Left-leaning squatters have owned the mainstream media for so long it seems they assumed they’d rightfully inherit new media as a simple birthright. Something happened along the way, though, and a few of the progressives gathered at the Netroots Nation conference in San Jose, Calif., this weekend are calling it the “Michelle Malkin effect.”

We at Twitchy love it too. Remind us to look into this Michelle Malkin person — she seems to have gotten under the Left’s skin.


Malkin seems to be the breakout star of the conference so far without actually attending. If every panel is about her, we’re almost tempted to book tickets to progressive utopia Detroit next year. There’s no need to travel to a conference, though, to hear what you already know.

  • NRPax

    I think that’s why I stopped being liberal. All the whining got on my nerves.

    • Clayton Grant

      A lot of people become more conservative over their lifetimes because they learned some good hard lessons. They learned what really matters in life and that firsthand experience is the best path to a great society where people are grounded in morality. Well, that and the whining.

      • Lynelle Hullsiek

        One here too! You’re exactly right.

      • NRPax

        The Rodney King riots, and my teachers’ subsequent justifications of them, were the starting point for me turning away from the Left Wing Path.

        • grais

          For me it was the shouts of “Baby Killers” at returning Vietnam vets.
          I thought we were against the war primarily because the boys we loved were dying over there.

          • MissJames

            I was in the right place at the right time,recently, waiting for my flight at Reagan airport in DC.
            US Airways had two Honor Flights of WWII vets coming in and Vietnam Vets were prominent in the welcoming committee.
            What struck me was,the pain is still there in their eyes. Their bodies were battered ,they looked rough,but the pride in their country ,of their service to that country,showed ,also.
            I wanted to hug them all.
            The WWII vets were awesome,but the Vietnam Vets need our support,still.


          • grais

            That must have been nice to see, but heartbreaking, too. Those boys suffered so much and were treated so abominably…I’ll always feel that it’s one of America’s greatest shames. But they won’t let it happen to others. I hope none of us ever does. God bless them all.

          • Lee Biggs

            Today’s shame toward our military people is not spitting on them in fact, only spiting on them through neglect at the VA, etc.

          • Chrissy the Hyphenated

            Which Oblamer harped on until he got elected, then totally made worse.

          • malb

            Hope Vietnam Vets and those since know that, even when it doesn’t feel like it, there are more people who admire them than the leftist who support our enemies.

          • Joy

            malb u put it so well. Many many of us out here have always held people who have served this country with admiration and respect. The left and the press playing up their antics (spitting yelling profanities at returning vets) have caused pain to our returning military that is beyond measure.

          • tedlv

            I had a low draft number, and was ready to volunteer to work in the Navy, nuclear preferred. 3 months before my draft date, President Nixon ended the draft. He also ended the Vietnam war. He did some bad stuff, but he also did some good stuff. And he had the sense to resign, rather than be impeached and removed from office for crimes that pale into insignificance in comparison to what is going on now.

          • AL349

            Too bad, Obama wasn’t raised in Vietnam.

          • USDiz

            If he were, he would still have nothing to fear from Bill Clinton, who spent some of those years dodging the draft in Russia.

          • americancitizen71

            My dad was one of those vets accused of killing babies.

          • Spatial Awareness

            Mine, too. And then he drank himself to death.

          • trixiewoobeans

            Sooo sorry.

          • Spatial Awareness

            Thank you.

          • Amos

            I’m so sorry, for you loss, and your fathers pain.

          • OpenTheDoor

            I know how your father feels. I went 25 years before I felt comfortable telling people I had been there.

          • grais

            Whatever the circumstances of your service to our country, I thank you for it. And I’m very glad that you got to come home.

          • grais

            I hope he knows that many of us were ashamed of that at the time, and still are, and always will be.

          • Marcy Cook

            So was my brother.

            Interesting thing happened while I was in school our liberal teacher was denouncing soldiers in Viet Nam. My brother was there at the time. I raised my hand and objected to her opinion on the war and told her I was offended by her talking about the troops because I had a brother and some friends there and they were putting their lives on the line for us and she was hurting them and putting them in danger by her opinion.
            The class was stunned and so was the teacher.

            I thought I was alone when a Cuban classmate (female) stood up and told the class that she agreed with me and that we had it nice and cushy here but her family was exiled from Cuba and lost everything because of communism.

            She then told the teacher and the class that they shouldn’t be talking one sided about things they never experienced. It was a great day for the two of us and opened up a lot of good conversation between us and our fellow students. The teacher? Well she had a hard time after that because the students began to question everything she taught from that moment on.

          • pajamakat

            That must have been awful for you Marcy. I wish today’s students would read what you wrote. They need to wake up.

          • trixiewoobeans

            Isn’t it funny, how the “Question Everything” and “Question Authority” crowd, now question nothing?

          • Joe

            Great story! Thank you! I love it.

          • Andrea

            What gets me is that the same ones that were accusing our military of being baby killers, condone it when it’s done in an abortion clinic. Hypocrites much?

          • Suzyqpie

            Especially now in the wake of this horrible Gosnell, I guess we can call it, killing field. And no body had the power, in the regulatory labyrinth, to stop him? That picture of a fully former little girl, hands, fingers, I can’t stand to think about it.

          • trixiewoobeans

            There’s many more in America’s “Killing Fields” than there were in Cambodia!

          • tedlv

            Most of those “baby killers” were forced via the draft into the military.

          • tedlv

            Lyndon Johnson, a liberal, was responsible for that.

          • screamingmad

            so was my brother

          • trixiewoobeans

            And here the Left is, today, killing babies, in their own “War on Women.”

          • dzobels

            And, let’s not forget, one of the main authors of the “baby killer” label is now our Secretary of State.

          • Marcy Cook

            I will never forgive them for that.

          • Ryan Schneider.

            The war was wrong, but most of those morons were against it for the wrong reasons. It was France’s mess, we had no need to clean it up for them.

      • LinTaylor

        Reminds me of a saying I once heard; “If you’re young and conservative you have no heart; if you’re old and liberal you have no brain.”

        • Ben Graziano

          The quote is from Bismark, the Prussian, then German, chancellor who was an instrumental force in unifying the Germanic states into a whole nation in the late 19th century. It goes, “if your not a liberal by the age of 20 you have no heart, if your still a liberal by the age of 30 you have no brain.”

          • sjlane

            Except, I think Bismark would have used “you’re” instead of “your.” Maybe just a typo, but thought I’d throw that in. Even though I’m an engineer, my early English teachers used to crack our knuckles with a ruler when we would misuse your and you’re, or there, their and they’re. A couple of sore knuckles makes the memory last a long, long time. heheehe

          • Carl9255

            i remember the smacking of the knuckles, from my art teacher, my brother got it bad, i think for laughing in class…heehee

          • trixiewoobeans

            Pain is a great teacher! Lol.

          • pajamakat

            Same here with the words. Those rulers were not fun but they did the trick.

          • Meech204

            I remember the slapping of the ruler on the desk in my typing class. I never look at my keys. :-)

          • silverpie

            Actually, he more likely used “du bist” or “Sie sind”–you know, being German and whatnot :;) (couldn’t resist…)

          • LinTaylor

            Thanks for the elaboration.

        • jeanbean14

          I realized I was actually conservative when I saw the reality of conservative love and compassion, generosity, and solid Christian morals, compared to the anger, verbal abuse, double-standards, selfishness, and serious moral depravity of the left who claim to be “compassionate.” The first inkling that I was aligning myself with the wrong group was when I found out how much more conservatives give to charity than liberals. I’ve never joined a political party, but I did used to vote for Democrats. After watching the Democratic convention last year vote God out and cheer Sandra Fluke, and learning in the past few years about the REAL history of the Democratic Party (never got taught in school that the KKK had ANY connection to Democrats, let alone being started by them, what a snow job!), I don’t know if I could ever vote for a Dem again. And I’m way more conservative than the GOP, as well. Thank God there some like-minded Americans because it’s hard to be alone. But even if a minority, or a lone voice, I choose to do what I honestly believe is right and pleasing to God. I’m glad I woke up and started paying attention!!!!!!

          • vphilly

            Good for you, jeanbean14 and God bless you!

          • jeanbean14

            God bless you, too!!

          • sjlane

            Good to have you on the “right” side, jeanbean14. I guess I was “brainwashed” (more like cleansed) at a very young age, because I learned a lot of things in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts that made me a Conservative from a very young age. We lived in Alabama for awhile during the Saturn V/Apollo Missions and my mom would get us together with the kids of the farm workers near our neighborhood. We’d play together and then when the schools were integrated by the courts in the around ’64 (well, at least, that’s when they were forced to in Alabama), I already knew some of the kids and welcomed them into class. I was in 1st grade and had a 13 yr old black kid in my class, because he had never learned to read. He was huge compared to us and a big teddy bear. I was a Conservative, but had a heart and a brain at an early age.

          • jeanbean14

            That is wonderful! I hope there are many more like you in this country of ours. Three of the family I grew up in have moved left over the years, and are now part of the creeping socialism, mostly because their news in filtered and they are not proactive in looking for the truth, and three of us are conservative, the way we were raised. Same ratio in my husband’s family. It’s hard to understand the liberal ones because we were raised with the same values, and they are not stupid people, but very stubborn and very misinformed and seemingly lacking self-awareness. My kids questioned what they were taught in school, and are stubborn in following Christ, and are conservative in their social and political views. I suspect there are many more people with conservative views, with big hearts, generous to the poor, accepting of people who are not just like them, and freedom-loving, than we are led to believe by the left. Thank you for your story. It sounds like you had a great upbringing.

          • jeanbean14

            Unfortunately for me, I had a bad integration experience. I loved my neighborhood school. We all walked to school, went home for lunch, and knew so many of the kids. My neighborhood was mostly white like me, but we had families of every race and religion in the neighborhood. A safe, modest middle-class town. We had good teachers who really cared about us. I loved school and the emphasis was on learning. We recited the pledge of allegiance every morning, and our teachers generally backed up the same values that our families were instilling in us. In 4th grade, everything changed, and after that I hated school. The kids from a disastrous housing project were bused to my school. It was a rotten deal for those families. Some crooked housing developer sold to people on the south side of Chicago, They moved out to the suburb next to us without the proper inspections or ever seeing the houses they were buying. After they moved in, they found they didn’t have phone lines, and many other things were wrong with the tiny new houses. They got taken by a shyster who played on their dreams of owning their own homes. That was sad. But the bad part for me was that, when those kids were bused to my school, they brought a ghetto culture with them. I don’t know how it all came about, but we lost our beloved principal (the guy literally got mobbed regularly by kids trying to hug him in the hallway), lost our strict but so popular star 6th grade teacher (good kids hoped to be assigned to his class, bad kids dreaded it, lol), and lost the whole culture of learning. At first, almost every day after school, there was a large ring of students on the grass in front of the school, chanting, “A fight! A fight! A nigger and a white!” I never understood why the black kid got the bad name and the white kid was just white. Maybe it just rhymed. I knew I would be paddled at home if I ever used the “n word,” and I had no desire to be bad like that. My teachers didn’t give us real assignments anymore. All the good teachers were gone. The new ones just gave us silly busy work, then sat at their desk doing paperwork while the black girls in the class did each other’s hair. Recess was suddenly about not getting beat up. Kids were not disciplined for running around punching people randomly on the playground. The black girls played jump rope, but they ignored the white girls, except to pick on them. I got kicked in the crotch for standing the wrong way in line, waiting to go in from recess, by two black girls. They said, “She’s asking for it. Look how she standin’!” All the rules had changed, and school was scary and useless. My parents thankfully put me in parochial school for jr. high, and my high school was considerably better. I never had a problem with people of any color, but I did have a problem with a culture of cruelty and laziness. I don’t know why there were so many fights between the boys. I’m sure they were started by both sides. I personally saw a black boy, or several, tackle a white boy as we were coming out of the school to go home, many times. We didn’t have fights before my school was integrated. Nobody would have dared while the teachers were there. It really sucked. At the time, I felt sorry for the black kids from the cruddy neighborhood who looked dejected and beat down. I figured they were sensitive or neglected and were regular targets, or trying to fly below the radar. The other black kids seemed to hate white people in general, but weren’t interested in or expecting to learn anything in school. It was sad and depressing. I’m sure our school district could have handled it much better. I wish the focus had been on improving the poor schools, regardless of which neighborhood they were in, or what color the families were, instead of just mixing everybody up and letting the clashes happen. And where did they get those lame teachers who wasted our time all day? It felt like prison to me. Sorry for rambling on, but that was a bad part of my childhood and even though my parents did not allow me and my siblings to judge people from the outside, there were real problems caused by busing, and I don’t see that the touted solutions actually materialized. I hope they did for some kids and schools, but not for my grade school. It seems that a good school was just ruined in the name of fairness, rather than a bad school being elevated to higher standards. I don’t know if busing was a success or failure nationwide, but I have my doubts. I’m glad it was a positive experience for you. It seems that your playing with kids of different ethnic backgrounds was happening in a positive way before integration, and that is the kind of thing we all needed to foster back in the 60’s, with or without busing. I never thought of black people as all being like those kids, and I ended up having a couple of friends from that neighborhood in high school, and they were lovely people. But I did learn at a young age that there was a stark contrast between the social rules of my neighborhood and those of a south side of Chicago ghetto, and I hoped never to have to live in a place like that, and felt sorry for kids who were born into that. Haven’t thought about that time of my life for years….again, sorry for rambling. My old neighborhood is now run down and dangerous. It has become like the ghetto. As an adult, I blame liberal policies for much of the failure and hellish life of the “bad parts of town” in our major cities. I am glad that my own kids have grown up in a safe neighborhood in another state, and I can see that they don’t care one iota what color a person is. We as a society have generally moved beyond racism and it hasn’t touched them like it did me, thank God. I love the diversity of people in this country, always have.
            This is way too long to post, but I’m going to do it anyway. I’m sorry for rambling. Just wanted to say I’m glad you met kids of different backgrounds when you were a kid and were not shocked when they came to your school.

          • sjlane

            Don’t apologize for rambling, Jean. Yes, your experience was far different than mine, but mine wasn’t a result of busing, because if was a small city and these kids already lived just as close to school as we did. They basically weren’t in school at all before. They were working the cotton fields with their parents or just at home with their older siblings. I’m not sure. That’s why the 13 yr old was in our 1st grade class. Since we lived in the Bible belt, almost all of the black kids were from strong Christian churches. They were very different than ours, but still used the same book and the same principles. They just had a way more fun way to worship. I’ve been is some of their churches and let me tell you, you don’t go to sleep during the singing or the sermon.

            I’d read about busing for integration like your experience and it really sucked, because it did just what you were saying; it brought the good schools down, not the bad ones up. It’s still a problem in many inner city schools. My daughter is an engineering student at MIT in Boston and just did a term paper on the disparity of education in ghettos vs. the rest of the country. She is pretty conservative, but got a lot of liberal indoctrination by all the studies, papers and books she read in preparation for that paper. It was hard to get her to shut up about it when she was here for a couple of weeks before starting her summer internship in LA area. She’s working with the Fed. gov’t and the Air Force to write code for anti-hacking programs and security software, military grade stuff. It’s funny, because she told me that she’s basically being paid to hack, even though she’s never been a hacker before. Last summer, she was in Bloomington, IL, working for State Farm helping them set up a robotics program to inspect disaster sites before humans go in. She bought a bunch of different drones, programmed them and played with them for the summer. Tough job, huh? She was into robotics all through jr. high and high school, partly because my wife coaches the robotics teams and partly because she loved math and sciences and was really, really good at it. Those two things are what got her into MIT, along with awesome grades, really, really good test scores and a captivating essay to colleges. She applied to 9 tops schools and got accepted at all 9, MIT, Stanford, Cal Tech, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, GA Tech (where I went), Santa Clara, Cal Poly and Biola, which has a dual degree with Cal Poly. She really narrowed it down to MIT, Stanford and Cal Tech, then eliminated Cal Tech and chose MIT to experience a different part of the country, since we live near Stanford. Proud of her, obviously.

          • jeanbean14

            Thank you for your kind words!
            Haha – about how she wouldn’t stop talking about her paper.
            And WOW!!! You must have lost buttons off of several shirts over your daughter’s accomplishments so far, and more to come, I’m sure! That’s really impressive! Obviously, you did a good job raising her! And how fun for her to get paid for hacking, and play around with robots for money. That’s cool! Thanks for your post. That was an enjoyable read! c:

          • proudhispanicconservative

            Excellent, my experience is similar to yours. It feels liberating when you see the light.

          • jeanbean14

            Yes, it does! :)

          • J-la

            Excellent reading!

          • Carol Chadbourne

            I am so happy that you all have switched teams!! I believe there is still hope for TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS..and the hell with “PC” crapola. We have voices and will use them and the freedom (right now) to vote out all the rinos in Congress, because they have become ‘wishy-washy’…..Thank you, Jeanbean and others here, who have seen the real administration in action AGAINST EVERYTHING AMERICAN!!

          • screamingmad


        • ceemack

          “The man who is not a socialist at twenty has no heart, but if he is still a socialist at forty he has no head.” – Aristide Briand

          This is often mis-attributed to Winston Churchill.

      • Progressive Nitwit


      • Marcy Cook

        Know the definition of a conservative? A liberal who got mugged.

      • Ryan Schneider.

        Still, it is sad that more cannot “stand on the shoulders of giants”, and stop reinventing the wheel.

    • Noelle’s Bootcut Kittenpants

      I stopped because I just couldn’t take all the hate.

      • toocoldinwa

        No one hates like the Left.

    • Steven Butterbaugh

      Being victim is the essence of liberal. Victims whine.

    • EJA

      “If you are not a liberal at 20 you have no heart………….if you are not a conservative at 40 you have no brain.” – Winston Churchill

    • KansasGirl

      Good for you.

    • trixiewoobeans

      I stopped when I saw every one of their programs were making things a thousand times worse, plus the lying, hypocrisy and their “mean-to-the-bone” attitudes…. and the whining! Lol!

      • Ryan Schneider.

        My family stopped after Roe vs. Wade, but the beginning of the end was the Kennedy assassination. Johnson took the party where my family could not follow.

    • Not Anonymous

      For me it was the fake do gooder garbage, while stabbing America in the back. All under the guise of some pseudo political correctness.

    • tingle007

      when you are young you vote democrat, when you are older and wiser you vote republican, than you die, register in chicago pothumously, and suddenly start voting democrat again.

      • Ann Tucker

        LOL , that’s about right !!!

      • Carol Chadbourne

        You hit THAT nail on the head, ting…..I’m so relieved that some people have been shaken awake…gives me stronger hope that there’ll be more to follow. I only pray that it won’t be too late.

        • http://www.FunDMental.com TheRealJackpineSavage

          I just hope I don’t become a democrap after I die. :op

    • Ranting Mom

      I don’t think the whining is any less over here on the right.

      • Hiraghm

        only cause you whining libs keep coming over here and… whining.

        • Ranting Mom

          Our whining sounds like, “We have Pass immigration reform to appeal to the Latino voters ..”

      • Ryan Schneider.

        Are you saying that as an independent?

        • Ranting Mom

          I’m saying that as a conservative. I’m tired of listening to Republicans sacrificing principles to cater to special interests.

    • CC

      You grew up.

    • Hugh Pecon

      Not to mention that Liberalism IS a mental disorder.

    • TheLordRegent

      The gun free school zone act was the final straw for me. As a born and raised lefty, I understood the intent.

  • greenLibertarian

    I am glad to be a part of the Malkin Menace! :)

    • Charles W. Leeds

      Agreed. She is a caring Patriot. One of the nicest young ladies I have ever met.

      • sjlane

        And don’t forget, she’s also gorgeous, and that really puts grit in the craw. Hehehe

    • starr123

      Michelle is not afraid to tell it as she sees it. They can call her any thing they want…they are so good at name calling but it doesn’t affect Michelle at all. She is one strong lady in her beliefs and she terrifies the other side.

    • KansasGirl

      Michelle Malkin is such a treasure…we are blessed to have her.

  • greenLibertarian

    Perhaps Michelle is influencing us with her Malkin mind meld? :)

  • Artist George Mercado

    Michele Rocks, she isnt afraid to say it like it is.. People need to wake the F up!

  • Raj Arjan

    Michelle Malkin is the DEVIL???? In that case, all I can say is HAIL SATAN!!!!!

    Joking, of course. Michelle is a sweetheat…. :)

  • brian

    Incredibly smart, doesn’t hurt Malkin is gorgeous as well.

    • Phil Dych

      Oh my God she is gorgeous! Inside and out!

      • http://discus.com yourmamatoo

        And intelligent.

        • Hiraghm

          I think I sum it up nicely when I point out that Ms Malkin is a paragon of womanhood.

  • David Johnson

    “Michelle Malkin Effect” Hell Yes!!!!!! Intelligence, Insight, & Beauty how can she not affect you!

  • Lynelle Hullsiek

    Oh my – poor libs. What to do, what to do? Someone completely immersed in the facts, articulate, gorgeous (sadly that still matters), and non-white!!! Oh no! They’re actually going to have to think when trying to argue with her. lol No falling back on ‘racist’ rant this time. Oh- who am I fooling? Liberals will never weary of that.

    • jeanbean14

      Funny, I didn’t think of the non-white thing until just now when I read this….omg, does this mean I’m not racist trash?….idk, but I only thought, “What a gorgeous girl, and so SMART!!!”

    • nc

      Don’t forget “fearless.” MM never backs down.

  • SlimJim

    Wow, 193 followers.

  • Emma Brown

    Michelle says everything that the rest of us are thinking! Goooo Michelle!! <3

  • Otter2

    I find it hilarious how utterly disturbed the progs are over conservatives being witty. It’s like reasoning with a 5 y/o and them stomping their little feet. Setting the cooktop up to high.

    Boil baby boil!

  • Deltarose

    Keep’em on their toes Michelle!

  • CrashFroelich

    The web is infested with Blue Jackal Tribe jihadis who believe that the ability to make a fool of yourself at the speed of light is a sign of profound intelligence.

  • northstar19

    Please don’t call these people “progressives.” That’s what they call themselves, to get away from the more traditional labels of “liberal,” “leftist,” and “socialist.” Why? Because those labels have been associated with negative results for so long that they sound bad, even in their own mouths.

    • http://whatandever.blogspot.com/ Osumashi Kinyobe

      THANK YOU!

      There is nothing about these people that is progressive. It’s all regressive. We have to stop letting them set the narrative.

      The way some people describe Michelle Malkin (in such hyperbolic terms), she might as well be seven feet tall with red hair, red, like the fires of hell! She’s clearly doing something right.

    • $22639970

      I call them “repressives”, a much more accurate label.

    • W Dawes

      I usually use Socialist or Marxists because that is what they are. They are only about Government controlled by them. Why else would they want open borders, while screaming humans create all these problems and pollution?
      1) Hypocrites OR 2) Control freaks

    • Hiraghm

      No, they ARE progressives; they believe that there is an historic progression to society, and it is their part to guide that progress into the golden future.

      Most of them are Marxist, but you have some non-Marxist progressives such as the Bushes and Romney.

      • northstar19

        Hiraghm, thanks for the comment. However, socialists are NOT “progressives.” Though they may believe in progress, their ideas, when carried out fully, lead to oppression, even a hell on Earth. History has proven this fact many times. Those who believe that hell represents progress must be satanic in nature.

        • Hiraghm

          EVERYONE who tries to guide society to some perceived future is a “progressive”. And yes, progressives are satanic in nature.

  • Guest

    Go, Michelle! :)

  • Rich

    What really bothers them Michelle, is they know there are millions of us who think just like you and we are not going away.

  • BeevaloBill

    Progressives are funny in a sort of ironic, naive way.

  • xapd

    A group of affluent white people hates an asian woman. Sexism, racism, or both?

  • Maxx

    Good grief….relax you liberal wingnuts. As us sailors used to say on battleships, “if you can’t stand the noise of the big guns, get off the main deck.”

    Lovin’ me some Michelle…she’s an conservative American treasure.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    While I didn’t go this year, I did attend the last four Netroots and I don’t recall ever hearing Malkin’s name. I think Twitchy’s source is overstating the case just because this year somebody mentioned her at a couple of the 150+ panel sessions.

    • $38343398

      If you weren’t there, you’re not qualified to comment to the validity of Twitchy’s source.

    • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

      God,what a dolt!

  • oldwoman159

    The tea party newsletter/blog Freedom Outpost goes to far in insinuating Rubio is “helping Islamic terrorists into U.S.” Bad form Tea Party, you should have legal action brought against you. This type of demeaning name calling needs to end. I am a republican and conservative and totally embarrassed and angered by this behavior.

    • $22639970

      “The tea party newsletter/blog Freedom Outpost goes to(sic) far in insinuating Rubio is “helping Islamic terrorists into U.S.” ”

      and this is inaccurate…why?

      • oldwoman159

        you are so far gone you can’t see an honest person trying make this big mess get fixed. I am so sure he really helps terrorists. it is just the bad name call, defamation of a good man. No one even the stupid ones in D.C. want to help terrorists, your the reason we can not ever come to an agreement unless IT IS YOUR WAY YOUR VEIW.

        • hbnolikeee

          “I am so sure he really helps terrorists” – then explain why the US is sending arms to Syria. Duh!

        • $22639970

          What sort of “good man” advocates for 30 million new illegal alien immigrants without requiring secure borders? So, tell me because I’m keen to learn, how does 30 million illegal alien invaders with no border security NOT assist the entry of muzzie terrorists? Someone is certainly “far gone”, as you put it, but it sure isn’t me. Of course, I live on planet Earth…not Fantasyland.

    • NRPax

      Concerned Troll is Concerned.

    • Carol Chadbourne

      I have always liked/admired Rubio. However, I believe he has done an injustice to colleagues…and it has nothing to do with terrorism, as much as thinking that best way to go about admitting immigrants is to do it now BEFORE we have reform with securing the BORDERS FIRST….the cart before the horse….never work. We need at least enough reform to put our minds a little more at ease. This is where he surprised me, in his 180 deg.

    • hbnolikeee

      Hey moron, ever hear of freedom of speech? We’re not Russia yet!

      • oldwoman159

        of course, however when your so ignorant you can’t express yourself without name calling it just shows how emotionally challenged and what a limited vocabulary you have. Civility is extinct in our country, so are manners which it would seem you have neither. So much for expressing a thought with adults????

  • KansasGirl

    Conservatism works every time it’s allowed to flourish.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    Pathetic, circle jerk idiots…When it comes to Malkin and her intertube/ website(s), business/ political savy, “effect” is not the droid you dumb a$$’s are looking for. You barrel of monkeys are looking for the word “affect”. As in: To have an influence on; to impress or to move; to produce a change in something or someone.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      I’m pretty sure they’re using “effect” as a noun, which is entirely appropriate.

  • radicallyalyssa

    It’s not surprising that they hold this in Detroit – a liberal wasteland.

    • JoeMyGodNYC

      Netroots 2013 is in San Jose, California.

      • radicallyalyssa

        I thought I read it was in Detroit. Weird, and my bad!

    • Noah

      next year is in Detroit.

      • radicallyalyssa

        Thank you!

  • hollywoodron

    They think she’s the Devil? But they believe in child sacrifices, redefining marriage, changing family values, pushing sex on children, Govt over God…. it is these abominations that… as Christ says, we will know them by their actions… the Devil’s legions.

    • cephasalpha

      You are quite correct my brother. The liberal mindset is the “mark of the beast” mentioned in Revelation.

  • Duane Riot Troop Sablan

    YAAAAAYY For the ‘Get up and Go do it yourself’ conservatives! !! Booooooo!!!! Lazy good for nuthin, all they do is whine about every thing… LIBERALS!!!

  • r_coplin2001

    What will really scare the liberals if Fox News gave Michelle Malkin her own show every night.

    • Paul C.

      Boom !!

    • http://discus.com yourmamatoo

      I wish they would.
      Their booming ratings would blow off the charts.

      • http://discus.com yourmamatoo

        They should.
        Their ratings would sky rocket even further.

    • cephasalpha

      I really wish they would. Lose Greta Van Susteren; by the time her shows airs, the topics have been beat to death by O’Reilly and Hannity. Malkin would bring her own fresh content into that time slot.

  • Conrad2010

    Liberals need to learn that the brain must be engaged before putting the mouth in gear.

    • http://discus.com yourmamatoo

      You know the saying… Opening mouth and removing all doubt?

    • Scorpion

      A closed mouth gathers no feet.

  • $3838536

    Nutroots Nation? Bunch of limp-wristed loonies.

  • Ann Tucker

    It takes a little more effort to be a conservative and study the entire situation . You have to dig deep , and work harder . Go Michelle !!

  • Mike

    I love Michelle Malkin! Tell it like it is Michelle! Some people can’t stand hearing the truth!!!

  • Kay Ramsey

    Michelle scares them to death, doesn’t she? :)

  • Flunking_retirement

    Doing what liberals do best – whine.

  • http://discus.com yourmamatoo

    So afraid of Michelle, proves she is on the right track, as always.

  • Big Ed

    Middle America has never been that vocal, participated in boycotts or protests. They were more interested in raising families, doing their jobs and getting along. Once they find that power it will be like a juggernaut. The Left realized this when the TEAPARTY came into the mainstream. They were in a panic and organized to discredit (false accusations of racism) and defund (IRS) them. It’s time to get involved in the political process PEOPLE! I can’t believe conservatives stayed home for the last election! We stand to lose our whole country and the future for our Children if we continue to get hustled by the left and the leftist media.

  • Zorro

    @michellemalkin effect, hmmm, it has a nice ring to it!

  • David Holley

    Michelle Rocks, Tells it like it is! BTW, I’m not talking about the big Nasty, self centered, better than thou Michelle Obummer either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • brewerandpatriot

    Can we start a liberal-bashing social club called “The Malkintents?”

  • AnesMerc

    Keep up the good work Michelle! As long as the Libtardnation is worried you are doing it right.

  • mountainaires

    Michelle Malkin is simply brilliant. She harnessed the “new media” years ago, started up numerous online businesses–blogs–and then moved on to more innovations. She’s a leader in the field; liberals have been “following” in her footsteps for years, and haven’t even known it. Now, they’re at least admitting it. Ha! :-) You go Michelle.

  • OTTObox

    Awesome comments and lot’s of sharing of personal experience.

    Interesting how Michelle can be described as intelligent and beautiful with others agreeing and posters not being vilified. How many libs are holding back compliments and encouragement to individuals as not to offend the masses?

  • Rodney Brungardt

    If that is the kind of attention Michael Malkin is getting from progressives, then she must be doing something right!!

  • Lakecrazy

    But..but…just a blogger…lol snort. LOVE it

  • ClarkFL

    Its what happens when liberals get scared of someone that breaks their race-baiting narrative. Malkin is a woman and non-white, so she trumps their racist and war-on-women BS. That and the fact that she is intelligent and is owning their left-wing @sses on twitter. The left can keep the old media. We will own new media and the internet.

  • Sonya A. Willis

    Thank goodness for tireless warriors like Michelle. It never is too late to wake people up but we must stand on principles. Rush is right, liberals can’t win on their ideas they have to cheat. That’s why Twitchy and all of the Conservative media is so important to break through the fog of lies.

  • surfcitysocal

    Keep telling the truth, Michelle Malkin. It’s getting through, and they’re scared.

  • http://teapartyreaganconservative.blogspot.com/ TeaPartyReaganConservative

    @michellemalkin The left cannot stand the truth, which is Michele Malkin’s / We the People’s #1 weapon against the left, aka evil incarnate

  • tedlv

    Why are so many beautiful, intelligent women conservative? By contrast: Hillary, Reno, Chelsea, Nancy, the list is so long.

    • cephasalpha

      Because Liberals have a collective chip on their shoulder, they feel cheated out of life itself, because they have lived most of their lives feeling subordinate to their opponents. To try and balance this, they seek to destroy those opponents by making them appear to be as evil as they are, sometimes successfully, but most of the time ending up with egg on their faces.

  • tedlv

    Why was my comment deleted?

  • Bumr50

    M.Malkin drives them crazy because she’s not “supposed” to be a conservative, and they can’t figure out why a female member of a perceived “minority” would eschew preferred status within the law for INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM.

  • Scott Murdock

    I think today the education behind the democratic party is will not being taught. republicans went a long way in helping with civil rights, and lets not forget that the slave owners in the south were democrats. If my thoughts here are incorrect, I apologize, but this is what I’ve been told most of my life. I’m a bit farther to the right myself. I believe in the U.S. Constitution and what it stands for. I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and I still carry that with me these days. I wish certain people in our federal government including some judges would hold the Constitution near and dear.

  • James A. Lonon

    You know your doing well when you piss people off.!

  • John Howard

    Hell is hot but not as hot as Michelle!

  • Guest

    You know you are on the target, when you begin to draw flack.

  • thomaspriebe

    Hey Netroots! Your Michelle Malkin induced inferiority complex is fully justified!

  • LR99

    Then maybe there’s hope for our nation if people stop watching the obama loving media and start doing their own research into the truth!

  • copperpeony

    Michelle Malkin rocks. She is the Patriot of all Patriots. Gotta love a woman who stands for this country and is not afraid to call it like it is. The Libs hate her for her logic and truth.

    • Mark81150

      That, and her thought crime of having an ethnic background, and a woman who doesn’t worship the left..

      Have you ever seen the vile sexist and racist hate messages she gets from the left?

      Vile is almost being kind, they are that bad..

  • Dave Silva

    When evil hates you, you know you are doing God’s work.

    • cephasalpha

      So true Dave.

  • DorothyGrissom

    Gotta love it when Netroots launches the Michelle-Malkin-Derangement-Syndrome.

  • AZWarrior

    Netroots – meeting of the lame and socially challenged. Average IQ: 65.

    • Mark81150

      That about covers it.. their followers fit the mouth breather stereotype far better than any insults they use on us.

      When you argue with the average lib, their argument never progresses past the talking points, and calling you a racist when you refute their idiocy… critical thinking is never taught in their college classes, might cause them to question…. and the left cannot have that now can they?

  • tedlv

    I ask again. Why was my comment deleted?

  • tedlv

    Why does nobody tell me why my comment was deleted? The censors have my email address. They can tell me. WHY????

  • Mark81150

    Please…. Nutroots.. we should be accurate in our labeling..

  • john gill

    Malkin is one angry lady…..:(

    • Derek plt

      I don’t want to speak for Ms. Malkin, but I will say what I believe to be the truth from being a fan of hers for many years.

      She’s passionate about Liberty & a Free America, an America free from the despotism of govt corruption, cronyism & deceit. The libs fear of the exposure of their radical leftist corruption & socialistic ideology usually causes the leftists to cry “racism, anger, politically incorrect!!”

      She had been critical on both parties & her occasional anger is shared & completely justified.

      Every sincerely patriotic American is angry that this admin is destroying/trying to destroy our beloved country. It’s only the opposite of the left’s apathy & ignorance.

      Michelle is a patriot & a great American who is concerned about her country, like most of us are, & if one does not get occasionally angry about the abuses of power, the intentional erosion of traditional American values, the blatant hypocrisy & the massive amount of incompetence & corruption of this POTUS & Admin then that person is contributing to the demise of our great country through their complacence & apathy.

  • CasualMeyhem

    Congrats lady! Your enemies can’t avoid hating you publicly! That means You Done Grand!

  • Taylor Lake

    Michelle as the devil incarnate? Can you blame them for thinking that? After all, she tells the truth about them, and they call it Hell.

  • ogama843

    Hell yea we are winning. We are right. It’s hard for a liberal to lie, distort and obfuscate in 140 characters or less.