The worst-kept secret in entertainment was further unveiled today when “the one and only official Twitter page for *NSYNC” issued its first tweet in advance of an expected reunion at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Joey Fatone’s father essentially confirmed the rumor yesterday by telling Radar Online, “They’re doing a performance.” OK, then. We’ll do our best to look surprised.


  • Zathras11 @B5

    I didn’t care then. I don’t care now. Bands play instruments.

    • DaMello

      I second that. Can we get a third?

      • jaun456


  • ObamaFail

    You know, I don’t really care about N’Sync getting back together. But I can’t stop thinking about how funny it’d be to have them standing outside the White House on Jan. 2017 singing “Bye Bye Bye” as the Obama’s finally leave the White House for the last time.
    Which makes me think, if a Republican wins in 2016, do you think the Obama staff will be as juvenile as the Clinton staffers were when they were clearing out for Bush? You know, how those juvenile idiots stole all of the W’s off of the keyboards.

    If I have the money to get there on that special day in 2017, I think I’m going to hold up a “Good Riddance” sign as they are walking to their car.

    • Moejoe

      I’ll hold that one that says “don’t let the helicopter door hit you on your s*ocialist axx!”

      • mapache

        helicopter…I hope he has to take a bus!

        • RLEE

          police swat van!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Junie3

      I’m going to sing “hit the road ba rack and don’t you come back no more, no more, followed by hey hey hey, good bye.

    • Junie3

      I was channel surfing and landed on Sid Roth (I KNOW) a guy named Dr.Francis Myles was on the show, in a clip he spoke of a dream about Obama, said he would win again and in his 2nd term he would turn to God, the libs would go crazy, lol. He’s drunk in the first term, then if we pray, he turns to God.
      19:34 mark.

  • therealguyfaux

    The immensity of the flying-monkey f*ck I do not give cannot be comprehended by mere mortals.

  • Mr_Wrestling_XIII

    NSYNC blows. Boyz II Men is the better 90’s group. It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday…

    • TheOriginalDonald

      Motownphilly back again, doing a little east coast swing…..

    • Damien Johnson

      So true. And you know the one female singer that would destroy any mainstream “singer” today? Aaliyah. Sunday marks 12 years since she was in that unfortunate plane crash.

      • Mr_Wrestling_XIII

        Wow! It has been 12 years already! I feel old… Ditto on Aaliyah! Better than BeYAWNce will ever be. R&B is wack these days! I miss the 90s…

        • Damien Johnson

          You and me both brother. Yeah, there was a lot of gang violence in the urban areas, but today’s times still seem so much more corrupt.

          • Mr_Wrestling_XIII

            Yeah, times weren’t good either. Just miss my childhood!

          • Damien Johnson

            Back when we had kids that actually had talent! Immature, and their spiritual successor B2K, and looking back, Another Bad Creation actually have more talent than 99% of modern mainstream hip hop, and back then Lil Bow Wow was actually good too… it just makes me wish for a time machine.

  • Love of Country

    It’s just too bad Dinglebarry isn’t NSYNC with the American people!

  • DeadlockVictim

    And half of the 35+yo gals get the vapors. Be funny if they’re all bald and fat now.

    There must be some eternal law of the universe that states “From this day forward, all teenage girls will have terrible taste in music!”

  • GaryTheBrave


  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    How many of the N*stink squeee club above have ever heard of Delbert Belton, Chris Kyle or even Ted Cruz? #LowInfoVoters