At National Review Online today, Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) announced legislation he has introduced to create an independent office to oversee Obamacare’s implementation and administration.

…today I introduced legislation to create a Special Inspector General for Monitoring the Affordable Care Act — or SIGMA — an office to be tasked specifically with examining the implementation and administration of the ACA across the many federal departments, state exchanges, outside contractors, and a deeply involved White House in a way that no single oversight official currently can. SIGMA will serve as an independent watchdog, conducting audits and investigations to discern the full story and report directly to the American people on what decisions are being made, how the law is performing, and whether families and businesses are better off.

Just in case House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi disagrees with the need for an independent watchdog to keep an eye on Obamacare, Roskam has taken advantage of Twitter’s “Throwback Thursday” to remind her of her many calls for the very same type of oversight.

Things certainly changed since 2010.

So, how about some oversight of the Affordable Care Act?

  • CR

    Maybe they can appoint Eric Holder. He seems like he’s on the ball about investigating stuff. Or Lois Lerner, she’s not working right now right?

    Even if we somehow got an inspector general (spoiler: we won’t), I can guarantee it wouldn’t be an impartial one.

    Not to mention, usually when a train wreck is in progress, you don’t appoint someone to oversee the continuation of the wreck. You might hire someone to investigate what went wrong after it’s done (spoiler: Obama) or to try to stop it, but not to ensure the wreck happens more effectively.

    • castlemonster

      Um, yeah I agree. Just calling it a watchdog doesn’t give it teeth. It would just be another flailing tentacle.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      The Dems would make sure that it was an Obama donor put in charge of the oversight

    • DC is Evil

      What about Obama’s mother-in-law? Surely she’s sick of traveling on the taxpayer dime with her daughter.

  • Maxx

    Agree. It might actually require an Inspector General to get to the bottom of the actual numbers….instead of these constant lies to the American people that this sh*t sandwich is a resounding success.

  • Informed&Concerned

    Hats off to Roskam! . . nice collection of TBT’s to buttress his legislation.

  • Brown

    If you read under his tweets liberals are upset that he even called for it.

    [email protected] and @TazAndMurray seem pretty upset he even asked for it and even bashed him for using a meme. They are even saying this is a war on woman haha.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Liberals were for oversight before they were against it.

  • Mango

    The first thing they should be investigating is how the HELL it’s OK for the administration to be allowing people to enter their personally identifiable information into a website they know damn well isn’t secure and who knows if it ever will be. How exactly is that OK? Imagine if Amazon just said, “we know our site isn’t secure, but go ahead and enter in that credit card info.” I don’t think that would be acceptable on any level. Just waiting for the cases of identity theft to come pouring in..just another side effect of the sick and twisted Obamacare nightmare.

    • WhoDat

      The website has been running for a few months now, I haven’t heard of any identity theft cases involving it.

      • DavidKramer

        Your knowledge of anything is irrelevant and irreverent to the discussion.

      • journogal
        • WhoDat

          First link is a 404.

          Second link talks about what could happen if they didn’t fix it.

          I’m talking about actual users who had their identity stolen via the website.

          • journogal

            So let’s not worry or be concerned until it is too late, right? Let’s sit around and wait until people have their identity stolen! Spoken like someone who has never been through that nightmare.
            And btw, I didn’t have a problem with the NBC link. Try again.

          • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

            Just Google “obamacare identity theft stolen”. The website has only been “online” for 5 months. “The website needs to be running so you can see the security flaws in it…” 😉

            “Woman signs up for Obamacare, has identity stolen”

            And the scams coming from Obamacare…

            “ObamaCare identity theft reported in Virginia”

          • Ice Cold Troll

            My house has never been robbed in the six months I’ve lived in it, so I’m not bothering with locking the doors any more.

      • tops116 ✓Quipper

        And if you can’t trust the guy who insisted Obamacare would be a rousing success, who can you trust?

      • marcellucci

        I see….the cancer hasn’t grown enough for you to see it……
        … let it be……

      • Mango

        Fact: the website is NOT secure, IT experts testified for hours on that fact. What about that says to you, “meh, it’s cool if I put all my info in here, nothing will ever ever happen.” Would you put your money in a safe with no locking door? And doesn’t it take a while before anyone catches on to the fact that some degenerate is out there using your information? Even the navigators aren’t “secure,” they’re ex-cons and terrorists…if this monster isn’t going to be repealed any time soon there has to be some serious investigating going on. The negligence on the part of the administration is mind blowing.

  • R.C.

    First thing to investigate is why no one had mandatory oversight set up to begin with, maybe?
    Sick of both parties, even if he’s serious. Repeal it. Its been changed, changed, changed, changed, delayed, changed and maybe delayed and changed since it was signed into law.
    If this is not a sham and a mockery of our “rule of law” then none exist.
    Oversight can report back in 2017 to tell us how bad it is.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy


    Do respect Rep. Roskam, but go screw.

    A toddler needs “oversight”.

    Obamacare needs to be repealed and tossed on the right side of history a burning ash heap.

    Sides…we wouldn’t trust any of you Republican Congressional a$$clowns with so much as a potato gun. You retards apparently can’t even tie your own shoes. What makes you think we’d give you thumbs up to “overseeing” anything?

    Oversight? You’ll just fnck it up.

    Lewis Black was right.

    Democrats: “We’ve got a shi++y idea”
    Republicans: “We can make it shi++ier!”

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    I appreciate what Roskam has done, but expecting consistency from a liberal–let alone Nancy Pelosi? There’s a better chance of Obamacare working than that ever happening.

  • castlemonster

    New government entities always end up being controlled by Dems and rinos. It’s like gravity. Forget it. If the other branches of government won’t perform their constitutional function, what can another “bipartisan” Tsar hatchling with nebulous authority do? Quit feeding the octopus.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    You’re all about bullshi+

    It’s frustrating trying to light all your straw men on fire when they’re soaking wet and won’t stand still.

  • “Rev Jim Jones”

    They’ll need someone to monitor and ensure waste, fraud and abuse meet government benchmarks.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Roskam’s my rep and lately I’ve been disappointed in his votes, though I’ll give him some kudos for this, could it turn out to be just another distraction and deflection from getting rid of this monstrosity? Oversight over Obummercare is long overdue and I wonder why someone didn’t think of independent oversight while this massive mega-mess was being implemented. My other doubt now is does this legislation get through despicable and disgusting Harry Reidickulous’s do-nothing obstructionist Senate and if by some miracle it does, will it be signed by the protect-my-signature-legislation-and-legacy-at-all-costs Dicktator-in-Chief?