Alec Baldwin must have handled the situation well, as he’s tweeting and not being detained by the authorities. You could see where he might lose his temper, though, as his five-month-old daughter was reportedly selected at random for a TSA pat-down. Baldwin might have an explosive temper, but it’s doubtful his daughter posed much of a threat.

Either way, Baldwin has concluded that traveling by air in the United States is a disgrace. But wasn’t he in the Bahamas when the alleged incident took place? Film critic Richard Roeper has his doubts about the story.

We’ll wait to see if Baldwin calls Roeper an obscenity and threatens to sue, or if this retweet will do.

  • Maxx

    Our nation is on top of the terror threat folks. After all, nothing spells flight risk like a five-month old “terrorist” with a loaded diaper.

    • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

      Shame they didn’t draw back with a handful of that ‘load’.

    • Calcat36

      Terrorists wear their diapers on their head!

  • lonestar

    Richard Roeper is wrong, I’ve seen plenty of footage of TSA employees patting down small children.

    • Guest

      He’s totally lying or else he’s completely ignorant. There have been numerous cases reported in the news of TSA patting down toddlers, elderly people, handicapped persons in wheelchairs and with prosthetic limbs, and nuns. So why not an infant? It’s not like the TSA staff (who are able to act on their own personal whim, unhindered by checks and moderators) have any moral qualms. After all, these are the cretins who make nursing moms throw away the breast milk they’ve prepared for travel.

      • PatriotRG

        Agreed- the common factor in the searched people is they are mostly white non muslim non arab looking.

  • Jenn Oates

    I was patted down by TSA in Manchester.


    Every person with an American passport was pulled from the line and patted down getting onto a Newark flight and our carry ons were searched.

  • Guest

    My shampoo and conditioner were tossed in the garbage in Japan for “violating TSA code”, so YES, it is true that TSA rules the airports just about all over the free world. At least the staff in Japan who had to toss my toiletries felt really, really bad about it and were super polite.

    • Guest

      However, having traveled to Japan 3 times since 2006, I was never patted down. The Japanese are not stupid and are not beholden to PC nonsense. They know an unlikely terrorist when they see one.

    • MartiniShark

      That may be a difference between TSA standards and actual agents. I doubt those were TSA agents in Nassau patting down; additionally he says travelling In the US is a disgrace while he was obviously not in the US.

      • Christopher-trier

        In parts of the Caribbean, Canada, the Republic of Ireland and the UK TSA and US customs operate pre-boarding checks. It is intended to be a service so that passengers from such flights do not have to undergo additional screening on arrival. He may not have been travelling IN the USA, but he was travelling TO the USA so the point, while poorly articulated, stands. I’ve grown so tired of dealing with US Customs and TSA that after my present work contract ends I will simply leave until things get better.

        • Harry A

          I used to live in one such country and actually worked at the airport. Even though you do clear US Customs first the agents that do the security screening are not TSA agents. They are agents of their own jurisdiction. However, since the flight is flying to the US, it must meet the requirements of TSA security standards.

    • Christopher-trier

      After clearing security in Japan and undergoing additional screening in Hong Kong I was searched AGAIN in the gate before being able to fly back to the US. Only two countries require the additional search — Australia because of its strict biological quarantine laws and the USA for the paranoia of its government. I was also once forced to take off nearly all my clothing before boarding a flight between Taipei and Tokyo because the flight was continuing on to San Francisco even though I had not left the secured area.

  • Calcat36

    Hey Baldwin, YOU voted for this! Your communications are being monitored, your email is being archived, ditto your stupid tweets…

    YOU are part of the PROBLEM, not the solution! You built it, you own it, now enjoy it because only YOU thought you would be exempt.

    Just do not go out and beat down a female reporter out of rage….

    • BlahBlah

      I think that particular TSA agent is just a Twitchy reader. 😀

      • Calcat36

        That is hilarious Blah!

    • Alex Furlong

      I do love me some Alec Baldwin bashing, but the TSA is not an Obama creation. They were this touchy-feely long before Obama gave his speech at the Democrat presidential convention.

  • Michael Rice

    Perhaps, we should let the agents identify the most logical of potential threats and target those? Wait, that would be profiling and libs won’t let us do that.

  • Zach Brewer

    Did he call the TSA guy a “rude thoughtless little pig”?

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I just lit up Roeper’s twitter feed with links to stories proving he’s 100% wrong. He’s living in a dream land.

    • mickeyco

      That’s never stopped him from expressing his opinions. Right or wrong, he always has one and insists you hear it.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead


  • kayakingfatso

    Oh the joys of TSA. I don’t doubt any complaints about these jerks.
    TSA rifled through my money and credit cards that I kept out of the x-ray machine, as I was instructed I could do.
    My cash and credit cards were in a zippered credit card holder similar to the size of a business card holder that only holds 20 cards. I had about $200 in cash and was not about to let it go through the x-ray machine, so I was told I could hold it as I was being scanned. They pulled me aside after my scan so they could pull the three credit cards out, and all my cash. The thing barely zipped.
    I fly with my liquids in a CLEAR zippered makeup bag. I always take out the bag and set it on top of my luggage, as instructed. One TSA agent gave me crap for not having my travel-sized liquids in a gallon plastic bag. I don’t need a damned gallon size bag. I only need a small makeup bag.
    One time a female TSA rooted through my hair because I had my bangs held back with a bobby pin.
    TSA reminds me of an old boss who was a complete asshole just because he was the boss.

    • Calcat36

      TSA is full of rejected mall cops.

  • $84598387

    I would have selected this glasshole for a rectal exam with a Louisville slugger bat! then whacked him upside his head with it.

  • Finrod Felagund

    Typical Hollywood leftist, doesn’t give a fig about something until it affects them.

  • Climbr880

    I would’ve said “You’re welcome to that load in her diaper, but I don’t think it’s explosive in the way you’re thinking.”

  • Heath Holcomb

    He has a 5 month old? Why hasn’t CPS been notified. Children should not be raised by psychotic bigots.

    • GaryTheBrave

      How do you know she is his?

      • Calcat36

        By his tweet? Unless the mailman….

        Flying from Nassau, Bahamas 2 NY. TSA “random selects” my 5 month old daughter…

        • GaryTheBrave

          There have to be two assumptions made for this baby girl to be his biological daughter.
          A) He’s not shooting blanks.
          B) A woman young enough to give birth was willing (hopefully) to lie down with his old, wrinkly body.

  • LegalizeShemp

    That’s “equality” Alec, as pushed by you on the Communist Left. You see, if we used common sense, and only patted down swarthy, sweaty, shifty eyed nervous Arab looking people, that would be “discrimination, xenophobia and racism.” Since liberal thinking has no connection with common or any other kind of sense, your baby has to be subjected to a TSA search to show everyone how “equal” we all are. Flippin’ dumb masses.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      “Hey terrorists, we’re not searching blondes anymore, so just get one of them to hold your weapons for you.”

      For people who like to whine that liberals are soft in terror, you seem awfully determined to hand the terrorists a list of people who won’t get searched.

      • PatriotRG

        Liberals like you are appologists for Islamists – the left has had a perpetual love affair with totalitarian regimes , Iran, Pol Pot , Stalin , Mao, Castro, Chavez. So get back in your box freak.

  • LegalizeShemp

    “Oh no, they’re on to us!” Sincerely, Arab terrorists who plant bombs on babies

  • syvyn11

    If it were my daughter for a ‘search’ no matter what age, “losing my temper” would only be the start. The poor bastard that touches my daughter without mine and her permission would be eating all their meals through a straw.

  • Frank Grayson

    Welcome to Obama’s Totalitarian America, Alec. You wanted him, you got him. Unfortunately, we ALL have to pay for him. Because of idiots like you.

  • TocksNedlog

    His president feels his pain …

  • BoscoBolt

    Shouldn’t this loser be direct-messaging his boyfriend in the White House with his little complaints? Baldwin voted for the draconian TSA rules which are now in place.

    Anyway, Baldwin responded to someone about TSA not being in the Bahamas …

    • H50 ✓RAT

      That was a pretty reasonable response for AB getting called out on a lie. Is he on some kind of medication now?

      • Calcat36

        Yes. It is called Everyone has a restraining order BUT me!

      • MartiniShark

        He also hashtagged #TravellinginUSdisgrace, while he was clearly in another country. Can’t fake that kind of dim.

  • Chris Sky

    I recently got married in the USA to a US citizen… I am Canadian… crossing the border into the USA was like entering a communist third world hell hole.

    They asked the typical first question. “what is your purpose of entering the USA”

    I answered politely and cheerfully “I am planning to be married on Wednesday”

    Us Customs and Border response: “Do you think I give a f*ck that you’re getting married?”

    For once I agree with Alec Baldwin… The US is a disgrace. Been travelling there for over 20 years and it just goes more down the toilet each minute.

    • Calcat36

      Are you on crack too?

      • Chris Sky

        LOL No crack over here…just a successful Canadian business owner, but I’d def have a drink with Rob Ford that would be an interesting conversation.

        • Bathing Suit Area
        • AceTrace

          Just a successful Canadian business owner? Well then, you should have said so — you would have been waved through. Our dear leader is always quite pleased to redistribute additional wealth into his own pocket. 😉
          Welcome to Obamerica (a third-world hell-hole).

    • Christopher-trier

      The USA has a lot of interesting places, nice people and many goods sides. Increasingly it’s not worth the hassle, however. Even China is more courteous, friendly and polite to foreign travellers — at least at passport control/customs.

      • Chris Sky

        Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed The USA and American hospitality over the years and have been ALL OVER the States. (at least 20 different states.) But i’ve also traveled extensively all over Europe and the Caribbean and there is NO PLACE on Earth that treats you with the disrespect, and disdain as the USA circa 2014. And it gets progressively worse. I truly feel for The People.

        • Calcat36

          Try being an American in Russia right about now. One thing you may not understand is that we the people have disdain for the leftward swing this Country, still the greatest Country on the face of mother Earf, has taken toward what you socialists enjoy and demand. Have you been to China? North Korea? Vietnam? Cuba? Those places are so great that they need walls to keep their dissidents IN. A Marxist president armed the IRS here. Yet no reason was given.

          By the way, the NSA is spying on YOU too.

          • Christopher-trier

            I’ve been to China. It has its faults but life is actually quite normal there. This is based on spending time with Chinese friends and their families in small towns, not visiting the tourist sites in the major cities. The Chinese government is also eager to see dissidents move abroad — it keeps them from causing too much trouble. Why do you think there are so many anti-CCP activists in the USA, Canada, Europe or Australia?

          • Calcat36

            Quite normal? Unless you are a female baby in the womb. How is their pay scale again? What is their record on worker’s rights or child worker laws? They encourage their dissidents to move abroad? Can you cite that official policy? They still kinda restrict the interwebz there, right?

          • Christopher-trier

            The one-child policy is in effect finished. The cost of living is vastly lower outside the main cities. Their labour laws are not great, but by Chinese standards things are far better than they used to be. For the first time in centuries there is relative prosperity. You want an official policy? Learn something about the Chinese before making comments — look how many prominent dissidents live abroad. They are more than happy to have them there. The Chinese government restricts the internet but most Chinese have software that lets them get around it. They re-route their connexion, usually to a US server. China is vastly more dull and mundane than you think.

          • Calcat36

            So, in other words, you cannot provide a policy to back your BS up, right? So you try to be snarky. I also commented on other countries as well, yet you jump to defend one.

            How much does an iPhone or iPad go for over there in that flourishing wonderland of communism?

            “The Chinese restrict the internet but…” which makes you a but monkey, who hates America. Good for you.

          • Christopher-trier

            In other words, I have no patience with people who have no clue how China works or how it actually is but think they’re somehow qualified because they read something about it on the internet. There is no official policy — the Chinese work differently. If dissidents are too vocal in China their lives will become highly unpleasant. If they leave China and do not return the Chinese government will do little against them. Many, once they feel the heat, leave permanently and do not return for good reason.

            Apple products cost roughly the same in China as they do in the USA. They’re status symbols for China’s nouveaux riches. Some Chinese are so desperate that they will even sell a kidney for one.

            I only discussed China because that is the country on the list I am most familiar with. I prefer not to come off like a cretinous clown so bogged down by ideology that he can’t see past his navel. China, by the way, is Communist in much the same way that the Democrats are democratic — in name only. The business of China is business and if you have money, you can really get anything you want. Don’t bother to reply, I won’t bother reading your prattle.

          • Calcat36

            So, you cannot cite the policy. Stick to your drivel. How is Tibet? And here, professor, from a liberal socialist rag in the USA:

            Chen Guangcheng, a renowned human rights advocate and former prisoner in China, told Congress the heartbreaking story of his imprisonment in China and the repercussions his alleged disobedience toward the communist Chinese government has for his family. After Chen’s escape in April 2012, officials smashed in the doors to his brother’s home and brutally beat and tortured him for over 24 hours. Witnesses said that they could hear his screams and cries.

            Chinese officials also attacked Chen’s nephew, Chen Kegui. They broke into his home, beat him (almost to death), and then charged him with “intentionally inflicting injuries” when he fought back in self-defense. He remains imprisoned today.

            While Chen was lucky enough to escape, many others have been left behind. Famous Chinese human rights lawyer Gao Zhiseng, for example, remains imprisoned in China. His wife, Geng He begged the U.S. to advocate for her husband’s freedom. After Gao began to defend persecuted Christians in China in 2006, he was kidnapped six times in five years by the Chinese government. In 2007, he wrote an open letter to Congress disclosing the myriad of human rights violations committed by the government. His wife recalled, “On the day they kidnapped him this time, they took him to a room, stripped him naked and brutally beat him. They also used electric batons to attack him all over his body and his genitals, so that his body shook violently and his skin turned black all over.”

        • Hot_wings

          I too married a US resident I met on line in 2002 (we met in 2000) . She is from Massachussettes (sp) and we married in city hall in a small town in New Hampshire. She came to live with me here in Ontario . It took over $5000 in legal fees and consultation to have her live here as a permanent resident, but not until 2007! A year later we had our daughter. (avatar) . Lately though she has been lamenting being here and wanting to go back ! I keep saying no, because for one my career is here, and watching the news (the REAL news) the economy is doing so horribly, I doubt either one of us could find a job on a good day !

          • Calcat36

            Massatoilet. Or Massatwoshitts.


          • AceTrace

            “Massatwoshitts” – thank you. I hadn’t heard that one and will use it when referring to Senator Fauxcahontas’ home state.

        • Christopher-trier

          Oh, not the slightest offence was taken. Travelling to and in the USA has become unbearable and I only travel when necessary preferring to holiday elsewhere. I will also move over the summer to southern Germany because there are far better job opportunities there than in the USA. Right now what the USA needs more than anything else is to face its problems and solve them, not continue living in denial. If it begins dealing with these problems the USA can prove that it is only getting started, not entering terminal decline.

    • H50 ✓RAT

      You should have come thru the Southern boarder like everybody else, its wide open, much harder to find border agents too.

      • Clete Torres

        It’s that way by design.

    • Clete Torres

      My first trip to Canada from the US was in 1990. The CDN border folks were friendly, helpful and smiling, welcoming me into their country. When I came back 4 days later, the US border agent was a complete tool. Surly, hateful and suspicious of why an American would go to Canada. My last trip in 1997 as a trucker was similar, CDN entry was pleasant and friendly, and a warm welcome extended. Return to the US was similar to a colonoscopy. And this was BEFORE 9/11 and TSA’s reign of terror.

      It’s not worth it anymore, IMO. Flying within the US is bad enough. Flying BACK INTO the US must be an absolute pain in the ass.

    • AceTrace

      Sorry, but you crossed at the wrong border.
      Next time cross the southern border and they’ll give you a nice welcome packet with instructions on how to collect food stamps and vote Democrat.

      • Chris Sky

        you forgot that they will give me a Social Security # like they did with Obama.

  • H50 ✓RAT

    He needs to come out of his bubble more. His is not the first baby/toddler TSA has molested and she wont be the last.

  • DeadlockVictim

    They must have found out she was Alec Baldwin’s daughter, and wanted to make sure she wasn’t carrying his stash.

  • Eugene Pariah

    Alec Baldwin has a foundation!?

    Foundation for what? … Researching advanced techniques in anger management?!

    • LegalizeShemp

      He has foundation under the rest of his makeup.

  • Tom Armstrong

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  • TVree

    TSA has finally figured out that Alec Baldwin is a threat to national security, and he was smuggling something in his daughter’s diaper. NSA tipped them off.

  • Al’s Annoyed Grandpa

    I don’t care. I’m not kidding.

  • LegalizeShemp

    If you remember, the Dems insisted that TSA workers be government employees and union members, over the objections of the Repubics.

  • bill_a_bob

    TSA Agent: Awrick Bawwiin, well herrow.

  • bill_a_bob

    Did TSA/US Customs charge him with trying to smuggle a load of stupid and arrogance into the USA?

  • Eugene Pariah

    Hey Twitchy staff — How’d I rate a free picture? … Thanks for the empty suit though! LOL!

  • Tim Hensley

    I changed my grandsons diaper yesterday, I swear it contained poop that would gag a maggot, Biological weapon? no just trying real food. Praying for potty training.

  • Part138

    I wonder if someday he’ll be calling that daughter a “thoughtless little pig” like he did her big sister. (-:

  • Part138

    I keep being pulled aside for random, odd things. One was “Your arm is alarming.” when there was nothing on my arm but a shirt sleeve, a watch, and a ring.

  • ojfl

    Remember when we could not discriminate and profile? Good times…