Sen. Ted Cruz has already convinced us many times over that he’s not going to be cowed by all of the usual Beltway tactics. Accusations of being the reincarnation of Joe McCarthy? Cruz swatted that one away with a clip from “Casablanca.” A Latino in name only? Cruz didn’t even have time to react to that tweet before it disappeared. He’s already embraced the “wacko bird” nickname given to him by Sen. John McCain, so don’t think that Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) attributing Cruz’s opposition to the Gang of Eight’s shamnesty bill to “Obamaphobia” on MSNBC is going to result in any policy flips on immigration reform.

  • annoyinglittletwerp

    I sooo ‘heart’ my senator!
    *Proud obamaphobe/whackobird!*

  • Marvin Nelson

    I am proud to be an Obamaphobe. Keep the heat on them, Sen. Cruz.

  • Noneya

    Put me at the top of that list.

  • Red Fred

    Watch Senator Ted Cruz make sense on the Senate floor.

  • BeeKaaay

    Remember, Marxists love to do the amnesty. Creates more Marxicrat voters.

  • Clayton Grant

    We ♥ Cruz!
    You picked a good one, Texas.

    • pinkelephant22

      You’re welcome :)

      • Clayton Grant

        Guys like Cruz are why I can’t agree with term limits. It would get rid of the good ones along with the bad. Besides, the ballot box is already a term limiter.

        • pinkelephant22

          I agree w/you. I think we’re a rare breed & I wish people would stop & think before jumping on the “term limits!” bandwagon. Why risk having the replacement be one who’ll disappoint? Plus, if there were term limits those who put self-interests first anyway would just be doing it at a faster pace in order to secure a place in the private sector before their time was up.

          • Clayton Grant

            I hope you guys deal with that big blue spot called Austin.

          • pinkelephant22

            LOL.. that’s home of the partying college kids & hippies with braided armpit hair. I’m not sure what we can do w/them.
            Except laugh.

          • Guest

            I was at Bergstrom in the late 70s. Gorgeous hill country.

          • Morneau_for_4

            And insane city council that wants Austin to be like California.

            Keep Austin Non-Californian.

        • sb36695

          I love Ted Cruz, but the good one isn’t worth the 534 bad ones. Power corrupts so it should be limited.

          • Clayton Grant

            That’s what elections are for. It’s the voter’s fault, every time.

          • sb36695

            True, and we won’t survive the ignorance of voters.

    • Jeremy

      no thanks to Karl Rove and his group of course.He claims he supported him but,that is a lie.

      • Clayton Grant

        I know. Rove is part of the problem, along with our “conservative elder statesmen”.

    • Jeremy

      Yeah,Ted Cruz kicks ass.

    • Zathras11 @B5

      More so than Florida, it seems. SO done with Rubio! Like him. He is as big of a sham as his bill!

      • LightSabre

        Fellow Floridian here. I sent Rubio an email telling him he’s an idiot for backing this bill and how he’s broken my heart and many others’.

  • Garth Haycock

    It’s only a phobia if it’s an irrational fear. There is absolutely nothing irrational about opposing Dear Leader’s agenda.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      How true.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    @SenTedCruz I’m #obamaphobic & #moronaphobic That ought to cover Obama, Carney, Jarrett, Axelrod, Rice and the rest of their criminal gang.

  • Gallatin

    Obamaphobic, Reidphobic, Pelosiphobic, McCainphobic, Grahamphobic, Rubiophobic, Schumerphobic and I can go on and on.

    Texas I give you a big heartfelt Thank You for giving us Ted Cruz!

  • Rulz

    Proud Obamaphobe here.

    GOP 2014

  • yourmamatoo

    About time someone had the guts to say it.
    And not let the liberals dictate the narrative.
    Where are all the other Republicans ?
    They should jump on that bandwagon.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Darn tootin’!

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Way to go Senator Cruz, slug it right back at them—and outta the ballpark. Glad to have you on the RIGHT side.

  • CombatDiver

    I pray for you Sen. Cruz, I pray that you keep your convictions strong and above all else, keep your faith. You are a good man and a great role model for people of all colors and faiths. You, Rand Paul and Mike Lee may be the modern day version of the Spartans standing your ground against Xerxes (obama) and the Persians (progressives on both sides of the isle).

  • stuckinIL4now

    I’ll be an ObamuhWackoBirdPhobe, too.

  • Zathras11 @B5

    Dido is a singer. LOL, Ditto! God, I wish people could spell.

  • Kaya Hund

    I think Senator Cruz and Senator Sessions are the only Republican Senators speaking up — the rest of them are going to let the Republicans in the House do the dirty work. Discussion and vote in the House will be timed for 2014 elections — despite the fact that Mr. Boehner is supposedly running the show.

  • Leslie Ward

    “If standing for liberty, if standing for free market principle and the
    Constitution makes you a wacko bird, then, then I am a very proud wacko
    bird,” Right there with you Senator Cruz.

  • OLLPOH # UnBanHana!!!!!!!

    We are Very Proud and Very Honored to Wear The Badge of Courage of Wacko birdy Obamaphobia and would Love Obama’s Resignation!

  • tarandfeatherthecrooks

    “Cruz Control” !!!!!

  • tarandfeatherthecrooks

    If this is the kind of “Cruz Control” we need to be a driving force in our Country, full speed ahead with Conviction, covered by God’s grace, then I am on THAT highway:

    “CRUZ CONTROL” evidenced by the consistent adherence to Constitutional Law, display of self respect, self control and valor in a day when righteousness is ridiculed in the Market.