Now this is the Alec Baldwin we’ve come to know and, well, not love. The actor’s not happy about a piece in the Daily Mail suggesting that his wife was busy tweeting during the funeral of James Gandolfini. Maybe it was just some “Sopranos” nostalgia that inspired Baldwin’s threat about a funeral?

[Editor’s note: We’re inserting a screen shot just in case you’re not able to view the tweets that follow.]

That’s quite a threat, but Baldwin is a pro in that department. How soon until the reports that “queen” is actually a compliment?

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But wait, there’s more!

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Whatever we’re calling this “scandal,” it appears to go deeper. Tweeter @CatsPolitics suggests that the Los Angeles-based reporter misread Twitter’s timestamps for the New York funeral.

The Daily Mail is standing by its story, sort of. George Stark’s name disappeared from the byline temporarily, replaced by “Daily Mail Reporter.” Was the paper covering for a screw-up, or just trying to keep Stark safe until he could reach a safe house?


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  • James Hansen

    if that had been a repub, accusations of homophobia would be flying, but since it is alec, well…..crickets….

    • dr44

      Yeah, when will Dan Savage step up and condemn this outright homophobia?
      Oh wait, Alec’s a liberal…. crickets…..

    • Republicanvet

      If that had been a Repub, Big Cyst would be all over the international terrorist threats, the media would be all over it and Holder would be prepping federal hate crimes charges. I take solace in the crickets in that this piece of work is too much of a pu$$y to do much of anything other than talk loud.

      • Dave Ferro

        Really. Like Baldwin is really gonna show up at Stark’s house and kick his butt. That’ll never happen.

    • Richo

      Bwahaahaa! Yeah and Twitchy commenters who can’t let a story about same sex marriage or gays in general pass them by without ranting and raving about abominations, deviants and degenerates are really in a position to parse the homophobia in Alec Baldwin’s crazy rants!

      • Andy Trimble

        And Richo can’t let a lunatic liberal be skewered no matter how stupid that liberal is.

        • Richo

          Jesus, I guess I should have spelled that out more clearly, of course he can and should be skewered for the violence and threatening language used in his tweets, but really twitchy commenters acting huffy and wondering why gays were not outraged because he used the word queen in his tweet would be about as ridiculous as my telling Christians whether or not they should be offended by Bill O’Reilly’s “Bible-thumper” remarks.

      • jetch

        ehhhh, is that really “bwahhaahaa” worthy??
        if we’re truly as homophobic as you think we are, why aren’t we in the best position to parse homophobia?? seems like we’re the experts, no?
        you on the other hand are too righteous and pure to have ever thought of such things. your thoughts are filled with unicorns, snowflakes and babbling brooks. you really aren’t in a position to discuss what’s homophobic or not, leave that to the experts.

        • Richo


      • lainer51

        aw shut up!!!!!!!!

      • Bristel

        OK, since you’d like someone who knows about homophobia to comment, Alec Baldwin’s comment is homophobic. QED.

    • lainer51

      If it was Paula Deen, she would have been canned from 7 jobs- Capital One – total silence…

  • Jd1367

    For a minute, I thought he was talking to his daughter

    • Jeremy

      He probably still does talk to her like that.

    • Rachel


    • lainer51


    • okiecarol


  • Cy

    And he doesn’t have a show on MSNBC…why?

    • oxco


  • Xazor Kuhn

    You see in Britain, the term queen is a reference to the queen not a way of saying ‘effeminate pillow biter’…..

    • Bui van vat

      Uhh, yes it is :-)

      • Xazor Kuhn

        Well, damn.

      • Tracy Hubbell-Linden

        Actually, they prefer to use the term ‘poof’ as in ‘poofter’.

        • captaingrumpy

          And in Australia we call them “Poo Pushers”.

  • twinx

    Ah, Alec, you silver-tongued devil, you!

  • Jeremy

    Alec Baldwin deserves no sympathy.He is an ass and has rage issues.

    • Jay Stevens

      ” … and has rage issues.”

      Horsesh!t! He just thinks that he is important enough not to need to exhibit self-control.

      • Jeremy

        He is very arrogant for sure and yeah he knows being a liberal he can get away with a lot.

  • VetOnFire

    He’s such a tough guy. lol

  • Maxx

    Oh great, another internet ninja.

    • mickeyco

      May I please use that? Internet ninja- I love it.

  • michaelbdelcamp

    It is just the lingo or usage of language typical for New Yorkers. We Americans know we could never compete with the Japanese or the English on the playing field of politeness, so we do not even try. Besides, the target works on Fleet Street, the ragamuffin.

    • Elena Ferrante

      Speak for yourself, Sir!!! SOME of us Americans are just as well bred and refined as anyone else…

      • Joe Harpe

        He hasn’t been to the south

      • Timothy53

        Most of us Americans. I have met Brits and Japanese and they only have a reputation for polteness and good manners.

    • Miriam Camacho

      This is horribly insulting to all New yorkers. This is a stereotype that needs to be forgotten.

  • Cozy Powell III

    He’s really gonna flip out when he founds out who knocked up his wife

    • Bui van vat

      Please don’t rat me out!

      • Andy from Beaverton

        The itching, scratching and redness will out you soon enough.

        • Rachel


  • M. Brandybuck

    His wife obviously has an Ivy League summer intern tweeting for her.

  • yourmamatoo

    Alec Baldin is just a loud mouth … Coward.

  • rachel397

    I wonder if Wegmans will continue to stand by him.

  • radishthegreat

    Anyone know many UK speech laws he broke tonight?

    • $21590057

      Depends… Is the guy he threatened a Muslim?

  • HopeHeFails

    Toxic little Cracka would be the correct slur against a white during the Obama years.

    • betzinva

      Thank you, hadn’t laughed for a bit.

      • lukebandit

        While during the Obama years. Sounds like that the Obamas were in office years ago. Wishful thinking.

  • Steve_J

    Kind of difficult to argue when the tweets are there

  • HARP2

    Do the muzzies know you have a pig for a daughter Alec ?

  • lazypadawan

    Good thing he’s not a Southern white woman named “Paula Deen.”

    • GaylePutt

      Yeh, for sure. Liberals would see to it that Alec never worked again. Why do these Hollyweirdos think they can get away with such immature behavior? Oh! Because they can.

  • Emperors clothes

    Somewhere in Georgia, Paul Deen ls laughing her ass off!

    • mkdogzzzz

      WHY? It won”t make one hill of a difference! she’s getting racked over the coals big time – this won’t even put a dent in him! always double standards!

    • GaylePutt

      I don’t think Paula Deen feels like laughing now. She was crucified by mean, stupid people. Kind of scary, isn’t it, that the Political Correctness Police can ruin someone’s life and reputation for exercising their right of free speech. It’s shameful, hateful and just plain wrong.

      • lukebandit

        She did not have ONE TEAR ROLL down her face on the TODAY show. She will never give up her fantasy slavery-plantation wannbe lifestyle.

        • carmijok

          Jealous are you? Paula Deen started from nothing and built an empire on her own. There are always people who hate the thought of a Southern woman doing well. She employs blacks and whites…and no doubt gays. Anyone who knows her knows her heart and her charitable gifts and her show have given a voice to those same individuals everyone thinks she hates. If I had a gun pointed at my head and that person happened to be black I have no doubt I would also refer to him as the ‘n’ word…because it would be accurate. She wasn’t “Paula Deen’ then. She was a working woman and no doubt scared out of her mind. How lovely that the liberal thought police are so concerned about one word that they totally ignore the way she’s lived her life. She’s not perfect. But she’s not ‘racist’. And the people who’ve made MILLIONS off her popularity are the first ones to dump her. What hypocrisy.

      • 66lima

        There will always be mean stupid people. Unfortunately these spineless companies are the ones with no spine that cut ties with her.

  • Chesley

    Baldwin makes the slime beneath a snake look respectable……typical liberal demeanor.

    • Jay Stevens

      Snakes are not slimy but I do understand the sentiment.

  • Cyborg3K

    Does he know George Stark is only a character in a novel?

  • Nathan Stewart
  • A Freespeechzone

    Baldwin might just pick on the wrong person and find he’s not as tough as he claims to be and might get more than an ass whooping.

    His temper and attitude could cost him more than he can imagine.

    • mickeyco

      Oh, please, please!

    • GaylePutt

      Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

    • HDanny

      Just give me the chance,I hate that POS twinkletoes little bitch,who beats his ex-wfe(Kim Basinger),disses on his daughter and hasn’t made ANYTHING worthwhile since the ’80’!!!!

      • DJ Howe

        C’mon now, Danny! Be fair, eh? Have you SEEN 30 Rock?!? He was BRILLIANT on that show! That HAS to be worth a swat or two to his baby momma’s grill, no? At least a good kick to the labia, maybe?

        • HDanny

          Hey,DJ,the brilliance has nothing to do with “Mr Worthless”,but,I get the sarcasm,yeah!!!

  • Michelle

    Is his Twitter page now deleted or is my computer playing tricks on me?

    • Michelle

      This is hilarious. The account went down, it came back up, he deleted all those tweets and then the account went back down.

      • okiecarol

        He can delet all he wants — the info. is out there LOL

        • Michelle

          Oh, it’s out there all right – all over the news this morning! NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS, CNN Bwahahahahaha

  • Melissa Linn Askew

    What a miserable human being he must be..i actually feel sorry for him, and for the woman that married him. He really needs to learn some vocabulary, his is apparently lacking.

  • Michelle

    Paula Deen’s entire career is destroyed because of a word she used decades ago. And this man throws down a profanity laced rant and threats? If Capital One doesn’t fire this man within a week, I’m cutting up my cards, mailing them back and explaining exactly why, with a print out of these tweets. I refuse to have my money going to pay this man’s salary.

    • Red Fred

      Speaking of which, that beard commercial creeps me completely out. Grunt and grow….YIKES!!

    • mickeyco

      Good luck with that. I despise him myself. Can’t imagine a fate worse than being married to him or thinking he was a friend.

      • Michelle

        I’m quite serious. If they don’t address this, my cards will be cut up and mailed back with a copy of those tweets. Their choice if they don’t fire him, I don’t need to contribute to this animal’s income.

        • trixiewoobeans

          Everybody needs to do this with every company that uses these spokespeople, or supports the multitude of forces tearing down this Country. I note who sponsors ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NICK, Planned Parenthood, etc., and do not use their products. (It’s VERY interesting to see who those sponsors are!) I’m just a drop in the bucket, but it’s my only voice, since they’re not listening, but MANY drops can start a flood, so get on board and make your money talk!

          • Lonnie

            I do the same thing, plus boycott everything from China. Needless to say, I don’t get much shopping done, but I feel a lot better about myself!

          • trixiewoobeans

            Ah yes, China, thanks for bringing that up. I don’t buy Chinese-made either, and am finding I can make do with a lot less! Lol! My son told me he didn’t think my “stand” would make a difference, but that he admired my convictions. I’ll take that!

          • D-dubs

            EXACTLY Trixie!!!! If more Conservatives and people on the right would do this we’d finally be able to make a change! We have to beat them at their own game….sadly, our side never does though. Every time I hear about a professor or teacher trying to indoctrinate children I contact the school immediately and demand that they be fired. Because I’m probably only a handful of people doing that nothing ever happens, except maybe a small, back-handed apology along with a “I can guarantee you that we don’t approve of that here” email.
            We need to form a Conservative Consumer Union (for lack of a better term), and every time we see this type of crap happening EVERYONE in the group calls/emails the companies that pay these Liberal hacks and threaten to boycott them. If they don’t fire them then we protest outside their companies…..and these companies hate protestors. This is how the left does it, and unfortunately it is very successful.

          • trixiewoobeans

            Make it so!

    • Dumbfounded

      I complained to them when he called out the black reporter. Their reply? “We’re sorry you don’t like our spokesman”. I’m not making this up.

    • Maria

      Agree. This jerk is disgusting. We should all stop seeing any of his movies.

    • mkdogzzzz

      great point Michelle – I’m w/you!

    • GaylePutt

      Good for you, Michelle… If I had one, I’d do the same. Sure do love these double standards.

      • Michelle

        I have two cards from them, cutting them both up – will do one in honor of you!

    • HDanny

      Yeah,the ****er looks likes he’s taking a damn dump in that commercial!!!!!

    • Jeremy

      Because he is a liberal and doesn’t live in the south so,he gets a pass.

    • oxco

      and….. creepy ass cracker isn’t the least bit racist….

    • 2ifbyT

      Do it. There are plenty of options on the credit card market, and you can just about name you own terms and conditions on interest.

  • TeslaRawks

    Is he drunk or just cruising Craigslist?

  • Michael John Naretto

    He is a great actor but he heeds help with his anger. Serious help.

  • adburger

    “How much of this shit are people supposed to take? With these fucking blatant lies EVERY DAY.” – But he loves Obama.

  • redsoxfangeo

    Sounds like a terroristic threat to me.

  • pokenhorn

    I would never buy a product pitched by this nasty toad.

  • BeeKaaay

    He’s a bloodthirsty leftwingwacko, and threatening harm to people.

  • Ed Hines

    outstanding. your feeling anger. a human emotion. now, follow through on those words. Since im dealing with a bunch of rich, famous TV and movie stars, ill leave you with a quote from a movie “Before you speak, know that in Sparta, every one is responsible for the words they speak….even a messenger”

  • Jeffzke

    Take your psychotropic meds, Alec…better life through chemistry, ya know! To balance this post out, I want to congratulate you on winning the beard growing contest in your most recent Capital One commercial. Fantastic!

  • ztitans1

    He is still married?

    • okiecarol

      As long as the money is there : )

  • Jenny Taylor

    wow this true intolerance and racism, so why is Paula Deen getting fired and ate alive but not this raging racist.

  • Ian Roth

    how very liberal of ewe alex. Wish ewe would come after me.

  • similjustus

    I feel so sorry for his new wife? Is she pregnant? Poor baby.

  • uhohChongo

    He has such command of the English language.

  • Anthony Van Komen

    He’s the Bob Ross of the English Vocabulary……. It just flows like a happy little river of BLa*&^&%$^#$%^&*^(^&%$#@@.

  • GaylePutt

    Boy, Baldwin sure is a class act. But then we’ve come to expect these sort of rants from Hollywood wackos. Wouldn’t waste my time going to his funeral.

  • Paul Ochtrup

    I’ll bet that Andy Dick could kick the living snot out of Baldwin’s lame ass. Baldwin is a freaking cartoon.

    • okiecarol

      Ouch! : )

  • Jim Denney

    “How much of this s*&t are people supposed to take? With these f*&^ing blatant lies EVERY DAY”.
    Welcome to Mitt Romney’s world AH. You were fine with it when the lies came all day every day from the likes of Stefanie Cutter and Harry Reid.

  • sec818

    It appears his Twitter page isn’t working now, LOL

  • Maggie McMenamin

    Not the most eloquent, but hey, I get it: they are paying respect to a friend who dies, and the Paps even have to be there too- I’d be pretty mad as well

  • Dana P. Dutcher

    Beard growing contest, aaaaand go!…………………………I win!

  • JoAnn DiAntonio

    Whew! And they carried on about Paula Deen?? This guy is a wack-nut who should be arrested and psychologically evaluated.

  • Ricky Trimnal

    I not posting anything right now. Is someone else posting for me?

  • Kathy Ryan Allsop

    I’m thinking…Paula Deen is getting dumped for something she said almost 30 yrs. ago, why is Capital One hanging on to this loose cannon?

  • Ben Bollman

    He throws hissy fit after hissy fit yet has the nerve to call someone else a ‘queen’?

  • Jim Trevorrah

    Alec drinks, heavily

  • Kristi Segovia

    I think it’s time to campaign to have this twit FIRED from all his commercials…I get SICK of watching his stupid ass, meanwhile seeing his THREATS blasted all over twitter simply because the short tempered tyrant can’t handle the least bit of criticism. He is a blatant racist, homophobe and should be FORCED into anger management classes.

  • Amy Shye

    what a sad pathetic “little” man he must be to have to overcompensate with vulgarity

  • publius211

    Alex, you have too much 1 on 1 intimacy. You really do need to get yourself a real woman.

  • Amy Woodward

    Am I the only one that noticed AB Falec Baldwin? I realize the spelling is wrong, but, well, it fits.

    • Agha Memnun

      Phallic Baldwin.

  • Scott Simon STL

    Will he lose his job with Capitol One like Paula Deen did for saying stupid stuff?

  • publius211

    Al, you really do need to find yourself a woman instead of your one on one sex.

  • Booker

    This guy is gonna kill somebody one day. His fuse is just uncontrollable. Far cry from the Capital One guy.

  • Bill Frazier

    Baldwin needs a good psychiatrists and a someone to teach him the English language. I sure hope he doesn’t kiss his wife with that mouth.

  • Calvin

    Internet tough guy. 😛


    Poor little Alec. His anger & stupidity make him dumber. He’s like a little monkey on a chain. Wind him up & watch him go. Does he even like himself?

  • Conrad2010

    She was Tweeting her lover.

  • Kevin Brown

    Alec Baldwin is a drunken stupid has been,,,he was never good as an actor,,,he needs to crawl in the gutter,,where he belongs,,,

  • annieshoe

    What an idiot.

  • Maria

    You have the right to be upset if that person was lying. But, the name calling and foul mouth does not give you the right to act despicable, but again, that’s your MO, Mr. Baldwin. :(

  • Billy

    male mental pause hit this tool way early.

  • Christie Woods

    for real dude……I love him he needs a reality show

  • hurrderr

    He’s simply a horrible human being.

  • Gunny Hartman

    Where are the people who smeared Paula Deen?

    • betzinva

      Please don’t hold your breath for that, anoxia is dangerous.

    • MJ15

      Ummm…criticizing Alec Baldwin? People can do both and are doing both, no political affiliations necessary.

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    I’m confused…his daughter works at a British newspaper now?

  • Miriam Camacho

    This ad for Obama on the right of the page is driving me bananas!

    AB is rude and disgusting.

  • dadavis65

    Now why doesn’t NBC drop him?

  • darci compton

    And Paula Deen is being persecuted for saying what 25 years ago???Come on Capital One…drop AB as your spokesperson…What’s in your “moral” wallet?..hold him accountable for his foul name calling and threats!

  • onesoldiersmom

    I wonder how much BP medication he needs to take each day to keep his heart from exploding?

  • Mark Adams

    Looks like Alec got the Ax from twitter for his threats.

  • LJ Stratton

    Why does it say June 28th 2013? That is tomorrow’s date..has anyone else caught on to it yet?

  • LJ Stratton

    Why does it say June 28th 2013?..That is tomorrow’s date…Is this stuff for real?..Who else has caught on to that?

  • LegalizeShemp

    You forgot, liberals can use any kind of language or slur, but they limit the rest of us in the scope and frequency of their usage.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Remember Alec, ABC, Always Be Creepy……Coffee’s for Creeps Alec

  • Dan

    I have thought the best of Baldwin ever since he said they should hang Henry Hide on the Capital steps. A real class act…..

    • Dan

      Ok, I’m kidding. Can’t stand him.

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    I think he’s been playing his character from Glenngary Glenn Ross all his life.

  • Larry Brigman

    He Like his Commercial, For A credit Card Co? I played A pilot Before! He’s Played, Too many Drama Crime movies…Lol Like The old Steve McQueen, Movies A Real man! Quite, That Spared, And Learned, From ”Bruce Lee”, One of The most respected, Actor in Hollywood, ”Steve McQueen” (not a Fake did his Own Stunts)

  • jeff zacher

    I just cut all the Capitol One cards in the house into little bits…

  • madman101

    WHY does this guy have such a vicious temper and disgusting mouth???

  • u2u2u2

    In Soviet Russia, Toxic Little Queen tweets you!

  • MJ15

    Baldwin’s a jerk. I mean, how could he say such awful things, especially at a time when Mr. Stark is probably still grieving over what happened to his family at the Red Wedding?

  • Jim Tidwell

    Methinks Alec is gonna push his luck to the wrong guy one day soon, and he is gonna get his fat old ass beat down and curb stomped!

  • ramubay

    He’s tweeted a lot worse and got a deal to do 30 Rock for it. So seriously, this hurts him how?

  • dareisay

    And to think everyone is dropping Paula Deen and not this foul mouthed, angry man!

  • None Of Yourbusiness

    Yea, I would ask for a time and date to meet if he were talking to me that way …. amazing how brave some people are when they are sitting behind a computer screen!!

    • James Tetrick

      Says the guy posting anonymously.

  • James Rose

    For some reason I believe that if I wrote those tweets I would soon be arrested and charged for Terroristic Threats.
    Hmmm, tells people to stone Henry Hyde, a sitting Representative in Congress, to death. Threatened his daughter, threatened Sean Hannity and others yet he still walks as a free man.

  • Lonnie

    Good thing for Alec Baldwin that he’s on the far left side of the political spectrum.

  • Lizbuddie

    The tweets looked like the scheduled, promotional BS anyway. Idiots reporting on idiots. Who cares? At least Alec’s rant was somewhat worthy of our amusement.

    • unklbrad

      I think you just succinctly described Twitter.

      • Lizbuddie

        Yeah, pretty much.

  • Jay Stevens

    When I first read the headline:
    “Alec Baldwin threatens ‘toxic little queen’ … “,
    I thought he was talking about his daughter.

    • unklbrad

      Ouch. That was funny!

  • Liberty

    But if her tweet about the funeral was tweeted between 2 tweets mentioned in the article, around the same time, then does it matter what the time stamps say? The fact is that she did tweet (or someone who works for her did tweet) other things right around her funeral tweet.

    He’s such a bully.

    • ImTheNana

      Yes, he’s a bully, but the “circle of life” tweet about the funeral ( ) was made at 1:17PM eastern time (where the NY funeral was held), three hours later than reported in the DM. All of those tweets were +3 hours from the times the reporter listed. Twitter adjusts times for the reader’s time zone. A reasonable person, unlike Baldwin, would have addressed all this calmly with the newspaper, and perhaps posted a logical rebuttal on Twitter in both the comments and his own feed. Grieving or not, this was off the charts, but the reporter was wrong.

      • Liberty

        Right. I’m on the West Coast so I understand the time zone stamps on Twitter. My point is her tweet about the funeral was sandwiched between 2 tweets which were cheerful/promotional so the reporter wasn’t wrong in saying she was tweeting things around the same time she tweeted about the funeral. If it was hours after the funeral & the reporter used the wrong time stamps (on purpose or not) then that’s 1 thing. I guess I think someone people respectful & mourning wouldn’t be tweeting those other things while also tweeting about a funeral. Does that make sense?

  • ImTheNana

    Baldwin is still a horse’s arse, but he’s one that appears to be in the right this time regarding the misinformation put out there by this reporter. According to the *east coast* timestamps, the times of the tweets are 3 hours later in each case than the reporter lists. He screwed up, and owes Mrs. Baldwin a public apology.

    • tedlv

      Your comment gives horses a bad name.

      • ImTheNana

        Just the ass end.

  • BorderLine Guy

    How in the hell is this not verbal gay-bashing?

    • Joe W.

      Because it came from a left wing moon bat Hollyweird celebrity, that’s why. They’re exempt.

  • Paul C.

    I love the libs when they get mad the MASK shoots across the room when it comes off.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    My description, WTWM (White Trash With Money) a lot of Hollywood fits into that envelope. If you don’t believe me then look up people that ARE White Trash, or just trash, that won the Lottery then compare the way they act,,,,NOOOOO Difference.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Paula Deen got fired from a long term contract for something she said 25 yrs ago,,,this moron says things as bad every week, Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?????

  • EMHughes

    A toxic little queen is a toxic little queen… no point mincing words about it. If any of it is untrue, then Stark can easily prove it — until then, I’ve been called worse, and no one fought for an apology for me…

    • EMHughes

      It ain’t homophobia if it’s true…

      • James Tetrick

        No, it is still homophobia. Your just a little too caught up in your side to see it.

  • TXKracker

    Alex “Tantrum” Baldwin is the typical over the top emotional hot mess liberal, with all actions and decisions based on emotion and feelings. He just passed his smell test for a new show on MSNBC, the top exec.’s can’t wait to get him between Rev.Al, Boy Maddow, Up the Leg Matthews, Brain Dead O’Odonnell, and Stooge Ed Schultz. Tantrum Baldwin will fit right in, and need to be diaper changed often.

  • John Howard

    Switch “George Stark” with Baldwin’s daughter’s name and the context still fits his personality.

  • Claude AndPam Parish

    That Alec Baldwin is one creepy ass cracker!

  • Tina Martin

    His wife was tweeting during funeral!! Classic! That marriage won’t last long…he’s a bully. She will walk before too long.

    • unklbrad

      I bet he’s a mean drunk too.

  • Ray_Van_Dune

    When will Hilaria ensue?

  • Kristy Patullo

    Ah, the tolerant left. Great actor. Effed up in the head, though.

  • ChicagoPatriot

    I am no fan of Alec Baldwin’s politics. Although I do sometimes agree with what he says, other times I think he’s way out there. I have close friends like that. I like Baldwin’s humor and acting. I hope he goes back to Tweeting.

    • floridavet

      He is arguably a reasonably good actor, but definitely with an anger management problem. If he can’t control his anger, then how effective can he be when he, as you suggest, sometimes makes sense?

  • gjsmith_62

    Hey alec, simple solution … ignore it you twit.

  • kch50428

    Baldwin needs the same treatment being given Paula Dean.

    • James Tetrick

      Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc. Is only forgiven if the person is a minority or a democrat.

  • Frisco1522

    Typical Alec Baldwin. Alec, STFU you ungrateful little pig.

  • 66lima

    This Baldwin is an ignorant slob. I want to puke every time I see this maggot’s face on a TV commercial.
    Makes him look like a real professional, doesn’t it?

  • Jeff Scott

    Who CARES?

  • okiecarol

    I just emailed a nice little note to Capital One. It is time for them to drop Mr. Baldwin.

    • 912er

      Its not going to happen..all the idiots that keep their credit cards maxed out love this guy

    • Bob Loblaw


  • soundnfury

    Simple mistake, Alex. Your wife was tweeting during sex with you. The reporter mistook that for tweeting during a funeral.

    • tedlv

      Sound, you are assuming a lot of virility here.

  • brownhomer

    who cares he’s a horrible actor and person, why should we be surprised at any of this?

  • Jim Evans

    Alec up to his old “tricks.” Bought himself a new gal and covers up for her deadly tweeting. Say what you mean, Alec.

  • ChurchSox

    I’m starting to like Alec Baldwin. Guy knows how to behave badly.

  • Andy Trimble

    Alex Baldwin is a crazy ass cracker.

  • FlatFoot

                                         What’s In Your Wallet?

    • Bob Loblaw

      That’s funny!

      I bet he’d approve.

      • FlatFoot

        The absolute very bestest part is — I made that and another one in about 10 minutes on Capital One’s own website using Capital One’s free ‘Credit Card Customization’ feature and preview. el. oh. el.

  • Bob Loblaw

    You’ll see this parodied in the next Capital One series of ads.

    Baldwin is a genius. I’m 180 out from him politically, but you can’t deny he is hilarious.

    • Michelle

      I can deny it. I don’t find him the least bit funny.

    • John Rebori

      I’ve tried to watch 30 rock repeatedly. I have yet to laugh at anything on that show.

      I’ll deny his being hilarious all day long.

      • Bob Loblaw

        Never watched that show, not a fan of Tina Fey, not sure why she’s considered a comic genius.

        But Baldwin has the ability and willingness to make a joke at his own expense. While I do not respect his politics, or his buffoonish behavior, I do respect this willingness to make fun of himself.

        Especially when compared to the likes of Jim Carrey, who appears to now want to be some sort of liberal town crier, and comes unglued at any criticism.

        Just my opinion.

        • John Rebori

          No reason people can’t disagree on who is or isn’t funny. My wife doesn’t get Monty Python and I laugh still at the old shows. Different tastes make for good conversations.

  • exceller

    Yeah that Paula Deen is a real sicko.

  • happyscrapper

    Why didn’t Baldwin merely point out the fact of the time difference and put it all to rest immediately? Instead, he goes off on an obscenity-laced tirade. That man is sick and dangerous. Kim Bassinger left him because of his violent temper. Does someone have to get killed by him before he gets some kind of treatment? A walking time bomb!

  • ClydeS

    “You are worthless, Alec Baldwin, you are worthless, Alec Baldwin.
    “You failed in every way and now my stock in you has fallen…”


    I have issues with the Daily Mail too…they are forever censoring comments and their arrow system is bogus…if they do not like your arrow direction, they change it back. Beyond that Alec Baldwin is just a prime candidate for a 5150 hold.

  • thunderstrikes

    Talented and funny as an actor, but a real life scumbag who isn’t funny in the slightest. Real shame.

  • ELC

    Alec should just get over himself already…he sounds like an idiot of which he is. Oops!Is he going to come after me next?It sounds like his wife has more brains in her head-he certainly lacks much.

  • DutchRoman

    Well, Capital One, God knows Paula Deen was fired for less.

  • fireandreamitchell

    What’s in your Twitter feed?

  • jhsif

    Alec Baldwin converted to Islaim? When did that hapen?

  • michaelbdelcamp

    Politeness is lost on some of these people nowadays, in particular Journalists, and among them the subset Paparazzi and Rag Celebrity focused publications (and Websites!!! proliferating) who “make their bones” at the true expense of celebrities, politicians and Paula Dean. (Let us note that Paula Dean is both Southern and unfailingly polite.) Also, I have noticed a truly extreme double standard, with many of the militantly moralizing pea brains. These folks demand unquestioned “buy in” to their inconsistent and unfair positions, which always accrue to their own dimly perceived benefit, because they are not only insincere people, but also because such folks do not have any sense of charity or empathy for others, least of all their free speech. Here it is, a day later, and Alec Baldwin is making the rounds “eating crow,” Typical serving of subservience to the demigods of political correctness, who are nothing, if not baleful. No sense of humor either. At least Jesus smiled now and again, setting an example of both good fellowship and forbearance.

  • Adam Cooper

    I bet she was tweeting. I wouldn’t put anything past those people, they don’t respect anyone.

  • Adam Cooper

    I bet she was tweeting. I wouldn’t put anything past those people, they don’t respect anyone.

  • Walter Warren

    You know what – I’m getting really sick and tired of hearing about Alec Baldwin getting tough and abusive on his daughter, bullying airline workers doing their job, threatening reporters on other continents and acting like he’s some sort of rock star. He should pick on someone his own size – so I’ll make this offer.

    Hey – dickweed – why don’t you come to the midwest. You tell me where, I’ll meet you there. I’m not toxic, I’m not British, and I’m not a queen – I’m just real sick of your shit. If you’ve got the balls to back up that big mouth of yours, come see me.