A tornado that touched down southeast of Wayne, Neb., Friday evening left a trail of destruction.


  • Republicanvet
  • Guest

    Best wishes for the community. 2 miles wide is massive!

    • Texan357

      And herein lies the difference between the Left and the Right.

      The Left approaches this from a position of hatred – as they approach almost everything. It would first think “Is it a Red state? GOOD! Thank god all these Tea Party arsonists are dead!”

      The Right approaches this from a position of love. It automatically prays for the well-being of the suffering without giving a damn about their political affiliation.

      People are beginning to see this. I have high – but guarded – hopes. #2014MidTerms

      • David Chesterfield

        And yet you choose to turn a tragedy into an opportunity to make political points. I don’t see any divisive political comments showing up before yours.

      • James Schneider

        You couldn’t have been more WRONG!. My first thought was I am praying that everyone is alright! And I am a Progressive! I am originally from NE and I loved it there, but I moved to FL about 25 years ago and I find that my vote counts a little more here. In NE very few of the people that I voted for got elected. Just voting for a party, and not voting for the person who will do the better job just seems wrong to me! I wasn’t around during the Great Depression, but I am glad that we have the President we have now instead of the one who got us into this mess! Almost all of the enormous debt that we have now was run up by “Conservative” George W Bush. Two wars not paid for, a prescription drug plan that wasn’t paid for, and the TARP “Toxic Asset Relocation Plan”, aka the “Bank Bailout”. Bailing out Detroit has nearly all been paid back, with a profit! The Stimulus was really too small, but it kept a lot of people working when we really needed it. I could go on but I’m pretty sure that your mind is already made up and you’re not going to be swayed by a bunch of facts!!!

        • ObamaFail

          The stimulus was too small? The stimulus led to the yearly trillion dollar deficits Barack Obama and the Dems have insured stay in place, which we can’t ignore Harry Reid’s refusal to let a budget be passed. Which if Republicans caused annual trillion dollar deficits and killed every budget, you libs would be demanding their impeachment. But you’re wrong, typical leftist fashion is to exploit a tragedy to attack the right. Whether it’s to call Republicans terrorists for not passing a massive spending bill and another tax hike, or wishing death on the children of NRA members. Wishing rape on the daughters of Texas Legislators for opposing late-term abortion. Yep, the left is “REAL CARING!!!”

          • Jimmy Crack Corn

            all of you are idiots left an right….who cares. just be glad no lives are gone.. DUMBASSES all of you

          • James Schneider

            Why, yes! The stimulus was too small. It’s not possible for a stimulus that was $877 billion, that was actually over $345 Billion in tax breaks breaks for business, leaving just two thirds of for actual stimulus. If you check you will find that the most of the deficit was brought on by the Bush Administration. It’s really hard to reverse a depression when no one has a job. And I was not using a tragedy to attack the right. I was merely trying to respond to vitriolic comment from the right! By the way Harry Reid and the Democratic Senators, with some Republican votes, passed a budget nearly six months ago, but the Republican House has refused to meet the Senate in the normal conference committee. On another note, I have NEVER advocated wishing any harm on any NRA member, child or adult. I was a big fan of Charleton Heston and I am very sorry that he got old and passed away. I am a gun owner since I was a private in the Army, well over forty years ago. Nor have I ever advocated that any harm befall any member or family member in the entire state of Texas. Legislative or not. My Father was born in Texas, so I feel a slight bond with Texans. Some very nice people there! I am rooting for Wendy Davis, but I don’t feel that it’s right for me to get involved in the politics of another state. As I said in my earlier post my first comment was wishing good health for the residents of Wayne, NE, and that’s really all that I wanted to say. I just sort of thought that it was sort of unfair that the person that I had originally responded to inserted politics into comments about people being negatively affected by a natural disaster.. And in response to your shout out about, “Real Caring”, I do care about all my fellow human beings. I guess that’s what makes me a “Progressive”. Thank you all for allowing me to vent, again.

      • Guest

        What are you talking about? If you are interested in “approaching from a position of love” spreading hate filled generalizations is not in line with that.

  • melanieerenee_41

    Weird! I live just south of Wayne in the Omaha metro and had no clue they got hit! It clouded up, wind blew a bit, then the sun came out!

    • WhoMeToo

      Omaha is in a weird kind of weather pocket. Ya either get blasted by strong systems going through or they break-up, go around, and Iowa gets blasted. o.O

    • Guest

      That’s because it was more important for allllll the Omaha stations, which was on local 5-530 news at the time, to give full coverage to high school and college sports news than provide more than a short interruption about some possible tornado in their viewing area, but not directly in the metro. I’m not bring sarcastic either, that’s what was happening.

  • descolada9

    I am near that area originally

  • ObamaFail

    I’m really, really shocked that libs aren’t blaming this on the shut down and demanding the execution of “Tea Party terrorists” for causing the tornado.