It’s not him, it’s you. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg confessed to New York Magazine that his flagging popularity on the Left comes down to him, a “fiscal conservative,” being “too liberal for the liberals.” Liberals, you see, always promise more than they can deliver, whereas Bloomberg always delivers, even if it means bypassing the electorate for their own good. Sure, none of his nanny state edicts, such as the smoking ban and the large sugary drinks ban, would has passed a vote, but now that living healthy is the law, “Everybody loves it!”

In his interview, Bloomberg also took a swipe at mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio, accusing him of running a “racist” campaign based on class warfare and “using his family to gain support.” (He recently made his son’s mighty afro part of his platform, urging New Yorkers to “Go with the ‘fro.”)

De Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, wasn’t about to let that accusation stand, nor was daughter Chiara.

Don’t let the door hit you.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    Slowest newsday EVER!

    • trixiewoobeans

      Thank goodness for that!

  • thetreyman

    so it’s racist for a white person to marry and have kids with a black person? or maybe it’s racist to do that and not hide it? this new racism is really confusing.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      I can’t keep up.

    • therealguyfaux

      See, the deal is that one of the candidates deBlasio is running against is an openly lesbian woman, Chris Quinn– and to an extent, by featuring young “Afro” as his spokesperson in the ad, what he’s doing in a way is saying to the black community in NYC, “I’m one of you, unlike that Irish-American yuppie bulldagger.” Another is an older, previously unsuccessful black candidate named “Big Bill” Thompson (like the old-time Chicago Mayor), and so deBlasio is suggesting to black voters that they need not “vote their skin” this time around, as he, like another Italian-American, Mario Proccaccino, fabled NY pol of old, “is as black-hearted as any of you.”

      So, yeah, deBlasio is pushing the racial buttons, for sure.

    • tjp77

      No but seriously, DeBlasio is running a racially divisive campaign. It’s pretty disgusting, and New York is absolutely sunk if this guy wins. He’s far to the left of basically every candidate currently running, and is very eager to undo pretty much everything Rudy Guilianni has done.

      Bloomberg was ineloquent with his words, but he was very much correct in his characterization.

  • Clete Torres

    Too liberal for Liberals?

    No, but definitely too stupid to be real.

  • J August



    He’s just too much of an asshole for assholes

  • JeffWRidge

    Once people have been forced to live under leftist rules, the shiny promises of the nanny state doesn’t look so good. The idea that the state knows better than the individual how people should live their lives begins to grate on people.

  • TJ

    Fiscal conservatives and social liberals, that are also progressives want a big government but on the cheep. Pure liberals what the same big government but will toss money at it as if that is fuel to make it better even if it will not.

  • gman213

    That is typically not something to brag about…(too liberal for liberals)

    but consider the source.

  • trixiewoobeans

    Bloomers is in a class by himself, in the back of the room, perched on a stool, wearing a lo-o-ong pointy hat.

  • Medicinewoman2

    When someone lies that big, step away, whether you believe in God or not, just to be on the safe side!

  • Slapweasel

    Shorter Bloomberg: U R mad I’m Knowing Things on U. UR Family is Raaaacis!

  • WhoDat

    Why does Bloomberg care what a campaign is like? He’s not running against it.

  • Maxx

    When the mayor says he’s “too liberal for liberals” he’s actually saying he’s too stupid for liberals, because if you’re a “nanny state” politician who can’t even get the support of members of a party committed to hand outs and overreach of government, in this day and age, you’ve got to be a “blooming” idiot.

  • tjp77

    As a lifelong resident of NYC and a conservative, I have my issues with Bloomberg, as one can imagine.

    But I did read that New York Magazine interview, and I have to admit that he’s honestly a smart guy who kept this city going strong through some very tough times. Yes, he’s an overbearing nanny and an anti-gun lunatic who is basically wrong in every way on those issues… BUT he’s also a fiscal genius who stood up to the unions, kept taxes low, supported the NYPD through thick and thin and generally made sure NYC didn’t backslide into the bad old days.

    I fear that unless the Republican candidate Joe Lhota can pull out a victory in November (a longshot at this point), we’re headed straight for a replay of Abe Beam/David Dinkins and all the crime, union turmoil, and general urban decay that went along with it. It is not going to be pretty or fun.

    New York is too liberal for a liberal mayor. We’ve always been just one or two bad decisions away from turning into Chicago or Detroit, and we’ve had very shrewd leadership for the last 20 years in Giuliani and Bloomberg preventing that from happening. But Bill DiBlasio will be an unmitigated disaster, because he is as far to the left as anyone can imagine. I’m honestly frightened.

    • Jeff Brodhead

      Get out while you still can!

    • GaryTheBrave

      Then just leave. If you are staying because of a job well there are other jobs all over the country just like it. They don’t pay as much? True, but cost of living is lower so you can keep more.

      If you don’t want to leave because of family well the pioneers left their families and started new lives where they could prosper. Maybe your family may follow you.

      Don’t let a single politician screw up your life.

      • tjp77

        Oh believe me, I’d leave tomorrow if I could. I’d be more than happy to move to Dallas or Houston or somewhere like that. But I work in advertising as a creative director and my specialty is fashion and beauty; the reality is that there just aren’t a lot of options for me outside of NY/Chicago/Los Angeles. It’s not even a money thing, its that the work doesn’t exist — and believe me, I’ve looked (and still am looking). There are some agencies in those areas, but its a right place/right time situation.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Hey, Where did Bloomberg get those cool headphones I saw him holding in the photo?

    Yeah, this photo:

  • CasualMeyhem

    Just because he’s tried to controll what you can eat, drink, and smoke?

  • mpg71396

    Deblasio’s real name is Warren Wilhelm. He is from Cambridge Massachussetts, and is a huge Red Sox fan. If a candidate would bring up these facts Deblasio(or Wilhelm) is sunk.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    who knew that in 2013 treating black people the same as white people would be racist? I suppose that means that liberals must think martin Luther king was grand Dragon of the KKK.