MSNBC’s report today on the “Ebony Magazine controversy” did clarify at least two things: first, that there is no Tea Party boycott of the magazine’s celebrity “hoodie” issue, and second, that Ebony editor Amy Barnett doesn’t seem to understand the criticism of the cover.

Not that there isn’t plenty of controversy over Travyon Martin’s shooting and George Zimmerman’s acquittal. Geraldo Rivera surmised that Martin’s hoodie was as much to blame for his death as Zimmerman was. CNN’s Don Lemon has been declared a “slave” and a “turncoat mofo” for suggesting that young black men pull up their pants and clean up their language. Stevie Wonder and Dionne Warwick have refused to perform in Florida, while other black celebrities have joined in an ongoing occupation of the capitol building demanding a repeal of the state’s stand your ground laws.

“We simply cannot allow the conversations on this issue to come to a standstill,” Barnett has said, and it doesn’t look like there’s any chance of that happening soon. But can we please clarify a couple of points? Three of Ebony’s four covers explicitly demand the repeal of stand your ground laws, which had nothing to do with the Zimmerman verdict. Nor did racial profiling, despite Barnett’s claim that it’s “the root of this whole case” and NBC’s deceptive editing of Zimmerman’s 911 call to make it appear that way.

Sadly, her claim that African-American boys are targets of violence is true, but conversations about gang violence in Chicago tend to be met with dismissive snark from liberals like MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, and the fact that Zimmerman was also a target of violence often goes unspoken.

  • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

    How about “dumbass teen acting stupid” profiling?

    • Jeremy

      good one.

    • TocksNedlog

      Who the hell has THAT much time in their day?

    • Elaine
    • Michael Hampton

      Funny. Had Zimmerman not disobeyed orders and followed the kid, this whole thing might not have happened.

      • GoodGreg

        What orders?? Whose orders did GZ “Disobey”? I have listened to the audio and the only thing that is said, by a dispatcher who is not a police officer was after GZ was out of his car and following TM. Here it is…

        2:23 Dispatcher: Are you following him?

        2:25 Zimmerman: Yeah.

        2:26 Dispatcher: OK, we don’t need you to do that.

        2:28 Zimmerman: OK.

        After GZ said OK, the wind noise on the audio stops. So, no order, no disobeying, false narrative.

        • Michael Hampton

          What part of “we don’t need you to do that” do you not understand? Oh. Probably the same part that Zimmerman did.

          • Will P.

            Michael, are you saying that after the dispatcher REQUESTED GZ stop following, that he continued to do so, even after saying “OK” (I assume he meant, “OK, I won’t follow him”)

          • Michael Hampton

            Um…yes. He did continue following him. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but he shot Martin.

          • Will P.

            So…was there any way that Trayvon returned to Zimmerman after that time and then started assaulting him, forcing Zimmerman to respond with deadly force?

            From my understanding, that was the key question the jury was faced with, and since they ruled him not guilty…

          • Michael Hampton

            Again. He followed him after the dispatch told him not to. Whether Martin did whatever it is you claim he did wasn’t part of my statement. Was it? No.

          • Will P.

            Again. Where is your evidence that Zimmerman followed Martin after the dispatcher told him not to. The fact that Zimmerman shot Martin does not mean he continued to follow him.

            Oh, and it’s not what I claimed Martin did, it’s what the jury was led to believe Martin did.

          • SDN

            Since every part of your statement is a lie….

          • dukem1

            Yeah, but Martin had it coming.

          • Michael Hampton

            So people deserve the death penalty for eating skittles and wearing a hoodie? Really?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            What does the death penalty have to do with this case? Martin was killed in order to prevent his victim’s death. It was self-defense where the end was roughly righteous if not optimal. Martin has only himself to blame for that unless he wants to come back and haunt his parents.

            As if you’ve never heard that concept before. Call it the death penalty. Whatever.

          • mhojai

            it seems the point that the thug had broken his nose and was beating his head against the concrete is meaningless to you… could you at least TRY to look past color you racist SOB

          • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

            After Martin started beating his head against the ground.

            Couldn’t that be proof Trayvon was following Martin?

          • SDN

            No he didn’t, liar.

          • GoodGreg

            Michael, your comment was that he disobeyed orders and followed the TM. So since it wan’t an order and he stopped following TM, you comment is a false narrative.

            I challenge you to google map the location, look at all of the distances and the timing from the phone calls, GZ’s, TM’s and the 911 calls. Also, in Jeantel’s deposition, she testifies that TM made it to where he was staying. Based on the evidence, the only rational explanation is that TM went back to the Tee to kick GZ’s butt. There is just too much time, the audio on GZ’s call shows he wasn’t running and TM started running before GZ got out of his car. My 80 yo mother could have beat GZ to the townhouse if she had a head start and GZ was still in his car. So TM either came back or waited in ambush.

          • Guest

            Thick-headed much? Zimmerman was weeks ago. Shouldn’t you be whining about Russia by now? You’re lagging behind.

          • Michael Hampton

            I don’t know if you are aware of this, but this article that you are posting on is about the Zimmerman trial and it’s aftermath. I just didn’t want you to look foolish.

          • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

            Hopefully you have someone in your life willing to do the same for you, Mike.

            Then again, if you did, you wouldn’t be posting here, would you?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “I don’t know if you are aware of this, but this article that you are posting on is about the Zimmerman trial and it’s aftermath. ”

            Why are you carrying on in your delusion still when the facts have already been published?

            Death penalty. Yeah, he was put to death because he was black. Or wearing a “hoodie,” or because “whites” hate people who eat Skittles.

            “Put that Skittle-eating, hoodie-wearing bastard to death! On my command…fire!”

          • IMPEACH_BOBO

            What part of OK don’t you understand JACK@$$ !!!!!!! Zimmerman was already out of his truck & 50 ft. away from his truck when the operator said we don’t need to to do that !!!! If you are going to spew your BS then you need to go to MSNBC or one of the other 13 LAME STREAM MEDIA network site, NOT HERE !!!! How about the fact that Zimmerman first saw trayvon looking in the windows, IN THE BACK YARD of a house that was just robbed a couple weeks earlier !!!! Now thats what made trayvon a suspicious person & at the time, Zimmerman already said he couldn’t tell what race trayvon was, when Zimmerman did the walk thru of scene with investigators the day after the sh00ting !!!!!!

            Or how about the fact that trayvon had 4 minutes to go 300 ft. to his apartment but magically ends up behind Zimmerman !!! This is the very same t section of sidewalk trayvon already ran from 4 minutes earlier & ironically trayvon ends up behind Zimmerman just after Zimmerman hung up with 911, things that make you go HHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Then there is the whole reason trayvon was in Sanford to begin with, he didn’t live here, he lived in Miami !!!! RAClST trayvon got kicked out of his Miami school for having burglary tools on him & a baggie with pot residue in it !!!!!! Or how about the fact that trayvon, just seconds before his death called Zimmerman a CREEPY ARSE [email protected], THATS RAClSM ON trayvon’s PART !!! The only RAClST that night was trayvon & those are the FACTS !!!!!!!!!!!

          • Michael Hampton

            Lame stream media! Ha! That is brilliant! Hysterical. Where did you get that? Wow. You are hilarious.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            You have to be the worst, most unimaginative leftist troll ever.

          • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

            Ummmm… “We don’t need you to do that” isn’t an order.

          • John Rebori

            The part where you think a request from someone with no legal authority somehow morphs into an order.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            He didn’t do it on behalf of the dispatcher.

      • j95lee

        Dispatchers are trained not to issue direct orders, and the dispatcher who talked to Zimmerman mentioned this at trial. Why do you think he just didn’t say “Stop following him right now”? If you an armed man broke into your home, would you “obey” the dispatcher’s request to “do nothing until the police arrives” even though you have a gun?

        That’s the problem with you Zimmerman critics – you haven’t actually followed the trial, which is why you insist on repealing a law that wasn’t involved in the case and making profiling an issue even though the FBI inquiry pretty much acquitted Zimmerman of such charge.

      • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

        Funny. Had Trayvon not been a thug with delusions of grandeur and a violent nature, this whole thing might not have happened.

        • Michael Hampton

          So you knew him?

          • Will P.

            The courtroom evidence strongly pointed to this profile, so while Thomas may not have known him personally, he seems to have described him pretty well.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Only by court testimony. You got more than that?

            Seems you don’t even have that.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        It might not have happened if the pilgrims didn’t land here.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        It might not have happened if codeine had never been discovered or introduced.

        Or perhaps if we banned Skittles distribution…

      • tdiinva

        Incorrect. You obviously get your information from MSNBC instead of actual trial testimony. The dispatcher testified under oath that her comments were advisory and that she had no authority to command Zimmerman to do anything. He did turn around, only briefly pausing to get a reference address. He was attacked on his way back to his truck to meet responding officers

        After the trial was over we got explanation of Martin’s motives from his girlfriend Rachel Jeantel. In an interview with Piers Morgan she admitted that she whipped a drug impaired (that’s evidence form the trial) Martin into a homophobic rage by telling him that “the cracker” following him was probably a homosexual rapists. Instead of going home, he sought out Zimmerman and attacked him. The only crime committed was Martin’s assault on someone he thought was gay. You Progressives should be supporting Zimmerman because Gay trumps everything except Muslim in your victimology.


      I still remember the at the scene interview Zimmerman did with the police when the cops drove with Zimmerman in the undercover car, they start at Zimmerman’s house & head down the neighborhood road !!!! Zimmerman says plain as day he saw trayvon standing in the rain looking in the windows, in the BACK YARD of this house that was just robbed 2 weeks earlier !!!!! I think that makes you a suspicious person & at that point, Zimmerman didn’t know the race of the person in the hoodie !!!!

      Do these RAClST at ebony really think they can get away with saying lies like that, the only RAClAL PROFILING that was done that night was by trayvon himself !!!!! Ebony magazine should remember that trayvon was the one who called Zimmerman a CREEPY ARSE [email protected], thats RAClST right there !!!!!! Lets not forget either that trayvon was kicked out of his Miami school just a few weeks before for having burglary tools on him along with a baggie with pot residue in it !!!! This is the whole reason trayvon was here in Sanford to begin with, I noticed Ebony magazine didn’t mention that either, I GUESS THE WORD FACT IS JUST ANOTHER 4 LETTERED WORD TO RAClST FLEEBAGGERS !!!!!!!

      • TheOven

        Well, we don’t know why Trayvon was there and he’s not around to tell us.

        • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

          Actually, the trial showed Trayvon was there to beat up Zimmerman. After all, if Trayvon was threatened by Zimmerman, he could have…oh I don’t know…gone home because he was pretty close to his father’s place.

          Logic. It IS your friend.

    • TheOven

      Still, being “dumbass teen acting stupid” shouldn’t be a capital offence.

      • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

        It’s not. It’s the whole beating Zimmerman’s head on the ground with intent to injure or kill that was.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          Not even that was a capital offence. Not under the circumstances.

          In any case, he was legitimately put down in order for the victim to preserve his own life, so it’s hardly relevant to the discussion about what crimes he would have been charged with, or what the realistic gamut of punishment might have been.

          • Thomas, Snarkmaster General


            Sorry, but when someone is trying to kill you, I think it can be a capital offense.

            As far as your point about it being irrelevant to the discussion what Martin could have been charged with, I disagree. It is entirely relevant because it puts his actions into a context, one that makes the whole “We Are Trayvon” idea look silly.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “Sorry, but when someone is trying to kill you, I think it can be a capital offense.”

            It seems close, but I’m not sure how you’d get there to be honest. A capital offense is one where the accused is exposed to the possibility of the death penalty. Keep in mind it would be a huge stretch to prove premeditation.

            The guy was a thug and a potential big-time felon, but it would not have been a capital case. Especially after you factor in his age. I’m not judging whether society has it right, just calling it as I see the present state of law would likely find it.

            Excerpted from your URL:


            Most jurisdictions have degrees of attempted murder charges. A first-degree attempted murder charge requires premeditation or a willful act; a second-degree attempted murder charge is any other act that is not planned or deliberate.

            First-degree attempted murder carries greater penalties and often means a life sentence with the possibility of parole. Offenders typically spend at least 10 years in prison, although mandatory minimum sentences for attempting to murder a public official may be 10 to 15 years. Federal laws for attempting to kill a member of Congress or other federal official impose penalties ranging from 70 to 162 months.

            Second-degree attempted murder penalties usually range from five years to 15 years in many states, depending on whether serious injury was inflicted. Sentences can be for longer periods if a firearm was used or if the crime was committed by a gang member or at the direction of a criminal gang. A prior criminal record will also enhance a sentence, even doubling it in states with “three strikes” laws, such as California.

          • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

            To me, the fact Trayvon circled back to attack Martin shows premeditation. I don’t think it would be that much of a stretch, either.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “It is entirely relevant because it puts his actions into a context, one that makes the whole “We Are Trayvon” idea look silly.”

            But they are absurd and even deranged, whether or not Martin would have faced the death penalty.

          • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

            True, but I like to bring out the whole truth at once. I would love for someone like Spike Lee to have to defend his stance AND defend Trayvon at the same time.

          • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

            And pointing out how they support a dead teenaged thug-wannabe just underscores that fact.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Exactly. I simply think that the plain, indisputable facts already prove that beyond question. It actually helps them when they have something trivial to argue about as a distraction.

            Martin was the villain in this case. Whatever theoretical injustice he suffered, it was not at the hands of “society” or “the white man” or even Zimmerman as an individual.

            He died as a result of his own actions. What he “deserved” and what else might have happened are all trivial questions in my view.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Good suggestion. Luckily everyone else agrees with you.

        Now go and join Mayor Bloomberg and see what petty tyranny you can plot together.

  • Steve_J

    So according to Barnnett a person is supposed to ignore their insticts when they see what they think might be a theatening situation;. and are supposed to just walk straight ahead going Dooptie, dooptie, and get their heads cracked. Guess Barnett thinks it’s better to be carried by 6 than tried by 12.

    • CR

      What would be the response, do you think, if someone suggested “Hey, women, when you see that creepy- a*s weirdo walking behind you alone in the dark at night time, don’t get out your rape whistle because you might offend him and profile him based on his gender.”

      Sometimes, profiling is a GOOD thing. It allows you to take smart actions that could potentially save your life. If I am walking alone at night in an area where crimes have been committed and a big MAN of ANY color in a hoody is wandering around with no apparent destination and then behaves in a threatening way towards me, I’m going to make an assessment that the hoody-wearer is not someone I want to mess around with and try to protect myself accordingly. What’s that they say, “better to be judged by 12 than carried by six”

    • TugboatPhil

      “911. What is your emergency.”

      “I’m being followed by someone.”

      “Can you describe them?”

      “Yes. It is a human of average height and weight and wearing clothing appropriate for their age.”

      “You are so f***ed.”

    • objectivefactsmatter

      That’s what “whites” are supposed to do if they perceive any threat from non-whites. Rules of inter-racial society, don’t you know.

      And every non-black can be seen as white if it serves the perpetuation of blacks as class victims.

  • Patriot

    I guess if you name your rag Ebony you are qualified to discuss racism. Since they practice it themselves with their title, marketing and topics.

    • Jeremy

      They sure love too race bait.

      • Patriot

        Yes, it is manufactured racism. They are trying to sell magazines no matter how low they have to sink.

    • atkoa

      Great Point.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      It’s only fair since one of the leading magazines about the ruling class is called “Ivory.”

  • Silverstar

    Hoodies are a race now? Or do only black teens wear them? I do not get what they think they are trying so say because what’s actually being said is so absurd.

    Maybe they should look at how so called “black” culture idolizes violence, drug abuse, thugs, etc. But then they couldn’t be so angry at everyone else.

  • CR

    Hey Ebony Magazine.
    Here’s a new idea for a cover story since you clearly need some fresh G*d material instead of telling the same false story over and over and over and over:

    “Unemployment Rate for African-Americans is a Devastating 23.7 percent Under Obama” (Says liberal HuffPo:

    Or how about:
    Study finds median wealth for single black women at $5

    Your welcome for the fresh headline topics. I’d say I’m available for you to hire me since you obviously cannot come up with ideas on your own, but you probably wouldn’t want to b/c I’m one of those white crackers your congressmen warned you about!

    • PatriotRG

      or responsible for a murder rate at 57% nationally with a population of 12%

      • heatpacker

        It’s worse than that. The 57% figure is the work of young black males, who comprise perhaps 2% of the population. Scary. And some express shock that people reflexively profile? It’s not profiling. It’s a rational response based on experience.

        • PatriotRG

          Totally agree – exclude the very old and the very young and you have 2% of the U.S population committing 57% of murders. The lefts argument is the stats are skewed. If that’s the case are they skewed when they show white men commit large amount of white collar crime are the stats skewed in that case ? Asians do better at school with hardly any prison population. Presumably Asians suffer the same kind of so called racism, it doesn’t seem to stop them achieving and they don’t commit so much if any crime.

          Answer is simple stats are accurate and blacks are prone to crime – mostly due to the fact the traditional black family doesn’t exist any more. Culture of victim hood, horrendous rap culture , culture of entitlement all enabled by the left. Lack of real moral leadership in the black community. Seriously Sharpton ? Jackson ?

          We need Alan West /Thomas Sowell real leaders.

    • john brothers

      don’t be fooled. In Atlanta teens choose to rob and pillage.Black crime is out of control.

  • Cy

    Of course they say that. They’re liberals, they think race is the root cause of everything.

    • Jeremy

      Yep,everything is always about race nothing new.

  • Jack Deth

    An irrelevant entity strives for relevance. And fails. Miserably.

    Ebony: One of those momentous magazines that just flies off the racks and counters of supermarkets and convenience stores.


    • TocksNedlog

      1.2 million copies a month is pretty good.

      Doesn’t match the 2.4 million copies the Enquirer sells every month, but it’s still a respectable number.

    • Robert T

      I think a lot of those issues got bought by this guy…

  • missyree68

    Especially since the trial and the dead youth had nothing to do with race or profiling.

  • Scott

    Good role model for his kids to learn from. Single parent, hood wearing, race baiting, arrogant and oh yeah too rich to worry about life.

  • Ronald Green

    I will give them this… It’s good that those 4 black men are involved with their sons. I hope they continue to be as involved, so their sons don’t become more Trayvon Martins. Had Trayvon’s father actually stayed involved with his son, perhaps Trayvon wouldn’t be dead now.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Fatherly love is great, but it doesn’t make you bulletproof.

      • VerminMcCann


        But a responsible father is less likely to raise a son who dies while bashing a stranger’s head into the concrete.

      • CatHerder

        Nothing makes you bulletproof, but you can look less like a target if you apply yourself.

      • Grandma HeadInjury

        Strange. I’m not bulletproof either, but in almost 5 decades of life, I’ve avoided being shot by the good guys…must have something to do with not trespassing, not attacking guys out of homophobia, not buying ingredients for homemade drugs….

      • journogal

        No one is bulletproof. Not you, not me. Yet, I haven’t been shot at and I am going to assume that neither have you. Would it possible have to do with what we were taught and learned by our parents?

      • ObamaFail

        No. But some good adult influence keeps them from turning to the “thug life”, and keeps them from getting themselves shot by other gang members or by cops.

        • Bathing Suit Area

          Right, getting shot is proof that someone was a thug.

          • Ronald Green

            Are you really that stupid?

          • Ronald Green

            Sorry, I already know the answer to that and it’s, Yes..You are.

          • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

            Nah. It was the whole “Martin beating Zimmerman’s head against the ground after circling back to attack him” that proved Trayvon was a thug.

          • John Rebori

            Nope, attacking a stranger without cause is proof someone is a thug. And more than a little bit stupid.

          • Bathing Suit Area

            And wet know that he did this because George Zimmerman, a man incapable of dishonesty, told us so.

          • John Rebori

            No, we know this from the prosecution’s witnesses. You remember, The woman who testified he told her on the phone he was going to do it, and the eyewitness who saw him sitting on Zimmerman and hitting his head.

            Remember, Zimmerman didn’t testify. So by extension, he didn’t tell us anything.

            Perhaps you should actually research the case for 5 minutes?

          • Bathing Suit Area

            She testified that their phone conversation was cut off by Zimmerman confronting Martin. Which directly contradicts Zimmermann’s story about Martin sneaking up on him.

          • John Rebori

            Her testimony says that Martin intended to attack Zimmerman. It doesn’t matter that Zimmerman came to him. He did not have the right to attack simply because someone approached him,

            Martin expressed the intent to attack and was seen attacking.

      • Ronald Green

        Most young men of any race, who’s father was present; don’t grow up to be a thug. Too bad you’re such a racist you can’t see that in the black race.

      • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

        It does if your father teaches you how to live in a way consistent with the law and expected social mores…

  • Voice of reason

    Is racial profiling the root of the black mob attacks. Just keepin it real.

  • Maxx

    Let’s be real folks, of course the kid was profiled and for good reason. How many of the previous ten home invasions in that area were done by freckled- Irish teens named Mcgillicutty?

    • MarcusFenix

      Upvoted, love it!

  • Medicinewoman2

    “I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who
    it is for or against. I’m a human being, first and foremost, and as such
    I’m for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.”

    Malcolm X
    Damn fools alive today are more ignorant than folks 60 yrs ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VerminMcCann

    You know, Geraldo’s obsession with Skittles’ clothing is particularly bizarre given that most of us would prefer Geraldo put something–ANYTHING–on, before he tweets his next selfie.

  • PatriotRG

    why would any one want to profile a race that commits 57% of all murders nationally and pretty much all the robberies in the area when they are only 12% of the pop. Its silly.

  • spepper

    The Ebony editor couldn’t be more wrong of course, and has now thrown that magazine into the race-hustling column with Rev Al, Rev Jesse, and Barack Hussein Obama

  • Guest

    Ebony is correct,
    if Martin had been shot and killed while trying to beat another black man to death,
    there would have been NO case.
    Zimmerman was profiled…. by Obama, Holder and their Black Panther pals.

  • mark

    i can’t read anything from a magazine whose readers think tyler perry produces funny tv shows. no credibility.

  • mark

    i can’t read anything from a magazine whose readers think tyler perry produces funny tv shows. no credibility.

  • journogal

    How about a cover story on the mindless gun violence in Chicago, and why some of the strictest laws on the books in the nation haven’t helped one bit.

  • floridavet

    Gee, I’m so glad a racially prejudiced African-American magazine set me straight on that Zimmerman thing, I mean, you know, not like that jury did.

    • ObamaFail

      Or like the evidence did.

  • ObamaFail

    The facts of the case proved that racial profiling was not involved at all. These morons need to move on. The case is over, and no amount of race-baiting, riot inducing whining is going to do anything about it.

  • mnman811

    Those who stir the sh*t pot should be made to lick the spoon.

  • Pro Farmer

    When I see or hear that people are protesting or wearing hoodies to make a statement…..I think, what a lost and misled human being. It’s easy to call these people idiots and make fun of them but the reality is….they are victims of a shameful news media and government.

  • atkoa

    The racist keep the fire burning. Nice message to their kids. The black leaders who tell the kids to clean up their act, and get educated, are demonized, while the racist who continue to make their money on the backs of the uneducated are idolized.

  • Damien Johnson

    Let me say that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a hoodie. I have no idea why wearing a hoodie is even part of the discussion on either side. The fact is that the left’s narrative of what happened is just not true. The fact is that there are NO parties in the whole ordeal-Trayvon, Zimmerman or Rachel-that are the absolute perfect saints that both parties try to portray them to be. The fact is that what REALLY matters is what happened in that moment when Zimmerman shot Trayvon, and that there was simply not enough evidence to convict Zimmerman. And my opinion? No, this did not make us “open season.” WE made US “open season.”

    • MarcusFenix

      Stop making sense or telling the truth, liberals will be confused and scared.

      My take: The hoodie is a symbol that is being used to rally others to the cause. If it wasn’t his hoodie, they’d all be holding Skittles and Arizona Tea in the picture. Or his watch. Or shoes, pants, etc. The hoodie is just a distraction from the facts of the case…it’s a way for someone to point at the issue, spin it into being about race, and to detract from Martin’s own flaws prior to his death. Just more of the “poor, innocent Trayvon” running gag, rather than fact checking or being honest about the event.

      Everyone loves a symbol, right? >_>

      • Damien Johnson

        I had a quip using the words “Symbol” and batman but I lost it 😐

    • TDS

      Here is the problem with the “hoodie” aspect of this situation.
      Simply put, a hoodie CAN make a person appear “suspicious”, and here’s why: Go to YouTube and do a search for ‘convenience store robberies’. What do many of them have in common?
      When you see a drawing of “the suspect” on the evening news, what is the one noticeable piece of clothing that many of them seem to chose to be wearing in the sketch?
      Heck, you could even blame a white guy, Ted Kazinski, for a good chunk of the hoodie’s bad rep.
      – – –
      Think of it this way: One guy is driving a faded grey minivan, another is driving a shiny red sports car. Which guy do the police take notice of and keep an eye on? Is it because the guy in the sports car is a bad guy, or have OTHER people in sports cars been historically more likely to break the law?

      • Damien Johnson

        That actually makes sense, but I’d still say a hoodie is kinda like a gun, in a sense. All guns are demonized, right? Despite the responsible gun owner. A responsible hoodie-wearer shouldn’t be demonized as well. Though that was a snazzy analogy. That’s a good point that the grey minivan would be more likely to get profiled.

  • Adam Baumb

    Black myopia is fed by white liberals. Once black folks realize how gullible they’ve been — so easily manipulated and enslaved by white liberals — the question will be how many white liberals will come begging us redneck, gun owning, bad azz white boys to step in and protect them. I told one of my black comrades I’d fly a plane full of his people to the offices of any major media organization and watch them toss the editors and executives responsible for this manipulation off the roof. When I mentioned America would wholly embrace them for doing so, it was as if a light went on in his head. Blacks have been played for chumps by white liberals — it’s time to end the scourge. Quit talking about the KKK. Those morons couldn’t fill the trunk of a hybrid car at their annual convention. Start talking about the white liberals occupying the ivory towers in New York and LA that perpetuate this nonsense — and sell advertising to sustain it.

  • rbeccah

    There was racial profiling in the Martin case. The MSM profiled George Zimmerman as white, and then “white Hispanic”. If he’d been black, that killing would have got two sentences in the local news rag, and that’s all.

  • Allen Papa Smith

    Racial profiling is the root to the Zimmerman case: They profiled him as a white racist and he was and is not. That is the problem, not being willing to admit that too many young men, blacks included, are thugs and bullies and involved in far too much crime for anyone’s comfort. By telling their children that people will hate them because of skin color, they fail to recognize that hey are successful despite their color and they have an obligation to hold their own community to a higher standard and call people out for disgracing their communities by acting like fools.

    • ErikandKathy Muller

      Here, here!

  • CrustyB

    They’re assuming Zimmerman racially profiled Martin because of Zimmerman’s skin color. *That* is racism. Ebony is a racist magazine.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    Trayvon is dead…….George Zimmerman is not guilty…………….Is this B.S. ever going to end?

  • AZWarrior

    Look Ebony, when we see people, we don’t see (or care about) their race. I know that hurts your self-centered world view, but it is the truth. Grow up, it’s the 21st century.

  • conservative2012

    So many great Black Americans to look up to, and they all want to be Trayvon Martin, who no one should be looking up to.

  • TDS

    Did “profiling” occur? Yes. Martin WAS viewed as “suspicious” by Zimmerman because he was young, black, and male, but WHY did that make him “suspicious”? That little WHY there is what none of these race-baiters will EVER talk about.

    – – –
    The easy answer for them is that Zimmerman was just a racist who was out to hunt down and kill some innocent black kid, so that’s what they fall back on. Because, God forbid they actually let any of the FACTS get in the way of their agenda.
    – – –
    But the HARD answer is the truth. Zimmerman’s neighborhood had been victimized over the previous year by a rash of burglaries, home invasions, and vandalism. The ONLY people that anyone had seen that were involved with any of the crimes just so happened to be, guess what? Young. Black. Male.
    So whom should the neighborhood watch have been on the lookout for, do you think? Of course, they could have done it “TSA style” and only looked at kids in wheelchairs, old ladies with walkers, and servicemen/women in uniform as “suspicious”. I guess THEN Martin wouldn’t have ended up dead, but ask yourself whom YOU would view as “suspicious” if YOUR area had undergone that same rash of crime.
    – – –
    If ANYONE is to blame for the fact that Martin was “profiled” for being an unknown young black male wandering through that neighborhood, it’s the OTHER young black males that had been committing those crimes and victimizing the residents of that neighborhood over that previous year, NOT Zimmerman.

  • snyper77

    At least treyvon didn’t have tampons in his ears, at the time.

  • susan

    It’s hard to take Spike Lee seriously after he, a grown man, tweeted that address. Even if it was the right one, what did he expect would happen? People would send flowers to GZ? Very, very troubling.