A petulant President Obama today claimed that depriving 30 million people of health care had become the GOP’s “ideological fixation.” How many of those millions are kids? More than you’d suspect, considering that Obamacare lets children up to the age of 26 stay on their parents’ health plans. Sure, everyone is somebody’s child, but are 26-year-olds really “kids” now, as the president seems to think?

Katie Pavlich is a news editor at Townhall.com and wrote the book on the Obama administration’s Fast and Furious scandal at 23 — not bad for a kid.


Just admit it: you’re all just “winners of life’s lottery,” right?








So if 26-year-olds are “kids,” what are we calling the 13-year-olds who can now buy Plan B over the counter?

  • Republicanvet

    In my definition, kids are those living at home with parents. Many move out at 18…to college or a job. Maybe Preezy Fissbump thinks 26 year olds are those having to live at home with their parents in his economy.

    • Dave Suchy

      Im 50 yrs old and for the most part stayed with my parents all my life, middle-class? Dont know what that is. I know if you dont have a good job, you do what you have to do. Now I dont work and solely take care of my 78 yr old mother, I call anyone noticeably younger than me, ”kid”. But then again Im not the President, and I dont see 50 yr old hands when I look at myself.

      • HWarrior13

        CLEARLY, your vision of what it means to be an ADULT is highly skewed. You never matured beyond adolescence.

        Your parents failed raising you to be an adult.
        Almost everyday, when I’m trying to teach my actual young children about the REAL world and how to survive in it, they say “I’m just a kid, why do I need to know that stuff ?” I tell them….because I’m trying to raise you to be adults, not children when you grow up.

    • Nicain

      Your definition is incorrect. A kid is someone up to the age of around 12 – 14. These people who still live at home with their parents at 25 are failed adults.

      • Cait

        I’m a 25 year old adult who lives at home. You don’t know me, so please don’t make assumptions about me based solely on my living arrangements. While I agree with the post (a 26 year old is not a kid), there is a lot of judgement flying around in the comments about people who have simply had to make different choices than the rest of you.

        • OldLady Norma


      • OldLady Norma

        Judgmental much? I applaud people who take care of their elderly family. I married later in life,32, and I lived with my parents till then. I helped with their bills and what I could afford. My parents are now gone and my oldest is a junior in college. After she graduates she knows that she is more than welcome to stay with us-until she gets on her feet with a job and a place to live, or decides she wants to move on. I have no doubt that she is going to be and is an asset to our society. Her 16 year old brother, well the jury is still out on him. 😉

      • Lisa Dean

        There’s a difference between someone living at home and paying their own bills and what the President is trying to do. Get a clue

      • Lisa Dean

        Did we hit a nerve @disqus_CUdJq0p7Wg:disqus?

  • Peyton

    Alot of those Marines that Obama was talking about yesterday would be considered “kids”. I dare him to tell them that they are.

    • OLLPOH ~ America

      Semper Fi!

  • Peyton

    Technically, you could be a Member of Congress and still be a kid according to Obama.

    • Jill

      Or simply have a childlike mentality..
      By that metric, Pelosi and Reid qualify as ‘kids’.

      • Peyton

        That”s an insult to children everywhere.

      • lukuj

        You have to,HAVE a mentality before you can have one that is childlike.

    • WJGBalderama

      By Obama’s definition, Rep. Adam Schock of Illinois is still a kid.

  • Texan357

    If you say “slays me,” – you’re a kid.

    • 143jeanne

      Guess my Mom was an 87 yr.old kid! :)

  • anjullyn

    I think I’ve figured out why he classifies 26 yr. olds as “kids.” If a 26 yr. old is a kid, then by Oblamer just turning 52…26 x 2 = 52. He believes he’s just becoming a “young adult.” When is he going to get a “real” job?? When he finally grows up at 78?

    • grais

      What I can’t understand is why they chose 26 as a cut-off age.
      Was 25 just too, too young?
      Why is 27 too old?
      Why is 29 too old?
      How do these folks convince themselves this is sensible?
      And with all the jokers comparing the requirement for auto ins. to the requirement for health ins, why can’t “kids” stay on their parents’ auto insurance until they’re 26?
      I just can’t figure these folks out.

      • OLLPOH ~ America

        Here is the figure….$ for the OGovt. Because they all have stock in the insurance companies through the Federal Reserve Bank…You know another Ponzi Trust Fund.

      • Avey Owyns

        The reason why they cut off age is 26 is because 21-26 year olds don’t buy or need health insurance. Obamacare needs all the money it can get, so it disguises Obama’s attempt to have young adults buy something they don’t need or use (to fund the poor who do use or need it) as a gift from government which allows ‘children’ to remain on their parent’s health insurance for a longer time.

  • FilleGitane

    When I imagine a physically able 26 year old living at home it conjures up images of a loser who keeps his mother in the fruit cellar.

    • Harry

      “A boy’s best friend is his mother”

    • OldLady Norma

      Or, how about imagining a 26 year old taking care of his parents. That’s not the picture of a loser.

      • Annie

        Why is a 26 year old taking care of his parents? If his Mom had him when she was 40, she would be 66 yrs old. Doubt she needs taking care of. If she was 45, then she would now be 71 yrs old. Rarely, do people need live-in help at the age of 71. We need to teach our kids to be grown-ups!

        • Lisa Dean

          My Mom was diagnosed with Lupus and RA at 50. You never know when you can be diagnosed with a chronic illness in your lifetime. There’s no age limit on that one. We need to teach grown ups to think before they type…

          • Annie

            Certainly tragedies happen. But as a rule, logic will tell us that most 66 year olds do not need to be taken care of by their children. Our society needs to decide at what age someone is a grown up. Are they still children and need to be on their parents insurance until their 26? Or are they grown up and can fight a war at 18? Or buy alcohol at 21? Or buy the morning after pill without parents consent at 13? Or get their teeth cleaned at 18? And since you don’t know me at all, before you sling insults, I take care of both my elderly parents and my disabled child and I think very carefully before I post anything! How about you?

          • Lisa Dean

            I have a disability, work full time, have a husband, a 7.5 year old son and I help my Mom. I never said that anyone needed to be on their parents insurance at 26. You make a lot of assumptions about why and when parents need to be taken care of. I’m glad you take care of your elderly parents and your disabled child. I would hate to think you would turn your back on them considering you seem to have an age limit on when a family member needs to be taken care. You have no clue why a 26 year old would be helping his parents. It’s not our society that needs to worry about when an adult is an adult, that’s already been decided long before you and I were born. It’s the President who’s made the morning after pill available to young girls. Again, think before you make assumptions as to why someone is taking care of parents as oppose to being a mooch on their parents.

          • Annie

            OMG, you ramble on. I have no idea why you even responded to my post! You seem to have some response to everyone’s post ~ do you not have enough to keep you busy? You want to be in a fight with someone but its not going to be me! My point was that there is no reason for young adults to be on their parents insurance until they are 26. They are not children. You can respond to this if you would like but I am finished with you!

  • Kate

    I’m 23 and I have a full-time job with insurance, I live in different state than my parents, and I have two pets to take care of. I work damn hard and take responsibility for myself- I don’t expect anyone else to.

    To think that our president would lump me in the same category as a high-schooler is just insulting.

    • CDUB

      Good for you, keep it up! And thank your parents please. You give us old, 40 yr old something folks, hope.

      • Kate

        Thanks! I learned at a very young age that you need to look out for yourself, because other than your parents, no one cares if you sink or swim!

        • BlueGood

          Well done Kate….heck at 26 I had been on my own for 9 years…..married, and a licensed Realtor for 2 years already….

          O’ Blamo is just an IDIOT!

        • CDUB

          God Bless your parents. Too bad the rest of your generation didn’t have parent’s like yours…..

          Seems like you will be just fine……. Work hard, don’t be a ‘victim’ and be a strong young person earning your path.

          Swim on young Kate, swim on……….. You will be great

  • TowardsTheFire

    Setting 26 as the age for normal financial independence means that until then, not only is it ok, but rather expected that people are dependent either on their families (kids) or on the government. Total conspiracy theory though, right? Its not like the gov has been messing with student loans or student subsidies… Setting 26 as the standard “not a kid” age means its ok to continue the childhood characteristics of naivety and dependence until then, effectively shrinking the financial conservative base at the voting booth. Ethical policy should rely on individual character, but should never wave an incentive to do the wrong thing in people’s faces.

    • lukuj

      Well stated. While there ARE some legitimate reasons for 26 year olds to still be at home, calling them kids does just what you state – giving them permission to act like kids with the government as surrogate parents.

  • tjack

    At 26 I had just gotten my first traders badge, after three years of clerking, and was living in Manhattan, which was a ripoff back then too, though not as bad as it is now. How soon before 30 year olds are considered children?

    • Me

      Sometimes it does seem like any woman who has a child under the age of 30 is looked at as if she is a glorified teen mom. (no disrespect meant to actual teen moms who do their best to be good mothers by the way)

    • Peyton

      They already are. See Sandra Fluke. A kid who wants us to pay for everything for her.

  • TracyJean

    At 26, I was living 5000 miles away from my parents – on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in Germany. I’d been employed since graduating from college at 22 and had my own insurance through work.

  • journogal

    Hmmm…at 26 I had been married for three years, about to start a small business, owned first home and was a year away from having my first child.

  • stellatruman

    When I was 26 I had a one year old daughter who is now 26. Thankfully, she is not living in my basement, but a productive, employed, independent adult with her own apartment, health care plan and paying of her very small student loan.

  • Cartoon Prophet

    “So if 26-year-olds are “kids,” what are we calling the 13-year-olds who can now buy Plan B over the counter?”

    Clusters of undifferentiated cells?

  • AlCashier

    this ’26’ shows USA exactly what obama’s communist mindset is– and he is like a 13 yr old. spoiled, petulant, and expects everyone to wait on him.

  • AlCashier

    at 21, we had the wife, 2 kids, a 160acre farm, were an US Army vet, and supported our widowed mom with 7 kids.

  • Republicanvet

    At 26, I had been on my own for 10 years, had served 9 years in the Army and had been through college and was paying for my own insurance.

  • Dragomance

    20 years old here,got a good job,an apartment and going through college.

    • HWarrior13

      Nice to hear from RESPONSIBLE young ADULTS for a change. Your sort is the ONLY thing that gives me hope for the future of my young (actual) kids.

      Well done. “kid” 😉

  • Maxx

    What do you expect from the party that for an entire year, perpetrated the myth that Trayvon Martin was attacked while coming home from recess.

  • Michelle

    I lived on my own at 18, worked, had my own insurance and went to college. My mother, at age 26 worked full-time, provided insurance for her husband and her 5 and 3 yr olds, and owned a home.

    • CatHerder

      At 26, I had a wife, two kids and a mortgage. At 61, I have a goddess, a teacher, a Major in the Corps, and no mortgage. And three grandchildren, who I adore. Can a man ask for more?

      • Clete Torres

        I wish you a long happy life to enjoy them all to their fullest.
        I’m a few years right behind you, CH.

      • HWarrior13

        You have a “goddess”…how damn sweet are you? I ask you… how damn sweet ?


    • John Rebori

      At 26 I had served a 6 year enlistment with the Navy, had a professional job, got married, and a year later, the day before our first anniversary, became a father.

  • HWarrior13

    So a 12 year old is old enough to decide on her own to kill her baby, but a 26 year old is not old enough to sort out how to get insurance ? Yeah…our society isn’t back ass-backwards at all.

    • CDUB

      Yeah, and I have to go through hoops to get a prescription dog food for my dogs allergies. It’s only good for 2 orders, I have to get the vet to OK the third order….. blah blah… But hey, if your 12 or under as passed, go get a morning after pill. And 26 year old kids and their enabling parents…..No hoops for you!

  • http://homeroomteacher.wordpress.com/ ebturner

    At 26, I had already been in the Army for 8 years, learned German & Arabic at DLI, taught German at DLI (for a year) been jumping out of airplanes for most of that time, and been stationed in Germany for 3 years.

    But I guess I was just a kid. I probably should have had a chaperon with me during that time.

    • Chip

      Same here, except I learned Korean. Thanks for your service!

    • Johara_Majnoona

      Awesome! Fellow DLI graduates! I learned Arabic. Getting out in a few months, only 22 so I guess I’m a baby.

  • Marvin Nelson

    At 26, I had taught for four years and was in graduate school. I certainly did not expect my mother to support me. My dad died when I was 15, so my mom raised two of us working in civil service. Obammy insults both young adults and their parents. Can we survive 3+ more years of this moron?

  • The Masked Avatar

    “When I was 26 I had already blown up a Death Star, defeated the Empire and kissed my sister.” – Luke Skywalker

  • Sean

    At 26 I had my own business, been married for five years, owned two cars outright, and was teaching college part-time. If a 26 year old is too irresponsible in Obama’s eyes then he should raise the drinking age to 28, enlistment to 26, and withhold federal funds for any state that doesn’t raise the driving age to 26. See how well that goes over with his throngs of youthful cultists.

  • Justin Hogan

    By 26 I had obtained more skills, knowledge and wisdom than Obama could ever hope to possess.

    • trixiewoobeans

      Well, he was kept a “kid”.

      • Justin Hogan

        That explains his total lack of responsibility and his throwing fits every time he doesn’t get his way.

  • William E. Shaw

    At 26, I’d been in the Navy 9 years… was a Senior Petty Officer (E-6), married, fathered a son, ‘had sailed around the world, visited 21 countries and been to war before I turned 23.

    • Clete Torres

      Bravo Zulu.

  • Chip

    If they aren’t adult enough to provide for themselves, why are they allowed to smoke, drink, or vote?

  • Emily

    I have a Bachelors and Masters degree, have been gainfully employed since my graduation, married for 2.5 years, bought a house 1 yr ago, gave birth to a sweet son 6 months ago. I’m 25. Not a child.

  • Tigerspike

    I seem to recall being informed, by the government, that when I turned 18 I was considered a man and required to sign up for the selective service. The government’s own page even states that “A man who fails to register…” etc., etc. So which is it? Was I a man at 18 and required under heavy penalty to be so, or was I only a man after I had been married for a year at 26?

  • peteee363

    I was a disabled veteran at the age of 17, so 9 years later I was still a kid I guess?

  • mapache

    I would think that if you are old enough to be drafted and sent off to war with a rifle (or a tank) you are no longer a kid. I personally would like to see the draft, voter and drinking age moved to 21 for everyone.

    • redc1c4

      there is no draft.

      • mapache

        There is draft registration for 18 year olds.

  • Tim V

    In 1985 at 19 i had my own apartment (no phone though) and a car, living on $3.40 an hour. I was proud of being able to support myself. I did without a lot but that I learned the value of everything.

  • DLago

    A self sustaining life by age 26? I blame white privilege.

  • right_on

    Sure are a lot of “kids” out there, who fought wars and died to keep America free from leadership like we’ve got now!

  • Jeremy

    This guy sure acted like a “spoiled kid”


    What a nut.

  • californa red

    At 26 I had spent 8 years partying in college and still had managed to have a career job with health insurance.

  • mhojai

    He’s still such a spoiled brat, he can’t imagine anyone else is not a “kid”…

  • mhojai

    He’s confusing “kids” with the parasites that he hangs out with.

  • http://whatandever.blogspot.com/ Osumashi Kinyobe

    When I was twenty-six, I drank some very good beer…


  • JR48

    When I think about this issue, I think about the Greatest Generation. Think about the 20-something year old men who had defeated Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito, came home, got married, had kids, bought homes and rebuilt America. NOW, at 26 yer a kid, living at home on your parents insurance and playing COD because…you’re too young to do it yourself?

    It’s just embarrassing.

  • HWarrior13

    When I worked at a hospital in LA, we actually had GRANDMOTHERS who were 26.
    true story

    • redc1c4

      same here;;;

      the sad thing was, the ones i met were PROUD of their status.

      • HWarrior13

        That’s exactly right…..the few I had met over the years were PROUD of being “young Grandmas” ….Then again, all of them were anchor baby parents/Grandparents.
        These preggos only knew TWO words in English once they sneaked across the border and then come into the hospital to drop their anchor babies :
        “Donde SOCIAL WORKER”
        They had been taught to get their US social worker as quickly as they checked into the hospital. Those illegals were sucking off the US tax payers teat faster then their newborns were sucking off of theirs.

  • Cait

    I’m 25 and still live at home. I graduated in 2012 and after applying to hundreds of jobs in and out of my state I still haven’t been able to find full time work. I agree that many “kids” today take their parents for granted and are lazy as hell, but there are many of us struggling to get our independent lives started in this lousy economy. Please don’t judge all of us by that one guy that plays video games all day in his parent’s basement.

    • neoface

      Well, you have that incompetent moron sitting in the position of presidency to thank for, I hope you didn’t vote for him. If you did, then this is the consequence.

      • Cait

        I never voted for him. Unlike many young people, I was not duped by his too-cool-for-school hustle.

        • neoface

          Good for you! Freedom to vote comes with responsibilities of being an informed voter, just by interviews on the street, it appear average people are just too busy to be informed if it doesn’t immediately affect their lives. But Obumble’s moron policies have indirectly affect everyone and for many years to come. I just hope the next person will be able to reverse some of Oblunder’s chipped constitution.

    • Kaya Hund

      Cait — still, you are not a kid.

      • Cait

        You’re right, I’m not a kid. I’m an adult who still has to live with their parents because of specific circumstances. All I’m saying is that no one should assume anything about my work ethic or maturity just because of my current living arrangements.

        • nc

          This is what family is for. Keep trying, it will work out.

    • Dwayne Jackson

      Sorry to hear of your struggles Cait. Unfortunately, due to the exuberance of todays young adults (kids) they put this moron in office and will have to deal with the consequences along with the rest of us. Hang in there.


    Uh oh…. do I sense an impending Democratic War on Kids?

  • James Perley

    My wife’s grandmother came to the US from Sweden when she was 16, and she didn’t know English. She got a job as a housekeeper and stayed with her eighteen year old brother who had come first. They earned enough money to pay for the other siblings and parents’ passage to America.

    When I was 26, I was a staff sargent in the US Air Force and married. I knew a nineteen year old in our hospital. A neighbor fought on Omaha Beach when he was 17.

    Is thirty becoming the new twenty?.

  • irishgirl91

    Yet as an AF (ret) family, our college student daughter (22) will soon be off our insurance. If military children opt not to attend school, they are automatically dis-enrolled at 18. Apparently, the prez finds the term “children” applies only when forcing private insurers to continue to cover these young adults. When it comes to the children of military, you are grown at 18.

  • http://www.davidsmusings.com/ David

    When I was….26….it was a verrrry good year. I was out on my own, working my way into the world and having a good time….when I was 26 (with apologies to the late Frank Sinatra).

  • Gothguy

    At 26, I was well into my second enlistment in the Navy having extended it another 2 years. Left home at 18, and have been on my own, except for a brief stint living at my Mom’s house (to help my Mom after her husband had a stroke) after being medically retired from the Navy.

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    Obama, did your ‘Man’ sign up at 26 or 18?…
    We all know you have an arithmetic, geography and oceanographic education problem, esp. (50 States vs 57 States), (Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico-Savannah, Jacksonville, Charleston)…
    A h e m…. FYI BarryBoy…
    At age 18 a >man< is required by U.S. Law to sign up for the "Armed Forces Selective Service"!
    …we have intentionally and obviously omitted the details of your shortcomings associated with Constitutional Law, Natural Law, common courtesy, decency and common sense out of respect for readers who are well aware of these points of concern.

  • Bryn Watkins

    President Peter Pan.

  • N Kirby Best

    At 26 I was married, had one child and another on the way and bought a house. I don’t think my parents would have been very happy if I was on their insurance at that point. I had my own insurance when I turned 18 and paid for it by myself.

  • Thomas Dobbins

    I’m guessing that at 26, Odumbo was in his 8th year of Pre-Law….

    • TDS

      But there’s no record of it…

  • mark

    At 26 I had been out of the house 10 years,had a wife and daughter,a house,a business and paid my way

  • stargazerken73 .

    Now we see how the Obama administration views the US citizen: a child that needs to be led by the hand, that cannot make an informed decision on their own, that needs continual handouts (and run on sentences by me) in order to survive.

  • megandrewsmom

    I was on my own at 18 and my parents didn’t help me out at all…money, insurance, etc. I had a hard time sometimes with getting my own auto insurance and it was really frustrating. Ask any 18 year old if they think a 26 year old is a kid!

  • billeeblue

    This POTUS must have been raised by wolves. Is that racist?

  • ChHarrison

    If 26 year olds are still “kids,” we need to change the voting age to 27. Maybe then we won’t get stuck with fools like BO.

  • The Average Joe

    When I was 26, I was 2 yrs into a 5 yr car payment, had a good job with
    insurance and 401K, proposed marriage, and was legally purchasing my own alcohol, firearms, beer, and cigars. Not bad for a
    kid’s life.

  • thor_mmvi

    @26 years of age, I had served 9 years USN, was in charge of a dozen people, several hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of special equipment AND two multimillion dollar helicopters.

  • sickofitall1096

    All of you people who think that 26 year olds aren’t kids are just racist… (makes about as much sense as all the other numbskull lib arguments don’t ya think?)

  • Craig Clark

    I had completed 5 years in the Army before I was 26.

  • http://blog.williamlweaver.com William L. Weaver

    At 26 my wife and I were on our own living in a different state, she was working on her 3rd promotion at an international Bank and I had just finished my Ph.D. Kids these days…

  • TDS

    Let’s see…
    By 26, I had been on my own for almost 8 years, had been employed for almost 10 years (with 8 of them in the Navy), was married with 3 kids of my own, and I was living over a thousand miles away from my parents.

    Sad how the world has changed in such a short period, but I am hopeful that by the time my own kids are 26, they are well on their own ways through life.

    The sad reality, though, is that the biggest hurdles that they are facing are the ones that have been caused by the same buffoon that sits there and claims that he’s doing his best to “fix” the country’s economic problems…

  • jdhenley

    Sorry Katie, 18-19-20 years old are young adults, if your ass isn’t a full grown adult by 21 it won’t happen.

    • nc

      That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think? Some people do take longer to mature than others. You don’t just give up on them. This doesn’t mean I’m supporting a “government solution” so don’t misunderstand me.

  • Michael Gawlik

    If 26 years old is a kid, maybe we should raise the drinking age, voting age, driving age and others to 26. We certainly wouldn’t want kids doing any of that stuff!

  • RememberSekhmet

    When I was 26, I was married to my first husband, had a one-year-old child, and the first job in what would become a career in technology.

  • TDS

    Another sad thing about this is that, by today’s “morality”, that 26-year old “kid” could be be a grandparent as well…

  • BeeKaaay

    Leftwingwackoism is all about making you the baby and the government your daddy.

    Slavery in any other words…..

  • nc

    Have you met this awesome 26 year old?


    The quiet strength and poise of this wounded warrior and his family will humble you like nothing else. Please don’t miss this.

  • Amber

    But moving out on your own at 18 is so peasant like. We are supposed to be working on our Phd on Post Colonial West African Women’s Studies and protesting on the streets and stuff. We aren’t even supposed to be out of our Margaret Mead experimental phase. Besides now they are saying the intelligent women don’t have children! We are supposed to sleep around and go on exotic vacations while protesting underwear! (can I vomit now?)

  • Adela Wagner

    When I was 26 I had 2 kids, saving up for my first house, working at a photo processing plant as a “hand checker” scoping out the questionable -xxx and strange photos and determining if they went against -pornography through the mail laws…AND had a 401k. Hardly a child.

  • Ashley Elizabeth Ferguson

    I am 25 and am living away from home. I have gone through college and a master’s program and have been in my chosen career for over three years. I have my own health insurance. It could have easily gone the other way, as it has for some of my colleagues. When times get tough, I still rely on my parents. Even with all of my accomplishments, I am still a “kid.” I am still learning and growing. If I had not been as fortunate to find a job straight out of college (as the case with so many I know) or I had decided to continue with my education after a master’s degree, I might be that “kid” who still needs to be covered under their parents insurance!

  • Mark_Krieg

    This is for Gun violence numbers needed at CDC so if Kids are to the age of 26 the numbers of kids killed with guns is higher
    What do they say? Numbers lie and liars use number?

    At 26 This kid was on his second enlistment in the United States Army and serving overseas.

  • WJGBalderama

    When I was 18 I got my first civilian job in LA two weeks after starting my American adventure as a LEGAL immigrant. A year later, at 19 I was on my way back to Southeast Asia to make the world safe for democracy.

  • David Mackey

    I was in nam at 18, married and had a daughter and worked at Ford’s by 26.

  • plumberskid

    At 26, I had 10 years in the work force, was married with 2 kids and a mortgage and was starting college, which I paid for myself…..

  • olivebrance

    When I was 26 I was married with 2 kids, our own home, and had been gainfully employed with our own insurance for nearly a decade. My first job was at McDonalds at minimum wage and it taught me work ethic and responsibility. Now fast food workers feel entitled to wages that not even college graduates are getting these days. My husband worked his way through an evening community college and had to work his way up the ladder in his trade. Liberal/progressive obama supporters would say this story cannot be true; that everyone is given a free education; that they deserve to be given an ivy league education or are being treated unfairly. If they would have to struggle through on meager earnings until the EARNED their way in life they would feel victimized!

  • Graham Shaw

    I’d love to be on my own at 26, but my Criminal Justice degree turned out to be a $15,000 paperweight. (I keep running into the “experience roundabout” if you will). Meaning I have to go back to school and get another degree, go further into debt and spend the next few years begging for minimum wage work…

  • http://proof-proofpositive.blogspot.com/ Mike

    If they need to draft you, you’re an adult at 18. If they need you to bolster some statistic, you’re a kid until you’re 26.

  • Sylvia Sparks Simpson

    At 26 I was married with three sons and a husband who worked for the FAA, we had our own insurance and our first home. All of my sons had completed college and were well into careers by the time they were 26.

  • walterc

    But on the other hand, Obama (and fellow progressives) think that girls are mature enough to get the morning after pill at the ripe old, intelligent age of 12 (or is it 11?)

  • oldsalt

    When I was 26 I had my College Degree and had completed my 3 year military obligation as a Merchant Marine / Naval Reserve Officer, That included delivering ammunition to Viet Nam and getting shot at in Cam Ron Bay, I was then a manager of a chain restaurant doing $1million a year. Because of todays economy (obummercare) with part time jobs 3-1, the cost of higher education, and the lack of a work ethic in kids today for the most part, this could not be done today.

  • chrissy

    Not so long ago, 26 meant you were married and raising a family and had a good job to do so. Now all that is long gone.

  • MarcusFenix

    At 26 I was kind of care free…doing some light traveling, but working and saving up money. Had an eye to get married. Didn’t own a home, but wasn’t looking to do so at the time anyway. But I was far from being a child, and certainly wasn’t treated like it by anyone else.

    Before you know it though, liberals will have the new age of childhood at 35.

  • Moue La Moue

    Wow! At 26, I’d already moved out, moved on and had a job with health insurance and full dental/vision. Is there something wrong with ‘kids’ today that they can’t get their crap together? Or is it because they’re more entitled than I was growing up? How does THAT work?

  • Emjay Lafleur

    it’s great for those folks who were able to buy their own insurance or support themselves or families. but many can’t. the minimum wage is way too low. and if someone wants to pursue a higher level of education than a bachelor’s degree, they often can’t have that done by the age of 26. industrialized economies sometimes extend the adolescent period because it can take longer to enter the economy at a level that provides good lifelong opportunities. Not sassy or catchy, but policy often isn’t.

  • Az Murry

    I heard about a kid that started on a path violence and mayhem at age 15 when he committed fraud. He then spent the next 4 year traveling around north Africa, Italy and France where he killed person after person just for their political beliefs, by the fime he was 17 he was a leader of gang in a major organization and by 19 he was a “Captain” and famous throughout Europe and America for violent deeds. You may of heard of him his name was Audie Murphy. Audie Murphy fraudulently enlisted in the US Army at the age of 15 2 years to young. He rose from buck private to captain as he fought across north africa, Sicily, Italy and France in the 3rd INF Division earning virtually every award for valor and courage under fire possible from the US and French governments including the Congressional Medal of Honor. If not the most decorated soldier in the European theater during WWII he was one of the top. Amazing what a kid can do… No I will not mention the “kid” from Florida by name in a post about the 15 year old MAN Audie Murphy.

  • BeauDCrab

    When I was twenty-six, I had been providing health insurance for my children for five years.

  • Stephanie Warren

    I am 26 and don’t have a job, and it’s all thanks to obama tanking the economy and making my chances of getting work next to nothing. THANKS A LOT!