Nearly a year out from the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans, CNN’s Jake Tapper unveiled what looks like an enormous puzzle piece that’s been missing from the “phony scandal.” On today’s episode of “The Lead,” sources told CNN that dozens of people working for the CIA — the agency that ran the annex — were in Benghazi that night, and survivors are reportedly undergoing monthly polygraphs to ensure whatever they were doing there remains secret.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might have trouble recalling things now and then, but Tapper remembers a question put to her by Sen. Rand Paul during the infamous “what difference does it make” hearing.

There’s little question there’s a massive, ongoing cover-up in progress: the question now is whether it’s motivated more by national security or by politics.

Tapper does seems to be ticking off just the right people with his pesky questions.

* * *

Update: Jake Tapper’s not the only one reminded of that exchange between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Paul.

  • Garth Haycock

    Is there anyone – other than the most ardent Obama worshiper – who is gullible enough to really believe that this is about national security?

    This is all about politics, plain and simple.

    • R.C.

      When the leftist pretend to care about national security at any time, its politics.

    • Terry

      Not just politics. If Obama crew were running guns, they broke the law and face prison time.

      • cbillrun

        Don’t forget the gun running to Mexico too.

        • Yog Shoggoth

          Open borders and catch your opposition, a continuation of the Bush policy on drug flow into the U.S. The favored cartels are the ones that provide information on the others. The real drug smugglers work for the Federal Government and employ the rest. Eric Holder is a manager enabler, but not the king perpetrator. God damn the pusher man.

          • Oldhairold

            I’ve said many times, that I believe many of our government officials are in on the money making drug trade.

          • Yog Shoggoth

            Those would be the ones that say the border can’t be secured because it is to big. The ranchers are trying to do it on their own, and the border patrol has the highest percentage of “suicide” of any section of society. Ollie North got off scot free and Barry seal is no longer available to answer questions.All of the people involved at the lower level end up unavailable to answer questions. It is statistics like these that make it so easy to run the same program to this very day. Mena is still open for business, just ask the townsfolk.

    • right_on

      Money, power, AND politics. We might also throw in there the usurpation of power from the American people’s elected representatives in Congress. Any arms transfers should have been approved by Congress, and clearly it was not. Otherwise, Congress would have already been thrown under the bus on this issue, too.

  • CDUB

    Ahhh,….. Bengahzi and the 56K question?

    Where was Barry for 8 hours during the attach that killed 4 Americans?

    • Elaine

      Why no was help sent when they had no idea how long fire fight would last and who needed saving, who gave stand down orders, what was going on at facility in Benghazi, where are survivors and why can’t they speak, why keep general from testifying by telling the lie that he was retired when he wasn’t and they didn’t know where he was? So many questions and where are all the so called “reporters” on this story? We need answers.

      • CDUB

        There are no reporters anymore. GWB contemplated the attack on 9/11 in front of school children and was dubbed an idiot. The so called press wanted to know, and reported his every move after that as an incompetant President.

        Barry is absent for 8 hours of an attack, on the anniversary of 9/11 none the less, in which 4 Americans died, Susan Rice hit the Sunday shows, Barry and Hillary spent 80K on commercials in the Mid East, that they ‘condone the video’ and all is hunky dory.

        Nothin to see here folks, move along………….

      • TomJB

        I am reminded of part of the plot line of “Clear and Present Danger” when Clark’s squad was left in the jungle to die and close up any loose ends that could come back and hurt the politicians who signed off on the mission.

        • bluewaternavy

          I think you may have hit the bulls-eye on that. Witness Seal Team Six….

      • Yog Shoggoth

        What does it matter, and hand me the White house on a silver platter, would be the answer from some, but if you recall Pontius Betrayus and General Hamm suddenly retired, Charles M. Gaouette, who led Carrier Strike Group Three, which included the U.S.S. John C. Stennis, had been accused of using profanity in a public
        setting and making at least two racially insensitive comments to a superior officer in the Mediterranean got transferred right after the terrorist attack. Hmnn a Sailor using salty language at sea. Maybe a female, minority, gay sailor was present. If you believe these coincidences then I guess you can buy just about anything. They had something on each of them, most likely proof of underage sex. Bidet to you all.

    • Jeremy
      • russellbennett

        Not at the White House. Michelle has not offered to speak up for him. She don’t know where he was either.

      • BigSky1970

        There were conflicting reports. Some say he was in bed, others say he was campaigning for re-election in Las Vegas.

    • sgfan

      It’s clear he went to bed. He has no stomach for defending Americans against radical islamists who share his idealogy.


        He doesn’t care!

        • Jeremy

          no he doesn’t that is true.

        • BigSky1970

          Well, he doesn’t care about anyone other than himself and anything other than his wildly progressive agenda.

    • yourmamatoo

      Having an affair?

    • Joe W.

      Reliable sources have said that he was “incapacitated” and unavailable. In other words…he was drunk…stoned…or in bed with some one other than the pig he normally sleeps with. I’ll go with all 3 options for the trifecta.

      • AZWarrior

        Got it. He was “incapacitated” meaning Valerie Jarrett was President and giving the orders.

      • Atwater

        At a private party drunk.

        • BigSky1970

          Hillary was at a wild party in Australia.

      • anthropic

        Frankly, I’d think better of him if he were high or drunk than if he chose to let Americans die while stone cold sober.

        • russellbennett

          I think he planned the attack and when he was told the attack was going on he just thought the plan was working.

      • noranell16

        OK, where was Hillary at that time too??? Could they have been together? ? ? Were they hiding so they could claim they knew nothing later on??

        • Louise

          they were watching everything as it happened, and no one will convince me otherwise

          • BigSky1970

            “they were watching everything as it happened”

            That’s what she said. She was in Australia at the time of the attack.

          • chewinmule

            You don’t really know anything about satellite comms and the capabilities of the WH Situation Room and Department of State, huh?

      • Oldhairold

        He could have been with a few of his gay buddies, drunk & high.

    • Steve_J

      Packing for his fundraising trip to Las Vegas.

      • tops116

        “Mr. President, our site in Libya is under attack, and we’re not sure what’s become of Ambassador Stevens.”
        “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, Michelle, where are my golf clubs?”
        “Mr. President, there won’t be any golf courses at the fundraiser tomorrow.”
        “A fundraiser? Oh, I thought I was going on another vacation. Oh well, better get to sleep.”
        “But, Mr. President–”
        “Turn off my phone. I don’t want it ringing at 3 a.m..”

      • right_on

        Do you really think he does his own packing? LOL

    • tops116

      Complaining about Mitt Romney’s dog… y’know, a “real” scandal. That or giving the IRS marching orders against the Tea Party.

    • Terry

      He had to bail so he couldn’t be accused of knowing anything about the gun running when it came out, which he knew it would. This way, he can a) say he’s appalled b) claim learned about it from the CNN report and c) fire some line level worker or transfer a senior person in the dept into a cushier job. – the man is NOT a leader and it disgusts me that he gets away with this crap.

    • Mike Welborn

      Probably “buns-up” with Beyoncé in the Presidential Bunker.

      • Suzianne

        well possibly not! Beyonce is a WOMAN! (read between the line words)

  • Elaine

    The response is always “direct/refer you to” when anyone in this administration does not want to answer a question. So predictable and the media goes along with this?We’ll never get any answers as the questions just fade away, like about Fast & Furious, WH security leaks, AP spying, Rosen targeting and soon to be Benghazi and IRS. When is enough, enough?

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Also noticed, when Fox News follows up, they wind up with…(Wait for it…) MORE QUESTIONS! If not, more defer/redirection…. I would use the “Chess Pieces” analogy #ID4 #TeenTitans because the question keep piling up, and the answers are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • TJ

    Attack a reporter for taking about a #phonyscandal shows it might not be a phony scandal after all.

    • AZWarrior

      Is that a DOG WHISTLE?

    • right_on

      The opposite is always the truth with liberals. The more they squeal, the closer to the truth.

  • Asok Asus

    Looks like the beginning of the Obammunist disinformation campaign to blame Benghazi on the CIA. Kills two birds with one stone: gets the blame
    off of Obama (and more importantly, Hillary for President) and hurts
    the CIA. This is one of those classic win-win situations for the
    Democrat/Progressive/Fascist/Marxist/Racist Party.

  • Libbash Johnson

    The “Bay of Pigs” didn’t work out well for Kennedy either.

    • Bemani Dog

      Bad choice of comparison. The Bay of Pigs was planned under Eisenhower.

      • TocksNedlog

        Bad conclusion.

      • Libbash Johnson

        OH, for chrissakes, who was CIC during the operation?

      • tops116

        So, you defend one president’s screw-up by denouncing his predecessor? Why does that sound so familiar? 😉

        • Bemani Dog

          Hey, I’m against Obama, too. But unlike F&F, which had nothing to do with a similar program under Bush, Bay of Pigs was a turnkey operation when Kennedy took office. He even considered cancelling it…which. If you’re thinking of cancelling it, you probably should’ve.

          • russellbennett

            It changed the lives of a lot of people forever.

        • chewinmule

          Try telling them that Republicans and Ike pushed for desegregation during his administration while LBJ as speaker of the house fought it tooth and nail.
          Try telling them that had it not been for the support of Everett Dirksen (R) and house Republicans, Civil Rights legislation would have gone down in defeat at the hands of southern Democrats.
          See how fast they deflect or change the subject …….. yes, but ……..!

      • russellbennett

        Ike would not have backed down Like JFK did.

    • Billie Slash

      But Kennedy came clean, and accepted responsibility as CIC.

      • John Richter

        Reagan even later in life admitted ya know looking back, I guess I did give guns to the contras.

        • Billie Slash

          No. We’re talking about the Iran-Contra scandal.

    • DebsFriends

      The Bay of Pigs did started under Eisenhower but Kennedy gave the go-ahead. Big difference–When it failed, Kennedy came forward immediately and took full responsibility for the bay of pigs. He didn’t wait or make excuses…boom…he took responsibility and it was over. This president hasn’t taken responsibility for a thing. Heck, he is hardly at the WH doing his darn job.

      • Ronald Green

        Sorros doesn’t need him at the White House doing anything.

      • redwood05090

        he treated the Cuban patriots like scum bags, no need to glorify the fraudster of U S history, the man was a complete dork and unethical to his last days, what do you expect from a son of a gangster, smuggler and a fellow cheating on his wife, what will the son remember from such a father….

    • right_on

      JFK pulled a Barry before Barry pulled a Barry. Getting things going then bailing is what they are good at. They can still look at themselves in a mirror because they have no conscience. Their favorite saying, “Let’s just cut our losses.” is perhaps making a comeback.

  • DDP2

    greenwald and yglesias were supporting tapper. they were being sarcastic.

    • Billie Slash

      Greenwald maybe. But Yglesias is an Obama tool.

      • DDP2

        yglesias states it was a joke in response to a question from tapper in his twitter replies.

        • Spiny Norman

          Obama bootlicker Matty was being a smartass and Tapper called him out. Of course he’s gonna say it was a joke. But it’s a stupid analogy: Bradley Manning, Yglesias’s “sarcastic” reference leaked ongoing war plans that damaged or at least disrupted an ongoing conflict and put thousands of American soldiers at risk. Anything Tapper digs up has been known by the terrorists in Libya since at least the night of the attack.

        • tops116

          Yeah, never before on the Internet has someone shot their mouth off and later claimed it was a joke after getting called on it. Nope, never.

        • BigSky1970

          Face it, Yglesias is a bootlicker of the Obama Regime. The fact he states it as a joke is obfuscation to the fact he’s nothing more than a tool.

    • kate_middleton

      Greenwald definitely. Yglesias – the jury is out in that one.

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        Tapper.. Needs a job at Fox News. Greenwald… Jury’s still out. Yglasias… POS! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Joe

    This is OLD news. You don’t run arms with only the 4 dead.

    courtesy Canada Free Press
    The hidden real truth about Benghazi 10-28-2012

    Based on information provided by my source and corroborated elsewhere,
    the official account by administration officials is a mosaic of lies
    that were necessary to cover the unpalatable truth of covert actions
    taking place in Libya, Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. The primary
    objective of our covert actions was to secretly arm anti-Assad “rebels”
    in Syria by funneling arms from Libya to Syria via Turkey, with other
    destinations that included Jordan and Lebanon. Regarding the threat to
    Stevens and the other murdered Americans, the truth will reformat the
    persistent question posed to government officials, from UN Ambassador
    Susan Rice to White House Spokesman Jay Carney and others from “how
    could you not have known” to “how could you have done these things?”

  • Republicanvet

    Matty, you are a reeking toolbag. How about Jake Tapper may be aiding the families of 4 dead Americans?

    Sniveling little bitch!

    • John Richter

      The 54 lives lost in the 12 embassy attacks under President Bush did not matter much as none were ambassadors. There was no need to send extra security after any of them.

      • Republicanvet

        I’ve seen this sniveling little talking point bleated by other leftists. Perhaps you will answer some questions rather than running away.
        You say 54 lives were lost. Can you name 5 of them? Even 1? Or are you like other leftists using the dead for a talking point?
        Which embassies were attacked? Which attacks resulted in zero response by the US?
        Which attacks resulted in an innocent man having his First Amendment rights violated by the administration and being thrown in prison based on a lie?
        Which administration had s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs call up a civilian demanding he curb his First Amendment rights?
        Unless you can answer these, I suggest you STFU and stop defiling those killed by pathetic attempts to protect Preezy Fissbump.

        • Bob Smetters

          Lol..interesting that you call a convicted felon out on parole that broke every term of his parole and was sent back to the slammer for it, an innocent man. Every one of your silly questions can be found with a simple google search. I suggest you try it.

      • J. Cox

        You mean attacks with suicide bombers that were over in a matter of secs…of course we had planned to send 5 inf. divs….but since the speed of light keeps stopping us.Yawn..move along troll and try that with the uninformed crowd that can’t tell the difference between 8 secs of terror and a 8 hour ongoing attack.

  • SPQR9

    No, Jake, that’s not a joke – Yglesias is a hack.

    • rivers

      By enemy, Yglesias meant those who aren’t willing to fall in lockstep per the deification of Obama?

  • forgetyoutooo

    CNN is Hillary’s MSNBC….time to blame the CIA.

    • MidgieB

      That would explain why CNN suddenly gives a damn.

  • kate_middleton

    Good job Tapper and CNN.

    I’ve read rumors that there was major weapons transfer going on in Benghazi and Chris Stevens was working with CIA on it ever since this happened.

  • Alemary

    Keep digging Jake. We need a Woodward/Bernstein moment NOW! Take them down now.

  • Jill

    Beck ran with this just three days after the attack, citing Turkish paper reports and CIA leakers.

  • Kansas_City

    Any chance Obama will pay any price in the media for the deception/cover up and pulling it off to get re-elected? Nah.

  • $10348

    I still believe the CIA was collaborating with the attackers prior to the attack. They didn’t WANT the attack to occur, but something went wrong and it happened. It would explain alot. Hillary would have known about all of it.

  • NotaLemming

    I would like to retweet and or thank Jake Tapper for this #Benghazi tweet and thank him for the weee lil-bit-o-work he has done on #Benghazi but he BLOCKED ME ON TWITTER because I keep mentioning the fact his wife works for Planned Parenthood.

    • Joe

      I’d block you too. Nobody wants to be needled. After awhile it gets to be harassment.

      • NotaLemming

        After a while Media Bias becomes misprision.

    • Brian9999

      I reckon quit stalking him, and maybe he’ll unblock you.

      • NotaLemming

        When you question someone about bias and they don’t answer you about it and you ask again. THAT IS NOT STALKING. GAFC!

  • DebsFriends

    The families have questions that should be answered. They were promised those answers by the POTUS and Sec Clinton. Yet, one says Benghazi is phony and the other asks, “What difference does it make?” Neither is trying to give the families answers. This is politics plain and simple.

  • Peter Combs

    when you have 40 CIA field personnel and 5 from the State Department in a remote building, in a town swarming with loose weapons operating out of a building so secret the local Militia don;t even know where it is…and a ship leaves there and arrive in TUrkey laden with weapons…its not hard to connect the dots..Unless you’re Hillary-2016…

  • Senor Equis

    NSA bootlickers filled with rage on this story that they’ve lost control of Narrative, long insisted that CIA was only in Benghazi to collect Gaddafi’s guns not ship them to Syria jihadists later put on State Dept. terror lists. Well?

  • tops116

    Looks like the only thing phony about Benghazi was Team Obama’s defense… not that that’s surprising.

  • Atwater

    No one has reported where Obama and Hillary were those seven hours, that Sunday evening. Rumor is that they were both drunk.

    What kind of person would willingly allow Americans to die in order to save their own yellow streak political asses? They rationalized their deaths that “it is the cost of doing business.”

    In the meantime their policy allowed al Queda to get their hands on surface to air missiles. We are disgusted.

  • Julie Pascal

    Are you sure Glenn Greenwald’s remark wasn’t sarcasm? Unless I’m confused and he’s not the guy in trouble for talking to Snowden?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “Matt Yglesias ✔ @mattyglesias: Does this reporting show @JakeTapper doing great journalism, or is he Aiding The Enemy?”

    It helps Matt’s enemies.

  • Atwater

    First reported in NY Times in 2010. Even back then the assertions were being made that weapons were being transferred through a joint State CIA operation in Benghazi to Syria via Turkey. Yet, the Obama administration didn’t know to whom those weapons were going (only to find out after the fact that al Queda was dispersed in Syria with the so called rebels and those weapons were ending up with them!).

    The reason why Putin is sticking it to Obama is that the Syrian conflict is classic Cold War – war by proxy. Obama/Clinton bungling foreign policy (east vs west) is transparent to him and everyone else outside the US. He has no respect for his counterpart who has a wide yellow streak down his back for not sending help to rescue Americans under attack. We are being lied to on a daily basis by this president and everyone that works for him.

  • SpacePort Terra

    Honestly, This is kindda what I thought was going on. And why I dropped the subject from conversations. This was a botched (at least I hope) OP. A cover-up…but for Nat Sec reasons; not political.

    • anjullyn

      Hmmmmm. Let me think. Didn’t people years ago go to prison for a scheme to get weapons to rebels? And wasn’t the media all over the admin.? It works both ways. Don’t use national security as an excuse for this FU.

  • SpacePort Terra

    Just for the record…Not a big Obama fan, but know a little bit about OpSec.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    For those who think we’ve LOST the GOV’T to KING FINK OBAMA and his CRONIES- WE HAVEN’T! (yet…) WE THE PEOPLE must hold these Crooks and Political Hacks ACCOUNTABLE for THEIR ACTIONS!! Jawamax 8<{D} #RightWard

  • waterytart

    The most frightening and telling thing about Hillary, is that with FULL knowledge of this rotten affair and all its secrets, she still has the balls to move forward with a presidential bid. That’s one scary human, kids.

  • Clayton Doering

    I remember when Rand asked Hilary that question, and I remember her answer which wasn’t a “No”. I remember thinking Hilary’s answer sure sounded like “Yes. We are running a LOT of guns in Libya”.

  • GoldenRudy

    Careful Jake. Don’t accept any invite for a lunch in Marcy Park. Keep digging, real Americans are in your corner on this one.

  • cmerlo1

    Remember to shut your PC DOWN whenever you finish using it, Jake, and use prepaid disposable cell phones.

  • PJ McFlur

    Glen Greenwald is a damn hero. My hat is off to him. He has been working tirelessly since he broke this story. Glen has remained steadfast and been absolutely eloquent in his defense of Ed Snowden.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Hey Twitchy Team, remember this posting:
    Bret Baier promises ‘more shoes to drop’ on Benghazi investigation
    Posted at 12:53 am on June 29, 2013 by Twitchy Staff

  • rbeccah

    This government ran guns to Mexico. Why not Benghazi?

  • The Penguin

    I hope he doesn’t drive a Mercedes…(you know, like Hastings,suspicious car crash death…)

  • Beaugard Stevens

    You people are not going to stop Hillary from being President! You haven’t given a crap about anything that happened under George Bush, so you’re not fooling anyone!! Why don’t you all go move to Benghazi to do undercover work!!

    • Ronald Green

      If all the dirt that’s under the Benghazi rug comes out, your Beatch isn’t going to be President, she’ll be lucky to avoid jail time. Bush hasn’t been in Office for how Long? 5 years? When are you idiot liberals going to finally take responsibility for the mess your boy has made in office? Oh sorry, don’t want you to take offense there … “Your Man”.

    • J. Cox

      You obviously do not understand what laws are,and “us people” still get to decide who the president is.I know you leftist statist hate that fact,but we do still get 1 vote….which is ironically 1 less than most dead people in chicago get

    • ObamaFail

      Except Obama has been in charge for years now. I know you libs can’t accept that Obama isn’t the messiah you pretend he is, but he’s worse than Bush ever was. Accept I libby. And Hillary will never be POTUS. The other Dems who run in the Primaries will sell her terrorist aiding butt down the river.

  • John Richter

    Does this mean we are supposed to say General Petreaous gave an order to stand down and killed all those people now? We are going to look silly if we change talking points.

  • Socrates

    So would Greenwald have been ok if Snowden had released the info? Hypocrite

  • Ronald Green

    One of the ‘unanswered’ questions is as Sec. of State, did Hillary know about what was going on in Benghazi? The answer is, of course she did. Because if she didn’t, she is, at best, incompetent; and at worst, she’s a fool.

  • LMW51

    We already KNOW that it was politics. The Lies that Obama, Hillary, Carney and Rice told to the American people about it being a “spontaneous” eruption of violence at a protest to an American made film proved that from the beginning. This Administration will stop at nothing – even allowing the arrest and imprisonment of an American Citizen – and a Coptic Christian – to protect themselves politically. And let’s not forget that this Administration targeted political opponents of the President to ALSO affect the outcome of the 2012 election using the IRS. From bullying Christians in the US military to arresting and targeting US Citizens (by drone and by the IRS), this administration has proven that we definitely should be listening to those who claim Obama is a “tyrant’ and wondering how much truth there may be to that claim.

  • RLEE

    Fox has been reporting on this since day one now CNN starts saying it happened so now people believe it thanks for waking up folks!!!

  • Linda Northway

    You know the CIA is going to have a scapegoat!!! If you are going to lynch someone, be darned sure you have the right party!

  • blynnd

    If there were 30 agents on the ground…were they battling back in the terrorist attack? Did this attack cause a different plan to go haywire? Rumors of a kidnap of Amb and then a big trade off of blind sheik for Amb with Obama glory following? If gun running, is America REALLY arming al Qaeda. We have stooped that low? We have a Prez and Sec of State, then,willing for people to DIE in order to keep all or any of this secret? Oh…and we were told Amb died from smoke inhalation and yet there are vivid pics of him being TORTURED on the internet…what the heck? Does ANYONE around Hillary and Obama believe it is wrong to LIE to this nation? Why blame that stupid video? WHY? It is all so disgusting and filthy. And wrong. Really wrong.

  • russellbennett

    Jake must really want to be a Journalist. Its a shame he has to be so careful.

  • NealK

    Jake is great, but in fairness, Drew Griffin was the CNN correspondent who went to Libya and reported the story.

    • BigSky1970

      Drew Griffin can be as sloppy a journalist as the rest of them at CNN. This “exclusive report” has been covered by other news outlets for the past 2 years. Nobody is learning anything new by watching CNN, which by the way has dwindling viewership.

  • BigSky1970

    CNN viewers are finally realizing what Fox News viewers learned almost 2 years ago.

    The embassy in Benghazi was a base of operations for the gun running operation in that region.

  • Selendis

    I can’t believe Benghazi being a CIA operation is somehow a surprise to anyone. Seriously? That was a given once we started seeing the lack of response, instant confusion over who should be responding, how, short on security, a few folks we knew to be in CIA intelligence, and the timeline following “found” weapon stashes. And I don’t watch Fox, listen to Beck. I am nearly the ultimate Liberal. (classical, not nanny state) I know, people that believed the Patriot act would be a good thing, for security. geesh.