You didn’t think the first family would leave on a $100 million trip to sub-Saharan Africa this summer without thinking of the little people, did you? Those sequestration cuts that closed the White House to tours are still in effect, but Americans are welcomed to fire up the computer this summer and take a virtual tour of the people’s house.

Come to think of it, the virtual tour is way better than an in-person tour could ever be. The chances of running into the president are next to nonexistent in real life, but the virtual tour allows you to see President Obama in just about every room: the Map Room, the Diplomatic Room, the Rose Garden, the East Colonnade, the Library, the Oval Office and more. It’s all part of the president’s commitment to opening the doors … without actually opening the doors.


  • Jd1367

    How about the President and family take a virtual trip to Africa and with the money saved, re-open the People’s house to the people?

    • JR48

      Thread killer.

    • Kevin Gallagher

      I have a better idea. How about we impeach the son of a bitch then elect competent people to take over in 2014 and 2016.

      • Southern fried

        then we’ll have Joe “shotgun” Biden in charge,

        • Ronald Green

          I don’t know if I should click or down on that. Perish the thought that he should become Pres.

          • Otter2

            After Biden, then would come Boehner. It truly is pick your poison.

        • Jane Mecom

          Only if Valerie goes will things improve. I bet she won’t go even if by some miracle Obama is impeached. Pull back the curtain. Our community organizer in chief is a puppet, nothing more.

    • Nancy

      How about they take the $100,000,000 trip and stay where they belong in Africa and just not come back. That would be the best money the taxpayers ever spend and we would end up way ahead money wise over the next 3 1/2 years. :)

    • Cheryl Kelly

      I had to share your comment!

    • Bob Graner

      Or maybe just feed some of the more needy people

    • Bob Graner

      Or maybe just feed some of the more needy people

  • CDUB

    I’m sad more people, like all of America, is not totally outraged.

    • Meech204

      I’m sad & worn out by all the corruption that’s in our faces every day. Its like something horrible happens one day, everyone gets outraged, & then it appears to fade away. I just wish that someone in DC would start the subpoenae process so we can start throwing people in prison.

  • Chip

    So, we get to “spy” on the White House “almost sorta” like they spy on the rest of us?

  • (new site) Economics Institute

    we need education better, says Michelle obama

  • gracepmc

    When they return from the Grand Tour Afrique, their personal stuff should be on the front lawn and a big old Eviction Notice posted on the front door.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      I would prefer if they just didn’t return. I am sure another tin pot dictator would grant him some sort of asylum……..just drop them off and run. Just thinking out loud here….

      • Cindy Thomas

        They have to come back so that we can try them for treason and then we can have the pleasure of banishing from US land!

  • NotaLemming

    What was the cost to put this together. And when Obama is hauled off in handcuffs how much will it cost to have his mug and mom-jeans removed from all the disturbing video.

  • Selma Birch

    Yes why don’t the obama’s take a virtual vacation to Africa and we open the White House for 152 weeks for real!!! I think this is the only real solution to the problem!!!

    • Secede

      Awwwwww- you beat me to it !

  • digitalPimple

    Does it include a virtual version of Moochi screaming at the visitors that “she don’t do THIS?”

  • trixiewoobeans

    Makes me wonder what’s REALLY going on in the WH.

  • rickg62

    What gall in saying that they are “committed to opening the doors of the White House and truly making it the people’s house”. For all these years it’s been the people’s house because actual people have been able to physically be in it. This way they can claim to be doing something for us, but you know it’s because they don’t want the common people from that place called Middle America soiling the rarefied air that only the Royal Court is allowed to breathe.

  • dg266131

    yeah right! doesn’t obama just hate everyone?! little american kids , old people , sick people , people with religions other than his , poor people , people that want to keep this country that he hates safe , all his relatives and the relatives of his relatives to include the world except for his co-conspirators and collaborators who also hate everyone in the world and want only money and destruction of goodness and triumph of evil , right?

  • Guest

    What a bunch of BS! Guess we’ll never know if any history still remains in the house or if it was given back to other countries and such as already gave back the bust of Churchill!

  • Larry Mellette

    The Chinese will probably hack the tour.

  • themeansmustbe the end

    Which favored friends got paid with our money to make the tour ? How much do you think it went ‘over budget’.

  • Spike Bement

    Ahhh, how thoughtful. I hope a pissed off zebra shoots HIM and has him stuffed.

  • beebop1952

    Maybe the great and powerful 0bama could get his hollywierd buddies to lend him some films … Out of Africa might be a good one …. just a thought.

  • syvyn11

    Of course our KING uses this to promote his favorite person, HIMSELF.

    This is President Ego’s world, we just live in it.

  • Noel Quesenberry

    Must be something in there they don’t want America to see. What have they done to the peoples house?

  • Paul C.

    It’s only open to the LEFT. Obama needs the money for Michelle’s trips.

  • keyboard jockey

    It’s not the Obama’s house – It’s the people’s house. Liberals think this is “normal” then they are nothing more than serfs with a master.

    Let’s play, if the Bush administration had done that.

  • Bill Board

    How about Obama taking a “virtual tour” of Africa?

    • Frank N Short

      Why not just go to the zoo like everyone else on a budget?

      • Bill Board

        Because they would have to buy TWO tickets ….one to get in and one to get out.

  • capisce

    Same old same old – optics over substance.
    Living well (on the taxpayer dime) is the best revenge.

  • Marvin Nelson

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I find this condescending and highly insulting. As one of the “little people,” I have grown tired of this president’s attitude.

    • MominMich

      We’re all subjects now.

  • Sua Sponte

    Virtual WH tour, virtual POTUS…Makes sense…

  • sandra mcgeough

    The white house belongs to the people not just the obamas,to do as they wish.This needs to be stopped.

  • sandra mcgeough

    The white house belongs to the people not just the obamas,to do as they wish.This needs to be stopped.

  • sandra mcgeough

    Makes me wonder who is all living in the white house?

  • sandra mcgeough

    Makes me wonder who is all living in the white house?

  • Gaetano

    You are all Racists for saying all these horrible things about the president and first lady :)

  • r_coplin2001

    I have a question instead of taking another vacation why doesn’t President Obama cancel his vacation to Africa and reopen the White House to the public.When was the last time that a lot of the poor people had enough money to go on vacation and President Obama and his family go on a vacation every few months.

  • stillinthe60s

    Wouldn’t be a way to phish for e-mail addresses/info for DNC would it? Possibly illegal? Yeah that would stop BO.