Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker famously rescued a dog from freezing this January, but the senate candidate’s heroism knows no season. Today the hands-on mayor came to the rescue of another dog in distress.

Well, Booker’s aspiration to move into national politics was no secret, but one has to wonder if Senator Booker will be able to delegate things like animal rescues that make him such a hero to his constituents.

  • Terrell Guell

    It’s a good thing Mayor Booker did, but why didn’t the person who brought this to his attention contact animal rescue himself instead of asking via twitter? I guess I’m just over cynical

    • Jeremy

      That is a fair point.The person on twitter should have contacted animal rescue first but,at least the dog is rescued.

      • angeleyez

        Should Cory start rescuing cute little babies at
        ABORTION clinics ?
        ▲ YES
        ▼ NO

    • b_truit

      No you’re not. The tweet wasn’t even addressed to Booker. You mean to tell me he didn’t know who this guy was or that this wasn’t planned? Ha

    • Terri Davison

      Probably because they felt they would get a faster and better response than from calling the city pound. Animal control officers have to investigate first, act afterward.

  • IceColdTroll

    Never miss a good photo-op.

    • David Shrock

      Booker was out collecting the return dinner for the POTUS. Simmer down now!

  • Mike Cruickshank

    Hey guys
    Mike Cruickshank here a.k.a shankdog3000

    Police and numerous other organizations were contacted from what I understand. They were contacted several days earlier and yet supposedly did nothing.

    Since I live in princeton nj I only came about this when a friend from college who is in the area went on facebook and pleaded for help about the situation saying he had contacted a bunch of people and was told they would get around to it.

    Then somebody mentioned contacting the mayor so I did one of my rare tweets and went on the mayors facebook page and posted the situation.

    The guy (booker) was there in minutes whereas all the other organizations you suggested made no movement for days ( once again from what I understand).

    • grais

      Well, good on ya. i hope to hear of Booker’s ass-kicking of the “police and numerous other organizations.”

      • Mike Cruickshank

        Grais, it will be interesting to hear the fallout. If you see my post below my friend had notified specifically the police, the humane society and animal control and even after several days had passed nothing was done. Once the mayor got on the scene things moved pretty quickly. I think it is wonderful what he did but an enormously sad statement on the rest of the service community in Newark.

  • DeadlockVictim

    Who said this guy wasn’t fit to run for dogcatcher?

  • NSA Tweet Monitor

    I don’t buy any of this. Here’s a guy that has tweeted 4 times, 3 of them were related to the dog. This was all staged as with other Booker rescues. I’ll bet there are dozens of pictures of super hero Booker rescuing the dog.

    • Mike Cruickshank

      Hi NSA. I am “The guy”. My name is Mike Cruickshank. I am a real person who lives in Hopewell NJ. I am not a government plant. To answer your question (or more like statement) about my less than prolific tweeting) I only tweeted 4 times (3 of which are related to the dog) because I don’t really use twitter. I am 37 years old and not very good with or interested in new technology. I was talked into signing up an account by a friend of mine and then never used it (with the exception of the one time I tweeted for motor because the transmission on my Escape went out after 60,000 miles. I was kind of pissed about that one since they saved some bucks by using the ford probe transmission on my 4wd car).

      Nonetheless I am not sure how this was supposedly a staged event. At least not on my end since I have no vested interest in Cory Booker. How this all went down I saw this post on facebook by a friend from college:

      Is there anyone in Newark NJ who can stop the torture of a dog? There is a dog who is locked in a small crate on a vacant property at 270 Goldsmith ave, Newark NJ. The neighbor, with no concern, pointed out that the dog has been there during the last 4 days of this heat wave. No agency in the city of Newark has been able to produce a projection better than arriving in 3-4 days. I have spoken multiple times to the police, humane society, and animal control. I am sure they are busy but someone needs to help this dog. I would have done it while there but the humane society promised they would be there and I figured that was more safe. The dog was in an extremely agitated state. Someone please help!!!!

      To which I put him in touch with a friend of my wife’s who is the head of the NJ ASPCA. While he (the guy who posted this) was contacting the ASPCA, someone had suggested I tweet the mayor of the town as it was known (maybe staged to you) that he checks his twitter account often.

      So while all that was going down I opened my dormant twitter account, tweeted the mayor, hit his facebook page and hit everybody else I know in the chance somebody could do something.

      Cory booker actually did do something. Take that as you will but this story is just way to involved for this to be some kind of government conspiracy . My concern was for the dog, not to advance some guys political career.

  • Guest

    What if Booker heroically went into abortion clinics to save babies? Dogs are worth saving, babies not so much in lefty land.

  • Guest

    And if Booker heroically went into abortion clinics to save babies? Dogs lives are more valuable than babies in lefty land.

  • PeterP

    This clinches it. Corey Booker’s father was Jor-El.

  • Guest

    All of Bookers alleged rescues have been set ups. He is just another phoney.
    Signed, just another creepy ass cracka

    • GaryTheBrave

      Trollollollollol lol lol lol lo-o-ollll.

  • GaryTheBrave

    I guess the Humane Society or ASPCA respond quickly only if they are on a reality show.

    • Mike Cruickshank


      The ASPCA was sending people out within the hour once my wife had given the contact information. They didn’t know about it over all those days. It was the police, the humane society and local animal control.

      Captain Yocum of the NJ ASPCA is a good man and once he heard about this was getting the resources together to go in and rescue the dog.

      • GaryTheBrave

        Okay, thanks for the clarification. I read too much into the first comment. My argument with the Humane Society still stands. Bravo and thumbs up to the ASPCA for going into action once they learned about it.

  • Marjorie

    I’m going to take a beating on this…but…anything that brings animal cruelty into the spotlight is all right in my book. It may be staged, it may be a bid for publicity but it still serves the raise awareness of a problem too often ignored.

  • AdoEdem

    Maybe it’s my naïveté talking, but I’d at least like to think of it as genuine. Men who save animals and babies are OK in my book.