Only hours after appearing at a press conference to give thanks for the freeing of his POW son in exchange for five top Taliban leaders, Bob Bergdahl returned to Twitter to promote a Guardian video in which family members lobby for the release of five Tunisians held at Guantanamo Bay.

Earlier, Bergdahl had apparently deleted a tweet reading, “I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners.”

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

  • Informed&Concerned

    His 1st amendment rights are wearing thin if he is endorsing the release of those avowed to continue the jihad against all Christians and all Americans . . .

    • Utopia Can Never be Achieved

      What’s next for this guy? He lays his prayer rug down next to Obama’s and they both face the Mecca?

      • Michelle ✓classified

        Can totally see that happening. In fact, wouldn’t be surprised it happened in the Oval Office right after their press conference yesterday.

        • Modres

          Jeff: “You are clearly deeply racist, bigoted, insecure, and uneducated.”

          First, you are clearly deluded. You can’t be racist against Islam since anyone can be a Muslim.

          Secondly, Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter and SIX military troops lost their lives looking for him.

          Third, the FIVE Taliban commanders who were released in exchange for the deserter will waste no time in starting attacks against America again.

          Fourth, you believe YOU are an American? Think again. It is leftist scum like yourself that has brought America nearly to its knees and we know you’re not done yet.

          ALL progressives are traitors to America – end of story.

          • Stryder51

            Amen, Modres.

        • westazgal ✓ItOut

          Jeffy is off his meddies this morning



          Here is a clip of Jeff the Goon.

          “Muslims are crazy! Christians are sane”

          I took it off his dash board, looks as if he is just a Troll! Just remeber any time a libtard is loosing a argument and such,the first thing the idiots do is yell “RACIST”

        • carlenefrazierwendel

          Why did Obama not tell the Congress about the release???
          Were they not supose to have been the ones to decide on that?

          • Michelle ✓classified

            The law is that they are to be at least informed about the deal 30 days prior to it happening. That did not occur. Barry yet again broke the law (shocking, I know!). Rep. Buck McKeon (R-CA) chairs the House Armed Services Committee and he was supposed to be informed, he was not and he’s planning hearings on the matter. (Mighty proud to say that Rep. McKeon is my representative in the House)

          • TheKing

            Hearings, Hearings,Hearings, Where does it end? This administration has been engaged in altogether too many scams and illegal acts and violations of our congressional laws. It is time to put some MEAT into these issues, hold someone accountable. Want to bet all the scandals have the palm print of Obama on them, although his cronies will cover his butt, but for what reason? Do they support killing the Christian nation?

          • TheKing

            Obama need a BIG Photo opportunity to take attention away from the VA scandal and he needed it fast. He well knew the congress would slow things down via debate and/;or disapprove such an action. I would bet had he gone to the Congress as required by law (again Obama acts against our laws) he would have been shot down with the exchange. Now comes the fight – the Obama admin attempting to justify their action and their justification for going around the congress AGAIN. SO, CAN ANYONE GUESS WHAT THE NEXT SCANDAL IS GOING TO BE ABOUT? (I say something to do with the banks that will hurt the conservatives)

        • michael

          What’s wrong with Islam, why don’t u peace loving Christians get off your high horse for once, racist arrogant nazis

          • Michelle ✓classified

            Oh hai, itz u again.

          • Amy D. Bernard

            What’s wrong with Islam?
            Well in basis nothing if those who hold to that religion have advanced past the 10th Century in their thinking.
            However the Islamofanatics haven’t & they are the movers & shakers behind Al’Quaida that keep the other, more modern, Muslims cowering in fear.
            Just so you know I’m a former Marine of mixed racial heritage, a Heathen, & a monogamous lesbian so if Sha’ria law ever gains ascendancy in the US I’d be right at the top of the list for “judgement of Allah” so I have a dog in the fight.

          • TheKing

            Islam has no human right provisions. Their Sharia law is but one example. THen there is the fact that their Quaran dictates all infidels (those who refuse to abecome Muslims)O must be killed and they are making progress. The terrorists are slowly taking over nations in the middle east and africa and concentrating on imposing their laws onto western societies. Time for a constitutional amendment:
            “The United States will NOT tolerate any religion that advocates the killing or maiming or other humans for whatever reason.

        • michael

          I was there praying with him

        • James ‘Jim’ Osborne

          and before-he’s got to get those 5 times in before his buddies tee off.

      • Tracy Hubbell-Linden

        His opening lines in the Rose Garden basically consecrated the White House for islam. So it’s a done deal.

      • Saito Sama

        That’s now two of us who have this ” humm” this thing smells rotten. Did daddy ever thank those who were sacrificed to find this guy?

      • dinkerduo

        They probably did that in private–but did it they did, I suspect!

    • Jeff

      Disagree. He is an American citizen. Therefore he has a first amendment right to express these sentiments. This is law. National law. I do think he is teetering on the edge of what is acceptable (speaking as a patriot) but it is still protected constitutionally

      • Chrissy the Hyphenated

        The whole point of the First Amendment is to protect UNPOPULAR speech. But there’s no place that says the rest of us have to not come out and SAY how very unpopular we find his speech. … Except, oops, the PC Police. But so far they haven’t gotten themselves constitutionally consecrated for which we can all be thankful.

    • Chiefs420

      Once again, you “patriots” show your grasp of the constitution (both letter and intent) is tenuous at best.

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”

      I’m not sure how this has anything to do with the first amendment.

    • ICOYAR

      Under Oblamer, his is growing stronger, seeing how Obummer supports terrorists.

    • $18613012

      Use the second amendment on this guy and his coward son, please. Or deport them both in Afghanistan and Tunisia.

    • disqus_8zbuSwYc2s

      His rights are not wearing thin. He will always have them if he remains in the US. His status among Americans, however, is wearing thin.

  • Richard J Sunkle

    Curiouser and Curiouser.

    At the rate he’s going he’ll be calling for a fatwa against Americans by friday.

    • SFfam

      I shared Brad Thor’s story on with my son who is in the Army. He replied saying that he knows a guy that was in this Sergeant’s brigade, and he said he is a deserter, not a P.O.W. Lots of fishy things with this whole situation!

      • KynBay

        My step-brother who has had 3 tours (Afghanistan and Iraq) said the same. Clearly stated that he was a deserter. He and his fellow soldiers are not very happy with this fiasco.

      • skyway1234

        My nephew is former Army, served in Iraq, and he says the rumor in the Army is that this guy is a total traitor.

    • Hank Rand ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      It’s disappointing that Twitchy endears this deserter with the assumed designation of “POW.”

      If it turns out he was captured in action or kidnapped from his bunk, cool…POW.

      For now, all accounts suggest he deserted his post voluntarily…ultimately leading to the death of at least 6 honorable soldiers, the release of 5 terrorists and the setting of an awful precedent by our government for terrorists around the world.

      I’m sorry, but if you wander off in to Taliban-riddled Afghanistan armed only w/ your recent proficiency in their language and a deep resentment for America and the US mission – “captured” is overly generous and “POW” is downright insulting.

    • Frustrated Teacher

      He’s got the beard for it….

  • Juan Pablo

    What’s with his jihadi beard? You’d think he’d be a little more angry at the people who kidnaped his son…even if he was a possible deserter

    • Michelle ✓classified

      I was tempted to judge his beard before I truly understood his stand on things, but now that he’s doubled-down on being anti-American, pro-Terrorists – his beard now makes perfect sense to me.

      • Utopia Can Never be Achieved

        I was tempted to check LinkedIn to see what profession they guy was in, but then was distracted by another tweet from the guy. When will the madness end?

        • Michelle ✓classified

          As of yesterday, I reserved having an opinion on his beard. When I saw it during the press conference my first reaction was, “Um, WTF? Is he one of them?” but I didn’t form an opinion because I have a handful of friends here in Los Angeles who have those beards – they’re simply free spirits, aging hippies and actually lean to the Right. But now? Oh now, it’s quite clear he fancies himself a fellow terrorist.

          • Stryder51

            Stockholm Syndrome by proxy, maybe?

    • Saito Sama

      You wouldn’t be alone in that fight Marine!

  • Penelope210

    Just wow! Guess those that thought he might just be acting like a jihadi sympathizer to help his son can now dispense with that naive assumption.

    • Michelle ✓classified

      That is correct. I WAS willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but now…he’s a solid traitor, anti-American and a total disgrace. Disgusted with him. Maybe I should have seen this coming with that beard…

      EDITED TO ADD: It wasn’t a naive assumption, it was those of us who have a practice of not making assumptions until more is revealed. I don’t jump to conclusions, and although I was willing to give this man the benefit as of yesterday, I have no problem with my being that way. Things aren’t always as they appear and I can not, will not form an opinion until I have full disclosure.

      • Penelope210

        I can appreciate that sentiment. I was watching twitter last night when one of the soldiers in his unit came forward telling his side of story, that Bowe deserted. It was actually talked about in 2009. Now 7 soldiers are coming forward and talking with a reporter.

        • Michelle ✓classified

          I saw those reports as well last night. But again, I was waiting to weigh it all before forming an opinion. I now have all the information I believe I need to form an opinion – this father is a terrorist cheerleader and so clearly anti-American. His son, well…regardless of what is being said about him, I will reserve an opinion until we hear reports from his own words. I would never, EVER want judgment passed or opinions formed of me until I’ve had a chance to speak for myself, regardless of what others had to say about me, so I can’t do it to someone else.

        • nc ✓s & balances

          Michelle Malkin wrote about it in July 2009 on her website. It’s really eerie to read it now.

      • nc ✓s & balances

        Michelle, you made Twitchy, twice!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!! High Five, girl!

        • Michelle ✓classified

          Oh wait, I need to catch up. I made Twitchy? I’ve been so darn busy on Facebook with the Kings win tonight, I’ve been falling behind over here. Let me catch up…

          • nc ✓s & balances

            Steve J made it too, wonder if he knows it yet.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            You are so awesome – I had no idea I’d made it to Twitchy until I read your comment. Had been focusing on Twitter to all the replies to those two tweets, and also on Facebook over the Kings win, checking Twitchy took a backseat. I found them on here, thanks to you. Been a few months since I made Twitchy, nice to see they haven’t forgotten me and my snarkiness.

          • nc ✓s & balances

            With all the comments you had made, I couldn’t believe you missed them. S’ok, though, glad to help!

          • Michelle ✓classified

            Totally missed Twitchy posted my tweets! One of the rate nights I’ve had Facebook, Twitchy and Twitter slamming busy all at once. I choose to focus on Facebook with the Kings win, and Twitter with the traffic because of the very tweets Twitchy later added to their post. OMG such a busy night for me, all this activity AND able to get some classwork done.

  • FreedomFighter

    Its time someone looks a bit deeper into this families history.

    • $6565218

      Something is definitely fishy.

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    I wonder how long until liberals call Bob Bergdahl a hero for wanting to free even more GITMO prisoners?

    • JannyFayRay

      The male version of Cindy Sheehan. He’ll disappear as soon as his usefulness as a political pawn subsides. Just like Cindy.

  • Dirty Dutch

    As I said in an earlier thread, I knew there was something I didn’t like about him.

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    How long until he is calling for a pardon for the Boston Bomber?

  • CO2 Producer

    Hey Bob, your son’s free now, you don’t have to…

    Oh. OOOh. Okay, then. Was keeping the beard one of the conditions, too?

    • Perso Nasplit

      his keeping the beard was the same reason Nadal Hasan grew a beard and tried to get the courts approval while he was on trial.

  • Tim Tim

    I guess 1 solider will get you 5 released .. how about two US Soldiers maybe 10 terrorists? “Fundamentality Transform America !! How’s that Hope & Change?

  • globalcrap

    Releasing a A W O L FOR “5” Jihad murderers with blood on there hands against America, while a real American Solider is a prisoner in a Mexican Jail. O Bogus could care less for this Solider, because he doesn’t have any of his Jihad brothers he could trade for.

  • Jedd McHead

    Between this and the VA debacle we may finally see turn against this administration.

    • Al’s Annoyed Grandpa

      I doubt it; never underestimate the hatred the left has for this country.

    • That Guy Who Goes There

      Doesn’t matter; lame duck anyway with only 2.5 years to go. Anything negative will be used by Hillary to differentiate herself and make herself look good by comparison.

  • Mark_Melrose

    How about a release from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Just one slightly inept empty suit, with a head that looks like a bad tennis ball.

    • Gg

      ‘tennis ball…’with EARS’

  • Kawfy

    In another age and time I would be shocked by all of this….But my sadness for the country I love remains

  • lesterwink23

    My younger brother was KIA serving in Afghanistan back in 2009…I’d love to see him again, but unfortunately I can’t

    • Al’s Annoyed Grandpa

      God bless you for the sacrifice your brother made. He is a better man than I.

    • carmenta

      Im so sorry for your loss. You and your brother have our greatest respect.

  • rocquedog

    And the Usurper jumped all over the “trade” making it happen because the POS deserter is a Taliban sympathizer yet we have a real soldier being held in Mex. and the cockroach POTUS does nothing.

    • TheKing

      OUR MARINE in Mexico has been imprisoned for over two months on drummed up charges and yet our government has done NOTHING to intervene on his behalf. He should make it known (falsely)that he is a Muslim and wants his prayer rug from the President. Once he gets Obama;s attention, perhaps Obama will intervene to get him freed.

  • castlemonster

    And the Regime knows perfectly well what this guy is and how outrageously provocative it is to “trade” him for five (other) jihadis. It’s open antagonism of the right and malicious defiance toward the separation of powers. If Obama can do this on a whim, what can’t he do?

  • Tigerspike

    Maybe I’m just becoming too cynical, but my first red flag was “Taliban releases US P.O.W.” My first thought was, there’s no way this going to be so simple or easy.

  • Jennifer

    The Bergdahl’s.. America’s pro-Islamic terrorist family, and the White House loves them!

  • Sarah Berry

    His son is a deserter who joined the taliban and a traitor who helped teach the taliban how to make bombs with cell phones-our so called potus traded terrorists for terrorists and nothing more

    • CapitalG

      Yup. He has already cost American lives and this will only increase the death toll. He will probably go on Oprah to denounce US policies and praise his Taliban buddies.

  • JSizzle

    Dad isn’t tweeting these things because he was trying to play to the enemy to get his son back. These are his beliefs and show where he stands. It is interesting that he attempted to be deceptive and delete his tweet about releasing all Guantanamo prisoners previously. Yet; here he is now, blatantly posting more of the same type of tweets in full view. No shame!

    Initially; I believed that it was a good thing to have an American soldier back. Now that more information has come out I believe that he should be tried for desertion. The military is the military; not a primary humanitarian organization. If he wasn’t fully understanding of his obligations and capable of fulfilling the duties he was assigned; he should not have signed up. You don’t take off on your own for selfish reasons and leave your fellow troops to deal with the life-threatening fallout. At the least; he should have thought of the danger he placed them in. His actions show that his allegiance was not and is not to America. I wonder if it is possible that this entire situation was a planned political stunt from enlistment?

    It is nauseating to think that this dad was at the White House espousing such radical views. Terrorists see this and it encourages them very much to continue doing what they do.

    • Juanita Garnto

      He should be tried and jailed for desertion. Remember there were lives lost looking for this POS. If it can be proven it was preplanned before enlistment, he should be tried for treason.

    • TheKing

      Obama departed the Rose Garden with his arms around the father and mother. Did they go into the Oval office, lay down prayer rugs and pray together to Allah? (curious)

  • Brown

    This dad has links to videos from Russia Today saying “Tsarnaev Brothers felonious or framed?” and “Boston bombing suspects’ mother: My sons are innocent, this is a set up”.

  • cscape

    i’ll lay you 10 to 1 BB is a “Truther” (and a terminal victim of BDS)

    • cscape

      BDS (in case you forgot) = Bush Derangement Syndrome

  • John Locke

    How is talking trash about the president treason?

  • JMW

    Jeff, so proud of you for sticking up for President Bush who for eight long years was BushHitler to the left…..yeah, you sure do love the President whomever it is……right? right? You did stick up for Bush right?

    • Lou Cifer

      errrm Bush isn’t President anymore, DingleBarry is, so how about focusing on the current President instead of whining about someone not relevant anymore. Whatever Bush did is in the past…. get it? I’m sure you don’t but you can’t say no one tried to tell you.

      • Paul Schaffer

        Lou, JMW was making a point in response to Jeff’s idiotic post….Scroll Up…

    • Master Chief


  • Kawfy

    respect is earned…and your screaming banshee-like protectionist attitude is more in keeping with a lunatic

  • chicagoxile

    So, it seems this hostage-for-terrorists exchange was all about firing up the far left base.

    • Penelope210

      I think it is much worse than that. Look at Obama’s actions across the Middle East. He is empowering the Islamists and MB in Egypt,Libya,Syria..even arming them! No…it is something much more sinister than fring up a bunch of leftist drones. They are just the useful idiots.

  • journogal

    How is the poster – in your own words – “deeply racist, bigoted, insecure, and uneducated. The very opposite of the definition of ‘American’ with which you pretend to identify.” Please explain, with any credible proof, without being over-emotional.

  • AbdullahtheButcher

    You just referred to the POTUS with the “F” word. Some respect.

  • journogal

    How is the poster showing disrespect? Were you completely asleep during Bush’s terms and the taunts of “Bushilter” and worse (including an assassination movie made of him) or is it different now because a Democrat holds the office? I recall a former Senator and SoS saying that “dissent was patriotic,” but of course this is when a Republican held the office, so different rules must have applied then.

    • Jeff

      It doesn’t matter who holds that title. The President is the president. The proof is a snarky little comment about President Obama being a Muslim. Prayer rugs etc. even if he were a Muslim, who gives a fuck? I am a former marine who has had the pleasure of meeting many presidents from H.W. to Clinton to W. to Obama and one thing has always been clear: these men are Americans that care about this country.

      • journogal

        That remark doesn’t make anyone – in your words – “deeply racist, bigoted, insecure, and uneducated. The very opposite of the definition of ‘American’ with which you pretend to identify.” This statement lessens your argument and/or point you are trying to make. It’s their opinion, you can certain disagree with it, but making blanketed statements like that appears that you are looking for a fight.
        Did you feel the same about the left saying vile things about Bush, and many of those comments weren’t “snarky” statements, either. Did you call them out as well?

        • Modres

          Jeff: “even if he were a Muslim, who gives a fuck?”

          You really ARE an idiot. You think Clinton and Obama care about this country?

          If Obama IS a Muslim, it makes all the difference in the world because his loyalty is to ALLAH, not America. But maybe you should do some reading. Start with the Quran.

          • mare cloyd

            maybe if people did get off their high horses and did some research such as reading the Quran they would find the truth and why it does matter.even the left is considered to be infidels and it tells what to do with they think that they will escape anything? we are in so much trouble as a nation

          • dinkerduo

            Plus HE SAID, “If things get ugly I’ll stand with the Muslims”!!!! WTF!!! An Americans potus SAYING HE’D STAND WITH OUR ENEMIES?!? AND YOU DON’T SEEM TO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!?
            Everything this idiot does favors the Muslim side of things–changing the engagement rules on the battlefield–not calling them terrorists–if they’re Muslims that’s OK whatever they do like at Ft. Hood and I could go on for a week!! Morons like you are letting the destruction of America happen and cheer while you do!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

        • George Disbrow

          A person who hides from reality is a person who is brain dead…Like the saying goes, hey kid, you can’t kid a kid that can’t be kid by a ??? get me ???

          • captaingrumpy

            Sorry , I’m lost in that comment.

      • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

        That’s why Obama came in on the platform to “fundamentally change” the country he loves so, and he and his wife have never been proud of their country until he got elected. His actions suggest that his loyalty is not to us or this country.

        • mare cloyd

          and the one thing he has kept his word that he will fundamentally change America and he has and he is not done yet.

        • dinkerduo

          And the old wifey said–on a UTube video–while they were watching a parade type of an event behind a bullet proof enclosure–she leaned into him and said, “All this for a damn flag”! He looked at her and nodded in agreement! While these two have lived in the WH is the first time, in my adult life, that I’ve been ASHAMED of my country!!

      • Ryan Schneider.

        Very well. I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume, for now, that you are consistant about the mandatory respect that you claim all presidents deserve. You must have a lot of resentment for liberal boomers who effectively killed that sacred tradition. Before Johnson, and particularly Nixon, the presidency was always held as you say, and rightly so, but that came to an end in the 60s and the precident that a president you don’t like is fair game for the worst emotional attacks was established. Conservatives and centrists generally tried to hold on to some dignity in discourse, but, really, how much abuse can we take before we are forced to respond in kind? If you seriously want a return to the kind of curtousy that motivated people to beat up paparazzi for trying to take embaressing photos of FDR in his wheel chair, then you need to focus your discipline on the left. Once a majority of them have learned the concept of shame, we will finally be able to drop our guard, (the best defense is a good offence), and return to mutually civil discorse, where we will still make critical judgements based on well reasoned observation, and express our dissapointments with as much self control as possible. Just remember, the left started this disrespect, and they will have to finish it.

        • Melody Lanzatella

          A president is not owed respect! They must earn it! Obama is the one disrespecting the office of the presidency!

          • Ryan Schneider.

            Well, I would say there is, or rather WAS, such a thing a respectful disrespect, and such a paradox dominated most political criticisms between parties for 190 years, with notable exceptions from just before the civil war through some of reconstruction.

        • Master Chief

          Nixon was much more a President than Obama could ever hope to be, he at least kept the faith with the military. His crime was trying to protect the people under him.

          • Ryan Schneider.

            Oh, I agree. It kind of makes me wish that the latest X-Man film was real; there would have been no way they could have threatened to impeach him under those circumstances.
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      • Ryan Schneider.

        Thank you for serving. I am always greatful, no matter your general personal views, so long as your intent remains patriotic, and I have no reason to doubt that it is.

      • Utopia Can Never be Achieved

        Jeff, Hey, I’m a vet too for what it’s worth. One only needs to respect the office of the president, but not the president himself / herself. I don’t care if a president has a D, and R or an I after their name – if they don’t lead by example, then I don’t think full respect is warranted. When we have a president who says one thing, but does another, effect the citizens of the U.S.? Well, it sends a message to people that they don’t need to be truthful, to have ethics. It tells them that they don’t need to be honest. Do I think all citizens follow his lead? No. But, there are enough citizens that will easily think that if the president does it, it’s OK for them too.

        • Joe Bobby Van Vactor

          TtwoT, that is one great post. Finally someone who makes sense, thank you.

      • Col. Nathan Jessup

        Former Marine?
        You were never a Marine. There is no such thing as a “former” Marine.
        Peace through Superior Firepower
        Semper Fi
        1st MAW

        • Old Fortran guy

          Semper Fi! Right on the money, Col. Jessup.

        • Kirk Billingsley

          Yeah that is why I called bullshit! We are NEVER former Marines, Never! He is just a poser

      • Michael Ryan

        @Jeff your as stupid as they come.
        Obama is no lover of this country and for you to say that is just downright stupid. Maybe get your head out of your third point of contact and quit eating shit your being fed by the white house staff.
        If you can’t see the truth in everything going on in this world…You need to change your name to Stupid.

      • Dan H

        Hahaha good one. No Marine or any real American for that matter would share your stupid opinion on our President being a muslim.

        • TheKing

          Obama us surely a Muslim.l Check out the ring he is wearing. It praises Allah. there are enlarged pictures of it on the internet. Need more proof? let me know we have lots of proof

      • Lou Cifer

        Respect is earned, not given, especially to one that blatantly lies, ignores the Constitution, goes around Congress at every opportunity, and thinks himself above the laws. The President is a citizen with a government job… that is it, the Constitution is his boss, he is not a ruler, he doesn’t get to make up the rules for his job. He defies the Constitution he should be impeached without hesitation. This should apply to every President, not just this one.

        • TheKing

          where is the dignity of our US Senators? They let a lying, America destroying President to enact laws on his own, commit violations at whim and donot hold him accountable. If I were a Senator I would be pissed that the Prez was taking away my responsibilities to enact laws. So, senators, stand up for America. Go on record as warning the President the congress will no longer tolerate his taking over the government and that further abuses will lead to the initiatiion of impeachment proceedings. Stand up for America not a Prez who is killing out nation.

      • prlgrl

        Nope. Every single thing The Won does brings harm to this country. If he “cares” about this country, it’s only to the extent that it can enrich him while he’s in office while simultaneously bringing about the country’s destruction.

      • Master Chief

        Obama does not care about the USA and what the hell is a “former” Marine??? signed Command Master Chief Richard Bogert USN Retired

        • Isahiah62

          yup! busted

      • Kirk Billingsley


      • dinkerduo

        Jesus man—you must hang with George Clooney!!!
        Why is THIS potus’s records SEALED you moron–it’s because he is a foreign–illegitimate–mulatto–socialist commie–Marxist Muslim–that’s why!!! Get your head out of you a———-!

        • dinkerduo

          Plus when I criticize THIS potus–I’m criticizing his WHITE HALF–SO GO STICK IT!!!

      • captaingrumpy

        Jeff , Jeff , Jeff , comon , come back to Earth.

      • SoCalPatriot

        Thanks for your service, Brother. But where have you been the last 6 years? Moochelle said that she and BO-he was raised as a Muslim and Islamic law makes him a Muslim if his father was, they hated America until he was elected by the LIV’s. He is very different from all other POTUS. He behaves as an adolescent bully, taunting, insulting, belittling those who did not vote for him or who questions him or who he perceives as being in his way of deconstructing America. Who would have believed that someone elected to be President of all Americans would behave in this way? He is actively waging war on the rest of us, and any action taken to fight back is OK, after seeing how he operates. He and the Dems will destroy anyone in their way to re-make America. Start paying attention.


      Well of course! Jeff is a sad troll still living in his moms basement with a poster of Che and drinking coffee brother.

  • Axelgreaser

    DO THE RIGHT THING MR. OBAMA…STEP DOWN. Obama by-passed Congress. General’s are fuming…and these new careless actions of Obama may very well endanger us and future generations. Obama released one terrorist that has killed thousands outside even of the WTC. Who in the world is in charge of the United States???

    • Kawfy

      This guy will NEVER do the right thing. The majority of the electorate was swayed by a flashy marketing campaign complete with styrofoam greek columns. We are going to have to live with our actions…or inactions …for a long time…Lord help us

  • ToyZebra

    I hope both Bob and his son keep talking. Let the public (especially voters) see them and hear them. Let them see what Obama traded five dangerous terrorists for.

  • globalcrap

    You mean the jihad kid in our American White House, who keeps our borders wide open ? Didn’t help the four Americans in Benghazi who were murdered . Holder and his gun running guns over the border. I R S scandal, and now “5” Jihad Terrorist with American blood on their hands, released for an A WOL who walked away from America.

    • Jeff

      If you don’t like America then you can get out

      • Misanthrope

        Which is exactly what you said to everyone protesting Bush and the Iraq War, amirite?

        • Modres

          Jeff: “If you don’t like America then you can get out”

          Which is interesting considering how many Muslims (and others) in this country want to change it by overriding parts of the Constitution.

          Seems to me they don’t like America and aren’t leaving either.

      • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

        Nice demonstration of your oral skills and critical thinking, dropping the F-bomb in reference to the president. Speaking ill of the president doesn’t constitute treason, dingbat. The president of the US may well be a Muslim. Regardless of what you think of a faction that has a penchant for violence, hates Christians, gays, women, America and pretty much anything that isn’t them, that would make Obama a lying liar that lies, since when campaigning, he claimed to be a Christian. Of course, it’s just one in a pile of lies. Oh, and there’s always that conflict of interest thing.

      • Utopia Can Never be Achieved

        “If you don’t like America then you can get out”

        What part of not liking America was relayed in the poster’s message? The person just pointed out a handful of issues that we are living under with this leadership for the United States.

        • Stryder51

          I’d use the term “leadership” VERY loosely when referring to the current Administration.

      • Joe Bobby Van Vactor

        Jeff, that man has a right to his opinion. Especially since he is speaking the truth.

      • Col. Nathan Jessup

        Jeff, the liar, former Marine.
        You, sir, a P.O.S. Why don’t you get out?
        Peace through Superior Firepower
        Semper Fi
        1st MAW

  • Jeff

    Muslims are crazy! Christians are sane

    • journogal

      Impressive, very impressive. Showing everyone that you are a bigot.

      • Jeff

        Just playing devils advocate here

        • journogal

          Showing your $ss is more like it.

        • Jeff

          I’ve met so many different kinds of people through war it’s kind of mind blowing. I do think there are horrible people that need to be locked up forever and/or killed. But who gets to make that call? It’s tricky

          • Jeff

            We need to have a little more faith in our government. This isn’t the 1700s. We do need a federal government. Raising a pathetic little militia won’t protect us and our family from a serious terrorist attack.

          • journogal

            Umm…no one said we didn’t need a federal government. We need a federal government that acts within the laws per the Constitution. Not one where the President makes them up unilaterally. There is a reason for checks and balances. I have a slight feeling is this was a Republican President, you wouldn’t be so understanding.

          • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

            Talking to yourself makes you sound addled.

          • tops116 ✓Quipper

            We all talk to ourselves. Most of us just don’t use a message board as part of the process.

          • tops116 ✓Quipper

            “We need to have a little more faith in our government.”

            It’d be nice if the government tried to earn a little more faith instead of dropping the ball repeatedly.

        • tops116 ✓Quipper

          Bergdahl’s gonna be mad that you’re trying to take his job.

    • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

      Muslims are violent.
      Christians are not.

    • The Masked Avatar

      Muslims hate bacon.
      Christians love bacon.
      That’s all you need to know about good and evil.

    • Jake Bradford

      The Death Cult racks up a bodycount each and every day on this planet. Murder, rape, torture, subjugation and intimidation.
      I spit on it and I spit on you

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Yeah, pretty much.

  • Jeffrey Rogers

    Can you all not see this for what it is?

    The select committee on Benghazi starts tomorrow

    VA scandal has left, right and the media at Obama’s doorstep

    IRS scandal is still brewing with more and more evidence coming out showing that DC, not Cincinnati called all the shots.

    Carney had enough and told the Prez to find another whipping boy. Who knows, maybe Obama told him to come out and lie about this hostage swap too and Carney said F you.

    Hillary met with Obama within the last few days, They tried to hide it.

    This whole thing timed to get you talking about this bat poop crazy dude and his weirdo son. It seems to have worked.

  • Michelle ✓classified

    Oh Jeffikans, you don’t know the first thing about me and your assumptions are nothing but pure comedy to me. You’re new to Disqus, I’ll give you some slack until you get a bit more educated around here. Until then, let knee-jerk, ignorant reactions prevail!

  • Michelle ✓classified

    Ah hey – I was so consumed by the Kings game tonight and trying to keep up with the Twitter replies to my tweets, that I missed you posting this Twitchy Team! Much thanks for adding my tweets to this post. I made them just to give Mr. Bergdahl a dose of reality. (WIlliam, thanks buddy)

    • Jeff

      Fair enough – respect your opinions…seen some stuff and I try to keep an open mind. Be well

      • Michelle ✓classified

        Fair enough, how? My comment was to thank the Twitchy Team for adding my tweets to the post.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      “You are doing nothing more than destroying America’s delight in the release of your son.”
      Awesome tweet, Michelle!

      • Michelle ✓classified

        Well, we know me…call it like I see it. Thanks friend.

    • JaneSmith100

      Michelle, being that you’re in LA, CA please join us. We’re on fb – look for CALIFORNIA STATE POLITICS. We have a lot of righties/INDIES/Libertarians/TECHIES we are LGBTQ friendly and pretty much stay neutral on social issues. I completely agreed with what you said though I think Bowe’s father seems to also have had a breakdown. I believe Bowe was raped repeatedly there and I dislike the right’s reaction to scream “traitor” right now. Anyways, please join us. Thx.

  • JR48

    I have no issue with him lobbying for the release of his son, and that was accomplished. However, it remains to be seen what damage those five released men will cause, let alone any of the others that remain.

    My first reaction was that this kid was naive, now it looks like the father is also. The only people remaining at GITMO seem to be the worst. That place was such a political hot potato, the oops, sorry about that group was released a long time ago.

    • Indian Andy

      You’re right. Only the hard core leaders are there now.

    • carmenta

      You are too kind to believe them guilty only of naivete. Naive indicates innocence or simplistic thinking….I fear the father and son are actually aggressively pro-Taliban/Jihad, with an agenda that may be extremely dangerous

  • Ironside

    From what I read the boy should be court martialed for desertion if not treason. The old man would do better to just shut his yap and disappear back into the woods.

    • Michelle ✓classified

      Still waiting to hear Sgt. Bergdahl’s account of the events before I form an opinion, but absolutely agree with you that the old man just needs to shut his yap and disappear.

    • Indian Andy

      Charge the old hippie with treason.

  • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

    True dat.
    See: occupant of White House.

  • GoldsteinsBook

    Waiting for @michellemalkin to report on what kind of kitchen countertops #BoweBergdahl 's parents have. #tcot #impeach— TBogg (@tbogg) June 1, 2014

    • Michelle ✓classified

      Why would she be concerned with the status of their countertops when the father is making himself pretty clear as a terrorist cheerleader? Grow up, Cupcake.

      • GoldsteinsBook

        I can’t imagine what it would be like to only see brief clips of your Taliban-held son for five years. I’m not ready to call for the heads of Bergdahl and his dad just yet.

        The entire situation is strange…it’s interesting to speculate as to what ‘the real story’ is but, just like you and me, the Malkintents currently filling up Berdahl’s dad’s timelines with charges of treason don’t know the full story.

        Regardless, in a move that surprises no one, the Michelle Malkin model of getting her users to harass people they don’t know is working…just as it did when she was stalking a 7th-grader with a brain stem injury. You might recall she incorrectly informed her readers that Frost’s parents had granite countertops after she crept around the family’s house and peeked through their windows. I thought TBogg’s tweet was funny because it pokes fun at the worst excesses of some citizen journalists and their readers.

        • JaneSmith100

          I’m on the right and I pretty much agree with you. We don’t know what happened to this guy. Most likely he was raped and raped by his captors and that is the rumor I’m hearing. I don’t like McCain’s reaction and the entire right sort of disgusts me right now with the overreaction to getting this guy out.

          • carmenta

            Have you looked at ANY of the accounts of those who were serving with Bowe Bergdahl at the time he ‘left his post’? Have you read the names and bio’s of those killed while searching for him? Or the wounded? Before you accuse ‘the entire Right’ of over-reacting, perhaps you should accept that there are others who may be better informed of the circumstances and consequences of Bergdahls actions.

            Getting this guy out, in the way it has been accomplished, may come back to bite America, really, really hard.

          • lazypadawan

            Yes, and it will be against our soldiers, paper pushers in some foreign embassy or consulate, tourists, or right in our own backyard, not the politicians and strategists who did this.

        • tops116 ✓Quipper

          Hmm, I can’t seem to find your criticism of Harry Reid and other Democrats calling the Koch brothers “un-American” for–gasp–supporting another point-of-view. Would you mind sharing that?

          • GoldsteinsBook

            You must have confused me with the caricature of a liberal you carry around to avoid engaging with someone who actually has liberal viewpoints on some issues.

            Harry Reid is an embarrassment and his painful attempt at populism is only highlighting the hypocrisy of The Democratic Party crying about the corrupting influence of money in politics. I would like to see some real reform in campaign finance but Harry Reid is hardly the right messenger. I also have a problem with US Congressmen publicly attacking private citizens.

            If you wanted to paint me as a hypocrite, you could have asked me what I think about Spike Lee’s tweeting the address of an elderly couple to his followers under the mistaken belief it was George ZImmerman’s. I think that’s a better comparison because Michelle Malkin encouraged her readers to read Free Republic pieces that were publishing the home address of a 7th grader. Like Lee, Malkin knew some of her readers would harass the family.

            I condemn Lee’s actions but. so far, you have refused to even discuss Malkin’s,

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      So it’s Michelle Malkin’s fault that Bergdahl keeps injecting himself into the public spotlight? O-kay.

      • GoldsteinsBook

        Of course not. I already explained why I thought TBogg’s tweet was funny.

  • silverburstgorilla

    Bowe Bergdahl’s dad retweeted an Afghan tweet celebrating Mujahedeen killing NATO soldiers.

    Click where it says 4 RETWEETS and you’ll find Robert Bergdahl. Or you could just go back in Bob’s timeline and find the RT (unless he deletes it, of course).

    When I Bing translated the linked Afghan page, it said this:

    “At 9 a.m. the Mujahedeen targeted tanks occupied forces RPG in the henduan Directorate Angell Herat province.

    Destroyed the tank completely, and killed two soldiers occupied and another seriously wounded.”

    • carmenta

      hideous. simply and totally hideous. Its beginning to look like Daddy Bergdahl should actually BE in Gitmo!

    • Jake Bradford

      The death of good men makes this piece of leftist scum happy.

  • clingermac

    The Real Baby Daddy looks like a Taliban himself. Wait until we find out the son left his post to go sign up with the boys. Will we get our 5 back to Gitmo?

  • CountMahdrof

    I couldn’t figure out why Barry would arrange to free a soldier until I learned about this clown. AWOL and gets captured? My old CO says that the prevailing opinion in the Army is that this guy was a bad actor and we shouldn’t have sacrificed for him. But a military hating soldier? Barry absolutely HAD to get this guy back. Probably be promoted to Colonel and appointed WH Liaison to the Joint Chiefs.

  • Perry

    Taliban claim captured U.S. solider has converted to Islam and is teaching its fighters bomb-making skills

    Read more:

  • Jake Bradford

    Completely entranced by the death cult.

  • Jake Bradford

    Leftist scum are hive insects

  • keyboard jockey

    Old hippy say’s what/

  • DANEgerus

    Cindy Sheehan version 2

    • keyboard jockey

      Notice Bob never mentions the men who died trying to rescue his son from the terrorist who held him- he’s just concerned about releasing violent terrorist. To call this entire family incredible ingrates would be an understatement.

  • DANEgerus

    Democrats vote against trade of “Gitmo 5” for deserter, Obama does it anyway claiming after 5 years it’s an “emergency”, LATimes headline “Republicans criticize swap”

  • Joshua Embrey

    Can someone please notify me if Michelle writes a new column about this sickening mess today? I work outdoors and can’t scour the app, but I’m very interested to read something new from my favorite, gorgeous conservative.

  • keyboard jockey

    Who has heard this family thank anyone who tried to rescue (6 died) or were involved in the release of their son? Their son for all appearances walked off the Army post he was ordered not to leave.

  • bicentennialguy

    I say we take up a collection and buy Bob a one-way ticket to Afghanistan or whatever Third World, Middle East sh#thole he’s loving on at the moment. He can run over there and be at peace and feel all the love and appreciation from those for whom he is advocating.

  • Jack Deth

    Interrogative Memo to Bob Bergdahl:

    Since Idaho is “hotbed” of gun toting, Bible thumping “Domestic Terrorists”. Don’t you think you ought to STFU?

  • keyboard jockey

    Bergdahl’s victims

    Has anyone heard from anyone in this family thank the people who tried to rescue Bergdahl’s son or their surviving families? Cricket’s this is a family of ingrates.

  • Modres

    Okay, so he got his deserter son released through the exchange of five of the worst Taliban commanders. How long before they start working against America again?

    Thank you Mr. Bergdahl for your service to Islam…

    • keyboard jockey

      The democrat’s are in pure pander mode to their base there is an election coming up in 6 months they are trying to gin up their base. This plays to the anti military and anti war base of the democrat party.

    • BAD BOB




  • Ray Jenkins

    Gitmo Bowe’s dad needs to put down Twitter and step away

  • M2000

    Hog tie this traitor, put him in jail and then baptize him in grease from bacon and pork.

  • drw

    Has anyone touched on the possibility that this was perhaps the plan all along and maybe had something to do with bowe “wandering” off the base?
    What strikes me as the most interesting bit of information to date is bob’s comment to bowe during the interview the other day;
    “Bowe, I love you, I am your father, please recognize we are on a mission… I’m so proud about how far you were willing to go to help the Afghan people.”

    • keyboard jockey

      Bob takes himself very seriously but think about it who is Bob? From the looks of it he’s a crank. Did his immature son buy into his rants anti military anti war rants? Does it matter at this stage?

      They planted trees in Afghanistan to make up for the war ravaged country is that part of their mission? They plant trees ever year Bowe Bergdahl has been gone. Where I come from we call those people Hippies and Tree Huggers.

      I wouldn’t take anything Bob tweets or says very seriously no matter how he want’s people to believe he’s some kind of “player” on the international stage.

      If Bob had any sense- given his son’s situation believed to have gone AWOL from his Army post, he would shut up and stop communicating his anti American B.S.

      • drw

        Dismissing bob’s comments as the ramblings of a madman seems reasonable enough. But, whether this was a deliberate plan by the bergdhal’s or they were merely willing dupes, the evidence, to me, smacks of conspiracy. It’s possible, as you say, that bob’s hit the bong once too often, that doesn’t mean he’s not a participant in something of other’s manufacture and merely hasn’t the intelligence to properly play his part. It is unreasonable to assume that our enemies haven’t the capacity to conceive or carry out a plan of this nature and there are too many questions for me to allow the simple explanation. Call me paranoid but, this administration has clearly demonstrated a desire to eliminate Gitmo and a willingness to “negotiate” with the tali-scum and others of similar stripe. Add to that the evidence of extremist sympathy and the “phony scandals” of similar tone and one cannot believe them incapable of some level of complicity. I don’t mean to suggest a direct hand in planning or implementation but, certainly the possibility of a willingness to leave some questions unasked.
        I may be completely wrong and I pray for the sake of our country that I am. I’m not, at this point willing to give those involved the benefit of any doubt, fairness aside, that’s no longer a safe thing to do.

        • keyboard jockey

          I have little doubt that the trade for his son was a political calculation that will come back to bite us all. The reason – we are 6 months out from an election. But Bob himself comes off as little more than a useful idiot, and not above exploiting his son’s ordeal for profit and attention.

          • drw

            The timing is a bit convenient isn’t it? At least it fits the pattern thus far. I truly hope you’re right about bob’s motives and there’s no deeper explanation.
            The last six years have taught me though that sometimes, even though the forest looks okay, sometimes it’s advisable to make a close inspection of the trees.

  • Reptiles Rule The World

    I hope he dies a slow painful death. He is as disgraceful as his deserter son.
    Barry is complicate in this terrorist exchange. They should all be locked away for selling out the country.
    Barry Obama, you are a piece of worthless shit.

  • Reptiles Rule The World

    I hope his son is harassed so much he moves back to his fav country.
    His dad should move to classless piece of garbage and traitor.
    Hope they both die a slow painful death.
    Barry Obama should be locked up from selling out America.
    He should go back to his native country Kenya. May he rot in hell.

  • gary2505Texas

    Bob looks alot like those 5 released from Gitmo.

  • rambler

    We finally get Cindy Sheehan to shut up and her replacement arrives.

  • rambler

    So is Bowe going to go for a John Kerry moment to lie to congress about seeing atrocities committed against the Afghan people? At least he doesn’t have a medals to toss around. That sniveling little traitor needs a trial not a homecoming.

    • keyboard jockey

      I suspect Bowe Bergdahl is a changed man his father on the other hand looks like a lost cause.

      • rambler

        I’m already sick of than father’s 15 mins of fame. I doubt he will go away quietly since he has a “cause” to promote.

        • keyboard jockey

          Well you know he said, there will be books written- in his on air press statement, and he probably is angling for a movie deal. He’s living in the right county in Idaho to pitch his son’s ordeal.

  • Beth Rose-Acor

    Anyone want to bet that Berdahl and Obama knew each other from before 2008? I am betting the farm on this one

  • $2943864

    How many innocent Americans do these people think Obama will trade for their treasonous deserter son?

  • kssturgis62

    HE spoke in Arabic on the White House steps during the Press conference. NO ONE IS SAYING anything about that. He basically Claimed the White House for Islam. His Dad has the beard which tells me he is Islamic or a Traitor.

    His son is a TRAITOR. HE is refusing to speak English and he most likely converted to Islam. I say he was always an Islamic Scum. He is a deserter. HE caused True Heros to be murdered.

  • Doug Dubick

    He’s muslim scum. I wonder if the Sgt. is also a muslim and that’s what got him into this mess in the first place. Trying to be friendly with the enemy?

  • S.Feagan

    Maybe if your AWOL son wouldn’t of ran away from his duties he wouldn’t of been captured! Sounds like the nut doesn’t fall from the tree

  • NewWest 123

    Another Dictator move knowing no one can do anything or will. He said he would close Gitmo and this is his way of doing just that. No point in even having a congress! This also shifts the story to this and away from all the other lawless crap he does. Forget the VA, forget the IRS, forget Bengauzi, forget Oasscare, forget climate change and the economy, oh yes and let’s just forget about the Marine in jail in Mexico!!!! This is all an example of what he will continue to do even if we win the senate….him and Valerie are right on track to destroy America!

  • Dick Clark

    Being a DESERTER is bad enough but this POS is also a TURNCOAT TRAITOR…making anti American videos for the Taliban…videos that say the exact same things as his last emails to his father. Our moron president has once again shown his disconnected naivete by touting his latest violation of U.S. law, will somehow will make HIM a hero to the U.S. veterans that he’s now trying to play up to!

  • Big Papa

    Well, he’s a muslim soooooo….Kind of strange he grew that beard. Dont see him on Duck Dynasty but can picture him in the caves of Afghanistan.

  • Legirons

    Anyone see how tight Obama was hanging on this guy’s wife when he walked them out? Looked about as uncomfortable as when he hugged Carney.

  • J. R. L.

    Wonder what he will tweet when his son is brought up on charges of desertion and consorting with the enemy – oh wait – never mind – Obama won’t let that happen.

    • keyboard jockey

      Hagel has already released a statement that door hasn’t closed.

      • J. R. L.

        Time will tell – I really don’t expect much from this administration.

        • keyboard jockey

          They keep talking about him being reunited with his parent’s now they are talking next week.

          His health was so bad they had to make the trade now but his health is so good he’s going to be home with his parent’s next week?

          They acknowledge he deserted his post. If his parents want to visit him it should be while he’s in the brig awaiting trial for desertion none of this makes sense.

  • lazypadawan

    This is like watching Patty Hearst’s family join the SLA and rob a bank too.

    • KimNC

      I think it would be more like finding out her family was involved with the SLA all along, and grooming her to be part of it.

  • Melody Lanzatella

    Im NOT delighted about his release! As far as I can tell he was not a prisoner but a guest, that went there voluntarily!

  • Kevin H Fox

    He is providing aide and comfort to the enemy. Maybe we should send him and his son to Qatar with the terrorists so they can be with their people.

  • dalyrymple

    This is the big one. The American people do not like deserters and treasonous citizens, not in this kind of vein…..Edward Snowden is a different kind of case….In this one American soldiers were killed looking for this deserter…..The American people when they get the real story on the Bergdahls are not going to be happy about it….This is the big one. Democrats who defend Mr. Obama on this are going to be turned out in November……..especially if the news media keeps showing faces of the Detainees that were released for this soldier who deserted his post and put fellow soldiers in jeopardy……The majority of Americans are going to be VERY ANGRY over this one, comrades……

    • Tom Winegar

      I think you are right, those that wondered about Obama’s loyalties now have a place to hang their hat. It pleases me greatly to see that everything the DemoCommies say and do just digs their hole a little deeper but releasing those animals kicks sand in the face of those that have and are serving in our armed forces to jail them. Obama is the worst traitor America has ever seen which just stinks up Obama’s already smelly legacy. He is worse than the ones that committed treason to help the Soviet Union and even worse than those that committed treason for money. Obama is the poster boy for worthless and now the word feces is what describes him.

    • Isahiah62

      I wish you were right in your predictions- but sad to say I can’t believe same- D/lib/left/prog are EXPERT swimmers in the river d-Nile. It’s way too wide for any of them to cross- if they try they are drowned by their “comrades” holding them by their shirttails. No reality is too big for them to ignore and no lie is too gigantic or insane for them to swallow and repeat, repeat, repeat….anger at Obama will do US no good, it’s way too little and WAY WAY too late – he is leaving anyway, they will still elect HRC or equivalent evil socialist dreamer


    He should be sent to Gitmo

  • TIMETOGObama

    All he has to do is convince another soldier to desert his post (leading to the deaths of others in his unit) and wait for the next Obama scandal.

  • WillVMI68

    Traitor father … Traitor son.

  • heyheymama51

    This is who we negotiated for – “I am ashamed to be an American. And the title of US soldier is just the
    lie of fools,” he concluded. “I am sorry for everything. The horror
    that is America is disgusting.”

  • StoptheInsanity

    I couldn’t even begin to image the pain he and his family have felt knowing their son was being held captive. Top that will the pain that the families feel whose loved ones were killed looking for his AWOL son. And, the tens of thousands of lost souls who lives have been ended at the hands of murderous jihadists.


      He knows where is son was at from jump street!

      • StoptheInsanity

        Interesting. I wouldn’t doubt. it I find it the details of what happened really strange. The Associated Press reported that On July 2, 2009 two U.S. officials told the them that a soldier (Bergdahl) had “just walked off” his base with three Afghans after his shift. What’s even more odd, is the majority of captives held by Taliban are tortured and beheaded, all of which is videotaped. I ask myself, why was Bergdahl spared? Obama using his executive privilege to negotiate with the Taliban, without congressional approval is also troubling. I am not willing to agree with the reasoning “that the mission couldn’t be compromised while waiting for congress.” Congress was able to meet concerning capturing Osama Bin Laden, so why not advise on rescuing a captured soldier? How is it that five, high ranking terrorist are released in exchange for one soldier?

        • Red Fred

          CNN has article today regarding the issues men who served with him have endured. Also that they signed nondisclosure, but have given info anyway.


          I agree wholeheartedly~ well put!

    • Isahiah62

      except that DADDY overlooks who exactly kept his son a “prisoner” unless of course he was NOT one and deserted as volunteer to ABET the ENEMY.

      Think about it- if your son was held captive you would INSULT demean and bash the country who SAVED his butt and cheer and rave about how wonderful the men who kept him captive are?? and not say ONE WORD of thanks or respect to the families of those who died for him and our nation?

      sad , grief NO that does not give him ANY excuse for advocating for Taliban

  • LegalizeShemp

    Another treasonous anti-American leftist boll weevil gnawing away at the fabric of our country with the dangerous moral relativism of the Left.

  • Tom Winegar

    Shut up Bob, you marginalized yourself by caring more about these animals than the American’s they have killed. Obama must have water-boarded him.

  • Morrill Turpitude

    Article III, section 3 of the US Constitution probably covers this guy.

  • Super Marsupial

    He’ll have to give up English like his son if he wants to talk to the traitor. Even better both can beat it to death-cult land

  • Chrisput

    This Guy is Scum. No wonder Barry gleefully complied in his Son’s release. Wonder what this POS thinks of Jews?


      We already have seen what he thinks of Jews Bru.

  • rssllue

    He gives guys with beards bad names.

  • LegalizeShemp

    When liberals say “we don’t leave men behind”, what they really mean is “we don’t ever leave men’s behinds.”


      Bwahahahahahaha that was brilliant,now you are banned hahahaa

  • bo1921

    I think bob and bowe are both aiming for a gig on msnbc. nbc needs to sign them quick – they’d be a boon for the hate America crowd.

    • you can’t win

      MSNBC says “LEAN FORWARD, we have some Growing Hope for you”.


    I am a wounded combat vet. I have seen the destruction and death that the taliban put into works. I would never ,if captured, agree with releasing 5 senior taliban leaders for my freedom. My brothers in arms gave their lives to capture these 5 men. Men who gave orders which resulted in many american deaths. I would gladly stay prisoner so these men could not kill any more Americans.

    But, I was never prisoner and I never ABANDONED MY POST.



    • FlaVet

      Your service is appreciated…Thank You.

  • WeJa23

    You know Americans have gone crazy when they claim a beard makes you un-American and a jihadist. Hmm..? Then I suppose it is safe to assume you hate Jews too! Yep, Americas version of the Taliban in full swing here. Can you really think it’s okay to force people who’s religion and people have been around longer then America and Americans to your way of life and thinking? I bet the people over think you all are crazier then them and love that you all are doing what they expected, dividing us.You all are easy sheep. Just because a soldier decided he no longer believed in what America was doing over there, beyond the actual hunt for Bin Laden, doesn’t make him any less of an American. And until it is proven he left of his own free will (funny it wasn’t until the emails that his fellow soldiers called him deserter and not before). I know many who didn’t believe in the Vietnam War but are they any less American? No, some people are peaceful and not war mongers, Umm.. I know another peaceful man who wouldn’t defend any of this bullshit on here… JESUS! Oh yeah I forgot you folks practice dissonance!

    • ForTheRepublicOfDave


    • you can’t win

      Wow, it is difficult to follow your liberal logic.

    • Evey50

      ^^^^^Definition of “IDIOT”……..

    • AZWarrior

      We know them by their words and deeds. That is not prejudice, it is rational thought and reasoning. Personally, I would be careful attributing to others motives that more likely are yours. Transference isn’t mentally healthy.

  • Guest

    This is how the dictionary should read……….

  • renvers

    Well, at least we know why his son turned out to be such a wingnut.

  • Guest

    This is how the dictionary should read but I’m having trouble getting the picture to upload……….

  • Jo Post

    He needs to be tweeting about getting our Marine held hostage in Mexico free – but no, he’s more worried about terrorists. Brilliant!

  • Katie Bell

    Hey Congress – KILL THE DEAL!!

  • moe

    With all the beheading and deaths, how did this guy survive as a pow?

    • you can’t win

      They found a good use for him.

  • Chrissy the Hyphenated

    This got me thinking that POWs are never released before a war is over and all the treaty stuff is signed. These guys at GITMO are POWs in the Global War on Terror. So far as I’ve heard, none of the major aggressors are saying anything about peace, only “Destroy Jews and Christians” and “Destroy Israel and America.” So yeah, they’re still locked up. How come if they were so hot to sacrifice for their cause, they’re so whiney about being caged up with 3 hots, a cot, a soccer field of their own and ice cream on Fridays? Would they be happier if we treated them badly? Now there’s a thought. ::snort:: jk

  • Alan Tuttle

    Here’s what I’m a afraid of…. More Americans going to Afghanistan, getting “kidnapped” by the Taliban, and basically using themselves as bargaining chips to get prisoners out of Gitmo. You can’t second-guess these muslims – they are more than willing to do something like this. Thanks, Obama, for setting the new policy.

  • rogleecam

    John Kerry with a beard!

  • soundnfury

    Six servicemen have already died trying to find his deserter son. Now he wants to add insult to injury?

  • affenhauer

    Cindy Sheehan 2.0 — nothing more, nothing less…

  • John Smith

    There are times even I think Obama deserves a break. Do his people go out of their way to do things that make the President look small, or is it just something they do by accident? Keep at it White House – you’re likely to do something to make him look competent one of these days.

  • omega2


  • VietnamVet1967

    Something is funny with him and his dad

    • you can’t win

      Just your average liberal loons.

  • #NeverHillary

    this guy needs to team up with the gun-grabber martinez in california

  • justathought22

    I do not delight in his release. He was awol, deserted, left of his own free will causing several deaths of service men who had to go out looking for him. And sadly I fear will cause the deaths of many others at the hands of the freed terrorists.

  • you can’t win

    Bahgdad BoB needs to shut the hell up and be happy AWOL BooB JR. is coming home. You can shave off the Jihadi beard now, it worked they totally believe you are on their side!

    • LimpingHenry

      They’re not the only ones.

  • Timothy-Allen Albertson

    I hear Sgt BERGDAHL has first apointment scheduled at the VA: FOR SEPTEMBER 16. 2016. But only if he changes his name—it sounds too much like Benghazi

  • jimmyrourke

    Shave that beard you loser,you look Taliban

    • Michelle ✓classified

      He’ll take that as a compliment.

  • yourmamatoo

    Why doesn’t he pack up his family and move to Afghanistan?

  • John

    You have to view the swap in the proper context, these aren’t terrorists but wrongly imprisoned freedom fighters. See, once you view it through the eyes of liberals it all makes sense.

  • Hotlanta Mike
  • Engineer66

    Obama will regret this deal…didn’t think he could do any worse after Russia and Iran..I was wrong.

  • dboz555

    I agree release all Guantanamo prisoners; release them into body bags.

  • Todd Cimini

    Sadly, they likely will all be released … just like the tens of thousands of violent illegals were released a few weeks ago. This administration is beyond cunning, and this is all just slight of hand to get our attention away from the real issues and power-abusing antics they are becoming famous for. We need to cut through the noise and continue to highlight the lowlifes.

  • m4time

    Stupid people wear me out.

  • Jackie68

    Hmmm, Why would anyone want to help free the same group of people who held his son hostage. If my child was killed by a drunk driver I would not want drunk drivers released from prison, and if my child were kidnapped or murdered, I would not want all murdering kidnappers released from prison. These people are crazy or they are also terrorist.

  • Joe Shmoe

    Piece of shit! Bob, please translate in Pashto for your prick of a son.

  • Hugh Jass

    Seems like a case of stockholm syndrome.

    • Angyl Ricardi

      why would the soldier’s FATHER have Stockholm syndrome? He wasn’t held prisoner, his son was. It’s obvious where this man’s loyalties lie. Not sure if you were being sarcastic or not though.

      • Hugh Jass

        I think he converted to islam at the bequest of his son’s captors. Since the gov’t wasn’t doing anything to get his son out, he took it upon himself to do something. He’s obviously been in contact with them. I’ve been to Haily ID, not many muslims live there. Perhaps Stockholm syndrome is the wrong word.

    • teddy martin

      Stockholm syndrome is the effect of slowly agreeing with your captors after a lengthy time in captivity. The father has converted to Taliban thinking without capture and the son was pro-Taliban before his desertion and “capture” by the Taliban.

  • Earl Sullivan

    I guess he won’t stop till he gets all the murderers get released from GITMO

  • Sean p

    Yeah why not let them all out! Lets see 5 for a deserter how many for a draft dodger ? 3 or 4???? IDIOTS

  • The Unassuming Local Guy

    I know having your son in captivity for 5 years can be stressful, but this is a special new level of crazy.

  • Valjean

    His son is a traitor and so is he. He lives in a country where his First Amendment rights protect him in calling for the release of terrorists whose life purpose is to destroy democracy and crush those very rights. How hypocritical is that?

  • Angelgreg

    Bowe needs to go to Gitmo!

  • Missy Butz Hammond

    Send this family back to where they came from…and IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT!

  • Joe Ramirez

    Get this POS off my beloved country He’s not
    worthy of breathing our air.

  • White Army

    Here’s a resource – formatted for smartphones – that I’ve found useful for educating younger people on the basic institutions of Western civilization:

  • Master Chief

    If this is a good deal, why didn’t Obama make an offer to trade 5 terrorists for this guy five years ago instead of waiting to campaign for a third term??? It should be obvious to the most casual observer that we are always happy to see the return of any Service member but also that we should not deal with terrorists In this manner. signed Command Master Chief Richard Bogert USN Retired NFWS (Top Gun)

  • Kirk Billingsley

    Take you Muslim self and family and move the phoque out of here.

  • Poor_Richard

    His son is no longer in the Afganistan prison, but he is far from free. If he walked away from his post and is a deserter as alleged and he wrote the words attributed to him, he will be tried and could be away for a much longer time than fiver years. And rightfully so. Maybe he can share a cell with the Traitor in Chief.

  • Buckeye RUSSELL

    He should been in a military jail for going AWOL……

  • Vinchenz

    It figures Obama “swaps” 5 American enemies for 1 American Traitor/Deserter/AWOL – and tries to hail this as if he is a hero for doing so.

    This guy is freakin unbelievable – the VA. FortHood, and now this – the guy hates the military – ole’ Limpwrist can’t stand that our soldiers are men and he is just a mouse.

    Getting real tired of his passive/aggressive behavior toward our military.

  • Conserv_58

    Bob is a devout muslim. His son is a muslim POS that deserted his fellow Americans. Six brave Americans were murdered trying to find Bob’s traitorous son. Obama, a muslim, violated the law, AGAIN, by circumventing congress, AGAIN, to broker this illegal exchange. We the people have been the victims of another propaganda lie administered by this White House with the aid of the lap dog main stream media. What we have here is another bald faced lie and despicable bait-n-switch scheme by Obama and his communist administration.

    The reality of this lawless act is Obama has committed treason by releasing five highly dangerous radical muslim terrorists that will undoubtedly immerse themselves back into conducting attacks against Americans. He and his lying and deceptive administration along with the MSM are positioning Bergdahl as a POW when there is overwhelming evidence proving Bergdahl to be a muslim traitor.

  • Maggie

    Questions for Daddy Bergdahl: Exactly where were those five Tunisians being held for 10 yrs at Gitmo picked up (I’d wager it wasn’t Tunisia), and what were they holding/carrying/doing at the time of their capture? And are they some of those Gitmo detainees that have, over the last decade, been offered back to their own countries but their government didn’t want them back? But keep up the good work, sir. You’re making our case…

  • Barbara Whipps James

    the democrats are always against anything said about mr stupid but with this done maybe they will think of danger to them and their families now with the release of the terrorists by their brother.if they applaud this they are really anti AMERICAN

  • Jarvis Vetch

    I want to know how many illegal immigrant “detainees” Obama will send back to Mexico for the release of a true, honest, loyal fighting man; Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.
    He should be worth 50, 60 thousand of them.

  • azchurchmouse

    Lock this guy up before he goes berserk…and commits and act of terror. He looks scary, sounds scary…

  • Mark_Melrose

    Bob Bergdahl is another POS.

  • teddy martin

    Obama traded wanted war criminals for Bergdahl.
    Mullah Noorudin Turabi was the Taliban’s former justice minister, During the Taliban’s 1996-2001 rule in Afghanistan, the one-legged Turabi was considered a religious hard-liner and had legal responsibility for the regime’s brutal public executions. Turabi was also reportedly behind the decision in 2001 to blow up Afghanistan’s ancient Bamiyan Buddha statues, an incident that caused international outcry. Noori has been wanted by the United Nations (UN) for possible war crimes including the murder of thousands of Shiite Muslims.

  • teddy martin

    Like father, like son.

  • teddy martin

    Can’t understand how Obama didn’t throw in Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, the blind sheik held in a US prison for the WTC bombing in 1993. That would be a favor to his favorite Egyptian, Mohamed Morsi.

  • Archer51

    I guess the son is just riding along in his crazy caboose attached to daddy’s crazy train.

    I bet they all voted for Obama.

  • sloppyjoe1973

    Quick question.

    How can people be responding on June 1 to a tweet sent out on June 2? If we’re to take the screenshot seriously, it was taken 5 minutes after Bergdahl’s tweet. Yet it was tweeted on the second..or the first…depending on which screenshot you’re looking at. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation.