Alec Baldwin must be wondering how he managed to get suspended from MSNBC for a gay slur while Martin Bashir manages to stay on the air while suggesting that someone defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth and urinate in her eyes. Apparently, that would be her punishment for daring to use slavery in an analogy. Really:


    Dude should be eating a dog somewhere drones often fly.


      I guess MSNBC is throwing caution to the wind since it won’t be long before they go off the air anyway permanently !!! This is why they have on a bunch of RAClST commentators like Melissa Perry, Keith Ellison, Michael Dyson, Toure, Tamron Hall, Al Sharpton, etc. they have nothing to lose & are trying to go out with a bang !!! They just suspended Alec Baldwin & now Martin Bashir acting the arse & should be fired but since MSNBC is working off of George Soros’s money, they just don’t give a sht !!!! This is also why they are in the dumper with their Neilsen Ratings, I hear the death rattle for MSNBC, YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK BYE ! BYE !

      • D-dubs

        @redsteeze has it right. Time to go after the sponsors! That’s how you defeat these fools. Stores do not want a single person protesting outside of their business because it turns off potential customers. Conservatives need to get more active and start emailing, calling, and protesting liberal sponsors. Imagine 50 people standing outside a department store with signs that states “X company hates women”….trust me, they fear this and would drop Bashir like the cancer he is. Time to take the fight to them!!!!

        • CherDash

          Actually, it was CoolChange80 and redsteeze re-tweeted it. But it is right on target!

      • Dennis Sinclair

        If we had a la carte programming, you slect what you want to pay for for on cable, MSLSD would disappear in a New York second. A few cents of your cable bill (times a few million subscribers) goes to support it. It will soon disappear if the rules were changed. I’d love to see Sharpie Sharp homeless. Who is Martin Basher?

    • lainer51

      that could happen. Heard he was invited to dine with Barry at Thanksgiving.

    • Billie Slash

      Dude IS the dog.

      • Txgirlinnh

        Please don’t insult dogs like that…

        • Billie Slash

          My bad. It was a ‘ruff’ remark.

          • Txgirlinnh

            A little below the collar :)

  • RevengeVoter

    Martin is very upset that his prophet deceived him, nothing to see here.

    What IS shocking, Martin, is your apparent domestic-abuser persona:
    much like an alcoholic you’re more willing to take your frustration, the
    proverbial ‘punch’, out on an innocent woman to justify your bad
    decision (backing a lying hypocrite.)

    Then again, that’s just being a liberal – blaming everyone else.

  • ObamaFail

    So the GOP have a war on women, but Bashir is a “supporter of women equality” by wishing a woman be urinated and defecated on?. What a scumbag.

    • Al’s Sad Grampa ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      So long as progressives like Bashir are in favor of slaughtering the unborn, they will always get a pass with progressive women.

      • ObamaFail

        Prog women are okay with rape as long as it’s against Conservative women, considering in Texas the baby killer party was yelling that they hoped the Texas Legislator’s wives and daughters get raped as punishment for them limiting abortion.

        • Aitch748

          So now we know. The left loves throwing slavery in conservatives’ faces, but the left also fantasizes about bringing back some of the more disgusting practices of Jamaican slave owners against slaves and use those practices against conservatives — particularly conservative women like Sarah Palin.

          In their hearts, the leftists really want to bring slavery back, as long as the “right” people can be made the slaves this time.

          • Guest

            Jamaica, which was under British rule at the time. No wonder the Jamaicans hate the British.

    • Richo

      Honey, he was reading from a diary, not actually doing it to Palin or encouraging anyone to do it to her. If you want to be outraged about something, be outraged that this went on in the United States for centuries.

      • Brad

        Obviously, sweetie pie Richo, you didn’t listen to the entire clip, as Bashir clearly says Palin should be a leading candidate for the same treatment as he read. And yes, it is beyond today’s comprehension that slavery was an accepted practice here in the US; but, I would point out that it was abolished more than 150 years ago.

        • the_bat

          Furthermore, not only was slavery (begun and introduced into the American colonies largely by the British) abolished in this country, more than 150 years ago, it was abolished by a president (Lincoln) who, I am quite sure, a “Martin Bashir,” back in that day, would have denigrated just as viciously.

      • junkbondtrader41

        Sorry, at age 44, my “outrage” over something I’ve heard about virtually every damn day for all 44 of those years by people who never suffered it, directed at people who never inflicted it is long since depleted!

      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        So America is guilty of Jamaican slavery practices too?

        and yes he damn well did say he wanted this to happen Sarah,.. so clean out your ears and try paying attention. You’re excusing something you’re be going berserk about if he’d said it about a liberal woman.. and his name was Hannity..

        This b*stard deserves firing at the least..

        but.. hey.. it’s only liberal misogyny, so lets ignore it huh… you foaming at the mouth hypocrites are diseased..

    • Rightturn

      So why is it that you are comfortable with automatically labeling this as misogynistic but scoff when cruel comments of President Obama are similarly labeled ‘racist?’

    • Bryant Hill

      Don’t all Muslim men see women the way Bashir sees them? So, now you know why he talks this way about Sarah Palin. Bashir should be more worried about what Todd will do to him after what he said about his wife. If it were my wife you would be getting a whoopassing.

  • ObamaFail

    Time to start getting some libs fired for their hateful attitudes. They’d do it to us in a heart beat for imagined slights. So it’s time they answer for their actual offenses.

  • Joe Phillips

    Ah, The Left so compassionate and smart. What a nasty little man.

  • Ridiculously_Photogenic_Guy

    This is no different than Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingraham a slut. If Bashir is forced to apologize, it will be to the VPs at MSNBC, rather than to Sarah Palin – where his unmitigated hatred is directed. He’s not sorry for what he said and he doesn’t regret it. That network is just a conga line of d-bags.

    • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

      It’s also no different than what this guy said. If Sarah Palin is our “national dunce” according to Bashir, this guy must be our national dipsh*t.”

  • ObamaFail

    Come on WhoDat or some other liberal troll. Defend Bashir with some make believe story of Fox News saying stuff that was way worse about liberal women.

    • WhoDat

      Bashir’s comments are indefensible. That was barbaric.

      • Sean Barrentine

        Glad to see that while we may disagree with each other on politics rather often, you’re not a blind follower, either. If there were more like you, MAYBE we’d be able to have a civil discourse at a national level. All the division’s rather depressing, really.

      • Jay Stevens


        Finally. Something something we agree on.

      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        are these up votes going to embarrass you with your friends?..:P

        but if you show consistency on a moral issue like this, we give you credit for it.. no decent human being could defend these remarks being made at any person.. regardless of politics.

  • Nana Taylor

    So are we American women going to let some Brit bad mouth another American woman?

    • Ridiculously_Photogenic_Guy

      Had I been in the room when he said that, he would have gotten a quick lesson in “how-to-act” in a place where we celebrate Independence Day.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    That anyone takes Bashir seriously, after that Michael Jackson ass-kiss-a-thon, is a mystery I have yet to fathom, let alone attempt to come up with an answer for.

  • Farfel_1776

    So, will he be put on ‘suspension’ like Alec Baldwin?

    • ObamaFail

      Nah, he’ll probably be declared ready for primetime and they’ll figure poop and pee jokes will be enough to knock Megyn Kelly out of the top spot. Spoiler alert: It won’t.

    • syvyn11

      Are you freaking kidding me? If anything Brain Dead Bashir will get a raise.

      Now if he were to say the same thing about Nancy Pelosi or Michelle Obama, then we’d be talking different.

      Remember, to them, conservative women have no rights.

  • Tugger – ✓unamused

    You know, I’d really like to meet Martin in person so we could ‘discuss’ his views.

    • MissDiane47

      Planning a beer summit with Bashir in a boxing ring? I’d pay to see that! Hahaha!!

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      Oh dear God… me too.. 54 and crippled, and I’d still be able to take the prick..

  • Maxx

    Call this latest outrage from an MSNBC pundit as the evening shift’s final death gurgle. I mean, FOX is just KILLING those tools every night. I know liberal coworkers who are now watching Megyn Kelly. That’s got to be driving those people crazy.

  • lesterwink23

    The left vs. Sarah Palin: the REAL war on women. Go to hell, Martin

    • syvyn11

      More likely “the left vs. Conservative women”. They just made Sarah the face of their problem. Her face and name drive them nuts. And I hope she keeps doing it for the next three years.

      • Leah

        or LONGER! GO SARAH!!

  • Maxwell

    Highly objective reporting by MSNBC, kudos guys!

    • Maxwell

      My computer needs a sarcasm font…

  • Leah

    Bashir is nothing more than a brain-dead lunatic!

  • fearnot6

    Yeah, Tommy Christopher wrote an article about this and condemned Bashir, oops I was kidding TC would never condemn Bashir

  • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

    I would say that people should stop watching msnbc . . . but looking at their ratings they’ve already done that.

  • Julescat

    …and if somebody said this about mooch would Bashir understand and just nod?

  • Republicanvet

    Does MesSNBC hire anyone other than grade-school bullies? And they claim to be journalists?

  • Guest

    for such a BS channel based on anti bullying, pro feminism programming they sure do just abuse the hell out of both.

  • Garym

    MessNBC has every demographic covered: stuttering alcoholics=Chris Mathews, dyed in the wool racist=Al Sharpton, rino=Joe Scarborough, mensa=Andrea Mitchell ;), dudes that look like lesbians=Rachel Maddow, a man who spent his childhood with a dunce cap on his head=Ed Schultz, and a true hater of strong women=Martin Bashir.
    What’s not to like about this channel!!

  • Kristy Patullo

    He’s just trying to get attention. That’s what they do best on MSNBC. Lord knows that people don’t watch for their insightful commentary.

  • WhoDat

    I don’t like Palin much, I think she is a fool and her voice makes me want to shove railroad spikes in my ears.

    But, what Bashir said should be done to her is appalling.

    • Joe W.

      No one here cares what you think about anything, loser.

      • WhoDat


    • Night Owl

      I don’t much like what I read of your comments, but at least you are still human, unlike a lot of people commenting on that Mediaite article.

    • Psalmist1972

      I have some nicely sharpened railroad spikes and I would love to assist in the shoving process.

      • Bryant Hill

        Hey, I’m just a newcomer, but I thought WhoDat was fair and balanced in her opinions. Sarah Palin can get on my nerves, too, but I know she has a good heart and she supports the same issues that I support. WhoDat has an opinion, so what? So do you!

        • Psalmist1972

          Since, as you put it, “I’m just a newcomer…” you should understand not every comment is meant to be taken seriously. WhoDat’s comment was not serious commentary on Palin’s views. After all VP Biden’s been lampooned as a buffoon by both sides of the aisle.

    • Corey Dennison

      shove railroad spikes in my ears.

      Don’t let anyone here stop you.

  • RD

    There is a medical term which describes the condition that poor Martin has “Rectal Cranial Inversion”

  • Allan Hamilton

    Martin Bashir doesn’t hate white women. On the contrary, visions of creamy, pearl skinned babes dance through his sordid little mind like sugarplums at Christmas. He’s a beta orbiter that never achieved launch and now must satisfy himself by sitting in his car at the mall and masturbating as he watches the objects of his dreams live happy and fulfilled lives.

  • Abaraxas

    In all seriousness, let him keep speaking. Make him the face of liberals. He is saying what they all think anyway. Every time you speak to a liberal, make them answer for his comments. Never, ever let them dismiss it. They own it. His words could be from anyone on their side. Take the game right out of their own playbook- RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”
    Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go
    after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.
    (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and
    ridicule works.) – Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals

    • Night Owl

      Go to the comments on the Mediaite article. They see nothing wrong with what he said.

      • Abaraxas

        It goes to prove this is how libs think.

  • journogal

    Wait a minute…just a note one of the tweets above…don’t they mean MSNBC is NBC’s Katrina?

  • SophieRo3

    So, Martin Bashir, should someone defecate in this Occupy Wall Street woman’s mouth and urinate on her eyes?

    • SophieRo3

      And, this woman’s…

      • SophieRo3

        And, hers…

        • SophieRo3

          And, just so that I don’t only condemn women to The Martin Bashir Treatment…

          • SophieRo3

            And, for the finale, Marty, tell this guy that he deserves the Thistlewood Treatment…

          • Michelle ✓classified

            SophieRo3 just won the Interwebz for the rest of the weekend.

          • Night Owl

            She’s good.

          • HanaFiveO

            I regret that I only have 1 ^ to give to this series of posts!!!

          • Al_the_Fish

            Bravo SophieRo3 bravo!!!

    • Tony Mareshie

      Knock Out. No getting up after SophieRo3.

  • Mizflame98

    When you run in debt; you give to another power over your liberty

    – Benjamin Franklin

    Hmm. Sounds like slavery to me. Looks like Bashir needs a civics lesson. But it probably wouldn’t matter. He has deep disdain for the founding fathers and our Constitution.

    • Jay Stevens

      What do you expect. Bashir is British.

  • Garym

    Well at least we now know Martin Bashirs hideous fetishes.

    • HanaFiveO

      Ignorance was bliss.

    • Michelle ✓classified

      Doesn’t Japan make a killing on those videos? 2 Girls, 1 Cup.

      • Garym

        Yeah, but I could have gone the rest of my life not knowing MBs particular fetish. ; )

  • FreedomFighter

    If MSNBC doesnt fire him, MSNBC should lose all their advertisers.

  • MaMa1

    These liberal fantasies are getting more and more bizarre.

  • SophieRo3
  • Barry A. Brewer

    I get so very tired of everyone insisting on acting like Black people were the only ones in the histopry of the planet who were kept as slaves, and they now own the franchise on it. Bottom line Marty, Sarah’s RIGHT – and the moron here is YOU.

    • Michelle ✓classified

      Bingo. The Irish were sold to the Americas by Britain as slaves. They were treated just as poorly and inhumanely as black slaves, but no one talks about that, right?

      • HanaFiveO

        Lost a large branch of the family in the English labor houses. When you were too weak to work you were thrown out in the muck pits to die.

      • trixiewoobeans

        Look at the Jews! On and off in slavery for centuries!

      • trixiewoobeans

        Many tribes of American Indians enslaved each other, and ye gads, they were brutal!


        Let not forget either Michelle that [email protected] is still going on in Africa today, bIacks selling bIacks to other bIacks, somethings never change do they !!! Lets also not forget that it was bIacks back in the 1700’s who were selling their own kind into [email protected] to the Europeans, a little FACT bIacks like to always ignore !!!

  • HanaFiveO

    I had to walk away from this one for a while, it pissed me off so much. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get past the mods withanything I had to say.
    Now that I have calmed down let me say that douchebag does not even begin to Describe this POS.
    Martin, I invite you to (at the place of your choosing) meet me to try and do to me, what you desire to do to Ms. Palin. You see, we are all Ms. Palin now. I guarantee that as you get within arms reach to accomplish your task, I will reach out, grab your precious parts and twist them until they come off. As you scream for mercy like a little girl, I will show you none. I will then go home and mount your precious parts on a plaque and hang them on my wall as a trophy.

    You are well within your rights to me a misogynist pig, but I am also well with my rights to be a man eater. It works both ways sugar.

    • WhoDat


      Note to Mr. FiveO, never piss off this woman.

      • HanaFiveO

        This he knows.

        Kinda like a tiger, no body better to have in your corner, and a formidable foe.
        Never pull a tigers tail.

    • OpenTheDoor

      Better take some needle nose pliers, you might need them.

  • BlahBlah

    It still amazes me how much hatred she manages to attract. And she doesn’t hold an office, isn’t running for any office, isn’t thinking of running for any office. She pretty much just *is*.

    • HanaFiveO

      Shes just another person with independent thoughts and opinions like the rest of us. If they would do this to her, they wouldn’t think twice about doing it to us. This nonsense is not to be tolerated. Period.

      • BlahBlah

        I know but look, she is hated more than most conservative men. This is becoming a pattern as it is much easier to pile the hate on a woman as they are perceived as weaker. I mean I ain’t no Palin but I have also experienced this on a much smaller scale.

        I wanna see Bashir say something like this to say… Eastwood’s face.

        • HanaFiveO

          I hear ya blah.

          I just want to have the opportunity as an average everyday woman turn the tables on this misogynist pig. Show him exactly how it translates to men, so to speak….

        • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          I think it would be kinda fun if Todd showed up at Martin’s front door.

        • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

          We’d like and pretty sure that Gov. Palin would love to see this p.o.s. say this all to her face.

    • Garym

      Make no mistake, they absolutely do not want young, impressional girls looking up to her. She must be destroyed at all costs because they too need to keep women on the progressive plantation.

    • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

      Democrats hate citizens who think for themselves.They especially hate any demographic that isn’t a white, male, Christian, veteran who thinks for themselves.

  • Michelle ✓classified

    Mr. Bashir: My people were also slaves. Indeed, sold to the Americas by…Britain (Your accent…British, is it not?) I took no offense over what Mrs. Palin said beacuse I understand that the word “slavery” (and variations thereof) are not owned by black folks. I also understand that slavery, enslaved, etc., also mean a host of other things different from a slave owner sh*tting down a black man’s mouth.

    I forgive what your country did to my people, you don’t need to go though life with slave trader guilt. It’s OK, I’m over it. Would you like a hug?

    • WhoDat

      Scary how he took possibly one of the most extreme cases of barbaric behavior by slave owners to compare to the very use of the word “slavery”.

      • Michelle ✓classified

        I would imagine the beatings and rape were far more barbaric, but I get your point. I have to keep in mind, this is a man whose “career” is founded on gossip and sensationalism, tabloid fodder…he’s a shock jockey, not a journalist.

  • conservativemomma

    I am “Sarah” This is exactly how the left treats uppity women who cross them. Ironically it just makes us stronger.

  • Victoria Richardson

    Just when you think they can’t sink any lower MSNBC does. What Bashir said is disgusting and vile and so sexist.

  • Joseph Kurt

    Hey guys, I must have missed something…Did Martin Bashir just suggest someone Schultz in her eyes and O’Doodoo in her mouth?

  • fireandreamitchell

    I’d say someone should take a shit and pee in Bashir’s eye, but since he’s a far left progressive, he’s probably into that kind of stuff.

  • Benjamin Johnson

    Conservatives need to start planning the mother of all boycotts- NBCs 2014 Winter Olympics coverage.

  • American-By-Choice

    ROFLMNAO! Classic…

    Deceit FRAUD Ignorance
    >>> >> S O C I A L I S M << <<<

    The thing to remember here folks, is that:


    Ya see, nature precludes that one can simultaneously adhere to both the thesis AND the antithesis.

  • my2centshere

    Has everyone forgotten that he advised this administration?

  • Macsen Overdrive ✓re-rolled

    Holy shit… That is the sickest thing I have ever heard someone claiming to be a news commentator say. If Baldwin was suspended, Bashir should be fired on the spot.

  • URGR82

    Where’s Oprah to say its because Palin’s a white woman

    • Leende

      She’s too busy counting all the money she has made off whitey.

  • bri

    I despise these pigs. And they do represent all liberals.

    • breakn70

      While I agree that liberals have a big problem with strong, smart women they seem to save their worst vitriol for those that are beautiful as well.

  • TDS

    Does anyone else find it ironic that one asshat Brit (Bashir) uses another asshat Brit (Thistlewood – a slave owner that was NOT in the United States but in the British colony of Jamaica) to show the “evils” of the history of slavery in the U.S.?

    Maybe their personal similarities are why he feels that the punishments described in those diaries are an appropriate punishment for anyone that disagrees with his stance and has the audacity to stray from the groupthink of the Liberal “plantation”.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    My DirecTV system doesn’t even tune to MSNBC…blocked…so I have no idea who this Bashir pig is.

  • lazypadawan

    What a disgusting excuse for a human being.

  • Spasmolytic

    Don’t expect hypocritical feminist groups to condemn Bashir. Then again, Palin can take care of herself.

  • Markward

    Any second MMFA will jump on this case of misogyny. Any second…

  • John_Frank

    Absolutely, completely and totally unacceptable.

    I encourage people to file a formal complaint with the FCC, as his statements were violent, sexist and obscene.

    Bashir’s vile invective meets the legal definition of obscenity:

    Definition of obsecenity: “For something to be “obscene” it must be shown that the average person, applying contemporary community standards and viewing the material as a whole, would find (1) that the work appeals predominantly to “prurient” interest; (2) that it depicts or describes sexual conduct in a patently offensive way; and (3) that it lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value.”

    Also, I encourage people to send a link to the video to

    In addition, I encourage people to contact the companies that advertise on MSNBC and express your outrage that they would allow their products or services to be associated with this sort of violent, sexist and obscene invective with a link to the video or to this article.

  • Tony Mareshie

    How did that ever pass standards and practices (assuming MSNBC has it or its equivalent)?

    • TocksNedlog

      Since WHEN does MSNBC have standards?

  • Tony Mareshie

    I do not get Todd Palin. No matter the fall out, if Bashir had said that about my wife, he would be spittin Chiclets. Even BJ Clinton publicly stood up for Hillary to Safire.

    • constitutionminded

      I agree, but if he did then they would say Sara isn’t big enough to fight her own battles. But sometimes I wish he would just kick some well deserved ass.

      • JubaDoobai!

        If he did righteously kick arse, they would be sued up the wazoo. They almost bankrupted the Palin family once; Todd and Sarah are not about to give them a second shot. Sarah can handle herself. That FIGHT LIKE A GIRL thing means Bashir is going to get it big time.

  • Angie

    Republicans can’t say the word “slavery” because . . . they freed the slaves. Democrats, creators of the KKK, Jim Crow, etc and who still wish to enslave people in the form of dependency on government programs, *are* allowed to use the word. That’s the upside down world the left has created.

    • Electradivine

      No the GOP is upside down, since they’ve been telling minorities to GET OVER IT.

      • Angie

        You’re comment is typical lefty projection, based in fantasy, not reality.

      • journogal

        Considering it has been over 150 years, and there hasn’t been any present time slaves in the U.S. and you don’t know any, it is time to move on. You aren’t owed anything from anyone. Not everyone owned slaves.

  • ohposrel

    Considering how misandrist and in this case racist(invoking
    Slavery)Palin has been she got what she deserved..and for the record I
    can’t stand Bashir but I hate Feminist like Palin more

  • John

    We need to find the woman who screwed this troglodyte up. Whatever her story, it must be *really* interesting.

  • Mr_Wrestling_XIII

    This is why I turned off cable/tv news a long time ago. Just sh*t masquerading as news. No more unbias reporting. No more civil discussions. There’s actually more class in an episode of TMZ…

  • OingoBoingo

    MSNBC host invokes his slave owner mentality of trying to maintain slavery by exploiting slavery. He uses an anti-slavery rant to try and shame someone into believing they should accept slavery that he supports. Slavery in the name of anti-slavery is still slavery Martin Bahsir you wannabe slave owner.

    All slavery, regardless of forms, should be called out and not supported, but unfortunately individuals like Martin Bashir still love and support slavery and will do anything to maintain the slavery status quo. Martin Bashir’s agenda is keeping slavery alive and well and attacking anyone who speaks out against slavery.

  • Floyd Meriweather

    I see Bashir’s tolerance is at an all time high.

  • ssj429

    Liberals unhinged. They are their own worst enemy. The more they speak, the more they destroy their liberal dream. Please keep it up.

  • John

    Just when you think the MSM can’t go any lower, they go lower.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Bashir’s just mad because white women won’t sleep with him, even if he tells them he’s a rich oil sheik. Slimy liberal Summer’s Eve nozzle.

  • arik matthews

    The good news is it was on MSNBC, so the only people who saw it were likely conservatives looking for a laugh.

  • JubaDoobai!

    I wonder what Bashir thinks of the ongoing slavery on the Islamic world, in which women are raped, demeaned, and generally considered as less than half a man. Bashir seems to agree with the Islamic world’s view of women a whole lot.

    Don’t suspend him.

    Fire him for his crass attempt to demean a woman who is ten times the man that he is. Fire him for dragging news into the gutter, for taking MSNBC lower into the muck than it already is.

  • John_Frank

    Obviously Martin Bashir has not read the Bible. For if he had, he would know of the following verse:

    Proverbs 22:7
    New International Version (NIV)

    7 The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.

    Martin Bashir, the person who is America’s resident misogynist dunce.

  • LoneRangler

    MSNBC suspends Alec Baldwin for “gay slurs.” But his psychopath is given a pass because, hey, it’s Sarah Palin. The only standards liberals have are double standards.

  • $472942

    Just another one of MSNBCs “National Treasures”.

    What a disgusting, contemptible, and vile little turd…

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      Surely you meant quite the opposite of ‘little’. ;’)

  • John_Frank

    Debt and Slavery

    The author of the editorial writes in part:

    Ms. Kutner’s piece caught our eye because it appeared at, which as recently as January ran out a long dispatch under this headline: “Has America become a slave to its own debt?” The piece, by Steve Fraser, editor at large of New Labor Forum magazine, ran to more than 4,000 words. A subheadline summarized the piece this way: “ For a small minority, it’s a blessing; for others, a curse” and went on to refer to “Jekyll-and-Hyde relationship with debt.”

    How come Mr. Bashir (and others) did not become exorcised and outraged over Steve Fraser’s use of the word “slavery?”

    What we do know is that the statements by Martin Bashir which were based on a completely false premise were violent, obscene and sexist.

    The author of the NY Sun editorial concludes:

    “Debt,” he wrote, “is driving this system of auto-cannibalism which, by every measure of social wellbeing, is relentlessly turning a developed country into an underdeveloped one.” Mr. Fraser writes for a journal whose Web site is published by the City University of New York and which is billed as a place for labor and its allies to test and debate new ideas. He concluded by posing the question: “Is a political resistance to debt servitude once again imaginable?”

    We happen to think it’s a good question and it strikes us that one person Mr. Fraser could talk to about it would be a certain ex-governor of Alaska. Mrs. Palin, after all, is one of the few governors of our time who is a card-carrying union member and who has seemed to appreciate the role that organized labor can play in our battle of ideas. Our guess is that he would find Mrs. Palin a lot smarter than the Left likes to picture her as being.”

    Between his not knowing the Bible (Proverbs 22:7 (NIV), which reads:

    “7 The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.”

    and his obvious hypocrisy, in addition to being a foul mouthed misogynist it, looks to many of us like Martin Bashir is America’s resident dunce. Just saying.

    P.S. Not sure that the companies who advertise on MSNBC would want to be associated with such an individual’s violent, obscene and sexist remarks, hence my earlier suggestion about contacting the advertisers, in addition to complaining to the FCC.

    P.P.S. People, do not call Martin Bashir a Liberal. That is being too kind. We need to be honest. He is a Statist who is a foul mouthed misogynist.

    P.P.P.S. In keeping with the Irish proverb, which Sarah Palin likes to quote, “may you always be happy and may your enemies know it”, I encourage people to buy her new book!

    “Good Tidings And Great Joy: Protecting The Heart Of Christmas”

    Or if you prefer, make a donation to Sarahpac:

    Just some additional thoughts.

  • Betsy Smith

    The slave owner’s treatment of his slaves has more to do with man’s inhumanity to man than it does the institution of slavery. When sick, cruel people have power over others they abuse them to whatever extent they can. We see it all through history whenever dictators are in power. Today we see great abuse in prisons and even in families when one member has the strength to terrorize another.
    Yes, Bashir’s story was an example of the danger of having perverse people in positions of power and a warning to us that his power should be severely limited.
    He can justify torturing someone for what they think. And yet this man I am sure spoke out against water boarding. He is probably against capital punishment and is pro-choice. And yet he believes vile acts committed against helpless people by a sadistic maniac should be done to a concerned American who finds a similarity between debt which means the fruits of your labor belong to another and slavery which means the fruits of your labor belong to another.

  • $41378716

    I filed a complaint to the FCC.

    • overthecoastline

      Thank you. Just be careful now. The IRS is watching you.

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Vile, pure unadulterated vile!

  • ClydeS

    You stay classy, Marty…

  • Jay Stevens

    What is it with our imported British “journalists”. They seem to be lingering past their “sell by” date.

    Oops. Slavery reference. My bad.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      The only two examples against this:STUART VARNEY and JONATHAN HUNT (Both of whom work for Rupert Murdoch)… Jawamax 8<{D}

      • nc ✓s & balances

        Thank you for pointed this out, they’re two classy guys!

  • Chestertonian

    This explains the left’s obsession with “tea-bagging.” They’re displacing their desire to play “scat games” with conservative women (and men, of course—since they don’t discriminate among orifices and will accept any bull fed them as long as it is done by a powerful leftist). Martin Bash-er strikes again.

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    It is with great clarity, that Gov. Palin knows Proverbs, “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.” and this very vile, sick person in what appears to be an adult male’s body doesn’t nor does he show himself to be in touch with reality or what his name is.

  • floridavet

    Aside from issue of the disgusting, filthy, and derogatory comments that flow out of the mouths of MSNBC’s racists, bigots, and misogynists, it never ceases to amaze me how Sarah Palin somehow continues to occupy rent-free space in their little pea-brains. With such a small amount of neuron-power, it must be really crowded in there.

    • OpenTheDoor

      Crowded? Nonsense, intelligence rolls around in Martins head like a BB in a boxcar.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    I know Sarah lives in the heads of people like Bashir, etc. (RENT FREE!), but…How does she put up with the smell of all that BAT-$#!+??If Network news programs were FORCED to tell the truth (Like, when Pigs fly…), The firings at PMSDNBC and CNN would be devastating! It IS TIME to FIRE BASHIR, PIERS MORGAN, JOAN WALSH, RACHEL MAD-COW, ED SCHULTZ, and the REST OF THE LYING, HATE FILLED KING FINK OBAMA CHEERLEADERS!! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Guest

    This is just a excuse to attack and vilify Sarah Palin. The word “slavery” is used many times in connection with the debt by reporters and writers.The term “slavery” ,as Sarah Palin already mentioned ,has differing meanings and contexts.
    For instance:

    Salon” published an article about slavery and debt long before Palin’s remarks without objection by network hosts.

    The Grip of Death: A Study of Modern Money, Debt Slavery and Destructive Economics

    ‘Debt-Slavery For Dummies’

  • QBallBrazil

    No reason to be upset people. This is a clear case of peener envy. Mr.Bashir is intimidated by the size of Palin’s peener in comparison to his, and and he is just expressing his short comings. Were you expecting more from Mr. Halfling? I sure he braves the streets of the U.S., boldly telling men that he’d defecate down their throats..

  • Thomas

    Meanwhile back at the Bashir home Martin hides in the closet because the UPS driver looks like Todd Palin

    • USPatriot

      100 thumbs up.

  • DallenH

    Put Sarah P. and Marty B. in a ring. Marty would be the one crying like a girl…

  • Jake Bradford

    MSNBC turds like Bashir are the lowest form of life on the planet.

  • goteki45

    Proverbs 22:7 “The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.”. Palin was 100% right in what she said, yet Martin Bashir tried to make himself out the be the self rigthtous genius and Palin an ignorant dumbass, yet Bashir was the one who was the unknowing ignorant dumbass

  • Guest

    First, Bashir ( while calling others stupid ) might do well to refer to a dictionary. since there are several definitions of the word “slavery”. Ms. Palin was referring to wage slavery: a condition of hard work and subjection.

    Second, it should be noted that Jamaica was under British rule and this sadistic slave owner hailed from Bashir’s own homeland, which BTW, I would encourage an urgent return, taking with him his friend, Piers Morgan.

  • Oysteria

    I had heard the name “Martin Bashir” before, but never felt compelled to find out anything about him. But now? I want my 2 minutes and 50 seconds back that it took to watch that phony, indignant tool spout such drivel. As he goes on about the horrors committed by a 300 year long dead man, he then gives said actions his seal of approval as long as they’re committed against someone he doesn’t like.

  • Ted H.

    Bill Maher conspicuously silent on the issue…

  • Mackie

    If this hideous and filthy reprobate of a human being was a FOX contributor, I would expect Roger Ailes to fire him in a heartbeat.

    MSNBC is full of these kind of people,, Ed Schultz was suspended,Keith Olberman was suspended and then fired, Chris Tingles Matthews should be suspended, and now we have these disgusting remarks from another MSNBC Reprobate.

  • RickH

    It is Obvious, to anyone not Martin Bashir, that Palin was not referring to the vicious institutionalized slavery that existed for centuries in the Western Hemisphere. The term applies to other conditions of servitude and entrapment. Earlier this week another MSNBC-idiot, Toure, said the US Senate was Gerrymandered. I think someone should take up a collection and get MSNBC a dictionary. Of course, they would need to find someone who knows the alphabet to make use of it.

  • Craig King

    What a dick!

  • jeanie6

    He’s a raving maniac!!!!

  • sanchez

    It is pure hate speech.


    Death to MSNBC!

  • Guest

    So, Martin Bashir, should someone defecate in this woman’s mouth and urinate on her eyes?

  • Paul C.

    MSNBC= WH mouthpiece

  • LegalizeShemp

    The liberals and the gays behave as if they are stuck in 8th grade, always having some disgusting bodily function or sex act reference as part of their repertoire. Juvenile, immature, and despicable, that’s your average sex-addicted liberal.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Even IF you disagreed with someone, why would you use this kind of language in a public forum? I will never understand.

    • Fhalkyn Phoenix

      You use it if you have no class and no sense of decency, in addition to having no logical rebuttal to their arguments.

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      This is a very insecure feral child in an adult males body, so fearful of who he has become. He’s exponentially paranoid. The Governor is a threat to him and his party, his position at MSNBC. He has no audience, so you bring it on by using the Governor. Least we all forget she is absolutely a threat to his own personal beliefs, and his party of politic. Water carrier-race baiting for Barry is an attention getter he thinks. They have no ratings, and they are biting the dust soon…

  • notenoughtime

    What a disgusting display of professionalism. Bashir does not have to agree with Palin on any subject, but he should be required to conduct himself with class and dignity when he is on the airwaves. Why does anyone tune in to this garbage!

    • alostjunkie

      To come up with that kind of imagery, this guy must have such a dark place inside of him for women. I had a one sided conservation with a friend who is far left and when the discussion got to Obamacare, she started hurling hateful insults and twisted everything I said. The fact is, she knows that her life, American lives have not gotten any better under this admin. She says I’m hateful but she’s the one hurling insults and judgement toward my way. Meanwhile, I have done charity work for the three years while she only believes in charitable work–but she is a better person because she believes in gay rights and free healthcare for all. How do you even have a conversation with someone like that? They live in their own little world where they are right and difference in opinion means we deserve all the vile and hate from them. All the while they preach love for all.

    • Ardiva40

      I wish Palin would do the same…know what I mean?

      • Corey Dennison

        Actually, no. No we don’t.

  • pbtruth

    I think this racist Bashir has to be the dumbest man on tv. That includes Ed Schultz and that is saying something. But there is no one that knows more about s**t in the mouth then him as he seems to spew it whenever he speaks.

  • Red Fred

    Repulsive, greasy looking Brit who elevates himself above an American patriot leader who had done her homework, been elected to office, proven herself, and always keeps it classy.

    • Jörn McKnight

      “Done her homework” and “proven herself”? Like all those times she wrote notes on her hand like a first grader?

  • overthecoastline

    And here we have, compliments of Martin Bashir, the most intelligent response to any debate that liberals can muster: puerile, vile fantasies.

    Liberals are a party that are bankrupt of ideas. They are nasty, they dwell on the negative in any situation, and they are down with life (pro-abortion), down with competition (everyone MUST be equal), down with America (we’re all guilty of slavery and murder), down with corporations and profits (we’re all greedy), down with progress (humans must not build anything; we must all live in caves and not burn any fossil fuels, and eat berries and twigs so as not to disrupt the environment).

    In short, anything that constitutes a human endeavor must be stifled in order to serve “the greater good”.

    They have nothing to offer in the marketplace of ideas, because they HATE the marketplace, and they ABHOR ideas – – their statist groupthink seeks to limit human critical thinking and individualism.

    Therefore, much like a child, they have nothing left to do but to fling poo, name-call and insult anybody or anything they don’t like.

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      Feral children in Feral adult bodies.

  • ProudAmerican247

    Looks like these lunatics on TV are trying to outdo one another.
    Bashir wins the prize……a one way ticket back to Britain in a row boat.

  • Walter Sobchak

    Bashir should be ignored, IMHO. That way his tens of dozens of viewers would be the only ones to hear his idiocy.

  • Lurker

    For Martin Bashir to be fired
    Someone needs to be a persistent commie pinko liberal and hound all his advertisers to drop his show
    Whose up for it?

    • Stu Gotts

      I am. Got a list? (Otherwise I’d have to watch his show to learn his advertisers. Ick.)

      • CherDash

        @disqus_F88LlVhtAE:disqus : You can do a search ‘Advertisers on Martin Bashir’s Show’ and someone may have already compiled a list.

  • JW Brown

    Well, I guess it Doesn’t take Rocket Science to realize that there Are a Certain Amount of Sub-Human life forms that Haven’t been Removed from the Planet, Simply Because it’s Illegal to Do So!!!! But, I’m Not Entirely sure that applies to ShitFace Bashir!!!!!!

  • r_coplin2001

    How many people even seen his comment against Sarah Palin as he is on MSNBC.Martin Bashir you are one huge piece of horse manure.

  • Gary Mathis

    If you see this guy upside down in a ditch after a one car rollover, just drive on by.

  • porgiefirefighter

    Of course, this says far more about the lack of self awareness and the breathtaking lack of moral character of Martin Bashir than about Sarah Palin.

  • porgiefirefighter

    Martin Bashir: Prepare to be swamped with examples of the far left routinely comparing the perceived “oppression” by corporate America to slavery, as well as debt being routinely compared to slavery, as well as student loans being compared to slavery. If you were an honest man, Martin Bashir, you would acknowledge and own this.

  • billeeblue

    He must feel animosity toward all women and all women should be insulted whether on the left or on the right. It’s a remark that has surpassed a singular target.

  • Ruth

    This must be an example of the left’s sophistication I keep hearing about.

  • Edward Gamble


  • Larry Bavaro

    Nobody owns the word “Slavery” Slavery is a word…a word, It describes type of behavior, or condition, it does not mean whipped black man, or piss in someones mouth. Slaves are all races, all ages all countries, all limits of and ranges of good and bad situations, some slaves were treated very well and all needs taken care of, some not. “I am a slave to my life’s work, I slaved over my stove”,,,YOU DON’T OWN IT. IT IS A WORD.

  • Pat Arnold

    Bashir hasn’t got the brains that God gave a grapefruit. Sarah could (and would) kick his ass anytime he want’s to confront her face to face.

  • AdamsParachute

    but he is smarter than she is

  • Kenneth Lee Averiett

    Anyone who say’s Martin Bashir is, somehow, referencing all women when he calls out Sara Palin for being borderline retarded, & allowed within 20 feet of a microphone or PA system is borderline retarded & shouldnt be allowed within 20 feet of a keyboard. This whole backlash is just the classic, media enraptured lunacy that plagues our country. Idiots, idiots everywhere.

    • Garym

      Careful, your brain must be smoking after writing this incomprehensible comment. Idiot proggie.

      • Kenneth Lee Averiett

        Incomprehensible? Are you suggesting you lack the reading comprehension skills needed to understand my comment? On top of that, call me an idiot? Are you 16 or just a poor excuse for a competent adult?

    • sfcmac


  • RanierWest

    mission accomplished for Bashir – he inspires racists

  • the_bat

    Filty, nasty little piece of work, Bashir is.

  • ScottyG

    They all do this on purpose. Ratings. Without viewers these clowns lose their shows. So in a desperate attempt to gain viewers, they spew their REAL views.

    All the kooks at MSNBC are so desperate for ratings they go way overboard letting their mouths expel the vile, demeaning, vitriol that espouses their true beliefs.

    The War On Women is NOT on the Conservative side, but comes primarily from the left, who allow this disgusting behavior..

    If a Conservative said anything even remotely akin to this, they would be tarred & feathered in the court of public opinion worldwide.

    But because this countries State Run Media cover up for their own “diarrhea of the mouth” cronies, this will be totally ignored & he will get a pass.

    Best part is the only additional viewers they gain is Conservative watchdogs who make a point of bringing our attention to it.

    Conservative Women deserve the same respect as ALL Women.

    When will the Lefty Loon Women rise up & stand for ALL Women? NEVER.

    • Bill in Ok

      If this kind of thing is done for ratings, what kind of demographic are they shooting for? You would think that getting blown out of the water by Fox News’s ratings would be epiphanous to them. No one on Fox News shows the level of homophobia, misogyny, sexism, racism, scatalogical mentality, EdSchultzism (he’s an ism all to himself) and downright disgusting blather of the kind you see on PMSNBC. Yet Fox flies well above the others in ratings.

      MSNBC’s only objective is to find the most disgusting and hateful terms to label their enemies.

      News? Oh, man, we don’t need no stinkin’ news.

      • ScottyG

        Their Demo is the Demonic Left of course. The worst of the worst. Unicorn pee drinkers, Eco Terrorists & just plain Stupid Progressives.

        In other words Radicals who would just as soon blow up Fox rather than hear their truth.

        Consider that Microsoft saw the sinking ship & finally jumped after losing BILLIONS, I have not looked into to who is financing their catastrophic network, but I imagine they are attached to Soros.

        With any luck, the flailing, failing propaganda channel will be through wasting cable bandwidth very soon.

  • Jeff Howard

    mslsd strikes again.