More details are emerging from the domestic incident allegedly involving George Zimmerman and his estranged wife Monday. Twitter lit up earlier today with “early reports “that Zimmerman had been arrested for pointing a gun at his wife, but those reports turned out to be false — Zimmerman was not arrested, and no one’s quite sure what was going on with that gun, other than there was a firearm at the scene. Or maybe there wasn’t.

CNN Miami’s Kim Segal says police told her they did not find a gun anywhere on the scene.

MSN reports that Shellie Zimmerman told a 911 dispatcher that her husband had his hand on his gun as he sat in his car outside the home owned by her parents. However, Police Chief Steve Bracknell said that she later changed her story and said she never saw a firearm. She has also declined to file domestic violence charges, reports say.

Tonight, reports say that there was a bodyguard at the scene, and Zimmerman offered video from home security cameras to assist the police in their investigation.

Howard Kurtz? Wasn’t he the psychologist who diagnosed Zimmerman’s (alleged) violent outburst as part of his “downward spiral”? Yeah, that was him.

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Zimmerman’s brother Robert says his sources tell him there was no gun present at the scene, which matches CNN Miami’s report. Anderson Cooper, meanwhile, reports that Zimmerman’s lawyer says he was carrying a firearm but it was never shown. Whichever story turns out to be true, none corroborates Shellie Zimmerman’s initial claim on the 911 tape.

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MSNBC is reporting that no gun was involved in the incident:

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USA Today:

Deputy Police Chief Colin Morgan said officers did not recover a gun, and Bracknell said Shellie Zimmerman later dropped her claim that a gun was involved.

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‘Real reporter’ Geraldo Rivera: When does Florida take George Zimmerman’s gun away?

  • nc

    You’d think they’d learn to lay off the paparazzi behavior, but noooo.

    • Republicanvet

      I feel so dirty having served so long in the military upholding their Constitutional right to Freedom of the Press.
      Fercrissakes these nitwits are shockingly irresponsible, and so rabid in their pursuit of GZ they could care less who is hurt in the process.
      What if SWAT came fully loaded and decided to fire at will? Or at George in this case?
      At what point will the media realize they have contributed to several black on white hate crimes across the US, with more than one resulting in death?

      • Jay Stevens

        My guess is … never. They will simply tell you that they are “just” reporting the news, not making it.

        • nc

          They always say that. But they KNOW they are shaping public opinion. It’s job #1 for them.

        • IMPEACH_BOBO

          Now today it is looking more like Shellie is just your plain run of the mill jiltted ex wife because George has himself a new girlfiend who was also at the scene yesterday !!!! Remember too people, George & Shelli were already on the outs when George sh0t trayvon !! The night of the sh00ting Shellie was at a friends house because they were already splitting up !! Don’t be surprised if Shellie ends up with charges of false reporting !!

      • Doc

        You and me both. Lame Stream Media is such a joke!

    • V the K

      Not even the media can trust the media anymore.

  • DV S1EOG

    Why can’t the media, like Kurtz, just shut up until all of the facts are communicated? I guess they are used to looking like idiots.

    • Guest

      I find it particularly bad that he’s associated with Fox. They need to be above places like MSNBC or NBC itself.

      • DV S1EOG

        It doesn’t matter where he is from, many of them keep making the same mistakes. They add in opinion before the facts are out, then they look like the Keystone Cops of journalism. They learned no lessons from GZ/TM incident, the Boston Bombing, etc.

    • David Atherton

      Facts? They don’t need no stinkin’ facts! If they had all the facts, they might not be the first one to condemn the innocent AGAIN!

    • praymorenow1

      Um, Syria…..
      It’s sad to see the ‘news media’ put more enthusiasm and interest and energy into what a pudgy couple in the midst of a divorce in Florida are pulling on one another……famous or not.
      Syria, Geraldo, Howard, Chris….
      Russia is doing the end around to help Syria….a mini-version of what Saddam did for years & years to fend off the UN and attacks & violations & mustard gas & it worked for a long time for him. Obama is outdone by Putin, yet again.
      All the while, the media looked tired trying to find a way to help Obama out on this one.
      Then, George Zimmerman did something….we’re not sure what…we will say it was a gun thing…oh wait, maybe it was not, oh wait, maybe the whole thing was reported wrong.
      Back to real news now MSNBC and CNN and NY Daily News – MileyCyrus has a new video.

    • americanexile

      Why bother with facts when you can spin your mistake into “GZ Racist AND Misogynist” and half the public will eat it up?

  • trixiewoobeans

    Ohhhh, Geraldo’s gonna be soooo pissed! He’s made an arse of himself again over this.

    • Michelle

      As did Piers.

      • Ronald Green

        Piers made himself into an arse…? Say it isn’t so.

        • trixiewoobeans

          Piers IS an arse!

          • WhoMeToo

            When are wHorealdo & Musket NOT arses? o.O

      • Clete Torres

        Not much effort needed there…in either case.

        • Michelle

          True. I went to Piers’ twitter feed as soon as the news came out about this, and as I knew he would – he had quite a few BREAKING tweets about how Zimmerman threatened his wife with a gun. I left a tweet that said, “You can take the boy out of the tabloid, but you can not take the tabloid out of the boy #CarnivalBarker” He never answers me and that really hurts my feelings *snort* I went back to see his comment after updated news reported NO threat, Zimmerman NOT arrested, and he had a tweet – BREAKING: Zimmerman’s lawyer says George DID have a gun on him. Piers is sofa king stew ped.

          • Clete Torres

            He puts the King in SofaKing Stew pid.

          • Marie Noybn

            guess what, I had a gun on me at breakfast today, and THAT wasnt news either. Bleh, Michelle, you and i know the lame stream media isnt worth watching, which is why i dont. Hehe. Even fox isnt worth watching half the time because they are so concerned with being fair and balanced.. they need to realize that in order to even begin to “balance’ the news, we need a CONSERVATIVE source to balance out the other 99 percent of LIBERAL sources. Not a source that gives half its time to idiotic liberal reporters as well as a few good ones.

    • my2centshere

      Every single time.

    • Cleatus Van Damne ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      You should have seen the Mediaite crowd- it was HILARIOUS!!!

    • ns4853

      Geraldo is a racist loudmouth.

  • Mark1971

    Apparently a more appropriate headline here would be “Shellie Zimmerman is a crazy b*tch”

    • Arkuy The Great

      Shellie just pled guilty to perjury. That will not weigh in her favor when LE and the courts weigh the evidence.

    • Cleatus Van Damne ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I love how the liberals completely went crazy over this! Once again, they made COMPLETE @$$es out of themselves. LOL

      • Clete Torres

        It’s the one totally predictable thing in this world: Liberals will get stupid.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing… after all, who actually came up with the idea to lie to a judge about the funds of GZ’s defense website? Who was the one guilty of perjury, eh? Yep. Good Ol’ Shillie. I mean… Shellie.

    • Maxx

      Bingo, we have a winner. When the first place you run to following a divorce announcement is the media to conduct “an interview,” that’s your first clue. She “needs” more interviews so yeah, let’s crank up some drama.

      I really feel empathy for GZ. His life will forever be under the microscope of an angry liberal media.

      What’s equally despicable as the ex’s behavior was how gleeful the folks were at MSNBC when they were reporting this. Giddy would be even more accurate. They are such complete imbeciles not to see this for what it was.

    • Jimni27

      Seriously- this woman is just cruel to do that to him. I don’t care how pissed off she is at him for whatever reason- she knows the impact saying he had a gun on him would do. And now reports that he didn’t even punch her dad in the nose? WTH? Lock HER up.

      • Kaysa Alexander

        AMEN- what a nutcase!

    • William Kent Jenkins


    • Guest
  • trixiewoobeans

    Howard Kurtz, the “downward spiral” of reporting is what should be seriously disturbing you. Putz.

    • Cleatus Van Damne ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      The MSM and liberals are so gullible. They fall for over-sensationalized factless trends over and over again, then we toss them back and catch them squirmin’ and wormin’ again.
      One day, they will look great mounted over our fireplaces.

  • grais

    It was just last May that Kurtz had embarrassed himself so completely and so often that he promised he’d double & triple-check his ‘facts’. He claimed to have been a changed man. He’s not much better than Weiner.
    It’s time to retire, Howard. And get a brain scan or two. Your downward spiral is seriously disturbing.

  • LinTaylor

    Oh look, the lefty media jumped to conclusions in an attempt to pillory GZ because they think he still deserves punishment for shooting a young thug in self defense.

    I wonder if Bathing Suit Airhead will show up to apologize for harassing me or if he’ll find a way to act like he was right all along.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      The latter, I presume.

  • WhoDat

    This man has some issues I hope he gets help for.

    • Clayton Grant


    • hwy505


    • thetreyman

      i can’t believe i’m actually agreeing with you on that. being put in a position where you have to defend yourself with deadly force is enough to break some people. maybe he is one. in any case i too hope he is seeing someone about what all has transpired. with the death threats and the media following him and being under a constant microscope, it’s only a matter of time before you haters get what you want. the thing is that it is your types that will drive him to mess up. not many people can deal with that kind of pressure.

      • WhoDat

        I don’t wish death on him. He’s already killed once, I don’t want him to do it again, to himself or others.

        He just seems so paranoid. Even before the Martin incident, he was calling police for every little thing.

        • Spiny Norman

          He was a Neighborhood Watch captain. Calling the police was part of the job (and no, he didn’t call 911).

        • conservativemomma

          I would guess he has some reason to be paranoid.

          • Jay Stevens

            It is not paranoia when they really are out to get you. It is a pretty sane response to your environment. Ask any combat vet.

            And for all practical purposes, that is what Zimmerman is.

        • Jill

          The fact that his wife made the whole thing up really doesn’t bother you, does it? As for calling the police this time, that was his wife. Zimmerman, according to the testimony during the trial, called the police for unaccompanied young children out at night and suspected drug deals….oh, the humanity.

          • Marie Noybn

            AHHHHHHHHH! The Facts, they BURNS!!!! YOu know you cant say stuff like that to a liberal! They need all the brain cells they can keep. The media really need to leave this guy alone, focus on people like Miley, who WANT the attention, otherwise, its called stalking.

      • Kaysa Alexander

        thetreyman- WhoDat meant this as a criticism of GZ, not a good luck wish.

        • thetreyman

          i know how he meant it and while i disagree with his intentions, the words them self i do agree with but for different reasons which i have stated.

          • Kaysa Alexander

            Got it! Sometimes it’s hard to wrap our minds around all the posts- it gets a bit confusing & it’s often hard to second guess what someone meant by what they said. When I can take the time, I try to go to people’s personal twitter page to see what their paradigm is. Sometimes that helps me understand where they may be coming from with a comment that is a little unclear. Don’t know if I did that in your case. Blessings to you & yours!

          • thetreyman

            no worries. it’s all good.

    • Jay Stevens

      Who, Kurtz or Zimmerman?

      And if you are talking about Zimmerman, what issues?

      Judging by your posting history, you have some issues I hope you get help for. (Unsubstantiated allegation just tossed out there. See how that works?)

    • Jill

      He’s getting a divorce. Wouldn’t that be enough to solve this particular issue? His wife, on the other hand, might be the one you should armchair diagnose.

  • chicagobob_1967

    @howardkurtz should change his name to Howard Putz as he does seem to want to spout off without the FACTS

  • Derfallbright

    When it comes to anything about George Zimmerman and the press… reminds me of the joke about the firing squad that went….ready….fire….aim.

    In todays electronic media world, being first is more important than being right.

    • trixiewoobeans

      And they know the first report is the one pounced on and remembered, right or wrong. After that, meh.

  • woodgrain

    If there was no gun then can’t the police arrest the wife for a false claim? Wasting their time pisses them off I’m sure.

    • Michelle

      They certainly could if they wanted to. It’s not only a waste of their time, but also in how they respond when there’s been a reported of a person with a gun. She later admitted she never saw a gun. They could arrest her for making a false report (yes, calls to dispatchers are a verbal report), but most likely the police just wanted they heck out of the situation and left her alone.

      • MrRichPeoples

        “He had a gun with him.” Mark O’Mara earlier this evening on CNN.

        • Ronald Green

          Which part of ‘She admitted that he had no gun did you miss’? CNN and MSNBC lead the pack trying to crucify him from the beginning. Do you really think they are going to change their spots on this?

          • MrRichPeoples

            I missed that entire quote that you are not sourcing. You must have missed Mark O’Mara stating, “The gun was holstered under his shirt, and it stayed there the whole time.” Read it for yourself here:,0,4880482.story

          • Ronald Green

            Well Richy, I usually don’t bother with sourcing points that are on the thread and I’m not going to start for you so get over yourself. According to your ‘source’ she lied to the police about him pointing a gun at her so there is a potential charge against her for making a false report. How does that vilify GZ?

            Addendum… learn to keep it civil and your posts won’t get deleted.

          • Michelle

            Funny when people provide a quote that wipes out their own argument. “The gun was holstered under his shirt, and it stayed there the whole time.” It stayed in the holster the whole time, therefore it wasn’t a threat. End of story.

        • Michelle

          Not quite sure what your point is as it has nothing to do with mine. Do you understand the difference between a person carrying a concealed gun and having it out, threatening someone with it? Having worked for a very large police department in my past, I can tell you that if you tell the 911 dispatcher that someone is threatening you with a gun, but then later say you never really saw the gun, the caller can be arrested. I booked a lot of wacky ex-wives and ex-GFs who played that game and lost.

          • MrRichPeoples

            My point is that Shellie Zimmerman was not making a false report. Georgie was armed. She was rightfully frightened.

          • Michelle

            Yes, she did make a false report and yes she is lucky they didn’t arrest her. Feeling threatened and being threatened are two different things. If he threatened her, he’d have been arrested. What part of that are you not understanding? If there had been domestic abuse and he really punched her father, the police would have to arrest Zimmerman even if the father didn’t want to press charges. Medics rolled to the scene because Shellie said her father needed one. No one was treated. She used the police and the media to create drama. And suckers like you fell for it.

          • liberalssuck

            Again, lets see if we can get thru I doubt it tho. Cops, as in law enforcement stated no firearms on Mr. Zimmerman. I know you want to will one on him, roflmao!!

          • Jill

            The fact that the father in law, whom she claimed was battered, showed no injury and the weapon was not brandished-as she first stated-not withstanding, of course.

          • ObamaFail

            She claimed he threatened her with a gun. If the gun never left the holster, than she was not threatened with her. Jeez, use some common sense.

        • liberalssuck

          yes and we know CNN, omg sorry was laughing to hard as I wrote that, would never let facts interfere with their talking points now would he, roflmao!!

        • Jill

          The wife stated that he brandished a weapon and then went on to recant. He has security tapes and a bodyguard as a witness to refute all of her earlier claims.

    • Spiny Norman

      They probably wish the whole incident would go away. No one likes filling out paperwork for bullcrap.

  • Boommach

    Once again, truth lands a solid setback for the entire Trayvon movement.

  • Tiffany Shirk

    I don’t even understand why this is news. He’s having problems with his wife….I guess this is a new thing. I guess this is a first anyone had problems with their spouse. I guess everyone should start reporting this to the media.

  • Damien Johnson

    This whole thing is just dumb to me. I heard my local rap station talking about this, this morning. PEOPLE. It’s OVER. Whatever happens in Zimmerman’s life from this point on is his business. Let the verdict go. It is over, it is done.

    • Jeremy

      I agree they need to just drop it already.

      • Damien Johnson

        They won’t, they have no life.

        • Jeremy

          sad but true.

  • dwok

    Anything in an attempt to continue to persecute this guy. Extremely disturbing to see what people stoop to with such wild claims after the legal system prevails over their objections.

  • Zathras11 @B5

    No gun present. Bodyguard as witness. Security camera tapes offered. Shellie Zimmerman is the one with issues (and already a known liar). MSM: GET OFF GEORGE’S BACK!

    • MrRichPeoples

      “He had a gun with him,” said Mark O’Mara earlier this evening on CNN.

  • 0bamasnought

    Having been through a rancorous divorce, I really feel for this guy.
    But I have to ask, how come we know so much about the Zman, but so little about our CiC?

    • liberalssuck

      Great question!!

  • DisqusId2012

    Wonder how many “disturbances” treyvon martin was involved in….

  • John Lukaszewski

    False allegations has become a national sport. Now that this is coming out, I hope GZ takes this one to the house and sets VAWA back to the stone ages.

  • disappearing moderate

    Wonder if Howard will turn himself in on his new media watch show.

  • praymorenow1

    Probably best not to meet your soon to be ex-wife and your ex-father-in-law anywhere but the attorney’s office, w/ several lawyers around.
    I’m sure heated exchange went forth….they are getting a divorce, father sides w/ daughter, wife hates George, George disdains wife, you did this, you did that, I never liked you, you old son of a ….whatever……famous, infamous, or not, that’s not a good combo.
    Just like the Trayvon Martin killing, or the Florida recount, no count, super chads v. normal chads…this is being reported poorly and w/ more emotion than fact. Let’s wait to see what happened in Florida this time.
    One can say anything on a 911 call….it doesn’t have to be true….it just has to ‘sound’ like an emergency.
    Personally, I’d like not to see Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman anytime in the near future – get on w/ your lives……separately if you wish. Let all of us get on w/ our lives w/o your name and face on the tv.
    George, let your lawyers take care of this, hit the gym, write a book, go to school & become a lawyer or paralegal yourself…..I can’t imagine his life is easy…never will be. But, he’s alive, and Trayvon Martin is not, and that’s what he has to live with.
    A man found not guilty in a different form of prison forever.

  • Dennis the Dreamer

    I guess the wife demanded for whatever moneys Zimmerman has when he became famous and winning loots in the case and Zimmerman says nope. then a shout out happened. LAWL!

  • AmericanLass

    How many of us could go through what George has ? Most likely he could use some help dealing with all the stress.

  • Unicorns and Rainbows

    It’s over people. The verdict was “Not Guilty!” Leave the phuking guy alone!

  • Joseph Lee

    Media theatrics have now made the National Enquirer the most credible news source available. The hug-a-lowlife-thug Leftist’s never let facts get in the way of propaganda.

    George is in the business of killing lowlife thugs. And business is good.

    George-1 Lowlife Thugs-0

    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has failed to advance colored people. They only advance racist propaganda.

  • Michael T

    Well my internal lie detector was finally working again today while listening to that 911 call made by Shellie.

    It set off my hinky meter that she seemed like she was exaggerating the threat. Little did I know that she was also lying.

    These two morally flawed miscreants deserve each other IMO. Yet I agreed with the verdict.

  • Rose

    Left as usual NOT THROUGH MAKING FOOLS of themselves over Democrat MULATTO, GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. Wild, Man! Wild!

  • Jeremy

    The news media running wild and as a result have egg on their faces yet again.

  • liberalssuck

    Typical liberal propaganda. Mr. Zimmerman is going thru a divorce. His ex will do anything to paint him in a bad light! it is common for these accusations to fly. however Mr. Z will not be charged and as soon as the courts get into it, be settled.

  • $22639970

    The lefty vermin in the media seem to exist only for the purpose of illustrating how willing they are to lie.

  • John Howard

    Oh, we NEVER see wives (or husbands!) file for divorce and make up specious claims against their spouse during heated arguments. NEVER. So this MUST be true. (rolleyes)

  • BamaG

    AP continues to put out a very biased report today on this episode. Clearly, they don’t believe in facts. Truth is just a blip these days to them, anything for the narrative they want to put out there.

    What a little (lousy at that) actress she is on the 911 call. I hope that GZ & attorney file their own complaints and have her charged with filing a false police report, as well as the city sends her a bill for EVERY officer sent out there. She is in this for the $$$$ she wants more of it. She was hoping to have him locked up and have complete access to the funds that have been put aside for him.

  • LouGots

    So the call about the gun was a lie. Who expects a convicted perjurer to be telling the truth.

    • keyboard jockey

      Her parent’s never told her the story about the boy who cried wolf. If you are caught lying enough times nobody will believe you when you need them to believe you – say for instance I don’t know a divorce settlement.

      George Zimmerman deserves to be able to get on with his life, and he can’t even trust the people closest to him.

  • junkbondtrader41

    Zimmerman has reached stratospheric, Palin-level heights in his ability to provoke liberal derangement. He may well be a philandering loser with some issues, but none of that changes any of the fully exculpatory facts in the Trayvon affair.

  • marcellucci

    Thank God these two never had kids……
    The MSM would have made them suicidal……..

  • Nooneofconsequence

    Meanwhile yet another black perp beats yet another white Vic in unprovoked attack on a bus in NYC.

    MSM silent as usual.

  • xstratusx

    If the stories are true and GZ had a gun either under his shirt or in the car – What is so wrong with this? Thanks to the Race Industry™, he has become the country’s most wanted man, and has the right to protect himself.

  • walterc

    Why is this news?

    • Bill Phillips

      It’s NEWS because the MSM is still on a “witch hunt” and are pissed that Zimmerman’s jury of peers found him not guilty! Their previlant white-on-black hate crime propaganda boat is sinking like a lead balloon!

  • NYCBullDog

    So he didn’t have a gun. He’s still an a-hole with anger issues.

    • Bumr50


      Is that illegal?

      Gonna throw him in the gulag there, proggie?

      Proggie went-a pointin’-and -he-did-lie uh huh!

    • Jeff Coil

      And you know this how?

    • Jill

      In your mind, does that justify the death threats and media witch hunt? Unless you are personally acquainted or have been personally wronged by the man, how could you say that with certainty? Why do you care so much?

  • Bumr50

    Send the lying b*tch to JAIL.

    It’s not at all an uncommon abuse for ex or estranged spouses to “fake” or “set-up” their exes to try and get more money, send them to jail, or both.

    It’s actually a typical scenario.

    Ex takes out a TRO.

    Gets angry later on. Late payments, whatever.

    Calls ex saying they want to “talk,” they can stop by to “grab some stuff,” etc.

    Ex shows up, perp calls cops.

    Happens every day.

    Needs to result in prison time.

    (This is NOT form personal experience. I have no emotional investment other than I KNOW that this happens regularly and goes unpunished…)

    • Jeff Coil

      I DO have personal experience with this. Happens all the time, mostly with women. Also works for getting custody of the children, especially daughters. The soon-to-be-ex wife just tells the judge that her husband molest them.

      • Paladin

        Yup. One of the surest indicators that there is no kiddie-porn is the soon-to-be-ex-wife says, “He’s got kiddie-porn!”

  • Ted H.

    Give PMSNBC some time to properly doctor the wife’s 911 call. Until then, GZ is a white hispanic creepy-ass cracka, and you’re a racist because it’s Bush’s fault

  • Kaysa Alexander

    It should now be obvious to everyone that Shellie Zimmerman has a major PROBLEM!!!

  • Bill Phillips

    Who woulda thunk it? Zimmerman is married to Jeantel’s sister! Maybe she can escape culpability from filing a FALSE police report by claiming she can’t read cursive!

  • KayGee

    That wasn’t blood, he just brought her dad some kethcup, and he wasn’t smashing their ipad, he was just fixing it! Lib MSM is always getting their facts mixed up! Of course they didn’t find a gun, they’re just trying to scape goat guns again, won’t someone think of the poor innocent guns??

    I’m so sure that has nothing to do with the fact that they didn’t search the place where his piece was kept:

    Lake Mary PD say no gun on George Zimmerman or scene; his car was not searched because no PC it wasn't part of scene— Kim Segal CNN Miami (@CNNkimsegal) September 10, 2013

    • QueenB

      And what right did the cops have to search his vehicle? 4th amendment mean anything to you? Oh wait….forgot who I was talking to….of course it doesn’t matter to you.

  • Macranthunter

    Reality is just NO FUN is it?

  • OldmanRick

    Still searching for that 15 minutes of fame……………………

  • FlatFoot

    Poor George Zimmerman.

    What that guy has been put through should be criminal. Oh. Wait… it is!

    Too bad it just doesn’t serve the Left’s agenda to prosecute the actual criminals literally destroying George Zimmerman’s life in order to strictly serve and enrich themselves.

  • KayGee

    This breathless defending of GZ against the “evil MSM” will eventually backfire on the conservablogs in a manner similar to the Snowden case as the man continues to act out with his violent tendencies.

    • yestradamous

      It sure looks like a witch hunt.

      He lives in that house. She showed up to get more of her “stuff” after she had already moved out a while ago.

      They are divorcing. She wasn’t living with him when the Trayvon thing happened. They have been fighting for a long time.

      She can’t decide whether to ditch him and lose the possible book money he may make in the future, or stay with him and risk losing what little they have in a civil lawsuit over the Trayvon thing.

      She appears to be an over-emotional, manipulative drama queen.

      Can she be charged with lying to a 911 operator?

    • QueenB

      And what exactly does any future activity have to do with the fact that he was being beaten to death and defended himself? What does any future activity have to do with the fact that there was no gun on the scene in the case and his soon to be ex-wife lied about it? Oh I see….once the left thinks you’re guilty of something, even if acquitted, you are always guilty. Unless of course its something like sexual harassment ala Clinton or Filner….that’s ok.

    • Michelle

      What are these violent tendencies to which you refer that he continues to act out on?

  • ns4853

    His wife should be charged with providing false information to police.

  • Jake Gold

    Zimmerman should sue the wife, the father, and the police. This is no way to be treating Jewish Royalty

  • Mary123s

    why do people continue to have an investment in this dude?