The attorneys general of Florida, Kentucky and Maine aren’t buying the excuse that a line of prescription drug-themed T-shirts and jerseys were meant to “open the door to a dialogue” on drug abuse, and have asked retailer Kitson to pull the shirts from its shelves.

In a letter, Pamela Bondi, Jack Conway and Janet Mills wrote that “the only dialogue needed at this point is how all responsible segments of society can better educate the public about the dangers of abusing powerful prescription drugs.” The sport jerseys, featuring Xanax, Vicodin and Adderall in the place of athlete names, are sold with the tagline, “Pop one on and you’ll feel better.”

NBC’s Tamron Hall decided to get in on the dialogue, inspiring Kitson to call for a boycott of the Today show via a Facebook post.

Please seek alternative, balanced resources for morning entertainment and news other than Today on NBC.

Tamron Hall has practiced irresponsible journalism by voicing a negative, personal opinion regarding our business . Such comments made by a commentator with a national platform have the potential to cause irreparable damage. The revenue our business generates supports many; to attempt to negatively impact it by stating, “people should probably not shop there until they stop carrying the t shirts” and “It’s irresponsible” should not be tolerated.

An outraged “Third Rock from the Sun” star Kristen Johnston, who had a run-in with Kitson on Twitter last week, laid into the retailer again today.

Are you KIDDING ME????

“A Kitson representative has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commission regarding Tamron Hall’s inappropriate comments. It is not Kitson’s role to monitor journalistic integrity, but we felt this needed to be brought to the forefront.”

This is what she said…

I seriously cannot imagine what in God’s name they’re thinking over there, but she, like me, HAS EVERY RIGHT to express her views.

I simply CANNOT BELIEVE their behavior.

Kitson has agreed to a cease fire of sorts, if its demands are met.

Kitson will stop selling the t-shirts in question if tv networks agree to stop accepting ad revenue from prescription drug companies. We invite Kristen Johnston @kjothesmartass to join us in this call to action since she is a working actress on a show owned by a national network, and actors’ salaries are directly affected by advertising revenue.

  • waltzingmtilda

    Pam Bondi doesn’t like the shirts, huh? All the more reason to take a second look at buying them.

    Beyond that, let the market decide. I actually applaud Kitson for not backing down.

    • 0bamasnought

      Wow, Concern Troll.
      You almost sound human.

      • waltzingmtilda

        Do you actually even know what a concern troll is or did you need me to google that for you?

  • gman213

    “Don’t Ban My Tees Bro”

  • Carla Rolfe

    t-shirt graphics should be funny, witty, clever – trendy. Not this devastating garbage that ruins lives. Trust me, I’m a designer, I know stuff :-) Puke only sells to … well, the few, the wasted, the morons.

    • waltzingmtilda

      How does a t-shirt ruin lives? Last I knew, a t-shirt doesn’t make you an addict.

      • Carla Rolfe

        Idiotic trivialization of drug use/abuse = what lends to ruining lives. Not the t-shirt itself.

        • GrindingMills

          So it’s the t-shirt’s fault you become a drug addict? You didn’t develop your addiction, the t-shirt from Kitson did it for you.

          This is a joke. What happened to free speech and personal responsibility.

          • Zanshi

            Jokes need to be funny. Making fun of people who are doctor shopping because they’re out of control addicted ISN’T FUNNY! What is so hard for you to understand this? Personal responsibility? Where was Kitson’s sense of responsibility and class when someone thought this was a good idea?! People like you make me SICK!

          • GrindingMills

            You didn’t build your addiction. Kitson did.

            I know and understand that addiction is a life consuming and painful issue for many people, but to blame Kitson or t-shirts for it? C’mon. If you want to blame someone else for the drug issues in the country, how about you blame the drug dealers that sell them, the musicians/artists/actors that promote their use, or doctors that over prescribe their patients. Don’t blame a store for selling a t-shirt.

            Furthermore, who gives you, or anyone else for that matter, the right to tell a privately owned store what they can or can’t sell? Even if you disagree with what the shirts say or Kitson’s response, you have to respect their First Amendment rights.

            And in regards to personal responsibility, you know what happens when an addict doesn’t take personal responsibility for their actions and seek help. They remain an addict.

          • waltzingmtilda

            ^ This.

          • RblDiver

            No single drop believes it is responsible for the flood.

            Basically, by promoting drug use, it helps create a culture where such use is normal and accepted. Did Kitson directly cause anyone to get addicted by selling this shirt? No. But does it further permeate culture and change attitudes? Yes.

            And yes, they have the right to sell what they want, just as others have the right to petition them to change, or to spend their money elsewhere.

          • GrindingMills

            And no one in California deserves the attorneys general of Florida, Kentucky and Maine to petition them to not sell something.

          • jetch

            wow, how did you write this and not see your own hypocrisy?? you say it’s okay to blame “the muscians/artists/actors that promote their use”. uhhh, what do you think kitson’s is doing???
            kitson’s is an expensive boutique that caters to Hollywood musicians, artists and actors. they’re not just putting a word on a tshirt, they are promoting the abuse of those prescription drugs. they’re making it cool to use (and abuse) those drugs.
            instead of fighting this fight, why don’t you save your energy for the next time kitson’s clients want to ban our guns?!?

          • Daisytoo

            So, it’s okay w/you to call out musicians/artists/actors that promote drug abuse … but somehow stores that manufacture and sell Tshirts that glorify addiction are to remain exempt from moral outrage over their contribution to the promotion of drug abuse?

            And speaking of 1st Amendment rights, it’s within mine to tell anyone – including a trashy store – precisely what I think about what they sell. What about Kitson has you placing them in some sort of category that grants them immunity from my expression of my 1st Amendment rights?

          • jetch

            what about kitson’s responsibility?? no one’s calling for a legal ban or boycott of the shirts, they’re asking for kitson to take responsibility for trivializing drug abuse.
            doesn’t free speech give me the right to say that’s a terrible idea and maybe you shouldn’t be trivializing drug use?

          • GrindingMills

            How is Kitson responsible for their customers’ behavior? That’s like blaming a car company for speeding.

          • jetch

            grind: that’s such an inaccurate, exaggerated analogy, it makes you sound like a left wing nutjob. I didn’t say they are responsible for their customer’s behavior. they are responsible for only their behavior.
            a better analogy would be a car company putting out ads glorifying speeding on public streets. and yes, I would blame them if a relative or friend was injured because of an ad like that – so would you!
            kitson’s is a Hollywood based, leftwing-celebrity frequented store that’s glorifying the abuse of prescription drugs. why you would waste energy defending them is beyond me.

          • GrindingMills

            So we should not protect the first amendment rights of liberals? I’m sure that if I met the owners I would have absolutely nothing in common with them, but that doesn’t mean that I wont protect their rights as Americans.

            How about this for an analogy: liberals attacking and criticizing t-shirts that promote gun ownership, because you’re the one that sounds like a liberal with the collective responsibility.

          • jetch

            who do their rights need protection from?? nobody’s trying to take away their first amendment right! do you see anyone in congress proposing a bill to put kitson’s out of business? the story above just says the attorney general’s *asked*. that’s hardly infringing on anyone’s rights.
            the *only* one infringing on anyone’s rights is kitson’s , they’re threating to sue people who simply voice their disagreement of the shirt.
            your analogy is still off. leftists (they’re not liberal) don’t just attack and criticize, they also run boycotts and demand that the government stop what they don’t like. again, that’s the difference.

    • GaryTheBrave

      In your world my NRA t-shirts are the cause of all mass murders. Got it.

      • Carla Rolfe

        I’m not sure how you read my comment that way. In my world, *decent* people don’t go around with graphic tees that glorifies drug abuse.

        • GaryTheBrave

          I don’t think the the shirts “glorify” drug abuse. I think they are meant to mock Americans relying on life through chemistry.

          • Carla Rolfe

            I honestly never really looked at that way.

      • jetch

        the NRA doesn’t make t-shirts glorifying the misuse of guns. why? because they are responsible, unlike kitsons.
        i’m willing to bet, if the NRA made t-shirts glorifying the random firing of guns in public places, even you would say they probably crossed the line.
        now do you really get it?

  • $29561723

    It’s a free country. Deal with it or leave

  • Bathing Suit Area

    I eagerly await the wailing and gnashing of teeth at the iron fist of the big government nanny state coming down to harass a small business and stomp all over their freeze peach.

    • waltzingmtilda

      Well, I’m all in, but otherwise, doesn’t look like it’s happening.

      And, y’all, please don’t kill me for talking to the resident lib troll, but he’s got a point.

      It’s a t-shirt. With words on it.

    • MarcusFenix

      I actually agree. It’s a bunch of t-shirts, and even if it’s not something I’d wear…I think we have more important things to worry about right now. The shirt is tacky, but that’s another matter entirely.

      If people were actually wanting to deal with this issue…maybe they could take up the problem of prescription drug abuse with people directly in line to assist in dealing with it…like the drug companies, etc.

    • jetch

      I wouldn’t call kitson’s a small business. they are a super expensive, boutique that caters to Hollywood leftwingers. you sound ignorant when you attempt to group them with mom and pop shops just trying to make a living.

  • maggiespat

    Wait, did I just read that a journalist gave a personal opinion? On a news show? I’m shocked! Shocked I say!

  • Jay Stevens

    But all the libs will give a Ché T-shirt a pass.

  • Yeah I Said It

    I’m not picking sides here (mostly because I don’t give a crap about this) but, it should be noted that Kitson is a trendy boutique for young rich celebs/socialites. Those young skulls full of mush are easily manipulated into thinking something is safe and cool. I think that is why Kristen is making such a fuss.

  • andso

    Like the “market” decided about a certain bakery in Oregon? No outside influence there, right?

  • therealguyfaux

    Kitson decides to epater la bourgeoisie and les bourgeois got epatee’d, and there’s the end of it.
    (*sound of gavel*’knock-knock’)
    Next case!

  • kayakingfatso

    Buncha ninnies. If a t-shirt upsets you to the point of depression, there is something else wrong in your life completely unrelated to these damned t-shirts. Take a Xanax, already.

    • Secede

      I would but my punk teenagers stole mine….

    • kayakingfatso

      I wonder if the downvotes mean that it’s OK to get depressed over this NON-issue?
      I think owhatshisfacecare sucks balls, and I’m pretty pissed that I’ll be forced to pay for my “healthcare”, as well as for the “healthcare” of others, yet, not pissed enough to be depressed. However, if one of the two “issues” is worthy enough for depression, it most certainly isn’t these damned t-shirts.

  • irishgirl91

    I think the should be allowed to sell whatever the heck they please. That said, I live in a state with a crazy high death rate from prescription drugs. The shirts won’t make an addict, but teenagers aren’t known for their excellent decision making and anything that makes these drugs look cool, is not.

  • Grandma HeadInjury
  • CrustyB

    If you listen closely, you can actually hear Kitson’s stock values dropping.

  • Daisytoo

    I wonder when Kitson will start churning out/selling Tshirts w/images of corpses of people who have died from addiction to these drugs – you know – just in order to ‘contribute to the dialog’?