Bonus points to actress Olivia Wilde for allowing both friends and “haters” to take place in her latest informal Twitter poll, which asks what “most holds back justice and equality for women.”

Not quite 10,000 … yet.
Hold on, now. Women themselves aren’t entirely off the hook.

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Who is Olivia Wilde?

    I’ll take Obvious Answers for $1200, Alex.

    • Republicanvet

      I don’t know, but when she’s done with her poll, she needs to make me a sammich!

      • Joe Billings

        Very demeaning, I realize you were joking, but it proves my point.

        • Calcat36

          Whats her name cannot make a sammidge. She even faked the cookie thing. Which made her a misogynist.

          • Joe Billings

            Come on people, everything about Hollywood is fake. Fake “Reality” television, fake people, fake persona, Why is this surprising?

        • greenthumb07

          You made a point?

          • TheOriginalDonald

            Joe Billings stood on home plate and thought he hit a home run~!

          • Tyson Litz

            Congrats @greenthumb07:disqus
            You won the internet!

        • carmenta

          misery guts – liberal SOH fail :(

        • disqus_fUHAbrlvrL

          Give me a break, Bill Maher can “Joke” about killing people at the CMA’s but The person above cannot joke about a long held stereotype? YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

          • santaclaus

            Thank You. Joe Billings put down the kool aid cup, stop listening to the obama brainwashing programming and start thinking for your self.

          • happylada

            Never happen. They are terminally brainwashed. Not educated – just brainwashed.

          • Shawn

            We would be worse off if he did think for him self! Blissfully ignorant libtards are more dangerous than any gun!

          • Joe Billings

            As mentioned, I’m neither “partyline” republican or democrat, I have different views on different issues, some go the republican way, some go the democratic way. I didn’t vote for Obama anyways.

          • Joe Billings

            See my previous post about fake Hollywood.

        • ServosT

          What was “your” point?

        • Republicanvet

          If she wants to troll for special snowflakes, she should make me two.

        • Republicanvet

          If she wants to troll for special snowflakes, she should make me two.

          • Russell Walker

            =D Stop it, you’re killing me!

        • Natassia

          No sense of humor.

        • Natassia

          No sense of humor.

        • marssnw

          Well then you can go make the sammich Joe.

        • you can’t win

          What point, the one on your head?

        • john gregson

          The point at the edge of your head?

        • Kelly Layne

          what point did you make

        • Dang It Bobby

          She needs to get him a beer, too.

        • Susan Schneider


      • pjsolarz

        Cold, but funny!

      • Shen Gill

        easy on the mayo and thin sliced onions.with olives and pickles on the side……and i’m HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

      • Tarantula2

        Then iron my shirts…

      • politicstick

        I would hold the BACK of her head……..

        running for the hills………

    • Dan Thorpe

      This might draw me some hate but F it. She is an actress, not a great one but decent. I have seen her in a couple things. Overall I would say that politically me and her would probably not agree on a lot. She did just ask a question though and it was some of her followers that responded with idiotic comments. At least she was willing to listen to all thoughts and was moderately open minded about it and didn’t go off on some feminist rant like the reply’s. We gotta stop vilifying all liberals, especially the ones that are at least willing to hear all opinions. I hear a lot of conservatives say they don’t involve themselves anywhere near entertainment because “well it’s all liberal BS.” If you want to have to at least have a fair shot to influence the culture you have to be willing to stand up and say NO not all conservatives are evil, racist, bigoted, etc. I have nothing against anyone white, black, gay, straight. I judge people by their character period. The reason we always seem to behind in the culture war is because until recently very few on out side have been willing to stand up. Now we have people like Melissa Joan Hart, Stacy Dash, James Woods, Adam Baldwin, Nick Searcy, Gary Sinise, Candace Cameron Bure who have stood up and are willing to take a stand for libertarian and conservative principles.

      • Calcat36

        “We gotta stop vilifying all liberals, especially the ones that are at least willing to hear all opinions.”

        Speak for yourself. What you just typed there demands that once again, conservatives MODERATE to the liberal agenda, which is to completely destroy all political opposition to their destruction of America. War on poverty? War on drugs? War on Christmas? ALL liberal agendas.

        This nothing more than a prelude to #GOPWarOnHillary because she is a girl and should not be held accountable for her actions. See Rick Lazio.

        • Dan Thorpe

          I am not talking about moderating for anyone, but not all liberals are evil

          • Calcat36

            By nature of their agenda, they are. Since they will be the first to accuse ALL GOP/republicans/conservatives as they currently do… RACISTS. The liberals have been vilifying and rewriting their hateful past for decades and now is the time it simply stops.

            “This might draw me some hate but F it.”

            Your bias is showing by even starting your point that way. Liberals define anyone that disagrees with them as hate mongers to silence debate.

            Illegally taking God out of the classroom and public square is EVIL.

            No hate here, just disagreement. Factually.

          • Dan Thorpe

            No just from my experience, in the past I have stood up for the some of the celebs on this site, and I have been attacked. I have even had people say that I am not conservative enough for whatever reason. A lot of people blur the line nowadays between old school liberals and progressives. There are things we can find common grounds with liberals on, progressives probably not.

          • Calcat36

            Name them.

          • Jonah1939

            I think both liberals and conservatives feel that we need to do something about the poor, the elderly and those with disabilities. It’s the manner of how to go about helping those in need. I believe both know that something has to be done about healthcare. Again it’s the manner that we accomplish this. How are conservatives supposed to get their idea involved when the liberals pass a bill without input of the other side.

          • Calcat36

            First, conservatives believe that the poor have every ability to change their status in life through hard work, education, and self-sacrifice at times. Liberals call this racism.

            Liberals FEEL that they are superior enough to steal from other Americans to provide for the poor and those that do not wish to improve their status in life. Liberals call this social justice.

            Conservatives proposed many changes to health care, such as private health accounts that the PERSON who OWNS the account could control and greedy liberals refused to compromise because they want CONTROL over you.

            Liberals jammed this abortion of socialist health care down the throats of all Americans and maybe you have not noticed yet, but the Country is rejecting it more and more each day.

            Once again, the liberals brought us the War on Poverty, the War on drugs, the War on Christmas, the War on God, and the War on the Unborn. How is that working out?

            Care to name the liberals that will find common ground with conservatives on these issues?

          • Ronald Morgan

            Pretty much. Once you get passed the talking points and try to have a real conversation with one of them it quickly goes down hill from there.

          • Calcat36

            Indeed. Their code words can be seen miles away.

          • politicstick

            Those that fail to “Hunt and Gather” will starve. Unless they are helpless, then we shall help them.

            Please see: The Grasshopper!

          • Jonah1939

            It’s those that cannot “Hunt and Gather” that I am concerned about. I have seen elderly people (including my late Mother” struggle in Nursing Homes with insufficient and uneducated help. I have seen mentally handicapped people (including my late brother) who were used by the system as Guinea pigs and fill them with drugs that they had no idea what they were doing to the person. When my brother died of a massive heart attack and lay in the snow for 10 hours, the first think his care takers did was run into the house and confiscate is meds. These are the people who need help and no conservative should turn them down. We are not suit happy people, but , it wouldn’t have brought him back anyway.

          • politicstick

            Like I said…
            “Unless they are helpless, then we shall help them”……

          • Jonah1939

            I agree.

          • happylada

            I sort of agree – my other rant was focused mainly on progressives – but my comment on emotionally based logic stands.

          • Garym

            Today’s proggs aren’t yesterdays liberals. They use talking points and language as a weapon to get their agenda moving forward. Feminist “liberals” attack independent conservative woman as well as men and backing down to one “liberal” who is not evil, just isn’t possible these days.
            Freedom and independence is at stake.

          • frgough

            Perhaps not, but their ideology is. So evil or ignorant tools. Pick one.

          • Dan Thorpe

            don’t confuse liberals with progressives.

          • Calcat36

            Ok then, let us make this painless. Left wing progressives, liberals, or socialists… whatever they call themselves from day to day, still have an evil agenda that needs to be defeated for the sake of America.

            The liberal group Americans for Democratic Action gave Hillary a 95 percent “liberal quotient” last year, among the highest ratings in the Senate.

            “Mrs. Clinton, how would you define the word ‘liberal’? And would you use this word to describe yourself?”

            “Unfortunately, in the last 30, 40 years, it has been turned up on its head and it’s been made to seem as though it is a word that describes big government, totally contrary to what its meaning was in the 19th and early 20th century.

            “I prefer the word ‘progressive,’ which has a real American meaning, going back to the progressive era at the beginning of the 20th century.

            NOTE: By their very own policies, they have made the term liberal to define them and what they stand for. Now that conservative America is calling them out, they want to become progressives again, like the liberal, socialist, progressive fools FDR and Wilson.

            In short, there is no difference today. The words are synonyms.

          • Marbran

            Even the term ‘Democrat’ was hijacked by the left. Early after our founding, the conservatives called themselves the Democratic-Republican Party and the more liberal party was made up of the Federalists. The Federalists, led by Alexander Hamilton, our 1st Secretary of the Treasury and later President, were banking and business elites who supported a strong central government. The Federalists also introduced the concept of implied Federal powers, interpreting the Constitution to their own purposes at the expense of States’ sovereignty. When the Democratic-Republicans split up over disagreements over slavery issues, the Republicans split and remained conservatives, while the more liberal pols adopted the name Democrats.

            They’ve been deceiving Americans ever since.

          • Calcat36

            “The Federalists, led by Alexander Hamilton, our 1st Secretary of the Treasury and later President…” HUH? He was not a Native Born Citizen.

            The disagreement over the slavery issue is called the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. In fact, here is how it went:

            Washington- Federalist
            John Adams- Federalist
            Thomas Jefferson- Democratic Republican
            James Madison- Democratic Republican
            James Monroe- Democratic Republican
            John Quincy Adams- National Republican
            Andrew Jackson- Democrat
            Martin Van Buren- Democrat
            William Harrison- Whig
            John Tyler- Whig
            James Polk- Democrat
            Zachary Taylor- Whig
            Millard Filmore- Whig
            Franklin Pierce- Democrat
            James Buchanan- Democrat
            Abe Lincoln- Republican (Not according to Northeastern Illinois University though! He is a democrat there!)

            And the story about choosing the title Republican was made to reflect the Republic in Democratic Republic that the Union was– to protect the minority over majority rule. Imagine that, democratic means majority rule. So much for the little guy BS.

            You are 100% correct. The deception started way back then. It is becoming rejected today, regardless of what they call themselves.

          • Marbran

            Of course, I am in error. Very embarrassing. I left in President after editing a different line of thought I was chasing, but I will not delete it now. 😉

          • Calcat36

            No sweat. I got your point loud and clear and appreciate the assist.

          • Butch Harlow

            Hamilton was never president.

          • Calcat36

            He was not even a Native Born Citizen! He was born in the Caribbean or something!

          • Ray Mccollum

            Are you sure?

          • Butch Harlow

            He was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr thus snuffing out any aspirations to higher office, yes I am sure. He and Franklin are the only non presidents on US paper money.

          • Samantha Logue

            Yes, there are many bad people out there who are liberals. The same can be said for conservatives, however.

            I think Dan is right, though, in saying that we should not demonize everyone on the left side of the line simply because of their political affiliations. Not everyone is very far left of it. Some are closer to the center, more libertarian than progressive. The same can be said on the right. There are those who are to the very far right, and then there are those who identify more with the libertarian view, but lean right.

            It is not so black and white as to say all people on the left are evil. There are plenty of Christians over there too, and simply have different views as to how the country should be run economically. I’m a Republican who grew up surrounded by liberals, and I can say for a fact that many of them are decent people, and they have good intentions, but unfortunately, they just don’t realize how impractical their world view is. They have time to figure it out however, and I’m quite sure that plenty of them will switch sides at some point, once they enter the real world and realize that their way of doing things just doesn’t work.

            I do agree with you however that the general liberal/progressive agenda that is being put forth today by the current administration is detrimental to society and can only lead to destruction. The problem isn’t that everyone who supports it is evil, though. The problem is that they are too blind to see just how harmful it is. The uninformed “kool-aid” drinkers, so to speak, who go along with it because they were raised to, and so don’t know any better.

            It shouldn’t be an “us vs. all of them” so much as, how can we make the uninformed people UNDERSTAND that they are simply wrong? Then we will be able to take on the people who KNOW that what they are doing/supporting is wrong. For too long the GOP has been silent while the left has essentially taken over all forms of education and media. In the never-ending war between our two parties, they are definitely winning, and it is because they have always known the power of propaganda and been very skilled at wielding it. Since the 60s, kids have been taught increasingly radical leftist ideas in universities and public schools, all the while hearing about how “evil” the Republican Party is. And what have we done to fight it?

            What we need is to recruit more people to our party, not alienate ourselves. We need more people like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Allen West, who are willing to stand up and not just tell, but SHOW these people what they are doing is WRONG, and pray that at least some of them will realize it and switch.

            The place to start is with the youth, for what are we going to do when all of the old men in our party (because let’s face it, they are the majority of it) die out?

          • Ronald Morgan

            I’m one of those who grew up in the 60s and 70s and who voted Democratic just because my parents did, and theirs and so on. I the suddenly awoke one day to see the country I love so dearly going down the drain. I discovered that I was a Conservative and I thank God that I did wake up. We need to wake up the Republican party so that they will stiffen their spine and stand up for what’s right for the country, not what will keep them in office the longest. The founders never meant there to be life long professional politicians.

          • Ray Mccollum

            No difference, just changed their label when people like Rush Limbaugh and others showed exactly what they are, once people figured it out, they had to hide behind a new name. Now, if Beck keeps harping about Woodrow Wilson, the Progressive Icon, they may eventually have to go back to “Liberal” again! Funny how they never think of a unique name to call themselves!

          • Getserious!

            No, but many are, and the others vote for evil or back evil… So where do you draw the line? When our country is destroyed?

          • Dan Thorpe

            They vote for evil because they have had it pumped into their brain by liberal universities, the media and Hollywood that conservatives/GOP are the enemy which is the basis for my original point. If you are unwilling to involve yourself in the culture and try to help change it then that is when they do win. When we are arguing for our beliefs to people that don’t follow politics we must do so with a clear, articulate message and that is some fail to do.

          • carmenta

            No, they aren’t all evil – the ones who aren’t are insanely naive. I’ll refer again, to the great Niemoller…

          • Calcat36

            Exactly how many liberals are at ANY pro-life rally?

          • DeborahPE

            Not evil — but incredibly naive. They truly believe that joining hands and singing kim ba yah will yield world peace.

          • Republicanvet

            I agree. Not all liberals are evil…at least not obviously. There are a good many of them that will stay silent in the face of clear evil.

          • happylada

            I agree – I’ve actually met some that don’t think its wrong to think. Not many, but some. Villifying liberals is NOT because they are less valuable as human beings, but because they have a mental handicap that they don’t recognize – they are statistically poor at common sense.

            I have some very dear liberal friends – artists and dancers and poets who I love. BUT their reasoning powers seem to be very emotion driven. Facts are irrelevant IF they don’t feel good about something.

        • muslimfree America

          Liberalism is the great evil of our time…they want abortion for young girls and government dependency for all who survive the abortion hohocaust……liberals devalue everything by using force to ” give ” property taken from the earner to the sloth…..if you give away trophies / money/ Nobel prizes to those who haven’t EARNED THEM ….they lose their value. . That is liberalism.Rejection of God and murder of innocents … all while pleading for appeasement of the Islamic slaughter.

          • Jonah1939

            Take God away and you destroy all that is good. I am Pro-life, but I believe the government should stay away from the debate. It is a moral issue, thus remove God and you have Pro-choice. God will not back Pro-choice, but God’s word will destroy Pro-choice.

        • Jonah1939

          There is a big difference between liberals and the far left progressives or socialist. Not all liberals are against this country.

      • Yeah I Said It

        She was trolling. She knew the majority of answers would come from her followers.

        If she was so interested in opinions and was really willing to listen then why didn’t she ask how people feel about obamacare, ya know, the thing that she has been promoting?

        • leo

          Or she could show up on O’Reilly.

      • Memphis Viking

        She may have been willing to listen, but her question assumes that women don’t have justice and equality.

        • you can’t win

          She could have asked for comments from friends and others with dissenting views, but instead she labeled people with opposing views as haters. I think that about sums up her intentions.

      • linnilu

        I have read her and about her enough to know she is a typical Hollywood lib. She reaps the ridicule she sows. Save your worrying about Old School Dems for those who deserve it.

      • Jonah1939

        Agree, Good post.

    • conservativechick

      Notice it was not JUST men, but rich old Republican white men? Poor guy who fits that description is sucking the bottom of the barrel these days!

      • liberalssuck

        Damn I fit that description and funny my wife actually makes more then me. I am ok with that. Did I just break a mold for the libtards talking point, lmao.

    • NYCDon

      She is a very important person. Her only talent is making believe she is somebody else. Obviously, she is very smart.

    • in_awe

      Duh! The 2016 battle flag has been hoisted. We are facing 2 years of increasingly strident (and manifestly intolerant) chants and lectures about the war on women and how we have historic opportunity to lower the levels of mysogeny and heal the planet by electing what’s her name.

      • SpencerChaffin

        For me and my house I would never vote for that woman what’s her name. There is a number of women I would vote for and more than one is white. The women I have in mind have only one common compound denominator, they are all patriotic and conservative!

      • TheOriginalDonald

        Wanna bet Olivia will trash Palin AND say the GOP is waging a war on women in the same sentence?

    • gold7406

      funniest post of the day

    • John Kerry’s Forehead

      She was in The Changeup, Cowboys and Aliens, The Incredible Burt Wondertone, Tron flicks, and a few others…some TV stuff too. Good looking woman but all her characters are the same…no depth.

      • TexSizzle


      • TexSizzle


    • John Kerry’s Forehead

      She was in The Changeup, Cowboys and Aliens, The Incredible Burt Wondertone, Tron flicks, and a few others…some TV stuff too. Good looking woman but all her characters are the same…no depth.

    • John Fleming

      The girl the series House

  • John Clancy

    Because men of other races treat women oh so well.

    • Green Eggs And Ted

      We can’t all treat women the way the Arabs do. Maybe that’s the problem with liberal women. We don’t have Sharia Law here yet, so they are upset.

      • frgough

        Heh, I tried to suggest to a feminist that she visit Saudi Arabia to understand what real misogyny looked like. She called me a racist.

        • roger gibson

          Well of course she called you racist. That’s the go-to silence word for a lib who is losing an argument.

    • fools2234

      22,000 word list of mens rights issues:

      Yet LIKE ALWAYS its all about the women.

      • Marbran

        Wow, great stuff! I will be sharing this far and wide. I like how all the evidence is linked to the sources, making the data very easy to verify and very difficult to refute.

        • fools2234

          Thank you, sharing that important page is appreciated. Need to inform people of the issues so that we can move past this “women are the only ones who face discrimination” nonsense.

      • MensRightsCanada


    • TimSingleton

      LOL, yeah, you never hear them b!tc#!ng about Islamic treatment of women. Why? Oh, yeah, the muslims cut people’s heads off that disagree with them and have a right under Islamic law to beat their wives and daughters if they p!SS off their husbands.

  • Informed&Concerned

    huh . . . given the Administration gender pay inequality . . I would say the man in the White House is the problem

    • Green Eggs And Ted

      Liberal feminists are okay with that. If Obama thinks women are lesser than men, that’s fine. He’s black and a Democrat. That means anything he does is Godlike and is to be praised no matter how hypocritical of what libs claim to believe.

  • Republicanvet

    Well, if they work in the Spite House, I would say Preezy Inequality himself.

  • alanstorm

    I’m pretty sure half those tweets ended with implied /sarc tags.

    Then again, I remember who’s in the White House, and they could all very well be serious.

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Poe’s Law. Back on the Blue Texas thread.

      • Calcat36

        Isn’t that the basis of all liberal attacks? Snufalupagus asking Mitt-stake about contraception when it was not on the table? White old men in charge? Like obama? This is a prelude to #GOPWarOnHillary.

  • Kimberly Burger

    My answer…Democrats

    • Finrod Felagund

      You beat me to it– my answer is: the Democratic Party.

      • Garym

        Yep, because if women ever get “equality” the Dems would lose one of their biggest victims groups.
        The Dems don’t care about real equality, its all about the victims.

        • David

          Nicely said

    • Pat

      I told her to start at the top. White House pays women less.

    • Apostic

      Related: The soft bigotry of low expectations.

  • RLEE

    This liberals have to put themselves into “groups” that are victimized, it’s really quit disturbing.

  • Republicanvet

    “the imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy”

    That poor boy has certainly been slurping the feminist kool-aid. Wow.


      LOL Holy f***.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    I’m not the first to point this out, but if women are truly earning so much less for equal work, well the obvious question is, WHY HIRE MEN?

    • Green Eggs And Ted

      Equal opportunity employment gives men the same opportunity it gives everyone.

      Unless libs think that the only gender allowed to be protected from gender bias is women.

    • Fairfax51

      Because it’s worth the extra money not to have to listen to a liberal woman who doesn’t work as hard bitch about the way she is underpaid because she is a woman. He also has to be afraid he might say/do something that can be misconstrued to be “sexual harassment” around a man. Now a Conservitive woman will smack your face or give you that “do you want to sleep alone tonight” look….and then move on to kick your butt in competence.

    • Jay Stevens

      For the heavy lifting.

  • lonestar

    Speaking as a woman, I think it’s women holding other women back.

    • NRPax

      Too simple an answer for them.

      • Republicanvet

        Yeah, because PATRIARCHY and stuff.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      It’s “liberal progressive” women that hold other women back.

    • bigbeachbird

      That is what I said…answered the poll “look in the mirror!” I hear Bill Cosby’s famous line, for which he was villified, “The only thing holding down the black man is the black man.”

    • PeriMedic

      We are each other’s worse enemies.

  • Green Eggs And Ted

    Actually, women hold themselves back.

    By choosing majors that are going to pay far less than what majors men choose. Women choose the same profession as a man? She’ll get the same starting pay.

    The 10 most valuable majors are dominated by men at one university, while the 10 least valuable are dominated by women at the same university. And guess what? Those women CHOSE those majors. No one forced them to choose lesser paying majors than what men chose. So who is holding them back if they chose what they ended up with?

  • Green Eggs And Ted

    Rappers objectify women far more than white artists do, why only whine about white men?

    • Jay Stevens

      Because black men tend to be liberal.

  • Green Eggs And Ted

    Obama’s job killing policies are effecting women just as much as men. But nah man, it’s the WHITE MAN’S FAULT.

    Pathetic idiots.

    • Voltaire’s Ghost

      more than

    • Voltaire’s Ghost

      more than

  • Republicanvet

    I know some tweeters at the end mentioned women, but many were blaming men.

    I’ve never seen such a spectacle as two women being catty towards each other for zero reason.

    Why is that? Some women who have never met want to gouge each others eyes out the second they do meet.

    • Green Eggs And Ted

      Because of the “imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy”, apparently.

  • Yeah I Said It

    I wasn’t aware we were being held back. What exactly is not equal for us women? We have the vote. We have the right to hire hit men (aka doctors) to kill our children in the womb. We have jobs. We drive. We hold political positions of power. We can even fight in combat now so what the hell is this chick and all her nut job followers talking about ?!?!

    Way to go Ms. pot stirring troll.

  • Green Eggs And Ted

    Olivia Wilde, a millionaire, is whining about being held back because she’s a woman.

    Well, this POOR, UNEMPLOYED MAN would like to tell her to STFU, because her oppression is make believe, which coincidentally her profession is playing make believe.

  • John

    Sigh, she’s so attractive yet so dumb.

  • 3seven77

    Nothing is holding us back. We’re supposed to be in charge of our own destiny. Any other view is choosing to be a victim.

  • JT

    She has alot of stupid friends.

  • Fairfax51

    I know her. She was on House. What she wanted more money than Hugh Laurie? She has never in her life needed money. Her parents were international journalist and she married a real prince…not the Prince. She’s just trying to be relevant or provocative. Pretty, but dumb.

  • Diane Stephan

    Wow, this War on Women thingy is really picking up steam, they are getting ready for the Hilderbeast campaign.

  • Ruy Diaz

    What a loaded question. She’s assuming that (a) women are not equal to men, in (b) some domain she leaves unstated, and (c) there is a force ‘holding women back’, rather than the nature of things.

    I still like to look at that pretty face of hers, but come on!

  • Matt

    Men Haters Unite……..AKA The Democratic Party!

    • unknown

      Straight, White, Christian, Men Haters Unite! FIFY

    • Calcat36

      Al Bundy’s No Ma’am club rises again!

  • jim

    What’s holding women back?

    1. Progressives that have convinced women if they’re not slaving at a job for eight hours a day they’re not equal.

    2. Society that’s convinced women (and men) that they must have the next new thing and if the women and her husband have to both work to get it, that’s just fine.

    3. A decaying moral fiber that convinces women to kill unborn children at their convenience so as not to interfere with items one or two..

  • jabberwocky

    I can’t believe people actually answered this nitwits question

  • Guest

    Palpable bitchery, obviously.

    • thedumbblonde


  • keyboard jockey

    It’s all white men’s fault how unoriginal. Hold on Mohammad was a white man are they saying Mohammad is keeping women from being equal? Wow that’s brave.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    They don’t even define this alleged lack of equality.

    Equal hair length? Equal shoe size?

    Equal what?! Oh, destroy statistical disparity of outcome and condition?

    Sure. In Heaven.


    Nobody holds me back. Seem to be a lot of weak women tweeting.

    • keyboard jockey

      And men thinking they will get lucky if they tweet what a bunch of man haters want to hear. They really aren’t being very subtle about it.

      • Toa

        LOLOL…that’s the first thing I thought, reading those “beta male” posts…”Ooo, they’ll really wanna ‘mother’ me if I say this!!!!” 😀

  • Brian Roastbeef

    Olivia herself is proof the feminist movement is wrong. If one simple unremarkable girl can grow up and single-handedly make House suck, there are no limits!

  • almarquardt

    The main problem is they don’t know what equality means. When they say “equal,” they really mean “same.” Women are not the same as men, nor should we be. This society , government — and silly women like the above — claim to love their femininity, but in almost the same breath, they expect us to give up everything that makes us feminine, including having children and taking care of both them and our husbands. At the same time, they tell men they have to be more feminine, and deny their nature to be caretakers and protectors. It’s sickening.

  • Steve__Jacobson

    In Olivia’s case I’d say it’s an inordinate amout of self pity and excessive navel gazing.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Class warfare works in America. I wonder why?

    • Amanda Davis

      Because no one has critical thinking skills?

  • YesterdayzNewz

    This begs for my friends wife, Amy. She’s an RN and Captain in The Air Force. When she’s deployed, she actually makes more than most of her male counterparts. When she’s on American soil, it’s the same. I guess it’s all part of how vital you are to your field. I dunno, I’m a dude.

  • Bison70

    Shockingly, this little Twitter “poll” actually elucidated the correct answer: women accepting the victim mentality.

  • Susan

    Okay, I’m a woman and I am so sick of hearing “old white men” are what’s wrong with the world. Excuse me but it’s not white men that (or at least in a majority) who refuse to allow women to vote, drive, and any host of other things women are prevented from doing in some middle eastern countries. Female circumcision is not mostly done by old white men. It sickens me to see these allegations against all “old white men” it is scary to see it done by white men themselves (using the word men loosely here) rampant liberalism in our colleges is largely to blame for this, teaching people to blame and hate so much so that they will even turn on their own race and gender instead of the corruption of moral values that is really what degrades all of us as human beings.

  • Elena Ferrante

    One person got it right….it is women, hands down.

  • DeadlockVictim

    Confused at all the “white men” mentions. From my experience, they’re some of the more tolerant ones.

    • Amanda Davis

      It’s because they are the majority. And right now, the majority is to be blamed for everything I guess.

    • bigbeachbird

      In a twisted sort of way it IS the white men at fault. Tolerance breeds spoiled chikdren. These feminist twats are just that with all their self-centered whining.

  • Chevypowered

    I love it. These ding dongs figure if old white men and religion was eliminated life would be a peach. They are just as bad as those other ding dongs who think if Israel was wiped off the map there will be eternal peace.

    Look in the mirror you pack of failures.

  • NRPax

    Tell you what, ladies. There are a lot of countries out there with no white men anywhere in power. Go over there and bask in the glow of equality.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Now where did I put that Huckabee quote?

    • Calcat36

      Uggg. And he is going to run for POTUS again as well as Mitt-stake.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Uuugh is right.
        It’s a good quote, but other than that…

  • Kristine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Cripes. Such rampant willful ignorance. Frustrating!! ALL of those people need to read the “Wayward Sons” study. ASAP.

    Then start focusing on the REAL problem. Surprise! Boys raised in single-parent homes are failing. And it has zero to do with gov’t “entitlements” since the failure of boys in single-parent homes is a global issue–even in countries with huge gov’t entitlement programs.

  • r07a23c

    I wish I was actually getting all this privilege I’m supposedly getting.

  • narciso

    Well she comes from an old line family of communist sympathizers, the Cockburns, that go back to the Spanish Civil War,

  • ButteryWench

    Men and women are not equal and we never will be. We are different and I thank God for that all the time. But women will always be second class citizens and never be on the same level as men until we stand up and take responsibility for our actions. Women must stand up and own their actions. As long as there are laws on the books that protect us from ourselves, as long as women are able to hide behind their skirts when it is convenient, as long as punishment for criminal activities are not on par as the punishment for men, we will always have this problem. Women DEMAND equality, yet insist on alimony when the marriage ends. Women insist on being treated as an equal in the workplace, but cry foul when treated like one of the boys.

  • JDW

    Interesting that when our president had the opportunity to select a woman to be the VP, he chose an OLD WHITE GUY that’s been in power for a long time — a crazy old white guy at that!

    • Calcat36

      While throwing the girl candidate to the curb! Talk about trump victims…

  • Loves2laugh

    Why do some of the most accomplished people in their field always complain the loudest about “inequality” and “injustice”? It’s inconceivable to them that not everyone sees this.

  • Calcat36

    Abortion holds unborn women back. Democrats held women back until 1919 when the republicans finally got a veto proof majority and forced Wilson to sign the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. Given what Wilson did to pickets, it is a wonder why any woman would hold themselves back by voting democrat.

  • Dan Thorpe

    If all things are equal like a man and women going for the same position and they have the same education, same experience, etc then yes there is no reason that there should be a wage gap BUT sometime that is not always the case. On general men often do jobs that are more labor intensive and as such are paid a little more. A lot of women choose also choose to have jobs sometimes that allow more flexibility if they have children so they may not be on par with men who tend to work longer. I thought there was actually a pretty good article if Forbes here

  • AmericanMom

    I’m a believer each of us is responsible for our own destiny. Blame no one but yourself.

  • Al’s Annoyed Grandpa

    What is holding back equality for women? Feminism as defined by the left. They demand equality in everything, save one vitally important element: they are not willing to be treated like a man.

    With equal rights comes equal treatment. Women on the left have only themselves to blame if they feel that they are not equal to men.

  • Brandon Clark

    Nothing is holding them back. They ain’t ever had it so good. They have a society that coddles them and inflates their ego.

  • Spinmamma

    Holding women back from “justice and equality”? What the heck does that mean? Taken out of a specific context it is so general it is utterly meaningless.

  • BigDogJunction

    Hard to believe there’s that many stupid replies, to a single tweet.

    Though, I always said the thing I liked most about the Internet, was that it showed me, there were quite a lot of people out in the World, a lot dumber than me.

  • bobbymike34

    I just love the anti-capitalism/patriarchy tweets.

    As a multi-millionaire female who gets a ton of money cause I’m pretty this ‘hegemonic patriarchal capitalism’ is really holding me back. The male PhD Astrophysicist making $80,000/year while exploring theories on the origins of the Universe looks upon the rich super model with 100 less IQ and says, ‘Man I have it so good compared to these poor, poor exploited women. It was so much easier for me to spend close to a decade obtaining my BA, MA & PhD rather than getting pulled out of my job as a barista to make all this money’.

    But of course this is just another ‘non-falsifiable’ claim by leftists that ‘men’ are to blame.

  • Batman

    “What do you think most holds back justice and equality for women?”

    Trick question. Nothing.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    If you ask me, a woman, I’d say it’s the stupidity of liberal women (like Olivia herself) that hold back women.

    The stupid bimbo OBVIOUSLY doesn’t realize that the Constitution protects the rights of the TRUE minority, the individual, and does NOT guarantee the rights of a particular ‘group’. What a fcking moron.

  • Perry

    So, old, Christian White men hold women back in the U.S.? Lets compare them to the women of China, India, the African nations, the Mideast nations, Central and South American nations, etc. Whatcha got?

  • Deborah Hallsted

    Well, let’s ask Oprah, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Killery Clinton, Valerie Masterpuppeteer Jarett, Nacy Piglosi-and (fill in the blank) many, many others; “what has held you back”.

  • stellatruman

    I would like to see one of these morons back up their claims with one fact

  • Deborah Hallsted

    Women who sing “hail satan”, and wear tampon earrings, while stressing basically that we think with our lady parts, comes to mind.

  • andso

    As a mom to both a teenage son and daughter, I can tell you that I worry much more about my son’s ability to find happiness and success in this world than my daughter’s. The entire education system has been shifted to support the learning styles of girls. Boys just have to muddle through.

    • Amanda Davis

      As a mom of both a boy and a girl, I’m curious about your comment. Would you expound on this? (This is a legitimate question, not an aggressive one or an attacking one….. I really want to know!)

      • andso

        My son is in 9th grade. Every book he has been assigned in English class the past 4 years has had a female protagonist. Every class, including math, now incorporates writing, discussion, and group work. Even the LEGO robotics competition was revised to incorporate a paper that had to be submitted and is scored with the same weight as the actual robot. A girl’s team has won every year since this change. My son and his friends quit because they just wanted to make cool robots, not have it feel like homework. My daughter is a junior and getting information on college. There is a lot of guidance from the Women in Engineering groups, nothing for the guys. She says the boys don’t even want to try for many local scholarships because they don’t think they have a chance. In general, it seems like expectations have been lowered for boys.

        • Amanda Davis

          Thank you for your answer. It’s a shame the boys feel that way, although I have to say in glad there is a push for girls to enter STEM fields…. Only 11% are women, and it’s nice to see girls encouraged. Shame that it has to be at the cost of boys.

        • Amanda Davis

          Thank you for your answer. It’s a shame the boys feel that way, although I have to say in glad there is a push for girls to enter STEM fields…. Only 11% are women, and it’s nice to see girls encouraged. Shame that it has to be at the cost of boys.

      • Calcat36

        Once a little boy sets foot into a liberal public indoctrination station, the emasculation begins. The liberals have the schools and now they are destroying all of the traits that make boys, well, boys to produce an adult metro-sexual who will not even stand up for himself, much less a family.

        CHRISTINA HOFF SOMMERS – Christina Hoff Sommers is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. A revised edition of her book The War Against Boys will be published next summer.

  • NickGranite

    Honestly. What is their definition of equality? I can’t give them men muscles and a penis. Biologically speaking, women are about as equal as nature allows. I would like to be equal with Olivia Wilde but I’m pretty sure she can get into restaurants that I can’t.

    • VerminMcCann

      Being treated as different and exceptional while no one is allowed to acknowledge that they’re being treated as different and exceptional.

  • Andy Bachand

    The fact that (some) women want it both ways. They want the job titles, but are reluctant to actually do the job that comes with the title. Especially the more “menial” aspects of the job. I once had a manager who happened to be a woman, and she refused to unload trucks(part of her job, btw) because she was a woman. This was a late 20s College educated woman.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    It’s always nice to see a bunch of misandrists and men looking to score points with misandrists come together.

    The real answer to Wilde’s question is simple: what holds back equality for women are self-righteous, extreme feminists whose idea of “equality” actually boils down to “I want women to have greater power.” But hey, I guess it’s easier to blame someone with a Y chromosome for why you’ve never been happy in your entire life.

    I have a question of my own: how much of the misandrist behavior above has to do with Wendy Davis’ implosion?

  • kerrari1898

    White males are what’s holding women back? So which non-white culture’s treatment of women should we be emulating? Which non-Western culture’s treatment of women would help them take wings and fly? Saudi Arabia’s, perhaps? Edo era Japan’s, pre-Raj India, Imperial China’s?

    And, of course, religion is the problem. Of course, Western culture (that would be white culture, the race obsessed kooks on the left) is the most secular culture in human history. It might also be worth pointing out that whites tend to be less religious than other races, and men are less religious than women. So the things holding women back are religion. Also the least religious people on earth.

    You could almost feel sorry watching these poor befuddled chumps randomly bleating out their spoonfed cliches in the blind hope that they might somehow be making a valid point.

    • Amanda Davis

      It’s like hearing my liberal gay friends talk about Islam and Muslims being unfairly persecuted. I always remind them that in the US, a few rude people might call them names, but in a country with Sharia law, they would be hung by the neck until dead.

  • kbielefe

    Her net worth is around $8 million more than mine, so if she wants to be equal with me, all she has to do is give me $4 million. Problem solved!

  • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

    “What do you think most holds back justice and equality for women?” — Olivia Wilde

    Answer: Feminism

  • journogal

    Typically what holds people back is themselves…however, it is easier to blame others and forces beyond anyone’s control.

  • JR48

    What holds back women is the limitations in their minds, nothing more.


    Olivia Jawbone : How much did you make last year playing pretend and dress-up?
    How many freebies were handed to you just to have you stand around and look pretty.
    How much of a bonus did you get for showing your ta-ta’s in ‘Drinking Buddies’?
    Have you ever dug a ditch in the rain? Ever handled high-voltage when your hands were freezing? Ever mucked a pig stall? Ever led a weapons platoon into combat?
    Ever framed a house? Ever planted, raised, and harvested a wheat field?
    Yes Ms. Wilde, equality indeed…

    • Amanda Davis

      Ugh ditch digging is the worst. I’ve never mucked a pig stall, but I’ve mucked a million horse corrals…. Guessing pigs are worse bc of the smell? And not for nothing, but not only have I framed a house, (my dad built custom log and timber-frame homes) but I can use a belt sander, jig-saw, drill etc. with the best of them.
      So obviously my (male, straight, Christian) father has not been the source of oppression or inequality for me! Makes me wonder what kind of men these women have in their lives.


        Professional victims have raised another generation of professional victims. Male and female.

      • bigbeachbird

        Now *that* is the American Pioneer spirit! That is what I was raised with. We all do the best we can with the skills we have to keep the ranch running. And in our spare time we learn the skills with which we were not gifted. If there’s a job to be done we don’t label it by gender…if we notice it we do it. In my marriage we both pitch in at 100%.

        • Amanda Davis

          My mom’s side of the family were all cattle ranchers… my great-grandma ran the ranch starting at age 14.. you want to talk about Pioneer spirit. On the days I feel overwhelmed with my little ones, I just think about how tough the matriarchs in my family were and then I suck it up, and get back to work.

          (sometimes I cry into my coffee, but I’m sure they did that from time to time as well!)

          • bigbeachbird

            Yes, you definitely have the Great American Pioneer heritage! I think it is actually a precious gift. That was my grandmother’s family! Huge ranch outside of Stockett, Montana, my grandmother was one of the youngest of 15 kids. My great-grandfather worked on the railroad and was gone from home a good deal of the time, leaving all the work to my great-grandmother and the kids. Those were the days people just did what had to be done!

            Sometimes I lose patience with young moms I hear complaining about how hard it is to deal with their kids, how they need and deserve regular ‘breaks” for “mommy-time”. I think back to when I was isolated in my rural home for several *snowy-winter* months, with 4 *home-schooled* kids between 4 and 9. My husband had taken a job in another state, I was left to try selling the house. I did the cooking, cleaning, painting/repairing/sale-prep, schooling, splitting of the firewood; I literally kept the home-fire burning. Let me just say, we can do a lot more than we think we can! :-)

  • $84598387

    Olivia, looking at your picture, meet me at my home and I will show you how to hold a woman down!

  • Fhalkyn Phoenix

    I’d have to say other left-wing feminists. They need women to be held back,otherwise they have no reason for existing.

  • Amanda Davis


    Also, all the answers about religion must have been referring to Islam bc Christianity teaches that women (just like men) are created in the exact image of God and as such are of infinite and equal value.

  • Jim_Weber

    In my experience I would argue that women are their own worst enemy. Stop blaming someone else sister!

  • 24601

    The choices an individual makes carry with them consequences, which often hold one down.

  • Fire and Adjust!

    Inequality?!?! ……… Ms. Multi-millionaire Olivia Wilde…………..Don’t call me a misogynist because I can pee standing up and Olivia Wilde can’t………….

    • Calcat36

      Some women are misogynists as well then…

      • Amanda Davis

        Evidently misogyny isn’t allowed in Sochi… Don’t all the bathrooms forbid standing while peeing? Yay Russia for advancing women’s rights!

        • Calcat36

          Russia has a lot to catch up on with regard to human rights before they tart putting people into tiny little groups and then pitting them against each other.

          The current threat to Sochi just happens to be women. Black widow suicide bombers… They are more than equal in that department!

          • Amanda Davis

            Shame on you for not recognizing that Putin’s a feminist warrior by demanding all must sit while peeing. Very xenophobic of you. *sarc

    • Amanda Davis

      Don’t call me a misandrist just because I don’t consider catcalls “flattering”! See two can play this game 😉
      There are men who are misogynists, and their are women who are misandrists, but neither hold the other back institutionally speaking…. They just hate each other and spend hours online calling each other names.

  • FramersForCruz

    funny isn’t it, coming from spoiled, coddled, and perch of privileged Wilde’s perspective. It really is a shame Oprah never had a chance. If only she had lived in a country more free.

  • junkbondtrader41

    Just wow. Did I wake up in some Back to the Future time warp and it’s suddenly 1955?

    NOTHING holds you back, Mrs. Wilde! You have complete and total equality before the law. If you want to talk about that hoary old false “fact” about “77 cents for every dollar a man makes,” which has been tossed around since the 70s, I’d be happy to.

  • socalcon

    “Can’t we all just get along?” R. King

  • IrishLaw73

    In this great country, if you are being held back from anything…generally, you are being held back by YOU. I am a woman and I don’t feel held back by anyone or anything. If I want to accomplish something, I work harder to get it. Crazy pants, huh?

    • FramersForCruz

      “I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it” Thomas Jefferson

  • Jack Deth

    Silly questions from a lackluster talented actress who never came close to matching what Hugh Laurie was being paid per episode of ‘House’?

  • Evin

    What exactly isn’t equal for them?

    • Evin

      What justice is being denied to women?

  • derfelcadarn

    I would have said women’s own sloth, ignorance and envy. Because they now want to be given it rather than working for it.

    • marylamb72

      Only the liberal women. Read the comments of conservative women here.

  • TocksNedlog

    Ride ’em, cowgirl!

  • merleliz

    Hmmm….I wasn’t aware that justice and equality were not available to all women. It does, of course, depend on the woman.
    Live like a doormat…that’s your choice. Whine like a teenager that “it’s not faaaair”…people get tired of listening to you. Behave like a ballbreaker…don’t be surprised if you aren’t universally loved. Treat everyone equally and act like a normal, decent human being, and nine times out of ten…you will be treated like one.
    I’m so ashamed of today’s “feminazi’s”…this wasn’t what the feminist movement was about, not at all. They’ve twisted our quest for equality into a demand for special treatment and preference based on their sex.
    I am reminded of a former employee who complained that she shouldn’t have to do “women’s work” (like straightening up and keeping her area of the office tidy) but at the same time refused to lift and carry anything heavier than her handbag because “there are men here to do that”.


      in a nutshell.

      • Calcat36

        Summed up… Do not be a b*tch. Like Wilde.

    • marylamb72

      BRAVO! Perfect!

  • spaceycakes

    My answer: feminists/lesbians

  • grais

    Maybe some of them can tell us what, specifically, made Barack Obama a better candidate than Hillary Clinton.

    • F the Left

      They both equally suck, but yes, I get your point.

      • grais

        Yep. I’d like a liberal to answer that question.

  • rainman

    What holds women back? The entire modern feminist movement (demonists) focusing on nothing but abortion.

  • schveiguy

    Women who complain about men. Actually, just women who complain.

    • marylamb72

      I prefer the term “whine” complaining done properly CAN be productive. Whining, on the other hand, is not productive for EITHER women or men.

  • ksoileau

    Women’s choices. #notmen

  • BorderGuard

    ISLAM is the most oppressive force against women on the planet.

  • frozeninbemidji

    Nothing, now shut up and get back in the kitchen

    • Calcat36

      …and rattle those pots and pans…

  • brightshadows


  • nickdqwk

    If an employer was able to pay its female employees less than its male employees, with the tasks being equal, and if the idea is profit, why would that employer have any male employees?

  • Mike Peterson

    Well and now i’m good and pissed, ready to start working.

  • Terry Lynn

    Many bigots tweeting today.

  • Mackie

    There is absolutely nothing holding women back today. Education and determination in a chosen field and the “Golden Apple” is yours— there are millions of examples today all around us. By the end of today I will have visited a woman attorney and woman doctor, and last week I sat in courtroom run by a woman judge.

    • marylamb72

      Liberal women don’t want to do what it takes to make the bucks. They just want you to GIVE it to them.

  • killer63

    White old men? Oh for pete’s sake. Nothing holds back women except themselves (and I’m a woman).

    • marylamb72

      AMEN and ME TOO!

  • g-main

    Did you see all the man-ginas and peter puffers chiming along to this? Equality isn’t turning men into little pussboys who wear flannel onesies and sip cocoa, ok?

  • I’m Me.

    This is nothing but the beginning propaganda for “Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife” for President in 2016

  • Adam Stewart

    Shut up and look pretty

  • Colleen Wallace

    Doesn’t she play a lot of roles where she is “objectifying” herself as a sex symbol, yet her followers do not call her out on that. Anyway, who cares about a rich and famous woman whine about inequality?

  • CHHR

    “inequality”equals the new “racism” … so sad

    • marylamb72

      Don’t paint all women with that brush though. Just the liberals.

      • CHHR

        I was paining a narrative with that brush… and anyone who wishes to pick that brush up would automatically be included… regardless of supposed stripe.

        • marylamb72

          Read the comments from the conservative women here. Not your typical LIBERAL whiners.

  • Johnny Blade

    I wonder if any of Olivia Wilde’s brain trust ever heard of Phyllis Schlafly?

  • Jerri

    As a woman who entered a traditionally male dominated profession 30 years ago, and who never was discriminated against, and who at retirement was paid more than any of the men in similar positions, my answer to your question, Ms. Wilde, is “Get Real.” And btw, your invitation was redundant, since all your “friends” appear to be “haters” as well.

  • JK

    Still waiting for an honest answer: themselves or nothing.

  • Carlos Robledo III

    how about …themselves? ya think? Its all up to the individual! in typical true libtard fashion …blame somebody else!

  • marylamb72

    What a bunch of hate filled liberals. I am a woman and NO man is holding ME back. If you are NOT willing to do what men are willing to do to get ahead then you don’t get AHEAD! That’s business sweetie.

  • jyearsley

    Jeez Olivia, troll much? Everyone with functioning brain cell new that the gyno-hysterics answer would be “old, rich, white men.” First prize for most inane troll of the day.

  • ModdKenwood

    why do I have to live in a country where so many have nothing but contempt for me and are wishing for my demise?

    • marylamb72

      It’s just the liberals Modd and they want the demise of conservative WOMEN too. Just look at how they treat them. Stick around for us. Us old white gals need and like you old white guys. :)

  • Ashley Pagonis

    I disagree, I think too many women rely on looks to get them places and they don’t have the same disciplined taught to them growing up like men do. They grow up wrestling and playing football. The discipline you gain from this is amazing. While even though women all have the same rights, are still being taught the same things as women in the 50’s.
    You have to break the cycle and not be afraid to put your daughters in sports that may be “hard”.

    Plus all this old white men hold women back stuff needs to stop.
    What about the way the hip hop culture portrays their women. This has become the aspirations of our daughters. Trying to abide to The expectations of men who think as long as they have love for their women it should be enough for them, they should be able to cheat and its okay and dressing like whores and caking makeup on is what a “real” women should look like…..

    That’s what’s holding women back…… But it’s easier to blame men for what they are doing wrong!

    Not the men who think women should respect them selves enough to not put themselves in a situation to need an abortion, Unless something unfortunate happens.

    Get your shit together ladies hold yourselves to higher standards and stop wearing so much makeup and stop comparing who you are to what you look like. It’s not the same thing.

    • Republicanvet

      Any relation to a certain General?

  • stltchr

    Bill Nye and evolution…

  • SHOTGUN285

    Equality is the most evil word in the liberal arsenal. It “sounds” great, but it’s all a lie. The only way to make 2 people equal is to limit one of them, because there is no way to make someone any more than they are. You cannot make a man equal to a woman if she can’t lift as much weight as she can, and he can’t have a baby. To try and make them equal would mean men are not allowed to lift more than women, and women have to stop having babies. There, now we’re equal. How stupid is that? Instead we should be aiming for fairness, and we’ve already legislated that one nearly to death, even to the point of our own detriment. Really the equality ideal is just a scam, another version of victimhood, another round of “it’s not my fault, someone else must be to blame”. Is there sexual discrimination in the world? Of course! But is it making it impossible for women to be treated fairly in all instances. Of course not. And I find it laughable that all these feminists chimed in with their claims of mysogyny and men viewing women as sexual objects, when Ms. Wilde herself clearly has her current wealth and power because of her great looks.

    • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

      “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” — Aristotle

    • marylamb72

      Bravo Shotgun!

  • Mort McSnerd

    I’m trying to get a handle on who cares what that skank or her fringe-left whackjob twitter followers “think?”

  • Nys Parkie

    How about overreaching women you can’t quite get it right but expect special rules so it appears equal?

    • marylamb72

      Just the liberal women. Read the comments here of the conservative women. We don’t expect special rules. Same work same pay and here’s a link someone here posted. Very good commentary on the so called pay inequality. Thank you to whoever posted it. I can’t find it again but I saved the link.

      • Nys Parkie

        You are correct and I was too general. The feminists created the chaos and not those ladies that understand limitations. Sorry.

        • marylamb72

          Is ok. CONSERVATIVE women are very understanding and forgiving. :)))

  • Jo Post

    Not one mention of Obama not paying his female staff equally? #fail

    • tedlv

      That’s the white racist side of the god emperor. He can’t control that. Let him be.

  • johnnydow

    It’s really true. The answer to anything wrong in the world is white racists. Congratulations Jesse Jackson. MLK would be so proud of you.

    • Agape Scorpio

      Jessie Jackson is one of the many involved in the murder Martin L. King. So…what does that tell you?

  • Calcat36

    QUESTION for the enlightened one:
    Who held Palin back?
    Who held Bachmann back?
    Who held Mia Love back?
    Who insulted Laura Ingraham?
    Who slammed Mrs. Reagan over just say no?
    Who degrades Ann Coulter?
    Who attacks Michelle Malkin?
    Who slams FOX News women for being too attractive?
    Who racially attacked Condoleezza Rice?
    Who rebukes Nikki Haley? For nominating Tim Scott to the Senate?
    Who attacked Jan Brewer for standing up for her States rights?

    • marylamb72


  • Toa

    WOW, what brave, cutting-edge replies she received!! They represent boatloads of very deep worldviews resulting in highly critical thought and meticulous analysis of real life!!!! (HEAVY sarc/snark)

    You gotta love these ritzy women who get up there and whimper about being “held back”, defining the term “air-headedness”!

  • Roger Wiskavitch

    Let’s see, once everyone EXCEPT white men are running the world, making the most money, and deciding what is equal: will that THEN make this world equal?

  • Margaret Trombley

    Men do NOT hold women back for the are the perfect stone to step on. What does? It is permanent victimhood. If women want equality they MUST accept equal sacrifice as a man. I dont see many Fems pushing for women to sign up for Selective Service

  • notenoughtime

    Easy, liberal, elite woman who have no respect for all their sisters and their choices. Men are the least of our problems when the paper pushing, faculty lounge, celeb and elite drive woman try to take over a discussion. They hardly speak for themselves let alone the fair minded, free thinking value based majority!

  • George

    Women are holding themselves back. Stop making excuses.

    • marylamb72

      Only liberal women are making excuses. Read some of the comments here by conservative women if you want to know truth.

  • Ray Davis

    What a bunch of tools. Inequality is meted out without respect to sex, age, racial bias,or any other grouping. Each person; male, female, young or old is responsible fore the way they are treated. If they earn respect, they will get it. If they sit around whining about how they are being treated; whether as an individual, or as a group, they will be despised.

  • Todd

    Im going to invent a new class that cant be blamed for everything. I now identify as trans racial, transgender, politically trans correct. And im going to take a shower. I can no longer be called a dirty old white republican man. For all you liberal white apologists know, I may have chosen to identify as a black arab atheist woman today. Dont even think of stoning me because im more equal than you now.

  • jorskippy

    What is holding back equality for women? As a woman, I would answer: Woman…… jealous, vindictive, mean, lack of unity. See how women attack Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Fox News women, Michelle Malkin….all of these woman are intelligent, beautiful, and successful.

    • tedlv

      Well said.


    Men don’t hold women back – Women hold women back, just like black people hold black people back, Hispanics hold Hispanics back etc etc etc – AS soon as they stop looking to blame outside forces, the better off they will be.


    As long as they promote group think, there will never be unity among the sexes.
    Same goes for grouping bases on heritage. People should not be grouped based on race, sex, heritage or anything else. You are not African-American, Asian-American, Mexican-America or any other hyphenated American. You ARE American. You came here under the premise of become an American! You cannot have unity in a nation that does not have anything that they can all get behind. If, you can’t respect the American Heritage and be a part of American society, then you should go back to where you came from and fix your own country and stop destroying the heritage of America. This country was created based on judeo-christian principles and anyone trying to change our heritage or rewrite history will fail, Our constitution provides us with the basis for a just society and must be enforced not ignored. Only then can this nation be united and prosper. The multiculturalism being pushed by corporate American is destroying our country and, they are doing this in order to get as much cheap foreign labor as possible, Modern slave trade and people just don’t see it for what it is. And no, people do not have to give up their heritage. Ones heritage is a great contribution to our melting pot. we have many special days set aside to celebrate many different heritages but, we must all remember that we are American’s first.

  • Byron Shutt

    It is the same thing as what is holding you back as an individual……YOU. Instead of rejoicing in the gains women have made in the last century or two the PC world focuses on the imagined inequalities perceived and propagated by the few.

  • Luka

    Well, like they always say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    • Luka

      Also, since when do men have the ability to decide if someone lives or
      dies before there born? Those are divine like powers. Just like racism,
      equality has been redefined over the years, it often refers to the
      question “what kind of special treatment am I not getting?”

      • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

        If they are aborting male fetuses . . . is that a literal liberal war on men?

    • marylamb72

      I can’t stand to look at that poor ignorant CHILD.

      • Luka

        Yea, she’s disgusting and a perfect example of the modern liberal woman.

  • Gregory VII

    Shut up and get my dinner .. and clean up around hear for gods sake. -old rich white guy “. lol

  • tedlv

    What holds women back? Many things, a few of which are listed below, but among which is the sheer number of women willing to bare their breasts when making movies, thus furthering the stereotype, Catch that one, Olivia?

    • grais

      screaming all the while about the horrors of being objectified.
      “Patriarchy keeps staring at my breasts! These breasts! Right here! See these breasts? Men keep looking at them!”

  • Sompopo Pepper

    All old caucasian men should just slit their throats now so only woman shall inhabit the earth.

    • marylamb72

      Oh please don’t. This old Caucasian woman would miss you all.

  • jaydee007

    There is nothing hold back Justice for Women (unless you confuse a warped view of Fairness with Justice)
    What holds back Equality for Women is Nature itself, in a word – Biology.

    And finally, in any other venue the answer is in the Mirror.

  • Bill B

    The “college educated” and the “low information voters” are, as Jerry Clower once said, educated beyond their level of intelligence.

  • Michael

    Another ultra-elite, super beautiful, wealthy actor that has no concept of how life is “holding her back”.

    Here’s a hint Olivia, women make 98% of what men do… its called research on google and it only takes a minute to look informed to millions of people who blindly follow you.

    Smart is the new sexy… well, at least it should be.

  • RichieRich

    Libs can only advance by being grouped then labeled as “victims”. Another group then has to be the viciimizer…Hmm wonder who that’ll be??? Who is it ALWAYS???
    Give you a hint. Rhymes with “Swhite Sale Seterosexuals”

  • frgough

    The whole premise of the question assumes men are inherently superior to women because the measure of equality is how much you are treated like a man.

  • Jerry B

    It’s funny how all these liberals want all this “fair” stuff. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Life is not fair?” Yes? It’s because it’s not. Everybody wants to judge themselves by others accomplishments and it doesn’t work that way. Is it fair when all is equal that men make more than women? No. Is it fair when all is equal that women get the kids more in a divorce? No. What’s fair got to do with anything? This country was in way better shape when things weren’t so fair. Too many people worried about everyone else’s problems. Yes the white man got a big head start, is that fair? No. So shut the F up and do something about it without complaining how unfair it is. My wife is the bread winner our family and I teach private tennis lessons somewhat sporadically. So she works and I take care of all the daily goings on and when she comes home and questions what I’ve been doing all day long, is that fair? No. Do I give a shit? No. Back in the day when men did the same to women was it fair? No. If everybody would just worry about being the best they can be, it WILL be noticed. Will it ALWAYS be noticed? No. Is that fair? No. If you don’t like the situation you’re in, change it. Is that fair? No. That’s the problem with this country. Too much whining and we can thank the sixties for that.

  • Frank Grayson

    I like the moron who stated, “Old white men who have been in power forever”

    Apparently, he hasn’t looked at who is President in a long while.

    • marylamb72

      Perfect! LOL

    • rainman

      Apparently it’s his white half that excludes women from key positions in his administration.

      • tedlv

        I posted a reply to Frank just over 4 hours ago, saying almost exactly the same thing. It’s gone.

        • rainman

          great minds.

          • tedlv

            You got that! Wonder where my post went???

          • rainman

            you didn’t use offensive language, did you? Maybe the editors delete duplicate posts?

  • Michael David Davis

    A collection of tweets from angry lesbians and guys desperately trying to get laid.

  • KCB-3

    Old white guys!!! Yeah, Blacks, Muslims treat their women Soooooooo well. Everyone who answered “white guys’ do have their empty head of their back side.

    • tedlv

      Blacks and Muslims are protected. Only old white guys can be accused of any sort of oppression.

  • Tanker74

    The new racism rears its ugly head again. This is the same crowd that shrieks, “You better do what we want (insert issue here) because the demographics are changing (so when you’re the minority, we’re gonna get you)!”

    • marylamb72

      Just liberal women. Not conservative women. Read the comments here of us conservative women.

  • Jason Gary

    Bzzzzzzz! Sorry, we were looking for, “Women accepting that they are inferior.”

    Women outnumber men, and are capable of amazing strength, determination, and ingenuity, rivaled by few men I’ve ever known. Unfortunately, MORE women are absolutely fine with sitting around, complaining, blaming, and thinking about what could have been if only A, B, or C.

    When has wishing and blaming ever pulled anyone out of a pit? Ever?

    • marylamb72

      Just the liberal women. IF you want to know what conservative women believe read some of our comments here.

  • fubar4fun

    Women are the yin to the yang of men. And I do not mean that in any humorous nor sexusl way. The reason there is a division is the same reason about 90% of women will not crush a spider nor kill a snake and beg a man to do it. Men do the dirty work that women won’t do in American society. Go to a third world country where women do the house labor while men either hunt or grow the food and maybe earn money that supports the home. Are you saying there is no equality there? The woman does not want to till the fields or slaughter the pigs so she does what the man cannot do. Yet they both raise the children. In the United States and other developed countries, all these conveniences, 90% built by men, are available in the home that eliminate all the things that are hard work. Meanwhile, men have to earn money instead of till fields doing things that women can also do. But the problem lies in the biological differences between men and women in the realm of childbirth. Because of these differences, many jobs women cannot do while pregnant nor nursing. And because women want more equality, they are not raising their children any longer…but neither are men. Instead children are raised like blank robots by the state and eventually will succumb to no parental interaction. Worse is the issue of more women joining the workplace, the less money there will be for the middle class. If businesses are required by law to hire women they will need one third more men to continue work while women’s biological differences are in play. Which then cuts the payroll by the same amount. Bottom line is, while I have nothing against equality, I also know the consequences. The day that a female combat soldier needs to stop a patrol and change a tampon and her unit is destroyed by the enemy,is the day we discover how wrong this ideal is.

  • xristosdomini

    … I’m still waiting for a logical and sensible explanation of what the left is defining as “justice and equality”. Outside of the culture war and psychological definition of gender (which I find untenable at best), I can’t think of a single inherent, legal right that I have that woman in America does not.

    • Memphis Viking

      On the left, “justice and equality” is defined as something that will never exist so they can continue to make people think they are victims.

  • sambar2

    “@oliviawilde probably men fear that if women achieve equality they’ll start to actually pull ahead of men!”

    Uh, why is it a contest? Man these people are effed up. And most of them probably don’t even understand the concepts behinds the words their spewing.

    • grais

      That’s a very good point. The attitude that it’s a contest has played no small part in the hijacking of the women’s movement and turning it into the the men-hating, angry women’s movement.

  • Secretsquid

    I have worked with women. At the age of 59, I still had to to do the heavy lifting AND informal tech support on their computers.

  • Chance Boudreaux

    Female rationalization Hamsters powered by 2nd wave Feminism sure haven’t helped women OR men.

  • Marcopohlo

    Aaaaand we’re done with the two-minute hate for the day. Can we get back to praising Big Brother now?

  • rickgoncher

    The only thing holding women back are women. You wanna get ahead….stop blaming someone else and start doing what you do best. No, I’m not rich but by birth I am white and a male. Something no one on this earth can change. oh…and just to get an education, try doing your own research instead of listening to more bs from people on the left with their heads firmly implanted in their backsides.

  • Madfoxx

    Oh sure, she can appear at a Hollywood function wearing next to nothing and then complain that MEN are what’s holding women back? That’s funny, I don’t care who you are!

  • Joe Billings

    I knew there would be republicans that jump in and say that it is the democrats and Obama that are keeping women back. The sad truth is it has always been the republican party which tries to legislate control over women. Pro Life groups have more to do about power over women then the “When does life begin?” argument. The answer to Olivia’s question is simple, it is women, they are holding themselves back. They need to go for the same jobs men do. They need to stop “sex typing” themselves, then they will get ahead. It all starts at birth, the girls get the dolls, the flowers, the pink clothes. If we change there, then women will be changed forever.

    • pjcostello

      You’re just a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

  • TeslaRawks

    This white straight male thinks wasting time putting on all that make up and playing dress up after the age of 9 instead of learning trades and educating yourself instead of playing Obama and being a mamas boy and blaming your faults and short comings on other people you know nothing about.

  • allbuss84

    If they looked at poor non white men in many other countries, they would be thanking rich white men for the nice treatment

  • ImTheNana

    In today’s age, if we aren’t succeeding, we can only blame ourselves.

  • Bandit Keena

    It’s definitely a race thing because minorities are much more accepting of women’s equality – or not

  • Chris Stone

    These idiots have obviously never been married. The woman is already in charge.The home, the money, the sex, the kids… etc, etc…

  • BillLawrenceOnline

    Holding back women from what? Power? The ability to push people around? I don’t want anybody — man or woman — in power who wants to push people around.

    BTW, it’s the Goldman Sachs guys and the Google guys and George Soros who are telling young and not-so-young, stupid people who happen to be women to vote for the candidates they pick so the will be “empowered”.

    Baby, did you get to keep your doctor?

  • Dee Dunbar

    oh, is it time to bash men some more, and white ones at that, and white wealthy ones to boot! been a while. got to get more of those girly guys! ((barf))

  • Carlos Villar-Gosalvez

    Hmmm Anyone notice that there is no “Take your son to work”day? Or that there is no “affirmative action” that benefits white males? Or ads that say “I want to be a civil engineer” that doesn’t feature girls? Tons of money are spent encouraging women and minorities to pursue higher education. Result? College students are >50% female and feature minorities at greater than population percentages. Who is getting repressed? White guys. They form the highest percentage in the blue collar, hard labor jobs that feature poor pay. Know what group has the highest population/percentage in high paying white collar jobs? Asians, especially Asian women.

  • Chris Lewis

    Here’s a thought. Ask an old white employer. I have owned a
    small business in South Florida for over 10 years. The truth is women cost
    employers more than men. Insurance costs
    are higher and statistics show that women take more time off work. An employer
    makes an investment in an employee and that investment needs to have a return.
    In general the rate of return is higher with men. Dose this hold true in all
    cases? No, however a good employer who is aware of his or her bottom will make
    those adjustments accordingly. Employers are also hamstringed by laws that it inhibits
    their selection of employees. Statistics also show that women are more likely
    to suit their employer then men are. That being said they tend to error on the
    side of caution in making their choice in employees. It’s sophomoric to blame it on “old white men”
    If you want to be competitive, be competitive. Stop blaming others for your lot
    in life and make your own way.

  • $3838536

    What is she even talking about?. India? Mali? Saudi Arabia? Certainly not any country in the West.

  • Tam

    For every woman with a PhD, I bet there are scores more who pose nude, act nude, dance with poles and on laps, sell themselves to the highest bidder, and move rapidly from one “rich old man” to another, building their fortune and mink coat collection. And we can’t forget those who climb the corporate ladder horizontally, one rung at a time, stepping on other women and even more men on their way to the corner office – only to realise it has more windows to clean than the others. Women have always wielded amazing power, centuries before the feminazis appeared to brainwash our young. Do you think for a second Elizabeth I or Cleopatra worried about “inequality”? Pffft…

  • Michael W. Paul

    Any woman Who feels held back is a woman who. Has made poor choices and want an excuse for her behavior….ask any truly successful woman and you will get the same answer….if you think you can you can, if you think you can’t you can’t. Inequality is found in the mind of the weak.

  • Justin Gebes

    In this day in age, women have just as a many opportunities as men (actually more because you don’t see any scholarships for single white males, but there are plenty for minorities). If you pay enough attention, you will see that there are a lot of women running large companies. I’m sick of “old, white men” being blamed for everything. The “old, white men” are doing what they were taught to do, become successful. They fought tooth and nail to rise to the top. It is in their nature. Blaming the “old, white men” is a piss poor excuse. In society these days, if you fail you can blame it on someone else and get away with it. It has become the social norm. Instead of regrouping and fighting, people just give up and blame the “old, white man” and expect someone to fix it for them.

  • The Kman71

    The best part, is that if you look at her tweet timeline NOW, one of the latest pics she uploads is a pic of James Hunt being held by women almost spilling out of their tops!! How about YOU, are holding women back with your faux concern while glorifying THAT which you supposedly abhor?!?

  • curtis bradley

    Do you know what a woman should do 1st, when she get’s out of a battered woman’s shelter? She better do the frickin dishes!!

  • Jack

    I would say lack of accountability and inability to use logic.

  • Eliza

    What holds back a woman, is a woman herself. Remember you can do whatever you want and get where ever you want to get. You don’t need a man or men to validate who you are. If you do, then woe to you lady.

    • Calcat36

      Blasphemy! A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle! So then, what man could hold a woman back? 😉

    • srirachi

      You can be anything you want, unless you don’t, in which case it’s because old white guys.

  • treva

    Its all about making women feel angry, thus ushering in a Hillary Clinton presidency. We are always so easily duped. If you notice, watch how women and equality will become a trumped up issue all over the place for no real apparent reason as Hillary starts ramping up her campaign.

  • briancnelson

    I’m going with Twitter polls. Twitter polls oppress women the most. See what you’ve done, Olivia?

    Also Democrats. Drowning their mistresses, showing their parts on the internet, sexually harassing interns Democrats.

    • Eddie frOly

      Let’s not forget having year long affairs with actresses while their inept wife who has had at least 4 Americans killed and thinks it doesn’t matter sleeps in the next room.

  • wileyvet

    In what area exactly do women find themselves oppressed, or what in society do they find so repressive? Just like racism, feminists seem to find problems wherever they look. That was a pretty open ended question. Holding you back where, and from what? I don’t get it, but then again I’m an old white guy.

  • shaw08

    The stupidity… It burns. How do these people breathe on their own or do rich white menace that hard too? There is very little women cannot legally do that men can. The only thing that comes into mind is certain military and law enforcement jobs. And that is purely because they cannot physically do it (not going to go into that topic). The constitution reinforces the fact that all man(humankind) is create equal and endowed with inalienable rights. 90% of laws written since the writing I that document have gone against in the spirit of democracy. Instead of people joining forces and trying to force the government to recognize their rights they stay as individual groups and beg for special privileges.

  • Politically Incorrect

    She’s a woman in HOLLYWOOD where evil rich white patriarchy rules. She’d know. She’s married to one. No…my ovaries and I are just fine. I don’t need a penis. Nor do I need to demean those with a penis. I get by in life with my ladysmarts, not my ladyparts, and I’ve never had a man treat me “unequally” as a condition. Hollywood women need to stop with the victimization.

    • tedlv

      I will never meet you – but I would like to. You make total sense.

  • srirachi

    These responses are biased by the fact that most of the Republicans have jobs and are busy producing things of value instead of using twitter.

  • montreed

    Lunch time, please get rid of the toenail fungus… OH .. on topic.. It is all a figment of her imagination. Justice and inequality are subjective and the lack of either can be attributed to one’s perception of the world.

  • Duro

    Is it just me, or would anyone else find it impossible to take Brandon Evers seriously?

  • Orpheus75

    LIberals: The modern day Don Quixote. They always need windmills to attack.

  • Karen Fandal

    AS a former manager of a department of 60 employees mostly women,t is women who hold women back. Women want equal rights but want the men or the single women to pick their slack when then have to pick up kids from day care or they have to leave early because the school called and their child is sick. Never had that problem with the men because women don’t require their spouses to share responsibility.

  • antimarx

    You know what the worlds greatest gift is to white men…high
    expectations. If you don’t make a living and support yourself and your
    family you’re just a loser. All these other ‘groups’ that liberals put
    us in do nothing but manufacture excuses for their members. Work like you have no excuses.

    • $7610427


    • $7610427


  • John Andrews

    She is a very pretty women. Who makes millions of dollars making movies.. I did not realize she has been held back from doing anything. I hope she can elaborate on why she feels she has been held back (and by whom.) Just sounds like she didn’t get her way on something and wants to blame someone..

    • Jack

      she had dreams of being a molecular biologist but they were squashed by here domineering male role model …the bastard!

      • tedlv

        It was House. I saw that episode.

    • sambar2

      They’ve convinced themselves that there’s some sort of injustice in the fact that there are (for example) more male directors than female. Never mind the fact that many more men train for and go after being a director.

      They have this unnatural obsession with everything being exactly equal. If they could force men to have wombs and vaginas to deliver babies, they would. It all boils down to an absolute hatred of God and everything He created. They will fight to the death to deny everything that is natural in a man and a woman and every beautiful thing that makes them different.

      • Mike Mike

        Tell that to Penny Marshall.

  • Mike Mike

    Here it comes, preparation for Killary becoming the next president and the war between the sexes. Read between the tweets dummies. This feigned sexism is the beginning of using the Sexist card, which we will hear ad nauseum the closer it gets to the 2016 elections.

    • Itchieitchiegoomie

      At least it will give the “Race Card” a well deserved rest.

      • carmenta

        that was my response – well at least I wont be a racist anymore; looking forward to experiencing as a white conservative women just what my dear black conservative friends have put up with for the last 6 years…

  • geo brecke

    Bring back the draft (for men and woman), and watch how Olivia and friends re-define their equality.

  • Mike Mike

    Here’s a possible answer. Who holds women back? Other women.

  • Kelly Mullen-Malone

    I’m am neither oppressed or objectified, and any woman who lets someone believe she is, is a bubble headed idiot. I am strong, opinionated, responsible, and take care of my own. Shine a light on the REAL issues we face as a country. Give me a f*c&ing break.

  • X3Charlie

    I was hoping at the end of this there would’ve been a tweet saying “all of you people.”

  • YourGrannie

    The only people holding back young women in the Western World is themselves. Who wants to hang out or promote whiney, demanding, bitches? Just get to work at what you want to do and quit comparing what you think you are “owed” with what other people have achieved. You’re hormonal. Get OVER yourselves, already.

  • Ron

    I thought someone would say Fox News

    • Calcat36

      They are not awake yet, and apparently, there is no amber alert to scare the crap out of them while tearing them from their dreams about beyonce.

  • Mike Mike


    • Part138

      It’s the little girl’s mother and/or pageant coach who’s to blame for her outfit IMO. She’s too young to really be responsible for it.

      • tedlv

        The mother is a child molester. No question in my mind. Why would anyone put their daughter out in the public looking like that? Only for sexual gratification and money. Both reasons for doing that to a child are EVIL! That poor little girl is ruined.

        • Part138

          I’m guessing there are no laws protecting a part of children’s earnings from beauty pageants as there are for children’s acting? If so, that’s very sad. And I used to wonder, “Why don’t they let the little girls wear age-appropriate clothing and hairstyles in pageants (along with little to no makeup)* Well, I’ve read that there are pageants like that, but I’m guessing we won’t be seeing them on tv.

          *not to mention not having pageants for kids far too young to understand what’s going on. Modeling and acting at that age might make some sense- they can earn money for their college funds, but pageants? I call pageants for babies and toddlers “dog shows.” myself. (no disrespect meant to actual showdogs or their people) (-:

        • Mike Mike

          @Tedlv I agree without reservation.

      • Mike Mike


  • camerond50

    Ask the millions of women who weren’t held back, how they did it.

  • flagmantexasmarine

    So how did she become a rich old white woman?
    The only thing holding back women or anyone else is themselves

  • H50 ✓RAT

    Women, we are our own worst enemies for a plethora of reasons.

    • $7610427

      Amen, sista!

    • $7610427

      Amen, sista!

  • JJay278

    That question is the problem. My father always said it’s how i see myself. If it’s not obvious to others that I am there equal it’s because i don’t see myself as such. No one can “make” me their equal. I already am.

  • disqus_fUHAbrlvrL

    There needs to be jobs to prove inequality……….. Mr.President let businesses create jobs.

  • Mike Mike

    This feigned war on women is to prepare you mentally for Killary’s presidential run in 2016. Get ready folks and let them know you will not be manipulated again by this obvious transparent tactic. This is not about being held back, this is about control of you and your vote. Plain and simple.

  • © Sponge

    Old white men in politics? Really? There’s LAWS IN PLACE preventing women from being “treated equally?”

    Wasn’t aware of that.

    • © Sponge

      Not even mentioning that there’s been a “black man” in power for 5 years now and he’s done nothing about it, NOR does he PAY WOMEN EQUALLY in his own cabinet.

  • Thumper999

    Women are to blame. They did it to themselves.

  • BorderGuard

    Princess Bammy keeping women down through Islam. Bwahaha…

  • © Sponge

    Exactly what “justice and equality” are women missing? Is her actress a$$ not making the same money as actors she performs with? I thought they’ve proven that women get paid the same as men mostly when they DO THE SAME JOB.

  • Kelly Laraia

    Vapid Hollywood liberals, such as Olivia Wilde.

  • BorderGuard

    Does being dependent on government through food stamps, welfare, Bammycare keep women down? If so, we have identified the offending parties.

  • Mike Mike

    This feigned war on women is to prepare you mentally for Killary’s presidential run in 2016. Get ready folks and let them know you will not be manipulated again by this obvious transparent tactic. This is not about being held back, this is about control of you and your vote. Plain and simple.

    • Jack

      you never hear libs/blacks mentioning her as a role model or bla bla….but there is a class on how to be like Beyoncé….good stuff. I am a huge C Rice fan

      • Mike Mike

        Me too.

      • tedlv

        I am, too. Just think of the vitriol from the left should she run for office!

        • Mike Mike

          I wish she would run. Cruz and Condoleezza, or Condoleezza and Cruz. Or maybe Trey Gowdy. He’s pretty amazing as well.

          • Mike Mike
          • tedlv

            Condi and Sarah! Think about the poison from the left! They would have the two ladies raping unicorns!

          • Mike Mike

            Dr. Rice looks presidential in this photo. She’s a class act as well as being a brilliant mind.

  • Kyle Bradelle

    What? No one said Boooosh??

    • ServosT

      Bush is an old white religious man….every answer was Bush. But at least we have Obama now, he will make things great. He is kind of a man, but at least he isn’t white. All will be good.

      • Part138

        Well, half of him isn’t.

        • tedlv

          Half of him isn’t a man? Gotcha there!

          • Part138

            LOL, I mean half of him isn’t white. The other half of him IS.

          • tedlv

            But is half of him a man, or not? You didn’t clarify that…;-)

  • ServosT

    Babies. Babies are holding back equality for women. Babies be like “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy” and it distracts a lot of women/mommies when they really should be out being like (old, white, straight) men.

  • gekkobear

    3 of my 6 direct supervisors have been women.

    But I’m in the female-friendly “computer programming” area, because computers and engineering are so female-friendly, right?

    Of them, I’ve liked/approved of the job done by 2/3 of the men and 2/3 of the women. I don’t like managers who don’t know what I do.

    Oh, and the first programming job I got was at a small company owned and run by a woman, who was also a very good programmer (who sadly as owner had to spend most of her time in sales).

    If (as everything I’ve seen shows to be the case) computer programming has equality, while also requiring an aptitude for math/logic… where is the horrific inequality?

    I guess I saw that in my construction job, none of the “unskilled labor” jobs like the one I did while in college were women. Was that due to a hiring issue, or no women applying to carry heavy crap around all day?

  • Kelly Holloway


  • LaunchTae14

    A person screaming inequality was told s/he is not equal and the only problem is they believe it.

  • terryhjones

    ah, junior high boy’s health class, back in the jurassic days of my schooling. we’d all get together with the coach that ‘taught’ the class, no girls allowed, and we’d talk about how to oppress women when we were old enough. our class was good enough that we covered fear-of-change. good times.

  • Jim

    Olivia Wilde just recently did a commercial for Revlon’s “age-defying” makeup. She’s 29 years old and has had plastic surgery, and she still thinks she needs age-defying makeup. What’s holding women back? People like her.

    • ernst1776

      Absolutely right on!

  • ernst1776

    It’s easy to figure out who the gay men are with theirs comments.

  • gold7406

    the dems sold you out. you can really cheap. all they had to do is give you free abortions and free birth control pills to secure your vote.
    a good pimp would have done the same thing.

  • sez-who

    Reading the responses to Ms WIlde’s questions, it seems that all her friends are haters. Kinda sad.

  • UtMadman

    IMHO, the equality would improve if more women really cared about it. The talking heads try to convince us that everyone cares, but that’s not been my experience. The intelligent women I know prefer balance in their lives, and they are not willing to give up many things about being a woman, a mother, etc, at the expense of living 24/7 for the job that would push them into the same “pay grade.” Just my experience, but it doesn’t surprise me. I tend to be more in the “balance” category, and therefore my pay is not as high as it maybe could be.

  • cpowers

    Women hold themselves back. Women who claim to want equality but instead ask for special privileges. Women who think sexual promiscuity is liberation. Women who will not allow a man to care enough to take care of them. Stupid, stupid women. By the way, I am a woman. A happily married, full-time employed woman.

  • BorderGuard

    Gay men(Bammy) marrying beards(Michelle) is an extremely onerous form of oppression as the woman can never reach her full potential in a sham marriage.

    • Jack

      what about the horndog who can’t keep it in his pants…(hint, slick willy)
      he has probably kept Hillary in play since she gets no satisfaction in her “personal” life

      • Calcat36

        That is why Huma is there.

        • Jack

          forgot about that one…throw in spritzers poor wife and Jim McSkeevy, Edwards and a crapload more…uggh

          • Calcat36

            Ted Kennedy?
            Gary Condit?
            Joe Scarborough?

        • Jack

          forgot about that one…throw in spritzers poor wife and Jim McSkeevy, Edwards and a crapload more…uggh

  • AmericanLass

    Women, who blame old white men.

  • Kelly Holloway

    I assume she’s talking about America, where the biggest factor that “holds ANYONE back” is their attitude. OTOH, if she’s talking about the world over, I’d think the biggest things holding women back are burkas, education disallowance, honor killings, etc.

  • cabman86

    I believe that a woman should always get the same pay as a man if they do the same job and should be equal in the workplace. In a relationship it takes both people treating each other as equals. I do believe in the Bible though and that women were created to be a companion for men. Not to be under them but to be there as their companion. I also believe that men should treat their wives/girlfriends as an equal partner in the relationship. No one is suppose to be UNDER anyone.

    Why though aren’t these same people criticizing Islam for their treatment of women? It makes no sense that only Christianity is treated as terrorist against women when that one religion, Islam, treats their women as slaves

  • justlittlolme

    What do you think most holds back justice and equality for women?
    Women who think the rules have to be adjusted so they can be ‘equal’ to men.

  • mark kelley

    Its funny that a lot of the replies of “old white men” came from …old white men. LOL

  • Isahiah62

    what holds back women? NOTHING

    …. but the boogymen they are creating in their heads!!! those kneejerk reactions above are SCARY!!! and prove the success of plantation mentality indoctrination in idiocy…. stop being a VICTIM and quit blaming and whining- it’s ugly and it’s a false way to deal with one’s own setbacks or inadequacies– I am a woman, I love a man, been married 33 years, we are a team, he is not holding me back, he is WITH ME in a team- we support each other – ladies stop hating on HALF the human race- they are our brothers, our husbands our dads our sons<—-LOVE THEM

  • Brian Hager

    Women are holding women back!! This is caused by their belief that another person is responsibility for their success!!

  • Mike Mike

    This feigned war on women is to prepare you mentally for Killary’s presidential run in 2016. Get ready folks and let them know you will not be manipulated again by this obvious transparent tactic. This is not about being held back, this is about control of you and your vote. Plain and simple.

  • dennislippy

    Women have been in charge since creation…….They have 50% of the money and 100% of the pussy.

  • Musketball

    just a glance at her initial responses reminds me of why I don’t take part in any activity containing the word “Twit”.

  • Viva la Revolucion

    I am!

  • AuAgFinder

    Women are just too catty and opinionated.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    I was going to say PMS.

  • Marsh626

    The places where females experience real inequality and oppression is in dark-skinned non-White countries and in Islamic countries. We see the same sort of thing with non-Whites and Muslims living in White majority Western countries as well where they have the highest rates of misogyny.

    The evaaaal White Christian capitalist and conservative countries are where you see women having the most freedom, rights and prosperity. And not only that, but feminism has existed for so long in the West and has become so powerful and widespread that they’re oppressing males.

    That the Western Left thinks otherwise is yet more proof that they’re misandric sexists, anti-White racists, anti-Christian bigots and anti-Western and anti-capitalist communists.

    They portrays themselves as victims in order to scapegoat their own failings onto Whites, Christians, capitalism, the rich and conservatives and in order to justify discriminating against and victimizing those groups.

    Females account for about 65% of college graduates in the USA while only about 35% are male. And it’s been that way for over 25 years. Yet despite this huge gender gap in college graduation, militant left-wing feminists are still demanding more preferential treatment, more affirmative action programs, more feminist indoctrination courses, more financial aid for female students only, etc.

    We’re seeing the same type of thing across society where females are receiving an unfair advantage over males that they didn’t earn while pretending that they’re being brutally oppressed by White conservative Christian capitalist bogeymen.

    The only place where females experience real discrimination in Western countries is for certain jobs in the military for obvious reasons. But the military has also become infected with feminist affirmative action policies and ideology as well.

    Feminists are in denial about how successful and powerful they’ve become because they need to carefully guard their bogus victim status in order to justify their ideology and policies.

  • Marsh626

    The places where females experience real inequality and oppression is in dark-skinned non-White countries and in Islamic countries. We see the same sort of thing with non-Whites and Muslims living in White majority Western countries as well where they have the highest rates of misogyny.

    The evaaaal White Christian capitalist and conservative countries are where you see women having the most freedom, rights and prosperity. And not only that, but feminism has existed for so long in the West and has become so powerful and widespread that they’re oppressing males.

    That the Western Left thinks otherwise is yet more proof that they’re misandric sexists, anti-White racists, anti-Christian bigots and anti-Western and anti-capitalist communists.

    They portrays themselves as victims in order to scapegoat their own failings onto Whites, Christians, capitalism, the rich and conservatives and in order to justify discriminating against and victimizing those groups.

    Females account for about 65% of college graduates in the USA while only about 35% are male. And it’s been that way for over 25 years. Yet despite this huge gender gap in college graduation, militant left-wing feminists are still demanding more preferential treatment, more affirmative action programs, more feminist indoctrination courses, more financial aid for female students only, etc.

    We’re seeing the same type of thing across society where females are receiving an unfair advantage over males that they didn’t earn while pretending that they’re being brutally oppressed by White conservative Christian capitalist bogeymen.

    The only place where females experience real discrimination in Western countries is for certain jobs in the military for obvious reasons. But the military has also become infected with feminist affirmative action policies and ideology as well.

    Feminists are in denial about how successful and powerful they’ve become because they need to carefully guard their bogus victim status in order to justify their ideology and policies.

  • Ed McDowell

    Old white guy asks where are women being held back?The dems and LSM killed a woman’s chance to bePOTUS in2008 BTW.

  • Ed McDowell

    Old white guy asks where are women being held back?The dems and LSM killed a woman’s chance to bePOTUS in2008 BTW.

  • American-By-Choice

    Their Mouths… .

  • American-By-Choice

    Their Mouths… .

  • kateorjane

    Women thinking their vaginas are the most important things in the world is what holds women back.

  • kateorjane

    Women thinking their vaginas are the most important things in the world is what holds women back.

  • Buffalobob

    I would have to lean heavily on bat shi& crazy women.

  • Buffalobob

    I would have to lean heavily on bat shi& crazy women.

  • MrApple

    How about general “bitchiness”?

  • Bubbub

    Wow look at all the nonsense. People need to step back for a second. If women are just as capable as men, then men should not be capable of holding women back. Its not like there are more of us (men). Fifty years ago, women were at a legitimate disadvantage but not anymore. Women, and men too, achieve what they do as a result of their choices and actions.

  • Bubbub

    Wow look at all the nonsense. People need to step back for a second. If women are just as capable as men, then men should not be capable of holding women back. Its not like there are more of us (men). Fifty years ago, women were at a legitimate disadvantage but not anymore. Women, and men too, achieve what they do as a result of their choices and actions.

  • Calcat36


  • Calcat36


  • jetch

    what’s with all the “white, old men” answers?
    most of these tweets are from white people, so did they just not grow up with a father or do they hate their father? and then you got the white guys saying “white old men”, do they not realize they will one day be “white old men” as well?
    and I guess Hispanic and black men aren’t known to be misogynist, contrary to everything I’ve hear heard and seen.
    these people are too lazy to really think for themselves and just repeat what they’ve heard elsewhere. morons!

  • jetch

    what’s with all the “white, old men” answers?
    most of these tweets are from white people, so did they just not grow up with a father or do they hate their father? and then you got the white guys saying “white old men”, do they not realize they will one day be “white old men” as well?
    and I guess Hispanic and black men aren’t known to be misogynist, contrary to everything I’ve hear heard and seen.
    these people are too lazy to really think for themselves and just repeat what they’ve heard elsewhere. morons!

  • patrick quinn

    Nothing!!! It’s like Climate Change…just another government fake statistic…Lies, Damed lies, and Statistics …Mark Twain <<< old, dead white guy

    • jetch

      well that would have been the more positive answer, but it lacks a sense of victimization that those people are looking for.

  • patrick quinn

    Nothing!!! It’s like Climate Change…just another government fake statistic…Lies, Damed lies, and Statistics …Mark Twain <<< old, dead white guy

  • BorderGuard

    Women like Wendy Davis can quit trading sex to older men for who pay for their college degrees.

  • BorderGuard

    Women like Wendy Davis can quit trading sex to older men for who pay for their college degrees.

  • $7610427

    Why do these women always want to be equal with men? I’m perfectly happy with being superior! 😉

    • iconoclast


    • Calcat36

      Nothing better in this world than a strong conservative woman!

      • tedlv

        ^ * 1B

  • Natassia

    What is holding women back? Utopianism. They honestly think they can have their cake and eat it to:

    Sl.u.t. around, build a career, and then find a husband in their thirties before becoming a mother. What they find is that the husband pickings are slim, they have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on fertility treatments, and that career just wasn’t as fulfilling as it was supposed to be, especially with the heavy weight of student debt hanging around their necks.

  • Natassia

    What is holding women back? Utopianism. They honestly think they can have their cake and eat it to:

    Sl.u.t. around, build a career, and then find a husband in their thirties before becoming a mother. What they find is that the husband pickings are slim, they have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on fertility treatments, and that career just wasn’t as fulfilling as it was supposed to be, especially with the heavy weight of student debt hanging around their necks.

  • huluvaguy

    Inequality is an emotional diversion from the real issues which hold women back, such as our big government nanny state, and radical liberal lesbians can get a woman lathered up as quick as Al Sharpton can work up a Black crowd. It’s elementary psychology….Women has made more progress in America than any other women on the planet. Stop allowing the these social pimps to relegate you to helpless emotional vagina’s.

  • huluvaguy

    Inequality is an emotional diversion from the real issues which hold women back, such as our big government nanny state, and radical liberal lesbians can get a woman lathered up as quick as Al Sharpton can work up a Black crowd. It’s elementary psychology….Women has made more progress in America than any other women on the planet. Stop allowing the these social pimps to relegate you to helpless emotional vagina’s.

    • Mike Mike

      That’s truthful and almost as funny as two liberal post-menopausal gay women fighting for their right for Uncle Obaabaaa to pay for their abortions and their birth control.

  • iconoclast

    Just have to love politically correct racism and sexism.

    Want to get ahead? Just do it–start your own business and ignore what other people think. Work 90 hours a week on building that business and succeeding.

    Want to know how NOT to get ahead? Ask someone else to give you (anything). Wait for someone else to move you ahead. Drop out for years. Study sociology, psychology, or any victim studies.

  • Joshua Nava

    im probably banned from twiter after responding to some of these brilliant minds who googled misogyny to get points with their girlfriend

  • NotAReaderYet

    Self-important, bored, actresses?

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    What is success? And what does a successful girl/woman look like? She has developed her inner self, her spirituality, her self confidence. She has some kind of education/trade and can earn a decent living. She knows how to tell a good man from a bad man.

    Failure…looks like girls caught up in too-early dating with (in some cases) emotional damage, maybe STD, maybe a child or the horrible trauma of abortion.

    Failure…looks like young girls forced into child marriages, girls not educated, girls hidden away.

    • thinkingabovemypaygrade

      The girl’s parents are both key to her success…and/or some quality adult leader substitutes. They can’t force her into success, but they can sure give her some great opportunities to succeed. The guy teaching his young daughter softball/basketball/soccer, the mom insisting on her good grades, both parents providing her opportunities to learn & grow…while trying to moderate dating till later–with boundaries.

      And girls with only one active parent…if that parent can get her into groups where strong, good men and women affirm her…she has a solid chance of success.

  • iconoclast

    What is needed is a national compensation and promotion commission. All salaries and benefits must be individually approved by this national commission to ensure that different jobs have the comparable worth determined and to ensure that women are paid the same (or more) as an equivalent male.

    Should only take a 2,000 page law, another 50,000 bureaucrats, and a sophisticated website to complete. What could go wrong?

    • tedlv

      So simple! Like the Jitterbug…

  • Marbran

    A better question would be, “What are women being held back from?”

    This whole “war on women” meme is so old it has wrinkles and gray hair.

  • Urvy Jaramillo

    Most of these men and women who blame straight white men would rather see gay black women in power, thus helping women dominate men and put this country under Feminazi rule.

    • tedlv

      Hillary! Oh, wait, she isn’t black.

      • Mike Mike

        No but she could still adopt a black child, though that would pi$$ off Melissa Harris Perry.

        • tedlv

          No, that can only happen with a conservative adopting a black child.

  • TroubleAtTheMine

    Oh lord.

  • Mike Mike

    This feigned war on women is to prepare you mentally for Killary’s presidential run in 2016. Get ready folks and let them know you will not be manipulated again by this obvious transparent tactic. This is not about being held back, this is about control of you and your vote. Plain and simple.
    Push back and call them out on it..

  • rssllue

    Why are they being so hard on Joe Biden? Haters! Racists! Classists!

  • Leslie Anderson

    Answer–herself. Since dawn of time, woman wanted permission to act outside rule-of-law and call it inequality when she is held accountable. She constantly compares heself to man = obsequious! I’ve observed this myself since the first bra tossed into the fire as a kid. Not impressed. Somehow in the 60s, the message “she shouldn’t” (because of responsiblilites accepted) became “she can’t” and men were to blame for that; but those two verbs do NOT mean the same thing. We are all individuals, bound by rule-of-law, which always makes us equal, only allowing PUBLIC opinion to stand in our way.

  • Nosferatu87

    Whatever the question is… the answer is “patriarchy”. Let me give you guys an example of how contradictory this is: If you search “patriarchy is bad for men’s health” on google you will get a “study” proving patriarchy as the responsible for men’s problematic. Now type “women’s rights are good for men’s health” and again you will see a study stating that focusing on female issues, we – men- win a lot more than focusing on our specific issues. See the contradiction there? Patriarchy means whatever the delusional left wants it to mean.

  • stdog

    So if some men earn less than a woman, what’s holding those men back?

  • Vennoye

    THANK YOU, Debra Thompson!! Finally one response I agree with!! Remember a quote by some old time movie queen (before the age of feminists) when asked if she was sad she had not been born a man….her response was…….”No, who would want to settle for that? Their clothing is so boring!!” BTW, I am female so don’t call me sexist!! :-)

  • ThomasCollins1

    …spending an hour in the morning in front of the mirror to no avail…

  • SandyT

    I’m a retired truck driver with over 30 years driving experience. I got paid the same as my male counterparts, so I never saw any inequality between male and female pay.

  • Resist_Tyranny

    It’s pretty clear that it’s almost always ourselves that hold us back. The “But, But” game is a good indicator of when someone is looking for excuses.

  • Revan

    It is like the left pulled every strawman argument they can think of.

  • kenvandoren

    Maybe it was on the list but I did not see the answer; Babies. Women who choose to have children tend to make sacrifices. And rightly so.

  • Gary

    A multimillionaire female “celebrity” who plays make-believe for a living complaining about justice and equality? Wow…liberalism really is a mental condition.

  • tedlv

    I have read a lot of comments below. One thing that seems to be missed by many posters: Olivia never said what her opinion on the matter was. Granted, the word “haters” seem a little inappropriate for a simple poll, but she did not express an opinion.

    • Calcat36

      Her premise was her opinion.

      • tedlv

        How? If I ask a question, does it say what my answer is? I don’t agree. But I have seen your posts, and I like them. We can respectfully disagree on this point, I hope.

  • izzycafe

    Where is this inequality she speaks of? The latest example given was one women car executive that makes less than her male counterpart. I believe that is call negotiating a contract and that final number is going to be what both camps agree on. Should that be called inequality? Or hard negotiating?

  • Mike Mike

    This feigned war on women is to prepare you mentally for Killary’s presidential run in 2016. Get ready folks and let them know you will not be manipulated again by this obvious transparent tactic. This is not about being held back, this is about control of you and your vote. Plain and simple.
    Call them out on it.

  • LochGates44

    Old white guys made it possible for Olivia to ask her question and her idiotic followers to make such asinine replies.

  • Jonah1939

    I wish someone would tell me, just how are women treated as unequal’s and inferior? What areas are women paid less for equal work? The women I know seem quite happy in their trained positions. Why do you see conservative men as a problem? Why do you consider religion as a problem? Why do you use the race card? I don’t think I’m stupid, but I’ve been married almost 50 years, consider myself a conservative. Am not a racist, Taught school for 30 years, and the female teachers where paid what I paid and advanced to leadership positions as much as men. Many positions paid more than mine. My wife has as much authority if not more than me. I just don’t get it. This is 2014.

  • Bill

    Well those men need to turn in their man cards. Also women in their 20’s make more than men in their 20’s.

  • happyfemme

    Funny I think the only thing holding back any woman is herself in America we can do and be anything if we want for crying out loud how are we held back?????????

  • Jon Galt

    Actually… the right answer is WOMEN. You hold yourselves back. Stop blaming others for your shortcomings.

  • Knybee

    I’ve got a question for Olivia. If women want equality so much, why is it not a man and a woman’s right to choose? Why is it that in the greatest decision that one can make, taking the life of an innocent baby, the woman don’t grant men that “equality”? And the answer is? These women who say that they want equality don’t want equality at all. They want to rule. And right now they do. The deception is that they don’t.

    The positions of authority that have been set by God work. It’s His creation and His authority therefore to do so. God the Father, then the Son, then the Holy Spirit, Then the angels according to their positions, then men, and then women. When men and women break away from God’s order they then find that their should be order, so they set up their own. The problem is that because they do not respect the authority of God they can not receive His full blessing of spiritual gifts, including humility. So men and women become like the beasts of the field.

    Recognizing those beast’s actions and the way that they deal with each other, it’s easy to see that the statement of “survival of the fittest” applies to their lives. The strong rule. This is the opposite of Gods proclamation that the meek shall inherit the Earth. So women have decided to play the game and wrest power from the men. But humility is better than power.

    And even so, if women want great power, God has already given them the greatest power that there is. They share this power with men. It’s called prayer. There is no greater power to be given then that the Lord God Almighty hears your prayer. To falsely believe that you can have a worldly power that is greater is a deception of your own heart. In other words “What I have is not enough, I want more”. This is the opposite of “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want”.

    Besides that, women for the most part have been bringing up the next generation. Is that a great power? The men have been acclimated to an afterthought when it comes to parenting. This is by the free will of women who consider themselves more important to the children’s lives than are men. This is the so called “equality” that these women want and practice. Then these women, after taking a husband, turn and become married to their children. So now in marriage and parenting men are no longer a vital necessity.

    Olivia is a beautiful wonderful woman. It shows in her smile. She has a good heart, but she is misguided by the ways of the world. Yet I also believe that she’ll be fine. She will find God because she wants to know the truth.

    • Mike Mike

      You give her a free pass for her ‘beauty’? SMDH.
      She needs to wake up and stop being a political pawn.

  • Alan Mudge

    Can we just kill off all men, specifically white, straight men, and I’m sure this women’s equality and justice thing work resolve itself. By the way, anyone ever experience a female superior to female subordinate work relationship. It’s quite enlightening and will give you a micro snapshot of what it will be like when all us domineering, filthy males are reduced to quivering jelly piles of effeminate plasma.

    • tedlv

      I am going through a female-to-equal-female conflict right now, with a couple of the administrative assistants. They are their own worst enemies! One, who is very smart and capable, wants nothing but to work with the other, who was once “pretty” but now is aging and heavy…she can’t accept the smart one on any terms. MEOW! That sort of idiocy has happened in so many places I have been, it’s beginning to look normal. Women can certainly be their own worst enemies.

  • Jeffrey Lamela

    A lot of dead white guys have ensured that the “men” and women who made all of those idiotic tweets can do so freely.

  • Robert Parkhurst

    The stupidity of the American people is crazy.

  • affenhauer

    Didn’t anybody say ‘Bush’? Or those damn racist Teabaggers..?

    • tedlv

      They don’t need to – it’s clearly understood amongst the elite.

    • Itchieitchiegoomie

      They did! When they said “old, white men” nine hundred times. We all look alike to them.

  • Hjc Customs

    The redundancy of the Libtard SHEEPLE

  • knarf714

    Wow these answers read just like old Joe Gobbels propaganda…why was germany not doing well…well it was the jews…just substitute “white males” for jews and you see where this is going. Same mentality as the nazies.

    • tedlv


  • Matthew Stiles

    Still no sammich?

  • meangene

    Women hold back women. Most women don’t want the responsibilities of a medical doctor, corporate lawyer or executive, etc. It interferes with marriage, childbirth and the raising of children. They have to choose. Let them choose to be single, childless, workaholics if that’s what they want.

    • Karl Winrich

      BAM! Women who settle for less than what they are actually worth, thus holding themselves back as well.

  • kegler299

    The only thing that can hold back any individual is her/him self! Blaming men or conservatives or progressives or the religions is just lying to yourself.

  • realsmartmom

    How about women who let MSNBC and celebrities do their thinking for them?

    • tedlv

      Um…they are too busy “nurturing” to think, I am guessing? They should let someone else think for them, right? Because that is the American way! Let radical groups control your thinking. Because some animals are more equal than others.

  • Noonespecial

    How about the whole idea is a construct of liberal liars? That seems to fit.

  • W Randall

    In this day and age in the US, if you feel the need to blame “Old White Guys” for your inability to suceed in life, then you were never going to suceed anyway.

  • Tom Charters

    It is 100% political. Mostly by men in government. The private sector rewards the best employee and cannot afford to play games. If you cannot compete by the quality of your work. go work for the government and hope you get noticed.

  • Aztec01

    Women are their own worst enemies. Being perpetual victims doesn’t help their cause at all. Embrace equality (whatever that means) instead of pining for it in petty jealous tweets. Sorry Olivia, rich bitch Olivia, I don’t feel sorry for you at all.

    • tedlv

      Aztec, not all women feel that way. Just a verbose minority. Most are actual adults, who work and succeed. It’s the losers that whine.

  • ra44mr2

    *sigh* and yet women have a lower unemployment rate than men.

    • tedlv

      44, will you please stop confusing the issue with facts? You aren’t playing fair, here.

  • Celestial4caster

    Gosh…I thought they were going to say “Bush”. I guess it gets captured in the men. Poor women. It is so hard to compete…against men.

    • tedlv

      Maybe they thought that was completely obvious, Booosh is to blame for everything, all the way back to the Magna Carta, so they failed to mention the obvious…

  • Don Turco

    I was going to opine here, but honestly I can’t stop laughing….okay here goes, if you feel held back go look in the mirror…ahh the culprit has been identified…

    • tedlv

      She should take her top down first, then she would understand…not.

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    I knew there was so much not to like about her. Feminists are the dumbest people around(before anyone says Libs, all feminists are Libs). Male feminists are the worst, vaginal cowards. Where are women being held back? I love the Thomas Sowell video where he refutes a feminists claims saying that both women and black men who were equally educated, experienced, on equal footing as white men actually did better. The only thing “supporting” women being held back is that women keep screaming they’re being held back to justify their failures or place in life. Like minorites who no matter what happens it was because of racism. They just keep saying it, other women who feel like crap believe it, so they keep saying it but nobody ever questions them on how women are being held back and there’s no info at all to support the statement. Female life has forever been valued over male, and always will be. Men are supposed to go out, risk their lives, kill themselves to make a living all to provide the women and children with a comfortable, safe life. Women and children first anytime anything happens. As Bill Burr once said “There are no feminists in a house fire”. There’s nothing logical about feminism. It’s always been about superiority and replacing men. It’s done as much damage to this country, and marriage than any b.s. Liberal program. Females were already made to feel superior in life so they want to be superior to men everywhere. But they’re not and that pisses them off, yet men are just fine with it.

    • tedlv

      Great post! I am a man, and I am not just fine with it. Unfortunately, I am married…

    • Amanda Davis

      Reading through your comment history, your Israel comments are right on and make me want to give you a high five!
      I have to disagree with you on a few of your claims here tho… Feminism was ABSOLUTELY necessary at its inception (Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucy Stone, et al) as women did need the right to vote, have legal recourse in regard to divorce, property rights, be educated at high levels etc. Even some second wave feminists were necessary, as I very much appreciate birth control and (albeit very limited) protection from domestic violence and rape.
      I agree that the vast majority of today’s feminism is destructive and counter productive. I also do not think that there is structural misogyny that holds women back in our country.
      Feminism has a place in today’s society, it is just refusing to occupy it. Feminist should be stomping out abortion, not glorifying and advocating for it. Feminists should be working to stop human trafficking and childhood sexual abuse and rape. (To some extent they do…but not in very effective ways. More like arguing endlessly about slut-shaming and the right to wear nothing and drink until passed out, etc.)
      I am a feminist and am no ones victim. I love and respect the men in my life – my husband, father, etc.
      Sad thing is, liberal feminists won’t have me….I’m just a crazy conservative wing-nut to them!

      • HoneyTree EvilEye

        Be hard pressed to argue against you on the rights women got and deserved advocating for themselves.

  • Winston Smith

    Hey, I’m an “old (68) white guy”! And I respect ANYONE based entirely on their ability to do the job they have chosen and their willingness to contribute something POSITIVE to their environment and/or Country!
    I have a rule: ‘Treat me and mine with the respect due a fellow human being and I WILL reciprocate!”
    I could care less about gender, skin tone, Party, bank account or what color socks you wear!

  • tedlv

    Olivia did not answer. I would love to see her answer. I doubt if she will do so, but it would be very interesting if she did. She won’t…

  • Richard Willey

    Nothing …They have got it made…Quit whining…

  • disqus_qm6OxDniZ1

    It’s women waiting on a movement, banners or angry protest march to move them forward that are holding them back. The women that see the problem and figure out a way around it, or to manage it ARE getting ahead. It’s the women that wait on others to open the doors for them or on a political movement or electronic chain letter to solve their issues or let the democratic party use them long enough for elections but never do anything for them. You think Oprah waited on ANYBODY to level the playing field? No she didn’t. She didn’t cry, she didn’t wait on a movement or political party, she did it herself. She saw obstacles and overcame them. Stop your whining.

  • Mike Mike

    This feigned war on women is to prepare you mentally for Killary’s presidential run in 2016. Get ready folks and let them know you will not be manipulated again by this obvious transparent tactic. This is not about being held back, this is about control of you and your vote. Plain and simple.
    Call them out on it. It will get worse and worse the closer we get to 2016, ‘sexist’ will be the next card the Demoncraps use ad nauseum, men will become the misogynists they love to hate. The program has begun. Be aware and let them know you’re a step ahead of them this time.

    • Mike Mike

      On the flip side; look what’s on the other side of the pond.
      22 hours ago – Obama Adm relaxed Immigration Standards that could allow immigrants who supported terrorists into US.
      Though they say it’s safe, has he told the truth about ANYTHING else?

      • tedlv

        You bet he has! He has fundamentally change the US to a monarchy. Any questions? Next step, progressivism, then communism. That is the fundamental change he promised. He is so succeeding!

  • Linda White Besink

    Had to stop reading these, my IQ was beginning to drop.

  • Addie

    Shitty government is hold us back. When they talk about equality they automatically divert us to abortions. How is infanticide related to equality? Yes, I think women should decide when they get pregnant. However, they have a choice about making babies not about killing them. Wake up women! You should worry about the economy. In the last years more women are on government aid, more women are poor. This is what is holding women back. But hey look on the bright side according to Obozo we can get free mammograms at planned parenthood, see liberals love women. =)

  • History1979

    Women who will sell themselves for money or a little fame. It is easy to blame men for holding women back but women have all the power if they would band together. Too many want to bash men because it is easier to expect a man or government to GIVE them something to make up for inequality than for them to actually make change. Women better hope they don’t pass equal pay laws. If they do women will find it harder to get jobs because most would rather not hire them and save the trouble of the woman making problems if she doesn’t get her way. Remember the Americans with disability act? The rate of disabled Americans hired in the workforce plummeted as it was easier and cheaper to not hire them than actually follow the rules of the new law if they were hired. Unintended consequences people. Women have the power, they are just too petty towards each other to seize it.

  • Fresh Mountain Air

    By assaulting private property, collectivism channels our aggressive instincts outward, resulting in modern-day systems of masters, serfs, and plunder — more commonly known as socialism, communism, and the welfare state.

  • Sam West


  • E Thomas Henry

    women don’t face inequality, they just seem to enjoy playing the victim

  • CurtFrantz

    I’m not aware of any injustice or inequality–except government trying to compel the private sector to give women advantages. See yourself as a victim and you’ll feel a victim no matter the reality. BTW, old, white men are discriminated against by the government perhaps more than any other group. I’m “an old white man” and I don’t whine and moan about it. Live your life and don’t put responsibility for your success and happiness on others.

  • PeriMedic

    Cue twitchy posting 10,000 tweets saying the same thing.

  • Todd A. Lindquist

    have any of you ever worked in real world? Seen women tear woman apart, u r mean to each other!

  • louisiana_mom

    Never occurs to a single one of them that individual life choices are what hold most women back…. nope, gotta be someone else’s fault! Pathetic! Stop making stupid choices and blaming everyone else! YOU are the reason YOU don’t succeed in this world!

  • Melanie

    No one and nothing held me back

  • Jim J

    Look at all the beta males chiming in looking for approval from the movie star.

  • Johnny Abney

    personally young women hold themselves back by dating jerks. lets be clear ladies when you want to date the “bad boy” for excitement in your life THE A$$ HOLE IS A “BAD BOY” hence he will control you and bang your friends.

  • Guest

    So, they want equality? Fine, then do away with “ladies first,” “ladies’ night,” and men having to pay for most or all dinners etc. Also, prostate cancer should get as much media awareness/attention as breast cancer.
    Plus, women demand equal pay? Ok, when a couple splits, both parents should have equal time with the kids and the woman doesn’t get ANY of the man’s money.

  • Captain Seamus

    To answer her question succinctly, “themselves”.

    Women tend to choose occupations that pay less than men do. Those that choose equal occupations end up earning the same for the same time in rating… EXCEPT in the Obama Administration.

    Female GOVERNMENT workers get paid much less than their male counterparts, moreso in Democrat administrations than in Republican ones… go look it up.

    Every time you see the finger pointed at the conservatives, remind yourself that 3 fingers are pointed back at the liberal who is doing the pointing… and remind them too.

  • Becky J Barrow

    My answer would be: silly women who think everything that doesn’t fall into their lap = ‘injustice’. Or how about women who want to be ‘feminists’ yet, once knocked up, quit their career and sit on their butts while they leech off their baby-daddy for life? *facepalm* These kinds of stupid women give me a headache.

  • Michael

    the myth of inequality lives on

  • Ron

    When you have to blame others for holding you back, you are in fact the one holding yourself back.

  • bigMike

    the only thing holding anyone back is the person looking in the mirror! white straight men? seems to be their FAVORITE target, almost as if, YES, it is the people they crave the most validation for their pathetic lives! Give us white men a friggin break!, we don’t hold ANYONE back, Olivia Wilde is a libtard, and a coward! She doesn’t consider her backwards fear and hatred of us to be wrong in the least, and yet she bashes us every chance she gets! GROW UP, and SHUT UP!

  • Gary Warren

    To blame? Far more often than not, women themselves are to blame that are still playing the role of a victim while they’re really volunteers believing liberal men are immune from being sexist. Rather than whine and blame, take action and be persistent! What thing that’s valuable comes easily, anyway? If you haven’t seen the progress since World War II for women, you’re too blind to see much of anything else anyway! Your prejudices probably have put you beyond human aid. Bill Clinton did more to set organizations like NOW back to their place of irrelevance than a hundred million Republicans could have done, even though that’s not what most Republicans are about. Women’s Rights Groups will continue to exist because of the business of complaining makes big money. The profit motive in whining will continue unabated as long as the whiners wish to whine and pay for and elect more whiners. We have the all-time leader of the whiners about to run in 2016.

  • Onenationundergod

    Stop blaming others for your failures.

  • Antonio R. Sanchez

    State of mind stops most.

  • John Luvgren

    Stop Sexism! Stop reducing Men to the level of women!

  • suqsid4

    Held back from what? Custody, abortion, alimony, or combat, labor, mortality?

  • Truth Gun

    Liberals: what a bunch of boobs.

  • britain

    Go iron my shirt you F’ing beatch.

  • Jimbo

    Kind of funny when you think about it. Women do not want equality. It would be a step backwards for most women. Imagine having to be held as accountable, do the same work, and take the same crap as a man does. I’ve worked with plenty of women and watched the boss walking on eggshells, scared he’s going to be sued for saying the wrong thing. When you are more than equal, the last thing you want is equality.

    • alanhenderson

      “Feminism must therefore accommodate wildly incompatible propositions —
      e.g., (1) Women unquestionably belong alongside men in Marine units
      fighting pitched battles in Tora Bora but (2) really should not be
      expected to be able to perform three chin-ups. Or: (1) Women at Columbia
      are empowered by pornography but (2) women at Wellesley are victimized by a statue of a man sleepwalking in his Shenanigans.
      And then there is Fluke’s Law: (1) Women are responsible moral agents
      with full sexual and economic autonomy who (2) must be given an
      allowance, like children, when it comes to contraceptives.”

  • Roggiedodgie

    If women want true equality, ban all gender division in sports, and may the best person win a spot on the team, or the best individual win the most money. Seriously, Venus Williams, did you really think about this?

  • LCM☝✊

    You can’t have equality everywhere because we simply are not equals everywhere. Proof, we can have a bench press competition. How about some squats? Want to get into an MMA ring with a guy of your same weight? Woman want equality while crying it’s not fair to have to match the men on the Marine training course. Life isn’t fair or equal. Get over it.

  • LCM☝✊

    That’s why women were never warriors. They are supple creatures and we love you just the way you are my little dove.

  • John Fleming

    The democrats have fighting against equality since the beginning. The republicans party was started to end slavery. And have been fighting for equality for all since their party’s inception. Stop believing the democrats lies and deceptions. Please check your history not propaganda from the left.

  • Troy Nelson

    The belief that one is “anything” is just self-fulfilling. But by all means blame straight white old men.

  • bill_a_bob

    Response: Bill Clinton?!

  • BigTim Mullins

    I don’t have to guess. The actual answer is…….THEMSELVES! Blame men (you sexist), blame whites (you racist), blame misogyny, blame Republicans, blame conservatives, blame religion, blame the weather, blame your period,…..waa…..waaa….waaaaa! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Inequality for women being held back? Whiners. Okay, let me provide incontrovertible, empirical and unequivocal proof this is total horses***.

    Michelle Malkin
    Diane Sawyer
    Carol Burnett
    Venus & Serena Williams
    Liliane Bettencourt
    Iris Fontbona
    Jacqueline Mars
    Barbara Carlson Gage
    Condolezza Rice
    Abigail Johnson
    Anne Cox Chambers
    Dannine Avara
    Alice Walton
    Christy Walton
    Oprah Winfrey
    Celene Dion
    Hillary Clinton
    Nancy Pelosi
    (out of respect for Twitchy and bandwidth….I’ll stop there)

    Now, SHUT THE HELL UP….and go accomplish something.

  • Bob Gayle

    there is only one thing that holds back anyone, be they man, woman or little green alien… that being ones self! and the decisions one makes in her/his/it’s life. this idea that old white men are holding anyone back is just so much “victim” mentality, if you see yourself as a victim you will always be a victim. if you see yourself as successful you will become successful. and of course success can be equated in as many ways as there are folks to equate.

  • WerewolfVm

    I am from the old school of society. What makes woman think that they are second class citizens with men today? To me they still are never content nor happy with anything a man does. No matter what is done for them, it is never enough. They want to change men into pansies and demasculine them all, so woman can be just as manly as the wimpiest of men they helped to create. Why? This Wilde woman has more money than most people including most average men today. She still is not content? Why? There are certain areas because of genetics men are stronger and better equiped to do than woman. The same is true concerning women. Could you stop blaming men for being men? Stop blaming the religious and ancient times for womans oppression. Until there is somesort of DNA changes there are still differences between men and woman whether you like it or not Wilde! Are you by chance a lesbian? When you can have a child without any male at all like immaculant conception then you can truely be free of all men.

  • Craig Jacobs


  • frankly2

    The real answer is women. Or nothing. You choose.

  • donttreadonme9

    How about the bitchy behavior of women towards other women?

  • Joe Narc

    women hold themselves back with their insecurity and needs — for men in particular.

  • wolfie773

    “Men” is the prevailing answer, and more specifically “white” (sometimes OLD) men. Think about the places where inequality for women is most prevalent, though. Hardly in control of old white men. But I guess that would require actually thinking.

  • Brad

    She had two men that helped get her where she is today…..her rich daddy, and upper-class snobby British grand-daddy!!

    Her father, Andrew Cockburn, a journalist, was born in London to British parents and raised in Ireland; her uncles, Alexander Cockburn and Patrick Cockburn, also worked as journalists. Wilde’s older sister, Chloe Cockburn, is a civil rights attorney in New York; her aunt, Sarah Caudwell, was a writer, and her paternal grandfather, Claud Cockburn, was a novelist and journalist.

    Wilde’s father’s upper-class British ancestors lived in several places at the height of British Empire, including Peking (where her paternal grandfather was born), Calcutta, Bombay, Cairo and Tasmania (one of her paternal great-great-grandfathers, Henry Arthur Blake, was Governor of Hong Kong).[2] Wilde’s father’s ancestors include abolitionist and Anglican minister James Ramsay, politician George Arbuthnot, lawyer, judge, and literary figure Lord Cockbury, Lord Provost of Edinburgh Sir William Arbuthnot, and Sir Thomas Osborne.[2][3] Wilde’s ancestry includes English, Irish, Scottish, Manx, and German; she is also of 1/64th Sephardi Jewish descent (from Spain and Portugal) through Ralph Bernal (1783–1854), a British Whig politician and actor.

  • Musette Rose


  • cloudshe

    women don’t want to compete on an equal footing with men, they want preferential treatment. even though professional women with the same experience and education now make MORE than men (re: T Sowell), they still are using this construct to create an advantage. and when you look at the Military and see how Stoopid the idea of putting women in positions that are unquestionably suited better for men, well, there’s another clear example of the Democrats’ playing politics with our lives

  • Pope Sparkles (F)

    The obvious answer is feminists. They hold themselves back. If they quit fighting everyone, they might get a head.

  • jrista

    What justice or level of equality is being held back? Women actually have more special rights and benefits than men in this country…they actually have the “right” to *murder* their own unborn children. They have special protections in the workplace against sexual harassment. They have special benefits that allow for extended (often paid) time off for child birth, despite the disruption that such an event can cause at a company, especially for higher ranking positions. With Obamacare, they now don’t have to pay for the extra health care they require when bearing children…that cost is now covered by all the men in this country. Is that inequality? What justice are women not receiving? Those are the the questions I want answered!

    The only thing offered by the freedom of America was Equal OPPORTUNITY! Having an opportunity to, say, apply for a high ranking job position does not mean you are guaranteed to get it. Some jobs, such as running a company as CEO, require a certain level of education, a certain kind of charming personality, and most importantly a certain *will* to do what’s necessary to protect the business, even when that means making the HARD choices like initiating a layoff or selling parts of the company. One either makes the hard decision, that will affect so many lives, or the company folds…in which case, it affects the lives of everyone at that company. Call me “sexist” if you want, but some of these are traits more often found in men (doesn’t mean they are exclusively male traits, just more often found in men.) I don’t think women in the average case are equipped to handle such a situation. Some women are, but I do believe they are a rarer breed.

    One cannot ignore the fundamental, biological and mental differences between men and women that are NATURAL. Sometimes it seems like women screaming for “equality” are really screaming for everyone to ignore those fundamental, natural differences. That all they really want is parity…the same number of women CEOs as male CEOs. Actually, to be quite honest, it really sounds like what they want is women CEOs…down with the great white man! Women are better!

    Inequality and injustice? Seriously?

  • USMC

    if Women are as equal and strong as men. Then how can Men possibly be holding them back.