In fact, the emails would have been archived when the emails were sent and received in order to preserves the record. That is what the system is for. I hope this starts all the computer geeks who vote for Obama thinking.

          • gijane

            Yeah!! Tell me another one!!

          • JT

            According to the IRS, it was only one hard drive that crashed, not six individual computers. The story continues to unravel, each individual machine would have record of email. Server would have email (which more than likely RAID array to protect against any one drive failing). Then you have those pesky tape backups if not complete duplicate machine running the server.

  • H50 ✓RAT

    Subpoenas, I smell subpoenas. Saw that this AM on American Thinker. Had the hubbs forward it to all our contacts, Congresspersons and Senators and the Committee members. Every one should do the same.

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      un-huh …like jelly and butter . . .on toast! ;’)

      Here’s another (see below) to relish and pass on to the above officials; and we have it saved for butter melting with the proggies/trolls when they come about attempting to serve up helpings of their jammin’ for bho’s OFA crapola, too in reference the IRS and ObamaCare. . .[Warning- It will make you madder, than before…as it ain’t purdy when we ALL will end up having to hire lawyers to fight the government off our backs as this is taking place right here, right now in USA!]


      If They Target You For Your Thoughts, It’s Communism

      June 21, 2014 – 3:19 PM

      By Jen Kuznicki

      • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

        Did you hear Mark Levin on this Friday night, speaking with Paul Ryan, as to what to do?????

  • Bill Schlosser

    As a 30 Year IT Systems Administrator I use the GFS Backup System (Grandfather/Father/Son) and do full backups on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly schedule. I always have at least 4-5 copies of all archived data offsite sitting in a climate controlled safe….. And I do that by myself… how can an organization as large as the IRS NOT do something like that with a HUGE IT dept.?? I say subpoena the IRS’ IT dept including the CIO…

    • scott Crimins

      Our government is full of shit!!! Liers,that’s how!!

      • Gary Michalosky

        They actually wrote a children’s book about that very thing Scott!

      • JT

        And it took a hard drive failure for you to come to this conclusion. JK

  • GaryTheBrave

    ” @Sonasoft
    If the IRS uses Sonasoft products to backup their servers why wouldn’t you choose them to protect your severs?
    11:40 AM – 9 Oct 2009
    768 RETWEETS 227 FAVORITES ReplyRetweetFavorite”

    Severs? No wonder they can’t find the emails. They should look for Lois Lener.

  • Tanya Grimsley

    and still listed as a client

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    It’s time this company be subpoenaed immediately. If they are as good as they are bragging in that tweet from 2009, than they have all of the IRS e-mails backed up and can provide them to Congress.

    • Donny Zunker

      Even after their contract with the IRS has ended?

      Assuming their CEO is forward thinking, reads the paper, knows there is a scandal coming, maybe those e-mails are stored someplace at Sonasoft..

      On the other hand, IF they lost the contract, then I’d guess all of the stored IRS e-mails, would have been sent electronically to the new service provider.
      (I wonder if Sonasoft retained copies of the files even after they lost the contract?)

      So who provides back up services to the IRS today?

  • 96leroy

    How is it that 2 years of emails are missing when the server rewrites every 6 month?

    • MrSnuggles2k2

      Their story is evolving. First it was a HDD crash. Then it became 6 months is all they keep.

      Neither are true. All emails sent from government computers should be saved for posterity.

      • gijane

        IT’S LAW.

    • Iceman00767

      Not to mention that large systems do incremental backups on a daily basis.

  • nickthecat

    What is Obama holding over Lois Lerner’s head to make he take the fall for him?

    • Dirty Dutch

      She’s afraid he’ll bust a cap on her. She’d be DRT.

    • JoeW6558

      Maybe the same thing Clinton held over Monika ???

    • Russell R Weller

      They have dirt on everyone; especially those who worship him. The thing with liberals is, they trust their own kind less than those they deem enemies.

    • Donny Zunker

      I don’t think Obama has blackmail material on Lois… From what I have read, Lois is as far left as Obama… And from the few e-mails I have heard about, it sounds like she is in or leads the planning sessions looking for ways to stop any and all conservative groups from getting tax free status…

      Any unbiased observer, who knows nothing about this situation, would conclude that there a paper trail to somebody in the White House, perhaps with the President’s ear… Hey Valerie… do you know where the e-mails went?

      That said, there is a bus with Lois’s name on it…

  • ToyZebra

    Hey Sonasoft, if the emails aren’t found, your company’s reputation will be ruined.

  • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

    For the resident IT folks, here’s a synopsis of the work from a contract Sonasoft had with the IRS:

    “The software initiates the real time replication of mail box changes and commences the backup of mailboxes via existing IRS servers. In addition, the software package includes the ability to rapidly switch to a disaster recovery site from a remote location. The software platform allows the OCC [IRS-Office of Chief Counsel’s] to recover customer e-mail in the event of a catastrophic Exchange server failure. Sonasoft Corporation has customized their commercial off the shelf software to operate within the OCC. Sonasoft is the sole proprietor of the software and software maintenance.”

    Sounds like files would be backed up redundantly to me….

    • taconite

      If there is a subpoena, you can bet good money that every last email will have just happened to been on hard drives that all failed. Or so we will be told.

      • Ryan Schneider.

        Then we should utterly destroy their reputation with this failure. If they are collaborating with this corruption, then they must be put out of business as punishment, or confess.

        • Michael Lawrence

          Sonasoft would not have to be put out of business. 6 computers at the IRS crashed….if Sonasoft can’t back up 6 computers how could they back up a companies crashed network of thousands of computers? Every corporation that is required by law to have a back up of their data would dump them for fear of not being able to comply with the law if their system did crash. Sonasoft will put themselves out of business if they are unable to come up with emails from only 6 computers.

          • Ryan Schneider.

            So it’s difficult to imagine what even the IRS could hold over them to make them commit hari-kari. Even so, it can be Guaranteed they will attempt to stall them for the duration of Obam-bam’s term, which they have a chance of doing.

      • Russ

        And the warehouse that stored all the hard copies required by law was destroyed in a mysterious fire.

        • Michael Lawrence

          But only the printouts of the “lost’ emails would be destroyed….

    • Republicanvet

      Without a doubt, this sounds like almost real time back-up of any changes on their Exchange server.

      Missing emails is BS.

      • Koker

        Missing emails is 100% BS. If her hard drive crashed then day she logged back into the email server using her new hard drive. Every email sent and received are downloaded, including the drafts written while using the email client. If hard drive crash is real then same emails are on new one installed. Only files she lost were the documents written using word and excel spreedsheets. No email is ever lost by a personal hard drive crashing as long as the email server is running to log back into.

      • Mongocutwood

        Exactly. I work in IT and this is complete rubbish.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Just imagine you work for the IRS, maybe even a “low level employee” let alone Lois Lerner. As soon as you knew you had an “email problem” you’d have the unlimited IT resources ON IT, ASAP. Same if you were in charge of archiving them.

    • Republicanvet

      Particularly since she was quoted as saying some of the documents within her emails were “irreplaceable”.

  • mcleod51

    Well, if there is any incriminating content to the formerly “missing” emails, SonaF#ck will be able to produce it.

  • Republicanvet

    It was reported earlier that Lerner used Outlook, and Issa issued a subpoena for .pst files, which are Outlook.

    This suggests the IRS runs an MS Exchange server for their emails…which means they have copies and backups.

  • The Masked Avatar

    Exhibit A, your Honor.

  • ElDerecho

    Subpoena the CEO and get them in front of congress. Demand they either provide the emails or return all the money the federal government has paid them since 2005.

  • Nov-cubed

    Clearly, the IRS is stonewalling. If you don’t ask for the exact material, you don’t get the material. Add to that their proffered information, for example:

    HDD crash ==> sent to local IT ==> cannot recover ==> sent to crime lab ==> cannot recover ==> The HDD was shredded.
    This is the info they offer, and it may be true. But they don’t give the ORDER OF EVENTS. I think they shredded the drive (Local IT under SOP) and sent it to the crime lab.
    The Crime Lab reported, “We can’t recover data from a shredded drive” IRS reports, “Crime lab couldn’t recover data.”

  • Republicanvet

    Any truth to the rumor that Sonasoft just changed their name to SonasoEfed?

    • DutyFirst

      Wouldn’t be surprised to find that the SonaSoft warranty is as good as Microsoft’s. Guarantees that if you are hurt by using their products they will, at their discretion, do everything in their power UP TO and including NOTHING to make good the damages.

  • chicagotrance

    Let’s not avoid the obvious – the IRS should be abolished.
    Fire them all ……….
    A flat tax is an idea whose time has come.

    • ProfShadow

      Simpler than the Fair Tax, though not as equitable.

      Definitely time for “change we can believe in” when it comes to federal tax burdens.

      • Kile

        Taxation is not about being equitable.

      • Donny Zunker

        Equitable is the keyword in the fight to fix, change. alter, or abolish the IRS and the current tax code…
        Now who would be impacted most by a change in the tax code?
        Real estates/home owners, rental property owners(homes, strip malls, REITs, warehouse/factory rentals.) Would the cost of doing business, still be a deduct, when they file?
        Interest on mortgage loans and property taxes no longer deductible?
        Charities, political groups, all of the special interest groups who lobby our elected reps, local state and federal. Still a deduct?
        Anybody sells large ticket items, where the buyer writes off depreciation.
        Business owner who write off the cost of doing business
        Anybody with a loss to car theft, house fire, robbery, whatever…
        Anybody who puts money in a IRA or a Roth.. 401k monies might lose the deduction(s)…
        Anybody with kids might lose deductions…
        Flat Tax, Fair Tax is going to be as up ending as Obamacare, right?
        Lots of people support, but the tax code was/is written to encourage and discourage….

        • ProfShadow

          You don’t lose deductions, because no one has any.

          WIth the Fair Tax, you get a “prebate” of the taxes you’d pay for “deductions” based on your family size.

          Deductions are a sham. They are designed to encourage certain behavior. And that is the problem with the tax code to begin with…it is used for “social justice” purposes.
          The Fair Tax was actually researched and designed from scratch. I suggest you read the book on how the $20 million dollars that went into developing the system was used to do that research and development.

          No other tax system has any such background. Just a “seat of pants” approach, “social justice” and “behavior modification” approaches.

          When the current Income Tax (16th Amendment; 1913 ) was passed, it was passed, promoted as a “tax on the rich” at a rate of 7% on people making over $500k. (Over 10 million in today’s dollars.) Taxes were on everyone, from $0 on up, after a individual deduction of $3k ($4k joint.)


          So “poor people” today pay more as a percentage of their income above the individual deductions than the “.1%” rich paid in 1913.

          Certainly a little more fuzz, but in general it describes the current income tax’s history.

          I’m fine not having ANY deductions, though I do take advantage of them now, since they exist and to do otherwise is foolish. BUT I’d rather be taxed on my expenditures on new goods, which gives me opportunities to save money as well as be aware of when I’m paying taxes.

          So read the link. And the book.

          • Donny Zunker

            The point I was trying to make and failed to some degree, is that, that many get deductions now, which they will fight to keep… Those who get deductions, benefit from the deducts, don’t see how they will survive without the deducts they have now…
            When I was a kid, my parents told us we could not play tackle football anymore… We could not see how the game could be played with 1 or 2 handed touch… could not see how it would be as much fun, as it had been… Some how we managed and it was fun…
            People, me included, don’t see how this is going to work… people only see what they have now and how it works for them… I should add I have not benefited from a lot of deducts other than a reduction in the gross taxed income, as I contribute to a 401k… in other words, I end up with the standard deduct…
            There will be a big fight, as big as Obamacare was…

          • ProfShadow

            Well, I see what you are saying in terms of that particular fight…talking about “taking away your xxxx deduction” instead of “giving you back ALL your money” makes it a bit more difficult, since,l as you say, people will fight to keep things they “get” even when they’d get more.

            Emotional appeal, while a logical fallacy, is still a strong way to influence to so many.

  • Da St

    Yeah, but not those emails.

  • Jefferson Tea Party

    Bo Bice is paying attention to this

  • Hotlanta Mike
  • Baba Ghanoush

    Now the administration to blame this one. The beat goes on.

  • DutyFirst

    To Do List (David Camp)
    1. Subpeona all contract documents between IRS and SonaSoft
    2. Subpeona IRS manager for that contract
    3. Subpeona IRS tech staff responsible for the SonaSoft implementation in IRS
    4. Subpeona SonaSoft CEO, Product Manager and IRS/Government Account Manager
    5. Comply by date for all – Wednesday, June 25, 2014.
    6. Notify all committee members to clear their calendars for the foreseeable future – this next committee session needs to go for as long as it takes.
    7. Have staff prepare blank pink slips and arrest warrants for immediate use during the hearings
    8. Have congressional legal staff prepare legal paperwork to cancel contract with SonaSoft and lawsuit seeking reimbursement and damages.
    9. Grow a pair before Wednesday

    • NonPCconservative

      You should have repeated point nine several times.

    • 4deuce

      I would strongly suggest that during the Wednesday 25 June hearings both IRS personnel AND all pertinent SonaSoft personnel be in the room at the same time and sitting at the witness table together. No more separate testimonies to dispute and spin… Make those testifying defend themselves in real time and have both IRS and SonaSoft remarks challenged/confirmed by both sides before accepting anything as truth. Also, indentify how much, if any, SonaSoft may have contributed to the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns. That too can be used to guage the credibility of any SonaSoft testimony.

  • Evie1949

    Storage is the lowest cost part of the data center so the argument that they only keep the backup tapes 6 months because of needing to reuse the tapes – major lie. That a single drive failure could do this – not believable and to claim that on the same day 8 drives could failure like this – I do not think there is a word to describe the unbelievable nature of this so no data is recoverable. Just because the IRS IT department did not have technology to read the data does not mean they can just throw away the drives – send them off to the recycle center – the data is still extant and there is a good possibility of someone else with the technology extracting the data. By the admission of the IRS Commissioner, those drives had taxpayer ID and other personal information on it – those drives cannot got the recycle center – but have to be physically destroyed in house – so we have another sticking point with the testimony.
    The commissioner is also using PC failure, drive failure and Server failure interchangeably. These are very different things and result in very different problems. Strangely enough, in none of these instances would data have been lost except for data written to the disk and erased before a backup was run – and we know this is not the case – however, in the case of the storage used for the servers – if properly set up – the data is shadowed so the physical hard drives can be replaced “hot” and the shadow copy will write the new hardware drive back to the status of the failed drive (I know – technical information – but think about it). The amount of data makes the use of local drives on the servers impossible so they are using Storage Area Networks type storage. When I left the space program in 2010, I had been managing 14 Terabytes of data (shadowed meant I had 28 Terabytes of storage) for the application I managed – local storage on the server could not manage this amount of data due to size restrictions in Windows server data management. Do you want to try to sell me on the idea that IRS did not have more data than that? I won’t believe you. This SAN storage has tape backups and that is where the data is stored – tape backups are run against the data and the tapes are stored off site – and, when it was made clear that the IRS was going to be investigated, those tapes would have been impounded – taken out of the reuse schedule – the Commissioner is lying – his IT department would not have given him such bad information but a think tank group would have thought the answers he gave would fly with most folks. There are, however, too many IT folks listening to the testimony and we know what is the truth of the matter. The FBI has an entire department that investigates cyber crimes – those drives failed drives should have been sent there for the determination of whether the data was retrievable, not the folks be investigated.

    • Dan13

      Evie, the IT breakdown is not that much of a problem. Emails were selectively lost on only eight computers of all the computers possessed by the IRS.
      It is a complete and utter coincidence that the missing emails from these eight computers were all under House committee investigation.
      These things happen…

  • CO2 Producer

    Has anyone in the Congressional hearings demanded the IRS show them invoices and contract files involving Sonasoft or any other IT/backup service contractors who might have done work for them? They’d better if they haven’t, and yes, this company and the others should be subpoenaed.

  • nurac80

    it’s all there- IRS still (as of 6/20/14) listed as sonasoft’s customer. making it go viral!

  • Steve in Katy

    Mark Levin has an awesome conversation with Paul Ryan in the first hour of his Friday show. Worth the time to listen to it.

  • Dan13

    Ya see what happened was… The dog ate the computer that ate the email. Yeah! That’s it! That’s what happened…
    It’s a bad sign when they don’t even bother to make the lies plausible…

    • Ruth

      And then Obama ate the dog.

      • Dan13

        Evidently, eating a dog is not nearly as bad as putting a dog in a car carrier and then letting it out after arriving at your destination.

        • old motorcycle enthusiast

          Far better than eating the pet, isn’t it?

          • Ruth

            Depends if you’re a lefty or a Republican

      • H50 ✓RAT

        Who swallowed the cat that ate the spider…..

  • yewzernayme

    If Sonasoft doesn’t produce the emails, they should be sued for wasting taxpayer’s money and have their contract revoked. They could also put a real polish on their corporate reputation by producing the emails.

    • lawrence

      yeah, because nothing says fighting tyranny like going after low level minions

      • yewzernayme

        Fight on all fronts.

  • 4deuce

    Most fed contracts are issued for 5-year periods. When did SonaSoft get this speciric contract and when did it end? Was their another contract awarded after this SonaSoft contract ended and what firm won it? In this day and age, I cannot imagine any Fed contract not mandated to have an internal or an external archiving requirement. It appears the IRS used contractors for its Archiving Services and, no doubt, this Sonasoft contract had follow-on contracts issued when this one ended. The data IS available and making them available ultimately will get at the truth – a truth that the IRS has demonstrated will be scary (for them) to have the public see.

  • John Andrews

    Pyschic moment: Monday’s breaking news.. Massive fire at server farm at Sonasoft…If I have any faith in the Obama Administration is in that they will stop at anything to cover their collective asses. They are criminals and the longer hey are in power the more damage the will do to our country.

  • alvin691

    I would subpoena Sonasoft. They have a reputation to uphold.

    • Edwardo Snowdeno

      The threat of an IRS audit has much more weight than their reputation.

  • Indian Andy

    They have to back up all emails – by law.

    • Indian Andy
    • Leeza Lee

      Their regs even go so far as to mandate a hard copy be put in a file if the user isn’t on one of the servers with auto backup.

    • Indian Andy

      I thought I posted the law that requires backups.If you’re interested, Google it.

  • CrusadaB

    This admin outa control creating chaos everywhere…here, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Somalia and now add Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador…what next? Canada and South America?

  • Doug Powell

    Hey IRS, Sonasoft called. They want their reputation back!

  • Ed Smith

    The IRS should be disbanded under RICO.

  • Larry Rappaport

    I know we’ve used Sonasoft for email back-up/archive services for 4 years congruent with our Brocade servers and never had a problem. The firms IT team even went to Bangalore I believe. When we request back-up information it always comes with the Headers (pink slip confirmation of time, date, CC and BC addressee’s, etc.) along with all forensic data. Losing even one email thread in our business would be a disaster so my question now as a customer is…….is Sonasoft’s services this deficient for our businesses purposes as an international customer? Or is this another outstanding company Obama throws under his narrative bus? Thank you, we’ll be speaking with the IT Director in the morning.

  • Megalith

    It seems the reported demise of Lois Lerners e-mails have been greatly exaggerated.

  • Shawn O’Brian

    So either Sona Soft is a crap company or the IRS is lieing. Go ahead and fight it out. This should be interesting. Coorprate America vs Government. lol. #bedfellowsatwar

  • Jame Krouse

    Come down hard on Sonasoft.

  • wagthedog44

    If I was an investigator, I would take that nugget of information and pursue it to find out if the Sonasoft actually performs as advertised or is just another payment to a campaign contributor. We all remember how the administration gave $16.1 billion to green energy companies to only have them go bankrupt. Walks like a duck, maybe it should quack like a duck too.

  • Jeffrey Rogers

    When are people going to be sent to prison?

  • Screaming Eagle

    Wouldn’t it be a shame if every American had a hard drive crash around the next tax time?

  • musiciangirl591

    my ex-boyfriend did IT work for a couple of years, i’m going to ask him if emails are able to be lost if a hard drive crashes, but he probably won’t know the answer to that question, he doesn’t work for the government

  • Sherry

    The “severs” typo in that tweet would be funny if it weren’t so ironic.

  • Leeza Lee

    So, Congress needs to subpoena Sonasoft execs, right?

  • Starland sound

    So then people around the world should dump their business from Sonasoft and avoid them like the plague since they are completely INEPT at doing the one job they are in existence for?

  • H50 ✓RAT

    Saw an article this AM that said the IRS severed their contract with the company right before the crash… convenient.
    Edited to add; never mind, I just saw that there is a thread about it.

  • JB4375

    All modern email systems of any size are on a cluster of servers, and those servers are backed up by another system, and in order to be compliant with security standards that data, is housed in more than one loaction. It’s a standard required by hospitals, insurance companies, almost any type of financial institution etc.. Only a completere idiot, or in this case lying politician, would come up with something like “bad sectors on a personal computer, and the hardrive was destroyed”.

    • tiorbinist

      The funny part is, if the IRS is _not_ meeting those standards (as laid out in the Federal Records Act), they are breaking the law. Someone swings no matter what.

  • Michael Lawrence

    Sounds like it’s time to issue subpenas to Sonasoft for their records and the supposedly “lost” emails.

  • Shiner

    ALL government contracts with Sonasoft should be cancelled IMMEDIATELY. And they should be put on a list making it impossible for them to do business with ANY government institution or company that takes government money. Then I would see what kind of fraud charges can be brought against them for misrepresenting their capabilities and misleading the public. Then their officers should be looked into for criminal charges.

  • Ruth

    I know it will never happen but I would just love for all taxpayers to inform the IRS they can’t file tax reforms this year because their computers crashed. Oh well, I can dream.

  • Shiner

    Sonasoft should be audited immediately. All officers bank accounts should be reviewed for possible coverup payments. This is just the start. No government institution should be allowed to make a contract with this company. Sonasoft should also be investigated for fraud. Stating to do things they can’t do and selling those false claims to the American public and institutions.

    Mr. Nand Khanna – Founder
    Mr. Paresh Mehta – Chief Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer
    Mr. Bilal Ahmed – Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering

    These 3 men need to be investigated immediately & COMPLETELY. Especially before they have a “crash”. Something smells really fishy. And I think these guys may be in bed with the IRS in a MAJOR coverup.

    • tiorbinist

      Sonosoft is a red herring. Waste your time with them if you want, but when that contract ended, if it _did_ involve backup media, those copies would go back to the government. In fact, it is entirely possible that they are warehoused somewhere that the IRS criminals can’t even get to!

  • Ronald McVay

    Well there you have it. Subpoena time.

  • Bob Young

    The IRS and Obama are so full of shit. They are basically telling congress to go f off, and they aren’t giving them anything. Anyone with a half a brain knows that the emails can be retrieved from multiple servers and numerous back-up. We need to get rid of Obama and lean house throughout the government.

  • Deela

    Wait until a couple high-ups won’t fall on Obama’s sword, and they squeal to the correct media source; Congress. It’ll happen. Watch.

  • Joe

    What a relief.

  • kendall

    I will forever more pled the 5th

    • ProfShadow

      Hmmmm…pleading the 5th with regards to the 16th….I kinda like it…

  • Enonumus

    I’ve worked in and managed IT for 20 years, and I can say pretty much unequivocally that in this day and age, it’s virtually impossible that all of these emails that were sent/received by an IRS employee have completely vanished. There are so many copies made, stored, and preserved, no matter what system they’re using (Exchange apparently), that it’s physically impossible to just “lose” them all, without a systematic attempt to destroy them (which even then takes real effort). Even IF the IRS somehow managed to lose all of her emails and all of the backups that are very routinely done (daily if not hourly at that level), every single email she sent was received by someone else, and would they have us believe that her recipients drives and backup systems all crashed and were unrecoverable as well? Give me a break.

    It gets technical, but suffice to say that when dealing with important server data systems, nothing is ever stored on a single hard drive. They typically use what’s called a RAID array, which is a box containing several hard drives with data that’s distributed across them. Any drive can fail, and all you do is yank the drive out (literally, they have handles on them and it takes 2 seconds) and put a new one in, and the RAID array automatically rebuilds the data on the new drive. That raid array/server may also have a complete duplicate, perhaps even more than one depending on how big the company/agency is (I’ve heard that the IRS has 3, but that’s heresy), and all of the data on those servers is routinely backed up to tape, at least daily, and those tapes are stored for at least as long as the law requires it. Additionally they apparently have a contract with a 3rd party to do outside email backups as this Tweet indicates.

    NO emails are EVER, EVER stored purely offline on an individuals personal hard drive, period, end of story. Any emails on a private hard drive are merely a copy of the email that’s on the server, AND on the sender’s/recipient’s server. Even IF that was the case (which it isn’t), and a personal hard drive crashed with important data on it that existed nowhere else, that data can almost always be retrieved entirely or in large part by high end data recovery services. Their explanation, which they only came up with last week AFTER the courts ORDERED them to hand over these emails which they had previously claimed they had, is laughable.

  • Dennis the Dreamer

    Hate to be a backup admins for Sonasoft. They will be used as fall guys.

  • pupster40

    0bama regime, AKA the coincidence regime, will be remembered as the regime that lied more and worse than Nixon’s regime.

  • Frank Provasek

    The IRS spent $5,556 in 2005 for a Sonosoft for Exchange 2003 SQL SOFTWARE. 2003 Exchange was being phased out, so that is why that program was not renewed. For $5556 this was NOT for email archiving service —- it would have cost many millions of dollars a year for backup and archiving for the entire agency. Whoever looked this up and jumped to the conclusion that it was an backup and archiving service when only %5,556 was spent is either an idiot or just another anti-Obama liar who thought nobody else would look it up. Took about 5 minutes to look this up.

    • Ted H.

      So your contention is that the IRS does *NOT* have a backup then?
      Whoever jumped to that conclusion is either a moron or just another pro-0bama single-cell organism who thought nobody else would question such awesome logic.
      Took about 5 milliseconds to see the lies for what they are

      • tiorbinist

        Don’t be silly. The IRS has a backup, probably many backups.

        Provasek’s point was that the backups weren’t being kept or maintained by Sonosoft (at least with regard to the contract he is referring to).

        Which makes sense: even if you have an outside company collecting your backup media for safe keeping, they aren’t actually running the backups, and they don’t have control over the computers where the Exchange Server is running. Those are behind locked doors at the IRS, so someone is violating law.

        Exchange 2003 SQL SOFTWARE is an interesting line item, though, since 2003 SQL server and Exchange 2003 are different products.

        • Ted H.

          Yes they do have backups, many of them to be sure. Prov’s half-truth about the backups prompted my initial response. He makes it sound as if yet another “vast right wing conspiracy” is afoot, when it couldn’t be anything further from the truth.
          Please, don’t be silly…

    • Cogniscentum

      let’s see.
      June 3, the IRS is notified that an investigation is under way.
      June 13, Her hard drive crashed with evidence on it?
      Six other hard drives crashed with evidence on them after being subpoenaed?
      She took the fifth?
      They paid 82,000 or so for email backup, not counting anything done by the IRS themselves, just for the software and services?
      They severed their relationship with the only company that had a chance to find those emails, if they had been saved anywhere.

      Which of the above are “anti Obama lies”?

  • ProfShadow

    I say “shut down the IRS and subpoena EVERY computer.”
    Lock out all the employees, especially administrators.

    Take all their drives, extract files and stick ’em in a big old database, maybe even toss in a little Hadoop action and start doing some queries.

    See where it leads. Then start scanning the drives for deleted files. See where they lead.

    Of course, probably some will go to jail/prison for kiddie porn…but they needed to go anyway.

    Shut. Them. Down. Period.

    (To use a Liberalism …. . )

  • Emmanuel Ezekiel

    Since it is impossible for anyone to know what anyone else does best, the only ways to find out are through competitive social processes.

  • Kinch

    The IRS MUST be eliminated. Simplify tax forms. NO deductions or credits. Flat rate after first $22,000.00 .
    Our problem stem from having a smidgen- brain president.