“Mostly peaceful” protests against Saturday night’s verdict in the George Zimmerman trial turned violent last night as people carrying signs occupied highways and, after smashing windows, several stores in Oakland, Calif., and elsewhere.

Dream Defenders, “a human rights organization directed by black and brown youth who confront inequality and the criminalizing of our generation with nonviolent direct action and building of collective power in our communities,” today began its occupation of Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s office, setting up camp alongside members of Florida New Majority and the League of Women Voters.


Charlie Crist’s not here, man.

Protesters have said they aren’t leaving until they meet with the governor to demand a special session to address racial profiling and stand your ground laws. WPEC reports that Scott was in New York today and missed the festivities.

  • Brad Donald

    So we can assume that they are all Homophobic if they support trayvon martin. As its come to light he attacked GZ cause him and Jeantel thought GZ was gay and thats why he attacked.

    • bonneville

      such a stupid comment.

      • $9898556

        Apparently you haven’t been following the testimony or interviews. Jeantel clearly stated numerous times that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman b/c he perceived him as a gay guy.

        • http://www.facebook.com/1004655124 Diane Krstulovich

          That’s not what she meant by a ‘creepy cracker’, right? “Cracker” is just a racial slur for white people.

      • Damien Johnson

        It’s parody. The left is obsessed with anything gay, so if this is actually true that should be pretty daggum interesting to see if they change their mind.

        • Brad Donald

          Dont count on it. They are masters of hypocrisy and doublethink.

        • Frustrated Teacher

          You have to actually POSSESS a mind in order for it to be changed….

      • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

        Great rebuttal. You were on the debate team?

      • liberalssuck

        How, So we can show Trayvon was homophobic and a racist.

      • Republicanvet

        Such a stupid liberal.

      • Calvin

        Read the transcripts. He thought Zimmerman might be a “rapist” out to get him.

        • Neil Leininger

          Smoking pot makes one paranoid.

    • Republicanvet

      Why were Rachel and Trayvon PROFILING gay people?

  • Mr. Michael

    Don’t these people have jobs? Or school? Or anything else to do?!?!?

    • Brad Donald

      This is a rhetorical question right? Some of them actually get paid to be there in many cases.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      If they went to a school, they’d understand how our justice system works. Well, that used to be true.

      Never mind. They’re probably earning school credit if they’re not on the clock.

    • Calvin

      Sure, they work for Obama.

    • DisqusHound

      Welfare Babies

    • Slugglife

      no. They are paid by community organizers- most likely with tax dollars.

      • http://www.facebook.com/1004655124 Diane Krstulovich

        It’s “Occupy” that’s organizing all of this. What have they ever accomplished? What good did Occupy Wall Street ever do? How about their efforts to stop the barges from docking in San Francisco? Or their sit ins to ‘fight for’ teacher’s in Chicago? The ONLY thing Occupy has ever done is to cost taxpayers, millions and millions of dollars for increased security. For some communities, like Oakland, those dollars are really needed for other things.

    • Matt

      Look at these idiots. Would you employ them?

    • RedSoloCup

      Union plants.

  • http://discus.com yourmamatoo

    I see the unions found a few more unemployed street folks , for yet another , faux protest.

  • Garth Haycock

    It would be a shame if the fire sprinklers went off, wouldn’t it?

    • xcapeil

      That might be required after the doors are locked, the AC shut off, and the hall filled with OC.

  • grais

    Oh, cool. A pajama party.
    Any bets on whether or not they clean up after themselves before they leave, having accomplished nothing?

  • Chip

    Turn off the AC and turn on the heat. They’ll leave.

    • CR

      I wish I could rec this a thousand times. And then go turn on the heat and watch.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Turn off the power:No Air Conditioning, can’t charge their phones (on the State’s Power);
      Turn off ALL WATER in the part of the building where they are:No restrooms, No Drinking Fountains;
      UNPLUG THE OFFICE PHONES: They’re not authorized to use them anyway…
      ‘Bye, protesters! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • The Penguin

    Couldn’t they just come by in the morning? I wonder how they’d feel if a bunch of people camped out over night where they work. Assuming they work…um, I think I’ll retract that.

  • Jack Deth

    Treat it like a hostage situation.

    Turn off the lights.
    Turn off the water.
    Turn off the AC

    And they will scream for mercy long before SWAT is sent in to clean them out.

    • Stephen L. Hall

      Just turn off the electric so they can’t recharge their phones.

      • Damien Johnson

        yeah that would probably be enough.

  • JamesMc

    Sleepovers for Justice! I for one, am impressed by their brave stand, er sit, in the face of authority. Did they play truth or dare or give each other makeovers?

  • Republicanvet

    So SYG laws are now an issue? I thought hoodies were the problem here. Sounds like someone got talking points from Holders office.
    Saying SYG laws are the problem are the same as saying that you should just accept the risk to your life from a beating. “He told me he would change. He told me he would stop.”

  • Jennifer

    Look at the disrespect with which they are treating that office. Disgusting. And can you imagine what that receptionist (probably a non-PC word choice) is feeling?

    • Ken Alan Draper

      here’s a crazy idea, the office is closed for the day everyone out. if they don’t want to leave arrest them. they’re breaking the law.

  • Damien Johnson

    end the racial profiling from one minority to another, YEAH!

  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

    Better headline – Unemployed Layabouts Actually Leave Houses

    • Slugglife

      Thats rich.

  • Jeff McCabe

    too bad they dont live in a state where they can elect representatives to vote in the state house and make laws and stuff. They have to live where mob rule is in force. Oh, wait…..

  • Stephen L. Hall

    A friend of mine has a technique which would work wonders in this situation.

    Loud Bagpipe Music.

    • Damien Johnson

      gotta admit, that should work. it is pretty annoying.

      • Stephen L. Hall

        Well, he likes the music, others don’t. It’s that Celtic ancestry.

      • TexSizzle

        Bagpipes played well can be beautiful. Bagpipes played poorly – almost as bad as rap.

    • MNWoman

      Well, I am deaf, so this wouldnt’ bother me :) Although I wouldn’t be in this particular situation, so it is a moot point.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Two GOLD STARS, one for each tweet… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Stephen L. Hall

    Why do I see signs reading “Welcome to the Dream Era,”

    But keep hearing in my head “Welcome to my Nightmare” by Alice Cooper?

  • stuckinIL4now

    Some protest–the ones who aren’t sleeping can’t seem to put down their electronic devices. Do they really know why they’re there?

  • lowandslow

    How did that caving to outside pressure work out for you Governor?

  • napalm

    ‘brown youth’???

  • frugalscott

    Looks like just enough folks to bump the unemployment rate down a tenth or so next month. Obama…that job creator.

    Seriousness aside, though, aren’t there laws against trespassing? Isn’t this exactly the problem? We indulge every illegal/ridiculous whim as if there are never any consequences for your bad actions. Then one day you decide to beat up the fat Hispanic guy and oops…

  • Willbintally

    usefull idiots is all they are

  • $29520529

    Ummmmm, sorry Scott is on vacation. Enjoy the marble floor.

    • HWarrior13

      Well, on the upside, marble is nice and cool.

  • fireandreamitchell

    Rick Scott, Pam Bondi and Angela Corey can all suck it. Funny, I don’t remember any of these ‘Dream Defenders’ sleeping on the floors in L.A. during the OJ case.

    • Republicanvet

      Or on the floors of any building in Chicago over the past, say, 10 years.

  • liberalssuck

    So much for the rule of law!!

  • Bklynnygirl

    Trayvon’s Attorney Crump Denies Connection To Astroturf ‘Dream Defenders’
    He’s connected.

  • MNWoman

    I keep seeing “Justice for Trayvon”. Has anyone said specifically what they want for justice? I would think they would mean Zimmerman facing a trial for murder…oh, wait, he already did that and the jury found him not guilty.

    Just a guess, but I think this is more of a slogan that nobody really thinks about. It sounds good so they repeat it but don’t really know what they are talking about. Others are thinking about vengeance, which is not justice, but criminal behavior.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      The Justice Dept. (Read:THE SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHOLDER) is pursuing Civil Rights charges in both Criminal and Civil court… “Justice” would now turn to Milking Mr. Zimmerman for everything he’s worth… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • http://www.twitter.com/thebadger14 Badger Pundit

    There’s considerable evidence (which I’ve compiled into an entertaining video) that Dream Defenders is a bogus “student group” — an “astroturf” operation that’s run by radical paid agitators, not by students, and that’s funded by the lawyers for the Martin family, and/or ultra-left-wing big money donors. You can read my post (which Instapundit has linked to) and watch the video here:

  • Pat Alvarez

    I am guessing that none of them passed a Civics class. Last time I checked nothing can be done to Zimmerman in the State of Florida because of double jeopardy. Dumb asses

  • Calvin

    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

    • waterytart

      Amen, exemplified by the results of the last 2 presidential elections.

  • Joe Pastore

    and people wonder why there is racism!

  • Michelle

    The more I see, the harder it gets to leave comments on here that are sans curse words and will pass by the moderators.

  • HWarrior13

    One can only imagine the smell in there.

  • HWarrior13

    The way to dispel a group such as this is always the same. Throw some job applications and a few bars of soap in there, and just watch how fast those cockroaches leave.

  • dogwonder

    Paid rent a mob, nothing more than career activists.

  • DisqusHound

    “We are all Trayvon Martin”. No not really. Even in his current state Trayvon smells better than you dirty hippies!

  • Slugglife

    None of these @holes care about trayvon martin. this was all mobilized to attack gun laws in florida since they can’t slip anything through congress. Funny how fast eric holder springs into action on stand your ground but fast and furious investigation is still ongoing? Dream defenders are the future commies of america and are a bunch of tools.

  • vanbratch

    How did they even get in the office? Where’s security in all this? smh

  • bicentennialguy

    Two words: “forcible removal.” Or maybe someone should just pull a fire alarm somewhere.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      “Take the bus, and leave the Protesting to us” #Greyhound #Travelynx Jawamax 8<{D}

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    THEY Demand…? This State is Ours? What about us, the Christian, Conservative folks who want to live in peace and safety? This (What the “Dream Defenders) are “demanding” will lead to MORE Criminal activity, MORE reverse-racism (Black-on-white) Crime, MORE “Protesting” about Civil Rights (or their perceived lack thereof), MORE Street Gangs, and MORE Unwed Mothers causing waste and fraud in the Social Services system. Yes, we do need a dialogue on things like this… but we also need EVERYBODY’S input on this, not just theirs. Jawamax 8<{D}
    And if you think I'm Racist for saying this, you'd think you were the only people in this Country!

  • lillymckim

    We have to assume no one at the sleep in at Gov. Scotts office works for a living?
    Is Big Union paying them?
    Where do they get financed?

  • Lisa Dean

    I’m so glad to see they have the same attitude as Obama when it comes to furniture that doesn’t belong to them – let’s put our feet on it. If you want to get “justice” why not get justice for those who’ve been attacked since the jury came back with their verdict. Why not get justice for the businesses that were broken into? Why not cry out for the kids killed in Chicago? And guess what stand your ground is the same as self defense.

  • Lovetorun2

    Four children were gunned down in Chicago during the 20-day Zimmerman trial. Where is the outrage and calls for justice in these situations? No one calling for “Justice for Trayvon” has any credibility until they also start calling for justice in the
    situations noted above!


  • Kaya Hund

    Soon the office will look like the Superdome in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

    • Kaya Hund

      Note that all of the protesters have Obamaphones.

  • http://deadbuffaloblog.blogspot.com/ DeadBuffalo Blog

    What would the press/twitterverse say if the tea party decided to “occupy” the IRS and DOJ offices with a list of “demands”? Discuss…

  • mapache

    Feet on the furniture?! Where did those animals learn their manners?!

  • Conservative Ohioan

    I really liked the sign that spelled Trayvon’s name incorrectly.

  • Jake Midkiff

    What “answers” do they want ? Kid attacked a guy because he was butthurt over being followed, guy shoots kid because he was attacked, kid dies because he was shot. If kid was white, they wouldn’t care. If guy was black, they wouldn’t care.
    That about sums it up…..

    • © Sponge

      Black on black crime is at an all time high.

      They don’t seem to care much about that either. Zimmerman isn’t even white, but was accused by the media early on of BEING white, because that’s a crime, and it’s a big deal. So big that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT needs to be involved.

      Epic. Fail.

  • BlahBlah

    I sure hope McDonald’s does delivery in that area.

  • Sua Sponte

    Must be nice not to have any commitments or jobs to be able to hang out somewhere all day…

  • chrisallenrich

    I guess it beats actually getting a job?

  • Jhomas Tefferson

    Trayson was a punk. He attached first. He was on top of zimmerman, beating Zimmerman when zimmerman shot him. This was never a race issue. This was a punk issue.

  • BoscoBolt

    It’s fun being an unemployed freeloader / welfare leech … nothing to do all day but loaf about, demanding more freeshit, and whining about a low-life thug killed in the commission of a felonious assault.

  • Biff Sarin

    The Dream Defenders (A.K.A. the Black KKK) are calling for “Justice” in the form of a lynching. Once again if all races were reversed, people would be calling this what it is…racism by these groups of black people. If white people had orchestrated sit ins and called for DOJ investigations of OJ Simpson’s killing of Ron Goldman on the basis that OJ was black and Goldman was white, those people would have been called racist. Just because two people of different races have an altercation does NOT mean that it is Because of their race. If I yell at a (black) guy who cuts me off in traffic, I’m yelling at him because he cut me off in traffic, not because he’s black. Zimmerman did not shoot Trayvon because he was black, he shot him because Trayvon was beating on him!

  • Right Wired

    Where are the DreamPolice when you need them?

  • mbs235

    Anyone with a brain would educate themselves regarding the facts of the case, and realize justice has already been done.

  • RedSoloCup

    Pepper spray.

  • Magnifico

    Thank God they don’t have to work tomorrow. SNAP!!

  • Uncle Fester

    Pump a little CS gas through the ductwork. That should get them moving.

  • Scott Murphy

    Jeez, now they will have to condemn the damn place after those vermin infested it.

    I think about 100 people should show up in George Zimmerman masks.

  • Citizen Loring

    And they expect him to do what about it?

  • cscape

    these people are being financed by the taxpayers through their EBT cards, Obamaphones, and other forms of excessive government largesse…… that needs to end, and they need to get jobs (like the rest of us, who subsidize them)

  • http://redstate.com/ midwestconservative

    Governor Scott deserves this, should have never hired a special prosecutor who lacked basic ethics.

  • http://www.facebook.com/1004655124 Diane Krstulovich

    American citizens have the right to protest peacefully. That’s what they are doing.