After his acquittal last Saturday night, George Zimmerman was dismissed by Judge Debra Nelson with the words, “you have no further business with the court.” That’s not exactly true — while Zimmerman walked out of the courthouse without his GPS tracking bracelet, the man who is the subject of multiple death threats also left without his gun, which remains with the Sanford police. Why? The Department of Justice, which is weighing civil rights charges against Zimmerman, put a hold on all evidence in the case, including his firearm. Attorney General Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder isn’t about to lose track of this gun.

Fortunately, freedom-loving author Brad Thor has stepped up with an offer, through George’s brother Robert, to purchase Zimmerman the gun of his choice.

Hat tip: The Blaze.

  • 24fan

    agreed with thor a man needs a gun to defend himself. holders a fool for not letting zimmerman have his firearm with all the threats against him. like he wants him to be gunned down without a chance

    • mickeyco

      Ya think?

      • 24fan

        pretty much a given. :p theres no way he’s getting his other one back without suing

        • ManOnPoint

          Not true. GZ can go back to the same judge from the case and request a court order compelling SPD to return his handgun. The DOJ has NO JURISDICTION in this matter.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            If they’re holding it as evidence pending an investigation, they do – just as Sanford had the right to hold it.

          • PilotDave

            Did OJ get his knife back ?

          • Jack Trip

            He did but they wouldn’t give him his glove back. :-)

          • jthawke

            Why would he want it, it didn’t fit

          • Marcy Cook

            Only because it wouldn’t fit. /sarc

          • WyattNevada

            OJ’s knife turned up a couple of years ago in his son’s house – fancy that!

          • LysolMotorola

            Big surprise it didn’t show up stuck in the back of some white blonde.

          • One Concerned Citizen

            No, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman got OJ’s knife. Repeatedly.

          • usmale475

            Sorry he was found not guilty just like george zipperhead

          • historyguy48

            He never claimed it was his knife. This is an unsolved crime and the knife is still in the evidence room.

          • Joe blow

            I thought it was still stuck in Nicole’s neck.

          • Marcus127

            It was solved…..just the Jury failed to understand the evidence. I notice OJ never found the Killer….who must have been a Golfer as that was the only place he looked it seemed.

          • Robert

            No No No……. OJ found the “real” killer. He sees him on the golf course when ever he looks at the reflection in the water hazard.

          • historyguy48

            Since he was on that golf course he knew that he really didn’t have to look very hard.
            That is what very good attorneys can do; create that element of doubt.

          • Prez Oboz

            No because the savage POS animal claimed it was not his…

          • k7ben

            OJ Was guilty.

          • Bathing Suit Area

            Now now, juries are never wrong remember.

          • Armando

            and so was Zimmerman.

          • k7ben

            Is that why Zimmerman is free and and OJ is in prison?

          • Pink Taco Eater

            It wasn’t his knife! That is why he was acquitted. It’s Zimmerman’s gun. He owns it and he wants it back!

          • Daisytoo

            Zimmerman was declared not guilty. What Obama and his DOinjustice are doing is illegal.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Unfortunately, it’s not. He’s being investigated for a possible civil rights violation. Of course, given the information already available such as the FBI investigation and such, DOJ is going to have a long, uphill slog to prove a case.

          • Daisytoo

            Obama’s dept of injustice had no business putting Zimmerman on trial in the first place. This latest investigation is illegal.

          • Jay Stevens

            But in the meantime, they still have his gun which is just what they intended. I predict that the investigation will creep forward at a geriatric snail’s pace.

          • Mehnow

            Sorry, but it is illegal, though they do it anyway.

            They have no cause to hold it as evidence, because the case they are using has no relation material to the case (a civil rights one) unlike the initial murder case, where a hold is likely reasonable, discounting that they lacked probable cause to arrest and evidence to go to trial in the 1st place.

            Saying you can put a broad hold on ALL evidence in the trial, is just nonsense. That gun is his property, he was acquitted, and it’s not material for discovery purposes of the question/charge they seek to investigate…

          • JeromefromLayton

            True, but Zimmerman will be victimized by DOJ’s almost unlimited resources to continually harass him. Also, even if DOJ loses, try getting compensated for the crap they dished out. This is part of BHO & Co. trying to snuff the Second Amendment. Time to call your Congressional delegation asking about Appropriations, otherwise known as “Color of Money”.

          • mauna

            They will make up something. That is why “Fast and Furious” gave an e-mail address for anyone with any information of any kind to send it to them.

          • robbie555

            This is a great distraction from their other criminal deeds against Americans and it’s the taxpayers money, not theirs.

          • MsTheresaKelly1

            I agree, this is a distraction from the criminal crimes Obama the DOJ, the IRS and the NSA are guilty of!

          • Linda

            ABSOLUTLY IS!!!!

          • usmale475

            and just what crimes are you talking about??.

          • historyguy48

            All they have to do is falsify some evidence while withholding other evidence. Kind of like what the DA tried to do during his trial.

          • Brian Astby

            What ever happened to that video producer who made that video that caused that Ambassador’s death?

          • historyguy48

            He is still in prison on other charges.

          • NewbieJames

            He’ll be in low security club fed for one year. Then get out and collect his pay. That Ambassador was assassinated, no question. That video was the cover up for the hit.

          • historyguy48

            He had nothing to do with Ambassador Stevens death nor did his video.
            The whole Benghazi thing leads directly back to the White House and Dear Leaders support and aid for the Muslim Brotherhood through it’s affiliate organizations.

            There is only one person who could order everyone to “stand down” and that person is our beloved Dictator, who supposedly went to bed after giving that order.
            The convict who made that film was used as a patsy and I sincerely doubt he will profit in any way from what has been done to him.
            There is a very real truth behind Benghazi that is fairly easy to find. That ugly truth is actually far worse than your supposition.

          • NewbieJames

            That was a CIA cover up video back when they were claiming it was a flash mob. Turns out it was a pre-planned terrorist attack. The video is actually a key piece of evidence. Exactly HOW did the US gov know about an obscure video with about 10 views on YouTube?

          • JoeKirkup

            I think what Daisytoo meant was that it is patently unconstitutional and that only a corrupt class of lawyer/politicians could see it any other way. The legal term for simply changing the name of the charge so as to deny an individual his Fifth Amendment protections is “a subterfuge to circumvent the law.” This is a clear example of how seemingly annoying, but harmless political correctness can lead to unintended and often murderous consequences.

          • Daisytoo

            Yes, and thanks for expressing it so clearly.

          • JoeKirkup

            For many years I was a professional land surveyor in Ct. Often I was called as an expert witness is disputed land cases so learning to interpret the INTENT of ancient documents like deeds and the minutes of town meetings was critical to me. In court it’s all about what was intended by the author of a deed or other legal instrument which would include the Constitution. The Fifth Amendment clearly intends to enjoin government at any level from punishing anyone in any way for a crime of which they have been judged not guilty. The case of Officer Stacey Koon in Los Angeles during the Rodney King fiasco is a glaring example of outlandish federal behavior. Koon was acquitted in state court on a charge of excessive force then tried again in downtown LA for civil rights violations for which Koon served 30 months in prison. As liberals have gained ever creeping control of government the assumption has become that federal decisions trump local or state actions uniformly and are beyond question. The road to Marxist totalitarianism needs no further construction by it’s adherents, it’s all downhill from here.
            Best wishes,

          • Daisytoo

            Your clarity on the subject of the 5th Amendment as well as creeping Federalism (fueled by so called ‘Liberalism’) is welcome.

            It’s been clear to so many Conservatives that Obama’s concerted scape-goating of Zimmerman is purposeful to his nefarious ends: destroy 2nd Amendment rights and create a diversion in order to distract Americans from his takeover of the IRS; NSA; Benghazi etc.

            Obama’s political downfall probably won’t happen through impeachment, but through the conjunction of his severe over-reach wherein (his) Supreme Court decided to declare Obamacare constitutional by calling it a tax, coupled w/his decision to place his IRS pal, Lois Lerner, in charge of implementing Obamacare.

            As the IRS investigations continue to reveal the actuality of the corrupt orders to stall Conservative applications for tax exempt status (in order to better rig his election) were coming directly from the White House, and as even Dem reps begin to recognize the disaster that Obamacare truly is (as well as recognizing Obama rigged the election via the IRS) they are going to distance themselves from his massive incursion into individual liberty (aka Obamacare).

            Without his burglary tool/Obamacare, Obama becomes diminished if not completely disempowered. In some ways, it’s better than impeaching him. Impeachment would make him a martyr to the Leftist cause. Hopefully, he’ll be living out his term revealed as the abject failure he is.

          • JoeKirkup

            I wish i enjoyed your level of optimism. When I talk to libs they blame it all on republican “obstructionism.” If you’re not proficient with firearms you might consider, just as a precaution, the exercise of your Second Amendment rights while they still exist.

          • Daisytoo

            Joe, I vacillate. Liberals, on their own, cannot be counted on to consistently do anything constructive, sane or inherently moral. But the truth of the matter is that Obamacare is one hot loser of a mess, and the politically expedient, no matter what they call themselves, will be wise to distance themselves. Especially now that Obama’s crimes w/the IRS look pretty inescapable. People like Pelosi will hang in there w/it. However, it’s good to keep in mind that she’s most likely afflicted w/Borderline Personality Disorder (another psychologist and I concurred on that diagnosis – mostly we ‘shrinks’ do try to avoid diagnosing people we haven’t met, but w/her, it’s just self-evident).

            My husband and I are seriously considering arming ourselves — despite our squeamishness w/re to guns. I’m entirely w/you: Obama is intent on destroying the US Constitution, and he’s gunning for the 2nd Amendment.

          • JoeKirkup

            I’m 67, have been around guns since serving in Vietnam in the infantry. They’re a tool like any other. In competent hands guns are simply the most effective means of self defense. I’m not a hunter and generally have to force myself to practice, but as an adult male in this society the responsibility to protect my fellow citizens from thugs, pit bulls or even the government falls to me. Despite the phrase, “shall not be infringed” we as a society have had enough common sense to limit gun ownership when obviously necessary as in the case of mental illness or demonstrated incompetence. When the liberals call for “common sense gun control” what they mean and want is complete civilian disarmament. On some days the never ending struggle to protect my natural right to self defense from them is almost too exhausting. I would like to settle this one way or another even to the point of partitioning the country into blue and red zones. Though I fervently hope I’m wrong about this, it appears to me that elections are not going to solve the problem. If I can be of any assistance as you debate or accomplish gun ownership please let me know. [email protected] com

          • Daisytoo

            First, thank you for your service. And for your continued willingness to stand up and protect what’s ours to protect.

            And yes, I think that’s exactly what Liberals mean. My husband and I live right smack dab in the midst of Lefty Land; they are quite open about their agenda: No more guns. A lot of them even want to disarm the police. I can get why you consider, from time to time, partition; the Leftist culture is something onto itself, having next to nothing to do w/American culture. They openly despise this country. So, yes, I get how disheartening it can be.

            Your offer to help w/any questions/concerns about gun ownership is so generous. There is a young man, close to my family, who has volunteered the same service. Thank you anyway, your offer is one I’m grateful to have been given. This – what you did right here – is what it means to me to be an American neighbor.

          • JoeKirkup

            Best of luck Daisy and take care.

          • Deah Williams Dipietro

            God Bless you!! tell them how it is from the real point of view!! we don’t all live in fricking Washington!!

          • disqus_fuCRxftPpt

            All of you all are forgetting they don’t have to prove anything anymore. This government has gone totally tyrannical! They are pitting races against one another to distract all of us from the plans to enslave us all, foolish people need to wake up. FEMA camps for all….Secret Court ok NSA spying…who is this Gestapo? God help us all.

          • NewbieJames

            Yeah, funny thing is the DOJ says they will investigate for a civil rights violation, and FBI IS DOJ. It was already investigated and they got nothing. Total crap libtards is all this is.

          • The Penguin

            Unfortunate, but true. The gun is evidence in an ongoing investigation, regardless of how uninstantiated the charges against him are.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Exactly. Complete *dick* move by Holder/DOJ? Absolutely, no argument at all.

          • JohnnyMcDonald

            Seeing that Zimmerman isn’t a government official, he can’t, constitutionally, be guilty of any civil rights violations.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            I’m sorry, that’s incorrect. Read 18 USC § 249:

            Whoever, whether or not acting under color of law, willfully causes bodily injury to any person or, through the use of fire, a firearm, a dangerous weapon, or an explosive or incendiary device, attempts to cause bodily injury to any person, because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, or national origin of any person—
            (A) shall be imprisoned not more than 10 years, fined in accordance with this title, or both; and
            (B) shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life, fined in accordance with this title, or both, if—
            (i) death results from the offense; or
            (ii) the offense includes kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill.

          • The Penguin

            So, Trayvon committed a civil rights violation against GZ.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            By statements already in evidence (Jenteal testimony), a rational person would say ‘yes’.

            Of course, we’ll be told that it’s *IMPOSSIBLE* for black people to commit civil rights crimes… only white people (or, evidently, “White Hispanics”) can do that.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            I’m sorry, that’s incorrect. Read 18 USC § 249:

            Whoever, whether or not acting under color of law, willfully causes bodily injury to any person or, through the use of fire, a firearm, a dangerous weapon, or an explosive or incendiary device, attempts to cause bodily injury to any person, because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, or national origin of any person—
            (A) shall be imprisoned not more than 10 years, fined in accordance with this title, or both; and
            (B) shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life, fined in accordance with this title, or both, if—
            (i) death results from the offense; or
            (ii) the offense includes kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill.

          • Bill Handel

            It sucks, and its a technicality, but I think they can under holing it for evidence. This is why you need to have more than one gun, in a few different places. I have several at home, one in the boat, one in the camper, and one in my trunk.

          • Disdanewsh

            and now the DOJ knows that….

          • JoeKirkup

            What are you hiding from Dis? Are you afraid to do something that is perfectly legal because the government won’t like it? They don’t need laws to control people like you, simple intimidation will suffice.

          • Disdanewsh

            So if you’re fighting a battle you just reveal all your intel to the enemy? Not wise. They don’t need surveillance when they have gullibility.

          • JoeKirkup

            The battle is to get people to stand up and defend their own Constitutional liberties, not to sneak around and try not to p!ss some bureaucrat off.

          • Waiting4

            smart … real smart …now ‘they’ know exactly where to look when they come for you and your weapons.

          • Daisytoo

            I get that items that were associated w/a crime can be held as evidence. What I’m getting to is that maneuvers employed the witch-hunt itself are not up to par.

          • robbie555

            With the IRS and NSA issues, do they really care about the law? Give criminals power, what do you expect?

          • Daisytoo

            The good news is that, despite the Obama/Holder distraction w/re to St. Skittles, and despite Elijha Cummings declaring the IRS investigation over, the IRS investigation plods on. And is uncovering major IRS corruption linked directly to the White House.

            Other good news is that the heat wave that’s affected so much of the country is breaking. So, any intention on Obama’s part to let the heat wave help him incite race riots is compromised. Tomorrow is Monday. I have a hunch that more people will return to reading the unfolding news about massive IRS corruption in the WSJ. More people will be focusing on the increasingly inescapable fact that Obamacare is a disaster. And Obama’s distraction will effectively be disappeared,.

          • Rod

            Mike, actually, I’m not sure that’s correct. Sanford got the gun pursuant to a warrant for Zimmerman’s arrest (in response to which Zimmerman voluntarily surrendered it). No DOJ arrest warrant has issued, and no search warrant has issued, either. The only other justification for seizing a citizen’s property without a warrant is probable cause for a crime (putting aside unrelated issues like eminent domain, public hazard, etc.) Otherwise, it’s an “unreasonable seizure,” proscribed under the 4th Amendment. Although the DOJ is actively investigating Zimmerman, it has not shown or claimed probable cause for a crime. (And obviously DOJ did not seize Zimmerman’s gun for that reason, anyway, because Sanford got it.) For these reasons, if Zimmerman petitions the court, he is likely to get his gun back notwithstanding the DOJ’s request.

          • Mickey

            “Pending an investigation”? Where is the due process? Oh, that’s right….you don’t believe in the Constitution.

            He has not been arrested or charged. They are confiscating his personal property in violation of his civil rights. That bothers REAL Americans.

          • Mehnow

            No they do not, because in the case of the Sanford PD, they were deciding IF he murdered someone and tests had to be done WRT to that weapon for examination, and it was a piece of valid evidence in that specific criminal trial. In the DOJ possible CIVIL RIGHTS violation case, the questions used needed for legal answers pertain not a whit to the gun, per se. They gain zilch by having it, other than harassing z and thumbing their noses at gun owners in general.

            This is a monumental abuse of Z’s rights, on multiple levels, it’s totally unacceptable and should result in the NRA and other groups suing the DOJ massively and immediately…

          • Publius

            Didn’t the winner get to keep the Skittles?

          • Joe blow

            And the watermelon drank?

          • merbeau

            Amazing that Zimmerman’s firearm has been transported back and forth from the ‘evidence room’ to the court on several occasions which creates a situation for contamination or even a plant. Would not surprise me one bit if some unknown piece of evidence shows up on the gun or on those clothes of Martin (that were not properly stored) in an effort to provide something contrary to what has been presented to ‘show’ profiling.

          • mrsy2446

            the FBI already told them there was no evidence of a hate crime. In this case the DOJ is wrong. GZ was found innocent, case closed.

          • GoldenRudy

            “the investigation” was /has already been conducted by Stanford PD and the FBI from all reports. Should not Holder be answering questions about “Fast & Furious” instead of hiding under Obama’s skirt?

          • PilotDave

            He legal fees for that just request would exceed the cost of his gun, and do you think for one moment that judge would follow the rule of law this time when she ignored “you have the right to remain silent” during the trial ?

          • mauna

            And Obama said she did a “wonderful job” during the trial. She tried every way she could to make Zimmerman guilty.

          • Rowwdy Colt

            When did anything like jurisdiction stop Holder?

          • Daisytoo

            Obama’s DOJ has overreach just as his IRS, EPA, NSA etc does.

            The irony of Obama’s gunrunner not returning Zimmerman’s legally acquired – and used – gun is rich.

          • dentabill

            yeah the guy who handed thousands of illegal assault rifles to illegal hispanic drug runners illegally won’t hand a legal weapon back to a legal hispanic citizen. fkkk Eric The Holder, right in his racist a44hole.

          • bob_seifert

            And that is the true injustice of this right there!

          • JWales

            GZ’s gun will end up in the hands of a Mex drug smuggler.

          • fedupwithmentalcases

            owbowel and his lap dog holder can and will do anything they want the law does not apply to them

          • Publius

            DOJ would require a court order.

          • Brian Astby

            Right, but if the judge lets him have it back, she can forget ever having a federal judgeship.

          • way2confused

            Or he could simply go out and buy another.

          • quix

            IT does not matter if he gets the court order, after all the FOIA violations and other laws these douchebags have broken and the riots and murders that holder and Hussein have both pushed, do you really think they give a damn now about Lawful orders? LMAO

        • PilotDave

          How about the Arrest Warrant for Eric Holder for being an accomplice in the murder of US Agent Brian Terry – Holder’s crew illegally send guns to Mexican Drug Lords that in the end were used to murder Brian Terry and recently a Mexican official. No one has gone to jail yet because Holder’s chorines don’t follow the rule of law and Holder is too busy with his boss Obama stirring up racial friction more than they already were in this country. ( Fast n Furious )

          • urbansissy

            Any why are WE not protesting in the streets because of this (and so many other indiscretions)? We MUST get these people out!!!

          • bob_seifert

            Ahhh but here is the rub, technically they did follow the rule of law. What they did not do was follow the ‘ethics’ of law. They knew that and that is why they started whistle blowing.
            In doing the investigation, they kept serial numbers of the weapons – that is required. Knew who they gave them to.
            But then they failed to TRACK Them.

            So they did not actually turn the weapons over to anyone .. they just ALLOWED them to be turned over to Narco Terrorists that would intern Kill over 600 Mexican citizens, dozens of Mexican Police Officers, hand fulls of Mexican high ranking officials, Boarder Patrol Special Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jamie Zapata .. PLUS they never alerted the Mexican authorities that they were doing such things as was always done in the past either.

            When the Agents doing it complained at the beginning and said .. hold on .. this is WRONG WRONG WRONG. Their supervisors said, It is above my pay grade, take it higher if you have a problem. And up it went, until the agents were told, do it or find another job.

            Did the Agents themselves break the law? I don’t think that they did. I think that the agents did everything that they could to stop this. They knew it was morally and ethically wrong.

            Holder and Obama have blood on their hands .. but they have no morals or ethics. It has always been the same thing since day one. Disarm the American people no matter what.

            Travon, just another pawn in their scheme. They no more care about him than they did Brian Terry or Jamie Zapatta.

            The real bad guys in all of this .. Media who has covered for all of them.

          • Waiting4

            Allowing weapons to be turned over is basically no different than if they delivered the weapons themselves. They are under a duty to NOT violate the law, and by not stopping illegal action they condoned it.

          • Bruce1369

            If they knew it was morally and ethically wrong, they should have quit. It just shows they can be bought.

          • bob_seifert

            No, I don’t think so. They did the right thing. They followed the chain of command, brought it as far as they could. Documented it and brought it to the Senate and Congress so the American people could do something about it.

            If they “quit” as you suggest, someone else would have just done it in their place that didn’t know any better anyway.

            You can be a hater all you want Bruce1369, I doubt you would have done any better, more than likely, you would not have taken the chance to get involved at all.

          • Bruce1369

            You ASSume far too much. You just can’t stand anybody disagreeing with you which makes you a narrow minded sanctimonious bigot.

          • bob_seifert

            ahhh .. so you would have done the same thing or not?

            Apparently NOT because of your statement.

            But then again, I must be right because I pissed you off enough for you to just reply with a bunch of insults without any facts. All “ASSUMED” I might add.

          • Bruce1369

            Ahhhh. You are wrong again. I would have reported it, resigned in protest.
            P.S. you are the sanctimonious SOB that started with the insults. Try reading your own post, idiot.

          • bob_seifert

            Of course you would have ‘resigned in protest’ because that would have assured you of making sure that you EVER worked again, screwed you out of your pension,not to mention the security of your family, putting food on the table for them.

            NOT TO MENTION the fact that after doing so you lose all protection from the system cause YOU are so attuned to what is happening in the Justice department and just how things work there. A true man of principle.


          • Bruce1369

            As I thought, another whiney, amoral lib drone. Next…

          • bob_seifert

            Amoral lib .. what an a$$ clown you are.
            Sounds like you are about as clueless as they get. A keyboard cowboy.

          • Bruce1369

            Good Lord! It’s like talking to a chimp! Do the gene pool a favor and crawl away and die.

          • bob_seifert

            Just for your liberal pleasure .. doubful

      • $7728220

        Duh, yeah.

      • libwithIQ

        What other logical explanation can be given. Holder has been on the wrong side of this case since the get go. And the sad part….If Zimmerman is gunned down…there will be NO DOJ investigation.

        • John

          Dropping the case against the NBP thugs at the Philly polling place tells me *everything* I need to know about Holder.

          He’s a racist SOB.

        • Waiting4

          Name one case in which Holder has been on the right side!

    • Stephen L. Hall

      Not a “fool” it seems apparent that he “wants” Zimmerman to be defenseless . . . along with everyone else in Florida.

      • John (magnum)

        I am willing to donate for a new handgun for Z, and a brand spanking new AR-15 too !!

        Holder is a racist effing loon !!

        Holder sends hundreds of weapons to the Mexican drug cartels to kill innocent people, while withholding an American’s handgun !!

        Holder has MORE blood on his hands than Z EVER will !!

        • Oger

          You do that, I will personally buy him a good amount of ammo!

          • Squiggy

            I’d like to donate, but my family needs protecting, too. And ammo is hard to get here lately.

          • Bill Handel

            Ammo is now readily available here in San Diego, but its a bit pricey. I buy in .357 in 250ct bulk, comes in a sealed can for $120, and 500 ct 9mm in sealed can of about $220

          • Ken M

            You can buy ammo on an EBT card?

        • John_C

          Amen to that. He is not crazy, he is evil and that is much worse. He knows what he is doing and he is hoping to destroy Zimmerman’s life. That is the power of a corrupt government.

        • Ken M

          You are not going to do ish but sit here, talk tough and try to convince people you are something more than a limp-wristed pansy.

          • ForTheRepublic

            Oh look, a troll…


      • WeCanWinThisFight

        Agreed – Nothing this corrupt administration does is by accident… cold and calculating they are.

        Let’s get Our Country straightened out…
        RightFightHQdotcom Restoring Sanity to the News

      • Chris G

        Well, if a certain segment of the FL population chooses to move to other States as I have heard some people suggest, that might just help the remaining Floridians in the long run.

        I feel sorry for the other States, though.


        • Marvin RiseofthePhoenix Robins

          You are all racist idiots, personally I don’t think it will matter much what guns you funnel to him. If they want him they will get him… Good luck in your hiding Zimmerman but a fat ass like you can’t hide forever.

          • bruce lancaster

            The only racist idiots are those who keep defending the thug who was committing assault. Learn it and teach it to your children. Drugs and violence are bad. They have lots of possible consequences. The two easiest to understand are Jail and Death. It’s a bummer such a young fellow suffered the consequences of glorifying drugs and violence… Take that up with the “black community” that does nothing to improve the lives of their own and instead encourages their young to idolize the ‘gangsta lifestyle’ and acts all shocked and dismayed when that gangsta lifestyle gets so many young black fellows dead or in jail. Talk to sharpton about it. Talk to Jesse jackson about it. Talk to all of those community organizers who think they know what’s best by keeping black folks poor and concentrated in areas they can control. — As to Zimmerman, I hope several people step up and buy him an arsenal of new guns and also some quality body armor. At least whatever might keep him safe until the lawsuits against MSNBC, CNN, and Martin’s family are through. Then he will be able to live on whatever private island he chooses and can hire staff to defend it.

        • AK

          Let em all move to NY or Cali. They’d fit right in with the corrupt criminals that already populate those states.

      • Ernest Murphy

        He wants everyone in the USA to be defensless

    • 2ifbyT

      Buy Zimmerman an AR-15.

      • planeboy

        I think I can say for sure that Holder has made sure that Zimmerman will never pass another background check…

        • karen2009

          Sure he will, because he has never been convicted of anything. They are holding it as evidence..not withholding it from him because of this case. Do you read?

          • planeboy

            Yes I read. Do you think? It has nothing to do with this case…you have far to much faith that those in power would do the right thing. Do you get the fact that as long as they hold “evidence” thats a flag on Zimmerman?

          • John_C

            Look at the innocent people who are still on the no fly list because the have a name similar to Terrorist, it has prevented 1 year old kids from flying.

        • Bill Handel

          He holds a valid concealed carry, and has not been convicted of a felony

          • planeboy

            Means nothing to an out of control DOJ…

        • Brian Patronie

          As long as he buys them off a private individual in his state of residence hell` have no trouble legally obtaining long-arms.
          A pistol on the other hand may become an issue…

        • retrocon

          Assuming FL law is like AZ law, NICS doesn’t have to be checked with a CC permit at time of purchase.

          State granted, not federal gov’s to take away.

      • Team Red vs. Team Blue

        Hell buy the guy a tank. There might be too many homies coming at him for just a long gun.

      • John

        He’s also going to need a carry pistol that is very unlikely to jam, because with all the black racism on display he’ll wind up needing it.

        Or a wealthy benefactor could just relocate him to rural PA and get him an M1A, a scope, and an NVG with a Weaver mount…

    • libwithIQ

      Good for Thor. I’m going to buy his books to help him pay for it.

      • tvlgds

        You should buy them because they’re outstanding, too! Lots of truth in those pages of fiction!

    • Jerry Robertson

      holder is not a fool. He is evil incarnate wanting harm to come to Zimmerman. Just like obamafraud. These 2 (obamafraud+holder) are dangerous to the American Republic. Both have a vicious little grade school mentality of revenge. To them, the Constitution be damned

      • nativam

        Jealousy and hatred too, just like their hero, Karl Marx.

    • Realright

      Holder is a typical Obama fool. PERIOD! His head is so tight up King Obongo’s butt, it would take a team of proctologists to extricate it AND it probably kill him!

      • John

        I don’t think Holder is anyone’s fool. I think he’s an ice-cold, calculating SOB bent on racial vengeance.

    • Allen

      One would think so.

    • Likeyoudontknow

      I have no doubt that Zimmerman already has enough guns to get by, and we all know his wife also carries, but having one more gun at his disposal can’t hurt.

      What this guy really needs is a full time army to protect him.

      • retrocon

        My understanding is that he had two, and they took both. So, one is not evidence and is being held illegally.

    • John_C

      Holder isn’t a fool, he is a racist, an out and out racist and he hates non-blacks so he’s hoping by disarming Zimmerman that Zimmerman will be murdered. Of course Zimmerman should have his gun back, it is his civil right, but rights and laws mean nothing to communists. I have never read Brad Thor, but I will buy one of his books tomorrow and if I like it I’ll read the whole series, he deserves our support as an American.

    • thatguyknows

      Like his victim.

      • Equality7-2521

        Whose victim?

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Like his victim ATTACKER

        Fixed that for you.

    • Johnny Right

      Thor is awesome! I suggest the S&W Shield in 9mm or 40cal, but if you’re feeling extra spicy, go with the new Springfield XDs in 45 – you’ll never have to double-tap.

    • ovi meron

      payback? live by the sword die by the sword ,if the revoke his permit than for sure they want him dead

    • freepetta

      I say take away Holder’s protection. Hey Holder how’s your wife’s abortion clinic doing lately, she killing lots of babies you scum!

    • MaroonVee

      What I want to know, can Holder’s hold on the files prevent Zimmerman from getting his passport back?
      Perhaps Z would like to seek asylum from persecution from the US government, and not being able to get his passport back could be a real hindrance, and the real reason Holder is holding up items to be returned to Z.
      Holder is such an evil man.

    • Laura Thrasher Little

      Holder hopes he will be killed.. hes marking him as a dead man if he doesn’t have protection. He cant afford to have people protect him like the hollyweirds and government officials have.. and hes got a huge target on his back.. plus he has a wife and children that need protection too.. Thor u are a good man.. thank you for understanding how dangerous it is for zimmermen to be unarmed..

    • Conspiracy_Fax

      Mr. Holder did not approve of your comment and has personally down voted it.

    • zenobia123

      If you haven’t figured it out, Obama and all his people are stupid. This administration is going to come to an end and a lot of these people are going to lose the protection they now have. Blacks are only 12% of the population and it’s easy enough for them to make enemies that are going to pay them back. Making enemies is a lousy way of living a life because, one way or another, paybacks are a fact of life…and not a pleasant one

    • mauna

      That is exactly what he wants. I am surprised he didn’t just come out and say it.

    • Joe blow

      I’ll throw a box of hollow points into the gift package. And a hoodie…

    • RJohnston

      You can stop at “Holder is a fool” as there are way too many issues to list beyond the Zimmerman gun. I wish a reporter asked Barry (Trayvon was me 35 years ago) Soetoro, is he saying that whites and Hispanics should have no right to self defense should they be attacked by a black?

    • MrsSpooky

      Holder’s a fool anyway. This what we get when we’re given a political activist instead of an actual lawman.

    • way2confused

      And an unarmed Zimmerman killed by thugs would “solve” their problem as they both know there is no way they could successfully prosecute him on Civil liberties or hate crimes. They’d also make whoever got Zimmerman a national hero they couldn’t prosecute because to the “overwhelming” support of the people. You watch.

    • quix

      aww you hit the nail on the head,holder wan’t Zimmerman defenseless(and if he is murdered while holder keeps his gun then Holder needs to be in Prision along with Hussein for Conspiracy charges and also for inciting riots or conspiring to do so.More that likely holder and Hussein will have him murdered ooppps that was a malfunction as Hussein kills another American Citizen with his drones!! Before anyone thinks that is far fetched,The minute Christine ODonnell registered to run for office as a Republican,her irs records were illegally accessed by Demoncraps and a magical lien was imposed on her for a property she didn’t even own and had been sold long before!!Of course the liberal media blasted out with the so called fact she was under investigation for tax fraud and that she had a lien on that property! of course there was no tax fraud or anything else improper on her part and the lien oopsy computer error,but not wasted on a liberal media to spew all the lies about her!! This administration should all be in Prision lathering each others backs and screwing each other up the a$$ ,rather than fukking us like they love to do

  • TugboatPhil

    Brad, you can probably get some cheap down in Mexico. Holder sent a whole bunch down there.

    • John_C

      That’s true, if Zimmerman were a drug dealer or terrorist in Mexico, holder would have given him a gun and personally invited him into our country, giving him which tunnel to take and sending the border patrol somewhere else for the night, but since Zimmerman was an innocent, non-black American, Holder wants him to suffer and be punished for things that happened over 160 years ago, by people he had no relation to or even knew.

  • TJ

    Just make sure the transfer is legal and not even close to what could be called a straw purchase. They would not hesitate to arrest Brad, GZ and the gun shop with illegal gun sale because a form missed a one signature or the “x” was in the wrong box.

    • AaronHarrisinAlaska

      This right here.

    • mbecker908

      Very simple transaction and I’ve done it with my son who live in the Peoples Republic of CA. Contact a licensed FFL dealer, choose the weapon, get the price, give them a credit card. FFL contacts GZ (Brad will give them contact info or give GZ a heads up and he can call the FFL), he comes in does the paperwork, FFL runs the background check and complies with local laws before making the transfer.

      Smooth as silk.

      • buckofama2010

        I am sure the racists holder and ovomit have flagged the background check database

  • Peetweefish

    Zimmerman is Hispanic, right? So all he has to do to get a gun back from Holder is find an ATF agent in Arizona.

  • Reclaimer Rob

    This is awesome. I would do whatever I could to help Zimmerman as well. It’s beyond disgusting what has happened to him now.

  • docwhocuts

    after the 8 figure NBC payout…. zimmerman will be on a beach in the Caribbean.

    • BlahBlah

      If he’s any smart it will be permanently and without a US passport. Why keep it when clearly he has no rights in this country.

      • terfull

        He doesn’t need it to vote.

      • nativam

        Yeah, he’s earned it. Why risk himself in this dark time in the U.S.?

      • Mick_Pearson

        Free Zimmerman now!

        You are aDORable.

    • ConanTheRepublican

      From your mouth, to God’s ear, mah brutha…

    • Mann D. Lifeboats

      After the eight-figure payout — I hope it’s at least nine — NBC and MSNBC will be, respectively, ZNBC and ZMSNBC.

  • Hodor

    Good for you, Brad Thor. I already liked your work but your stock is rising even higher in my book.

    • Likeyoudontknow

      Yeah, good for you Brad Thor… Way to stoke your book sales. Quite the businessman you are, but If you were half as sincere as many here believe you would have already sent Zimm 50 guns and as many 1000 round boxes of ammo he desired, to go along with it, And you would have kept your mouth shut about it, instead of announcing your intentions to the world and your desire to hand it to Zimmerman on TV.

      PS. you still have a cool name even if it’s just a pen name.

  • no_more_deceit

    Go for the gusto George, tell Thor you want one of these babies: The Dillon Aero M134D is an electronically powered, multi-barreled Gatling gun that uses its six rotating barrels that can fire 3000 to 4000 rounds of 7.62mm per minute when each barrel reaches the one o’clock position. It has magazine capacities of 1500, 3000, or 4400 rounds. It can be powered by AC/DC sources and because it’s designed as a modular system, it can be easily adapted to any existing platform. With an average of 50 shots a second, the ability to hit targets up to a mile away, an average of 30,000 rounds between stoppages, and system life in excess of one million rounds, it is one of the most reliable weapons in the world, as it should be considering each gun ranges from $50,000 to $75,000 depending on accessories.

    • WhoMeToo

      Ooooh…. SHINY! (:^D

    • wifeand3daughters

      I so want to win a lottery. I have a plentitude of most weapon systems, but that one is just too pricey.

    • GoldenRudy

      Why was not the Benghazi Consulate not adequately staffed with these? A couple of pulls and those “demonstrators” would have been dispatched to “paradise” rather quickly. Wonder how many are in our embassies/consulates in the Muslim world or wherever there is danger/threats to the USA?

    • Mann D. Lifeboats

      Sling arms should be a sight to behold.

    • retrocon

      Nice choice, but unfortunately, it’s a non- transferable class 3 weapon.

      There are a handful of MP5s that are transferable, however, prolly around 15k. I doubt BATFE would do the forms, however

  • BlahBlah

    Wut I say wut? Buy him a gun so he can shoot another Obama lookalike? We’ll run out of Obama lookalikes and THEN WHAT

    • $910553

      PRAISE THE LORD! For he sometimes works in mysterious ways…

    • Jay Stevens

      We will be a long time running out. They reproduce like crazy.

      Whoops. I am a RAACIST.

  • Just Another Guy

    Guess I’ll have to check out his works on Amazon 😉

  • Maxx

    The best gun for Zimmerman to have would have a micro recorder attached to it. Upon a finger touching the holster, a signal is activated which then begins recording both sound and video.

    Since “the Judge” is already taken, we’ll have to title the documenting-firearm “The Protest Preventing Sharpton Stopper.”

  • Katerwriter

    The public knows which side your bread is buttered on, Brad Thor.

    • Ms Anonymous

      Just because you live in a world of left wing delusions where every action has an ulterior motive, don’t assume he’s not doing this from a strongly held conviction that law abiding Americans have a RIGHT that people like YOU can’t deny to keep and bear arms.

      • Katerwriter

        My, my. What a collection of assumptions.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          Hardly an assumption:

          “Does this mean that he whose name shall be forgotten has not picked up his firearm? It should be destroyed.”

          “Hard statistics show that people who carry firearms tend to be more aggressive and put themselves into situations they should not be in. I’ll bank on statistics over your emotion any day.”

          I’d like to see the link to these supposed ‘statistics’.

          • Katerwriter

            Google is your friend.

          • sb

            Not really.

          • incomitatus

            Sorry caterwaul, but you be wrong!

          • mike_in_kosovo

            So, you’ve got nothing? That’s what I thought.

          • Katerwriter

            I’m not your research assistant.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Neither is google…but it’s quite fun to watch you scramble away from your words once you’re called upon to support them.

            BTW… nothing in google for ‘firearms carriers more aggressive’… must *suck* when you get caught talking out of your fourth point of contact.

          • Katerwriter

            LOL. That’s real retarded, sir. Apparently you read cursive but you can’t figure Google out. Try different search terms.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            That’s real retarded, sir.

            Your failed argument? I agree.

            Try different search terms

            I’ve used several different ones beside that, none show results supporting your bogus claim.

            Additionally, why should I use a different term than you yourself used in your argument? Why are you so scared to reveal your source (if you even have one)?

          • Katerwriter
          • mike_in_kosovo

            There’s plenty of stuff. Whole journals and books devoted to such things.

            Which doesn’t make them correct. Have you given equivalent thought and consideration to the works of researchers such as Kleck, Kates, etc? Or do you stay in your ‘bubble’?

            I’d already seen the Arizona study… You’d think that such a renowned author as yourself would have read it and realized that what is claimed isn’t supported by what is written.

            You *are* aware that your first link doesn’t have anything in support of your claim, right?

            Outside your bubble, though.

            NOW who’s making assumptions, hmm?

          • Katerwriter

            LOL. Bubble? Nah. I put on my biohazard suit and venture out to the righthand side now and then.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Thanks for proving my point… are you currently under treatment for your projection issues?

          • Katerwriter

            Did you fall out of your Treehouse?

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Incoherent attempted insult is incoherent.

          • Cancel_NPR

            What difference does that make, Katers ?
            “Hard statistics” don’t trump the Second Amendment…
            I’ve got a study which says that people who would confiscate handguns, would also go as far as KILLING those handgun owners so as to confiscate them…
            You ok with that ??
            So much for BULLSHTT studies, huh Katers ??

          • Katerwriter

            LOL. ‘Kay, then.

          • Spiny Norman

            Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Please provide a link that is NOT to some hysterical anti-gun activists.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            That was to Kater and not me, correct?

          • Katerwriter

            Lazy a little?

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Unsupported claim a little?

          • Ms Anonymous

            Honey, there was a study done in 2009 that concluded that carrying a firearm made you 4.5 times more likely to be shot. The researchers surmised carrying a firearm made the victims more aggressive. Unfortunately for the researchers, the “victims” were chosen randomly and the people who were carrying firearms with the intent to do harm to others weren’t weeded out of the study. In other words, it’s garbage. Instead of spouting statistics, you need to learn how to read so-called “scientific” studies so you can separate the garbage from the legitimate.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            And the 4.5 times was debunked, too

          • Katerwriter

            Pfft. Your right-wing thinktank sponsored “scientific” studies that espouse whatever you want to hear? Puh-leeze.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            As opposed to your left-wing thinktank sponsored “scientific” studies that espouse whatever YOU want to hear?

            Puh-leeze, indeed.

          • Spiny Norman

            Apparently you are, yes.

        • Jack Crowe

          Are you retarded?

          • Katerwriter

            No. Are you?

          • NMGliderPilot

            It’s obvious, Katerwriter, that you are missing a few too many brain cells…

          • bobsmith

            hey look I can’t post anymore

    • LutherWu

      … and we are lining up to buy his new book.

      • Katerwriter

        Um. all eight of you?

        • Katerwriter

          Make that nine.

          • Fuzzy37


          • Katerwriter

            Hmm. 28 by now. Groovy.

          • Katerwriter

            Oooooo. 42. Be still my heart. : /

          • Katerwriter

            47. Extreme numbers.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            As opposed to extreme idiocy on your part?

    • IndigoRed

      Don’t know about Brad’s bread, but mine is buttered on the downside when it hits the floor. Why does that happen?

      • Katerwriter

        Murphy’s buttered bread law.

    • $21114026

      Yes we do, buttered on the side of ‘common sense.’

    • GoldenRudy


      • Katerwriter

        Wanna treat, boy? No grains for dogs.

        • GoldenRudy

          Cryptic or what?

        • GoldenRudy

          Right! No grains for me, but why no “brains” for you?

    • terfull


    • Itsgotelectolytes

      Why come no tattoo?

    • wobbles9094

      I am required to carry a gun every day and if anything it has made me LESS aggressive rather than more. That’s how it is with most people who carry. Responsible gun owners who carry work pretty hard to avoid unnecessary confrontation. They tend to be working people and have a lot to lose and they know it. And the stats back it up. Look at CCW holders and then look at the incredibly small percentage that lose that priviledge due to their actions.Now illegal gun owners(or democrats if you like) tend to feel aggressive and empowered when they are carrying a gun like it’s an extension of their wee little manhood. They tend to not work for a living, respect nothing about anyone else, and try to get through life by intimidation and thuggery. Some go to prison. Some get elected. Some get elected then go to prison. It’s all the same with them though. The obsessive need to inflict themselves upon the people around them and dominate them with their will.

      • mike_in_kosovo



      • Katerwriter

        Wasn’t very nice of you to forget to loan he whose name shall be forgotten your playbook, since he’s a Democrat and seems to have a wee manhood. Oh, and in a self-inflicted prison.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          “wee manhood”

          I was *wondering* when *that* particular bit of dreck was going to show up – the last refuge of the hoplophobe losing the argument.

      • Mick_Pearson

        ‘tend to feel aggressive and empowered when they are carrying a gun like its an extension of their manhood’

        That sums up GeeZee in a nutshell.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          Your Rambo projection fantasies of what YOU would do with a gun = / = fact.

          Sorry, skippy.

      • Linda

        AMEN !!!

    • hibp

      Don’t bother responding to the liberals trolls, their mind is made up and they just insult and name call. Their ‘facts’ are the obama talking points. Don’t bother responding to them!

  • Bossman

    An American HERO… He is doing exactly what Americans that love this country have to start doing… SAY NO…. Say NO to Holders UNCONSTITUTIONAL STANCE. He has no business telling the state of FL that a law abiding citizen GEORGE ZIMMERMAN can not have his gun back.

  • Bossman

    An American HERO… He is doing exactly what Americans that love this country have to start doing… SAY NO…. Say NO to Holders UNCONSTITUTIONAL STANCE. He has no business telling the state of FL that a law abiding citizen GEORGE ZIMMERMAN can not have his self protection tool of choice back.

  • AuAgFinder

    I’m going to have to start reading some Brad Thor books.

  • Bossman

    Right on!

  • David Rutstein

    G-d Bless Brad

  • $21114026

    Way to go Brad. You are doing what all of us would like to. Thanks!!

  • cristo52

    Zimmerman better check the status of his CCW prior to accepting any firearm. DOJ may have twisted a few arms (No! Couldn’t be!) to have it pulled.

    • Guest

      Doesn’t need a CCW to accept and own a firearm, just to “concealed carry” it.

      • cristo52

        I know that. But he’s high profile right now and any type of firearms transfer could be an issue. Of course, a private sale would work but drawing attention to this is not in the best interest of Mr. Zimmerman.

        • Steve Howard

          Drawing attention to it is irrelevant. Z-man can purchase any firearm he wants legally right now. He’s currently under no indictment and has no convictions.

          OTOH, his permit was probably revoked and he’ll have to re-apply, but that only affects his right to carry concealed, not his right to own.

          • cristo52

            He also had a right to defend himself and that’s cost him about $900,000 so far according to his attorneys. He better have them check before he even looks at a gun. This is Eric Holder’s DOJ we’re talking about.

          • sb

            You have a point. This group isn’t exactly known for following the law.

          • incomitatus

            Correct-we’re talking about the most politicized DOJ in history.

          • Steve Howard

            Something tells me he’ll get all the money back and then a lot when he sues FLA and Angela Corey for libel after calling him a murderer following his acquittal. He also has a pretty good case against NBC, and maybe against FLA over the attempt to withhold evidence.

            Besides, if he tries to buy and is turned down, they can’t arrest him for that, they can only turn him down, so he really doesn’t need to do any research, just go into a store and try.

          • Spiny Norman

            To buy a new firearm, he would need to have a background check. Do you really think the FBI would OK it.

            Actually, I should say “Do you think the FBI would be allowed to OK it?”

          • Steve Howard

            The FBI has little choice, assuming the law is followed. I know, you’re implying the DOJ would tell the FBI, or more accurately NICS, to not okay a George Zimmerman firearm purchase, but in light of present circumstances that would be legally hazardous and could trigger yet another civil suit.

            They can get away with keeping his gun on hold, but I doubt they can prevent a legal purchase at the moment.

    • Strider73

      The DOJ has no jurisdiction over the state agency that issues CCW cards. Now that GZ has been acquitted his card is as good as ever.

  • L Lewis

    very original Brad, +1 on the idea
    This should be a trend for all to have protection once the crime facts are on MSM.
    Black on Black crime is at an epidemic level, arm yourself and watch it decrease.

  • Rorikon

    Justice has been served, except for all of the lawsuits Zimmerman is going to win because the racist Obowel Movement stuck it’s neck out where it did not belong.

  • Scott Hanson

    George Zimmerman’s brother has a Kindle book on sale at Amazon. It’s called Florida vs. Zimmerman. It’s $4, buy it to help the family. Even if you don’t have a Kindle you can buy it and read it on you PC or phone.

  • FullSpectrumDominance

    Go Brad Thor! Loved your interview on Coast to Coast AM with John B. Wells

  • Peter Marcus

    Anthony Cumia from Opie & Anthony (SiriusXM) has also offered to gift him a new firearm. Brad Thor was recently a guest on their show.

  • RobNClt

    I guess I only have one question, why does he think it is necessary to ask how many people think he should buy a gun and show himself giving it to Zimmerman? Why can’t he just call George, ask him what kind of gun he wants, buy it and get it to him without all the fanfare?

    Personally I don’t think George Zimmerman has anything to fear but fear itself. No one is going to bother him. It is as American as apple pie to threaten people who are found not guilty when you want them to be found guilty.

    O.J. Simpson was threatened when a jury found him not guilty, Casey Anthony was threatened when a jury found her not guilty. Americans have loud, obnoxious mouths and they almost never back up threats.

    Read these posts, people’s blood pressure going sky high about something they have NO CONTROL over. Sooner or later the people walking the streets will stop. All black people, contrary to your beliefs are not backing this stuff. Do you see 30,000,000 people out there, no! So take a chill pill. I dislike Obama and Holder’s reign of power as much as anyone else. If congress does not impeach him there is nothing we can do and they don’t seem to have the stomach for it.

    You guys can rant and rave on, I’m moving on.

    • RobNClt

      I expect you to give a down vote, reason never makes sense to the unreasonable people.

    • hwobstj

      Well, it seems all the Zimmerman haters want to make their point public, so now we want to tell all of you that we’re backing Zimmerman. Not just with words, but by force if necessary. This country is being brought to the brink of civil war by the dipstick in the Oval Office and his mindless Constitution hating minions. That won’t be good for anyone in the end.

      • iconoclastKM

        * ! *

    • NoAmnesty

      You’re an idiot.

    • slcraig

      Zeitgeist has a way of expressing ITS-SELF like steam whistling from a kettle …….. Arizona Ice Tea and Skittles are somehow iconic, but put a bottle of Robitussin DXM next to them and suddenly its a RACIST picture to those that can’t handle the TRUTH ……. Guns and Ammo for everyone and soon enough we’ll ALL be equal in the streets of America….!!!

    • cmsmik


      Question. Why do you have a problem with Brad showing support for George Zimmerman, however have not said one word about all the stars and politicians lining up by the thousands to support TM and his family. HMMMM?

      Down vote? You bet


      It’s just a political statement and that’s ok.

    • Jay Stevens


      “Americans have loud, obnoxious mouths and they almost never back up threats.”

      So you are willing to trust the safety of your family and you to someone who
      almost never back up threats”?

  • wifeand3daughters

    Every non-felon should, if they so choose, be armed. And why is the State of Florida allowing the Federal government to tell them they cannot return a citizen’s lawful property?

  • Billy boy

    He needs a 50 cal machine gun on back of a pick up with a paid gunner. Then he could safely drive thru the streets of Orlando and other places.

  • Danbyism

    the man needs to protect himself. and screw the d.o.j.

    • Jim

      OH, but I am so sure, that if Zimmerman is attacked by a angry black mob and killed, that Obama and Holder would for sure the perpatrators and bring them to justice (Sarcasm).
      What’s it been 8 months, and the terrorist killers of Ambassador, 2 Navy SEALS, and a Employee at our embassy, and they haven’t found squat?

  • Sam Clemens

    B.O. said 35 years ago that could have been him. If it had been maybe this country wouldn’t be on the verge of Civil War right now.

  • HarryTheCat

    Get him a .458 SOCOM and a Desert Eagle .50. Why bother with putting those tiny little 9mm holes in thugs when you can watch ’em explode like watermelons.

    • mbecker908

      357 Sig is much, much better. Bigger mag and you can actually fire a second shot. And a 17th. And at 50 yards the trajectory is like a laser. #1 one shot knockdown round available.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        ANY current defense round has pretty comparable performance…9mm, 357 Sig, 40 S&W, 45 ACP.

  • Roger Harper

    Time for blacks and other minorities to get their own house in order as have done the asians. The nanny state has. I know countless so called poor that take many benefits and have under the radar income. If people are hungry set up soup kitchens and tent cities such as done in Pheonix by my hero Joe Arpaio.

  • Rosita E. Asano

    Wow. Thank you he really needs the support. Hope Zimmerman knows about the offer.

  • TheSpeckledGibbler

    Oh wishing star . . .

    • Jeremy

      That is great.

  • GoldenRudy

    I would have thought KelTech would have supplied Zim with an autographed replacement pistol already. Also, Zim’s family should have been offered/provided pistols and free range training. Good PR for KelTech.

  • elchucko

    Hey zonaHomegrown (homegrown pot that is), have a beer, smoke a joint and chill out. 😉 Your bio suggests you’re good at that.

  • Peter Carreiro

    The “zone ranger?” How about Dumb ranger. What an idiot!! LOL at the idiot. Zone Ranger….. haha

  • jabusse

    Now with the president behind young thugs who would kill whites for being white, we all need to carry protection. From the now empowered black kids and from the president and his men. Never before has the 2nd amendment been so important. I guess Obama’s net motto is “Die Whitee.”

  • me3124

    Thor, the God of thunder in Viking mythology

  • Dual Bag

    obama – DISGRACE

    Good job Brad.

  • Mark

    Why don’t we all chip in for bodyguards for him and his family too? I’m quite serious.

    • jas

      Serious or not, the fact is it wouldn’t be THAT big a deal. Even if a few thousand people only gave a quarter. Enough to get a nice piece.

  • JoeBtfsplk

    Zimmerman is not walking around unarmed unless he’s a complete fool. Nice offer but I’m sure he doesn’t need it.

    • Spiny Norman

      He’s not “walking around” at all. He’s deeper in hiding than ex-mobsters in Witness Protection.

  • Pronghorn

    DoJ needs to keep Z’s gun, to keep the evidence pristine for a possible future trial. OK, I’ll accept that, on condition that they give him an equivalent ‘loaner’ gun in the meantime. Yeah, I’m Holdering my breath on that one.

    • Elena0412

      I’m sure Holder has a few left over from F&F.

      • Brad

        no those are all in mexico now

  • dd121

    In the history of American jurisprudence have you ever heard of the Department of Justice or any federal agency soliciting the public on a web site for information that might indicate that Zim ever made a politically incorrect racial remark? On the basis of that (should they find someone to come forward) they will charge him with a hate/civil rights violation and get an inner city jury to send him to jail for a thousand years. This is Holder Become Gestapo. This is Fascism pure and simple and freedom loving people should resist.

    • iconoclastKM

      Amen to that..!

    • johnny b

      How about if we find proof of Nobama’s perjures like on YouTube, then will the deadazs holder prosecute Nobama?????

  • Agent Carmichael

    George just needs to go to Dick’s and pick himself up the pump action of his choice.

    • Brad

      thats what uncle joe said to do

    • iconoclastKM

      I hope he takes Brad Thor up on the offer..!

      If George Zimmerman will, at least quietly, accept this offer… It will be a great public relations boost in defense of the 2nd Amendment… All the while showing solidarity with our system of justice and the rule of law.. as well as George Zimmerman himself showing a sign that this hatred will not destroy him; that he will NOT let it destroy him..!

      I think Zimmerman should soon take a stand against the likes of these racists on the left… like Sharpton, J-zero, Boyance, Obama, Holder, Tingles Matthews… and all the rest..!

      Btw…I dig the avatar… My team too… LGM..!

  • Frank Bennett

    Get him a 44 mag, inscribed with ” the hammer of Thor “

    • johnny b

      He needs one with lots of rounds…. Like a Beretta 92f with 30 round mags…. and don’t forget fragmentation rounds….

  • Fhuh Kew

    I’m in. Create a paypal donation page.

  • cmsmik

    Brad Thor- you sir, are a Patriot.

    Side note: How disgusting for Obama to go on and on about Trayvon the thug yesterday in his speech. About how his thoughts and prayers are with TM’s family. But NEVER once said a word about George Zimmerman and his family. As if they are not going through HELL right now with death threats and harassment from the DOJ, as well as from Obama and Eric Holder’s thugs/mobs and likes of Al Sharpton. As if GZ is some how less of an American for defending himself.

    I live in Florida, and could not be happier that these racists are boycotting us. Please stay away!

    • johnny b

      Florida is safer without these race baiters causing additional problems….

  • adbirds

    I just sold mine on DumpCraig adbirds of course

  • AmericanMan2012

    It is really a shame that many African Americans who are low information, the MTV, the democratic supporters who support democrats because of the welfare they give them, which keeps them like slaves in society, not getting out to start businesses, and work their way up in a job, not marrying, all locked in to dependence or they lose their benefits.
    So mired in poverty created by the government, they find no other avenue but the route of crime, killing, attacking people on the streets, home invasions, selling drugs, and all this creates an earned profile, not racism, not created by whites, but by government.
    So along comes one hot opportunity like Zimmerman, Martin fight, and the violent, negative profile shows it’s ugly face again in the streets, killing, and beating innocent whites for Trayvon, all provoked by the government.
    When will they ever learn , how to get out of the Democrat Slave trap.
    Politicians created this, and they will perpetuate it as long as it works.

  • RightStuff

    We have a brain damaged president, and a whole bunch of sycophants that surround him. Holder is only doing the work of the Fuhrer.

    • johnny b

      Just because that azswipe is only following orders, like at Nuremberg, that doesn’t make it right…. He is supposed to follow and enforce the laws of this land not whatever Nobama says to do….

  • ModdKenwood

    the Obama Administration: waging war on the judicial system and the 2nd amendment daily

  • Annette Rf

    Gosh. I have a new idol. Mr Thor! God bless you sir!

  • ruzzty

    Mr. O’Mara & Mr. West….. have you been PAID IN FULL? Please update your donation pages so we can assist!
    George Zimmerman Defense Fund
    P.O. Box 622793
    Oviedo, FL 32762-2793

    THANK YOU! You two earned it! George deserved it!

  • stdog

    I dont think this man is the least bit sincere. Rather i think he is just making an inflamatory statement.
    Way to put yourself on the level of the likes of Sharpton.
    Birds of a feather…agitate together.
    comments like this are not neccessary.
    brad might as well as have said…Agitate we much…

    • Moronbusters

      Go back to Libtardistan stdod.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    The Zone Ranger is goofier than Johnny Depp and coming here to Taunto everyone proves it.

  • John Peterson

    I heart brad thor in a non homodeviant way.

  • DaCheezWhizKid

    According to Holder, that gun has a body on it. The body of St. Trayvon! No way Zimmerman gets that gun back!

  • Red_Ruffansore

    Need to start two groups up to volunteer to protect Zimmerman man. The Mexican Panthers and the White Panthers. The Mexican Panthers will be made up of White guys like me to fit Holders racial profiling and the White Panthers will be made up of Mexicans because Holder screwed them out of their racial heritage to fit his national monologue.

  • jackcandobutwont

    So in today’s world, even though found NOT GUILTY… gun!! I thought being found innocent was that YOU ARE INNOCENT!!!

  • acidulous

    Eric Holder is one SORE LOSER.

  • JnDplus3

    To my knowledge I have never read a Brad Thor book, but I’m going to go look! Thanks and the Libs can go have a “hissey Fit” now ha ha ha

  • Wills510

    With our DOJ withholding Zimmerman’s rights to carry a weapon when he has had his life threatened multiple times is a shame. I thank Mr. Thor for this genuine gesture to right a wrong. If Mr Zimmerman needs extra money please count me in. This DOJ is a sham and the corrupt leader should be fired.

  • Moronbusters

    The Chief Crime boss stole Zimmerman’s gun. Par for the course.

  • Son of Uncle Sam

    FN 5.7 is a nice gun

  • John Peterson

    I posted yesterday that I would sell GZ one of my spares for $1 (because I don’t think you can buy a gun for someone else) and nobody made a news item out of it :( and now drudge stole my thug obama pic (after I stole it from someone else). I don’t get no repsect.

  • Andylit

    The DOJ is going to try to drag this out all the way to the 2014 elections. As soon as they are over, Holder will tell America that there isn’t enough evidence to proceed with charges.

    It will be one of several items held back, like the permanent “delay” on 0bozocare. Once the next Congress is elected, the Administration will be tossing grenades right and left, just like they did with the EPA regs issued after the 2012 election.

  • Pouncekitty

    Obama proves by his remarks that he is NOT the president of the United States, he’s only the president of black people.

    • hotcocco

      Hear that Dem’s !!!!! He’s just using you.

  • Due Time

    I think I’m adding Thor’s books to my library. I’ve never read him before, but I think imma gonna start.

    • Granny Rob Robinson

      The late Vince Flynn and Brad Thor were and are two of my favorite authors.


    This is awesome

  • Itsgotelectolytes

    This is another great case of diversion. Good smoke and mirrors. The world is falling apart and all our media concentrates on this bs. A punk walking home from the store to make a date rape purple drank and attacks some guy. Not just this story the whole sh*t. WTF!

  • falseprophet123

    Holder is a criminal of the State. His wanting to bring a hate crimes case against Zimmerman is the lowest of the low. His boss, opening his reckless mouth, has done nothing but inflame the low info voters to ratchet up their racism and hatred of white people. Obama and Holder are two of the most intellectually dishonest men to be in such high powered positions. I would think impeachment articles are being prepared.

  • geosum

    Thanks for looking after #Zimmerman. I’ll be buying a few of your books to help out.

  • $284013

    I KNEW it was going to be Thor who was the author who wants to buy Zimmerman a gun when I saw the headline even before clicking on the link. Follow him on Twitter too, he always has something clever to say. Smart guy he is.

  • zippiest


  • stdog

    What a tool. Sure thing brad…like youre really going to buy a gun for him and present to him on TV, in Chicago of all places. And calling it a DONE DEAL.
    All youve proven is that anybody can say anything.

    • Itsgotelectolytes

      I don’t like your words.

      • stdog

        truth hurts.

    • Liberty’s Teeth

      Takes one to know one.

      • stdog

        youve just claimed to know me. think about that.

    • southerntragedy

      You’re an idiot tool. The rusty kind laying around the yard.

      You don’t think he has the money? Have you read any of his numerous books? Yeah. Didn’t think so.

      BTW: You have proven that anybody can say anything but not actually do anything. Mom’s calling you. Your mac and cheese is getting cold.

      • stdog

        dear appropriately named fellow internet user,
        what in gods name made you think i assumed brad thor cant afford a gun?
        Its not about money.
        Brad Thor is NEVER….NEVER…going to present a gun to Zimmerman on TV…IN CHICAGO.
        Its never going to happen.
        But Brad sure has sold alot of books because of his insincere statement. Which only a half wit would believe.
        And Im not interested in his books.
        ps. My mom makes better mac and cheese than your mom.

  • Roger Waters

    Don’t buy him the gun! thats a straw purchase. Buy him a gift card to the gun store so HE can buy the gun himself.

  • cjones636

    Greece, N.Y., a suburb of Rochester. Roderick Scott, a black man, shot and killed an unarmed 17-year-old white teen, Christopher Cervini, whom he believed was burglarizing a neighbor’s car, with a licensed .40 cal. handgun.

    There are many similarities between the Scott-Cervini case and the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case in Florida. In both cases, there had been a spate of criminal activity in the neighborhood. In both cases, the shooters called 911 to report suspicious activity, yet chose to confront the unarmed suspects outside their residence and off their own property prior to the arrival of the police. In both cases, the shooters claimed that they felt threatened, and fired in self-defense. In both cases, local law enforcement applied relevant state law.

    Unlike Florida, New York does not have a “stand your ground” law. New York law allows a person to use deadly force to defend his residence from home invasion only as a last resort. It does not allow the use of deadly force to prevent a property crime, and requires retreat if possible. Thus, while Zimmerman was not arrested under Florida law, Scott was tried for manslaughter.

    New York law does allow a person to use deadly force anywhere, including off his own property, if he feels that his life is in imminent danger and retreat is not possible. Despite the fact that he left his own property, confronted, and shot dead an unarmed white person thought to be committing a petty property crime, Scott was acquitted by a majority-white jury after claiming that the Cervini charged at him, putting him in imminent fear of his life.

    Despite the racial difference between the shooter and the decedent, there were no allegations of racial bias. Scott was not charged with a hate crime. There was no Federal civil rights investigation. There were no white protests. The case was settled for what it was: a tragedy caused by a series of poor decisions on behalf of the shooter, and a split-second decision that will forever be second-guessed.

    In all probability, the actions of Zimmerman in Florida were also based on a series of poor decisions: the decision to follow a suspect after a police dispatcher told him not to, the decision to confront a suspect with a firearm off his own property, and a split-second decision to shoot an unarmed person when Zimmerman felt his life was in imminent danger, resulting in tragedy. But a tragedy is not necessarily a Federal civil rights case – unless the mobs in the streets and their allies in the media and government want to make it one.

    Guess what….. Not one single person gave a s*t except the parents and loved ones…

    • johnny b

      The dumbazs democons in NtY are the cause of this injustice… A good man is in jail just because NY democrats refuse to do what is right…. Soon NY will look like Detroit as all democon are crooks and thieves….and they hate the US Constitution…
      The biggest dumbazs and crook in NY is Coumo….

    • Itsgotelectolytes

      Wow and fox or drudge never aired this. My guess is the whole bunch of them want the races to be divided for ever.

    • Sam Sham

      I need to differ with you on just one point. The dispatcher asked Zimmerman if he was following Martin, and Zimmerman answered “yes”. The dispatcher then said “We don’t need you to do that.” At no time did the dispatcher tell Zimmerman not to follow nor did the dispatcher have the authority to do so. In point of fact, Zimmerman claims to have stopped following at that point, and then was confronted and physically assaulted by Martin. In any case, although it may not have been a wise decision to get out of his vehicle and monitor Martin’s whereabouts, Zimmerman was fully within his rights to do so.

  • ozzy mo

    I am with you…No one should be denied a weapon to defend themselves, when they are no legal reason not to. he has been cleared and based on the threats against his life, he should have and needs to have a weapon to keep the idiots at bay.

  • carl6352

    robert his brother is very articulate and would make a great newscaster. don’t know about george. as for the holder dept. if they try to bring civil rights charges they will look more stupid then they all ready are. he is the most un racist person in america. in high school he dated a black girl even took her to prom he also tutors blacks in his community and also has helped others in predicaments. he is what mlk wanted a a place where race did not matter like a rainbow. democrats have turned them into uneducated hate mongers what we call racists. friday was his siren call to riot and pillage. obamas kids in action!

  • Jasonn

    Para-Ordnance P14 in .45 ACP with Trijicon night sights. It makes a big hole and rarely runs out of ammo.

  • Guest

    geo. is going to need a lot of help and protection as will his family. has a fund been set up for such?

    • Anonymouse

      George Zimmerman legal case

      This website is operated by Mark O’Mara PA on behalf of the George Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund. Direct inquiries to 407-898-5151. Principal office 1416 East Concord

      • Pedro Gonzales

        1416 East Concord…..WHERE?
        Zimmerman will need profession help in guarding him and his family. I suggest donations for that and his legal fund. Collection of any libel suits will take a few years, meanwhile they have to live. Whether Zimmerman likes it or not now he is an icon for gun freedom and self defense. The Deviant Democrat Race Pimps, and their sorry supporters, want harm to come to him.

    • Pouncekitty

      I hope so. I would contribute thousands to defend this honorable man. He proves once again that the black politicians, the race-baiters, the creeps like Obama, the dishonest partisans like Holder are the ENEMIES of progress. Blacks will only succeed when they realize how much they are poisoned by their “leaders.”

  • Gordon

    You’re all crazy. Brad you’re a good writer, and you ought to stay with that.

    • Pouncekitty

      Well, actually only you are crazy. You probably support the thug criminal-in-training, Traytrash. But Zimmerman is the real hero of this story. He defended himself against the onslaught of trash culture, catastrophic racism and the loser black mentality that refuses to allow black youth to succeed.

      • Gordon

        Excuse me, there are no hero’s here. Just a bunch of losers. Have a nice day, Puss?kitty.

        • Pouncekitty

          “hero’s” is incorrect, bad grammar. It’s “heros” just plural, not possessive. You just proved your ignorance, no doubt a product of teachers union education, which means you’re uneducated, but have an agenda. Typical lib phony. Can’t spell but have a lot of opinions on things you can’t BEGIN to understand. And you have a nice day, too, in Moronland.

    • hibp

      Brad spoke at the Tea Party Pro Governor Walker rally with Herman Cain, Breitbart and Sarah Palin in 2011 – a great Patriot and great, realistic Writer. His 2012 book Black List is frighteningly like the spying on Americans that the NSA is doing…

    • John Peterson

      The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing. — Edmund Burke

  • stdog

    zimmerman can afford his own gun. Why dont you donate to his education plans instead. but a bullet proof vest might make more sense.

    • Pouncekitty

      I would donate to help him move forward. All the filthy money in the world wouldn’t help Trayvon because he was a thug punk with no future and no brains. Zimmerman deserves our help and support because he has the hope of a future. Hear that, Gang bangers???

    • Warren Stallings

      i suspect you will donate to the witness education, but then again, via tax dollars i already have. You cant change stupid.

  • Charles Kirtley

    The DOJ is in a large part responsible for stirring up the savages against Zimmerman, then they disarm him. Typical.

    • Spud

      I think if you throw some bananas at them they will stop Or at least slow down.

  • Pat Patrick

    Count me in for a donation to buy the gun, holster or ammo. He’s getting screwed by Race Baiters, Low Information people & Obama. They don’t even know that race and Stand your Ground were not involved in the trial. Like somebody said, you can’t fix stupid!!

  • Pouncekitty

    Democrats and Liberals are DEAF to the Obama scandals, the power grabs, the misuse of spy data, they only worship their fake Messiah. Democrats and Liberals actually FACILITATE the dictatorship. They are clueless morons turning the USA into Nazi Germany. But they will NEVER admit it — the celebrity of Obama trumps all their self-interest or common sense. Liberals are cancer.

  • Warren Stallings

    You brought it on your selves, Entitled, “we have arrived” You abused it.
    and now you are going to see a civil war based on your abuse in the grocery stores, walmart, the voting boothes of which the black panther party harassed, the ultra liberal catholic nuns condoned, and the apolgetic US jews cut checks for. Thanks for turning this country upside down libtards. The blood in on your hands now, too many of us are sick of what your agenda is. You want socialism, chicken in every pot but never had the balls to go to the country where you believed it to happen. Think Central or South America where the soccer stadiums became a roundup for malcontents. Oh, you forget reality and history. Only what your sick little nirvana is. You are going to pay an extremely high price for your vocal support and swagger for this jack off and his administration. Keep on milking it, your messiah has only months to go if not sooner via the first black, the first POTUS to be impeached out of office. Insurrection is what is coming and you have brought it on your selves.

  • brooksmd

    If he gets a .45ACP I can send a couple hundred rounds.

  • Rick Schubert

    I love that he’s doing this but he can definitely expect an IRS audit this year.

  • Jeff H

    He’s going to need a vest also considering how many violent dems are after him.

  • RhaKlaatu

    Where are the Guardian Angels? Or do we need to a volunteer organization to protect law biding citizens? Since the DOJ won’t protect the citizens, are we going to have to start protecting ourselves? I for one will volunteer. (and I have a CC and I carry)

  • Pat Emery

    I’m 5’6 & 120 lbs. If anyone thinks for a minute this skinny white boy is going to wear an a$$-whipping from ANYBODY regardless of color, they’re sadly mistaken. God made all men equal, my Kimber is the equalizer.

    • tony

      Nice piece.

  • wobbles9094

    Considering how many people have made death threats against him(that of course AG Holder will not investigate or prosecute like so many other crimes he endorses), I’d say he should be armed. Clearly he has been denied his 14th amendment right to equal protection under the law, and the AG is working on violating his Constitutional protection against double jeopardy as we speak. When Criminals are running the DOJ, look to yourselves for protection.

  • Ding Dong Daddy

    Why don’t demokkkrats want women defending themselves with guns? And why does the Oblome regime hate Hispanics so much? Are they worried that they will get a smaller portion of the minority money pie?

  • BDD

    If GZ needs a new gun why not go get one in Mexico? Thanks to “Stedman” Holder and “Fast & Furious” there are plenty of American guns south of the border.

  • Viking4450

    Brad I own every book you have written and will continue to buy everyone you write. I just finished Hidden Order LOVED IT!!!

    • Viking4450

      GZ should make sure to carry a back up as well

  • RETUSAF1995

    Zimmerman is going to need it whenever he’s out in public. Who know’s when he might feel threatened? If i’am armed and see him, i’ll have my hand on my gun to shoot first.

    • tony

      And if I see you?

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Thanks for showing that you’re the EXACT type of person you *TRY* (and fail) to portray Zimmerman as.

    • $910553

      Get ready to burn in hell then, chimpy! So much for that oath you swore before you joined, eh? But then I understand that’s the way most of you niggers roll.

    • Thoros Myr

      Good luck, being in the air force won’t prepare you to face The Zimmer Man. That guy could probably take out a platoon of Navy SEALs, if they were all unarmed black teenagers.

    • John Peterson

      Fortunately the only thing you can be legally armed with are skittles. And franky, that didn’t work out too well.

  • Scott


    George Zimmerman just legally changed his name with the
    state of Florida to Ben Ghazi and Eric
    Holder immediately dropped the DOJ investigation

  • edknowsall

    I going to start buying Brad Thor’s books!

    • hibp

      I’ve bought and read all of Brad’s books, he’s a great author and patriot!


    to do it legally the easiest way he should just give Z a check for the purchase price and let Geo buy it himself. That avoids the issue of being accused of a “straw buy” or dealing with the hassles of transferring across state lines.

    • Scott

      So true. The bigger issue is that he is most likely NOT in Florida for security reasons and his CHL is for Florida (with reciprocity in many states). I’m sure he could find a way to work something out or he could work something out in TEXAS as we are really friendly like that!!

  • buckofama2010

    Good man Thor. I will also buy home one. A good way to counter these racist bastards would be to get truck loads of guns and ammo for George. We also need to give FL a ton of business since the racists have called for a boycott of FL

  • malaka_eneuresis

    Now that Zimmerman is freed can we investigate and prosecute those who are responsible for:
    Fast and Furious
    IRS and exempt organizations
    Obamacare being selectively enforced
    Immigration laws being selectively enforced
    Voter fraud and community organizers
    among other matters??

  • Spud

    Why don’t demokkkrats want women defending themselves with guns? Why does the Obammy regime hate Hispanics so much? Is it because they are afraid of getting a smaller portion of the minority money pie?

    • galocke


  • Dar Brooks Helwig

    I bet Holder (tyrannt) will cause Zimmerman to by pass his background check. Go with an AR or an AK.

  • rentslave

    All George needs is to put on a “WHERE’S THE REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE?” T-shirt.We’ve got Obama on the run;now it’s time to get down to business.

  • Pedro Gonzales

    Zimmerman will need profession help in guarding him and his family. I suggest donations for that and his legal fund. Collection of any libel suits will take a few years, meanwhile they have to live. Whether Zimmerman likes it or not now he is an icon for gun freedom and self defense. The Deviant Democrat Race Pimps, and their sorry supporters, want harm to come to him.
    This is reputed to be legitimate……

    Tele# Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund. Direct inquiries to 407-898-5151.

  • WinstonGalt

    If I didn’t already own every book that Thor has written I’d go out and buy them. He is exactly right. We have racists looking to lynch Zimmerman for being correctly judged not guilty, and if anyone needs a gun for self defense he does.

  • drkennethnoisewater

    Five seveN: easy to shoot, holds 20rds, and can take 30rd mags that don’t stick out too far. If it’s good enough for the Secret Service, it’s good enough for GZ.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      It’s not. Secret Service carries the Sig 229

  • tony

    I will pitch in. Do it on live TV and when the fascist feds come in to make the arrest, have the local police arrest the feds for attempted kidnapping. If they resist send them to meet Trayvon.

    • Red47

      What arrest?

      • tony

        If you gave him a gun on TV throwing it in Obamas face they would send feds to arrest both Brad and George. At that time the local police should make them taste some concrete. What would come next?

        • Red47

          Why? There is nothing illegal about George getting a gun. As for the transaction, there is no reason it cannot be done legally.

  • Janet Williams

    Holder wants Zimmerman disarmed when some brothers come up on him. Don’t you get it?

  • stdog

    This is fantasy. never going to happen.

  • Snarknado2013


  • Sighted In And Ready.

    Considering I’ve got a small arsenal of weapons…enough to arm an Army Division practically…I’ll give one of my 37 .45’s to Zimmerman and 500 rounds of ammo. Holder over at the DOJ can Duck my Sick!

  • IVillageIdiot

    If the current “Administration” is going to use this tragedy as a mechanism for stoking racial tension in an effort to distract the PRESS… from their many, many, many transgressions, then perhaps it is time to form a “Volunteer Civilian Guard” for Mr. Zimmerman?

    I can think of NOTHING that would incite the authorities, to do the RIGHT THING here, than doing their jobs FOR… them! Think about it…

  • Spud

    This was broadcast on the Piers Morgan show on CNN. I think you’ll be able to find it on YouTube. Zimmerman needs to sue for Profiling as homo
    Rachel Jeantel: Trayvon Thought Zimmerman was a Gay Rapist and Trayvon Wasn’t “That Kind of Way”

  • Juvenal

    Darn fine gesture. I hope he can get it to him in time.

  • Likeyoudontknow

    Maybe we should pitch in for a full set of body armor, armed guards and police K-9 dogs for that added measure of safety. That way, Zimm could at least get a little sleep at night. Unless all the barking keeps him up or the weight of the body armor makes it difficult to get comfortable in bed

    I can’t imagine what life is like for an innocent man like Zimmerman, who has to live with the knowledge that the most powerful man on the planet (Obozo) has his sights set on him. This is not justice, but it is as Zimm’s brother described it… A Witch Hunt.

    I would lay odds that Zimmerman doesn’t make it two years before his ticket is punched. This man needs and deserves a fortress on a secluded island along with a full arsenal of weapons and a small army added in for protection.

    I really do hope Zimmerman sues for 100 million dollars and gets it… for he will need every penny of it just to survive.

  • disqus_n7D2tcNIqx

    And let Thor be stupid and do so I hope he borrows George’s bullet proof vest seeing as though a bullet gonna be in his ass. #CrackerSillySeason

    • John Peterson

      Please post again once you have made it past 3rd grade so that we can understand you.

    • DoubIenaughtspy

      Try again, in English this time.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Ah, there’s another from the Party of Tolerance making death threats…

  • drnv

    Florida Court Cases – Blacks benefit from Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ law at disproportionate rate

  • jcwink

    George Zimmerman legal case

  • drnv

    Florida Court Cases – Blacks benefit from Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ law at disproportionate rate.

  • Timothy Stacker

    Brad Thor sounds like he’s going to be audited.

  • DoubIenaughtspy

    I like it! A good cause we can all join.

  • Sparta

    Zimmerman needs to LEAVE the area entirely. He should settle in a CONSERVATIVE town somewhere in Idaho or Texas where “African Americans” are scarcer then hen’s teeth.

  • Bob White

    Great idea. Zimmerman is toast next time, unless he arms himself to the teeth, the thugs will eventually get him.

  • amr

    What Zimmerman needs most are volunteers to stand guard at his parents and
    his home, wherever that is. This is what southern civil rights people did after
    civil rights leader Mr. Evers was killed and no law enforcement
    organization would protect the leadership. There are enough retired law
    enforcement in Florida to do this with minimum impact on their lives. If I
    lived in Florida, I would do it. Another alternative is for some of the rich
    conservatives to hire a company to do it.

  • Sleepwalker

    I’m for starting by giving Zimmerman a couple of ATTA-BOYS. What do you think.

  • NoMoreMrNiceGuy

    We’re all sick of those weaseles.

  • Reader11722

    Forget this fake controversy. Instead read a real banned book “America Deceived II” by a real outlaw author.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely censored:

  • negrolocaust

    thank God for george zimmerman. thank God that george had his kel-tec so
    that he could stop the beating he was receiving from this angry tavon.
    thank God for the jurors who made a fair judgement and were not
    brainwashed by the black racists and communists who railroaded him.
    thank God for don west and mark o’mara. i am now starting week 2 of my
    (at least) 14 week celebration of george zimmermans victory over these
    black power rayvon supporters who railroaded a man just for defending
    himself. happy george zimmerman day!!

  • IVillageIdiot

    Maybe a few celebrities could start a “Security Trust Fund” with which the Martin family could purchase armed security from one of the guard companies.

    If 50% of the population, donated $1.00, it would be 150 million bucks. With that, you could invest it, use the interest, earnings, and dividends to pay a service to provide full time protection.

    Some really wealthy people could maybe donate a bit more, but… you get the point. If the thugs are going to use their numbers and lawlessness, they WHY CAN’T WE OUT SMART THEM???

    With the Internet, talk radio, and other media that is willing to help, we can MAKE THEIR EFFORTS BACKFIRE?

    Pass the idea along!

    • Jane Morgan

      I live in Florida. The next time a black guy kills a white guy around here (even white Hispanic) I am going to start a protest. I will gather all my friends and neighbors (I am a 69 yr.old grandmother) and we will go have a “knit-in” and demand justice.

  • John Peterson

    How’s that post racial presidency working out for everyone? LOL!

    • IVillageIdiot

      It was ALWAYS just pablum generated for Liberal consumption, but… good point in any case.

      He is essentially exploiting race in the same way he did to get elected int he first place. Shameful…. in the truest sense of the word.

    • banderlogtorpedo

      Post-presidential racist.

  • Hollowpoint

    I have over 30 hand guns, 18 rifles, and 7 shotguns. Enough ammo to protect my property and then some. The Z man was acquitted and found innocent why can’t he own all the guns he wants? Let us know how to contribute and help this man protect his family and himself from the black urban blight.

  • Michael Davis

    I’m buying a Brad Thor book tonight.

    • Hollowpoint

      Buying one now on amazon

    • hibp

      I have been reading Brad Thor books for years. I recommend his 2012 book – The Black List – this is frighteningly like what’s happening right now with the NSA spying on Americans. Brad spoke in Madison WI during the riots of 2011 – really Great Author and really Great Patriot.

      • Michael Davis

        Already purchased Free Fall but The Black List will be next.

    • dougtheavenger

      Me too. I’m looking them up now.
      The Lions of Lucerne
      The Last Patriot
      Foreign Influence

  • hibp

    I encourage EVERYONE to buy and read Brad Thor’s book from 2012 – called Black List. It’s frighteningly like what’s going on with the NSA spying on Americans. This is not something Americans should brush off as ‘just protecting Americans’, this is a Omen of things to come and needs to be stopped. Snowden may have broken federal law, but I for one am glad that he brought this to the FOREFRONT of American thought – it’s so hard to get UNINFORMED and Americans who don’t think to really start seeing what is going on in this country. People are SO NOT AWARE! (Except for my friends in liberty here….!)

  • RecoveringLiberal

    Zimmerman was found not guilty and he can’t have his gun back? Obama people always have it backwards. I’m SO sick of them never getting it right -ever.

    • banderlogtorpedo

      All you 2nd amendment Democrats out there, Obama still your guy? Really? That party got your back? Mob rule your thing?

      • RecoveringLiberal

        Pretty ridiculous. But go ahead and jump to some more ridiculous conclusions. I’ll be waiting. You’re a laff riot.

  • mooseinfmp

    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    This is individually applicable; that is, by denying the return of an innocent man’s firearm, Holder is violating his Second Amendment rights, and should be held liable in a court of law.

    • $910553

      Holder should have his GD head blown off, for there IS NO rule of law.

    • Scott

      He doesn’t believe in the Constitution let alone the 2nd Amendment. The only people he thinks should have the guns are the MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS.

      • $910553

        Well, them and his GD enabling pigs.

  • James Doe

    Get him one that holds alot of bullets!

  • Pete Petretich

    I can’t believe that Holder stole Z’s gun in the same week that 1000’s of racists were threatening Z’s life, BUT HE DID!!!

    • Chris G

      Isn’t that an IMPEACHABLE Offense? Where’s Congress?

      • $910553

        “Weepy” is too busy sucking chimp dick over immigration.

  • President Nimrod

    Lock and Load Baby

  • Perilous Liberty

    This is Holder and Obama disarming someone in the hope that the mod takes him out. Gotta love a Department of JUSTICE that plays like that.

  • popseal

    I don’t see how any of this will end well for any of us. I ignore the reptiles that ramp up race issues and the fools that get caught up in these marches. Stay in school, work a job, keep family together, give to the poor, in short, get out of the hip hop culture and like me, ignore the Al Sharptons of the world.

    • dougtheavenger

      I see how it will end well for me. It should convince a number of Americans just how stupid these people are and bring them closer to my point of view which is that they should be given no power whatsoever and ignored.

  • Jennifer

    If anything happens to Zimmerman because Eric Holder wouldn’t let him have a gun.. Well, sue the crap out of Black Panther Eric Holder!

  • Megan

    He was found not guilty so GIVE HIM BACK HIS GUN! NOW!!

  • MacMan

    Holder is confused ! He thought this was a gun he gave to the Mexican cartel through fast& furious. He realized Zimmerman was a law abiding American citizen: now he want give it back because he might look stupid .

  • $5326605

    The Race Dividers Obama, Holder, and Sharpton can kiss my but.

  • Mat Helm

    Update: George Zimmerman has changed his name. His new legal name is “Benjamin Ghazi”.

    The President, DOJ and all network News outlets have since fell silent on the entire issue….. 😉

  • SaysItLikeItIs

    You won’t recognize me. My name was Antonio West and I was the 13-month old child who was shot at point blank range by two black teens who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot. A Grand Jury of my mommy’s peers from Brunswick GA determined the black-teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty…too bad I was given a death sentence for being innocent and defenseless.

    My family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder was not ruled a Hate Crime. Nor did President Obama take so much as a single moment to acknowledge my murder.

    I am one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation’s history, but the media doesn’t care to cover the story of my tragic demise, President Obama has no children who could possibly look like me – so he doesn’t care and the media doesn’t care because my story is not interesting enough to bring them ratings so they can sell commercial time slots.

    There is not a white equivalent of Al Sharpton because if there was he would be declared racist, so there is no one rushing to Brunswick GA to demand justice for me. There is no White Panther party to put a bounty on the lives of those who murdered me. I have no voice, I have no representation and unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat innocently in my stroller – I no longer have my life.

    So while the blacks and liberals seeking justice for Treyvon, please remember to seek justice for me too. Tell your friends about me, tell you families, get tee shirts with my face on them and make the world pay attention, just like they did for Treyvon.

  • John W Weaver

    I’ll chip in to buy Holder a one way ticket to Africa.

    • Jack76

      I don’t think they’d take him.

    • Chris G

      We need to get a national discussion on that topic to get started. Encourage people to LEAVE the US if their heart isn’t w/in the US. If they call themselves “Africans” 1st & “Americans” 2nd. If they yelled “Allahu akbar” the minute they heard that OJ Simpson was fould not guilty of killing his wife & an innocent man.

      We’ve got some plane tickets to buy!

  • dougtheavenger

    These idiot protests should convince Americans that these people are idiots and deserve to be ignored.

  • Jack76

    Justice for Zimmerman!

    • Chris G

      Justice happened TWICE.

  • GypsyDanger

    It is for this reason all liberty loving individuals should train how to safely and effectively use firearms.

  • AZGunslinger

    I have never read any of Brad Thor’s books. I have been reading Vince Flynn between the courses in my MBA program. I stopped reading Tom Clancy after he changed the villains in Sum of All Fears from Islamic whackjobs to Russian fascists. But after this gesture from Brad….. I am going to put him on my reading list. Well done Brad! Well done indeed!

    • dandi56

      I don’t think that was Clancy’s idea. The director and screenwriter made those decisions. Once Clancy sold them the rights to make the film he had very little say over it.

      • AZGunslinger

        Clancy maintains final say over the plot and script so producers and directors do not deviate from his books. Almost all big time authors have those clauses in their contracts when they sell the rights to movie studios.

        • RobertBidinotto

          You are flat-out wrong about that. As a thriller author myself, I can tell you that authors have almost NO control or input into screenplays, choice of director, or casting of films made from their books. I have heard that Clancy was none too happy with what they did with “Sum of All Fears” — but you know what? Another standard provision in H’wood contracts is that the author may NOT criticize the movie after it is released. In short, Clancy sold the film rights, Tinseltown did its usual P.C. vandalism of the story, and Clancy is obliged to remain silent about it.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            True…look at the sheer butchery done to ‘Starship Troopers’.

          • Strider73

            It helped that the author (Robert Heinlein) was dead.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Virginia Heinlein (RAH’s wife and heir) was still alive at the time…and a rumor stated that she walked out of production and refused to have anything to do with it.

          • AZGunslinger

            And just how many of your books have been at the top of NYT’s best seller list?!?! Exactly what I thought. You’ve got about as much pull as a mouse fart.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Chill. I know a few authors myself, two of which are in current negotiations over movie contracts.

            He’s correct, you aren’t.

          • AZGunslinger

            I have no doubt nickel and dime authors you’re talking about do not have the ability to negotiate final approval of the script. Authors like Tom Clancy and Stephen King do not suffer from lack of negotiating power when selling the movie rights to their books.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            I have no doubt nickel and dime authors you’re talking about do not have the ability to negotiate final approval of the script.

            NYT best-selling authors, actually. So, like in all the rest of this sub-conversation, you’re wrong.

            Authors like Tom Clancy and Stephen King do not suffer from lack of negotiating power when selling the movie rights to their books.

            And you know this from your experience in negotiating said contracts for them? No? Then sit down and STFU.

            “While the basic plot was the same, there were significant changes from the book. Noting these substantial changes, in the commentary track on the DVD release, Tom Clancy jokingly introduces himself as “the author of the book that he [director Phil Alden Robinson, who is present with Clancy] ignored”.”

          • RobertBidinotto

            No, not at the top of the NYT list. “HUNTER,” My debut thriller, only hit #4 on the Kindle bestseller list and only made the Wall St. Journal “Top 10 Fiction Ebooks” list. But of course I could not possibly know what I’m talking about, since I wasn’t validated by the New York Times.

          • AZGunslinger

            Congrats for making NYT’s list. Hollywood lacks good material for movies, as evidenced by the number of retreads, remakes, and flops this year. Ever see A Bronx Tale? Chazz Palminteri wrote the story when he was struggling to make it in Hollywood. He was offered pretty decent money for the rights but he would not sell it unless he could write the screenplay AND play the role of the mobster, Sonny.

            I am pretty sure what you say is true of Hollywood being tough when it comes to negotiating about the rights to books. I would not expect anything less. However, from my experience in negotiating the purchase and sale of banks in the mid 90’s, businesses and real estate for the last 15 years; I know that if you have a good product and a brand to protect (like Clancy & King), you have the ability to negotiate things others cannot.

            If Palminteri can negotiate to write the screenplay and star in the movie as a no name actor then other authors can do it as well. I know Palminteri held on to his story for a long time and turned down more money than he had ever seen up to that time.

            In business, when you have a good idea or product, EVERYTHING is negotiable.

          • RobertBidinotto

            On the surprising commentary track of “Sum of All Fears,” Clancy claims director Phil Robinson “ignored” him, and he criticizes the director on a host of counts. This belies any claim that Clancy had any editorial control of the film’s content. See specifics here; scroll down the page:


  • Jeremy

    Way to go Brad Thor and this is just another disgusting move by Holder’s Dept. of Social Justice.

    • Chris G

      This is when we need strength from the Governor & State Atty General, is it not?

      • Strider73

        If Gov. Scott had any strength, he would never have appointed a special prosecutor. I was a fan when he told Obongo to take that “stimulus” rail project somewhere else, but now I have lost all respect for him.

  • ManOnPoint

    I will give GZ 5 boxes of .45 ACP if he wants them. I live in FL…

  • Buddy P

    It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires in the minds of men. ~ Samuel Adams

  • fishmonster

    No other way to look at it. The man is innocent and he should have his property returned. May I suggest a Kimber Master Carry Custom? My wife and I are always packing today. When we were married our country was not mismanaged by radicals interested in taking our constitutional rights. Further, we don’t tolerate criminal prosecutors who conceal evidence and judges who don’t follow accepted courtroom procedures in Texas.

  • CasualMeyhem

    Glock .40 or 9mm. Rifles are cool and all, but I suspect he may need the concealed carry to defend himself.

  • Guy Fromage

    The offers to send ammo to George Zimmerman are touching, and I agree with the sentiment, but if I were in his shoes, I wouldn’t get near any ammo a stranger sent to me. It’s easy to load rounds which look completely innocent, but will do great damage to the gun it is chambered in, not to mention the shooter. Better to simply send money.

    Is there a way to simply send George money, to help with expenses unrelated to his legal expenses?

  • Franken Stein

    Zimmerman needs a M134 Minigun !! Where can I donate?

  • PsyGuy

    Ok, so dear old dad Tracy Martin and Ronquavis “qua” Fulton want to buy underage Trayvon guns (with *IS* a felony) and everyone with their panties in a bunch thinks that is OK.

    BUT let this guy want to buy GZ a gun LEGALLY and suddenly they’re outraged?

    Oh right!!! I get it! How very racist and bigotted of them!

  • JBar595

    I think Thor should buy Holder a gun, why, because Holder is so stupid he’d probably shoot himself with it and America would be a freer country.

    • Scott

      He would sell it the Zeta Cartel before he could accidentally shoot himself I am sure.

  • Jose P

    Where is the fund to chip in at?

    • Chris G

      Which one??? LOL

  • seawolfe36

    why hasn’t it been pointed out that Trayvon had him holding a gun, stolen jewelry and dope smoking pictures on his phone. Also did the PD check to see if the dates he visited dear ole dad matched the dates of jewel thefts in the complex. Why hasn’t it been published that “skittles” combined with cough med and water melon flavored drink is used to make a drink called “heat or Drank” Trayvon had 2 of them on him and I’d bet had the cough meds at dads house. The “heat” or “drank” causes violent mood swings, maybe why Trayvon didn’t just walk away and instead attacked Z. just saying

  • Jose P

    erh… My dad reads Brad Thor, dad is in his 80’s. I never heard of him, but I like his attitude. Now on to Amazon to download some of his works to Kindle on my ipad and android…

  • Daniel Petry

    Two Americas.

    • Chris G

      50 States.

      Please respect that concept given to US by the Founders.

      • 4nik8liberals

        According to ObaMao, there are 57 states.

        • Chris G

          How many Territories does the US have…it wouln’t happen to be 7, would it?

          There’s Guam, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands (?) + the Federal District of Washington….how many more?

          Imagine 14 (7×2) additional PROGRESSIVE Senators being elected if we had 7 more States. 2 House Members from these areas already exist, so add 5 more.

          THAT could be Obama’s 57 State remark, so I don’t think he got that # by accident.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Being the renowned scholar that he is, I’m certain he wouldn’t confuse territories with states.

          • TrayvonMartinsGhost

            It was actually 58 states. He said he had been to 57 and still had one to visit.

      • Daniel Petry

        I do. There are Fedcoats and Americans. Wake up.

  • John Peterson

    The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is for Good Men to do Nothing — Edmund Burke.

    ( I posted this below but it needs it’s own posting for Thor’s courage)

  • John Campbell

    If Zimmerman isn’t already armed he’d have to be nuts. Leftists are stirring this pot with intent. Also, it’s likely he’s currently under protection, possibly with a name change and relocation in the works.

    I’d suggest Bakersfield, Ca. for a new home. Conservative and good people of all races. He might consider switching political affiliations as well since the Democrats found him to be a tasty target. Now he should know why Democrats/leftists can never be trusted for anything except betrayal. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if some leftist news media loser tried to locate him and out him if he were given a new life under an assumed name. Keep watch for that to happen and if someone does then expose them bring them down for it.

    • Chris G

      What was that group from Noo Yawk back in the 90’s that watched out against gangs? Maybe they could protect GZ for a lil while…

      • John Campbell

        Not likely. The Berets were not set up for that nor equipped for it.

    • lonestarlizard

      Bakersfield? Are you on drugs? The Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Californiacation? Get real. No guns allowed there.

      • Billca

        Sure, guns are allowed here in the Peepul’s Republik of Kalifornia. They just have to be politically correct, neutered to 10-rounds or less types with an external safety, magazine disconnect, and a loaded chamber indicator. That’s because the legislature thinks people are too stupid to be responsible enough to learn how their gun works. But George can forget ever getting a CCW permit in California. Very few agencies will actually issue a permit unless you know the sheriff, work for a government agency or you own a business that donates to the correct political candidates.

        • John Campbell

          If you don’t have a criminal record then you get a CCW here. Wasn’t always that way, but that changed when, at the time, Sheriff Carl Sparks didn’t grant a CCW request and two days later the woman who made the request was murdered. A public statement from the Sheriff changed all of that. Now, if you don’t have a criminal record, you get a CCW. Still that way today.

      • Aerofelis

        Bakersfield, and the county it’s in, Kern County, is like a slice of Texas dropped into the middle Kalifornistan.
        Most of the PRK hates this county, and ridicule is as backward and full of hicks… meaning, we’re an island of sanity in the cesspool of Kalifornistan.

      • John Campbell

        This is Bakersfield. I live here. We’re that thorn in the side of leftists of this state. A conservative enclave that likes it that way.

    • starsnstripes

      well with all the snooping going on i kind of think thats almost imposible .look whos in charge!

  • New America

    This was a frivolous prosecution from the beginning. I’m thankful the jury
    gave Mr. Zimmerman his freedom, but at what cost? This could have happened to any of us who are law abiding gun carriers. Thank you Mr. Thor.

    John Galt Take Me With You . com

  • Hal

    I recommend a CZ 75 Compact from CZCustom – no affiliation, just love ’em.

    • John Campbell

      I stick with a full frame. Personal preference.

  • Allen Bushnell

    Brad Thor- You rock. I’ve read all your books and look forward to more.

    Dude you put your money where your mouth is. Walk the talk.

    Do you play guitar? you should jam with Ted Nugent.

    Allen Bushnell

  • Clover11111

    Remember, if they did it to Zimmerman they can do it to YOU! I’m sure the offer is sincere and not at all a publicity stunt.

  • outlawgodsucks

    You won’t recognize me. My name was Antonio West and I was the
    13-month old child who was shot at point blank range by two black teens
    who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot. A Grand Jury of
    my mommy’s peers from Brunswick GA determined the black-teens who
    murdered me will not face the death penalty…too bad I was given a
    death sentence for being innocent and defenseless.

    My family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white
    neighborhood, but my murder was not ruled a Hate Crime. Nor did
    President Obama take so much as a single moment to acknowledge my

    I am one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation’s
    history, but the media doesn’t care to cover the story of my tragic
    demise, President Obama has no children who could possibly look like me –
    so he doesn’t care and the media doesn’t care because my story is not
    interesting enough to bring them ratings so they can sell commercial
    time slots.

    There is not a white equivalent of Al Sharpton because if there was
    he would be declared racist, so there is no one rushing to Brunswick GA
    to demand justice for me. There is no White Panther party to put a
    bounty on the lives of those who murdered me. I have no voice, I have no
    representation and unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat
    innocently in my stroller – I no longer have my life.

    • CR

      This is so sad, it brought tears to my eyes. I heard the story, of course, but no one in the media has talked about it for such a long time. So sad. That was an actual innocent child, not like Trayvon is made out to be!

      • GiantClam

        That’s why it’s important to understand that the media is a bigger danger to Americans than even obbamma is. They control the information, and they have an agenda…a radical leftist agenda.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.
          Vladimir Lenin

    • John Peterson

      This goes to trial August 19th. I expect riots, and maybe a free 72″ plasma tv. You know, for justice.

  • Bkmdano

    AMEN. Thanks Brad Thor for standing up to the Rhetorical BS !

  • ConanTheRepublican

    In case you haven’t noticed, everyone…you’re country has been completely taken over top to bottom, and lock, stock, and barrel by the hardcore left wing. We are finished, and the New Civil War is ON. So be it, then…

  • Stumpie

    Holder is a communist scum bag, spineless little power hungry twit!! Screw Holder, OBAMA and the rest of you commie scum, this is America, gtfo!!!

    • Starland sound

      holder is also an EX-CON.

      • John Campbell

        Hold the phone!

        What? I didn’t know about this. What have you got?

  • BadCracker

    We citizens are armed and we’re not going to be beaten up, robbed, raped or murdered by blacks anymore, especially teens.

    51% of the murders in the US are comitted by 5% of the population: black teenagers.
    That is our excuse. What’s yours??

  • harkin

    Tell Holder you’re a mexican drug lord and he’ll ship you an untraceable AR-15

  • betspotter

    Brad Thor writes wonderful fiction from a basis of reality, and he surely knows a pile of BS when he hears it. Obama is the smarmiest fraud stupid voters ever elected . Obama…it’s called 2nd Amendment. Look it up.

    • billyoblivion

      IDK if he’s the stupidest. We’ve had some *really* dumb Presidents.

      • John Peterson

        How many have gotten to where they are, not on merit, but on affirmative action? One, obama. Will we learn, that is the question.

        • MarcusFenix

          I’m on the fence with the race of stupidity between Carter and Obama. Carter was really dumb, but Obama seems to have both epic level of ignorance AND apathy. Was REALLY young when Carter was in office, so I don’t really remember much of his actions.

      • Walker

        He said that the voter’s were stupid. Thanks for proving his point with your comment.

      • John Campbell

        Ya, Jimmy Carter was the title holder, but now it seems either he’s second or in a close race.

  • lonestarlizard

    As the Marxist-in-Chief listens and his Kool-Aid swilling minion Holder reads your posts. We live in a free country right? LOL Expect a “straw buyer” charge coming up soon. BTW, where is the NRA in this Cluster&^%$?

    • foxblue

      It is perfectly legal and happens every day if it is presented as a legal private qualified individual giving a gift to another legal private individual.

  • BenH


    TO Mr. Thor: Please write some books that DO AWAY with the JERKS in the ABC agencies and Fed govt. Many Americans are FED UP with the CIA-types being heros in your books. We need a REAL hero or team who will rid us of the bad guys running things, the Bush/Clinton/Obama criminal cabal, the Mossad, and Blackwater/XI/Wackenhut/ the military-industrial complex, and rogue generals.

  • Patty-Jack

    If I can make a recommendation. A Ruger SR1911 be a good choice. Both the slide and bore are machined from the same block of metal so it gives great accuracy. But if it’s capacity Zimmerman likes than your standard Glock or CZ pistol Provides both an excellent substitute and good price.

  • janvones

    Under what twisted philosophy is it a good thing a boy walking home from buying skittles is dead?

    What, exactly, is Zimmerman to be rewarded for?

    • TrayvonMartinsGhost

      It was a great shot! Trayvon won’t be attacking anymore people!

      • John Peterson

        “you got me!” so very spaghetti western thing of him to say.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Under what twisted philosophy is it a good thing a boy walking home from buying skittles is dead?

      Under what twisted philosophy is it a good thing to entirely disregard the FACT that the ‘boy walking home from buying skittles’ attacked another person with violent intent, said attack resulting in his death?

      • Walker

        That’s right, Travon attacked him because he thought Zimmerman was gay. Travon was a violent gay basher.

        • John Peterson

          Hmm want to upvote, but I don’t think your heart is in it.

          • Walker

            What you think I want to buy your upvote? I’m not a politician, what do I care if you like my comment?

          • John Peterson

            You may not be a politician, but I don’t think you are what you seem. You really have to commit if you want to troll and you are holding back.

          • Walker

            You have no idea how much I’m holding back my friend. This is not the time nor the place; remember NSA is watching!

            By the way, I couldn’t give a rat’s a** what you think.

          • MarcusFenix

            I think you’re at your limit. You don’t have the stones to be a power-troller.

            C’mon, lets see it. Don’t hold back. Only pansies hold back.

          • Walker

            Yeah…it takes allot of balls to write on a computer screen! Only pansies think they are tough because they are a “power-troller”

          • MarcusFenix

            It sure does! And apparently takes some smarts to recognize sarcasm too!

            Good thing you did. Right?

            Just saying, sport. You pull out the “I’m not even close to being a massive troll” and then pull back.

            If you’ve got something to say, we’re all big kids here, we can take it. I promise.

          • Walker

            Mom said I have smarts real good!

            You’re putting words in my mouth, I said I was holding back, I have no idea what that has to do with being a “massive troll”.

            You must have missed the part where I said I couldn’t give a flying fu** what any of you guys think of me or my opinion. I do have a family to protect and I’m not going to throw pearls out to swine and reveal how much I really know.

          • MarcusFenix

            Hey, I’m just pointing out your own statement:

            “You have no idea how much I’m holding back my friend.”

            That’s your own words, that I’m asking you to actually do something with….not stuffing words into your mouth.

            I didn’t miss the part where you said you DGAF. I just bypassed it because IDGAF either. You said you were holding back, i’m calling you out about it.

            The pearls in front of swine apparently starts somewhere around your place, me thinks.

            Just sounds like you’ve got nothing to say. It’s not like you’re the next Edward Snowden.

            But keep thinking that whatever this titanic, earth-shattering thing you “know” is worth something. whatever helps you sleep at night. Just sounds like someone who can’t deliver the goods.

          • Walker

            Now you’re just trying to provoke me. You probably see yourself as some “super duper troll”, probably even makes you feel like your not a pansy.

            I’ve got news for you tough guy: I don’t see myself as a “massive troll” and even if I did, I wouldn’t feel any tougher. I can hold back if I want and I’m certainly not going to let some wannabe troll, pansy provoke me.

          • MarcusFenix

            Your mom should re-evaluate her assessment.

            Yes, I am (after a fashion) trying to get an answer out of you, but so far….nada. I’ve seen some excuses why you can’t deliver on your “I’m holding back” statement. It’s hard to provoke someone, however, that genuinely has absolutely nothing to say. I think you said you were doing the holding back thing as a mark for attention, then you got it in a way that was unexpected, and now….you’re stuck in an intellectual corner that only has the “I’m just not going to say anything!” answer available. Otherwise, you could have just spouted off whatever important thing you clearly have a one-up on is all about, and that would have been the end of it.

            Whatever floats your boat though. I don’t need to “act” tough, or troll you. It’s not trolling, or provocation, to actually ask you to say something and then, when challenged, back away from it. I do love how you’re trying to label me as the troll, rather than you (as you started it up the thread, but hey, who’s counting?). Was a nice twist, if nothing else.

            But that’s it. Don’t need to “provoke” you anymore. you’ve got nothing to say anyway. Just having fun at your expense.

            You and your secrets have a nice evening. ^_^

          • IceColdTroll

            Look up his comment history outside of the current little exchange. He does seem to be legitimately on the conservative side of the aisle. Let’s all keep our heads and maintain a united front to the real foe.

          • MarcusFenix

            I did, and on some of those points I agreed whole-heartedly. I find little fault on other points, just laying it out for this particular thread.

            But you’re right, and I acknowledge that there are bigger (and more liberal) fish to fry.

            *points to the other, current topics of the evening*

          • Walker

            That’s the best you can do? I would have expected more from a “massive super duper pooper troll” like yourself.

          • MarcusFenix

            I don’t really need to use even something mediocre, when you’ve got nothing to say really anyway? So why bother?

          • Walker

            Repeating the same thing over and over is pathetic at best. You’re like the wimpy kid who can’t even properly pick a fight because people feel too sorry for them.

            “Having fun at your expense”, that’s about as jackass as it gets. It shows you think pretty highly of yourself, when in reality you just publicly come across as a pathetic fool.

          • MarcusFenix

            But repeating the same thing is a direct page out of your book, sir. “I don’t have to say anything, I can hold back whatever i want!” is the same thing you said, over and over. I’m pretty sure you repeated that mantra much more than I repeated anything else, but if that helps you get through the day, then so be it. But even if things met in the middle, saying you have no point and nothing to say, because you’re not holding back squat, only is justified everytime you respond with whatever drivel you post, as in above.

            Pot, meet kettle.

            And that might be, but all you’re doing is redirecting whatever you can at me, because you can’t direct anything at the central part of the postings. Outside of that, you can form whatever opinion you like, provided that you can hold that back too, right?

            Let’s be honest. You’re peeved someone called you on your bullcrap. Just call it what it is, and let it go already. You don’t really have any other point to make, so why continue doing so? Does it make you feel a little tougher, talking down to someone who pointed out you’re being a childish idiot by making the “I’m holding back!” comments. It’s like something off of a children’s show.

            But keep pushing out some faux rage and banter, because I’m still having fun at your expense right this very moment. :)

          • MarcusFenix

            Also, I’d point out that for as much as you’d like to think I’m not properly picking a fight, I’m still seeing posts from someone who said they wouldn’t be “provoked” over 18 hours ago…and is still posting.

            Must not be so bad at that, then. I just want you to back up what you’ve said. You can’t do so, and that’s really all there is to it.

            Point made.

          • Walker

            You want to know what I know, here you go:

            You claim to be a “massive troll” but have practically written a book and said nothing of substance. You live in your moms basement and produce NOTHING of real value. You have a worthless life so you try to make yourself feel significant by poking your unwanted face in other people’s conversations without even the intellectual capacity to understand the context. I have more life experience in my little finger than you ever will. I produce more while I’m asleep than you do all day, so I’m not going to waste more time than the few seconds it takes to point out what a real jackass you are. By the way your cartoon character avatar doesn’t make you look tough, it makes you look like a wannabe.

          • MarcusFenix

            Wow, I must have hit a nerve, because now you’re breaking out “mom’s basement” and that level of insults. I’m hoping this isn’t that part of holding back, because that’s ridiculous and sad. Very sad.

            To sum it up, your last post does sum up what you know: Not a damn thing.

            Since you weren’t paying attention, -you- were called the troll. Clearly that intellectual capacity that you were talking about didn’t include yourself. That was what I said about you, after you pulled your tough guy, “I hold back because i’m clearly better than everyone” garbage. If you’re going to act out, the least you can do is keep up with the conversation.

            You can, however, keep making erroneous and empty accusations at me, all day long. For someone who made the statement about not being provoked into keeping this up, it took so little do to so. Must have been more of that intellectual substance you possess. But clearly, since you know me so well as to what I have, or dont, and what i’ve done and not done, that surely you wouldn’t be talking out of your ass right? I poked my nose into a conversation on Twitchy….you know, the place here where people post things that *everyone* can see and comment on, right?

            You’re just defining my point though. I called you out on ignorant BS. You’ve done nothing but act like a whiner for the last day over it. If you’re so much more above things, then maybe you could grow up and act like an adult. I’ll keep treating you like the child you’ve demonstrated until you can show otherwise. The only thing you’ve conclusively produced on here is crying and more BS. You can call me a jackass all you like, but all these things you keep posting just justifies my point even more.

            And by the way, it’s an avatar which fits the name. Lord knows, I wouldn’t want to match those two things up. I guess it’s better than the default avatar, like that matters. Way to be 5 years old.

            Stay classy though, friend. I’m sure you’ll have a chance to wow us at some point, without the need to hold back, eh?


          • Walker

            I must have hit a nerve because you wrote a book too long for me to even want to read past the first line.

          • MarcusFenix

            Hey, whatever you say :) I do enjoy the replies though. This has been, if nothing else, a minor distraction while I was waiting for people to sign some things.

            Now that we’re done, I can enjoy a nice round of golf along with the rest of the day, since work is done and all is right with the world on my end…after i finish one other item here.

            You take care.

    • $26547161

      Act like a thug, die like a thug.

    • Jane Morgan

      what exactly is Trayvon to be honored for? He was no “boy” he was a 17 year old thug.

    • John Peterson

      The right of self defense. The same right that would be afforded someone who was walking home with a bag a skittles who was attacked and who defended himself. Sadly (for you) the opposite happened. Happily (for civilized society) Zimmerman took out the trash.

      • IceColdTroll

        I’ll have to go against the grain here and assert that is NEVER a good thing for someone to be killed, regardless of the reason. Yes, I believe Zimmerman legitimately exercised his right of self-defense, but justifiable homicide is stil not something to be positively celebrated. Always remember that had he lived, God may have done such things with Martin as to astound us all.

        Let us NOT become like those here who regularly wallow in the fetid mud of hate and revel in the idea of the deaths of such as Sarah Palin, George Bush, and George Zimmerman.

        • Mick_Pearson

          and Barack Obama, oops, xhit, nevermind.

    • Starland sound

      Was the boy just “walking home with skittles”? or was he walking home with the ingredients to make his PCP-like drug of choice “Lean”?

      Either or, why would he attack a stranger on the street? he was pretty much home from the evidence ive read, he came back and jumped out of the bushes to attack George.

      Thats a THUG, thats a CRIMINAL.

      • GiantClam

        Iced tea and Skittles – 2 of the 3 ingredients required to make ‘Purple Skank’, or ‘Lean’.
        The media would have us believe the Travon was just a little boy skipping home from the candy store on a sunny day.

    • John Campbell

      Surviving an attack by a would-be murderer, That’s what for.

    • Spinmamma

      Only the most heartless are calling it a good thing that a young person has lost his life. It was a tragedy for everyone involved. However, Mr. Zimmerman has a right to defend himself, and with all the death threats coming his way why shouldn’t someone purchase him a gun since the police state won’t give his back to him. Or would you prefer to see Mr. Zimmerman murdered by a lawless mob?

      • John Campbell

        I voted you up, but I care not the age of someone capable of doing what Martin did to Zimmerman. Being happy for the demise of a would-be murderer is certainly not heartless.

        • Spinmamma

          I think I understand where you are coming from, but my point of view is that TM was a young punk and petty criminal who had not progressed to the level of murder. I think GZ was rightly in fear for his life, as anyone would have been under the circumstances. However, we have the benefit of assessing the situation when our heads aren’t being slammed into the pavement, and from that perspective I do not think TM intended to kill Zimmerman. He did intend to beat him up. Either way, Zimmerman was justified in what he did, but even he did not intend to kill Martin. Even if you are 100% correct in your assessment, I still feel compassion for his family (yes I know they have behaved questionably) and sadness that a person so young went so wrong.

    • Billca

      Zimmerman has not been “rewarded” for anything. His use of force has been ruled self-defense after a jury decided he was not guilty of either manslaughter or 2nd-degree murder.

      The “boy” was a a 5’11” to 6-foot tall 17 year old in much better physical shape than Zimmerman who stands only about 5’7″-5’8″ tall. That translates to between two and four inches of reach Martin had on Zimmerman. While Martin had ample time to return to the residence in which he was staying to avoid contact with the “creepy ass cracker” he said was following him, he did not. Instead he orchestrated a confrontation and is believed to have thrown the first punch, breaking Zimmerman’s nose. Subsequently, instead of walking away after Zimmerman fell to the ground, Martin knelt on top of him and threw several more blows. Zimmerman reportedly hollered for help from neighbors in their homes, but none responded. Martin discovered Zimmerman was armed and reportedly tried to reach for the gun, saying, in effect, “You’re gonna die tonight”. Unable to retreat and unable to get Martin off of him, that left Zimmerman with almost no choice but to deploy lethal force before Martin obtained the gun and executed Zimmerman.

      The “twisted philosophy” you mention is called self-defense. When someone indicates their intention is to commit great bodily injury upon you or deprive you of your life, you have a legal right to defend yourself, up to and including the use of lethal force.

      In my view, Zimmerman’s biggest mistake was in not also carrying pepper spray for use in a situation like this. He may have deployed the spray to get Martin off of him without using his gun. But there are no guarantees. Events could have unfolded too fast for Zimmerman to use a non-lethal force and the end result would have been the same.








    • IceColdTroll

      Noone is saying that it is a good thing.

  • $26547161

    Barack ‘Wussie’ Obama and Eric ‘Rat Face’ Holder are just two turds circling the toilet bowel. Thank you, Brad Thor.

  • WillJamison

    Hopefully this will be a slippery slope. I can envision Ted Nugent backing a semi trailer into Zimmerman’s driveway in about a week.

  • Landsnark

    I’m all about guns, but wouldn’t this be a straw purchase if he bought it for him and then gave it to him? He would have to give him the money to buy the gun but not take possession of it.

    • Billca

      Not necessarily. He can buy the gun as a gift, but George will have to take possession of it after it passes through his local FFL – with all the attendant paperwork.

    • ashamed veteran

      straw purchase is when you buy for someone that legally cannot. GZ has been cleared of all charges in FL and is not currently inelligible to purchase a gun.

    • IceColdTroll

      Billca is correct. As long as each stage of the transaction is open and documented , there is no “straw” purchase. And if there was a question, you’d just give him the money or a gift certificate or something.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      No. A straw purchase is buying for someone that is barred from purchasing for themself.

  • TrayvonMartinsGhost

    Camptown ladies sing this song doo dah doo dah
    Trayvon the thug is dead and gone oh doo dah day

    • IceColdTroll

      The Camptown Ladies?

      • Mick_Pearson

        Are we awake? I don’t know, are we black?

        Doo dar, doo dar.

  • Squirrely Britches

    I will gladly buy Zimmerman his gun of choice right now.

  • Papa Rick

    I hate to rain on the parade. However, it is a felony to buy a gun for another person.

    May God bless and keep you all.

    If you really want to help Mr. Zimmerman then donate money to his defence fund.

  • Starland sound

    They need to give the man BACK HIS GUN, they are illegally keeping it, he was found NOT GUILTY in a COURT OF LAW by HIS PEERS.


    • NorCal Native

      Commissar of Love Eric “Butcher of Waco” Holder is above the Law.

  • Mickey

    I’ve got a couple of extras he can have. And some ammo.

  • candidpachyderm

    We all need to stand our ground against these Anti American Marxists

  • ARJ190

    I made the very statement earlier this week….. (and I don’t have NEAR as much money as Thor). I’ll buy him a gun but, not one of his choice, just a reliable one that I can afford.

  • GiantClam

    Brad is BOSS…but effin obango and his hog Holder cannot criminally confiscate the property of a citizen. THEY’RE NOT KINGS!

    • aberdeenvet

      Yes they are. Just ask them who rules this nation. Our Constitution and laws mean nothing to them nor their bros.

  • JDsHandsomeSon

    Other organizations are raising money to buy Zimmerman guns. Most Americans are for it. I hope he gets several.

  • johnsmith

    Black people are used always to bring about change to hurt each other in society. In politics, in the work place, education, housing, healthcare and religion. Every black person in any position of authority must ask themselves this question, why am I appointed? Racism has got a new hat in society with appointment of the black overseer(DJANGO).

  • TrayvonMartinsGhost

    I read where the Tea Party said Zimmerman was changing his name to Ben Ghazi so the Obama Administration would never mention him again.

    • IceColdTroll

      Well done!

  • Vorenious

    The law has no right to keep his legal firearm. GIVE IT BACK TO HIM, OR FACE MILLIIONS OF PISSED OFF LEGAL OWNERS!!!!! We won’t be so damn easy on your puny arse!

  • JC

    Easy – He hands the money to GZ, GZ buys himself a new firearm.
    He should be given a Glock, an AR-15 and a Mossberg.

    • GregJ

      Any bets on Zimmerman being able to pass the background check? My guess is that Holder has a block on that too.

      • Mick_Pearson

        I doubt GeeZee could pass a physical after hearing his trainers testimony.

      • Waiting4

        No background check required of a purchaser holding a valid Concealed Weapons Carry permit.

    • Bruce1369

      Good choices.

  • Jumpin’Jehosephat

    Make it an AR-15, Brad. With a few 30-round magazines and boxes of hollow-points thrown in, just in case George’s neighborhood watch gets hairy again. Oh, yes, and a bayonet, too! …oh, and a grenade launcher!!!

  • H8Liberals

    If ever a man needs a gun to defend himself it’s Zimmerman now! Way to go, Thor! (BTW: I just bought your previous book and will purchase the current one when I’m finished!) We all need to keep defending the illegitimate administration’s assault on ALL THE AMENDMENTS, but in particular, the Second Amendment, as well as the Bill of Rights!

  • Max

    Holder will probably end up selling Zimmerman’s gun to a Mexican drug cartel hit man.

  • John Peterson

    I can almost see Hag pelosi’s face right now, stretched unnaturally tight as she wonders who this Brad Thor thinks he is going against obama.

  • Matt Jackson

    I’m in on that. Set up a site with PayPal and I’ll contribute. May as well get him a couple….

  • czynik

    My only question is why haven’t we heard what the crime rate is in that neighborhood since ThugVon bit a lead Skittle. Is it lower now?

  • NorCal Native

    I don’t read novels, but maybe I should start, with Mr. Thor’s works.

  • New Country

    Trayvon ambushed Zimmerman because he thought Zimmerman was gay. (Rachel Jenteel revealed this truth on her Piers Morgan interview). After beating
    Zimmerman’s head into the concrete, there are people actually surprised he got
    shot? I never cease to be amazed at how upside down
    this country has become.

    This was a frivolous prosecution from the beginning. I’m thankful the jury gave
    Mr. Zimmerman his freedom, but at what cost?
    This could have happened to any of us who are law abiding gun carriers.

    John Galt Take Me With You . com

  • Teddy Edwards

    I should have made this offer. I’m ashamed I didn’t think of it. But I’m happy to contribute. Perhaps he needs two.

  • MarcusFenix

    I absolutely recognize the right for Zimmerman to own a firearm, but at this point…isn’t this just adding more fuel to the fire? If this went through, and Brad really bought him the gun, you know people would go ballistic, and then people would assume if Zimmerman is armed, then they should be as well.

    Just seems like something that could snowball out of control pretty fast, since there are tons of idiots already jazzed up over this.

    • AngreeBeach

      Let it snowball – I’m locked and loaded!

    • MarcusFenix

      I do love the fact people are downvoting this…but have no retort. As you were.

    • QueenB

      So now people having rights should be determined based upon whether or not other people will go ballistic? What could possibly go wrong with that?

      • MarcusFenix

        Not at all. In fact, my first sentence stated clearly that Zimmerman has the right to own a firearm. He’s was not convicted of a crime, and has no reason he should be denied the purchase of one.

        My point was that having Brad publicly offer to do this, while nice enough and within his right, just seems to be fanning flames on the other side, and it’s not like liberals are the most stable people.

        As stated, I could just see this snowballing to a point where someone stupid would cause problems *because* they think someone bought him a gun.

  • Texan357

    Twitchy performs a valuable service to me, free of charge. It directs me to follow-worthy tweeters on a daily basis.

    Thank you, Boss Emeritus. Well done, again.

  • New America

    Trayvon ambushed Zimmerman because he thought Zimmerman was gay. (Rachel Jenteel revealed this truth on her Piers Morgan interview). After beating
    Zimmerman’s head into the concrete, there are people actually surprised he got

    This was a frivolous prosecution from the beginning. I’m thankful the jury gave
    Mr. Zimmerman his freedom, but at what cost? This could have happened to any of us who are law abiding gun carriers.

    John Galt Take Me With You . com

    • SonofaCV15

      Lets just hope that all the States with stand your ground laws actually have the balls to stand their ground against the onslaught that this administration is about to level against them.

      They are bound and determined to take away the rights of legal gun owners at every turn… Come hell or high water.

  • stephenindallas

    Someone step-up and get the man some high-quality body-armor, also.

  • Justin Hogan

    Messed up part is that, Holder does not have the authority to hold his gun and if the system wasn’t so messed up he should have it right now. Remember, at NO point was this man guilty of a crime and the moment that was reaffirmed in court, they should have walked up to him, gave him his stuff (including his gun) along with a apology for accusing him of a crime he did not commit.

    • Strider73

      And the cretins who prosecuted should be disbarred. So should the judge.

  • HolyCowRUKiddingme

    Zimmerman should “poke Holder in the eye”
    and open up a GUN SHOP – Guaranteed to be a success !

    • onceproudamerican

      Excellent idea!

  • CCBanks

    Dead people don’t need guns.

    • New America

      Just ask Trayvon

    • DoubIenaughtspy

      Neither do morons. Take note CC.

    • Miles to Code

      They don’t need to vote either.

  • Mehnow

    Belief in the 2nd means not buying Z another gun, he already has one. Belief means standing up decisively as a line drawn in the sand against this abuse of basic Constitutional rights. It’s not and must not be needed for Z to buy ANOTHER gun, he already has one, and having been acquitted he’s not a convicted felon, so it MUST by US law be returned at once or he’s also seeing his private property rights trashed as well. The NRA and other groups should be suing the gov right now yesterday to return this gun. There is no legal cause at all here for this since a “civil rights” case is holding a weapon already known to have been used in the Martin case, which has been test fired, etc. They learn and gain NOTHING in relation to this separate case by such a hold, so they have no argument for detaining it that makes even nominal sense…

  • C. Merose

    Good for Brad.

  • Ken M

    Please buy him one…then he can blow his f’n brains out

    • C. Merose

      Awww, someone is mad! waaaah.

      • Ken M

        Nope. Sorry, try again Stymie.

    • SonofaCV15

      If I were you… I’d try cold cocking Zimmerman. Go for it little man… Go for it.

      • Ken M

        Wouldn’t waste the effort on that fat as$ POS

        • SonofaCV15

          Why not? You sure seem to have the balls to post your bs here. All talk… No action? Put up or pizz of.

          You are an idiot. Period.

        • IceColdTroll

          Oooh! Another Internet Tough Guy(TM)!

          • Mick_Pearson

            Ease up there Iced, everyone knows you’re the toughest guy on the internets.

        •✓FuNk-ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ/ Funkenstein✓FuNk-ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


          NOT GUILTY

        • QueenB

          Lol. Chickenshit

    • urbansissy

      What a horrible thing to say.

      • Ken M

        Get over it. That pudgy miscreant does not deserve the air in his lungs.

        • MarcusFenix

          A lawfully convened jury of his peers, and the legal system, seem to disagree with you.

          • Ken M

            Wrong. Doughboy still breathing I disagree with. The jury did it’s job the way AmeriKKKans do.

          • MarcusFenix

            We both have an opinion on this. Unfortunately, they are both trumped by the fact he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. And all of your tough-guy talking about isn’t going to change that fact, nor are you actively going to do something about it.

            We could talk about how OJ got away with murder…is that the way your ” AmeriKKKans” do its job too? Or other people who were exonerated as a result of jury trials?

            Sorry, like it or not, verdict is in. Trial is over. You believe the wrong verdict was leveled. I think, based on the evidence, it was correct. Being angry about it is fine, but you’re making threats you clearly have no intention of ever following through on, which detracts from any possible point you could intelligently make.

          •✓FuNk-ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ/ Funkenstein✓FuNk-ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Just admit it, this is about you getting more “free” stuff from people who work for a living.

          • Ken M

            Try your dumbass talking point with someone who does not employ 22 people in two states.

      • SonofaCV15

        Obviously this someone that will be voted “Most likely to be found dead from an overdose in a alley” in the high school annual that they didn’t manage to graduate from.

    • IceColdTroll

      You must be a racist to show such hate toward a Hispanic-American.

    • John Peterson

      If that is what happens then I hope he buys obama one.

  • johnsmith

    Black people are being oppressed in every corner of the globe. We should be a protected species. Trayvon fought hard to save his life and loss. Zimmerman is a reflection of society.The law is made by the people and the people in this society has made a precedent that says it is ok to kill black people,
    This is a test case for all people in power. Zimmerman should be arrested because if offends every decent person in society

  • chasm907

    Holder and Obama fanning the flames of hatred. The democrats showing their hatred for Hispanics.

  • Geoffrey Britain

    God bless Brad Thor, evidently as principled a man, as he is a good author.

  • pugwis

    A lot of commentators in this room are attacking Obama and Holder for being incompetent fools, or worse. Look. To begin with, Obama was never qualified for this job and Holder was at the bottom of his class in law school. He is an affirmative-action Attorney General. We put Obama in there – the people of America – your neighbors. I didn’t vote for the idiot, but enough people did to allow them to manipulate the votes. Let’s face it, there hasn’t been a country, state, city, business, or leadership job of any kind where a black didn’t screw it up. Holder? He’s so far over his head he’ll never dig out. Look at every single black appointee or elected official. What have they done right? Condi Rice was the closest thing to being competent, but what did she accomplish? More than Hillary, for sure, but not compared to any white guy. We’re stuck with these two “goonies” for another three years and change. Let’s see if we can survive it or go the way of Rhodesia and Liberia.

    • Kermit

      Mr. Obama is still your president like it or not. Show some respect you nincompoop cracka

      • MarcusFenix

        SEE! There ya go, the “A” sound at the end. That’s much more respectful.

        • urbansissy

          Nincompoop?! Cracka? Mike Hunt has been watching way too much old Chris Rock.

          • MarcusFenix

            Except there were times where Chris Rock made sense and was funny. Our “friend” here clearly missed those parts of the routine.

      • IceColdTroll

        Oh, yeah. Just like the respect all you leftwing tirds showed to President George W. Bush for 8 years. And after.

      • John Peterson

        He is not now, nor has he ever been my president. That is just a fact.

  • LostDue2Incompetence

    Z is going to need an army not a gun!

    • Al Chicongo

      He already does…

  • Kermit

    white men are afraid of the future, you shall become the minority members of this American community. Why the fear? Karma gonna get you?

    • urbansissy

      “Mike Hunt?” – White people know that name – OLD joke and you’re no black dude. A liberal troll is obviously on duty. Please don’t insult Malcolm X by using his picture either.

      • MarcusFenix

        He’s just trying to work in a few more racially charged ideas before his mom kicks him off the computer for the night and tells him “Those basement lights cost money to run, turn them off.”

      • MovingToNevada

        That’s as bad a Seymour Butts.

        •✓FuNk-ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ/ Funkenstein✓FuNk-ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          IP Freely.

          OP has watched too much Simpsons.

    • John Peterson

      Trolls don’t even try anymore. THANKS OBAMA!

      •✓FuNk-ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ/ Funkenstein✓FuNk-ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Progressive trolls are the talentless. They troll with their own emotions, which are, as a matter of fact; worthless. LOL

        Get Zimmerman the firearm, and fast. There are Obama voters with stolen property in their bedrooms, hunting him.

    • IceColdTroll

      Take your pathetic race-baiting elsewhere, baby. Neither white or black folk are “afraid” of minorities taking over. All ANY of us fear is the takeover of the United States by a progressive welfare state, probably led by the new WHITE slavemasters who would make all hard-working productive citizens the chattel of the underclass, where every dollar we earn –EARN– is already not ours, but pledged to every welfare-dependant resident of this country.

      I am certain that nearly every white person posting here would FAR prefer a government led by such luminaries as Allen West, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mia Love, and Thomas Sowell than one led by the lily-whitest liberals bearing the names of Clinton or Kerry or Kennedy or Leahy.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Well said!

      • Worship Dancer

        you can actually remove marco rubio from that FIRST list and add him to the SECOND. he may not be a “liberal” but with his G8 amnesty bill he’s no conservative.

    • Victoria Richardson

      So going after Hispanic men like George Zimmerman is going to help? Karma gonna get you?

      • Si_eu_te_pego

        Karma = .45 cal hollow points right on the chest (if the brilliant idea of going after hispanic men comes up)

    • filter

      GZ, Karm and TM already had a meeting – case closed, move on.

  • Dorian

    With all these black racists out on the street, all white people and and hispanics should be carrying. Zimmerman should consider filing restraining orders and suing Al Sharpton and Jesse Jack Jackson for what is no more than Stalking as well.

  • Thomas Lopez

    This is awful it’s a potential race war & I just can’t believe an American President wants that. First Obama said the system worked now he’s given in to his street instincts. American Blacks have already begun attacking helpless Latinos.
    Scary! Sounds like a race war between Latinos & American Blacks because Obama already sided against the Latino side (Ecuadorian) Zimmerman.

  • Thomas Lopez

    It’s very simple Obama favors Blacks over Latinos!

  • mike_in_kosovo

    Wow…just when we think that you can’t get any MORE lame.

    So…what are all the ‘gangstas’ compensating for with THEIR guns, especially since they have to wave them around to ‘show them off’? And tattoos, and gold teeth….

    • urbansissy


  • Mike G.

    I bet you wear a hoodie, amirite? What an ass.

  • seafrog

    Right on Brad! Screw the dept of injustice…

  • Al Chicongo

    I’m thrilled to see a good citizen offer to buy a firearm and ammo for GZ. The fact that the “Just-Us” department of gun running operation’s Holder acts above the law (not here but in most other areas) makes me proud to see that a citizen stands up to the Bolsheviks of our time. It’s symbolic, but powerful.
    People who threaten to kill GZ should be placed on a “terrorist” list by citizens who love liberty and have that circulated. Recent photos, phone, addresses, email addresses, where they hang out, etc. would bring them to the front in the open where they need to be. The family of GZ should set the phone up to deny ID blocked calls and only allow numbers that list a phone number. These should be recorded and published as well.

  • Michael

    Z-man was insecure cause all of his peeps were justice, popo, lawyer types. He was the odd man out. He was even fired from a mallcop job.

    • Mick_Pearson

      Paul Blart libelz!

  • mike_in_kosovo

    Another “tolerant lefty” wishing death on someone they don’t agree with…quelle surprise.

  • JeromefromLayton

    1. Way to go, Brad.
    2. Call & write your Congress people to ask where DOJ is getting the money to pursue this FRIVOLOUS activity?? In this context, “frivolous” means about the same as BS or Barrister Speak for baloney.

  • John Peterson

    Reported as encouraged violence against another. Enjoy your now more interesting life.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      (to “Lucky Charms” jingle)

      Hoist on their petard – it’s schadenfreude-ilicious!

    • FallingSky

      Kiss my ass dipweed.

  • Colorado Wellington

    Get GZ a CZ.

  • Dan

    Way to go Brad… I think George deserves to be armed after DOJ and Obama has declared Zimmerman guilty after a jury found him not guilty. There is no violation of civil rights by Zimmerman .. The DOJ and Obama have violated Zimmerman civil rights …. I hope there is a law suite from Zimmerman vs the DOJ…

  • bill

    Ill buy the scope!

  • DesertCobra

    Kel-Tec ought to replace his gun, what with all the free advertisement they got off of this case!

  • chronovisor

    ha LOVE it, suck on that holder/obozo! great job brad!

  • Hussein Hotdawg

    Treygarbage got what he deserved. He violently assaulted a man for the “crime” of following him and is now dead because he needed to puff up like a thug. Zimmerman saved lives by taking out the trash.

  • Keyan Wayne

    here comes the IRS Brad.

  • Fighter Squirrel

    Good for you Brad Thor!

  • 4nik8liberals

    Zimmerman needs a reliable, high-capacity handgun to protect himself from evil, violent liberal lunatics. Thanks to Mr.Thor he will now be able to protect himself from these demo-commie plantation dwellers.

  • wait for flash

    Black mobs and other cowards don’t like it when their victims fight back :)

    Trayvon Martin thought George Zimmerman was a soft and defenseless victim and that he could beat on Zimmerman with impunity, turns out he was WRONG! Zimmerman defended himself and shot Martin DEAD!

    End of story!

    • Mick_Pearson

      According to his trainer, GeeZee is definitely soft alright.

      • Crayon Martin

        But yet, still got the trash taken out in the end.

    • Tootrue4you

      I love a happy ending.

  • lana ward

    I wish we had patriots running the Government, instead of terrorists

  • TeaRunner

    Whatever you get him make sure it has enough capacity to hold off the lynch mob that’s coming for him. He’s probably going to need at least two guns and more lawyers for his next self-defense case.

  • zenobia123

    Zimmerman had better not get hurt. Obama and all these black racist are getting all this cutesy publicity for themselves, but if Zimmerman gets hurt or killed the shoe is going to be on the other foot and these people are the ones that will need to hide.

  • wassr1956

    Black mobs is right. pussies by themselves

    • Mick_Pearson

      GeeZee is a pussie for bringing a gun to a fist fight.

      And xhitting his pants also too.

      • Bruce1369

        Lib drone.

      • Crayon Martin

        Zimmerman had the right tool for the job.

        • Mick_Pearson

          Though still a pussie.

      • Worship Dancer

        would never have BEEN a fist fight if TM had not STARTED THE FIGHT. IN FACT TM SUCKER PUNCHED GZ FROM BEHIND. his GF rachel said TM LEFT WENT BACK AFTER GZ BECAUSE HE “THOUGHT GZ WAS A GAY RAPIST” of course Rachel was the one who put THAT thought in his mind.

  • wassr1956

    black mobs, not black by themselves. cowards by themselves.

  • RTUT

    I am buying Thor books.

  • $5499614

    I think the DOJ has plenty of firearms left over from Fast and Furious, just get one of those.

  • Barbara Young

    Eric Holder & Obama want to leave Zimmerman helpless. When is this country going to start a petition to ARREST Obama & all these criminals in DC?
    Someone please start a petition asking people to sign who agree that Obama & all these thugs in DC get arrested, and for all who can make it to DC together on a certain date, sign the petition.
    We need MILLIONS to accomplish this.
    The Egyptians showed us how to get things done.
    Now let’s do it!

    • Larry H

      More Egyptians signed a petition (22.1 million) asking their president, Morsi, to resign than voted for him (13.23 million votes, or 51.7%).
      About 14 million Egyptian men (and some women) (out of a total population of about 84 million) gathered in several cities to demonstrate their desire that Morsi resign.

      This was said to have been the LARGEST political demonstration in human history. The Egyptian army acted to make it happen.

      Nothing like that is happening in the USA. Our problems are not at the crisis stage. Too many Americans are ignorant, deluded, drugged out, infirm, and unhealthy.

      Do you see 80 million Americans signing a petition or 70 million Americans marching in the street …
      To impeach Obama?
      Or to impeach the Senators and Representatives that violate their oath of office?
      Or to abolish the IRS?
      Or to abolish the Federal Reserve System?
      Or to amend the Constitution? (No anchor babies, State appointed Senators, et. al.)
      Or curtail the NSA?
      Or end the War on illicit Drugs?
      Or end student VISAs from Muslim countries?

      Or to have NO standing army?
      Or to curtail Federal transfer payments?

      • Worship Dancer

        the ones who are NOT deluded are trying to feed their families with the jobs they still have before those companies are dismantled under obamacare.

  • Mark Tippets

    Mamas don’t let yours boys group to fight, break noses, fist pound and
    slam heads on concrete sidewalks. Teach them to be kind, respectful,
    and forgiving. Parents teach your children to vote for a President that
    understands economics, represents and respects all races and is just
    not focused on social issues. Mamas make sure your boys grow up to
    read, write, can work and love the USA

    • Bruce1369

      Mama’s at work, the libs are raising her children under common core and soon to be sharia.

  • $26075930

    I think if anything happens to Zimmerman, Eric Holder should be held accountable.

    • Larry H

      Eric Holder should be held partially accountable.

    • laxmom1

      He’d be held accountable like he was for Fast and Furious, phone tapping, and perjury in the affidavit of the Fox news reporter…it’ll never happen. This administration and it’s thugs are shameless.

      • R.C.

        Heh. I replied to IRI33t and scrolled down to see you already beat me to it!

    • Mikado Cat

      I’m sure he will start investigating himself real soon.

      • $26075930

        Uh, actually, no, I am thinking after these 2 bozo’s leave office that they both be investigated and held to account for every criminal act that they carried out.
        Including launching air strikes with drones in ANY country without ANY permission from congress.
        Pakistan drone attacks are part of the war on terror.

    • TheFallofAmerica

      I agree with you but Eric Holder will be held accountable right after Moochelle Obama wins a beauty pageant. And I’m not talking about the one at the Westminister kennel club.

      • $26075930

        Michelle, beauty pageant…… in the same sentence…. LOL!!!!!!!!

    • R.C.

      Just like hes been held accountable for the Fast and Furious deaths. Most. Corrupt. Administration. Ever.

  • PendejoGrande

    I’ll start reading Brad Thor as well.

  • DaveyNC

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t want that particular gun back. He would be a fool, though, to walk around unarmed. If anyone needs a weapon close at hand, it would be GZ.

    That’s a hell of a way to have to spend the rest of your life, always looking over your shoulder, but at least he still has his life.

    • TheFallofAmerica

      Selling that gun would add a nice bit of Change to Mr Zimmermans bank account I believe. He absolutely want’s it back. He should get it back. after all, it’s his property.

    • Obo Zombie

      If he gets it back and sells it on gun trader or such…what would go for…Just curious.

  • leslymill

    thanks for thinking about George and his family…..great for a President to incite a racist mod who already think he is white, never watched the trial and get Stevie Wonder and Bounce around to demonize him and who threaten him and his family with non stop violent threats and vile curses. to then disable him from defending himself? These leaders are incompetent and they will be sued if anything happens to him. Did the government even offer to protect him when they left him defenseless I know they want him dead if not.

    • TreeOfLifeSword

      Eyes off Benghazi, IRS thuggery, fast and furious and onto a man who defended himself while being brutally beaten. My lawless, paper tiger country… Kenya believe it??

      • BenH

        The IRS scandal has led right up to one of the ONLY 2 Obama APPOINTEES at IRS, the Chief Counsel William Wilkins per Peggy Noonan’s WSJ article.

  • TRoweLamontBentlyPrice

    I’d want a Kimber :)

    • canalway

      A 1911..Those are pretty.. Zimmerman should upgrade to a .45 cal. He’s looks like he can handle it. And if the Nazi, Eric the Holder dont like it, too bad; he can’t arrest us all.

      • Bruce1369

        2 billion rounds says he can make a pretty big dent in us.

        • BoSSspy

          The general public buys over 10 billion rounds a year 😛

          • Bruce1369

            Prove it.

          • BoSSspy
          • Bruce1369

            When you have some concrete proof, please provide it. Not “estimates” and suppositions.

          • BoSSspy

            It’s just not that important to me to run around doing research for you. My larger point is that we are better armed than the government and have more ammo, plus we outnumber them by 90 million or so. As nasty and tyrannical as it’s getting out there, I don’t think the half to 2/3 of the government that might be willing to kill Americans is going to stand a chance against 100 million freedom fighters with access to not only weapons but stuff of all kinds, vehicles, machinery etc..It’s much easier to take over a poor unarmed country where people have nothing to begin with.

          • Bruce1369

            As I thought, just more BS.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      I wouldn’t – not anymore. The Schwartz safety is too problematical and they have QC problems they *still* haven’t ironed out.

    • Lincoln Pope

      Nice, but overpriced. I shot the same shotgroup with a Rock Island Police model (3″ bbl, $380) than I did with a buddies Kimber Pro Carry ($900+)

  • drnv

    No outrage from Sharpton over these thugs? Kansas City Bus Driver Gets Beaten and Stabbed by Two Thugs (Full Video)
    The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority released the video, which shows an incident on the night of 07/13/13 when a dispute over unpaid fares ended with two men assaulting a 52-year old bus driver. The driver can be seen being beaten up while other passengers look on, although a female passenger used the driver’s dropped cellphone to dial 911. The bus driver sustained two stab wounds and spent 24 hours in the hospital before being released.

  • drnv

    Al Sharpton has selective rage for justice, where is his rally for the victim of these thugs? Kansas City Bus Driver Gets Beaten and Stabbed by Two Thugs (Full Video)
    The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority released the video, which shows an incident on the night of 07/13/13 when a dispute over unpaid fares ended with two men assaulting a 52-year old bus driver. The driver can be seen being beaten up while other passengers look on, although a female passenger used the driver’s dropped cellphone to dial 911. The bus driver sustained two stab wounds and spent 24 hours in the hospital before being released.

  • drnv

    Where is Al Sharptons wish for justice of the civil rights of this bus driver? Kansas City Bus Driver Gets Beaten and Stabbed by Two Thugs (Full Video)
    The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority released the video, which shows an incident on the night of 07/13/13 when a dispute over unpaid fares ended with two men assaulting a 52-year old bus driver. The driver can be seen being beaten up while other passengers look on, although a female passenger used the driver’s dropped cellphone to dial 911. The bus driver sustained two stab wounds and spent 24 hours in the hospital before being released.

  • zippy

    What investigation? The case is closed.

  • AlaskanStyle

    I’ve never heard of you Brad Thor, nor have I heard of any of your books, But I’m going to buy one!

    • AlaskanStyle

      After searching your books I’m going to go get The Last Patriot, Sounds like my kind of reading….

      • laxmom1

        Right behind you!

    • MaineRep

      All of his books are great! You might want to read Black List because that was the first time I became aware of the NSA database. His latest is about the Federal Reserve. I am a great fan.

  • Chester Molster

    It is ludicrous that a private citizen could be guilty of something called a “civil rights violation.”

    If this isn’t Thoughtcrime, then what is?

  • kjatexas

    The DOJ is hoping the “hood” catches up with Zimmerman, before he can get his gun back. I’m all for getting him another handgun.

    • TheFallofAmerica

      I’m gladly in for a C note.

    • TreeOfLifeSword

      Looks like Barry finally has his ‘civilian police force.’

  • Barbara Anne Hess

    Someone needs to help Zimmerman protect himself, somehow.

  • Victor Carter

    Zimmerman has the right to sue Trayvon’s parents in civil court for damages and violating his cilvil rights. Obviously it might be in bad taste but they have been so manipulative putting themselves out there acting like trayvon was a saint when they know Trayvon was an angry troubled young man who attacked an innocent man in. Trayvon was the criminal when he broke Zimmermans nose and then smashed he head into the ground. If he didn’t die he was going to jail for attempted murder or aggravated assault. Its tragic but the truth and evidence shows that Trayvon started the fight when he attacked Zimmerman.

  • Mikado Cat

    I read this in a thread today.

    Zimmerman should change his name to Ben Ghazi, then the press will never mention it again.

    • tkrieger

      Comment of the year!!

    • TheFallofAmerica

      And I read this in the same article.

      Treyvon has changed his name to ” I Beez Fertilizer!

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Maybe Biden will buy him a double barrel shotgun.

    • TheFallofAmerica

      How many people across this great nation have gotten in trouble following Joey Bananas Bidens advice? Should someone stupid enough to listen to Joe Biden even have a gun?

  • robbie555

    If any of these thugs go after Zman, They better think twice, because most of America is for self-defense.

  • Defend The Constitution

    Liberty and free markets enable merchants, producers, and consumers to gather and use more knowledge than they themselves could ever know.

  • Smiddywesson

    A Raging Taurus Judge Magnum with 3″ 000 buck loads would do the trick. Great for defense, not so good at distance when on offense. Wouldn’t want anybody in the hood to jump to any conclusions or anything.

    • Obo Zombie

      Wish they would make that in a smooth bore to get a few more yards out of it.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Friends don’t let friends buy Judges.

  • Ron C Clair

    sounds to me like Brad Thor is a man of substance

  • Mikado Cat

    So, what is the preferred concealed carry weapon when you aren’t on a budget?

    • Lincoln Pope

      Any Glock

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Not on a budget? HK P30, Sig 229…

    • The Penguin

      Les Baer Stinger, Colt Defender, Glock 27, any S&W .357 snubby.

      • Mikado Cat

        Wow, that is taking aren’t on a budget pretty seriously. I do like a compact 45 though.

        Thanks, something to think about.

    • The Penguin

      Les Baer Stinger, Colt Defender, Glock 27, any S&W .357 snubby.

  • exLibtard

    Zimmerman could make due for the time being by conceal carrying job applications. If any blacks want to give him trouble, he can pull one out and they’ll leave a smoke trail as they run.

    • Joe No-Gibs

      Thanks I spit my coffee out. That is a good one. I think I may get a t shirt printed with a job application on. It will be like wearing a bullet proof vest.

  • Joe No-Gibs

    I’m researching Brad Thor right now to see which book of his I am buying today.

  • A. Edelstein

    The Goyim should not have guns. Proved themselves to be irresponsible. Time to take action and consficate door to door.

    • Bruce1369

      Lib troll.

    • AlFromBayShore

      Check out A. Edelstein’s comment and analyze it carefully because it contains the one thing that liberals believe but won’t publicly admit to: going door to door and confiscating the private property of a person. In other words, Edelstein does not believe in private property. Notice his profile picture? Karl Marx did not believe in private property. In these types of societies, which are statist, the individual belongs to the state and its interests. In other words, liberals, who are actually statists, subscribe to an ideology that promotes the deprivation of individual rights. Edelstein will never admit to that and will try to counter my point with the usual “… for the people…” drivel. “People” is just a euphemism for the state.

      • BenH

        Unfortunately, Edelstein is a Jew. THEY are the ones in congress writing legislation as fast as they can to confiscate all the guns and abolish the constitution and 2nd Amendment. (Watch the activities of Feinstein, Schumer, the Levin brothers, Lieberman, Boxer, psuedo-Jews McCain and Lindsey Graham, and all the others.) War-mongering jews have been placed at the HIGHEST LEVELS of virtually EVERY government agency, the Pentagon, defense and presidential “ADVISORS” as if Americans aren’t qualified to ‘advise’, the federal courts to insure the federal criminals aren’t arrested, the DOJ, the State Dept, all the think-tanks, ALL 65 “POLICY” czars, all Obama’s appointees to include 2 to the Supreme Court, the cabinet, the ambassadorships. They OWN all the too-big-to-fail banks and the dastardly Federal Reserve Bank that has cheated our ancestors for 100 yrs. They OWN “all” the PROPANGANDA media, Hollywood, and the music industry.

      • A. Edelstein

        Inciting hatred against statements made by a Jew is what led Hitler to gas 7.5 million of us. First it starts with “analyzing” what we say, which eventually leads to forcing us to wear yellow stars and kicking us out of government offices and the banking industry. Inevitably the result is lampshade factories. Don’t hate us because we are smarter than you.

        Consider yourself lucky we are just going after the guns. Consider yourself lucky we haven’t come after hate speech. More comments like this and we might change our mind, little man.

        • Worship Dancer

          actually FIRST it starts with confiscating all the guns because you are “not responsible”. better read up on history, hitler FIRST confiscated the guns.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          ANOTHER Moby troll?

          I’ll stand with, thanks.

        • The Penguin

          Having been born to a mother who was Jewish, and a father who was an Irish protestant I’ve been exposed to both “cultures” and beliefs. My grandparents fled Poland before the atrocities. And I remember the stories. And the bigotry they endured from some very ignorant people here at that time. You sir, are that very stereotypical “Jew” that insights the hatred and antisemitism you speak of. Jews are no smarter, or at this time, especially persecuted than any other race, at least in this country. You do not speak for most Jews, and are an embarrassment to the Jewish community. You say “we”?….you absolutely do not speak for the majority.

        • The Penguin

          Having been born to a mother who was Jewish, and a father who was an Irish protestant I’ve been exposed to both “cultures” and beliefs. My grandparents fled Poland before the atrocities. And I remember the stories. And the bigotry they endured from some very ignorant people here at that time. You sir, are that very stereotypical “Jew” that insights the hatred and antisemitism you speak of. Jews are no smarter, or at this time, especially persecuted than any other race, at least in this country. You do not speak for most Jews, and are an embarrassment to the Jewish community. You say “we”?….you absolutely do not speak for the majority.

    • Scott

      You are obviously an idiot. What part of NOT GUILTY do you have a hard time comprehending? If he was irresponsible, he would have emptied the clip and reloaded. Door to door? You must work for Obumbles.

      Go fornicate yourself please.

      • nolcon

        Scott… tell him only self-fornication please… if he fornicates with a woman… he’ll make more no-information idiotic Obama supporters!

        • Scott

          AMEN! He is probably a pedophile locked in his mommy’s basement with a computer. He should have been aborted.

  • historyguy48

    What an ingenious move. Spend $4-500 and get tons of free publicity. Now thats good thinking!
    It will even help keep Z alive.

  • TheFallofAmerica

    We should pitch in and buy Mr Zimmerman a Howitzer. That way he can kill the feral beast from a distance and not have to get that stank all over himself again.

  • loretta

    Zimmerman is on the NRA lovers’ teat.
    It is awesome. They will never shake this squishy failure off for the rest of his days.

    • Crayon Martin

      Better there than like you, faceplanted on Obama’s member.

  • Maico400

    Zimmerman`s gun was a Kel-Tec, there`re only good for about 100 rounds.

  • Frank Church

    From day one, the Zimmerman case was / is ALL political action to energize leftist support; defuse and deflect the media from Obama’s / leftist failures; etc etc

    • Paul C.

      Amen, and all the lemmings fall in place.

  • MaineRep

    I knew I was a fan but this cements it. Thank you Brad Thor. Holder keeps the gun but does nothing about the New Black Panthers who have a bounty of $10,000 on his head. This man needs to be able to protect himself and his family.

  • TreeOfLifeSword

    If Zimmerman comes out as a radical muslim jihadist, Barry and Holder will give him all the guns he wants!

    • TheFallofAmerica

      Or a member of a Mexican drug cartel

      • Worship Dancer

        or gay. if he comes out as gay obama will call and congratulate him for being so “brave”. THEN TM will suddenly become a homophobe.

  • JimmieMee

    The Obama and Holder have all but put a bounty on Zimmerman, He’ll never see his gun again, or computer if he had one. The government has no respect for private property, currently all property and money belong to government.

  • Alex Drones

    If Trayvon had instead shot the stranger who was following him in the dark, he would not only still be alive, he would be a hero of self-defense, because Zimmerman was threatening Trayvon and Treyvon feared for his life, and therefore, Treyvon had the right to defend himself.
    2—If you are going to reduce racism to language (“cracka”) first everything else must be equal on both sides.

  • MikanJeni Cagle

    eric holder and his department of injustice! WHAT A DISGRACE! What needs to happen is millions of people band together and send a letter to congress stating that until holder is gone we will no longer pay taxes! Create a situation they can’t do anything about! Not unlike the idiots and their rioting nonsense except we’re not hurting people and burning cities. We’re simply refusing to pay for this injustice any longer!

  • TxPatrick

    May be a better idea if You donate the money to George and let him buy the weapon. The paperwork must be perfect…..obama and holder are watching You.. :-(

    • BenH

      And the NATION of 315 MILLION is watching THEM!

      • TxPatrick

        Sadly the 315 million elected THEM….twice…… :-)
        Now WHAT????…………. :-(

        • Worship Dancer

          sorry but all 315 million did NOT elect holder. in fact NO ONE elected holder. and ALL 315 million didn’t even elect obama.

          • TxPatrick

            Well……..someone Did…….300 million????

          • Worship Dancer

            sure as HELL was not ME or anyone i know – well except for one.
            well only 535 voted on the holder placement so probably 500 there. as for obama, let’s see quite a few people have been convicted of voting more than one time AND quite a few were bussed in so i’m thinking CITIZEN-WISE who knows. how many “new” undocumented democrats voted?

        • Scott Rennert

          No i didnt elect that idiot nor millions of others oslama stole the last election with fraud. All know how no need to explain.

  • Waiting4

    This is all unnecessary symbolism … Zimmerman can go into a gun shop or a gun show and buy his own weapon…

    DOJ does not have the legal authority under the Constitution to harass individual citizens through the threat of prosecution when the evidence is overwhelming against the DOJ’s intent.

  • $26075930

    Obama and Eric Holder must forget that they can be prosecuted AFTER they leave office and SHOULD be!
    We don’t need congress to impeach a criminal, and this president wouldn’t have congressional protection he needs to prevent his prosecution after he’s out of office.

    • Worship Dancer

      pfft they need to be prosecuted NOW. IMPEACHED, INDICTED, IMPRISONED.

  • sadgurl55

    Thank you Mr. Thor for your consideration of Mr. Zimmerman. God Bless.

  • Russ Ramey

    Start a fund for him, a Barreta 92FS, a Mossberg 500 Persuader, and SIG 400 Swat should be good starts. 40 meters, 100 meters, 300 meters our should do most of it. Maybe a few claymors for the mobs…

  • Cathy

    If the DOJ keeps Zimmerman’s gun. Then the government should supply body guards for his whole family especially since the Black Panther’s have put a bounty on Zimmerman’s head. Why isn’t the DOJ doing anything about that?

    • BenH

      It’s the GOVERNMENT who is threatening Zimmerman. It was THEY who coordinated with the Black Panthers to take bus-loads of black protesters to Florida. It is HOLDER and OBAMA specifically THREATENING Zimmerman through their poor-me speeches. They need to be ousted for race-baiting, along with furnishing guns to the Mexican drug cartels and more guns to Al-Quada at Benghazi. Americans are wide awake to their CRIMINAL actions. Add Jarrett and Hillary as criminals here as well.

  • Pat Gurr

    Mr. Thor is defending our constitution, unlike Obama and Holder.

  • unclevito

    They never give a gun back if used in a crime. Even if the owner is innocent. If you are going to defend yourself, always use your crappiest gun. Not your $2500 Colt Python or family heirloom.

    • TheFallofAmerica

      Say’s Who? Your statement is absolutely false.

      • unclevito

        I have a relative who had an unregistered gun confiscated at a New York Airport. With a good lawyer he got off. Never got the gun back. So there, moron. Was leaving New York for Calif where reg is not necessary. Would never be back to New York. Cops will figure out some way to keep it. Likely ‘evidence’.

        • TheFallofAmerica

          We are talking legal guns you troglodyte. Mr Zimmermans gun was legal under all conditions set forth by the laws of Florida.Your Mother was carrying an UNREGISTERED WEAPON by your own admission! Through an airport no less. I hope you are just fooking with me and you are really not from this gene pool

          • unclevito

            The gun is legal in Calif. Even legal for shipment on board a plane that way in Calif. Just needs to be shipped to an FFL from NY. That Kel-Tec is a $350 piece of crap only worthy for shooting vermin. Zim should get a real gun like a $1000 9 mm polymer Heckler+Koch (like mine). He will have to get an attorney to get his gun and CCW back. He should not have to, but the cops love to give us normal folks grief. Perhaps there is a cop with his eye on Zim’s Kel-Tec. Worth a lot, you know.

        • TheFallofAmerica

          I wouldn’t go back to Ny either. First of all it is loaded with liberal pukes. Second of all you strike me as the type of guy who would prefer spending a week in a corn maze shooting at ghosts

    • Worship Dancer

      well that is a blatant lie.

    • TheFallofAmerica

      But, But, But The Jury said that there was NO CRIME COMMITTED.

  • TAG

    You cannot buy one and then say it’s for him. That is expressly referred to as a “straw purchase” You may sell one to him but you cannot buy it AND or then state it is being sought to specifically sell to him; that is also a “straw purchase”

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse and a crappy way to make a headline even if it is the desired outcome (arrest for making a straw purchase of a firearm)

    Stop the shenannigans, please.

    • TheFallofAmerica

      Maybe He was just going to send him a check to cover the cost? DOH!

      • TAG

        Still illegal because the author stated the purchase would be made to transfer ownership. ILLEGAL and please don’t be inaccurate and then give me crap and down vote me. You are liars and speculators who destroy logical thought. TROLL.

        • TheFallofAmerica

          You made your point wingnut. Now Screw!

          • TAG

            Bite me cowgirl.

          • TheFallofAmerica

            Grow up. Your Liberal is showing.

        • Crayon Martin

          Pull down the TAG on the front of my pants. You know you want to.

        • Worship Dancer

          sorry there is NOTHING illegal about giving someone money whether it’s to buy a gun or to buy a toilet. just because someone gives me money does NOT mean i MUST use it for THEIR intended purpose. if you give someone money it is a gift for THEM to decide how to use it.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          Wrong. From ATF form 4473:

          “You are also the actual transferee/buyer if you are legitimately purchasing the firearm as a gift for a third party.”

          Maybe you should spend more time learning the law *yourself* instead of calling out people over your own misunderstanding of it.

    • StarTripper

      Can you say “Gift certificate towards purchase of a gun?”

    • Lincoln Pope

      Perhaps he should have stated it differently. He should have said,”Hey, come pick out the gun you want, I’ll give you the money, and then you can buy it.”
      What he needs to do is buy himself a gun, then SELL it to Zimmerman on national TV for $1. That would spin the libs’ heads right off their shoulders! That would be GREAT!!!!!

      • TheFallofAmerica


    • BenH

      There’s ALWAYS a killjoy around. Didn’t you “get” the whole meaning of this? And WHO said anybody at all is the purchaser. Plenty of black folks are walking around the cities with totally illegally begotten guns.

      • Worship Dancer

        a LOT of those in Chicago because you know THAT is a gun-free city

    • Ozzone

      Well now, aren’t we being super picky. So he doesn’t buy it but gives George the money to buy it. Problem solved. No shenannigans here.

  • David

    Great, thanks Brad.

  • Linda

    Holder and Obama are the most hated people in America

    • BenH

      EXACTLY! 315 MILLION PEOPLE, at that!

  • Herb_Snout

    Government jewelry from Holder, not exactly a Xmas present. A free man … yeah as free as the rest of us.

  • Kent_Pittsburgh

    My new favorite author: #Brad Thor.

  • Gomer Pyle

    Thank You Mr Thor,,,,Good job

  • Sam300

    Still waiting for Holder to arrest the Black Panthers for repeatedly threatening to kill Zimmerman and calling for others to do so also.

  • nolcon

    Congrats to Brad Thor! Mr. Zimmerman was tried in a court of law and the bogus politically motivated charges against him were dropped. By the court… not by Zimmerman, or white people or anyone else. The court found him not guilty. That’s good enough for me… and DOJ… quit being a sore loser and give the man his gun back!

  • BenH

    The Black Panthers were involved in busing a whole bunch of folks to Florida to demonstrate against Zimmerman — on Obama/Jarrett/Holder orders. In addition, the Black Panthers were never prosecuted for threatening voters at the polls.

  • BenThereDoneThat

    Too bad civilians can’t own an MP5, they are great for close quarters self defense.

  • rickswrite

    Ok, for those who assert the DOJ can hold the gun as evidence what’s the point. Zimmerman never said he didn’t shoot Martin with THAT gun. This is an example of petty meaness by a self-avowed racist, Eric Holder.

  • None Ya Biz

    Why do so many black Americans revert to violence and crime you ask…..

    When dopey, misguided liberal/leftist/progressive politicians treat human beings like they treat animals in a zoo…by feeding them, clothing them, housing them, training them and taking care of their medical needs…then why does it surprise us when those human beings revert to animal-like behavior?

    When you no longer have to be responsible for your own actions; when the government takes over those responsibilities for you, you no longer have to behave. Language, cultural differences and poverty don’t cause this. There have been many poor people in this country for centuries who didn’t laugh when they beat up a defenseless women or randomly kill strangers.

    FACT: Today’s black behavior is a direct result of the “new slavery” in which blacks are chained to government handouts, and unfortunately, America has one political party who is more than happy to be their Master and put them in chains, the Democrats!

  • TAG

    TROLLS abound. You ignorant fools think you can steer a conversation into illegality into the mainstream and I’ll stay here all day to make sure you cannot.

    • BenH

      Sounds like YOU are the TROLL! What an idiot, staying here all day to “guide” the conversation!

    • The Penguin

      How are you gonna do that…when you’re kinda stupid?

    • Common Man

      “steer a conversation into illegality into the mainstream…” Say What? Please, use English so we can all understand you. Had you taken advantage of a Free Education you would not be a Poor Illiterate Idiot today.

  • middlechamber

    I am truly disgusted with this person that’s sitting in the WH. He is despicable and the epitome of that word Rachael Jantel says if OK to use but is disgusting in ever manner.

  • Tom

    Eric Holder is now another Black man from Chicago with a stolen gun!!!

    • Common Man

      At least he is just not another “Poor Black Man” from Chicago.

  • TAG

    Speak truth and don’t be an idiot.

    • TheFallofAmerica

      As opposed to just being an Idiot. Idiot.

  • barry666337

    The problem is growing because we don’t have enough abortions.

  • staff office

    The biggest criminal is Holder! Thanks to Holder and his actions Boarder Patrol Officer Brian Terry is DEAD! Holder provided the gun that killed Terry to the Mexican cartel member and yet he’s not in prison. Obama is covering up for holder and I hope that they both end up in a prison cell.

  • HumbleTexican

    George might need a good hiding place plus a bodyguard. George has every right to have a gun but at this point it would only be symbolic.

    • Scott

      Symbolic? Are you kidding me? Texican you really are delusional. The man was found NOT GUILTY. He will be a target for thugs that think nothing of exacting JUSTICE because the verdict didn’t go their way. He not only has every RIGHT to get/have his gun back but he should carry a backup in his boot or around his ankle. He will be better off moving from Florida and he should consider Texas as one of the places to move to. Plenty of jobs, CHL friendly and he would have no issues buying MORE guns to properly arm himself and his family.

  • Jason_Kahl

    Brad, get me one too. DOJ? Department of my own personal agenda is more like it. Never before has the DOJ been this far up the pres. Butt used as a political weapon and personal militia.

  • Sigelitedark

    With this most recent speech by Obama comes this administration’s official endorsement of thuggery over rule of law. His double-speak only divides our country further, setting back race relations 60 years. The hispanic populace should be up in arms over this–don’t they realize how much they’ve been manipulated?

  • Jason_Kahl

    You have to GIVE him one of your guns. buying one FOR him is considered a STRAW purchase. Just give HIM the money….

  • Steve Stunning

    As long as there’s no more law in this country, why don’t we get the voter lists and start beating the crap out of every Democrat voter we can find for bringing this freedom ending curse on America. If they don’t have to live according to the law, why are we obeying it? Negros are only 12% of the population and causing all of this trouble, the other 88% aren’t them. The numbers don’t look good for Negros having a good outcome once we start to fight back.

  • dr4golf

    Thank you Brad Thor. It’s about time supporters of Zimmerman speak up. The corrupt court of black opinion needs to be checked.

  • $2434011

    Take America back from the barbarians. Stand your ground. Shoot to kill.

    • 4nik8liberals

      Those are words to live by.

  • Phocus Please

    What’s sad is we made history electing our first black president, one we all hoped would heal old wounds and bring the nation together. Instead, we got division and an administration willing to drive a wedge between races. We will recover, once these small men and women are gone, but in the mean time, own a gun for your family’s sake, and give Zimmerman one.

  • Mike Chapman

    I have no doubt that Scot Harvath would do the same… Awesome!

  • BenH

    One town in CO recently put a bounty on shooting down drones. They DON’T want them flying over their town. Here’s the Government’s response to it’s terror on us:


    • Common Man

      At least they were polite!

      • 4nik8liberals

        They are always polite when they are breaking down your front door.

  • doug_w

    After the verdict, NBA star Dwyane Wade asked “What will I tell my sons?” I would like to offer a few suggestions. Tell them that, although Trayvon Martin’s death was a horrible tragedy, Trayvon Martin was not a good role model. Tell them that they should aspire to be as unlike Trayvon Martin as possible. Tell them not to steal other people’s property, as Trayvon is known to have done. Tell them to do their very best in school, and learn the structure and grammar of the English language. Tell them to stay away from alcohol and drugs. Tell them that they should stay away from girls like Rachel Jeantel, who boasted about using drugs and driving drunk, and has learned virtually nothing in 12 years of school. Tell them that girls like Gabby Douglas are more worthy of their attention. And finally, tell them that if they find themselves being followed by a fat adult that they can easily outrun, they should run away from the adult, and not attack him. He may be armed.

    • Landsnark

      I think Wade should be more concerned with the insane mother of his children who likes to run around saying that she is homeless.

  • Common Man

    BRAD THOR is an American Hero and Patriot. Unlike the Communists in power now, he will purchase a firearm out of HIS OWN MONEY for Mr. Zimmerman. Evil will win only because Good Men sit by and do nothing, we need more Good Men like Brad Thor to stand up and say ENOUGH!

  • $35468403

    Heck I will buy him a BAZOOKA

  • gplucas

    GZ can purchase a firearm from another individual without a background check!

    • doug_w

      He already passed the even stricter background check required for concealed carry.

  • Marie Clough

    Probably Holder is hoping he gets killed, then he won’t have to continue making a fool of himself trying to find something to use against him for a conviction. He has left him vulnerable.

  • $35468403

    zimmerman will be able to afford a couple of body guards when he gets done suing the media ,for their erroneous reporting on the case.

    • doug_w

      He should be able to afford his own island.

    • $910553

      If he isn’t murdered before then…

  • doug_w

    Any word on whether Zimmerman is going to accept the offer?

  • MrSerialX

    Anthony Cumia of Opie and Anthony has also offered to either buy Zimmerman a gun or give him one from his own collection.

  • TheFallofAmerica

    Modern Medicine has made such great strides during my short lifetime. Have any of you ever heard of any research and development dedicated to coming up with a functioning liberal brain? Not one that just repeats what it is told, I’m talking about one that allows free, independent thinking. Won’t they be surprised with the mess they have created if this ever becomes reality!!!

    • Shears-of-Atropos

      I think the last working model was buried with Adlai Stevenson’s body some years ago. Haven’t seen or heard of one since….

  • xpiolt

    I hope to see you on The Alex Jones Show soon Brad. I’m sure they will be trying to contact you. Don’t go anywhere near MSNBC or FOX propaganda machines.

    • BenH

      I think Brad was on Coast-to-Coast AM and was dynamic.

  • doug_w

    All of you who think this is a good thing Brad Thor is doing, be sure to show your support by buying his novels.

  • Gena
    • 4nik8liberals

      This is the best video I have seen pertaining to the travesty of a trial against George Zimmerman. Everyone needs to click on this link and your eyes will be opened. Thanks for the link. Truly outstanding.

      • Gena

        Apparently it isn’t getting much notice. It’s the most viewed at RCP yet has less than 90 comments.

  • Maud St James

    Hooray for Brad Thor! Someone still believes in freedom. As several posters have said, show your support for his actions by buing his books.

    As for those Justice for Trayvon signs, where are the signs that say Justice for George?

    George Zimmerman was doing his job as a Neighborhood Watch Captain and broke no laws, for which he was assaulted by someone much bigger and stronger than he and injured. In fear of his life he defended himself. Self defense is not a crime. He had to endure a kangaroo court forced into prosecution even though there was insufficient evidence to charge him. Now he has been cleared by law, and still people are howling for his blood.

    This is Justice? This is Law? This is ridiculous! The race-baiters are working well and must be very happy.

  • sonnyboy1

    Pick up a copy of Brad Thor’s ‘Black List’. Was written before the hoopla of the NSA spying. WOW.

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    Far as I can tell, Z still has his CCL in force. No conviction, no additional indictment, so there’s no reason to either pull his CCL or to red-flag his BG check file. Nothing should stand in the way of his acquiring a new piece except the $$$, which is easy to overcome. What’s the problem, other than Holder’s silly snit?

    • $910553

      Whether or not there is reason to red-flag his NICS check, do you have any doubt that he HAS been red-flagged, since NICS is run by the FBI?

  • TAG


  • Darin

    LOL! Is this a parody website? This isn’t meant to be serious, right?

    • Shears-of-Atropos


    • MrSerialX

      This article is reporting on something from Brad Thor’s twitter posted BY Brad Thor. You are an idiot, be quiet now.

  • rover33

    Zimmerman did nothing wrong, he committed no crime. There is absolutely no reason why his gun should not be immediately returned and his CCL should remain intact. He’s an innocent man.

    • SamIamTwo

      He is not guilty…he was not determined to be innocent. There is a difference. Or maybe you mean regardless of the trial you believe he is innocent? Man I hate both emails and net posts. Apologies if I erred.

      Perception is a bieotch.

      • rover33

        Innocent, Not Guilty, however you want to say it. Bottom line is that he committed no crime. He is guilty of nothing. Give him his gun back and send him on his way.

      • AuAgFinder

        One of the basic rights we have in this country is “a presumption of innocence” unless proven guilty of a crime. Absolutely, he was found innocent, as you would be if you were accused of a crime and you were not proven guilty.

  • SamIamTwo

    If you know the law then you know that when you say you are buying it for someone else, they will not sell it to you. It is against the law. So shut your mouth, buy it and transfer it to the man…meaning you have to fill out paperwork.

    I did after all do some time in retail where we sold guns…and if you say you are buying it for your GF, then that is a no go…just shut up and buy the dam thing and take credit later. LMAO

    WA state may be different than other states but just saying. Check out your laws first.

    • Scott

      When said you “spent time”, I was expecting PRISON to be the place you were referring to. JK

      If all of the idiots here would just stop trying to figure out whether or not it is legal to buy GZ a gun and understand that if ANYONE wants to send/give him a GIFT CARD, he can legally walk into any gun store and just buy the gun he chooses. Here is where it gets tricky.

      The biggest issue is where he is. His CHL is tied to his home state of Florida so if he is NOT in Florida, then there would be an issue getting a gun.

    • Worship Dancer

      OR you COULD just give the man the money and let HIM buy it.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Maybe you should have spent some of that time behind the counter actually reading the ATF Form 4473…specifically, the instructions for question 11a:

      “You are also the actual transferee/buyer if you are legitimately purchasing the firearm as a gift for a third party.”

      Also, an example (from same instruction):
      “However, if Mr. Brown goes to buy a firearm with his own money to give to Mr. Black as a present, Mr. Brown is the actual transferee/buyer of the firearm and should answer “YES” to question 11.a.”

      • The Penguin

        Beat me to it there Mike…good job.

      • The Penguin

        Beat me to it there Mike…good job.

    • The Penguin

      Very little knowledge can be a dangerous thing…see Mikes response below to your uninformed, and obnoxiously condescending response…LMAO huh? Please…

    • The Penguin

      Very little knowledge can be a dangerous thing…see Mikes response below to your uninformed, and obnoxiously condescending response…LMAO huh? Please…

  • Neo2

    Any decent sheriff (usually the chief LEO) has the right to issue a permit to purchase immediately. Just another DOJ abuse of the 10th Amendment and George Zimmerman’s civil rights

  • Neo2

    Brad Thor: Author, Patriot, and all-around good guy.

    Plus he has called Piers Morgan gutless Euro Trash, Gotta love all that!

  • Neo2

    “DOUBLE INDEMNITY” used to mean you can’t be tried for the same crime twice.

    Only a true banana republic like the United States would do such a thing to someone tried and found innocent..

    • Worship Dancer

      actually feds CAN try him just not on murder charges why do you think they are trying for “violated TM civil rights”?

  • BeeKaaay

    America is great because of her people. That’s why people are buying him a gun.

    America is NOT great because of her government. That’s why the department of JUST-US is seeking to hurt an innocent man.

  • muslimmustgo

    I think all of this BS as of late about M thinking that Z was a rapist is being put out there to garner support from those that believe that the thug m was rightous in beating z! This thing jeantel was schooled very carefully by the thug in chief!

  • Brian Norton

    All you cowards would get your gun taken from you and you’d get beaten with it if you pulled it on me #cowardsneedgunstohidebehind

  • MarryMeAnnie

    Zimmerman is the one being racially discriminated against. “The white ass cracker” But who cares about the real truth huh!? Time for me to leave for my island…… many years ago already!

  • JohnnyMcDonald

    You know, since Zimmerman is Hispanic, he should’ve claimed that he got his gun through the Fast and Furious program. Eric Holder wouldn’t want to get anywhere near that gun then.

    • TheFallofAmerica


  • JohnnyMcDonald

    You know, since Zimmerman is Hispanic, he should’ve claimed that he got his gun through the Fast and Furious program. Eric Holder wouldn’t want to get anywhere near that gun then.

  • Magnifico

    Get him a tank. He’ll need it.

  • cmblake6

    If you’d like contributions from “the public at large”, contact me at my website. I’d be more than happy to add a dollar or few.

  • David Williams

    Does anyone else get the feeling that Eric Holder wouldn’t mind if some idiot kills George Zimmerman? It’ll take the pressure to find something – ANYTHING – to charge poor George with off. Heads up, George — Holder wants to make sure you can’t defend yourself next time. That’s because he’s racially profiling you.

    Good for you, Brad Thor.

    • $910553

      So maybe it’s time for 100 heads if ANYONE touches Mr. Zimmerman or his family or his friends?

  • Linda McKeever

    They’re probably hoping he will get killed and that is why they won’t give back his gun. As many death threats as he’s had, that is completely foolish! Those racists need to be dealt with, and quickly! Get them ALL out of office!

  • morecotwo

    What is this Twiching ADHD sht?

  • thohan

    It occurs to me that Zimmerman’s life resembles the premise of the A-Team: Folks are falsely accused of crimes they did not commit, go into hiding, come out of hiding briefly to help people and then disappear again. Where is this generation’s Stephen J. Cannell?