Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin told Greta Van Susteren Friday that “elites” in the Republican Party banned her from mentioning Barack Obama’s decades-long association with the radical Rev. Jeremiah Wright during the 2008 campaign for fear of a media backlash. Also off the table was any talk about Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers, in whose living room Obama launched his political career.

Palin also produced her own “redneck” version of Karl Rove’s famous white board, on which she presented a list of Obama administration scandals, including Benghazi, the IRS, James Rosen, Fast and Furious, Obamacare lies, NSA spying and more.

  • Jeremy

    great job by Palin.I knew McCain’s campaign did that because,they hated her.

    • Patriot

      John McCain. Obama’s biggest supporter.

      • BlueGood

        The Idiot in chief must secretly have a serious man crush on McCain Mutineer….

        His Campaign essentially gave the BIG O a PASS on EVERYTHING that should have been used to drive the dork from any political future…..including being elected Dog Catcher in Detroit……(but then again, O’Bama would never need food stamps in that career would he??)

      • Tom Chipp

        Second only to Romney.

      • jb

        no surprise really. he rolled easily in N. Viet. too.

        • Billy Heany

          Yea…. I heard tell that McCain lay around in some hotel in Hanoi until the conflict ended. I think it was a Hilton. He got tennis elbow or something while he was there. (now that’s tongue-n-cheek. He’s a hero for his service. Too bad McCain later turned-out to be such a disappointment for his country)

          • OpenTheDoor

            Too bad McPain was brainwashed.
            He cudda been a contender!
            Manchurian candidate instead.

      • thetreyman

        question for the lib Palin haters below. hypothetically speaking, under a Palin presidency, do you think that the NSA would be spying and collecting data on American citizens who are not under any suspicion of committing a crime?

        • Bathing Suit Area


      • Teddi

        Palin’s underlining point is key. If you want to smack the living krap out these radical left groupies in the WH, the “PC” gloves need to come off and bursts of fire need to intermittently include the media as well…

        • GaryTheBrave

          I think the same disease affected the Romney campaign but it went further. Romney never mentioned anything that went right during the Bush administration. He didn’t even mention how the economy boomed while Congress was in control of the GOP (or the GOP was in control of the Congress).

          Is there a memo floating around GOP campaign handlers stating not to insult the other candidates? Is there a misunderstanding of Reagan’s 11th Commandment?

          • Billie Slash

            The RINO’s have a 12th commandment: Thou shalt be a douchebag every chance one gets!

          • GaryTheBrave

            I think the Dems have adopted the 11th as their own.

          • Billie Slash

            Maybe, Gary. But when a party has collective ‘group think’ as liberals do, why is a code of behaviour necessary? They’re all in sync, like flying geese.

          • Teddi

            I agree w/ your Romney observations. Mitt would not call Obama out as a socialist and that was a mistake for two reasons.

            1.) How do attack your opponents big Fed Gov/statist agenda if you don’t define it ? 2.) If you don’t define it, the media will…

      • helen willis

        I’m pretty sure McCain voted for O.

        • GaryTheBrave

          Both times.

      • freddy

        Never trust that soft spoken voice trick trying to soothe you.

      • MZAZ86442i

        John “Songbird” McCain There is a reason he is called “SONGBIRD. Research and you will see

        • Chrissy the Hyphenated

          Thanks for the recommendation, MZAZ. I had no idea!

    • grais

      Yes, not pissing off the media is a sure-fire way for the GOP to win the White House. Look at how well it works.

      • Maxx

        What annoyed me most about that campaign decision not to go after Obama’s ties was how blatant the media were all too quick to portray Palin as Tina Fey. So….at the same time McCain’s handlers were handcuffing Palin (for fear of media backlash) as a strategy, they were too ignorant to realize that very media were gleefully portraying Sarah as some cartoonist buffoon who could see Russia from her porch.

        Yeah Steve…THAT was a good call. It probably cost you the election.

        • grais

          Vile Dems play to the media, the media play to the low info voters, who are legion.

          There’s no point in the GOP trying to play nice.

          • Teddi

            One thing that I’ve observed about the media is that are ok as long as you play by their “PC” rules. If you attack them hard (like they do) and in particular do so in a none “PC” fashion – they go wobbly like boxer who is caught a surprise punch…

        • Teddi

          I was throwing stuff at the TV by the end of the campaign because they wouldn’t go after that radical leftist POS !

    • Spiny Norman

      At the time, I wondered what the hell McCain was thinking, picking Gov Palin for VP, then having his campaign work harder than the Democrats to undercut her at every turn. It seems obvious now that their goal was twofold: shamelessly pander to the conservative, limited-government base, and second, since it’s very likely McCain wasn’t serious about winning the election, put an end to her political career before she can become a threat to the RINOs’ control of the Party.

      • Garym

        This logic is sound, unfortunately.

    • ssj429

      They didn’t do that because they hated her, they did it because they are idiotic fools.

    • rennyangel2

      McCain’s campaign was scared shytless of being called racist. Notice how that works? Too bad he just didn’t ignore the MSM and campaign for real against a liar, corrupter, divider, and incompetent.

    • DocBarry1

      Remember the Governor did bring up these topics but then McCain came out and said that he would not continue with these topics in the campaign – that is why the Governor needs to run for the Presidency in 2015/16 – she will run an ethical campaign with her people in her way – what a marvelous campaign it would be Please God lead her to the Presidency Please

    • Michael Hampton

      It’s a lie. A simple search shows she mentioned both of them several times.

  • MarcusFenix

    As nice as it is it see, I think the real question should be “Why are you just saying this now, 5 years later?”

    If this had been released earlier…MUCH earlier…would have been infinitely better.

    • idesign2

      I think over the years, Palin has tried to work with GOP, to no avail…

      After 2012, she’s over it..:)

      • MarcusFenix

        I agree that she’s been more patient than I would have been in the same circumstance. But it just strikes me as odd that she’s just now getting around to talking about this. She could have said something immediately after the campaign and not held back.

        Looks like a decent move on her part for some sort of run at office. The tactic works well enough, by trying to make herself look like she’s not as close to the establishment as others. Could work in her favor.

        • idesign2

          Palin was never part of the establishment…

          Get real..:)

          • MarcusFenix

            I didn’t say she was. I said it an attempt to show the public that she’s showing the distance between her and the establishment.

          • idesign2

            Got ya…

            You’re talking Stratagy..:)

          • MarcusFenix

            Yes 😉 If it was unclear, that’s my fault. Sorry.

            I do wish she would have spoken up earlier though, but..the strategy works this way too. Could have been planned that way previously, for just this very sort of occasion. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that she was banned from those topics because it’s not like McCain would capitulate on anything else important, right? 😉

          • deTocqueville1

            What universe have you been in? She has been hammering at this for years.

          • MarcusFenix

            Unless you live in a universe where people can tell the future, this is the first time she’s made claims like this….hence my postings on the matter.

            She may have been hammering at the establishment for years, but what is posted above is new material, unless we’ve really been missing something. Don’t confuse the two.

            You could have skipped the snarky comment, it might be easier for you.

          • gary4205

            Palin’s ENTIRE POLITICAL CAREER, from her earliest days on the Wasilla City Counsel, to the AOGCC, to Governor, to now, has been about taking on corrupt Republicans!

            Going after corruption has always been what she does. Since day one!

        • deTocqueville1

          Try thinking that all through again, it might be easier for you.

    • BAW

      I have always assumed that Palin felt a serious loyalty to McCain. Either because he respected her enough to ask her to be his running mate and/or because she genuinely believed in him. I would have lashed out sooner against the McCain insiders who piled on right along with the left. I would have been angry at McCain himself for allowing all that to happen. But she is a better person than I am, or at least far nicer (I blame my red hair for a lack of patience:) I also think that some would, still will criticize her for anything negative she says about McCain or “their” campaign. Point is, I think she’s waited long enough now for her and many others to feel like she’s been nice long enough (McCain has received far more than enough deference) and she can start taking her shots. She doesn’t look petty or like she’s making excuses, she’s just pointing out important issues that need to be known before the next Republican runs for president. Ultimately, I believe the Palins are incredibly decent people or Todd would have hurt some people by now. For what it’s worth, I don’t see Palin as a presidential candidate (hope she runs for the Senate) but I have great respect for her and appreciate the contributions she makes. I’m a big Cruz supporter.

    • gary4205

      Palin not only talked about it [raised holy hell] during the campaign, she wrote about it EXTENSIVELY in her first book. The only people that didn’t know this are the low information voters who don’t pay attention.

      • MarcusFenix

        I would take exception to that, only because I’ve never read her book. But I’ve also never heard her publicly make the claim she did yesterday.

  • Jill

    Given that McCain seemed bent upon losing, this does not surprise me at all.

  • Buddy McGarr

    Liberal RINO strategist have blown two presidential elections, will they blow a 3rd? BTW they are trying their best to ruin the 2014 midterms.

  • John Scotus

    The Dems aren’t afraid to run scorched-earth campaigns against the GOP, but the GOP leadership is afraid to offer even a mild and reasonable critique of the Dems. Take away? The GOP elites really didn’t want to win the election and/or were fine with the idea of having a race-baiting crypto-communist as president. How lovely.

    • gary4205

      The corrupt GOP establishment is more worried about protecting it’s own corrupt deals, than protecting the American people.

      • GaryTheBrave

        I was about to reply to John that, maybe, there were reasons they didn’t want to win. You nailed it, though.

  • SineWaveII

    It figures. All they had to do was call McCain and whisper “Charles Keating” and hang up. After that he told Sarah to back off.

    That’s probably what Obama did to make McCain into his personal butt boy.

    One reason that McCain should have been voted out of office long ago.

  • Mark James

    We have to battle the Democrats, the media and now our own party. What a bunch of idiots.

  • neoface

    Just like how Mitt Romney was probably ban by GOP to talk about certain things, the same reason why Oblunder won the election of 2012. So is people like Rove really working for the dems, or just rino repulbican???

    • pla47

      I do not think so. He is the establishment Republican. I think that the Republicans are going to have to modernize themselves.

      • neoface

        I don’t think modernize so much as do what any successful politician or commercials do, target the groups that you want to sell your products to. Romney was too honest, while Obama lied and made promises that people wanted to hear. It seem truth wasn’t relevant.

        • pla47

          You do have a point. I also think that may have a been a little fear involved also. You have the first black president. If he had been defeated in 2012, there would have been a major concern for the blacks to march and raise the devil. The democrats were afraid that Romney would win. They started well before the election with the voter suppression argument. They were setting the stage for organized violence if he had lost. The NAACP would have been out in force with the New Black Panthers. Like a Panther they were lying in waiting. He won again and it going to everyone loss.

          • neoface

            I agree, had the left didn’t get the results they wanted 2012, it would be another Zimmerman verdict outrage, never mind the due process and the constitutional protocols. Correction, if Zimmerman is a white Hispanic, then Obama is not the first black president, what hypocrisy! There is a word for Obama’s color but I would get flagged if used in this post. LOL!!

          • pla47

            Thanks for your reply. If he had not been elected back. It may have been like over in Mideast. They call the Republicans sore losers. It would have been an attempted overthrow.

          • TexSizzle

            They project.

  • deTocqueville1

    What a lady and President Palin has such a nice ring to it. The team is now forming, vocal, determined and articulate and they have an increasingly vigilent and powerful citizenry of constitutional conservatives ready to work with them on the restoration.

    • MarcusFenix

      I don’t disagree (and I can even skip the snide comments!),but…let’s face facts here. No matter how good she would be at the job, no matter how articulate she is right now, it doesn’t change the fact that the liberal establishment has spent years making her look the fool in public. which might be something that’s too powerful to overcome.

      The counterpoint that she would have a great many people behind her isn’t going to make up for the fact that the press, Democrats, and pretty much anyone who isn’t a conservative has spent the last 5 years making her look all manner of stupid, whether it was deserved or not.

      And the reason it worked is because hands down, there is a huge chunk of the populace that are low information voters, who listen to whatever quip was on The Daily Show the night before, or whatever false narrative the MSM can come up with.

      I just think, regardless of how good she is for the position, that she’s already lost in public opinion overall.

      • Ben Bollman

        Well, I think the thing we have to realize is that the left is never going to give us a fair shake and that the low information voter can be reached if we speak loud enough and persistently enough. Most low info voters don’t even know why they don’t like Palin other than the fact Tina Fey made fun of her on SNL. If Palin had been allowed to go after these idiots instead of being held back in 2008 she could have probably won a lot of people over. Even at that, she was probably the sole reason any conservatives voted in 2008 anyway.

        • deTocqueville1

          Exactly. We must run despite them and with the new media we can go over their heads and ever decreasing popular reach.

        • MarcusFenix

          Agreed, as above with deToc.

          The problem is reaching low information voters. most of them are just going to believe whatever comes on their local cable channel in 10 second sound bites. They aren’t going to take the time to figure out facts and real statistics.

          But you’re also right again, they should have hammered this mess home in 2008 and taken the trash out when they had the chance.

          • everythingispolitics

            Did you all miss Couric and Gibson? She sunk herself

          • MarcusFenix

            Miss them, no.

            I can’t argue that Palin has made a gaffe along the way, that would be foolish.

            It could be pointed out that if Palin’s gaffes are considered horrible…then where in the world do we start with Pelosi and Biden, who are actually in high level government positions right this minute.

            Palin isn’t perfect…but regardless of that fact, I’d rather have her there than the aforementioned gaffe-machines.

          • grais
          • Ronald Green

            That’s why Couric and Gibson are irrelevant now and Palin lives in your head for free.

          • gary4205

            Couric is a blithering idiot, and has proved it for decades. She actually spent a WEEK with former democrat Senator Sam Nunn, trying to figure out how to “get” Palin.

            Couric had over NINE HOURS of interview with Palin, we saw about a hour or so, which was heavily edited.

            As for Gibson. ABC edited the crap out of that interview as well. So much so it changed the entire context of many of Palin’s answers:

            ABC News Edited Out Key Parts of Sarah Palin Interview


            It’s telling that after 5 years, all you clowns have to hold on to are a couple of gotcha interviews that have been proven to be dishonestly presented to the public.

            How sad for you.

          • Ben Bollman

            It won’t be easy but a good thing about the low info voter is they also respond to making an opponent look bad too. That is why I thought Romney’s “Obama is a nice guy but a bad leader” strategy was ill-conceived because he should have tried to paint Obama in the worst light possible and had a lot to work with. No matter what anyone says about ‘civility’ that more than anything else is what the low-info voter responds to.

          • MarcusFenix

            Agreed. Liberals don’t have a problem blowing past civility and right to the heart of being as mean as possible. That tactic works both way.

          • gary4205

            You guys forget, Sarah Palin is one of THE very best at retail politics. She has boundless energy, and actually likes getting out and mixing in with the people.

      • deTocqueville1

        But who cares. They will always demonize whomever runs. They loved McCain and then Romney until they got the GOP nomination and then what. Palin is charismatic, has a quick grasp of facts and policy and is an electric speaker. She is the best and will win hearts and minds. The public is ready now. They were not redy in 2008.

        • MarcusFenix

          You’re right..and as I’m about to post to Ben below, he too is correct…we won’t get a fair shake on this. The MSM is going to try and screw over whoever the GOP puts up there…but it is high time the GOP put someone up there worth voting for already.

          If it’s Palin, then great. I just see the crap-storm that it would start, and it makes me less optimistic she’d win a national election. I think the Senate would be the best spot for her to start. Get in there, really make a name for herself in that regard, and then shoot for the WH.

          • gary4205

            Why would a woman with over TWO DECADES as a CEO waste a single minute in the US Senate. That would be a criminal waste of time.

            Sarah Palin isn’t some debate club gal, she’s a CEO. A Chief Executive. She’s already proven she knows how to govern. How to run a massively complicated state.

            Past that, Palin sat as the second most powerful executive in the country. MUCH more powerful than the Governors of Texas or Kalifornia.

            Flashback: Wall Street Journal 2008: Compared to Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin is an Executive Giant


            Palin, with her experience as Commander-in-Chief of Alaska’s National Guard, the ONLY Guard in the country that is permanently deployed. And the fact she SHARED command and control of the 49th Missile Battalion, the nation’s first line of defense, and got regular high level, top secret national security briefings, proves she’s the most qualified to be President that we’ve had in decades.

            Commanding Alaska’s Guard w/ 24/7 missile defense



          • MarcusFenix

            You’re missing the point, and making it sound like a seat in the Senate for her is like joining the local PTA. The point of going up the ladder, from Senate to POTUS, would be to use the post as a stepping stone. 20 years of experience, banked with a successful Senate post just makes her resume all the better.

            The low information public sees her as the Tina Fey portrayal. As I told someone earlier, no matter how good she is, no matter how articulate she is, you’ve got a mountain of stupidity she’d have to climb to get past that. It’s not her fault, per se, but years of liberal garbage in the media making her out to be something she’s not.

            Starting in the Senate wouldn’t be a waste of time. She still has at least some hurdles to clear, including the fact she bailed out as being the Governor of Alaska. You can sing her virtues all day long, but I think the bottom line is, she has some ground to recover and some fences to mend before I’d vote for her as President. Don’t mistake this as an attempt on my part to say she’s not qualified, or that I dislike Palin. I really don’t. I might not agree with 100% of her statements, but overall she’s absolutely better that what’s in office right now, by a wide margin.

            It’s just my opinion, but…regardless of her strengths and background, I don’t see the public accepting her as President right now. A few years from now, with a proven public record in a Senate position…could really swing votes her direction. If she’s really about getting rid of corruption, and she’s as tough as she puts out there, cleaning up things in the Senate is an awesome start. She can consolidate her power base even more so than she already has, can gain considerable foothold in DC that she might otherwise be lacking, and have a voting track-record to show to the public that she means business and can really take Washington to task.

  • neoface

    Another thought would be, I think McCain is too old and should resign, has he done anything significant in the past four years? It seem to me he is just a go along and get along, collect his paycheck and going to lunch with Obie. McCain need to make room for a younger politician with new ideas and passion to serve people.

  • Victoria Richardson

    Hurricane Sarah was at it again tonight. It seems she is only a few out there that will take Obama and others to task. Karl Rove is just as bad if not worse than the Democratic strategists. I loved how Sarah Palin mentioned Obama’s 57 state comment also today Obama said that Ho Chi Minh was inspired by our Founding Fathers. Yeah, our Founding Fathers inspired a brutal dictator sure. Loved Governor Palin’s countering Karl Roves whiteboard with her own version of the “redneck” whiteboard. I would rather have someone like Sarah Palin who is down to Earth and redneck than most the the snobby elitist hypocrites that makes up most the Democratic Party of today heck there is a good chunk of them in the Republican Party as well.

    • Patriot

      Ho Chi Minh read the founding father’s works and said, “I’ve gotta’ make sure that doesn’t happen.”

  • PingPongPalin

    I cannot wait until she runs for President. It will be the best reality show in history.

  • BoscoBolt
  • Benjamin Johnson

    Golden Globes? Oscars? Awards given by liberals to liberals for being liberal. These are supposed to mean something beyond that? Ridiculously stupid.

  • TJ

    Fox and Romney banned her or anyone from taking about it in 2012.

    • TocksNedlog

      Not even close.

  • Canadian in USA

    As much as I hate to admit it, they’re right: the media would have jumped all over McCain/Palin if they brought up Rev. Wright/Bill Ayres just to protect their “golden child”. I get the feeling that Sarah had the guts to actually put that out there REGARDLESS of what these “consultants” are telling them. If she could have run with those two items, at a minimum, everybody would be talking about them and more and more people could have found out SOMETHING about them.

    These supposed “consultants” have got to go. At best, they’re incompetent/scared; at worst, they’re secretly Democrat operatives disguised as “GOP Consultants”.

    Personally, I think Sarah’s got more guts than the establishment GOP combined.

    • World B. Free

      Screw the media. They have been the enemy of liberty for decades. I’m tired of playing their game.

      Go Sarah!

    • Mary Beth House

      Yes of course they were right. Of course the media would pounce on anything that attacked Obama.

      That doesn’t meant you don’t do it. That just means you are prepared for the pushback and use that energy to drive your message and energize your base.

      • Canadian in USA

        Oh, I absolutely agree. That’s why I said “Personally, I think Sarah’s got more guts than the establishment GOP combined.” I take Sarah to be a fighter and I’d love to see her running for President. I don’t think she’d hesitate to give the Democrats “what for”.

        If I could vote legally, I would vote for her instantly.

        (sarc) Hmm…maybe I could talk to Acorn…(/sarc)

        • Mick_Pearson

          She hesitated in 2012.

          I guess she blinked, when she should have winked. 😉

    • deTocqueville1

      It wouldn’t have mattered. The LSM couldn’t get any worse than it was. She was electric at the convention and everywhere she went .They were as afraid of her as the Dems. She scared the crap out of the Bushes and other associated RINOs.

      • alumin

        You are so right! Barbara Bush said she hoped “she stayed in Alaska”! No love lost on either side there.

      • cvmoonshadow

        And still does.

      • gary4205

        The GOP elites hate her MORE than the democrats. Remember, Palin sent a whole bunch of corrupt Republican lawmakers to prison up there in Alaska! She took down the entire Republican Party!

      • GrindingMills

        I agree that the media would have killed her for the line, and I think it likely would have had a negative effect on the McCain/Palin ticket. I don’t like McCain, but let’s be realistic, he’d be better than Obama.

        • GaryTheBrave

          My dead dog would be better than O.

    • Ben Bollman

      I disagree, they should have brought up Rev. Wright/Bill Ayres and aired ads with the Rev Wright sermons all day every day. The RNC let the media set the narrative and didn’t fight them whatsoever as per usual and that is why we lost. The biggest thing the RNC lacks is persistence, they wilt at the slightest hint of displeasure from the media.

  • Republicanvet

    Such a clear example of why Republicans have been losing races for some time that should have been a lock. With party elites and consultants as stupid as this, it’s no wonder they lose.

    • MarcusFenix

      I’m still not of the mind that its -entirely- stupid, as much as it is purposed. Sometimes, the circumstances make you wonder if they’re just throwing the fight sometimes. The 2008 campaign not going after Wright or Meyers…those are easy issues to attack, but they were left alone. How many other issues have people been told in politics to leave alone, but that could have had incredibly impact?

      • Ben Bollman

        The one thing people need to realize is both sides are run by Big Government authoritarians albeit with different aspects of the government, which is by design. That is why establishment guys like McCain are so eager to ‘compromise’ because it means they get to make deals with the Democrats to get power over something else like say border security. They don’t want to rock the boat and let anti-Washington guys like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz make the party give up their hard fought power and payoffs.

        • MarcusFenix

          As silly as it may sound, why wouldn’t Paul and Cruz just take people like Palin, beef up a brand new party, and crush the other two. An actual Libertarian party with heavy hitting names and fresh ideas sounds nice to me, actually.

          Not sure if they’d see it as a pipe dream, political suicide, or just something people wouldn’t accept. But in my opinion, this country has suffered under a 2 party blockade of ideas for far too long.

          • everythingispolitics

            Because Paul, Cruz and Palin also have negative approval ratings.

          • MarcusFenix

            Looked the numbers up…

            Palin’s approval is somewhere in the 48% range, while Obama’s is at 49% (as of Friday, 7/26/2013 according to Rasmussen polls. That’s stastically identical, taking into account margins of error for polling.

            From PPP on Paul:

            “PPP’s latest poll of voters
            across America finds that the Republican primary race has become a virtual dead
            heat between five or six candidates. Rand Paul sits ahead of the field at 16%,
            his highest numbers since April, and the first time he has held sole possession
            of first place.”

            Cruz…eh, I can’t argue that one.

            Congress, on the other hand, has a 7% approval rating. Doesn’t get too much worse than that.

          • Ben Bollman

            But that’s without any campaigning and with people’s opinions based solely on what the media has told them. At this point it is absurd to even try to predict how someone will do in an election.

          • gary4205

            in 2012 the last poll that actually had Governor Palin’s name in it, as a Presidential candidate, had her wildly more popular than any of the actual candidates! Sarah Palin has ALWAYS had a MUCH higher approval rating than any other Republican, and most democrats.

            And THIS is from the left wing democrat polling firm PPP:

            PPP: Sarah Palin Still More Popular Than Actual Candidates, Could Be Unity Choice at Brokered Convention


            Let’s not forget that as Governor, Palin had an approval rating of over 90% for a long, long period of time. So much so the local media was freaking out about it!

            Even after Obama’s hand picked thugs invaded Alaska, spewing democrat hate and lies 24/7, Palin was still the highest rated Governor in America.

          • Ben Bollman

            Because we have low information voters on our side too that vote for the ‘R’ behind the name just as much as any Dem does and as sad as it is we still need them to win elections. The Republican Party needs to be changed from the inside out and become the party it was always meant to be.

          • MarcusFenix

            I don’t disagree, but the Republican party is so far into the weeds, I don’t see any legitimate way out…especially when you have people like Christie in NJ talking crap to libertarians and people like Paul.

            If there is going to be change, if that’s even possible, it’s going to be messy and there are tons of powerful and rich folks who are going to fight it every step of the way.

          • Ben Bollman

            Things will change as more Tea Party people are elected and get in positions of power. Rome wasn’t built in a day and for a movement that is only a few years old we haven’t done too bad. If Tea Party people defected to the Libertarian Party it would only split conservatives mostly and would ensure more Democrat Presidential victories in the future.

  • mhojai

    I’m very disappointed to know that Sarah went along with it.

    • TocksNedlog

      Was she at the top of the ticket?

    • gary4205

      Actually, she didn’t. Where do you think the phrase “going rogue” concerning Palin, came from. Schmidt and Wallace are idiots.

      • Finrod Felagund

        Schmidt and Wallace should be persona non grata to any Republican campaign at any level. Their treachery elected Obama.

  • Ben Bollman

    Yep, the spineless political class is seriously killing us. Any Tea Party candidate must completely disregard them if we ever hope to win again. How many elections do we have to lose before they learn?

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    Today’s liberalism is simply communism without the manifesto.

  • Franklin Crittenden

    Telling the truth is never the wrong thing to do…

  • smartone


  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Here are the scenes from “Game Change” which depict the McCain’s campaign’s decision about Wright.

    • RememberSekhmet

      Nobody cares about your fap material, Joe. Keep that crap to yourself.

      • deTocqueville1

        At least Goebbels believed in the ‘Big Lie’, poor Joe just tries little ones.

    • MarcusFenix

      You’re still going on about a movie.

      Let’s see what the critics said, shall we?

      Jay Carney…sure he doesn’t need an introduction…called out the film makers for not actually checking to verify the material they used for the book and film. Woops?

      The Poynter Institute criticized the film, stating the problem with the overuse and misuse of anonymous sources for the film.

      Reviews from The Atlantic stated specifically that the film veered into gossip, and shouldn’t be taken at face value.

      A review in the New York Times (of all places) said that while there was some truth in the movie, but that it paid lip service to rumors, unfounded allegations, and that it tried to “crystallize” those into fact when they were doubtful.

      Numerous critics made the point that there was a wholesale lack of cited sources, but the book/film makers cited sources that were very close to the campaign…that they could never produce.

      • JoeMyGodNYC
        • MarcusFenix

          You’re absolutely right.

          From the article:

          “Though this book focuses on personal matters, not policy concerns, and
          though some of what will be its most talked about passages fall into the
          realm of gossip and reflect the views of chatty and, in some cases,
          bitter, regretful or spin-conscious aides,the volume does leave the reader with a vivid, visceral sense of the campaign”

          You’re welcome.

          • JoeMyGodNYC

            You are citing the book. I’ve been talking about the *movie*.

          • RememberSekhmet

            Come out of the closet, Joe. You fap to Julianne Moore and Sarah Palin. You hetero breeder, you.

          • MarcusFenix

            And the movie was based off of………….

            Survey says, “The Book!” Number 1 answer.

            That’s the worse deflection you’ve had yet.

            Unless of course, you’re saying either one, or both, of them are factually inaccurate, in which you’ve justified my point.

          • JoeMyGodNYC

            BREAKING: Book and their subsequent movies often get VERY differing reviews. Case in point, “Game Change.”

          • MarcusFenix

            So, the source material that the movie was based on is either flawed or not as good as the movie?

            Your comment could also fall back on the age old idea that movies aren’t as good as their book material, so there’s that piece of BREAKING! news.

            But you didn’t actually answer the retort. Let’s presume that the movie had to cut out scores of material due to time constraints. Would that not, in effect, reduce its accuracy? I mean, if you don’t have time to put everything in, what was left out?

            But who reviewed the book and who reviewed the movie are opinion pieces entirely. The book review had 2 years on the movie review, which was more than enough time for producers to make sure things were right, that -everything- was *actually* correct and not just “essentially” correct as you’ve claimed.

            So you now have to concede that either the movie left things out and skewed the point of the book, or that the book (since it was the freaking source material) was wrong initially.

            Take your pick.

          • Spiny Norman

            A movie made by liberal ideologues with an obvious agenda careens into fictional territory even more than a self-serving gossipy “tell-all” book? Imagine my surprise!

            Don’t tell me, let me guess: you are absolutely convinced Palin claimed she could see Russia from her house.

          • Guest

            “Game Change”, the book, was anonymously sourced, as none of the sources were willing to put their names with their statements.

            It seems that the film itself is largely anonymously sourced as well, with the exception of former McCain staffer Steve Schmidt who has happily stated his involvement in the film.

            Schmidt and another McCain-Palin aide, Nicolle Wallace, have been making the rounds touting the veracity of the film.

            Despite the claims of Schmidt and Wallace, three members of the McCain family-John, Cindy, and Meghan-all have harsh criticism for the film. Meghan McCain, who is general dismissive of Governor Palin, notes that the portrayal of Governor Palin is “sexist and completely off the mark.” Michael Goldfarb, member of the McCain campaign communication team denounced the film and Schmidt and Wallace for their disloyalty.

            Seven current or former Palin aides, four of whom worked on the McCain campaign, have called the film “historical fiction.” Jason Recher, who works for Governor Palin’s political action committee and was a McCain aide in 2008, noted that Schmidt was only present on 5 of the 200 legs of the campaign trail with Governor Palin.’


          • Guest

            In an interview on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” McCain said “From everything I’ve read and heard, it doesn’t even resemble what took place,” she said. “I can go to Disneyland for fiction.”


          • Guest

            ‘Game Change’: A made-up narrative from two axe-grinders

            “I spent a year of my life on the McCain campaign, and I can tell you this: Nuh uh. “Game Change” is a ridiculous farce of a movie — even more absurd as a chronicle of a major historical event — that appears to have been written mostly by Mr. Schmidt and Ms. Wallace, two players who have major axes to grind with the higher-ups of the McCain campaign.

            Mr. Schmidt was a longtime loser when he entered the McCain campaign, losing race after race — he served as communications director for Lamar (Lamar!) Alexander’s pitiful run for president: Need we say more?

            Ms. Wallace took a similar path, starting out in California politics, then switching to Florida. Like Mr. Schmidt, she worked in the George W. Bush White House before joining the McCain campaign. I was covering the White House at the same time; she wasn’t much of a force there, either.”


          • Guest
          • Markward

            Gosh, Joe being intellectually dishonest, again! I am shocked, shocked I tell you!

        • MarcusFenix

          I would also point out that the article I cited was written a full 2 years before the one you’ve gone with. Isn’t that special?

        • Guest

          From the Associated Press:

          “Palin wasn’t the primary focus of the book, and he said he told screenwriter and co-executive producer Danny Strong that the book “absolutely, unequivocally” did not accurately reflect his time with the McCain campaign.

          During the same conference call, Randy Scheunemann, who also worked as an adviser to Palin during the presidential campaign said: “If the book was very misleading, the movie’s going to be far worse.” Other current and former aides to Palin who attended the conference call, criticized Heilemann and Halperin “for writing about Palin when they weren’t physically there covering the things that were reported in the book.”

          “The idea that there was at any point that Gov. Palin expressed any uncertainty as to who were the various sides in World War I or World War II … or any other war is absolutely untrue,” Scheunemann said. “She was incredibly intelligent. She asked very informed questions. She was very interested and she wanted to understand John McCain’s view of foreign policy because she wanted to be the best possible vice presidential nominee.”

          “We all know Palin sells and the dramatization of Palin sells even more,” said Stapleton, who, like Crawford and other Palin spokespeople, rarely if ever returned reporters’ phone calls. “This is sick. The media has gone too far. You accepted the false narrative of a couple of people who sought revenge and fabricated a story more than three years ago,” she said, referring to Schmidt and Wallace.

          Recher and McMarlin traveled with Palin during the 2008 campaign and have been at Palin’s side during nearly every public appearance she has made in the last year or so. Recher said he reviewed daily schedules and plane manifests from the campaign and concluded that neither author of “Game Change” was ever present, and that Schmidt was present on only five of 200 bus or plane trips taken by Palin during her two months of campaigning.

    • gary4205

      The ONLY thing in that movie that was true is Sarah Palin was, indeed, Governor of Alaska. The rest is pure BS!

      Stacy Drake: Top 10 Lies of HBO’s “Game Change”

      Stacy Drake: Thanks HBO! Your Time Stamps in “Game Change” Help Us Prove Your Lies

      Maryland O4P Team Skunks HBO’s ‘Game Change’ Party; Hanks Refuses Copy of ‘The Undefeated’-Updated

    • Mary Beth House

      Tell me… do you always reference fictional movies to discuss historical events?

      Fascinating. And a bit demented.

    • Guest
    • mickeyco

      Please see my response to Aruana Zeelie above.

  • krjfla

    So… we all get eaten alive, after he’s elected. Great.

  • Maxx

    People don’t vote for Vice-Presidents. I agree she stumbled but the people most annoyed by that performance were not going to vote for her anyway and as history has clearly pointed out, look at what we got as a result. Someone who THINKS they’re the smartest person in the room yet can’t seem to get the unemployment rate to budge after five years in office.

    Nobody is talking about what papers Sarah reads now, that’s for sure. With five years of impotent governance, it all seems so silly now, to look back and think that one interview was some sort of abject qualifier.

    The man who in 2008 left ’em starry-eyed is now, in 2013, leaving them unemployed.

    • gary4205

      Actually, I don’t know a single human being that voted for McCain in 2008, They DID vote for Sarah Palin though!

    • CLASYS

      Unemployment rate not budging? How about misreporting what it really is. The department of labor has been a long-term source of disinformation going back decades, but Obummer is the best at the distortion. The REAL unemployment is somewhere north of 15%, but the reported number is meaningless:

      Take the number of people either working or eligible to collect unemployment, leave out all those looking for jobs who had collected unemployment and now are ineligible. the subtract from the unemployed anyone who wound up on disability still not working. The unemployment rate is how many of that large number either are collecting unemployment or could but for some reason are not [a small percentage cannot because they needed two jobs to make ends meet and still have one of them, likely the crappier one]. This meaningless statistic is the reported unemployment number of somewhere between 7 and 8 percent which emphasizes tiny irrelevancies to be taughted as if vast improvements are happening.

      Then, take that lie and compound it by deliberately having trailing information deferred so as to not interfere with political campaign cycles which somehow “accidentally” line up with the delays, [an “amazing coincidence”]. and additionally ginning up the numbers by including temp/summer jobs as if full employment instead of guaranteed only good for a couple months.

      Then, not content with this pile of lies, add in an invented phrase jobs “saved or created” which by definition cannot be determined as it is conjecture even if were honest, which it is not.

      As more and more people cannot collect unemployment, and in fact when they do, they are taken off it sooner [arguably that’s a good thing] at this rate, unemployment will be reported as 0.00 real soon now after no one is left who hasn’t already been there. [Of course in the real world they are pounding the pavement or just frustrated; after you apply over 100 times and get nothing, people just get depressed, not employed. A small few have found work in the underground economy, but that’s very much dried up.]

      And of course “employed” doesn’t take into account severe UNDERemployment, as in taking a crappy job instead of a deserved one, better than zero job, and that makes unemployment seem down, but doesn’t report what could best be described as an employment misery index which would accurately portray the picture.

      And then of course, what is “employed” if you are more taxed? It’s this oversimplfied binary number as if all employment results are the same. What if travel costs are a lot higher all other things being equal [which they’re not]. Without a misery index of unemployment, we never get a number with any meaning, but the disinformation campaign just rolls on. The good news is most people just ignore it except the hypnotized sycophants and and the free-loaders who care not at all.

      So, yes, unemployment is rampant, but the media keeps trumpeting what a great Job Obummer is doing as that “unemployment rate” is merely naggingly slow to recover, but gee whiz, give the man an atta-boy because “it’s dropping”. Orwellian hypocrisy.

    • mickeyco

      I certainly voted for Vice President. When you can’t stand the presidential candidate of either party you have to do something.

    • DocBarry1

      Tell me a candidate that doesn’t make a mistake here and there – certainly Obama, biden, Kerry, carter, bush etc all made mistakes – the Governor’s mistakes were minor in comparison – but the problem was that she was against all crony capitalism and unethical politicians in both parties – so she had no real allies except for the people that really knew what she had accomplished and what she stood for

  • grais
  • MNWoman

    I know a lot of people would like to see her run for Senate next year for Alaska, but I am still not sure what to think of that (not that my opinion matters as a MN resident).

    If she were to run for Senate and win, I don’t think she would be able to be as effective at campaigning for conservative candidates or rallying the conservative base since she would have responsibilities with the Senate. I cannot think of anyone else who can irritate the left (and the establishment republicans/RINOs) and motivate the right as much as Palin can.

    On the other hand, we also need strong conservative Senators to balance out the RINOs. She would not be afraid to take a stand against the liberals and RINOs in the Senate. She may still be able to irritate the left and RINOs while motivating conservatives, but just not campaign for candidates as much as she has done in the past.

    Just my two cents :)

    • gary4205

      I don’t think you gotta worry. She’s never been excited about a Senate run. People ask her about it and she says “OK” and moves on.

      I imagine 2014 will look like 2010, but more so. I’m thinking she will run for president in 2016.

  • jtak101

    Couric is a bigger idiot than Palin could ever imagine to be.

    • Michael Hampton

      Ha! I’ve met Couric and all she did was ask a question. One question that Palin could not answer. And that one question makes you hate Couric? Ha!

      • jtak101 met Couric?? BFD!!! I don’t recall writing “that one question makes me hate couric”…could you show me where I wrote that?.

  • Moonbeam

    How conevenient that she mentions this 5 years later. What? Never thought of mentioning this little tidbit in a book? I know she is the right wing’s wet dream, but have you guys ever wondered what her appeal is OUTSIDE of the right wing? Threre are polls out there with the figures. I won’t quote them, because I’ll be told that they are partisan. But please, pop out of the conservative bubble. She is not all that.

    • gary4205

      She talked about it EXTENSIVELY in her Number ONE New York Times Best Selling book “Going Rogue” The one that set sales records for non-fiction titles.

      Hell, she talked about it on the campaign trail as it was happening. That’s when McCain’s clowns went and said Palin was “going rogue”!!

      Now go troll somewhere else, stupid.

    • nibblesyble

      Er-Aruana..when you look outside do you see pretty pink unicorns or polka dot ones?

    • mickeyco

      Why do trolls almost always have to be the least informed and intelligent of the progs? Wouldn’t mind an honest argument, but not going to get one from you.

      • Spiny Norman

        Why do trolls almost always have to be the least informed and intelligent of the progs?

        Those are the ones with nothing better to do than troll websites that appear “right wing.” It’s especially amusing when they try to troll libertarians with the same tired clichés. It looks like they’re arguing with someone who isn’t even there, like an imaginary friend.

    • AceTrace

      So says the leftist troll who sees a Republican Racist under every rock.
      YOU have zero credibility. Oh, and thanks for proving that point with this ridiculous comment. Fact is that Sarah has mentioned many times how she was muzzled by the McCain campaign.

  • CHHR

    Not sure why this is called a bombshell… in both her book and movie Sara talked about how the powers that be wouldn’t allow her to broach any subject negative to Obama.

  • cvmoonshadow

    They were cliped and cut and she swore she would never do it again. Only live interviews from that point forward. She thought Couric was going to do an friendly interview about her accomplishments which were great at the time at what she accomplished in Alaska after taking on the Big Oil companies but instead she asked what magazines she read and it annoyed Sarah and I don’t blame her it would have annoyed me too. May I suggest you watch The Undefeated available on Netflix and learn more than what the liberal media propaganda. She is way more than those two interviews. She herself went to school for journalism and knew how an interview was suppose to be conducted.

  • mamasue54

    What was it Obama said? ” I’ve been to 57 states and I think I got one more. You think he was ready?

    • TexSizzle

      And his handlers wouldn’t let him go to the other two.

  • san rafael blue

    I’m not surprised by the little YELLOW RINOs. What I’m really waiting for from Sarah, is the real story on what made her finally decide not to pursue the presidency. It could be what she said, that she chose to keep what remained of her family life private, and away from the microscope. I suspect Sarah was ‘convinced’ not to run, but how, and by whom, Romney and/or Obama and/or McCain and/or Barbara Bush?

    • gary4205

      Pretty simple, Palin is one of the savviest politicians out there. She looked at the landscape, and didn’t see 2012 making sense for her.

  • ssj429

    Karl Rove is nothing but a democrat. The best way to control another party is to infiltrate it. It’s to lead it. Rove, along with other consultants, have the republican party on a leash. Remember, the consultants told Romney to STOP mentioning Benghazi. They were scared of a “public backlash.” Now we know, that if Mitt was allowed to be Mitt and aggressively go after Obama, then he probably would have won. Rove, along with others, are telling republicans to be soft on Hillary over Benghazi. They are warning them to go along with immigration, or else the media will hate them. Newsflash: the media will always dislike republicans. To make things worse, Bill O’Reilly is now saying the same thing….The other night he was warning Marco Rubio to not defund Obamacare because the media will attack him for doing it. Really? How pathetic…

    • Spiny Norman

      Infiltrator? I wouldn’t go that far. “Collaborator” is a better fit. Rove is full on Establishment, a big government Rockefeller Republican.

  • Renny

    I love that Sarah is making some moves. Tell it, Sarah! Tell it. Those GOPe asses helped Obama into office.

  • Eric Hutchison

    The GOP is fouled up big-time. I feel like I have nobody I can trust to save this wretched country.

  • Guest

    Both the Couric and Gibson interviews were heavily edited hatchet jobs conducted by journalists whose political leanings are far left of Sarah.

    A transcript of the unedited interview of Sarah Palin by Charles Gibson clearly shows that ABC News edited out crucial portions of the interview that showed Palin as knowledgeable or presented her answers out of context.

    Sarah Palin had more executive experience then Obama during the 2008 election.

    • GaryTheBrave

      I remember the Gibson interview. He had his glasses on the tip of his nose, his head was tilted a little back. It appeared as if he was looking down his nose at her. Very condescending.

    • Mick_Pearson

      Due to time constraints, they had to edit her rambling word salads.

  • Teddi

    “she wasn’t ready for the national media”…

    ..the only time the MSM pulled their head out of Obama’s rear end long enough to catch their breath, they went after her with a vengeance that gives the term “War-on-Women” a whole new meaning.

    Your leftist media sold you a phony president and you were stupid enough to buy into it.

  • Guest

    Sarah Palin has been attacked and scrutinized like no one else; she’s probably the “cleanest” politician out there.

    There has not been one aspect of Palin’s life and career that has not been chewed over, criticized and lied about by her enemies; she has withstood the slings, barbs, bullets, and arrows that would have fallen a lesser person.

    Soon after Palin entered the national political scene as Arizona Sen. John McCain’s GOP running mate, she was attacked as a diva, a clothes hog, an irresponsible mother and a political mercenary. They dismissed what she achieved as mayor of her hometown, commissioner of the state’s oil and pipeline board and governor of America’s largest state.

    Sarah Palin’s enemies decided that nothing was too personal to attack-including her marriage, her children, her faith, and her wardrobe.

    The media distorted Palin’s positions and beliefs beyond recognition. And almost every word out of her mouth was spun as a “flub”.

    The media hounded her, and her family, on a daily basis, flat out making crap up (like that she, personally, shot wolves from the air). They claimed her baby was not her own; used despicable language to attack her, and her family; sent numerous reporters to Wasilla to dig up dirt on her ; AP reporters “factchecked” her book; accused her of being an accomplice to murder, her email hacked by the son of a Democrat congressman, political operatives filing endless bogus ethic charges designed to bankrupt a working family with a special need toddler and much more.

    The media went through pages and pages of Palin Emails (24,000+ pages of emails from Palin’s term as governor), looking for damning information that could wipe Sarah Palin from America’s political scene.

    What they found was the inner workings of an efficient, informed and very involved governor that mounted an unprecedented 80 plus approval rating while in office…..not exactly what the death squads of WaPo, the NYT, and other mainstream outlets had in mind.

    The Palin Emails (24,000+ pages of emails) show that Sarah Palin conducted the business of her state in a transparent, bi-partisan, and responsible manner. She worked long, hard hours and treated everyone with respect.

    There were no sex scandals, no lewd twitter photos, no misuse of taxpayer dollars, and no malicious behavior, whatsoever. Just a governor doing her job.

    This scenario is in sharp contrast to the manner in which the media handled Barack Obama, whom it woefully failed to properly investigate in 2007-08.

    The media , Hollywood and the REP establishment have done everything they can to vilify Sarah Palin and her family but despite a massive effort to destroy her, she is still on her feet and making a difference in the political world.

    By the way, if Obama received half of the bad press that Sarah Palin does, his favorables would be in the low 30’s

  • Mick_Pearson

    Palin never had a chance against those two giants of journalism.


    Having now read this entire thread, it is obvious that there are progressive morons here who are either paid plants or wannabes in their underwear in mommie’s house’s basement. They truly fear a resurgence of Palin because they know she can energize things and actually win. You don’t bother to smear someone you don’t care about, so keep it up, idiots, keep it up. Hope your worst nightmare is fulfilled in 2016.

    • ernst1776

      The left is fearful and Sarah Palin is fearless. Time to follow the leader folks and be fearless too.

    • Joel A. Edge

      There’s always one (sometimes two) plants on these comment boards.

  • RanierWest

    Chirper here Rove… We’re done with you! You have no part with us. Rove and his Elitists can get lost along with NOBAMA. NO Christie. NO Jeb. or any other RINO you plan to hide behind.

  • $3838536

    Fearless, feisty feminist freedom-fighter Sarah Palin tells the truth with passion, power, & panache.

  • American-By-Choice

    It follows that the Left would be pant-wetting afraid of this woman.

    No wonder I voted for her in 08.

  • tim62

    Mc Cain & Romney both ceded their election to Obammie .

  • stuckinIL4now

    Wow I’m sooooo shocked(/snarc)–McShame really is a Dembecile.

  • wwbdinct

    That’s really classy of you. Resorting to a Bill Maher insult. Yea – you guys really love women, don’t you? Please. Hey tough guy. Why didn’t you just spell it without the h in it? You were just so determined to get that word in there that you had to make sure you wouldn’t get deleted? We’ll see ….

    • journogal

      I bet the poter is the first to screech about the so-called Republican’s War on Women.

  • Zorro

    If Gov. Palin goes third party, I’m going with her.

  • Leslie Davis

    They (GOP) must of wanted Obama to be President… so they Stabbed Sarah Palin in the Back to get Him Elected… We should’a seen that coming when McCain never really counter attacked Obama on the campaign trail….


    For fear of a media backlash? EVERYTHING and ANYTHING a Republican does or says, good, bad, or indifferent, results in a media backlash!!! When are the idiots running these campaigns going to come to that conclusion? The MSM has the playing field so stacked against the R candidates, it makes no difference what they say or do. So take off the damn gloves!!!

    • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

      Exactly! That’s why people like Ted Cruz are so popular and people like John Boehner aren’t: Cruz doesn’t care what the Left says about him.

  • bill_a_bob

    Why couldn’t the folks at Old Spice could get Karl Rove for that “Worst Architect in the World” commercial? Seems like a natural.

  • Magnifico

    Let’s have an honest discussion on race….LOL…..and Palestinians want peace with Israel. Good try, Obama!

  • Steve_J

    In 2008 McCain prohibited the use of Obama’s middle name.

  • John Howard

    “Redneck Whiteboard” — you just KNOW Libs will start telling everyone ‘Palin went postal on TV last night’

  • immanuelgoldstein

    You mean those six hour long interviews that were heavily edited down in such a way as to make her look as stupid as possible? They never released the unedited tapes of the interviews. Wonder why?

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    ..And that, ladies and Gentlemen, is how KING FINK OBAMA stole the 2008 (S)Election. No matter what HE said, did, or Didn’t do, Sarah should have let them Have it RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES! (This goes for you too, Karl…) Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Noneya

    If Palin felt that strong about it then she should have stood her ground and said her piece in a tactful enough way and made her point. Talking about it now in hindsight is just not all that helpful for Palin. The republican party is a mess and it will take strong leadership and people willing to fight against the Washington elitist’s attitudes. It’s not impossible to change these attitudes but it’s going to take a Reagan like figure. Palin is very useful and likable but she’s no Reagan. Furthermore, any question of whether Karl Rove is useful have been answered in multiple elections. In my personal view either the Republicans embrace conservatives or we all move on to our own party. From what I can tell Rove is all about retaining his power and not about winning elections.

    • JohnT

      Sarah Palin talked about it on the campaign trail as it was happening.

      Did you read her book “Going rogue”?

  • kateorjane

    Looks like the “play nice” time between Palin & McCain is over. We should expect John to start adding his snark as a way to grovel back into the good graces of the RINOs & Dems. Since he’s not running again he doesn’t need Palin’s help with Conservatives – the voters he’s already thrown under the bus.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Enh…so why’d you go along with it Sarah? I’m thinking Huma Abedin quietly gong along with Weiner. End justifying any means, much?

    • QueenB

      I agree. Of course that’s easy for us to say from behind our keyboards. but yes, what were they gonna do if she brought it up? Pick a new VP nominee?

      • $27789750

        That’s not as far fetched as it sounds. They could have trumped up a reason where it would have looked as if she chose to drop out. These are devious and often unscrupulous politicians. Little is beyond the pale for them.

    • Dan L

      Huma knows the Wiener can murder her. Sharia law says so. Say Human, how’s that Islam working out for you?

    • GulfPundit

      The woman was thrust onto the national stage and was immediately subject to the full weight of a hostile media. At that point, she had no reason not to trust the judgement of experienced political operatives and go along with their script. It was McCain’s campaign, not hers. 20/20 hindsight is always clear as a bell.

      • Cruz2016!!!


  • $27789750

    It would have made no difference. O would still have carried the day. The hoopla and hysteria would have over ridden the Wright and Ayers stuff. Even when it came out it made no difference. He got his 2nd term didn’t he…to the everlasting harm to this country and its people.

    • Dan L

      Directly from the Alinsky playbook: Regardless, say it first, say it often, and accuse the other side of lying about it. Never stop. NEVER.

  • William Kent Jenkins

    The only good thing McLame ever did was name Sarah as his running mate

    • Markward

      But at least he is working hard to make strippers lives better by leading the charge for dollar coins. (try not rolling your eyes at that!)

      • Ruy Diaz

        Every instinct McCain has leads him to statism. He doesn’t understand why people like dollar bills rather than dollar coins, and so–simple!–ban the dollar bills. The soul of a petty tyrant.

  • descolada9

    I am all for Sarah running for the presidency. Would love to see her team up with Bobby Jindal for that run. I think together they would turn the establishment upside down and inside out.

    • Cruz2016!!!

      I would rather see her and Ted Cruz!!

      • descolada9

        I wouldn’t have a problem with that, but Ted might be too much of a “white Hispanic” for the media to handle

        • AceTrace

          No doubt that the media (obsessed with propagating the Liberal Democrat talking points) will do their level-best to destroy Ted Cruz. They hate anyone who speaks the truth, especially someone who speaks the truth so effectively.

          • descolada9

            Heck, the Republican establishment will do everything in their power to destroy Ted Cruz, they fear anyone who speaks the truth as well. Look at Michelle Bachman and Steve King.

  • freddy

    Good work Sarah now lets take a bite out of Rubio and Ryan. Everyone is ready as they push amnesty on us. It’s past time to expose these idiots working for special interests.

  • meatmann50

    Maybe Palin wasn’t ready for the national media….but neither was Obama…The media just loved Obama though and was never asked any tough questions…it’s like this….Palin Vice President or Biden? I rest my case….

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Thank you AGAIN Sarah Palin for telling the American people the TRUTH! The republican elitists are not only idiots, they are weasels! They were scared of Obama…it’s sad that a woman in the republican party has more balls then the rest! Sarah Palin is a hero and a great American!!

  • David Johnson

    Still haven’t figured out how he got reelected to the Senate here in Arizona. Gop thinks illegal amnesty will win them elections are they as senile as mccain!

  • Cruz2016!!!

    I wish Sarah Palin would form a new party…..then everyone with guts and honor and American pride can follow her and the slimy weasels with no balls can stay in the republican party!

  • DocBarry1

    I would like to see her have the opportunity to call Roger Ailes and ask to have a 1/2 hour to hour show periodically when she has a lot to say e.g. Scandals, Immigration Bill, Lawlessness of this administration, the weakness of the Gope and LSM etc

    She could make a statement and then have a live audience to discuss her positions it would be electrifying
    Also when does Mark Levin and the Governor say Enough and say what we all know the current Gop does not stand up for the Constitution – Boehner talks tough and then folds – he doesn’t even have the guts to authorize a Select Committee to get to the truth on Benghazi – what is his problem – is he afraid of the truth – is he afraid that he won’t be invited to the White House – the Gop must revolt against him, Ryan, Cantor and get others that believe in the Constitution to lead the House Republicans – if not then they have left us so we must move on to something like the Freedom Party

  • eeddggy

    McCain was in the tank for Obama and the Democrats. He had no intention nor desire to win.
    If you doubt this, I recommend you look back at his “phoned in” campaign. He praised Obama up and down during the campaign while chastising Conservatives,.

  • Zathras11 @B5

    I voted Palin/McCain, NOT McCain/Palin. My hope was that they would win, and he would die of something quickly. I applaud his military service, but he is NOTHING like Reagan (as he has claimed prior). She is almost like Reagan’s daughter (not the crazy hippie one; the other one).

  • Michelle

    And this is exactly why Romney lost in 2012. The GOP advisers told Palin to handle the opponents with kid gloves, and no doubt they told Romney/Ryan the exact same thing. Obama and Biden told numerous lies in the debates and all through their campaign, and Romney/Ryan never went for the throat and called them out on it. Playing nice nice in the sandbox with a bully isn’t going to get the GOP anywhere.

    • AceTrace

      You are correct, Michelle. The only effective way to deal with bullies is harshly. Call them out — loudly — for their misbehavior. Romney could have destroyed Obama in the final debate on the topic of Benghazi alone, yet he wimped out.

      • Michelle

        Ryan could have destroyed Biden in that debate, he told SEVERAL lies and Ryan just sat there taking it. Romney could have destroyed Obama on Benghazi and really hammered him each time he said “I ended the war in Iraq, just like I promised” BIGGEST FRICKEN LIE! Romney never once called him out on it. You’d think these lame advisers would have learned their lesson in 2008, but a repeat of the losing strategy cost them the election in 2012. So. sick. of. it.

        • Cruz2016!!!

          Romney was more vicious towards the other republican candidates than he was Obama…it was so frustrating to watch…almost like….he didn’t want to win

          • Michelle

            All the candidates were hard on each other, it wasn’t just Romney. Doesn’t matter which candidate came out of the primaries – any one of them would have been told to play nice in the sandbox.

          • GaryTheBrave

            Which is fine. Thickens the skin, clears the air, etc. It makes the nominee better prepared for the election.

            Unfortunately Romney never benefited from that. He was always in the 20%-ile range until enough competitors dropped off and he inherited their former supporters. In the GOP debates he was always posted in the middle, never on the edge. It was as if the organizations that put on the debates implicitly endorsed him. He never was really attacked and, therefore, never developed the thick skin.

        • Nathan Mentley

          Here you are providing statements to back up you claim, but you’re speaking only to like minded people… Which inherently disables an important check and balance in any political conversation.

          You see you fail to get a different perspective to evolve your view point.

          For example, one thing that’s gonna be left neglected here is the fact that if Romney did call out Obama on his “lie” about ending the war in Iraq he’d have to then again defend his illogical statement about increasing the size of the Navy. Which was an unpopular statement that was quickly countered with the Bayonet comment.

          Also, After both conventions the GOP was viewed as the less honest and more aggressive party. That was mostly due to Bill Clinton’s speech… which was viewed as the only true completely factual speech. So a more aggressive campaign wasn’t really something the GOP could afford.

    • John Galt

      Instead of coming out swinging, our guys just stand there like a deer in the headlights while they get pummeled. We need less lightweights like the Romney/McCain RINOS and more heavyweights like Cruz or Paul to knock the piss out of these socialist clowns. Based on his record, my grandma could have beat Obama in an election. Why can’t our candidates do the same?

    • Citizen Loring

      I wish Newt Gingrich was our nominee. He would have went after Obama viciously.

      • Cruz2016!!!

        That’s why the republican establishment weasels made sure he wasn’t!! Gingrich would have crushed Obama!

        • JoeMyGodNYC

          Stop, my sides!

        • Mick_Pearson

          Oh my! You are so aDORable!

          • Cruz2016!!!

            I bet you thought Ron Paul had a chance….bahahahaha!

          • Mick_Pearson

            Paul didn’t stand a chance in hell, stay adorable you crazy diamond.

      • John Galt
        • pla47

          I think Newt regretted this picture. Take a good look, he looks like he was not a happy camper when it was taken. He is into solutions. This for him was a wrong solution.

      • GaryTheBrave

        Even if he wasn’t the nominee Gingrich should’ve hit the campaign trail, appeared with TEA Party/conservative candidates from Congress on down, and endorsed them to fix this mess. Now we have to wait til the midterms.

        • Citizen Loring

          The Tea Party candidates are a big reason why we don’t have control of the senate now. They nominated people like Todd Akin, Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, Richard Murdoch, Ken Buck and Joe Miller. Where do they find these fools?

          • GaryTheBrave

            What? You want 100% perfect candidates? 2012 was the first full campaign where the TEA Parties were able to find valid and legitimate candidates. True, some were not vetted well (lesson learnt) while others needed to be coached on media relations (Akin, Murdoch). 2014 will be a banner year where the Tea’s have their collective acts together.

            (Note: I am not a TEA Party member. I have never been to any of their gatherings nor donated any money as far as I know.)

          • Citizen Loring

            I want 100% Perfect candidates??

            I don’t, I just want candidates who can win. I would love to win the 6 seats with 6 Ted Cruzes or Mike Lees, but being the realist that I am, I know that’s not likely.

            I hope you’re right though.

          • Citizen Loring

            I could see Tom Cotton being the text Mike Lee. (Arkansas)

            In Michigan, I think our best bet is Terri Lynn Land. For Louisiana, Bill Cassidy looks like the strongest candidate. I don’t think Republicans will win NC because of the unpopularity of the GOP controlled state legislature. In South Dakota, Gov. Mike Rounds looks like he could take it and if Shelley Capito wins the nomination in WV, the senate senate race is hers to lose. I’m not sure about who will run in Alaska. Dems will take iowa.

          • GaryTheBrave

            I’m still trying to find out who will run against Sen. Udall in CO. I’m trying to convince my congress critter, Corey Gardner, to make the jump.

          • Citizen Loring

            I know. The only guy who seems to have a chance at beating him is Gov. Bill Owens, but I doubt he runs. I hear Hickenlooper is in trouble.

          • Mick_Pearson

            You can start by thanking Sarah Palin for one.

    • pla47

      The Republican were trying to be nice. they like McCain was trying to take the high road. This road so far has been the road to nowhere.

    • beyond partisan

      That, and rampant voter fraud.

  • KenO1964

    I’ve told people for YEARS now that McCain is a liberal democrat in disguise. I wonder if anyone else is now getting it?

    • John Galt

      What disguise? He displays his democrat socialist tendencies fairly prominently for intelligent people to see.

    • Citizen Loring

      How is someone with a 85% rating from Club for Growth a Liberal Democrat?

      • John Galt

        Yea, since the Club for Growth rating is the true test of a real conservative.

  • Caves45

    Funny cause i never voted for McCain i voted Palin !

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    Here is some help to better understand
    (however not acceptable to Constitutionalists)
    what is going on behind This Government.

    Please research in your search engine…

    For the Left-ist/Progressives/Socialist/Extremist
    /Organizers/Communist/Marxist/Muslim/Islam, etc.:

    Lesser known about Organization: A.L.I.C.E.,

    Leftist Organizations More Well Known: SEIU, UAW, AFLCIO,
    AARP/NAACP, MoveOn, OFA, ACORN, Color of Change,
    Gamaliel Foundation (Ayers and Obama), Tides Foundation,
    Apollo Foundation, Other unions etc.
    Here is one source for discovery- (list of >1149< Leftist Groups that are 501c)
    On mostly the Right, some Left – ALEC

  • Shotwell

    This is the last office for McCain…. Vote this turncoat OUT soundly…… he doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt…. he’s shown his hand to side with fat pocket politics…. what a thief

  • Old_Conservative

    Is anyone surprised that the Socialist Democrats are aided and abetted by the Socialist Republicans? They both believe in a totalitarian, big-government, one-world order; the only difference is who’s in control! Is it time for a second revolution to return to limited government strictly following our Constitution where we, the people tell them what to do?

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    And some more help for understanding, yet Not acceptable to Constitutionalist:

    Obama Radical Friends, Mentors, Influences, (or just Coincidences?) Ask yourself – True or False?
    Please Do Put These People’s Names Along With Obama’s Into Your Search
    Engines and Learn Just How Much You Don’t Know About Obama and his Friends, Mentors, Influences.

    Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn – Weatherman Underground, Gamaliel Foundation board member with Obama-Terrorist and Communists,
    David Axelrod-connections to post war Chicago Communists,
    Carl Davidson-Maoist,
    Frank Marshall Davis – Communist, Also See: Paul Kengor author/researcher of Frank Marshall Davis,
    Anita Dunn – Maoist,
    Jodie Evans – Code Pink, Socialist,
    Sam Graham-Felsen – Socialist/Communist,
    Gregory Galluzzo – Socialist/Communist Student Of Alinsky,
    Patrick Gaspard – Socialist/Communist,
    Robert Creamer – Convicted felon and Democrat strategist visited Whitehouse 5 times in August 2011.,
    Kevin Jennings – Obama’s so called “Safe School Czar”,
    Jeff Jones – Terrorist,
    Valerie Jarrett – See: Paul Kengor, and ,
    Van Jones – Co-Founder of, and was Obama’s Green Jobs Czar until he was exposed for being a Self proclaimed Communist.
    Marilyn Katz – Head of Security – SDS,
    Rashid Khalidi – PLO Spokesman,
    Mike Klonsky – Communist,
    Mike Kruglik – Socialist/Communist Student Of Alinsky,
    John L. McKnight – Socialist Student Of Alinsky,
    Khalid Al-Mansour – Mystery Man,
    Saul Mendelson – Socialist,
    Abner Mikva – Progressive/Communist,
    Linda Rae Murray – Communist,
    Alice Palmer – Communist,
    Zach Pollet – Weatherman,
    Tony Rezko – Fixer,
    Wade Rathke – Weatherman,
    Joel Rogers – Founder Of The Socialist New Party, which Obama was a member of.
    Percy Sutton – Fixer,
    Madeline Talbot – ACORN,
    Shervin Neman – Obama campaign contributor accused of defrauding money in an alleged $7.54 million dollar Ponzi Scheme by the S.E.C. from members of his California Persian-Jewish community. See:
    Abake Assongba – is accused of defrauding a businessman out of $657,000. At this point, (July 16, 2012) Assongba has raked in $50,000 for Obama’s re-election campaign. See:
    Courtney Dupree – Democratic fundraiser and Obama supporter Courtney Dupree was convicted of “engineering a $21 million bank fraud.” See:
    Jon Corzine – Obama Campaign fundraiser and supporter and MF Global head of missing funds, whom lost $1.6 billion in private investor funds.
    Derrick Bell, Professor – Critical Race Theorist – Obama’s Professor
    Charles Ogletree – Obama Law Professor, and Director, Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice, Obama Beer Summit Participant with Police Officer, where Obama said the “Police Acted Stupidly” because a passer-by-er saw Ogletree breaking into a home which turned out to be his. ,
    Rev. Jeremiah Wright – Obama and family reverend for over 20 years, Black Liberation Theology, Black Marxist, Nation of Islam- Rev. Louis Farrakan
    Rev. James Hal Cone – Black Liberation Theology, Black Marxist

    • JoeMyGodNYC


  • 912er

    The ironic thing is,the people who demand certain issues off the table never end up winning anyway.They think they cant win by going on offense but always lose when they go on defense….they never learn…unless they are trying to lose..They wouldn’t do that would they?

    • John Galt

      Unless they are living up to the definition of insanity.

  • Michael Hampton

    So why did she wait 5 years to say anything?

    • amaze830

      Gov. Palin did not wait 5 years to say anything about this topic. This is not news. Gov. Palin wrote about this in her book, “Going Rogue, An American Life”. Please get informed.

    • pla47

      It sort of come out then. People did not listen. It was hushed up by the establishment. McCain did not want a dirty campaign. He felt like dwelling on this would be dirty campaigning. He had hopes in taking the high ground, but that did not work for him. He needed to be down and dirty. With Obama, you are dealing with a very corrupt and power grabbing politician.

      • Michael Hampton

        Again. That campaign has been over and she has been publicly speaking everywhere for 5 years. Why now?

        And when it is easily shown to be a lie.

        Here it is in video.

        • beyond partisan

          I was actually there. With a group of Hillary Clinton supporters, who ended up leaving the Democratic party because of sexist Obamabots such as yourself who trashed Palin every chance you could get.

          • Michael Hampton

            It doesn’t change the fact that she lied. She said she was banned from discussing it, and that video proves that she did bring it up several times. I’m not trashing her. I am calling her a liar because she lied.

          • Guest

            Sarah Palin talked about it on the campaign trail as it was happening.

            Did you read her book “Going rogue”?

          • Michael Hampton

            Of course not. It doesn’t change the fact that she did talk about both of them even though she is now saying that she was “banned” from talking about them.

        • JohnT

          Did you read her book “Going Rogue”?

          • Michael Hampton

            I would never read the nonsensical ravings of a lunatic mind.

          • DeeDEEthree

            Then make sure you don’t read your own posts.

          • Oschlama

            didn’t you go eff your mother yet?

        • Oschlama

          go eff your mother, again

      • Michael Hampton

        Here she is talking about it two years ago. No one stopped her.

        • beyond partisan

          Yes they DID stop her. Once she started talking about it, they banned her from continuing to talk about it. Get a clue! Yeesh.

        • Oschlama

          go eff your sister (again)

    • JohnT

      Did you read her book “Going Rogue”?

      • Michael Hampton

        Does it prove that she is lying too?

  • Katie Bell

    Yeah, great. Yet she endorsed McCain for re-election over the Tea Party candidate. Too little, too late Sarah.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Even if Palin had been banned from mentioning the *name* of Bill Ayers, somehow her “palling around with terrorists” schtick became her biggest talking point late in the campaign.

  • 8gary8

    It’s time conservative, political, elitist understand a Republican candidate for president CANNOT allow their opponent to FRAME the debates & DEFINE the issues!

  • Michael Hampton

    She is lying. She mentioned Wright and Ayers several times. Here is one.

    • beyond partisan

      Right. And then they told her to shut up about it. Nothing contradictory in what she said whatsoever.

      • Michael Hampton

        That is not what “banned” from mentioning something. She mentioned it. No one cared because it didn’t matter. Why didn’t she also talk about her and her husband’s relationship with AKIP?

        • DeeDEEthree

          I think that it should be mentioned that you’re a MORON.

        • Cruz2016!!!

          You were the kid in school that took the longest to grasp things weren’t you?

        • Oschlama

          go eff your grandmother

    • JohnT

      Did you read Sarah Palin’s book “Going Rogue”?

      • Michael Hampton

        Does it also prove that she is lying? I figured I would repeat the same answer since you only have one question.

        • Oschlama

          your mother is a wh0re

      • DeeDEEthree

        He doesn’t know how to read.
        He is a Brainless TWIT.

  • Carter_Burger67

    If McCain was more like Palin and less like Rove, Barack Hussein Obama (mmmm,mmmm,mmmm) would NOT be president.

  • MissTrixieB

    Yep – they silenced Sarah because they found out she was a whole lot smarter & more of a patriot than Johnny-boy. Then they helped the media smear her. She’s got bigger cajones than the whole lot of them put together!

  • C. Edmund Wright

    This is why I wrote the book about Karl Rove and the GOP Establishment….WTF How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost…Again.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    are a lot of Democrats and folks in the media who like their
    Republicans timid and house-trained to just sit quietly in the corner,
    to accept losing, and to stand for nothing…. But Americans are fed up
    with such Republicans, fed up with Republicans who are no different
    from Democrats and who offer no alternative.”


  • G21

    Certainly, there’s no material difference between today’s liberals and the socialists, marxists, and communists of yore.

  • Richo

    I think the “Cool story, bro” you added to the Joan Walsh story during the weekend would apply to this one equally well.

  • Lisa

    Rednecks are real! It’s that simple!