The people of Twitter have already had their fun today with the #ShutdownQuestions hashtag, asking if the possible government shutdown would have any effect on critical government programs like cowboy poetry, Bo Obama’s vacation flight accommodations and the study of shrimp on treadmills.

Sarah Palin’s on the same wavelength, passing along a graphic with a similar sentiment. Here’s the complete post from Facebook.


A friend sent me this graphic today. It says it all. “If there’s a government shut down, who will spy on me, waste my money and have contempt for me?”

We could add so much more to this list, friends. For example, if the government shuts down, who will:

  • block responsible resource development
  • borrow more money from foreign countries to give to foreign countries
  • mortgage my kids’ future to bail out their friends on Wall Street & finance their big government crony capitalism
  • “misplace” IRS receipts and ledgers to the tune of tens of millions
  • stockpile ammo at DHS
  • commandeer pro athletes to testify in front of Congress while watching bureaucrats plead the Fifth

Please feel free to add to the list with your own comments below. I so appreciate your great comments and “likes” and “shares” on these Facebook posts!

  • Clayton Grant

    That’s a good list from Palin. The Federal government is out of control. I consider many of them to be criminal in their malfeasance. What level of ineptness will be tolerated until the majority of Americans stand up en mass and say “ENOUGH!”?

    • Billie Slash

      Stepping on our blue suede shoes??
      No, seriously, what you said, Sat.

    • Marvin Nelson

      Sarah, we love ya. Bring on the government shutdown, we will welcome a respite from spying on us, tapping phones, email, etc. Will this shut clown Carney for a few days??

      • no_more_deceit

        “Will this shut clown Carney for a few days??”

        Sheesh, I hope so, that amoeba-brained spokes-hole is about as “non-essential” as they come

        • James Neal

          Have you noticed Carney lately? His halting speech makes him look like he has a corn cob up his butt and it’s getting really scratchy — kudos to Ed Henry….

  • jukin

    The biggest reason that both the donks and rinos do not want the government to shut down is it will not be noticed that it has. What will the Plebes do if the fed shuts down and we get along better without them?

    • Clayton Grant

      It’s a fact that a government shutdown is devastating to some governmental functions. There are many examples of disruptions from past shutdowns. For instance, many seniors live Social Security check to Social Security check. Even minimal interuption to that can cause a lot of suffering.

      • Joe W.

        Social Security will not be effected by a shut down. Even if it were, I would support the shutdown rather than cave to Obama. And I am one of those you describe. In fact, I have NO health insurance and live off of my SS pension of $1382 per month. It’s not easy, but I have all I NEED and my freedom. For now at least.

        • Clayton Grant

          You’re right in it doesn’t affect your money, just delays it until the some agent on furlough gets told to return to work and try making a dent in the backlog.

          • cajun_2

            Government mandated programs will not be effected like the military, SS, and federal employees. However, Parks, museums, passport issuance, and other “non essential’ programs may be temporarily halted. People will still get food stamps, airports will still be open, prisons will still house prisoners, unfortunatly, IRS will still function and the white house, staff and congress will still get paid

          • Clayton Grant

            Their revenue streams are not part of this CR or even a regular budget if we had one, but they will pare back on staffing levels. That means that many phones go unanswered, new enrollees face delays in getting benefits launched, etc. Depending on the length of the shutdown, backlogs will grow accordingly.

          • Joe W.

            I still say shut it down and let it burn. I’ll take my chances. My sense is that people will realize that government is bloated and shutting the bulk of it down won’t be as painful as they think. I recall the shutdown in the 90s, and it was no big deal. Unless you are a government employee. And if you are, I do not care a whit if you suffer.

          • Clayton Grant

            I wish there were more people with your attitude about this, Joe. I really do.
            Also, I wasn’t saying a shutdown wasn’t necessary, just that it would not be painless.

          • Joe W.

            Thank you, my friend. I appreciate that. I realize I can be caustic and I am also a grumpy old fart, but I remember a time when our nation was great and I was proud to be an American. I don’t feel that way these days, and it saddens me a lot. I really want my grand daughters to have a shot at happiness like I had. Your kids as well. At the rate things are going, their happiness is in great peril…..

          • b_truit

            with ya joe. shut it down, let it rot.

          • wwbdinct

            :) You’re not a grumpy, old fart Joe! You’re good people and who knows – some day soon – I may get out of the hellhole that is CT and move down to Texas. I’d be proud to sit and have a drink with you!

          • Joe W.

            You must have a great job to stay up there in New England, my friend. Way too liberal for me. The libs drove me out of my birth state of California a few years back. I have never regretting coming to Texas, and would love to sit & visit with y’all should you find your way here!!!…

          • wwbdinct

            It changed here in the last 20 years Joe. It wasn’t always this way. Been here all my life but I’ll have no regrets leaving. My last child graduates from high school in June and then we start making our decisions on where to go. It will definitely be in the south but not sure where yet. Stay happy Joe! Take comfort in the love of your family because in the end – that’s what really matters!

          • immanuelgoldstein

            Be of good cheer, Joe. Americans are romantics. That’s why they elected Obama in the first place. What I think we are witnessing is the terminal collapse, not of this country, but of the statist, collectivist movement that has bedeveled this country since Teddy Roosevelt. That fever is about to break and the country is about regain it’s sanity. And greatness.

          • cajun_2

            The government has been “shut down” before. This happened when Clinton was president. In fact, every year since Obama is president all he has is Continuing resolutions that have been funding the government since Obama and his sycophants in the senate have yet to pass a budget. So basically, the government has been functioning with a shut down for the last 5 years and congress has fed the fed piecemeal …..not that it stopped Obama from spending $8trillion in 5 years.

          • immanuelgoldstein

            Correct. This is all just kabuki theater to entertain the rubes inside the Washington beltway.

          • cajun_2

            I see it as an ongoing opportunity for the lying liberal media to trash the Rs non stop …notice they never mention that the senate has not passed a budget in 5 years though they have a D majority during this time.

          • KTinME

            I beg to differ. The military will absolutely be impacted by a government shut down. Many of them will be working for an IOU. Many of them will be unable to have paperwork processed to receive medical treatment. Many of them will be waiting for their pensions. Many of them will be in limbo regarding transfers, commissions, decommissions, supplies, housing, and reimbursement for other things.

            Shut down will also affect thousands of federal employees who will either be furloughed or will be asked to work and wait for their paychecks. Those asked to continue to work (again, for an IOU) will have to do the work of the ‘non-essential’ employees, creating a paperwork and backlog nightmare that will leave ordinary people either without service or waiting for service. This includes the IRS and administrative staff members for all branches of the government.

            Yes, the National Parks will shut down completely, as will many so-deemed non-essential services. It may sound alright to you, but try seeing how sympathetic all the civilian businesses surrounding or depending on those ‘non-essential’ services feel when they can’t pay their bills. A shut down will create a domino effect. This has been proven in the past. Congressional members and Senate members and the president will still get paid, but thousands of other people will lose money. A shut down is not just short sighted, it’s mean-spirited, and it doesn’t help anything. Unfortunately, it won’t even help those yahoos behind the shut down get tossed out of their cushy jobs.

            Gloat if you like. You will pay in the long run for the disservice of the Congress today.

          • cajun_2

            Well lets look at the real world again. My nephew in the infantry, has had a cut in his combat pay even though he has been to afghan. 5 times. My neice, also career military retired a year ago and still has not received her pension. I know veterans who have been to the VA multiple times over a period of months and still have not been determined eligible. Cuts to the military and Border Patrol, ICE have been ongoing since Obama took office. Those cuts were deliberate to push an agenda, just like sequester. We have sequester and pending shut down because Obama has not passed a budget for 5 years. How can you ignore that?

            But all this is due to sequester but you and others want to blame republicans.

            There will always be consequences to actions by congress. Similar to other major events like a hurricane. Some people from Sandy and Katrina are still without homes and jobs.

            no one said there would not be glitches. But don’t try to portray a shut down as the catastrophe it is being spewed by the dems. I have been through this before since I too once worked for the government. The problem is not how many government wrkers will be on furlough…because they will get paid back pay when the budget is passed but the issue should be on how this affects ordinary citizens.
            AND IT WONT. We will drive to work, put gas in the car, elec will be available, school will still be open,. emergency rooms still active, cops still on the street. Federal employees make twice the average salary of ordinary americans who do much the same jobs with twice the benefits and protections. so yes, I do not feel sorry for you but I am not gloating.

            the thing that angers me is that LIV.s elected this idiot to office, allow Harry Reid to rule the country. democrats have had a majority in congress for 44 of the last 56 years, STOP BLAMING REPUBLICANS. for trying to stop the corrupt dictatorial rule by power hungry cretins who care nothing for us. If government was NOT so damn big, we wouldn’t have such scare tactics. A government shut down is not meant to disrupt the government ..but those who want bigger and bigger government want exactly that, a total disruption to our lives. If you cant figure that out, then I cant help you.

          • Fred Raby

            Obama has the same opportunity to stop the shutdown as the republicans. All he has to do is postpone Obama care for 1 year. After all the buck stops at the top. If he would rather have a shutdown and create all these problems for our citizens it’s his final decision, the Commander and Chief.

          • Sondra

            Not true. A for example, IT employees in most agencies are considered non-essential. Actually most employees in most agencies are non-essential. Additionally, whether you’re essential or not, government employees will NOT get paid during shutdown….so that “essential” employees is going to work everyday and NOT getting paid.

          • cajun_2

            When a budget is finally passed, pay for the furloughed non essential employees is to be included in the new budget if the POTUS says so. He can easily cut that out of the budget as he has already done to Border Patrol, ICE and Park Service and the military for the past 3 years. This time under the guise of “sequester”.
            And don’t you find it interesting that 40% of all federal employees are considered “non essential”? That is shameful and a clue..

        • cvmoonshadow

          According to Mark Levin who worked in the Regan Administration when it happened 6 times it is only non essential personnel that is affected and the House bill says military get paid. Nothing bad happens everyone is there unlike weekends where they are not.

          • 1MiddleRoader

            As a former government worker, many essential personnel work on weekends, holidays, etc. And I don’t know what Levin mean by “nothing bad happens everyone is there”. Everyone will not be there–The essential personnel will be swamped. And when the non-essential personnel returns to work after the shutdown is over, they face backlogs, and lots of extra work. We’ll survive this- it’s not the end of the world, but it will inconvenience lots of people.

      • Carl Brown

        Liberals like to use phrases like “it’s a fact,” when they really mean, “I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but I’m going to cite false information and use long words to sound like I’m educated.”

        • Carl Brown

          Two tell-tale signs that a liberal is talking: 1- they say “it’s a fact” and then say things are easily disproven, or 2- they say “it’s a fact” and then cite personal opinion.

          • KTinME

            And your facts are…? Seems to me when a so-called conservative (still haven’t figured out what they are actually conserving) speaks, it’s mostly nonsense that shows how much they refuse to even try to address an argument.

          • Carl Brown

            Nice try, KTinME. Here’s a slice of reality for you: Social Security is going bankrupt. Pumping $80B/month into the economy through quantitative easing is devaluing the dollar and driving us to unprecedented inflationary risk. Obamacare has already resulted in lost jobs, fewer physicians, more regulations, more cronyism and lower coverage. Liberal policies will truly lead to a permanent government shutdown, while fear-mongering by Democrats pretend to care about the “middle cass.”

  • TJ

    The left/Media is worried that no one will notice a government shutdown the same way no one noticed what sequestration really did.

    • KTinME

      The sequestration – which was a presidential proposal completely embraced and happily allowed by the Republicans in a silly show of solidarity – affected many lives. That Fox media chose to slant it as a purely Obama problem only shows how tight the blinders are on when it comes to Republicans and their followers.

  • Joe W.

    I say shut it down and let it burn. Ye reap as ye sow, and the democRATS have been reaping garbage for 6 years…….

  • Aitch748

    • borrow more money from foreign countries to give to foreign countries

    Meaning that the federal government has so overburdened the taxpayer already that it has to borrow from countries like China so that it can then turn around and send money to countries in Europe and the Middle East on the pretext of “foreign aid.” But I’m sure some Palin-hater will cite this bullet point as evidence that Palin is a clueless ditz who doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

  • Art69z

    who’s going to man the controls for the drones, spying on the farmers for the EPA?

  • syvyn11

    The thing the Left MSM fears the most is that the shutdown won’t really have any impact in their everyday life. Only city that will be affected by the shutdown, it’ll be Washington DC. And I say FINE!

    • KTinME

      I await for the shut down to affect the red-voting southern states who will not be able to receive their welfare, food stamps, and disaster relief help in a timely manner.

      • syvyn11

        If you could read and not just watch CNN or BSNBC, you’d know that welfare, food stamps will be sent out in time.

        Nice fear mongering. No, it wasn’t. Wrong place to do it in, pal.

  • ChefFred

    So, Mr. President and Senator Elizabeth Warren, if the government shuts down, and I build something while the government is shut down, did I really build it or did somebody else still build it?

  • helena handbasket
  • michael s

    Who will stockpile ammo at DHS? Isn’t a law enforcement agency supposed to stockpile ammo? Who will have contempt for me? She asks. The list is too long.

    • Stu Gotts

      You sound confused.

    • drw

      I find most of your comments contemptible, is that close enough?

  • Defend Liberty Philly Dude

    Civilization faces grave danger where the angst of responsibility is transformed into hostility toward liberty.

  • bo1921

    Who’s going to try and control every second of my existence if government shuts down?

  • immanuelgoldstein

    Nothing gets past the arctic fox

  • notenoughtime

    Amen, Sarah. Most of us feel a shutdown will give everyone a reprieve from the nonsense and destruction!

  • doowleb

    Obama – “The Republicans are unreasonable and won’t compromise — and neither will I!”

    Why is Obama shutting down the government?

  • $3838536

    Super sexy Sarah Palin really rocks a real man’s socks. She walks tall, stands proudly upon patriotic principles, & loves her country.

  • harleyjack

    oh my god, half of America will die of death panels, some will rot on the side of roads Sarah can we use the health care that your husband gets 100% free courtesy of the native American act of 1976 and can we use the hospital the eskimos use. Yes todd palin and his children and their children on and on get it

  • harleyjack

    indian or eskimos what ever, we tried to kill their food source, we tried to starve them and we tried to kill every last indian. Now the eskimos in the outback of Alaska not so much, watch an episode of Alaska State Trooper for an update to a pathetic group of socialist getting health care and a hospital
    eskimos should not even be in the same mention as Indians.

  • Nobody

    I’m military and it looks like I won’t be getting paid until this riot act clears up. With that being said, I will go to work without seeing my check on time if it means our government can learn a lesson o two. Sadly, I feel like we will be doing this an next September/October.

  • KTinME

    And who will pay the military their benefits? Their health claims? Their pensions? Who will pay the National Guard? Who will pay the hundreds of government employees who process US passports, detain illegal aliens, oversee and work for customs, port authorities, border patrols, patents, food inspection, the CDC, the federal court system, the IRS, the Library of Congress and all the copyrights that are in the works? Remember, it’s not just about the government waste – which is definitely an issue – it’s also about all the people who are working on behalf of everyone in the US and everyone in the US receiving not just their living wages and pensions, but also receiving the help or protection their taxes are paying for. It’s easy, not to mention cowardly, to point fingers at the Obama administration. Who is willing to speak for the millions of people who will be directly affected by the Republicans who feel so compelled to defraud their constituents of their taxes working for them? I dare anyone on this forum to find another employer so willing to pay people to cause so much damage by refusing to do their jobs.

  • Sondra

    It’s a shame that people are making fun of this. REAL people with familys, kids to feed, and mortgages don’t know when they will get a paycheck again. I wonder if Sarah or any one in Congress plans to help those that can’t do those things I mentioned….doubt it. They’re holding government workers pay for “ransom” to debate something that has jack to do with setting the budget. As a government IC employee, that will not get paid if we shutdown, I don’t find this funny at all. Maybe you can chip in on my mortgage this month if its so funny