In a scene reminiscent of the SEIU’s siege of a Bank of America executive’s home in 2010, a mob of around 300 open borders protesters from across the country today descended on the home of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who is also counsel to the Immigration Law Reform Institute and, according to the following tweets from 501(c)3 Sunflower Community Action, the “King of Hate.”

We found out where he lived and we came to visit him,” says a videographer before being herded back to a line of buses. Others left shoes on Kobach’s front steps to “symbolize all the fatherless families due to deportations” — as if trespassing en masse for the lack of a fence and then making demands wasn’t metaphor enough. It’s unclear if Kobach or his wife or four children were home at the time.

If you didn’t think that the thug-style tactics of “delivering a message” through mob intimidation were the Kansas way, we have news for you: that border’s wide open, and we’re all living in Chicago now.

  • Disturbed12

    This would be a good way to get to stay!

    • LochGates44

      They don’t want anything to do with actual citizenship.

      • Boetica

        They have more rights as illegals.

        • Lynne Davis

          They certainly have more entitlements as illegals ! Personally, I am tired of seeing my taxes increase, while the prospect of EVER receiving any of those $$ come back into my pockets, go right down the tubes!!

  • tcbaz

    So I guess Kansas doesn’t have any police or jails? Kris Kobach needs to gets some big dogs for next time.

    • trixiewoobeans

      Release the Kraken!!!!!!

    • freeinaz

      Where’s a tornado when you need one

    • Jason Call

      He could try borrowing a paragraph or two from Mark Twain. The Colonel Sherburn speech is my favorite passage from Huckleberry Finn(“Your mistake is that you didn’t bring a man with you…”)

    • KansasGirl

      Not going to happen, they’re a protected class.

      • Eric Johnson

        maybe… a little… for now, not for long

    • L3v1n9

      and a fence.

    • IronButterfly

      This is exactly how they intimidate in Cuba. Trust me I know.

  • nc

    I’m all for Family Reunification. Maybe instead of printing up all those matching T-Shirts and renting buses to harass innocent people, they could use that money to help fund the goal of reunification with those fathers, wherever they are.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Sure, just follow the dads back to MEXICO;…. and stay there.

      • meeee

        Best comment yet! I agree!!

      • RestoreAmerica

        lol. I completely agree!!

    • Elaine

      Best solution ever. These people are not thankful for all we do now. They always demand more.

      • $5205178

        If the criminals can get the US to change the laws to appease them on immigration, why should they stop there?

        • Ricky Lee Ritter

          Just more criminals to support the criminals in DC.

    • Roberta Fahr

      They can go to Mexico if they want to be with family.

    • Ricky Lee Ritter

      Maybe those fathers don’t want to be with their families,,,, just say’n,,,

  • An American Veteran

    Gran Torino comes to mind. Get off my damn lawn.

    • Sherry

      Isn’t this the kind of situation where Uncle Joe Biden said to fire a couple of shotgun blasts off the balcony? just curious…

      • Jazzee

        love your post

      • andrew

        no no no its threw the front door

      • eric_in_NJ

        LOL, I love it!

      • Ricky Lee Ritter

        This is why I own Soviet era weapons. Come to my front door,,,,

    • Cappy Paxton

      He also got along fine with those who wanted to assimilate in a lawful way.

  • Richard J Sunkle

    Seems kinda threatening to me. No telling how folks around here might react to that.

    • svartalf

      I know how they’d react in Texas.

      Threatening conditions, no clue as to whether it’s peaceful or not, criminal trespass.

      They’d get shot- and little that the bunch doing the mob intimidation could say or do about it. I’m kind-of surprised it didn’t happen here- Kansas has similar attitudes on this sort of thing.

    • Ricky Lee Ritter

      In Indiana the cops would put an end to this crap,,,

  • Wigglesworth

    They can’t win with ideas so they resort to intimidation.

    • Jeremy

      Yep just like how Obama operates.

      • LogicDefined

        Who’s to say Obama didn’t pay them to go there to “protest”? A legal American student wore an NRA tee-shirt to school last week and he is suspended. This “little” demonstration is waaay worse than what this student did (not saying I agree with the school authorities. He had a RIGHT to wear whatever he wanted as long as he wasn’t threatening anyone). Can’t say that’s the case here. Then there’s always the possibility the Kansas police were intimidated by the Feds. If so, WHO is the worse law-breaker? You know how fast the police get to LEGAL demonstrations to put them down and with police brutality to go along with it.

        • Bailey2004

          Yep, I believe you are right. A lot of this stuff they get paid to do in return they get help from the feds. Obummer is behind a lot of the stuff going on in America and plays it off like he is surprised and appalled when he isn’t. It is just a tactic out of the Rules for Radicals playbook to make Obummer “look like” or “appear” to be doing something to help and support. But, he is behind a lot of this stuff and has sinister movies – one is to be the dictator-in-chief.

    • Secede

      Same as the Homosexuals who keep losing Proposition elections

      • CR

        Eh, they’ll just win by convincing the liberal idiots on the SCOTUS that there is an imaginary constitutional right to be gay married just like the abortion people did on their cause. When you cannot win by convincing the public, remove your issue from the electoral process with an imaginary constitutional right. Works every time.

      • Well Done

        Did you catch how they lost a proposition in California by 60% against, then decided to assure us gay marriage has support of 80% of Americans? LOL. If you’re gonna, you like might as well lie large.

        • Loony_MN

          It was so amazing that they were able to make a statement like that from CA! MN hasn’t stood up like THEY’VE been able to.

        • KansasGirl

          IIRC, wasn’t the judge that overturned the election a homosexual?

      • Richo

        I guess you slept through November 2012. By the way nice job bringing teh gayz into something that has nothing to do with homosexuality. Good to see what you’ve got constantly on your brain.

    • CR

      Unrelated question- does Kansas have stand your ground laws for trespassers?

      • KansasGirl

        In Kansas it’s called the castle doctrine…but yes, we have that right.

        • CR

          Good to know :)
          Seems like a situation where the castle needed a little defense here, but maybe that’s just my opinion…

          • KansasGirl

            Of course it was needed…but this a protected class, don’t ya know?

          • KansasGirl

            I should have added that Kansas has passed a law that recognizes all states gun laws.
            So, unlike NY, if you pass through Kansas we welcome you…guns and all.

          • LogicDefined

            Just be aware, though, if you have sinister motives up your sleeve, you won’t know who is armed and who isn’t. CC is pretty popular here.

          • KansasGirl

            An armed society is a polite society.

          • LogicDefined

            true dat, Kansas Girl!!

    • Bert Carlson

      The new America!

    • SickoftheBS

      I don’t feel intimidated, just upset that you can’t shoot trespassers!

  • copperpeony

    The families should go back to be with the so-called fathers. This is bullshit. Why didn’t he call the police and charge these people with trespassing?

    • Misanthrope

      You think the PEU police will rouse themselves to protect Republicans? Guess again. They were told to stand down long before the demonstrators got to Kobach’s house.

  • BoscoBolt

    Rubio is probably behind this.

  • Tom Glock

    We have over 5 million NRA members, not counting other Patriot organizations! Heck we should easily be able to round up a few thousand to protest at liberal progressive leaders personal residences in every state!

    • aposematic

      You would be arrested, fined, and audited if you did what they are doing.

      • Tom Glock

        Wow, I hope you are kidding. NOW, is the perfect time to raise up in protest, especially if we have massive numbers. To fear reprisal is to just surrender. We need to start standing up and being counted for American Freedom. Damn the torpedoes!

        • Hanoverfist

          Only problem is we have jobs to go to.

          • legalcitizen

            let’s see how long when these thugs come back

          • LogicDefined

            Yeah. Someone has to work to pay the taxes to support these demanding marauders. That’s how they keep us fools busy and not tending to the more important issues. Beck asked a woman today if she would go to DC this Wednesday to protest the Amnesty Bill. She couldn’t afford to go. Actually, anyone who loves this country and our way of life can afford NOT to go! How many employers are willing to close their businesses so their employees can go? Most of us wouldn’t have a job to come back to.

  • Rich K

    Ahh Gee, Daddy got tossed back over the fence like the lawbreaker he is. S c r e w Em all.

    • Well Done

      Easy way to stop these rude creeps from behaving like gang thugs is to ship mom and the kids back with daddy. Every. Single. Time.

  • Jeremy

    What a bunch of morons and this is trespassing as well

  • Steve_J

    They just delivered a message…”stop the hate”, really? Three hundred illegal aliens decend upon a persons home, chanting, using bullhorns, with the intent to intimidate. Screw them and their deported parents, hope they join the deadbead parents soon.

    • Squirrel!

      I don’t know how wanting people to take the proper measure to legally immigrate is “hate,” but that’s how it’s being advertised.

      • TarHeeled67

        Apparently demanding personal responsibility in ANY matter is “hate” to liberals.

      • CatHerder

        Nobody “hates” immigrants, but most of us have no love for criminals. Illegally crossing a national border is a criminal act all over the world, the only difference is here they get rewarded for lawbreaking.

        • GaryTheBrave

          Understand that if you cross into Mexico illegally they will “hate” you much worse than we do.

          • Paul Rush

            Go try to protest or raise the American flag in Mexico and see where you end up……………JAIL for a long time.

          • LogicDefined

            Actually, we shouldn’t blame the illegals. They’re just doing what they can do. We should be blaming our government for not enforcing the law since 1960. They’ve allowed “anchor babies” citizenship since then. Our own state registrars allowed that. And someone higher than they ordered it. And SOMEONE had to have planted that idea in those mothers’ heads for them to come across that border when their labor pains were 15 minutes apart. Come to think of it, our country has been under assault for a very long time. We don’t need border REFORM. We just need to enforce the laws that are already in place…WHICH have been ignored for many years.

            I posted a video on Facebook yesterday that removes all the clutter and comes right to the point of what this is really all about. Am allowed to post it? Let me know! Thanks!

    • CR

      So, essentially what has happened here is the equivalent of a father and son breaking into a house together. Dad gets lawfully removed from the house which he entered illegally in a criminal act. Son is still in the house and everyone is upset that they don’t let dad move back in too.

      Liberal logic at its finest. If there was any logic or justice in this world, every liberal politician who is in favor of legalizing these criminals should have his house broken into and be required to have the people who commit the crime added to the deed of the house.

    • Well Done

      The left love to pretend their opponents are driven by hate. That’s how they came up with the odd-to-most-of-us idea that those of us opposed to gay marriage “hate” sex. That’s how they came up with the “NOH8” symbolic stickers for their mouths, to be removed symbolically in a symbolic freeing of “victims” of said hate. They also like to pretend their opponents are driven by fear.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    It’s all about feelings, not logic, with these people, who expect you to foot the bills forever. They don’t read, they don’t value education or work, and now they feel entitled to freeee benefits for toda la familia.

    • Tim jones

      Espanol no es bueno

    • svartalf

      Heh… The moment it’s about feelings, not logic, you’re talking about someone that’s liable to be personality disordered. There’s a reason I collectively refer to them as The Insane.

      • BeautifulAmerica

        Ha, so right.

      • BeautifulAmerica

        Ha, so right.

  • Secede

    I would have emptied a couple of magazines into that crowd if that were my house….(Not their kids of course)

    • Squirrel!

      In Louisiana you can do that just for someone being on your property. Idk if it’s like that anywhere else. We have the castle doctrine where I live. Don’t know if that would’ve applied in this situation, but I sure would’ve called the police.

      • Tim jones

        Castle doctrine in Ohio as well, and even if not if your home is being surrounded by a mob you need to do something.

        I’d hve shot down everything regardless of their age or color or height.

        • Charles Hammond Jr

          Things like this are the reason I support High Capacity Magazines and belt-fed firearms.

          What if that ‘crowd’ became a mob?

          • Tim jones

            I don’t see a crowd I see a mob of illegal aliens.

          • svartalf

            What if? It already WAS. They were right up to the door. Not legit, no bueno, to use their language.

          • Charles Hammond Jr

            I’m talking about when you’re next to a crowd… a hypothetical situation to prepare yourself for.

            My point: Buy a gun already! And Buy an extended mag for it!

      • svartalf

        It’s like that in Texas and I do believe in this context, it’d been legit in Kansas as well. Many states have a Castle Doctrine- I can tell you that in Texas, I’d have called the police to get them to come remove them (The right to peaceably gather granted by the First Amendment doesn’t apply to things like Criminal Trespass situations and ones about like this one…) or there’d be an ugly incident.

    • Hanoverfist

      Biden recommends firing a shotgun thru the door.
      This is an example of Obama’ in your face.

  • Squirrel!

    If the parents were deported for being here illegally then whose fault is it? The Kansas Secretary of State’s fault? Seriously? If the parents were responsible people, this wouldn’t have happened nor would they have left their children behind when it did happen. I’m sick of people not taking responsibility for themselves, their actions and what happens to them due to their actions! Where’s the accountability?

    • CR

      Nope, it is Bush’s fault. Haven’t you been listening to Obama lately! No one needs to be personally accountable for anything because BUSH made them do it (no matter what it may be)!

      • Squirrel!

        Oh yeah! I completely forgot out that old dead horse named Boooooshhhh!!!!

    • Their Grandma

      They are called anchor babies. A baby born here is automatically a CITIZEN. The thinking has been, they won’t send us back without our baby. Do away with the anchor provision and send them all home.

      • Squirrel!

        Anchor baby or not, a responsible human being would take their child(ren) with them. They’re not all anchor babies. Some are brought in after birth. Personally think we need to do away with the anchor baby business. It’s a problem.

        • Raina

          oh that true and we the only country that got that stupid law..

          • LogicDefined

            There is no law. The law is not enforced (that says that a child born here has to have at least one parent who is a citizen) in order for that child to receive citizenship. I almost got myself beat up in an alley by an illegal in 1960 for saying those babies born to mothers crossing the border in their 9th month of pregnancy would NOT be citizens if born on this side of the border. Now I’m wondering after all these years, “where did they get that idea?” They can neither read or write Spanish much less English! SOMEONE had to misinform them for so many of them to believe that lie.

      • LogicDefined

        That is not true. In order for a baby born in the United States to have citizenship, he/she has to have at least ONE PARENT who is a citizen of the U.S. These babies they claim citizenship for are NOT citizens!! They are only because no one bothers to enforce the law!!! After all we’ve heard about the illegal POTUS, we should have learned something about citizenship by now.

  • dnb03

    I would think they could take their kids back home from whence they came. No need to separate families.

    • John W.

      I agree. When a child is born outside of America, and the child’s parents are American citizens, then the child automatically has American citizenship. If other countries, such as Mexico, had similar citizenship rules, then a child born in America and having parents who are illegal aliens would presumably be given automatic citizenship back in their homeland.

      • LogicDefined

        That is correct, John W. There is only “anchor babies” in their mind. There is no law that says they are citizens. They’ve believed a lie and our own government has allowed it to stand.

  • Tim jones

    That mob is another reason why high capacity magazines exist. I’d have opened up on them for sure.

  • HARP2

    Time to turn on the sprinkler system.

    • DixieAngel_76

      Firehose would have been better.

      • TJCrane_NCC1701

        Mines at the edge of your property and a flame-thrower for those who make it through !

        American “know how” ! 😉

  • Misanthrope

    No one hates like a Leftist.

  • Forums4Justice

    Harry Reid said that illegal immigrant border crossings are at the lowest level in four decades.

    The Rio Grande Valley is being overrun.

    Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector Apprehensions (Source: DHS/CBP)
    In the first quarter of FY2013, 57.4% of the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector apprehensions, were OTM’s, versus a border 32% OTM apprehension average …
    as of April 2, 2013, Rio Grande Valley arrests were up 53% to 59,147
    RGV March FY2013 apprehensions, alone, were 16,700
    RGV apprehensions through May, are over 90,000
    FY2013–projected 149,576 +53%
    FY2012——-97,762 +65%

    Help, we, the people, fill in the blanks:

    • Well Done

      The 0bama admin wants the OTM. That’s exactly what is happening. We can only imagine what his administration is doing with the many who get thru.

  • Marvin Nelson

    I am really tired of these open border dickheads. Please deport all of them.

  • Puggg

    What deportations? Hardly anyone is actually deported.

  • Okie_pastor

    Obama probably leaked the address

  • gracepmc

    Wonder what would happen if they protested on the lawns of legal immigrants.

  • Doug Irvin

    If someone stood on my doorstep with a megaphone blaring away, they’d be eating it backwards. And if anyone of the mob tried to intervene, they’d find what a .40 l=feels like ripping thru their flesh.

    There is only one way to deal with a mob – assymetrical warfare!

  • Taxpayer1234

    I’d love to see them do that in Colorado, where we have a “make my day” law.

    • DixieAngel_76

      I thought Colorado just passed a very restrictive gun law, or am I mistaken?

      • Taxpayer1234

        Doesn’t touch the “make my day” law.

    • LogicDefined

      Isn’t Colorado sympathetic to illegals?

      • Taxpayer1234

        Fortunately, CO isn’t sympathetic to trespassers.


    They especially love illegal immigration because they’re hoping to turn Texas and Arizona into democrat leaning states. C***s.

  • Bob Bowser

    So where were ICE?

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Paging the “MIGRAS”… #CheechAndChong #UpInSmoke (Remember the “Wedding Party?”) #RightWard Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Mark Hatzi

    you all would do that once, and I would let a 12 ga round off saying trespasser will be shot

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Required for that:A Pump-Action Shotgun, and LOTS of shells! #RightWard Jawamax 8<{D}

      • Mark Hatzi

        BROWNING A 5 lot faster then a pump

  • dmbatten
  • Markward

    And that is why I need my 30rnd magazines. Because as we all know mobs never happen.

  • raingirl2

    kris should sue every one of the 300 violators who trespassed on to his property they are too arrogant thinking they can do what ever they want thanks to the dem party lying asses

  • lcky9

    I can vouch for they are all living in CHICAGO now.. many middle class citizens are moving out..FAST .. wait till you see the tax increases for those who stay.. RAHM is already talking about raising property taxes which will run the rest of the middle class out of CHICAGO.. so you will have the ELITES and ILLEGALS in CHICAGO..

    • LogicDefined

      GOOD! Then they can get a taste of what they wish on the rest of us! I can’t wait! Just had a thought. That’s exactly how it is down Mexico way!!! A few filthy rich “leaders” and the rest are paupers. An oligarchy. Which is what they are trying to turn America into.

  • Carolyn Cooke

    Start the deportations NOW!!!

  • blackchips

    George Soros and his Open Society need a visit from protesters. He’s funding all these thugs and their little escapades.

  • Bozo_Profundo

    Where are the police? Everyone in this picture should be arrested for trespass. Quite frankly, Kobach would have been well within his rights to open fire to clear his property.

  • Zathras11 @B5

    It took my mother 7 years to get in from Eastern Europe, and she then learned English, had a successful career and helped raised her children. Why do these people think that they are better than her? And, they are NOT!

  • sez-who

    SCA – Sunflowers!?! anyway, SCA staff names and emails are online. I expect that their addresses could also be discovered with a little work. Once I did not approve of such tactics – actually, I still don’t. But enough. We are broken, we have no government, and America is dead.

  • Charles Hammond Jr

    On a side note: buy ammo.

    When the crowd becomes a mob… you only have as many votes as you have rounds. Make sure you have enough ammunition… or you might get voted out of existence.

  • Jeff Smith

    Illegal mestizos are the true haters.
    They hate their own country so much they don’t want to live there. They hate the USA so much they want to destroy it.

  • Kathleennc

    They should be charged and prosecuted for trespassing and anything else that would stick. That may put some of these thugs over the crime threshold which would bar them from getting amnesty.

  • sandyfromchesterfield

    He needs to get a sprinkler system!

    • RanierWest

      they would have tore it up.

  • Guest

    AND this is why i have several loaded Ar15’s… Bring it on you SOB’s

  • Guest

    A R 1 5 anyone?

  • Guest

    turn the sprinklers on

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Maybe a “Rabid Dog” tape (A loop of vicious dogs barking and growling) would scare them off… #RightWard Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Chewster

    If they did this in their own country they would either be shot or thrown into prison for a very long time. And if enough of them did this in their own country they might manage to actually change the culture of crooked government, crooked police and drug dealers…but no the come here take the government dole and those that work send a large majority of their money back to Mexico.

  • jbyork3

    I wonder why all those people were deported. That’s the problem, right there — people just . . . being deported, for no reason at all. Good job, protesters — this random deportation of U.S. citizens must cease! Wait . . . the people being deported are not U.S. citizens? They came here illegally, in violation of immigration law? Never mind. . .

  • Chip

    Funny, never see hundreds of these leaches protesting at the Presidential Residence in Mexico City……..

  • ToyZebra

    More mob bullying tactics.

  • RCJHGirl

    First they illegally enter the country; then they illegally trespass on private property and use intimidation tactics. My sympathy for these lawbreakers is dissipating quickly. No one is keeping these family members separated from one another other than themselves – through their own actions. I don’t see Mr. Kobach or any other citizen preventing these folks from returning to their home country so that they can be reunited with their family. Why do they think their self-created problems are our problems?

  • KansasGirl

    They are targeting Kobach because he’s successful against voter fraud.

    It doesn’t help when Sen. Moran-KS voted to allow the “gang of eight” bill to the floor for debate.

    • Well Done

      Ah, thanks, KG. That explains this. I’ve been wondering why they would target this guy rather than others who are against “open borders”. Taking action against voter fraud would offend the back-room bosses in the 0bama administration. After all, that’s how they win elections – while accusing the Repubs of doing it.

  • johnny b

    Just which organization was behind this???They had buses??? Somebody had to pay for those buses…. and where were the police???? Did their union tell them to stay away again??? If they checked ID’s, I just bet half of them would be in jail right now….

    These tactics will increase and then someone will start shooting… that is what nobama is waiting for…. The unions that organized this so called march need to be busted and tried under the RICO statues….

    • Well Done

      I think you’re absolutely right, and I think for this to be happening there must be a LOT of people on the side of wrong. That’s bad, because right doesn’t always win.

  • tjp77

    Wait, they were on his private property? Ummm… if it had been my house, they’d have left with a couple fewer people than they arrived with.

  • Jazzee

    this is all UNION directed
    they have the usual UNION signs and t-shirts
    wake up America you are being soldout

  • Dick Stanley

    Time for the Tea Party to start protesting at the homes of IRS bigs

  • LogicDefined

    Analogy: These people break into your home then when asked to leave, they are insulted. I remember a time when Mexicans were the most polite people on earth. Not so, anymore.

    • Well Done

      In all fairness, Logic, it’s Americans who led these people to think and act this way.

    • Hiraghm

      They might still be polite… the ones still in Mexico.

  • bitemeDC

    Oh Lordy…I do love me some “grass roots” protesters with matching shirts, manufactured placards and unified messaging…

    It’s adorable….

    So much for “living in the shadows”…can we please isolate each face and make sure they are legal and if not, deport them…that would be awesome….

    • nc

      I attended several Tea Party rallies and not only never got a T-Shirt, neither did anyone else there. Pre-printed signs, either.

  • RacistsGoneWild™

    Let’s find out where these scumbags live and … oh wait, you don’t want to be any where near the ghetto, you could be shot.

  • gregzotta

    These people obviously do not know what illegal means.

  • the_bat

    These kind of mob tactics have to stop. Get all the photos, analyze & identify members of this mob, and any that are here illegally, deport them. They’ve shown themselves to be criminals and thugs by first, coming here unlawfully, and, secondly, by criminal trespass on a citizen’s private residence.

    • kimber27cj


      • the_bat

        That’d work, too.

  • Brandy Baron

    Every time I see these people acting like this it makes me want them out of our country that much MORE! People who don’t respect our laws and borders don’t respect our country and people. Those people don’t deserve ANY part of the American Dream and neither do their children. It is that total lack of respect that makes them think that they have the right to be in our country illegally AND make demands of us. I really love their nerve to complain about us breaking up their families when most leave family behind to come here!!! The reality is that deportation reunites them with their families and they are always welcome to take their family here with them when they leave.
    In 1986 we gave illegal aliens amnesty with the promise that our laws would be enforced, our borders would be secured and there would be no more amnesties. Our government lied! Today, our immigration laws go unenforced, our borders are wide open and our politicians have the nerve to be pushing another amnesty bill! Stop the lies! Get the facts at Help us stop amnesty and get our laws enforced and borders secured!

  • David

    The hypocrites have got it made here but protest cause we won’t just hand them citizenship while their own corrupt countries continue there tyrannical ways. I think these people are traitors to their home county’s. If they really were looking for a fight they would be there fighting a real fight!

  • Ummah Gummah


    Now there’s a perfect example of why seven buIIets in the chamber just ain’t enough.


  • doedoe1

    If those fathers really loved their children, they would have taken them home with them. The fact that a bunch of ILLEGAL CRIMINALS gathered at his home without fear of law enforcement shows just how badly illegal reform is needed.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    that would have been a good time for the local sheriff to swoop in & round up some illegals.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    I’d have had them all arrested for trespassing. they have no right to protest on private property, their right to PEACEABLY protest ends when they go on to private property without the property owners consent.

  • Guy Cocoa

    No excuse for this, but one reason we have this situation is that we confer citizenship to anyone born here regardless of whether the parents are citizens or how long the mother has been here, or whether the mother is here legally. The Feds may be able to deport the dad, but they can’t deport the kids because they are US citizens. Thus the family is broken up. We need a constitutional amendment to change the granting of citizenship based on place of birth, but it’s never going to happen.

    • nc

      Hammer just met nail.

    • A_Conservative

      The Supreme Court has never ruled on whether children of criminals born in this country are automagically citizens or not. Only rulings have been when the parents are here legally (on visas, etc.) But the left has pushed that envelope and coined the term “anchor babies” to fool those who don’t do their homework.

  • toddm123

    Where were the water canons? where were the cuffs and zip ties to take these people into the pokey for trespassing? These illegals come across our borders and DEMAND that we take them AND give them concessions? They’ve got balls.

  • Robert

    If you miss your fathers so much go back to him and stay

  • Robn_s

    Am I the only one who would have found an old war movie with plenty of gunfire and put it on the big tv with the sound all the way up? And sat there and waited for the cops cause I was violating the noise ordinance. I’m bent that way.

    • King Leer

      Ronald Reagan speeches turned up to 11.

  • Robert

    Their fathers came here illegally and they are doing the same thing to Kobach . They are no different their fathers

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    #WorldsDumbestCriminals How many of these idiots’ faces were on Camera? I urge Mr. Kobach to file (CRIMINAL) charges against the lot of these protesters for:1) Tresspassing; 2) Littering (for the shoes; I guess these stupid protesters ain’t getting them back!); And, 3) Harrassment of a Public Official (Don’t forget, he was DULY APPOINTED by Governor Brownback, for the state of Kansas; and where are all these protesters from? If they were bussed in, certainly not from Kansas!) #RightWard Jawamax 8<{D}

  • NRPax

    Nothing that a little ballistic correction couldn’t cure.

  • agroulx

    This is exactly the problem.. These illegal aliens dont understand the concept of treapassing. Get off my fkn property and get out of our damn country.. If you want to be with daddy, go back home! This looks like a good day for target practice.

  • Joe W.

    That would have cost me quite a bit of my ammo stockpile to disperse that crowd of filth. And with the high cost of bullets these days…..

  • Red Fred

    And THIS is what it looks like when illegals DEMAND.

  • LR99

    An AR15 would have been very handy in this situation!!

  • LR99

    Who the F@#K do they think they are? How dare they trespass on private property! But then again they’ve already broken so many laws so what do these illegals care….!

  • gingerdog

    Only 35% of LEGAL immigrants obtain citizenship. What makes anyone think that the percentage will be higher for ILLEGAL immigrants?

    • V the K

      Because they get more welfare benefits if they become citizens.

    • Hiraghm

      “Only 35% of LEGAL immigrants guests obtain citizenship. What makes anyone
      think that the percentage will be higher for ILLEGAL immigrants burglars?”


  • manta64

    As a Lartino immigrant to this great nation and as an American citizen I am disgusted by this !
    Those thugs should be arrested and deported !
    This is a nation of laws and this behavior should not be tolerated!

  • Michael Fuson

    He should have had them all arrested for trespassing and it sounded like they were making threats.

  • lillie pad

    parasites from mexico

  • Erik Rush

    They don’t know what real “hate” is…

  • SahibandCrew

    this story is an excellent illustration of the need for high-capacity magazines

  • notenoughtime

    If families are being deported, it is because they broke laws to enter this country illegally. Trespassing on those who are in positions to uphold our laws is not the solution and one that does not go far to garner support or sympathy.

  • Hiraghm

    As the left dislikes the term “illegal alien”, and insists upon conflating them with immigrants, let’s start using our own, new, “PC” terms for immigrants and illegal alien invaders.

    First, an immigrant is someone who follows the rules, asks to come in, and does what is required (wiping their feet, putting out their cigarette, etc) before coming in. This person is a guest, a soon-to-be in-law, perhaps, but a guest.

    Then there’s the illegal alien invaders who sneak in through the window, or jimmy the latch on the back door, or kick in the front door. They come in while we’re not looking, grab whatever they want for themselves, destroy the interior of our home… we would call these people “burglars”.

    So, there you have it. We have “guests” and “burglars”, not “immigrants” and “undocumented immigrants”.

    • nc

      I like it!

    • A_Conservative

      Actually, we have immigrants and premeditated, deliberate criminals.

  • Ross Calloway

    This is why legislating what the capacity of a magazine should be is a bad idea. For a mob like this, 7 rounds isn’t enough. This is union thug tactics. Not doubt SEIU organized.

  • GreyNWise

    Lucky they didn’t get shot. Too bad, in my opinion.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Yes, these thugs, led by the Communist Dolores Huerta are harassing House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy in CA also, not at his house yet, but at his office. They come marching in demanding that their criminal relatives be given amnesty.

  • Hiraghm

    Good thing for them they weren’t protesting Joe Biden. He’d have stuck a double-barreled shotgun out the door and fired two blasts at random…

    • Justin Levesque

      Two in the air for scary noises, shoot through the door for suspected intruders.

  • sinnersunited

    I would have stepped out with my gun and my wife with our camera and met them head on , crime comes with punishment.

  • Cavalls

    If illegal immigrants should not be deported because it will split up the family, should we then not send any one to prison who has a family? Both illegal immigrants and prison inmates have broken the law. Why treat one group differently? Have we forgotten that children always reap the benefits or suffer the consequences of their parents’ choices?

  • Tirebiter

    Get these sons of bitches out of MY country.

  • amberdru

    Where is ICE? I bet a protest at Napolatano’s office would result in some arrests. Unequal enforcement of the law. based on nationality?

    • King Leer

      When they start enforcing the law in the Home Depot parking lots of America, I might consider them serious about securing the border. Until then, “No Se Puede!”

  • Terri

    They just want a free ride .good for Kobach. Hold the line Most of America is behind you

  • ThomasCollins1

    It’s not even the illegals themselves, I don’t think they’re THAT stupid, this is the guilty white liberals.

  • anjullyn

    These people disgust me. Their behavior alone should send them and their parents back. Let them protest the President of Mexico for better living conditions. Least of all they should have been arrested for trespassing. How about citizens marching in front of Illegals homes demanding they stop sucking our system dry?

  • $27789750

    And of course this behavior will lead us to welcome more of them. How can it miss. s/

  • Mary Elizabeth

    So it is America’s fault that these parents are here illegally, broke our laws and then had anchor babies. Sorry, It is not this man’s fault of any other American Citizen. It is the law breaking parents that are responsible for their child’s plight.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy


    Welcome un-documented American/ migrant/ Si se puede or whatever/ immigrants!

    Soon there will be 10 or more of you “new Americans” knocking on my door offering work for $10 dollars an hour to do what I’ve been paying you $20.

    Enjoy the flood.

  • NixTyranny

    The time is past due that we all “Remember the Alamo!” and push back.

    Changing the words of the song slightly:

    “This land is OUR land, this land is my land.
    From California, to the New York Island

    From the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters
    This land was made for Americans like me.”

  • swen13

    What kind of father would leave the country and not take his children with him?

    • Mark Muylaert

      an illegal one.

  • RestoreAmerica

    Everyone keeps commenting how this is trespassing, yes, it is. However, what makes you think them trespassing onto someones personal land is really any different than being here illegally in the first place? But yet, nothing was done. It’s really simple, send the illegals back, and lock up trespassers such as these (bet 1/2 of them were illegal too). I know someone who was here illegally, got caught and shipped back, guess what he’s here legally now. If you want to be here, do it the right way. Or get the hell out. Quit taking the resources we don’t even have anymore, including our jobs, school assistance, welfare, etc. Go back to your own country and steal from them.

  • King Leer

    I am all for family re-unification and amnesty.
    You grant them amnesty as they exit the USA on their way home. What’s the problem?

  • SandyLester

    Arrest them all for trespassing…….

  • jkstewart2

    Nazi tactics….

  • ObamaFail

    Where were the cops to run in and harass these people? You know, like when they harassed those few pro-life people outside of that abortion clinic? Which was public land mind you. This is a man’s private property. This shouldn’t be allowed.

    • LastMomStanding

      Because Unions/ACORN (0’s groups) get away with whatever thug tactics they want to.
      Meanwhile, Tea Partiers quietly protesting the IRS get armed guards surrounding them.
      Upside down world.

    • LastMomStanding

      Because Unions/ACORN (0’s groups) get away with whatever thug tactics they want to.
      Meanwhile, Tea Partiers quietly protesting the IRS get armed guards surrounding them.
      Upside down world.

  • Dave

    If the man was home, why didn’t he have all of these people arrested for trespassing? This is why these people are so emboldened….nobody retaliates against them for fear of being called “racist.” Here is a clue….there is NO race of people known as “illegal aliens.” Sure, the majority are Hispanic. But, there are Asian, even Caucasians from other countries. Can we be called racist for all the different races? Preposterous. Put “illegal” in front of any other word, except alien or immigrant, and people are mostly in uniform agreement. Put illegal in front of alien or immigrant and people start foaming at the mouth for their “rights.”

    • Justin Levesque

      I refuse to describe them as ‘undocumented’. By definition, they are ‘illegal aliens’, any way you want to look at it.

  • RightThinking1

    Next up, Kristallnacht, as the intimidation techniques of the mobs are stepped up. Soon to be followed by the burning and looting, and ultimately, beheadings. Yep, ‘Natural Conservatives’ some idiots in the GOP would say.

  • Reconmarine7

    What is this? Occupy Mexico?

  • jetch

    this infuritates me! what nerve do these people have to do this to someone because they disagree with them?? a bull horn at his front door, really??

    leftists have hijacked the word “hate” to mean anything that disagrees with their ideas. this is wrong and needs to be stopped. because I don’t want gay marriage doesn’t mean I hate gays. because I don’t want illegals coming into this country with no ramifications doesn’t mean I hate mexicans! conservatives need to start pushing back on the use of the word “hate” for every difference of opinion.

  • A_Conservative

    Why didn’t they grab all the criminals…errrr…illegals in this crowd and deport ’em?

  • bananafanafo

    More examples of The United States NOT enforcing “CURRENT” Immigration laws! These people need picked up & jail or deported if they don’t have papers!
    upholding & BREAKING R CURRENT immigration Laws is the REAL PROBLEM! The American People know it-it’s the reporters hiding it!

  • massjim

    Uh! I thought the illegals were living in the shadows? Oh well, wrong again. And while we are at it, why do they all want family unification in this direction. Did Mexico build a fence to keep them from traveling south?

    • Justin Levesque

      No fence, but I doubt that Mexico (or any of the rest, for that matter) want them back. In their home countries, the money illegals send home is a decent chunk of the economies.

      • Maureen Williams Frier

        It’s not just a ‘chunk’ of their economy! Mexico’s 2nd national gross product (after oil production) is the money sent home by illegals in the US. The criminal foreign invaders in America ARE the Mexican economy!

  • Grace656

    I saw a video today depicting a black woman throwing rocks, wielding a bat, cursing racial insults and finally sic’ing her pit bulls on a white reporter. And that was just one unwanted person at her home.

    • Justin Levesque

      I saw that too. The woman has been charged with aggravated assault (plead not guilty, of course). That particular incident started on the woman’s property, and spilled out into the street.

  • Gary Norton

    I’m sorry, but if I saw an angry mob of 300 criminal invaders descending on my home, I’d be in great fear for my families safety and be forced to open fire.

  • DonM

    If illegal aliens want to be legal, they can return to their home country and be legal. If they want a path to US citizenship, there is one now: They can return to their home country and apply for US legal immigrant status. If they want to reunite their family, they can take their children with them as they return to their home country.

  • mossphoto

    There’s the border, don’t let it hit you on the backside on your way out…

  • Mark Muylaert

    trespassing bastards should have been arrested. We need to start deporting them instead of giving them amnesty. It is obvious they are nothing but law breakers.

  • Ted Ridgeway

    He should have come out with an AR-15 and said you all have one minute to get off my property or I will open fire and any of the filthy wetbacks that remained should have been deported via body bag!

  • KansasPatriot

    Q? Did they have a permit? Not Fair to disturb his neighborhood this way. If the protestors want to be with their Father’s on any day go back over the border and find them..if they can. No Benefits for illegals…

    • Squirrel!

      Even if they had a permit, don’t think you can get one to protest on private property. This is purely criminal trespassing, but I guess it’s no big deal if you’re a professional criminal trespasser.

  • yourmamatoo

    Get in line, and do it the legal way.

  • Bert Carlson

    Call the cops and prosecute them all for trespassing.

  • yourmamatoo

    Where where the cops?

  • AFMomXs2

    I would have loaded the shot gun to the max and started shooting. I don’t care what age they are. And as for leaving their shoes to represent their fathers .. I say if you want your daddy GO BACK TO MEXICO!!!! You are all nothing but a bunch of freeloaders !!!

    What kills me is if Americans did this in Mexico we would all be shot dead. I say if you want the American way of life then GO HOME and FIGHT for it the way our Founding Fathers did !!!

    • Justin Levesque

      Kick those shoes into a pile and break out the lighter fluid. Do it so the protesters can see it all. Then, when the blaze is going nicely, pee on it.

  • fdup2

    This only makes the case for closed borders and deportation of the criminals who have come here illegal. When our citizens are in danger they lose the argument to stay…

    • ObamaFail

      I just read on about an illegal immigrant wanted for raping a 9 month old baby to death. If caught, more than likely he’ll probably get a raise on his welfare and a pat on the back when caught by the liberal police.

  • J.B.

    These protesters need to stop the hate. If they were on my property they would find out how hard GSD’s can bite.

  • Shelley Stead

    trespassing…oh wait…no comprende that word I guess…ridiculous that they weren’t arrested!

  • hardtruth00

    They are trying to prove a point. Do we as a country want more of this? Do we want criminals to cross our borders and threaten our families????

    Democrats call them future democrat voters. We call them criminals, but isn’t that what most Democrats are?

  • the_Pilgrim

    It should make rounding up a bunch of the illegal thugs much easier. It’s called trespassing, folks. TRES-PASSING. — That wasn’t Spanish.

  • Jerry Camp

    They trespass on American soil, so to protest, they trespass at this man’s home? Ironic much?

  • PitBoss711

    In Kansas, their liberal crap will be as popular as a turd in a punchbowl.

  • Georgfelis

    The proper response to these idiots: 1) Turn on the sprinklers 2) Telephone the police and inform them of a tresspassing/noise infraction in the neighborhood. 3) Be prepared to defend yourself if any of them storm into the house. (and Kansas is a Castle Defense state)

  • thewaynefire

    So TRESPASSING is OK if your here in the US illegally, Kiss my ASS you criminals. It has nothing to do with race or hate, it has EVERYTHING to do with LEGAL or ILLEGAL, GET IT. YOU [email protected] IDIOTS!!!!!!

  • Kay Ramsey

    I hope they were arrested and hauled away for harassment and invasion of private property, and that the illegals among them were shoved back across the border into Mexico.

  • Kay Ramsey

    I hope they were all arrested and hauled away for trespassing on private property and harassment, and that all those here illegally were hauled back to the Mexican border and shoved back across it!

  • Truckie 117

    They all should have been put on buses and driven right to the boarder!

  • Justin Levesque

    Simple solution.

    Holster your chosen sidearm, cradle your chosen long gun, call the police, step onto your front porch, and calmly state: “You are trespassing. This is private property. None of you have my permission to be here. The police have been called. Leave, now.” Don’t threaten, don’t take aim unless absolutely necessary. Just wait for the police. Being on your own property, confronted by a mob, I don’t think a ‘brandishing’ charge would apply (unless you’re in D.C., Chicago, or NYC).

  • Justin Levesque

    Question: A police officers in Kansas ‘allowed’ to inquire about a suspect’s immigration status? In some states, they are actually prohibited from doing so.

    Are Kansas police required to turn criminal suspects over to INS, regardless of what the charges against the individual are?

  • PawneeBill47

    I wish I was prominent enough to deserve a visit like this. I would have opened the door and fired one 30 round mag from my AR and anyone left NOT running would have been shot. This is against the law, they should have been shot.

  • James W.

    Looks like the people that need to stop the hate are the idiots in the pictures.
    if they dont understand that americans have a right to have immigration laws enforced, then there is no hope for these idiots

  • beth smith

    occupy wall street at it again!!!!!& they want 2 take our guns away? when this bullshit is happening!! yea right!!!!

  • little_perturbed_are_we

    I say 300 people gather and head over unannounced to SCA’s office for a little love… Do it right at closing time too. Drink up all their coffee, eat all their donuts, raid the mini fridge if they have one, “borrow” all their staplers and paper clips, chant slogans of “We love law abiders!” and lets put their tolerance level to the test!

  • Donna W

    Our country has gone to ‘rule by mob’ …it will get much worse.

  • barkingbird

    Please be careful Kris, they at the order from the White House, will kill you and your family !!!!!

  • Chris Dement

    I wonder if Kansas has the Castle Doctrine? Seems to me that some 00 buckshot would have adjusted the lawless attitude displayed by the mob of border jumpers and their equally lawless supporters.

  • FaithColeridge33

    This doesn’t look like hiding in the shadows.

  • John

    Deport them all.

  • midasrex

    Joe Biden says shoot your shotgun through the front door. This would’ve been a great opportunity to try out his advice.

  • Christan Anderson

    What tickles me is that Mexican boarder guards just shoot us if we try to cross into Mexico.

  • jebjr

    Once again, a Federal Department has reneged on it’s duty (and missed a chance to send a message). What a golden opportunity the Dept. of Homeland Security passed up to have a deportation party! A half-dozen buses headed south to the Rio Grande would have done the trick.

  • jebjr

    Once again, a Federal Department has reneged on it’s duty (and missed a chance to send a message). What a golden opportunity the Dept. of Homeland Security passed up to have a deportation party! A half-dozen buses headed south to the Rio Grande would have done the trick.

  • BigJon46

    Shame it wasn’t at my house. A few 12 gauge shotgun blast across their bow may have given them the idea that they were in the wrong place for their crap…

  • BigJon46

    Shame it wasn’t at my house. A few 12 gauge shotgun blast across their bow may have given them the idea that they were in the wrong place for their crap…

  • BigJon46

    Actually unification might be a good idea. Since the fathers are illegal pick them up and put them in a prison and let them unify with their families every visitation day for about 10 years.

  • BigJon46

    Actually unification might be a good idea. Since the fathers are illegal pick them up and put them in a prison and let them unify with their families every visitation day for about 10 years.

  • Barb3000

    If I was Kobach and his wife I would not sleep another night in that house. Since the illegals now know where they live they may have shots fired at them, that’s what happened to Lou Dobbs before he left CNN. Because the organizations pushing this amnesty want the country handed to them and they don’t care how they get it.

  • Barb3000

    If I was Kobach and his wife I would not sleep another night in that house. Since the illegals now know where they live they may have shots fired at them, that’s what happened to Lou Dobbs before he left CNN. Because the organizations pushing this amnesty want the country handed to them and they don’t care how they get it.

  • Elite59

    Who ordered the police to stand down?

    • Cheri Smith


  • ThatConfused1

    They can give the message to Kobach all day long, all he’ll do is laugh and throw away their little message. Now the police in the area? Especially Hispanic citizens in Kansas that are here legally, they don’t love this group at all. I get a constant earful from my co workers who detest this group.

  • Jimbo jenkins

    Sad day when criminals demand rights above what legal citizens have.

  • druidbros

    Nothing they did was illegal. The police came and didn’t arrest anyone. Those who wish to stop Immigration reform are on the wrong side of history just like the slave owners who used verses from the Bible to justify their evil deeds.

    • dareisay

      My compassion goes to my fellow citizens! Our unemployed citizens, the victims of illegal’ s crimes.

      If you have no compassion for your fellow citizens, perhaps you should research what is happening to citizen’s!
      Search: victims of illegal aliens crime!

    • rickg62

      So you’re perfectly fine with people coming here illegally, using our public services that the rest of us pay for and then demanding that we forget their breaking the law and giving them amnesty?

    • Mark81150

      So breaking our laws to come here, because waiting in line is like….. hard and stuff, they can send a mob of screaming protestors demanding a get out of jail free card, and just bully officials into making it all happen?

      You are the one not getting it,… the economy is a train wreck, low skill workers can’t find good jobs as is..

      but you want to import 20 million new reliable democrat voters and will be screwing the very Americans who’s votes you want, low wage and union workers.. I know a lot of working class democrats, and they are OUTRAGED that the jobs they are trying to get will go to these border jumpers just because they bully their way to the front of the line..

      If they had done this in Mexico.. they’d get a two year sentence..

      and you wouldn’t say a word about injustice..

      you wouldn’t care,.

      they wouldn’t be voting democrat here.

  • Charlotte Powell

    So, they can trespass on private property? I thought protests were supposed to be on public property. Too bad he’s not like the pres, and legislate that no one can oppose his ideas within his personal bubble or be arrested!

  • Mark Hamrick

    I would give them ten minuets to get off my property, stupid people, if people are not here legally tough shit, send their families with them, obey the laws, if you do not want to obey the laws then go home, or go where they have no laws and live there

  • Duane D Martin Jr

    It’s all you illegalls faults that your DADS have been deported… They are ILLEGAL so there fore they dont belong here… We cant even sustain ourselves let alone every JUAN, DICK, and HARRY that wants to cross the border and take what little we have… WTF is going on????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Roy A Drumm

    This is not discriminating twords the Latino population, we need to strictly regulate and secure our borders to stop the illegal crossings in to the united states…enough is enough….come here in the correct manor or risk being deported…the united states cannot afford to support undocumented citizens who want to come here so they can live off the taxpayers money and benefits and leave nothing for the taxpaying citizens of the united states when they need assistance…
    so tell me, who is being discriminated against here? The guilty always point the finger at everyone else. And no the united states does NOT owe these people a free anything…come here through the proper channels and get a job and pay taxes like the rest of us and there will be no problem…..

  • MissyT111

    This screams “mob” and they are trespassing so those who say they are not doing anything wrong are just as ignorant as those who cross borders illegally and think they are justified – they are not. When the first action into a country is illegal it speaks volumes about the values of those crossing.

  • ScottinVA

    So this is their new tactic — to storm the homes of Americans? When the bullets start flying, don’t be surprised. Someday there will be pushback…

  • Todd

    If I were this Kobach guy… I’d have called the police and had them removed for trespassing–press charges on every single person present.

  • Kevin B

    Hey! Here’s an idea. If your illegal parents were deported for being here illegally… you know, because they broke the law and were in the country because they were living here illegally, working here illegally, having children here in the hopes to anchor themselves here so they wouldn’t have to follow the immigration laws that are in place that would have allowed them to be here legally. . . You can always go live with them in the country they came from.

    Be careful though, it appears that some countries like Mexico are VERY unfriendly to illegal immigrants so, you better have your paperwork in order and follow the laws before you go. You sure don’t want to break any Mexican immigration laws, right?

    Oh and FOR THE RECORD, this is coming from someone who’s family were once immigrants too. The difference is, my family came here LEGALLY! You know? The way it’s supposed to work!

    Get in line and do it right. Follow the laws and you won’t find yourself having to mob attack someone that’s trying to uphold the laws of this country because they have the nerve to want to have people follow the rules and obey the laws. Trying to shame someone to let you and your extended families break laws is pathetic and is no different than me mobbing the IRS to not tax me because I don’t like the tax laws.

  • Arkmom

    It’s time we take our country back. And it’s TIME to close off the boarders. And it’s time to ELECT a REAL American for President. And don’t vote party, vote for what they truely stand for.

  • Kevin B

    Can someone remind me why we tolerate this in the first place? I thought we were supposed to obey the laws and that their enforcement wasn’t subjective based on who’s in charge?

  • George Murrey

    It’s bad enough to have adults trespassing on somebody else’s property, but to drag children into the fray is beyond comprehension. Next, the comment about deporting children back along with their parents back to their homeland, wow, now that’s something. Those kids are just as illegally here as their parents. If they are anchor babies, I would rather they still go back with their parents, regardless. We need to change the 14th Amendment, it is outdated and it does not apply to today. And to think this all happened on Father’s Day, what shame!

  • ra44mr2

    Well they are all about trespassing after all

  • BitsyBet

    Deportation of illegal immigrants is hate? WHAT?!?! It’s not hate, it’s the the law. And why are the children of illegals left behind? If you’re born to illegals, you’re illegal, too, and deportation also applies. This illegal immigration issue is nonsense. Just enforce the immigration laws and stop rewarding illegals by giving them access to social programs and allowing them to become citizens.

  • eric_in_NJ

    So I guess it was the Kansas Sec of State that was responsible for the million plus deportations over the past 4-5 years and not Obama who actually ordered ICE to step up deportations. It is frustrating how he causes or exacerbates problems and the blame lands on everyone else.

    • tarandfeatherthecrooks

      It is method of operation.

  • Keith Cantrell

    I live in Elkhart Indiana and I hate all criminals. I fully believe they are parasites who broke the law and SHOULD BE deported. The fact that they leave fatherless children behind only proves that they are not only criminals, but also unfit parents for having children in a country they knew they were not legal in, and were at risk of this happening. If anyone would like to show up at my doorstep, mob or not, I’ll be more than willing to give you my address. Word of advise, it won’t end for you the same way it did in Kansas.

  • jeepman

    Why weren’t they all arrested for trespassing? You come onto my property like that, and I will invoke my 2nd amendment rights! If you came here illegally, you are a criminal, and should be deported! End of story. Do it the right way!

  • John

    I hope they checked them all for green cards.

  • [email protected]

    ya see what they did though, they brought small children to use as human shields…… and pawns….. otherwise, there’d be asses full of rocksalt at my house

  • John

    In Texas they could be shot for trespassing…

    • Yuriko

      Too many! You would be overwhelmed and killed by the mob! Where are the police?

  • keeparkansaslegal

    I wonder if The Hispanic Leadership Fund or The Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles or Americans for a Conservative Direction had anything to do with this. These are the fake groups that poison the GOP into believing amnesty will win the Republican Party “Hispanic” votes but never really back that lie up with facts.

  • ARJ190

    Nothing new here, they just use the proven tactics of intimidation and bullying that have worked for gays and muslims…… It’s a sad time in this country right now. Criminals DEMANDING this and DEMANDING that, the Govt. spying on ALL citizens without probable cause and 66% of the people are stupid enough to believe the BS that’s handed to them about how they’re safer because of it….

  • Lynne Davis

    If they are undocumented and here illegally it stands to reason they should be arrested and deported. Come back with a visa and permission to enter the country legally . . . duh!!

  • DeborahPE


  • greywulf1064

    Nothing that a couple rounds of buckshot couldn’t fix.

  • Brian Delamer

    Criminal Trespassers.

  • BOBO007

    I posted a message. Where it is??

  • Cappy Paxton

    What I wonder about is, if dad went south, why didn’t he take his family with him?

  • huh_monkey

    I would have followed Joe Biden’s advice about shotguns. Plus, I hope a bill for the clean-up is sent to Sunflower Community Action..(IRS? hello..IRS are you listening?..oh sorry NSA wrong number)

  • Yuriko

    Where are the police? tresspass on someones private home is not protest. Bet most are illegal, ICE wasted a chance to bag a lot of them.

  • Roberta Fahr

    IT is because of our families we need to close the border. Come in the LEGAL way. We don’t want the USA to turn into a country like Mexico. If you want better economics in Mexico, the Mexicans have to change that. They flood up here, use our tax money for schools, health care, etc. We need our OWN taken care of first.

  • Roberta Fahr

    If they want to protest in public areas, that is one thing. But do not go to someones private house, with your tax sucking butts and protest. They are a gimme gimme gimme group.

  • Keith Lacey

    Try that shit in Texas scumbags…. If you are ILLEGAL you are BREAKING our laws. I don’t feel sorry for you. YOU put YOUR children in this situation, no one else did. You are NOT an immigrant if you are here ILLEGALLY!!!

  • American man

    Go home it’s raining. No not your illegal home, your Mexican home. Maybe you can see your dad there.

  • Burly Bergeron

    There are open borders, they can go to Guatamela any time they want to.

  • Guest

    some pitt bulls would do just fine..

  • dareisay

    I have asked many times, “Why aren’t you using this energy for reform in your home countries?”.

    I have never gotten an answer. So I have no doubt that they do this to our citizens, because our idiot politicians hand out bigger perks!

    I know no other country that would allow this to happen, Spain even paid some immigrants to leave!!

    Our politicians have turned their backs on citizens!

    • John Galt

      Because there are no hard working citizens to carry them in their own country.

  • hosss

    I see they too, don’t mention ILLEGAL. I WONDER WHY? I will say it again. WELCOME IMMIGRANTS. ILLEGALS!! GO TO JAIL OR GO BACK HOME!.

  • ConcernedOne

    Its a Federal Crime to come here ILLEGALLY. Since when do all these groups attempt to sugar coat this sh*t as anything more than breaking the law? Yet they use the generic term ‘immigrants’ NO. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS=criminals.

    And then we have traitors like GrahamNesty, Rand, Rubio….stating such falsities as (paraphrase) “we need to pass immigration reform so our voting base is protected”….and then Jeb Bush could win 2016 if we pass this….Hispanics VOTE DEMOCRATIC and it has NOTHING to do with immigration!

  • $5205178

    The Kansas Secretary of State should have responded with 100 State Police to arrest and detain an apparent illegal trespass on private property. Failing that, Kansas is firearms friendly state.

  • Fred

    Great example of why you might need high capacity magazines. Imagine if this mob turned violent for some reason.

  • ConcernedOne

    ICE Employee to Steve King – Policies of Obama Administration prevents ICE from enforcing US Law

  • pariah heall

    Doesn’t he as homeowner have a right to privacy. They are trespassing on his personal property and the cops should be there arresting them all

  • ConcernedOne

    Will this woman and her litter come out of the shadows? /

  • Bailey2004


  • Tup14

    You came to this country illegally go back to Mexico and go through the same legal process as everyone else, but I understand why you want to come here …..Mexico is the armpit of the world. lmao!

  • Midlandr

    Hmmm, trespassing, call the local PD or Sheriff’s Department. I have no sympathy for Illegal ALIENS, nor their children, or their “supporters”.

  • Craig Jacobs

    So, why wasn’t ICE there rounding up? If this happend in my neighborhood, Sheriff Joe would show up with his posse.

  • John Galt

    When did it become legal to trespass on someone’s property?

  • John Galt

    Just wait until we legalize 30 million of these leeches and then implement Obamacare to boot. Say goodbye to your pesos, Americanos.

  • kobrien674

    Don’t be mean. Send the kids and families home to be with their parent(s) who was deported.

  • Delphinus13

    Seems they’re trespassing. Call the police and demand they be removed from his property. If they don’t leave then, arrest them and deport any that are illegal aliens. Photograph, fingerprint, and take DNA samples, deport them, and put them on a “No Entry” list for 10 years. That’s what the Mexican government would do. That’s what OUR government would do, if it actually worked for us, the citizens.

  • John Galt

    I’d love for them to come try that crap at my house where I have this roaming my perimeter:

  • legalcitizen

    Send them ALL back you have them in one place already. Round em up! The fathers would have deserted their families anyway because they have no moral compass.

  • Mark81150

    Imagine your dad dragged you to Mexico, illegally violating their laws, then imagine any case in which they not only threw him in jail for two years, but they’d pick your family up, and send you back..

    now imagine any of these screaming leftists giving a damn..

    Their “values” are highly selective, this isn’t 1860 with a country wide open and highly under populated and ASKING people to come from everywhere. 330 million Americans, and millions can’t find work,.. but these “activists” could care less that Americans are hurting, they demand not only legal status, but free healthcare, free food, free money for shelter, and free educations.. all while whining about how racist we are if we don’t just GIVE them everything they want..

    On what planet is that just?

    Every other country enforces it’s immigration laws strictly without a peep from anyone.. only in America is this even an issue because of idiot liberals white guilt, and the democrats trying to win every election by flooding in tens of millions of socialist country’s refugees… another way of stuffing the ballot box..

    Democrats should just be honest about it, they want a one party socialist state, and will break any laws to get it.

    Imagine any circumstance where if these illegals voted 90% republican, democrats wouldn’t be setting up machine guns on the border to keep them out…. their “compassion” is thinly veiled, it’s usually called stealing elections.

  • Mike Foltz

    Doin what they do best……….breakin the law

  • Nadine Faber

    This is wrong. No one should have the right to invade a person’s private life through intimidation or as one would say, The Chicago Bully and Intimidation way.

  • Jackie Tahbone

    Looks like they are trespassing on private property ….. illegal protest.

  • Denise Hollinger Main

    It’s not our fault, or Kobach’s fault, that the fathers came here illegally and had children. Maybe they should have done things the RIGHT way and then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  • Matthew Nelson

    What is mind boggling about this to me is not just that they are illegally trespassing on this mans property, but that this man is a public official! This is not just a banking executive-that was bad enough-this is the Secretary of State of Kansas! Since when has threatening a public official been anything short of a major crime?!

    I just read over the RICO statute (that is Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) and to me it seems to apply. The leaders of this SCA group should be rounded up and tried for attempting to threaten a public official.

    • ADLoggy

      Not to mention aiding and abetting felons in the commission of a crime. Sneaking into the US illegally.

  • GibbyD

    arrest them and send them back to mexico . They are breaking more laws

  • No Libtard

    Where is Kansas State Law Enforcement? Why aren’t they keeping these freeloaders off of Kobach’s property?

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    I aspire to be an illegal immigrant, or a woman when I grow up. Nobody has it easier in life.

  • Scott Burress

    Should have checked to see if they were legal and if not deported their asses. As far as fatherless kids maybe the baby mama should have picked a better man to knock her up.

  • Anthony Clay

    yes you are going to meet the real mexicans now, enjoy

  • lynk

    If they’re so concerned about reuniting these kids with their parents, why don’t they just send the kids to wherever the parents are? Help the kids emigrate to whatever country their parents live in. Just be sure to do it LEGALLY – most countries have strict laws that they enforce when it comes to immigration.

  • Anthony Clay

    yes you will miss the good old days of just black people whining, mexicans with a third grade education and no english , have PHDS in whining, lol the rub there soon no whites to whine to, it will be like south africa, see what a cesspool that has become, you cannot walk down the street in Johannesburg it took 5 years to destroy a city, it will not take that long to destroy america

  • Deanna Wood Short

    There wouldn’t be separated families if the parents weren’t law-breakers! They have a lot of nerve!

  • SickoftheBS

    If they are here illegally they should be deported. Screwing and making babies does not make you an American or entitle you to American rights. It just proves you have live sperm. Now go home and come back the right way. If you are here illegally, take the time to look up in the dictionary what the definition of Illegal is. It does not say anything about being rewarded for breaking the law. It does say their are penalties for breaking the law and I would like to see one of the penalties for being here illegally to be Deportation with no chance of ever being allowed to reside here.

  • JakeBlues56

    Classic rent-a-mob maggots, complete with buses and bullhorns. SEIU? OFA? Release the hounds….

  • druidbros

    So now the supreme Court has decided that Kobach’s AZ law is unconstitutional. What now peeps? Your racist agenda is failing!

  • AnnaGraceS

    Good for Kansas… obozo will probably sue them like he did Arizona! Hoow dare those illegals go on his property?!?! Where do they get off taking a bus to his home to make their point?!? They should have come in the legal way the way my grandparents did!!

  • telstar479

    Bring out the Gimp!

  • Jerome Padin

    This is what happens when the sewer backs up, you get this type of sludge build up. Just call for a sewage truck and clean up the spillage.

  • Jeff Barnes

    They brought their children. Maybe they they thought this would keep them from getting shot. When the shooting started they’d probably hide behind their kids.

  • TonyMitch

    Whatever happened to trespassing laws? Why weren’t the police called in to back these people off his property? I personally would have taken my gun out, asked them to leave my property and opened fire on the adults that did not move. i feared for my life and my families life. Period.

    • druidbros

      Kobach was not home and its not trespassing unless there is a posted sign or the owner asks you to leave. They have every right to protest. I am sure, as a constitutionalist that you believe in the First Amendment as well as the Second, right?

      • Guest

        Breath DEEP, your destiny awaits you==> CHAGAS DISEASE!!

  • LogicDefined

    Seriously, all I want to know is, “Can I post a You-tube video in this comment section? That’s all!” Not a ten-page legal brief.

  • Richard Lowery

    No one forced those fathers to break the law. If they were deported so be it. If the families miss them, they can go back to there own country’s and stay with there fathers.

  • $5205178

    I would not have been intimidated, I would be furious and ARMED

  • halcrawford

    Note to self – keep lawn sprinkler system in working order.

  • DefiantDeity

    I would have let my dogs loose in the yard.

  • jeanbean14

    Shameful behavior by people who have NO IDEA what this country is about. I guarantee they know nothing about the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or the rule of law. They think they can sneak in here, set up housekeeping, live off the backs of Americans, and then whine and cry and gather in angry mobs when someone threatens to uphold the law. It’s not the Kansas Secretary of State’s fault that families might be separated; they have created this situation for themselves! They are just angry because they expected to be taken care of by Uncle Sam forever.

  • Cheryl Cornell

    These are people hired by La Raza.

  • WeimMom

    Too bad illegal Mexicans are NOT smart enough to know this will only HURT their cause. Maybe ‘Americans’ should gather at their homes and scare their families!

    • Guest

      This is what they did to a Black Family in Compton not very long ago!

  • $3838536

    What a greasy, grungy crowd.

  • twenty12

    If any of us were not welcomed by our neighbors to stand on their property or at their front door for hours for no other reason than we wanted too, we would be arrested! This display is just one of many reasons we need to, Deport All of them, Fine or arrest employers for hiring them, Close All the boarders, Stop giving them our money!

  • JayGoldenBeach

    Kobach is a Koch-slurping azz clown.

    • Guest

      Papa Doc Mugabe Obie is an azz clown & his Pals too. CHAGAS DISEASE FOR EVERYONE Whoo=Whee

  • ThomasCollins1

    The brown shirts are back for the summer. I’d love to see them attempt this in Mexico.

    • Guest

      I would DARE them to do this is Uber Super Rich Weathy areas of Los Angeles County! Never would they ever try this there.

  • NotaLemming

    The KKK has a new face folks. Same tactics but shoes are left on the front lawn not a burning cross. But the intimidation still remains the tactic.

  • sunny2856

    Perhaps the kids and mamas should go back to mexico and find the dads. Then stay there.

  • Kristine

    Looks like a perfect example of why we need fences–keep out trespassers.

  • Guest

    Sure would NEVER EVER see this kind of Protest in the Uber Super Wealthy Areas of Los Angeles, never ever. They would be way to SCARED to do anything like this in Los Angeles Wealthy areas!

  • Guest

    Read it==> CIVIL WAR II: The Coming Breakup of America By Thomas W. Chittum available at amfirstbooks *dot* com…It’s coming full circle.

  • Guest

    I had a problem with Trespassers once. Spike nail boards solved that problem.

  • JR

    Here is my idea for them:

    If they want to be part of this country, they each spend 3 years enlisted in the military….deployed in S. Korea, Afghanistan, Japan, Germany, etc. either on the front lines or in support positions. They pay $2500 in fines for entering illegal. They learn English. They get social security cards and photo ID’s….and then become supporters, in reality, of the United States. Those and those only are their conditions to become citizens…contributing citizens. Should they not choose to accept them? Deportation awaits them.

    I have a feeling that many of them would like to live off the hardworking people and simply repopulate knowing they have more rights than many citizens born here. What I don’t understand is why, if this country is so full of bigots, would they want to come here? Sure Mexico is more desirable!

  • JR

    Living in Chicago? Amen to that..they are EVERYWHERE! Repopulating like rabbits.

    I can’t wait until the Mexican drug cartel meets up with the Muslim brotherhood. Should be a great gun battle…shades of the Old West!

  • guyjones

    This how the Left operates. They’re incapable of arguing in support of their viewpoints on the merits, using logic and facts, so, they resort to vitriol, invective, histrionics and bullying/intimidation thuggery.

  • TheUmpire

    Try that in Texas! Love the “Castle Doctrine”…