Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) seems to have taken away a single line from a USA Today opinion piece on the “poverty crisis” in America’s schools: “Half of students in poverty.”

Many are questioning Booker’s math, however. Oliver Thomas, who wrote the USA Today piece, notes that “in Finland, the child poverty rate is about 5%. In the U.S., the rate is almost five times as high.” That would make the U.S. child poverty rate…

Maybe it was a simple rounding error.

Where, then, did the senator get the idea that half of all students are in poverty? Likely from this subhead later in the piece.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 5.47.29 PM

The study cited describes not students in poverty but rather “low income” students, defined as those eligible for free or reduced lunches, and concludes that more than half of students in 17 states qualified as low income. So, what does it take to qualify for a reduced price lunch? The family must have a household income of less than 185 percent of the poverty line.

So, who really believes that a full half of public school students are in poverty?

Why tweet such a misleading figure to your followers, especially if you’re a U.S. senator?

Probably for this reason.

Editor’s note: The headline of this piece has been changed to read “students” rather than “children.” Twitchy regrets the error.

  • H50 ✓RAT

    Banging head on desk.
    Sorry Cory, you progs have worn out your ‘its for the children’ meme.

    Hey, Ive got an idea! Maybe now that youre in the Senate, you can get Reid to dust off some of those House bill and actually debate/vote on them.
    I heard T-bone one say that a rising tide raises all boats once. He might have something there!

  • grais

    Stanford, Oxford, Yale Law…this guy’s a smart one, alright.

    • SteveGoldsch

      Grade inflation

      • TJCrane_NCC1701

        Graduated “Obama Cum Loudly”……

        • chetnapier

          thats what they say in that chicago tea room

    • desicon

      Ahhhh, have you heard of Affirmative Action?

  • © Sponge

    Any way to push the narrative and “spread the (conservative) wealth around.” Whatever they can do to give away more “free s#!t” and further bankrupt this nation.

  • desicon

    POTUS Obama demanded congress pass a budget to spend $1 gazillion to take care of the hungry children.

    Speaker John Boehner negotiated with President Obama agreed to spend on condition that President will turn off the guest bathroom light when there is no guest. This will save $0.20 each day when there is no guest staying at the white house. The savings will pay for the program in one Trillion years.

    ABC.CBS,NBC lauded the bi-partisan effort to address pressing problems.

    MSNBC blamed the GOP for taking this opportunity to negotiate on the backs of the hungry children and called them racist and all conservatives should go to hell.

    Moderate voice at MSNBC Chris Mathews brought sense and and said that all conservatives should only be whipped. Banishing them to hell is little too much.

    • Herbert Rex Shanahan III


  • Love of Country

    If Reince Preibus and the GOP had a brain. (lololol)

    They would capitalize on the youth’s exodus from camp Owebamaocare by very publicly championing other things they care about as well ie lower tuition fees resulting in less student loan debt.

    The GOP should add lower tuition fees to its Platform. It’s uncomplicated, it’s very popular with kids and their parents, and there’s no blowback from our base or Independents. It’s a winning issue! We can keep the momentum (young people second-guessing the DNC) going but only if we get in the game with a winning strategy.

    Remind the kids we’re against Owebamaocare, widespread snooping and collecting of meta-data, but are for lower tuition costs with substantially smaller student loan debts.

    Come on GOP …. don’t squander another golden opportunity to grow the Party. Reach out to the kids!

    • Graham Shaw

      I just got visited with the GOP office in my town they told me “sorry but all our goodwill and bridge building has been reserved for illegal aliens”. When I mentinoned that illegal aliens are more likely to vote democrat the pointed behind me and yelled out “Look: big foot!”

      When I turned back around they had closed the booth… ah well

      **Note to stupid people: I didn’t go to the GOP office, the whole thing was a joke**

  • Perry

    Scream “crisis” and demand more money, or you’re a “racist”. We did ok taking sack lunches to school. We weren’t considered “poor”. We live in a morally sick nation.

    • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

      When I was in school we had poor kids. This was just after LBJ’s “war on poverty.” Those kids got free lunch and no one begrudged them. I haven’t seen a poor person in the US in many years that was, to paraphrase Whoopi, “poor” poor.

  • Asillem4

    Since the Democrats are in charge and have been for several years, I say it’s their fault. But really, I doubt the statistic.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    For the purposes of lambasting the GOP, 185% of the poverty line can be considered “poor-enough.” For the purposes of collecting enough tax revenue to pay for these programs, people making not a whole helluva lot more than that 185 figure can be considered “rich-enough” to be taxed.

  • Maxx

    Here’s some math for you. For 100% of the remaining day’s minutes following that tweet, Cory Booker identified himself to be a blooming idiot.

  • jukin

    Math is racist.



    • Graham Shaw

      Nah it’s sexist women don’t enter hard sciences as much, hard sciences have lots of math ergo math is sexist

    • Jay Stevens

      Journalism, on the other hand, isn’t. Look at all the blacks and half blacks in the MSM.

      I am a RAACIST.

    • NRPax

      The correct spelling is “RAYSIS!” and yes, it has to be screamed for proper pronunciation.

  • Junie3

    He thought he was counting votes, not students.

  • rambler

    Another idiot senator opens his mouth and misinfo spills out.

  • Stephen Edwards

    It’s a shame the people of New Jersey didn’t vote in Steve Lonegan.

    • SupplyGuy

      Says a lot about the people that we have to live with.

  • Chimfish

    The response from leftists regarding this factual correction will be, “Oh, so you guys don’t think poverty exists?”

    Good thing we know he’s a member of the Intellectual Party, otherwise this would look like a pretty dumb mistake.

  • JeffWRidge

    Obviously 5X5% equals 55%. Right? He was just rounding it down.

  • Juan Pablo

    Great another joe Biden on our hands.

    From the party that gave us 1.5 trillion

  • Canadian in USA ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Brought to you by the same people who would spend $1.08 on a single hard-boiled egg during the SNAP challenge.

  • MartiniShark

    While nobody with an iota of curiosity, or even blessed with pragmatic thought, believed this was remotely accurate think about what Booker’s reality is here. For him to buy into this agitprop he would have needed to believe our current economy is so dismal that it was accurate. That would be Obama’s economy, and he felt this was perfectly in line.
    As for the details behind school lunch vouchers, in my county you don’t need to verify your needs in order to qualify. My girlfriend teaches in an affluent district and says the majority of her school is on free/reduced meals. She said years ago she could have used the help having her kids in the program but feared a school board audit because she was barely over the threshold. Meanwhile one of her students has a doctor for a father, lives in a 6 bedroom estate, and he’s on free meals.

    • Graham Shaw

      it is kind of funny to see the Golem like monologue of the democrats:

      “The economy is great because of Obama!”

      “No! The Economy stinks because of evil rich people we MUST redistribute wealth”

      Where’s Mount Doom when you need it?

  • SansMercy

    Don’t all students live broke on cafeteria food and parental handouts?

    • tr60

      If they have parents and there is a cafeteria.

      I went through college in abject poverty, living off grants and loans and some really awful jobs. With the wild increase in tuition I don’t know how anybody could put themselves through college today.

  • ashknothole

    One more idiot in the Senate. He’ll fit right in.

  • SpaceRacer423

    #LiberalTalkingPoints “this recovery is real.” “we need to extend unemployment to stimulate the economy.” “half of all students live in poverty.”

  • URGR82

    It’s time to bring in more tax revenue for the schools

  • dwsmokin

    Good grief-did Marion give you his crackpipe? What an idiot.

  • SupplyGuy

    He’s a liberal. He wants to believe that 1/2 of all children are living in poverty to give him an excuse to take our money and give it to people that will vote for liberals.
    And as far as reduced and free lunches go, why should I have to pay for meals for someone else’s children?
    Call me crazy, but should you be having children if you can’t feed them?
    I know, I know – I’m a heartless SOB.

    • Graham Shaw

      It is funny that the party of NARAL depends so much on single mothers.

  • Obama my Nigga

    FACT: Cory Booker gave half his brain to his friend, T-Bone. I wonder if T-Bone is Cory’s nickname for his junk, like Anthony Weiner named his Carlos Danger.

  • stellatruman

    so ashamed people in my state voted for this moron

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    I think it’s high time we pass a law outlawing poverty.
    Lord knows the rest of the Bullshit the left implements isn’t working.

    • NRPax

      It’s a better idea than making wealth illegal.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        huh. According to the left, it’s just that easy.

  • Bryn Watkins

    If you measure poverty by comparing income to median income, people who are not earning income (students, people on welfare, etc) are going to be in poverty. Even if they live in luxury, with all needs provided for. Time to change the metric.

  • Michael Rice

    Common core governing…

  • Michael Rice

    The poverty lines are a joke. I have a family of five, counting myself. We’ve been on free lunches for years. If we made the referenced 40 grand or so for a family of FOUR, we’d be living high on the hog with a family of one extra.

  • Zach Smith

    In Obama’s America, all the students are below average.

  • descolada9

    So what federal program does T-Bone suggest be enacted? How much will it cost? How many people will see their personal freedoms eroded by the bill that T-Bone whispers into Booker’s ear? How many low income and impoverished children live in prog states, btw?

  • $84598387

    Only the best most well informed get to the Senate!

  • Graham Shaw

    Isn’t the free/reduced lunch program ride with fraud? It may have changed since I was in school (longer ago than I’d like to admit lol) but I remember articles about “cracking down” on fraud.

  • Paige Jackson

    Can’t we send all those billions and trillions of hungry poor children over to Guam, or would they tip it over? Quick–somebody find out if Booker’s been teaching math at that failing PS in NYC.

  • Tom Armstrong

    Well, it IS true that fully half of all American students are below average. I wonder if Cory booker knows that little factoid.

  • Michelle ✓classified

    Although Cory is incredibly stupid when it comes to math, funny thing is…his miscalculation kinda sorta applies to the high school I attended.

    My high school is in the San Fernando Valley (Like, Ohmagod! I was sooooo totally one of the like, way original Valley Girls, fer sure! Tooooootally awesome!) and during the 80’s my neighborhood as well as my high school were middle class.

    I’ve been very saddened over the years to watch my once pretty great neighborhood be overrun by illegals and even gang activity. One day last year I was curious about the change in demographics from then to now…and what I learned was discouraging.

    In the 80’s, my high school’s student body consisted of only 20% minority students (most of them bused in from downtown L.A.). and only about 10% of the students on subsidized lunches (yes, this info is out there on the Interwebz, believe it or not). But today’s demographics for my high school are entirely different. 86% of the student body consists of minority students (and that would be thanks to the influx of illegal immigrants as the middle class moved away). I have no issue with that change in the demo, I’m not a racist. However, what I found shocking was the number of students currently on subsidized meals at the school – now a whopping 68% compared to only 10% when I attended in the early 80’s.

  • chetnapier

    And 190% of democrats are lying fools

  • gold7406

    college students for sure.
    we all knew how to eat a lot of beef stew. an 18 cent can of veg-all and a beef bullion cube or buying a whopper. half for lunch, half for supper. a $60 a month deficiency,leaky roof and no a/c.
    cory, trying to grandstand, but standing on a flimsy cardboard box.

  • CaptDMO

    But what difference, at this point, does it make?
    If you want a free lunch, you can KEEP a free lunch, PERIOD!

  • pajamakat

    Wow. He sounds like GREAT presidential material. Watch for it. We need more money “for the children”.

  • jabberwocky

    He is an idiot, he should run for president

  • Mom2Ian03

    He must be using Common Core math. What a moron!

  • cltcat

    Talking about free lunch, I live in NC and my wife and I make well into six figures in income combined. We received a letter from the school district stating we had been approved for free lunch without even asking. Needless to say we declined. Unbelievable!

    • lainer51

      It is unbelievable unless the Democraps in your district are looking for votes.. then everyone is eligible for everything FREE..

  • Frustrated Teacher

    Here is another inconvenient fact. Schools are REWARDED for having high numbers of students on free-or-reduced lunch (FORL)with federal money. The only proof necessary to get FORL is a piece of paper stating the parents income. As far as I know, nobody EVER verifies these income numbers. A few years ago a news channel did a quick study and found that for over 30% of students on FORL their parents had lied and reported lower income than they really had….but nobody is doing anything about it because it is TAXPAYER money going to the lunches and if you have enough on it, the schools get MORE TAXPAYER money. Also, many students don’t even pay for their reduced price lunches and most counties simply forgive this because the TAXPAYERS will cover it. See the catch here? (there are several actually!)

  • Suzyqpie

    Sen Cory Booker is off to a stellar career as an autoecious WDC democrat. No facts, no quotes, no data, just a tweet of compelling concern for the Professional Poor. It sucks to be poor, but could 0bama express any concern for any America outside of the Recipient Class…what the heII do they want now.

  • Hitched

    While our mind’s advance is part and parcel of the advance of our civilization, it is civilization’s condition at any point in time that largely determines the range of our choices and actions.

  • B-rad

    Using that liberal Washington fuzzy math!

  • lainer51

    Then they need to get a job or 2, after all, our Prez. said the economy is coming “Roaring Back”…. shouldn’t be a problem, then..