Ugh, indeed. Those “conservative media,” like Fox News, are stirring up trouble and racial animosity by reporting on the “knockout game,” in which roaming gangs try to knock out passerby without warning. Fortunately, Slate is reporting that, while the game does exist, the idea that it’s a trend is nothing more than a conservative myth.

The Los Angeles Times has also pitched in with a lengthy piece debunking the trend as a myth pushed by Fox News.

Both pieces arrive on the same day that the distinctly non-conservative Rev. Al Sharpton writes a piece in the non-conservative Huffington Post decrying the knockout game as “an alarming trend” that is “deplorable, reprehensible and inexcusable.” But it’s not racist, is it? “This behavior is racist, period,” Sharpton concludes.

The Rev. Al must be watching Fox News when he’s not taping his own show on MSNBC, because he’s convinced that the trend is not a myth and something must be done about it:

This week, I will be meeting with other leaders to address our next moves regarding this crisis. As one who has fought for greater civil rights for all, I cannot watch this travesty unfold. We can discuss the many factors that may lead to this sort of destructive behavior, whether it be poverty, unemployment, etc., but at the end of the day, there is no excuse ever to bestow violence on others. There is no justification for brutally punching or attacking a person in this manner. These kids must be held accountable, and then they must receive the right guidance and mentorship to halt any further damage. In our own communities, we must work harder to spot disastrous behavior and intervene before anything horrific like these attacks take place.

Which media outlet — Slate or the Los Angeles Times — is going to break the news to Sharpton and the Huffington Post that they’ve been had?

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter also seems to have bought into the right-wing hysteria.

“Mayor Michael Nutter was joined by other city leaders Monday evening in an attempt to stop the so-called ‘Knockout Game’ from spreading to Philadelphia,” reported CBS Philly.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Next up, Slate and the LA Times run stories insisting how awesome Obamacare is.

    • gramps,

      Rev Al & his fellow MSNBC’ers are constantly reliving History as if they were current events…This stuff can ‘only’ serve as a catalyst & fill the heads of young Blacks & their parents with ‘rage’ & ‘hatred’ for White People….
      MSNBC’s daily ‘Race Baiting’ BS can only serve to drive & fuel this type of activity.

      MSNBC is a ‘Journalistic Sewer’ !

      • QWYS (Hydralisk of the Swarm)

        He’s already re-writing it.

        “This week, I will be meeting with other leaders to address our next moves regarding this crisis. As one who has fought for greater civil rights for all …”

        Really, when was the last time you did anything with regard to civil rights for white hispanics? I believe Mr. Sharpton, that you do prevaricate.


      Now I don’t like Al Sharpton because he is a RAClST but I did think it was a good idea that he at least mentioned it in a meeting of a crowd of bIacks !! This is a RAClST game called Polar Bear Hunting & it better stop or there will be some real trouble for bIacks !! I think that is exactly why Al is saying something, he sees the writing on the wall & whites will not take this lightly, especially since 3 whites have died from these RAClST attacks already !!

      Just like Al said in this meeting, if this was white teens hitting bIacks & we called it Panther Hunting, bIacks would be outraged, for good reason too !! I did notice that none of these RAClST attacks happened in any of the 30 states with the STAND YOUR GROUND law, things that make you go HHHHHHMMMMMMMMM !!!!

      • James Thomas Hyde Jr.

        thats exactly the case IMPBO . social order and social ties are breaking down . people are under stress and to add race violence on top of that .

        weird AL sharpie is trying to prevent a major backlash on the black community .

        because you cannot ride the race train . if half the train is being shot or stabbed . personally . i think it’s going to keep happening until it all snaps .

        but really it’s about time folks grew a backbone and protected themselves and anyone believing the NY times or Slate
        is a sheep and no major loss in my book .

        not to be cruel . but really . Darwinism at play

      • camp50

        O and Holder lit the fuse for these beatings and murders when they elected not to prosecute “new” black panthers for voter intimidation in Philly and injected themselves into the Martin/Zimmerman debacle.

  • Jack Deth

    Salon reports:

    Sorry, conservative media: That “Knockout Game” trend isn’t real:


    We all thought these instances were the end results of liberal empowerment of a multi generationally coddled and protected race indulging in Hate Crimes while thinking they are above the law.

    • Agent Carmichael

      The knockout game isn’t real, but white men all over the country are hunting down 12yo black boys eating Skittles…Whatever fits their narrative is all that matters to these scum.

  • SpaceRacer423

    100s of black thugs attacking other races gets reported as a myth according to the LA Times and Slate.
    What do you want to bet that we one of these pieces of gutter trash gets shot pulling this $h*t Slate and the LA Times reports it as another disturbing Travon case and proof of racist violence against black teens?

    • conservativechick

      The media refuses to report about all the flash mob robberies, too. They steal whatever they want and no one ever gets punished? There will have to be some consequences for their actions or none of this sickening behavior will ever stop.

    • James Thomas Hyde Jr.

      they have already popped a few one kids in prison after surviving his gunshot wounds and said ” i will never do it again” thats what it takes folks getting shot .

      another kid is dead because the guy they attacked pretty much cut him to pieces . these punks are not hardened crims they are just a bunch or knuckle jockeys who hate white people .

      they have been trained to hate white people thats the narrative that has been blasted in their ear for as long as they have been listening . this is really not surprising . hell i called it two years ago

  • adam

    Looking at those comments on Salon is pretty funny. Liberals can’t seem to do anything but pull out strawmen. Didn’t take long till i read a comment about WMD in Iraq, because that goes with an article on the knockout game.

    • M F Scotto


    • itsatax

      Controlled demolition!

      • James Thomas Hyde Jr.

        blurring of gender lines !!

  • trixiewoobeans

    Oh please! They’re not concerned about accuracy, just the spreading of misinformation.

  • Conservative First

    Funny, every damn time something is said by a liberal in a forum I chat on, a news story by one of the consistently liberal “newspapers” says the same thing.. interesting.. #journolist

    • Jack Deth

      “Repeat the lie often enough. It will soon become the truth.”

      Hermann Goering.

  • Republicanvet

    Myth? I wonder how many pictures of a 13 year old Trayvon Slate and the LA Times pushed?

  • theslowrider

    Al was late in condemning this brutal act BECAUSE HE DID IT WHEN HE WAS YOUNGER!

  • RD

    I am very concerned about Al. All of this weight loss…..but his head has grown. I hope he’s alright. LOL

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      actually…. sudden weight loss can often be because of an undiagnosed cancer.. and I’ve lost enough loved ones to it, to never wish it on anyone..

      Seriously, no matter how much I detest the man’s politics.. I wish him good health.. I wish him enlightened.. not suffering, and if his sudden shift and criticism of the knockout game is any indication, maybe. he’s trying to do good and get right with God.. something he never worried about before..

      I hope he isn’t as ill as I’m afraid he might be..

      We have to hold to what’s right.. and wish no man misery.. because we’re all flawed sinners.. and no man is beyond redemption.

      • NRPax

        While I agree with your sentiment, we are discusssing a man who has been responsible for whipping up a mob that killed two people, encouraged another woman to lie about a rape case (And never apologized for his role in it) and has encouraged animosity along racial lines in this country.

        • PatriotRG

          well said – the poisonous dwarf should be doing time

          • NRPax

            Failing that, watching him fade into obscurity and standing before God to answer for his actions would be a good alternative.

        • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

          all true… and those he should pay for in the eyes of men..

          I’m not thinking about those, well…… I have seen horrific cancer deaths.. so maybe I’m being too forgiving.. but when something like this comes up, I remember the teaching of my grandmother, on forgiveness, on redemption.. It’s especially hard when the sinner has done so much wrong, hurt so many..

          but forgiveness is supposed to be hard… or what’s the virtue in granting it?.. God will make his judgement.. it’s just not in me to completely rule it out..

    • DGJC

      ‘Looks like a cartoon character. :o)

    • Frank Burns

      He looks like a damn Pez dispenser.

  • URGR82

    Just like the left….claim racism where there isn’t and deny it where it is

  • John Alvarado

    They will pay attention to the knockout game…… when someone dies.

    • bedfordthegreat

      Sadly, they won’t. One word: Benghazi.

    • CherDash

      If I’m not mistaken, people have already died.

      • robert anthony

        Yep, one was a ‘white hispanic’ who’s neck broke when his head hit an iron fence when he fell next to where he was assaulted.

    • robert anthony

      Nah…illegal immigration is responsible for thousands of deaths of citizens…but the left doesn’t care. Why should they?…the children of those in Washington don’t have to walk these streets, attend these schools…

    • ceemack

      If it was white “youths” going around knocking out black people, you can bet they’d pay attention to it.

  • jcam00

    So i guess when it happens to employees of Salon or the la times then it will finally be real. So ashamed I am from LA sorry america for my city.

  • Bill Phillips

    Did Hell just freeze over? Did I read/hear this right? Maybe there is “hope” for the Sharpton’s and Jackson’s of the world after all! …but I’ll wait until I get more evidence before I fully believe it.

    • MNWoman

      I had to re-read that to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding what he had said. Honestly, I never saw that one coming.

      I still don’t trust him, though. I figure he only said this because he was feeling the pressure from the right and there was really no way to avoid this or try to spin it in a way that made the attackers the “victims”.

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        And I’ll bet, if any of these thugs get busted and go to Trial, guess who will be standing beside them, trying to Rationalize the guilt away from the suspect (especially if they’re caught in the act..)?… Jawamax 8<{D}

      • trixiewoobeans

        I noted below, Sharpton was called out publicly by Allen West for ignoring this up til now.

  • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

    Never thought sanity would ever strike Al Sharpton… but credit where credit is due… He’s doing the right thing by addressing what Slates lily white staff call a myth..

    guess he knows his own neighborhoods better than rich ignorant liberals..

    • trixiewoobeans

      He was called out publicly by Allen West before he made a peep.

  • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

    I don’t care WHAT race is involved; black on white, white on black, Latino on Asian, Eskimo on Viking, it doesn’t matter. A crime is a crime. Trying to pretend it doesn’t exist just because you don’t like the people reporting on it is negligent and dangerous.

    • NRPax

      Eskimo on Viking So they are taking revenge against the first settlers in America now?

  • brewerandpatriot

    The good reverend stoked the fires of hate and will now attempt to extinguish them with his saliva.

  • robert anthony

    Gee, my local news in Philly has yards of video showing this ‘myth’ perpetrated on unsuspecting pedestrians. But hey,…let’s get back to the real stuff…all the gays being hanged by Christians, all the whites forming militias in the woods, conservatives taking condoms off store shelves and forcing rape victims to give birth….yeah, the real stuff.

  • robert anthony

    I’m not surprised the ‘journalists’ think it’s a myth…who can see reality from gated communities and penthouse apartments?

  • robert anthony

    Slate….don’t they believe there is a ‘third gender’ and that babies are parasitic uterine infections?

  • robert anthony

    In this Thanksgiving season, remind these liberals that there were probably Indians who believed the white man was NOT going to expand and commit ‘racist, genocidal colonialism’ upon them…thinking they would have been that Indian might make their heads explode.

  • robert anthony

    However…gays are being hanged from trees every day…riiigggghhhtt!

  • M F Scotto

    I won’t give Sharpton any credit until he blames this trend on the Welfare State and Democratic rhetoric… because you know if one AA is gently shoved on the subway by a white-Hispanic, it’s 24/7 MSNBC handwringing over “dangerous Tea Party and GOP rhetoric.”

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      The “EVIL” GOP and TEA PARTY are in NEW YORK CITY?!? WHERE?!? Actually I used to live on Queens, and I know where some Republicans are, but they’re NOWHERE NEAR EVIL! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • wreckinball

    So this is fake because it does not fit the narrative of whites oppressing blacks?

    LOL, this has been going on for years.

    But libs live in a world of politics. Unfortunately politics never matches reality.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This is one of those “gotta parse all the words” technical-reading sorts of stories.

    They ain’t saying it’s NEVER happened, only that it ain’t “trending.”

    One of those “trying to see a pattern where there is none” explanations.

    As opposed, of course, to the clear and undeniable pattern the LA Times, Slate, and others see in the “open season on black youth” shootings by “white Hispanics.”

    Of course, a categorical statement like “Cold-cocking a stranger for no apparent reason is a cruel and vicious act” would be a bridge too far, right? No matter who it is done by, and to whom, and how often– right? And the seeming paucity of videos and reports of its being done by whites upon blacks, that is of no consequence– right?

    I am full up to my back teeth with bile for the supercilious condescension employed in any story that says, in effect, “Well, ‘they’ WOULD believe it about ‘those people,’ wouldn’t ‘they’?”

    Here’s what I say– I WOULD believe it of the LA Times and Slate, that they see the world in “they” and “those people” terms– and sentiments they express show it. Animal Farm’s “Four legs good! Two legs bad!”/”Some animals are more equal than others” mentality immediately spring to mind.

    • Fhalkyn Phoenix

      Don’t forget how Animal Farm ended- “Four legs good- two legs better!”

  • Jake Bradford

    ONE attack (justified as well) by a hispanic on a black guy is a RACISM EPIDEMIC to scumbag Left. 50+ attacks ON WHITES by blacks is a “myth”

  • plaingolf

    Sometime soon these “teenagers” will knockout the wrong person. A loved one of a biker gang member ,mobster or even me.

  • Chevypowered

    Kind of suck for the old media when they can no longer manipulate the world around them anymore with the advent of the Internet and citizen journalists.

  • DutyFirst
  • garygramscom

    Two scum bags just got killed when they tried to play the knockout game with a 60 year old grandma… but I think the woman was black so Sharliton is not going to make any money off of her…. But good shooting Beulah… we need more dead knockout artist to stop this game

  • john Diamond

    losing your coverage wasn’t real.Until it was. Knock out game not real.Until it is. death panels for Obamcare not real. But it is. How many legitimate arguments have the liberals ” disqualified” as “extreme” until they are revealed to be true. No apology ever offered for what is clearly now Liberal extremism.

  • Jake Bradford

    Colton Gleason’s murder…death by knockout game…in St Cloud was a myth too.

  • Joe W.

    I’m reserving my opinion until I hear from the real expert on the American Condition—Barack Obama. Mr. Wonderful has his finger on the pulse of our nation, and he is aware of all that goes on in and around him, his administration and the country at large. Yep. When Barky reassures me that this isn’t really happening, I’ll be fine. In the meantime, I’m just so eager to see if Magic’s tutoring of Barry on his jumper will pay off when he plays one on one with Reggie Love.

    • Jim Denney

      After tossing up 21 out of 22 Easter bricks against 8 year olds, The Whizzer of The White House doesn’t have much room to get worse at basketball.

      As to his technique when he’s playing one on one with Reggie Love, I’m not a homosexual, so I’m not really qualified to critique.

  • $29520529

    If only the TelePrompTer President would give a speech about it, then like health care, global warming and race relations this too would be fixed!

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Slate and the LaLa Times should be called Septic Tanks, because they’re full of…. Okay let’s try this again…
    Slate and the LALA Times should be called ‘Dirty Diapers’…Okay, this is JUST TOO EASY! Jawamax 8<{D}

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      WAIT! HOLE-Dit!! Rev. ‘Fat Al’ Sharptongue is a CONSERVATIVE?!? That’s News to me… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Frustrated Teacher

    The next time I believe ANYTHING that Slate publishes will be the FIRST time (and probably the last as well). Nasty liberal attack dogs.

  • CrustyB

    Get off the ground, you faking Rabbis!

  • LegalizeShemp

    The LA Slimes saw the lone Rodney King tape and immediately concluded that racist white cops look for minorities to beat up, but they’ve viewed dozens of Knockout Game tapes and conclude that there’s no trend towards minorities seeking out whites to attack.

  • Spasmolytic

    After weeks of ignoring the knock-out game liberals finally found an angle to cover the story. They won’t acknowledge the problem, instead they blame networks like FOX who have the ‘nerve’ to mention it.

    These are the same liberals who used one isolated incident (Travyon) to suggest its open season on black boys.

  • Stephie Sky McKinley

    We can all do so much better. I choose not to participate in racism when the evidence is right before my eyes.
    I acknowledge that it exists for all of us. Every person of every race, and I say so when I see it. We have to have honest dialogue if we are ever going to get beyond the obvious and make things better for everyone.

    Racism is a social disease. It spreads via contact and the consent of the silent witness. When you choose to do or say nothing you are part of the problem. Someday it might be you who is on the receiving end of an inexcusable racist comment or attack. And who will stand by you?

  • Jon Clem

    This game has been around for years. And this Black American is outraged by it.

  • Socal71

    I like AL better when he was a race baiting pimp… at least he was interesting…

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    In this article we find communistic liberal democrat Peter Orszag openly waging ideological warfare against the ideas and institutions of the United States Constitution:

  • Always Vigilant

    Any way you cut it, there’s no major difference between today’s liberals and their communist ancestors.

  • Oysteria

    ” These kids must be held accountable, and then they must receive the right guidance and mentorship to halt any further damage.”

    As long as that “guidance” and “mentorship” occurs in jail, I’m good with it.