Now that Slate has drawn a line in the sand and forbidden itself from referring to the Washington Redskins by that “extremely tacky and dated” name, what’s the site to do if the team merits coverage in the future? In its headline announcing the decision, Slate simply referred to the Washington _____ and made a case for renaming the team the Redtails in a nod to the city’s African-American heritage.

That doesn’t really capture the essence of today’s Washington, though, does it? There are so many other suggestions for the #NewRedskinsNickname that really capture the essence of D.C.

We can’t decide. Who wants to break the tie?

  • unknown

    I am still going with the Washington Thin-skins

  • radjahshelduck

    Did you know the name of the Redskins chief rival is racist? The first use of the word “cowboy” was in the Carolinas during the colonial period; it described the enslaved workers who drove the herds. That’s why it’s not “cowman.”

    • thetreyman

      bovine engineers.

    • John Alvarado

      Yep Cowboy is a racist term as well. Why don’t they boycott the Dallas Cowboys? Oh Right because It is not used as a racial slur.

  • Lumba
  • arttie

    In honor of the one and only Piers, how about the Redcoats?

  • TDS

    The Washington Yellowbellies…

  • Sharkteeth

    Somebody had to say The Washington Foreskins didn’t they?? I hope I am not the only one.

  • JFP

    The Washington Foreskins. It fits the Slate agenda. Dickheads!

  • Jeremy

    #NewRedskinsNickname The Washington Appeasers with a Neville Chamberlain logo.

  • stillinthe60s

    I like the Washington Four Skins….representing all the diverse racial colors of America- Red, White, Black and Yellow!

  • Maxx

    The Washington Welfare

  • brewerandpatriot

    Does mean the Packers’ name is offensive to the gay community?

  • John

    The Washington Cronies

  • adam

    The Washington White Guilt. The mascot can be a hipster who holds a giant ipad with a message decrying capitalism on it.

    • $29561723

      Ha…I think it should have a map view of Sidwell Friends school on one side, the other side with the words “Public Schools, LMFAO” on the other.

  • Garth Haycock

    Screw political correctness. It’s the Washington Redskins.

  • Macharius

    “The Capital Congressmen” From the mouth of your president, John Henry Eden. (Video game reference)

  • Republicanvet

    Don’t know or care what the team name is but I hear Slate named their team of fools the Slate Skinflutes.

  • trixiewoobeans

    The Washington FORWARDS!
    Washington Rising Oceans.
    Washington Tolerants.
    Washington FairBallers.

  • Steve_J

    The Washington Phonies
    The Washngton What Difference, at this point, does it make
    The Washington Team that deserves a better city.

  • TheOriginalDonald

    The Washington Reds, with Lenin on the helmet

  • rickg62

    I like Slate suggesting the Washington Redtails. Problem being, how many would actually know what that’s referring to? There would probably some who would be mistakenly offended but not really know why.

    • $29561723

      I love how the libs insist on doing away with a race-based team identity by replacing it with … a DIFFERENT race-based identity. Let’s just go with the “400 Years-ers”

  • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

    In order to address the horrible name attached to the Redskins, I have come up with a solution.

    The Georgetown Redskins

  • Serratoni

    Yay, earned my first Twitchy mention.

  • Richard Jefferies

    Just go by what the fans refer to themselves as. The Washington Hogs. It fits perfectly with their location.

  • TocksNedlog

    Just change it to the Benghazi Redskins; then, no one will pay any attention.

  • Anthony Clay


  • Guest

    The Washington Elites

  • Roto

    Washington Kickbacks (Obama smiles holding up the #1 jersey)
    Washington Slingers (in honor of Marion Barry)
    Washington Buckshots
    Washington Riots

  • Zach Smith

    There’s not much that won’t offend somebody. Maybe “Washington Persons” would be innocuous enough, but there’s probably someone who has a problem with washing.

    • arttie

      Yes, you’re slighting daughters with that “son” word.

      • Zach Smith

        Washington Eunichs?

        • Jeff Coil

          No there’s a name that will strike fear into the hearts of their opponents!


    Let’s see, Seattle just nixed the word “citizen” and the term “brown bag” as potentially offensive, so I would say that just about everything else is off the table. That’s it, lefties, you’ve “scrubbed” the language.

  • Ralph_Gizzip

    How about the Washington Foreskins? Because Daniel Snyder is such a d!ck.

    • AZWarrior

      Ralph, you get my vote! :-)

  • Ralph_Gizzip

    How about the Washington Foreskins? Because Daniel Snyder is such a d!ck.

  • mapache

    How about the Washington Gridlocks?

  • mapache

    How about the Washington Gridlocks?

  • HonestDisqussion

    Glad to see Twitchy’s still bringing it. I vote for Lame Ducks…

    Not even Tingles will be able to beat the thrill that runs up your leg when the ducks come waddling out on to the newly renamed Aflac Field as the crowd sings “Hail to the Lame Ducks”.

    • Stephen L. Hall

      I vote with you, they could get an Aflac endorsement. You know how people in Washington love other people’s money.

      • HonestDisqussion

        Not to mention, Gilbert Gottfried’s (or his replacement’s) rendition of the National Anthem would bring us to tears… or suicide.

  • Jeff H

    Looking forward to a future we all would regret, “The Washington Weiners”

  • gunsmithkat

    The Washington Clown Car.

  • Archer305

    The All of your Footballs are Belong to us… (not sure how many of you will get that). For our Chinese owners… hat-tip @SJohnsonPDX above for the idea

  • GaryTheBrave

    The Washington Continuing Resolutions
    The Capitol One Cards

  • Arkuy The Great

    The Beltways
    The Cronies
    The Lobbies
    The Pages
    The Fossils
    The Foreskin Foxtrots
    The Gasbags
    The Oligarchs
    The Republicrats
    Okay, I’ll hold there.

  • Zefal

    Notice how Slate (wapo company owned online magazine) announced the “no Redskins” after sell of wapo to Bezos. danny snyder would’ve tossed wapo out of Skins’ park if they had done this before wapo sell. That’s why Slate didn’t do it before. Shows you how when they had skin in the game, and thus something to lose, they didn’t do it until that changed! Didn’t even give it a grace period so it wouldn’t be so obvious.

    Remember kids:only stand on your moral principles when you no longer have any negative repercussions from them!

  • screamingmad

    Washington Ishard

  • FeralFemale

    The Washington Not the Steelers.
    Actually, that should be every NFL team’s name who are not the Steelers.
    Go Steelers!!!!

  • The Jackal

    Washington Fascists

  • sailwind

    The Washington White Hispanics should meet with the media’s approval one would think.

  • Trudy Hill

    The Greased Palms