As Twitchy reported, a tactical photographer for the Massachusetts State Police was so outraged by Rolling Stone’s rock star cover of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that he decided to release some behind-the-scenes photos giving a more accurate picture of the Boston Marathon bomber’s final moments before his capture. He also gave a statement to Boston Magazine, stressing that he was speaking only for himself and not as a representative of the police department.

The photos were a hit, overloading the website, but the move has led to Sgt. Sean Murphy being relieved of duty, says Boston Magazine editor John Wolfson.


‘The guy is evil’: Police photographer releases unseen Tsarnaev photos to show ‘real face of terror’

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    Use IRS to “Get Even” STAY ON PAYROLL. Release photo of bloody #Tsarnaev GET FIRED. #ObamasAmerica

  • Maxx

    Seriously…who didn’t see THIS coming? Because of all the things to worry about in Massachusetts, the release of photos of a terrorist’s capture trumps all else. Is that what they’re going to run with?

    Fine…let’s play legalities….state property. Now let’s counter with some common sense. Give the fella a week off and move on.

  • GaryTheBrave

    When I saw the first article I was concerned that the release could jeopardize the prosecution. The photos are property of the police since he was under the direction of them.

    If he was a civilian who had taken the photos he would have control over the copyright and could release them however he wished.

  • TJ

    It is hard to sit on them after that Rolling Stone cover. That has to be some sort of whistleblower protection. When you see an injustice based on the image of a person you put out a photo of the other side. When they released the low resolution black and white of GZ’s head and if they had no intention of releasing the clear one until the trial you leak the clear police photo early. These photos would have come out at the trail only damage was to taint the jury pool.

  • Peyton


  • Right Wired

    Meanwhile, Nidal Hasan continues to draw a paycheck.

  • radicallyalyssa

    I think I read on drudge that its only for a day. Is that right?

  • yviemarie88

    I have a lot of admiration for someone who faces any ethical/moral dilemma and sides with ‘right for the people’. I wish I had the kind of fortitude that takes. I’m sure what he did was cathartic for many.

  • citizenrich


  • Jay Stevens

    There is a good reason why we people in Texas refer to Massachusetts as the “People’s Republic of Massachusetts”.

    • Michelle

      Funny thing is, the people of Massachusetts also call it that.