Mass. Rep. Ed Markey might not be clear on the non-difference between math and arithmetic, but he saw the numbers add up at a fundraising event tonight featuring both Vice President Joe Biden and former Vice President Al Gore. The press, not surprisingly, was kept away from the event — it involved Biden and a microphone, after all — but pool reporter Matt Viser of the Boston Globe relayed some of the best lines.

Still sore from the defeat of the Democrats’ sweeping gun control legislation, Senate graduate Biden chided his colleagues for letting the freshmen push them around.

Al Gore took his global warming expert persona out of mothballs for the night to praise Markey’s work.

Gore, the former future president of the United States, had the chance to play straight man to crazy Uncle Joe.

  • Steve_J

    Becoming VP exposed Biden as the mental midget he is. He has no business denigrating Curz or Paul, both of whom are light years ahead of him intellectually.

  • Jeremy
    • Osumashi Kinyobe

      I understand that you’re mad at Biden but don’t take it out on Mr. Bean!

      • Jeremy

        ha ha. I agree it’s not Mr. Bean’s fault that Biden is a moron.

        • Jeremy

          one of my favorite scenes out of the Mr. Bean show. Rowan Atkinson is so funny.

          • Jason Call

            All right, Rowan. We know it’s you. Your “Jeremy” cover’s blown.

        • Osumashi Kinyobe


          But seriously, Rowan Atkinson who played Mr. Bean is a free speech advocate.

  • Ramone Love

    Biden and IQ: the twain shall never meet.

  • Axelgreaser

    QUEUED UP…the nation waits, on tender hooks, gnawing away at their finger nails, up to the elbow, furtively looking in every direction waiting for the adult diapered, ‘plugged’ one to appear and dribble a morsel of wisdom their way in his inimitable style. Whispering, then screeching, pounding the sacrificial podium to smithereen’s…then whispering and exiting the way he arrived, deus ex machina.

  • 3seven77

    This Gore/Biden teaming calls for Haiku:
    Biden makes lame jokes,
    Gore spews greenhouse gases,
    Markey’s seat is lost.

    • Jason Call

      Tragic comic Joe:
      Markey laughs and cries with smarts.

    • nc

      These days, I take nothing for granted. Dems can screw up all day and all night, and somehow they manage to win elections (especially after 2010). Funny, isn’t it?

    • Elaine

      California billionaire ‘green guy’ Tom Steyer’s NextGen superPAC drops $30K on “yard sign creation & distribution” targeting Gomez in MA, new FEC document shows /

  • Sons Thunder

    Hey @Twitchy Staff — if this was reported by a pool reporter, the press wasn’t kept away from the event.

    • nc

      But does it make a difference that the report is funneled through what one person heard and chose to pass on?

      • Sons Thunder

        It means that claiming the press was kept away from the event was false. It’s SOP for the press to choose a pool reporter to cover events which have low potential to generate a news story.

        Twitchy Staff made a demonstrably false claim. Changing the subject does nothing to change that.

        • Catchance


    • TexSizzle

      If FOX News wasn’t allowed, the press *was* kept away. /sarc

  • capisce

    I’ll take either of the freshmen over the sophomoric Veep every time.

    • sickofitall1096

      I think you misspelled moronic…

  • stuckinIL4now

    Yeah, what a terrible thing it is that “young” senators like Cruz and Paul are speaking out with actual muscle behind their words and showing leadership. I suppose we’re supposed to keep electing old geezers and coots like Biteme, whether Dembecile or Repub, who’ve screwed everything up so they can keep on screwing things up and lying to us while they compromise their principles if they had any to begin with to get rich from their public office and live high while the country suffers. Shut up Veep Useless Joe.

  • Michelle

    “Freshman Senator” is the term used for a Senator serving their first term. Biden and Reid have both taken shots at outspoken Republican Senators by referring to them as freshmen, trying to give the impression their voices/opinions mean nothing since they are new to Congress. If they look down on “freshmen Senators” as not being worthy of paying attention to, I have to wonder why they got 100% behind Senator Obama (a freshman in his first term) when he ran for President. So the message from them is freshmen Democrats are qualified to run the country, but freshmen Republicans don’t know anything? Fascinating.

    • GLS

      If a freshman is a first term senator that what does that make Reid as a five term senator ? Even after and extra term he still hasn’t graduated ?

  • Rulz

    Vote GOMEZ 2013!