Liz Cheney, conservative pundit and daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, has announced she will challenge Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming for his seat.

One complication: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has said he’ll back the incumbent.

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Update: Here’s the video announcement.

  • RblDiver

    I was initially going to reply with heavy snark, but then realized I’d been thinking of Meghan McCain. Can’t remember what I’ve heard about Liz, anyone care to enlighten me?

    • Love of Country

      Liz is Dick Cheney’s eldest daughter and all she does is make sense …. I love her to death and wish her the best!

      She’s very bright, very measured and very conservative … great credentials. Accomplished American/International atty and has worked for the State Dept off and on over the years.

      • Billie Slash

        Sorry, but Liz Cheney is married to a man and has several kids. Dick Cheney has another daughter who is gay, but I cannot recall her name. I love Liz Cheney and wish her the victory over the RINO.

        • Love of Country

          Yeah, what was I saying? …. it’s Mary!

          Thank you!

        • Ben Bollman

          Is Mike Enzi a RINO? I’m not exactly sure what we are gaining here. I would much rather she run against McCain or Graham.

          • Billie Slash

            Wyoming is her home state. She is more Tea Party than Enzi.

          • Ben Bollman

            But Enzi isn’t exactly a RINO either, the only thing I remember him supporting that I didn’t like was the internet sales tax but he didn’t cave on immigration though. I just don’t see how her winning will shift the balance of power any.

      • RblDiver

        Thanks for the recap.

    • midwestconservative

      Liz unlike Meghan has been highly critical both of the Obama administration and of those who want to move the GOP leftward. Read her opinion article in the Wall Street Journal.

  • waterytart

    I’ve always liked Liz, she’s not afraid to take the Libs head on when she’s on the talk shows. Didn’t have much of an opinion about her running for the Senate til I saw the Resnub elite wrinkling their nose at her. My butt became immediately triangular in shape, so I could fit it firmly in her corner. Run, Liz, run!!

  • GrindingMills

    I’m not as excited as everyone else is. There’s certainly incumbents that deserve a primary from the right, but I don’t think Enzi is one of them. As @sunnyright said, Enzi has a 93% ACU rating, and 100% Right to life. The good news is that I like Liz, so in reality, I’ll be happy either way.

    Edit: After reading up on Liz Cheney’s positions, I’m a little concerned regarding her politics on social issues. As indicated on Townhall, it sounds like she is pro (or at least indifferent) on gay marriage, and her views on abortion are somewhat of an unknown. Without more information on Cheney’s positions, I’m sticking with Enzi.

    • Susan Leach

      Why oh why are those the only two things you mention. Gays and abortion. Let just stay the party of stupid (not you personally) by focusing on issues that we can’t win with.

    • midwestconservative

      Read her Wall Street Journal Opinion Article immediately after Romney’s lost, she seems strong on those as well, or at least she isn’t advocating the Party to go squish just to please her sister.

    • The_Repentant_Curmudgeon

      If a politician is philosophically indifferent to the government redefinition of marriage, she’s indifferent to the single biggest intrusion of the state into family as we have ever known.

      Also, fundamental to the marriage redefinition debate today is denial of the claim that it is best for a child to be raised by a married mother and father. It’s fundamental because it’s impossible for states to justify gay adoption otherwise.

      I couldn’t be more against Liz Cheney.

  • LinTaylor

    And how long until the left explodes into a nice frothy rage at the idea of another Cheney in the political arena?

    • Texan357

      Looks like you didn’t have to wait long…

  • peteee363

    wow, I am jealous. Wyoming will have liz, and texas has cruz, all I have is durbin, and rino kirk.

  • Achilles

    Amazed at how many are jumping on the dynasty band wagon. What has Liz Cheney done that makes her worthy? Enzi is a fairly reliable vote in the senate. Why are so many thrilled to replace him with someone who will probably be to the left of him?

    She spent her life riding her Dad’s coat tails. She worked a the State department, then big law firms, then big banks. Then she became a talking head. The more I learn about Cheney the more I think she’s just a DC creature. Her sister’s a lesbian so she probably doesn’t support traditional marriage. How will she vote on other important issues? I think she may be a RINO. She mainly defends Iraq and Afghanistan when she’s on television. Real winning campaign material there. And frankly what experience does she bring to the table? The more I think about this the more it seems like a big government GOP carpetbagger pushing out a conservative for the sake of her own ego.

    I’m all for fresh blood. But that fresh blood better be more conservative than what it’s replacing. So far I see nothing to support that Cheney will be more conservative than Enzi. Cheney isn’t even fresh blood. A vote for her seems like a vote for dynastic nepotism. Or for tv celebrities which is awful in its own right.

    • Maxx

      Curious. Why would you assume someone who might have a gay sister wouldn’t support “traditional” marriage? Is she required to only support one type of it? Is it possible that she supports traditional marriage but also feels it’s none of her business if two lesbians eight states over want to get married?

      I’m a conservative but if we continue to assign one-issue labels to voters, we’re never going to see the White House again. So what if Cheney supports lesbian and gay marriage…does that mean a conservative who would is a worse choice than the “traditional marriage” supporting LIBERAL?

      This circular firing squad my party seems to want to partake in is more dangerous to our political futures than ANY liberal election opponent. The tide is turning, like it or not. The country is moving towards acceptance of gay marriage and we cannot expect to win many elections if we continue to assign penalties to young conservatives who are moving along with it.

      Honestly…how does a hetro marriage in Maine become compromised, less successful, less honorable…when two gay men get married in Hawaii?

      I’m not gay but if I was, I would find it a personal struggle to be a registered Republican. I agree with conservatives on eight out of 10 major issues, and with that in mind, one would think that would be enough if a gay man fell into the same “eight out of 10” camp but how in God’s name do we expect to grow the party if we think it’s honorable when gays and lesbians are denied the very rights and pursuit of happiness that we demand for ourselves?

      Enough with the labels. Labels are for soup cans.

      • Achilles

        Well her Dad supports gay marriage because of his lesbian daughter. So it’s not a huge jump to conclude his daughter is just as squishy.

        It isn’t about one issue. It’s about every issue. You seem to be the one focused on a single issue. I don’t think she holds as many conservative stances as Enzi. What in her record shows you otherwise? She talks good. So did Rubio. Look how well that turned out. I think she’s a RINO.

        And frankly seeing as how gay marriage is going to strip us of our 1st amendment I think it just might be a big deal. I think my right to religion trumps the fiction of gay marriage. If someone is seeking government sanction of sodomy above all else they probably are a degenerate not a conservative. Gays are overwhelmingly pro-big government. Why are we abandoning our principles to chase leftists? Seems absurd. Someone who was gay but conservative should be more concerned with the dying economy, national security, and government corruption than with subverting the will of the voters to marry their buddy Pete. If someone is goign to vote for Obama and gay marriage over the well-being of the nation I’m fine telling them to take a hike from our big tent. Welcoming is fine. Suicidal is not.

        • Maxx

          I like Enzi and I wouldn’t support Cheney’s decision to run against him.

          I can understand people, from a deeply religious position, not advocating for gay and lesbian marriage but one would think it could be possible to be against something while not forcing that position on others. Are people truly free when their neighbors control their love life and pursuit of happiness?

          People who march against gay marriage at the same time they march for pro-life (of which I support) are walking contradictions. On one hand, they want the government to stop legislating life decisions (abortions) while simultaneously demanding that the government legislate against a… decision (gay marriage).

          Nonetheless. We agree that that the economy, national security (I’m retired military) and government corruption are issues of immeasurable importance to conservatives. I think where we differ is I would welcome 20 million gays and lesbians to our party who feel exactly the same way.

          Such a scenario would strengthen our party, not weaken it.

          • Achilles

            Who is forcing who? I don’t see traditional marriage types subverting voters and their elected representatives through the courts. I don’t see traditional marriage types constantly foaming at the mouth over the subject.

            No. How astoundingly incorrect. People are pro-life because they oppose murder and genocide. Not because they’re nosy busybodies who want to control people’s lives. The same could be said for traditional marriage. People are following their God’s command, upholding the tradition of western civilization, or are staunch defenders of the 1st amendment. No one cares what people do in their bedroom.

            20 million leftist gays aren’t eager to join the party. Because they aren’t conservative. Either they are single issue voters or full on communists. Either way, good riddance. I’m not capitulating endlessly to an agenda hellbent on eradicating marriage, religion, private business, and free speech. Am I talking about homosexuals or communists? Both, which kind of proves my point. If gay people want to put conservative principles over personal good I welcome them. I’d be glad to have them voting for conservative candidates while trying to change our hearts and minds on gay marriage. But I won’t be holding my breath. Because those 20 million are more than likely ardent communists who will never stand for liberty. They would weaken the party. And they do weaken the nation. Maybe our Founders were truly wise when they made anti-sodomy laws.

          • Maxx

            You really need to read more about the pontifications of the “founding fathers.”

            “The Government of the United States is NOT, in ANY sense, founded on the Christian Religion.” — John Adams

            “Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law.”-Thomas Jefferson, February 10, 1814

            When you write “when gay people want to put conservative principles over personal good” who exactly is qualified to tell them what is their “personal good?” You? Me?

            My fellow conservatives get justifiably angry when liberal governance interferes in their lives yet claim it’s for the “personal good” when they do exactly the same thing. Say what?

            I guess we’ll agree to disagree. Maybe the older I get, the more libertarian I’m becoming. That could explain my annoyance with the court of opinion…on both sides of the two main parties. I have no more right to tell a total stranger who they can marry than they have in telling me.

            I suspect if I’m fortunate to live long enough, history will be kind to my opinion about gay marriage…as it was to those who felt interracial marriage shouldn’t be illegal in a time when…for the “personal good,” it was.

          • Achilles

            Personal good is whatever policies advance their personal lives. The person decides their personal good. That should have been obvious. So when I say the gay guy puts the good of the nation ahead of marrying their buddy Pete they would be putting conservative principles ahead of personal good. All this talk about court of opinion has no basis.

            What you seem to be missing is the flip side. That conservative principles aren’t determined individually. They’re fairly set. It’s a decent sized tent and plenty of room for disagreement. But communists don’t belong. You seem to have an intense interest in gay marriage. Obviously since you’ve been arguing about even though my original post was about Liz Cheney being a carpet-bagging RINO.

            And the Founders were overwhelmingly Christian. For your two quotes I’ve got thousands. And that’s before we get to deeds. The federal government may not choose an official religion but it can support religion and did so very powerfully at the time of the Founders. That would include Adams and Jefferson. And many laws found their root in the Judeo-Christian morality. Not just because of tradition but also because they function to create the best society possible. You claim gays wouldn’t be communists if we accepted them with no conditions. Maybe the Founders had laws against homosexuality because they knew homosexuality naturally led to a fondness for tyranny. Degeneracy in one area leads to degeneracy in others. Chicken and the egg. Again those vast hordes of gays just waiting to vote Republican if we weren’t moral busybodies is a ludicrous myth. And I’m done arguing something as tedious as gay marriage when my original topic was Liz Cheney.

          • Bathing Suit Area

            “I don’t see traditional marriage types constantly foaming at the mouth over the subject.”


          • GrindingMills

            “I can understand people, from a deeply religious position, not advocating for gay and lesbian marriage but one would think it could be possible to be against something while not forcing that position on others. Are people truly free when their neighbors control their love life and pursuit of happiness?”

            Isn’t that basically what Biden said about abortion in the debate?

          • Maxx

            The difference is as follows: Unlike a gay marriage six states over, where the legality of it doesn’t affect anyone other than those two involved, an abortion denies life to another. A marriage, be it between two men, two women and the traditional one man, one woman, doesn’t deny anyone anything. No life is taken.

            I’m pro life and pro gay rights. I’m also for the death penalty and a staunch 2nd Amendment supporter. I’m just not that motivated to tell strangers why they can’t marry the person they’re in love with.

  • midwestconservative

    Liberal Heads Exploding in 3…2….1

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Is she shooting people in the face already?

  • Ben Bollman

    Cheney is a decent enough conservative(that we know of), but she is an establishment darling. I have a feeling she could be turned RINO fairly easily and I doubt she would have voted against the Gang of 8 bill if any pressure was applied whatsoever.

  • PilatesQuestion

    How pro-life is she?

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Liz is magnificent, fearless. eloquent and she will be a fine Senator.

  • neoface

    Liz would be more qualified than Harry Reid, without a question!!!!

    • John W.

      So would Rachel Jeantel.

  • GaryMc

    I don’t know much about Liz Cheney, but is she a lot different than Dick Cheney? I’m kind of surprised at the early Cheney support given what a complete failure and embarrassment the Bush Administration was. I think Mike Enzi is reasonably conservative. Dick Cheney was anything but. Maybe Liz Cheney is 180 degrees different.

    • Roto

      Compared to Obama’s chuckleheads, the Bush Administration was the freakin Roman Empire…

  • BAW

    I’ve always been impressed with her ability to calmly and rationally reject or defeat liberal nonsense. But then I have a great deal of respect for her dad too. Glad I don’t have to figure this one out. The Cruz/Dewhurst choice was much easier.

  • Darth_Venomous

    For what it’s worth, Levin endorsed her on his show yesterday. I’m curious about her challenge of a seemingly conservative Enzi, but maybe Levin knows something we don’t…

  • Felix Keverich

    Let’s primary Graham instead.

  • Cletus

    I’ve already started work on her campaign poster!

    • Roto

      Yea, I’m sure she scares the heII outta stupid Democrats…..