As Twitchy reported last night, Sen. Ted Cruz declared it “great to be back in America” as he returned to Texas and a packed house to welcome him home. Tonight, Cruz attended a similar event in Arlington, Texas, where he promised not to speak for 21 hours, referring of course to his famous filibuster.

Cruz was reportedly greeted in Arlington with a standing ovation that lasted anywhere from 9 to 14 minutes.

Last night’s standing ovation in San Antonio was reported to be only 8 minutes, although there was “Green Eggs and Ham” cake at that event.

  • RagamuffinB

    I was supposed to be there tonight but life happened! Thank you, Mr Cruz, for fighting the good fight.

  • BoscoBolt

    Ted Cruz deserves every bit of it.

    Keep FIGHTING for US, Ted! Thank you!

  • fivebyfive

    I’m from jersey, and I love this guy! Go get ’em Ted

    • Surry918

      Staten Island and love him too. Also know many people that are big fans of him. I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed for the next 3 years

      • fivebyfive

        He will be force to be reckoned with. Christie will appear small next to Ted, you can’t shout down intelligence.

    • Rosalie

      I’m from Pennsy and I’m jealous. Why can’t we have someone like Cruz?

    • Karin_A

      Northern New York and love him too.

    • FarmerJack

      Fight to get one just like him to run for office in Jersey!

      • fivebyfive

        Lonegan was our best shot, no thanks to Christie! The union blue is hard to overcome

        • FarmerJack

          It wasn’t created like this overnight, and it won’t be corrected overnight. Continue to educate all of those you know.

          • fivebyfive

            I do every day, took 2yrs and obama being obama to turn my sister and her boyfriend from flaming libs to conservative( we are all 50+) now she’s working on her daughter, shouldn’t be long. My neices boyfriend is black and concervative, looks like she’s surrounded, ha ha

  • Brother bob

    How much I would want a Cruz presidency, it will never happen. There are too many RINO traitors and lib dimwits to overcome. And a liberal media to deal with. He will b demonized and mocked. Debates won’t even matter.

    • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

      Don’t take it personally, but I really hope you’re wrong.

    • SAL

      If Reagan was able to overcome, so will Cruz.

      • highcourt

        don’t compare RR to Cuban Cruz.. that’s insulting to Ronnie.

        • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

          Why, because he didn’t start out a Dem?

          • NRPax

            highcourt’s just mad because Cruz isn’t acting the way liberals think a “real Latino” should.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      Isn’t it a little early to be so pessimistic? If you really want it, what would it hurt to join the fight for it? Strength in numbers.

      Cruz 2016!

    • BAW

      Bear in mind, Cruz barely had a snowball’s chance of being elected to the Senate. He’d never run before, didn’t have the name recognition or the money and ran against our establishment Republican Lt. Gov. Dewhurst.

      As fivebyfive said, “…you cn’at shout down intelligence.” Have you seen how he handles the press? And you do know he won arguments before the Supreme Court. I wouldn’t underestimate him or those who support him.

      Just sayin….

      • Matt

        Yeah, the swing in votes from the primary to the runoff was crazy.

        • BAW

          It really was. Basically they reversed total number of votes from the primary to the runoff but it makes sense to me. Somewhere in the online world there is a comment that I made after the primary that I predicted Cruz would win the run off (I wouldn’t have predicted the margin he won by). It’s a turnout thing (who is motivated and who takes the time). I think the primary/runoff dynamic is like the President year/off year elections at the national level. A lot of “casual voters” (or if you prefer LIV) vote in a primary or a Presidential election who don’t bother with run offs and off year elections. The people who really care and pay attention, those who take the time to inform themselves are more likely to turnout from run offs and off year elections. In the end, I think we make better choices because of it. And now a lot of people who didn’t know or didn’t vote for Cruz now realize he was a very good choice.

      • petetheelder

        You left out that he had to run twice against Dewhurst because of the runoff. On the plus side I got to vote for him three different times last year because of that.

  • Terrye Cravens

    Is this true? I heard yesterday that it was 8 minutes. I guess this means that in a day the ovation will be a half hour. Or was that a different adoring crowd?

    • Stu Gotts

      Different crowd at a different event.

    • TexasPGRRider

      That was San Antonio last night, Arlington, (between Dallas and Fort Worth), tonight….

    • lonestarm

      We went to the rally in Arlington last evening. It was definitely over 14 minutes, starting with when Ted’s father, Rafael made his talk and then pointed out Ted entering from the rear of the theater. Cruz then proceeded up the right aisle greeting people along the way to the stage.
      The “standing ovation” started @ 6:16 and went on till after 6:30.
      For that matter, Ted’s speech was interrupted by several more “standing ovations” because of the crowds appreciation for what he was saying:-)

    • KS

      He received another standing ovation that lasted 8 mins. long at a previous event. Apparently, it’s becoming a pattern. Senator Cruz deserves this type of appreciation. He’s saying out loud what others don’t have the guts to do.

  • Gallatin


  • Matt

    Cruz’s positions are further to the right than mine, but I can support him, even if I didn’t vote for him.

  • Joe_in_Indiana

    Reminds me of this Scene from Babylon 5

  • yourmamatoo

    Cruzin’… Not losin.’
    Obama & the Dem’s are so afraid of Cruz it is hilarious. They cannot, no matter how hard they try, are getting him to sit down & be quiet.

    • highcourt

      why would Obama be afraid of him– he’s already president !!! and Cruz is just trying to chase it.

    • michael s

      I guess Pres Obama is afraid of Ted because of Ted’s succesful efforts to defund Obamacare. I guess Pres Obama is afraid of Ted because Pres Obama condeded to the demands of Cruz,Lee,Boehner,McConnell etc.I guess Pres Obama is afraid of Ted because, Pres Obama’s fellow part members were talking badly about him on the sunday talk shows. Considering none of this happened , what’s to be afraid of?

      • VerminMcCann

        Why are you so confused by punctuation?

        • Markward

          Because Michael is a dumbass? Because he is only good for cannon fodder like the fuckarded liberal he is.

      • Markward

        Why are you so fucking stupid? Do you wake up with the goal of proving to the world that it is possible to be this stupid, or is it some sort of supplements you take.

      • yourmamatoo

        They they are afraid of what he is doing too
        The Democratic Party. He has them running scared. He is a threat to him , them and the pathetic rinos who will lose their reelection bids for being cowards.

  • Gallatin

    Thanks for nothing senator coats, I can’t wait to vote against you.

  • Maxx

    Another night of me catching up with the tools down the hall at MSNBC at what do we get? Attacking Ted Cruz….leading off nearly every show from 5 pm on, with Matthews particularly up in arms over the guy and not in a tingling way.

    Gotta tell ya, it’s entertaining to watch these bozos running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Hey DNC mouthpieces, if Cruz was such a disaster, as you claim, why on earth are you turning MSNBC into a new version of CNN (Cruz Nightly Network)?

    See Chris run….run Chris run.

    • highcourt



    I was there and it was amazing! The venue had 1000 seats and was standing room only. Unbelievable energy.

  • TerryCh

    I was at the Arlington rally. Amazing. And the 14 minutes is not an exaggeration. In addition there were several more standing ovations after that! We appreciate a Senator that will fight for us rather than with us.

    • FarmerJack

      Where was it held in Arlington?

      • TerryCh

        At Arlington Music Hall in downtown Arlington.

  • MikeO

    A fantastic event; put together in two days flat. For all those ‘country club’ senators; you’ll NEVER get this much devotion from so many.

  • RightWingRider

    Was an honor to be there for this tonight. Ted Cruz is the real deal. Never a bad night when you get to hear both Ted and his Father speak.

  • michael s

    If I was a Texan I’d be embarrased. A senator who said he stop ACA Obamacare and fails every time. A pointless child book spewing 21 hr filibuster that accomplished ZERO. A government shutdown which also accomplished ZERO. ACA STILL HERE. Obamacare approval going up ,in spite of his efforts. Yet you and the people in that auditorium are applauding failure. Also attacking a sickly diabetic pregnant female. But somehow Pres Obama is spiteful. PRICELESS.

    • highcourt

      it’s called projection.. and Cruz forte’ is whooping it up to the peanut gallery.

      • VerminMcCann

        No, Ted Cruz’s forte was trying cases. And you put the apostrophe in the wrong place.

        • highcourt

          I wouldn’t want him as my lawyer. I found it so odd supposedly brilliant & he keeps revising,inventing facts. so it’ll suit him. andI’m talking just about Neville chamberlain.

          • VerminMcCann

            What kind of drugs are you on?

          • highcourt

  ’s called.. HOLD YOUR BREATH,,,, reality

          • VerminMcCann

            You’re doing it wrong. You’re supposed to write things that have some connection to the things others have written.

          • VerminMcCann

            Seriously dude; it’s important. I know you’re scared, but there are people who care about you and can help you. But you need to tell us what you took.

          • highcourt

            scared of who? Rafael Cruz?? HARDLY.. that’s laughable to the extreme.
            you will need the meds when he crushes,, sooner than later.

          • VerminMcCann

            Scared to confront the ravages od your drug use; but it’s okay. You’re among peole who value you as a human being despite your trolling. Please, just tell us what you took.

          • highcourt

            HA..HA.. It appears you speak of yourself..considering you call yourself “vermin’..that says it all vermin..

          • VerminMcCann

            Oh noes! Yet another mouth breather has noticed my screen name has negative connotations. Maybe I should change it to Prince Awesome or something.

          • VerminMcCann

            What color was it?

    • VerminMcCann

      If you were a Texan, you’d work at a truckstop–in the parking lot, IYKWIMAITYD.

    • cmazzJK

      To be fair if you were a Texan you would of been chanting “I love Satan” at the capital building while abortion Barbie was giving an 11 hour filibuster that accomplished “zero”. They still passed that legislation too. Only difference is she bitched out in 11 hours not 21

      • Markward

        Shut up, that’s different!

      • michael s

        I’m against Wendy Davis also. I’ve said several times,how she shouldn’t get the governorship off that filibuster.

        • cmazzJK

          So I guess you really dislike Obama too then right?
          He has literally lied about every single thing he promised in his candidacy, he campaigned his ass off, problem is he was never prepared for what to do once he got in office…

    • Markward

      If I was a Texan as well I’d be ashamed you’re even on the same planet as I am. You are just another looter, a pathetic racist puke who only lives to tear down people better than you.

      LOL, Going up according to whom? You leave no links, no sources. You have zero credibility.

      Priceless is you thinking you are clever, when you are not.

      • michael s

        Sources and links are accepted around here if those links are pro twitchy mentality.You and the people here live to tear down Pres Obama,FLOTUS,Holder and lots of people I can name. I do the same to people you support. This is how it works.

        • Kickass Conservative

          Except we’re mature enough not to troll opposition websites. Having an actual life will do that for a fella….

          Bummer for you on the “life” thing…

  • Gary Anthony

    How big of crowd?

    • yourmamatoo

      Bigger than the ones Obama is drawing.

      • KS

        more than the 3 who successfully signed up for obamacare, who stood behind him as he gave out the helpline toll free number.

  • 24601

    This is what happens when you don’t try to distance yourself from your base.

  • Sean

    Cruz is the man!

  • KS

    It’s completely ironic that obamacare can’t even get going yet. They’re running out of excuses, day by day. America has surrendered to the MORONS.

    God bless Senator Ted Cruz! You are a breath of fresh air and definitely the voice of REASON.

  • Old rod

    Go Ted!

  • Daniel Ruiz

    Ted Cruz deserves our standing ovation for him standing up for us in DC. Thank you Ted Cruz. Way to show your spine.

  • Vlad99

    Remember when Sarah Palin was getting standing ovation? Me neither. So… soon enough Cruz will fade the way of Mitt Romey, Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum… Jesus is not coming anytime soon to save the “conservatives” trust me. Can’t wait to see the bloodbath republican prmary in 2016.

  • CSN

    If we only had 10 Ted Cruz’s in house and senate, there’d be a different House and Senate. God Bless You Ted Cruz. Don’t give up the fight.

  • Mark Mayhew

    is there anybody in Texas who *isn’t* inbred?

    • BAW

      Is there anyone on the left who has anything to contribute beyond childish insults?

    • eaglechick

      Travel to Texas, walk into the any establishment and ask that question, someone will call 911 after you’ve said “hello” to a few cowboys.

  • $128427

    This makes me want to move to Texas!