Something tells us Alec Baldwin’s epic rant calling out the “toxic little queen” who writes for the Daily Mail isn’t the first time he’s threatened someone. Deleting Twitter accounts is becoming something of a specialty as well, as many are reporting that @ABFalecbaldwin is returning nothing but a “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist” error tonight. Maybe it’s just a glitch, but Baldwin has signed off of Twitter twice before, first after his “Words with Friends” meltdown and again following his marriage in 2012.

Others are still seeing the account. You don’t just get rid of Alec Baldwin that easily … right, Capital One? The actor kept his capitalist spokesman gig after allegedly using a racial epithet against a photographer, so what’s the big deal about calling a male reporter a “bitch” and that Q-word that rhymes with Deen? Was that (oh, and the threat of violence) so wrong?


Sorry for those technical difficulties, ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Baldwin seems to be back, for some followers at least.

* * *


The target of Baldwin’s rage might have nowhere to hide, but at least his tweets have been protected. Will that lock hold?

George Stark protected

  • HARP2

    Well THAT bravado didn`t last long.

    • Jeremy

      He is a wimp and can’t take the heat.

  • Michelle

    I’d rather spend my life entire life being a “toxic little queen” than spend one minute being Alec Baldwin.

    • Michelle

      And thank you Twitchy for posting me up there.

      • Jeremy

        That is a great question.Why does Capitol One put up with this raging lunatic?He doesn’t help their image at all.

        • Michelle

          I don’t think they care about the image he creates or that they care if it impacts their business. I’ve always ignored him, but this time he went too far. Bigoted comments and threats? Done. This man has lost control in the public eye one too many times. This was the straw for me, will no longer be a customer of a company that sends this man money. Cut up my cards and sending them back in the mail in the morning with a love letter and a print out of his tweets. He’s out of control and Capital One doesn’t care. But I do, and even if they don’t drop him, I’ll feel better knowing I’m no longer contributing to his income. I’ve been with Capital One forever, but there are soooo many fish in that sea, I won’t miss them one bit.

          • Jeremy

            I wonder how many other people will stop their business with Capitol One over this lunatic and if enough do maybe they will listen then.I love that sending a print out of his tweets ha ha.

        • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

          They sjould go back to Jimmy Kimmel and that precocious little toddler.. Just sayin’….Jawamax 8<{D}

        • Clete Torres

          Because any PR – even bad PR – is good PR. People link AB and CapOne, they get interested and just like that (snaps fingers), CapOne has new cardholders.

          I dumped them like a steaming log years ago.

        • trueWorldview

          Need to change banks soon…

  • mickeyco

    Hey, Michelle, you called it.

    • Michelle

      Right now on the left coast there is a woman named Kim thinking, “Thank God I get the hell away from this animal.” And right now on the right coast is a woman named Hilaria thinking, “WTF have I gotten myself into?”

      • mickeyco


  • waltermitty2012

    At least we still have Matthew Modine, Cher, and Bette Middler to enjoy.

  • Jim Denney

    Heees baaaaack … blackout over Alec?
    You know Nanny Bloomberg says too much booze is bad for you.

  • Bruce Armstrong

    Big bad AB is hiding behind his wife and having her defend him. What a twit. (Guess that should be Twitter twit.)

  • LinTaylor

    Alec Baldwin, ladies and gentlemen:

    • Jeremy

      ha ha

  • C-Saw

    Alec Baldwin … hmm.. sounds familiar … oh riiiight, he is the guy who used to be relevant back in the 1990’s, and now has become nothing but a sick twisted double faced hate machine ! ..

  • Republicanvet

    …as I said, a big pu$$y that talks loud…but protected forever by the left.

  • waterytart

    My hsbc credit card recently switched to Capitol One, the day it went into effect, I burned up my keyboard canceling the card and telling anyone who’s email I could get into at Capitol One that Baldwin was the reason. And I wasn’t polite. Probably didn’t have much effect, but hey, one small step………….

    • Judy B

      Good for you! If “America” would put it’s money where it’s mouth is…we would be in much better shape.

  • cmerlo1

    This is pattern behavior, but he still gets work. If Capital One has any balls, they’ll fire him faster than food network fires someone for 20+ year-old racial comments.

  • © Sponge

    As soon as I can get another card to transfer my balance to, I’m cutting up my Capital One card.

    I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile now and turn off every commercial they run with him in it. I’m disgusted they pay him with my money.

    • lonestar

      Call them first and tell them you are canceling the care and why. I did that 2 years ago.

  • draysum1234

    I think Wal-Mart and Target should stop accepting Capitol One cards until Capitol One cans Alec Baldwin, Its the only right thing to do in light of the whole Paula Deen thing.

  • 912er

    This Baldwin guy holds the record for most threatening messages without ever been sent to prison.

  • WBee1 Proud Navy Wife

    Alternative headline….Alec took his toys and went home.

  • Kristine

    I sure hope everyone here tweets the hell out of @CapitalOne and encourages them to fire Alec Baldwin. Homophobia.. threatens violence.. why should he keep is gig when Paula Deen loses everything for a comment years ago? Or is homophobia and violence okay, and a racial word is the worst thing ever?


  • Kristine

    I read that mass tweets are effective when slamming a company. They show up in Google searches and such, which means they are far more likely to be seen by the masses. Facebook posts don’t show up.

    So tweet @CapitalOne