The Huffington Post is getting quite of bit of attention for its home page this afternoon, which introduces the nation to President George W. Obama, complete with one of those photo-morphs that went out of style about 20 years ago. It’s a good effort, though, considering the president’s lapdogs were caught by surprise when an U.K. newspaper broke the news of the Justice Department’s “obscenely outrageous” snooping on all Verizon customers in the name of national security.

We’re sure the Left will come up with something better over the next couple of days, but as always, in case of emergency, blame Bush.

And Chuck Todd, don’t forget.

The comparison of Bush and Obama is a bit of a stretch in at least one sense. After all, there’s one major difference between the two, if not for much longer.

At least one. If they ever remake “Titanic,” Leonardo DiCaprio has nothing on Media Matters’ Oliver Willis when it comes to clinging to sinking wreckage.

  • notenoughtime

    Pathetic attempt to deflect the blame on O who clearly has no respect for laws and our constitution!

    • Elaine

      I’ve heard so many liberals saying, “Well Bush started this so how can you blame Obama?” You are 100% correct.

      • CatHerder

        I’m sick of the argument “he did it so why can’t I?” If something is wrong in the first place, it’s just as wrong when it’s done again!

    • Ralph Chastain

      Obama still continued with Bush’s idiotic crap. They are both to blame.

  • NRPax

    What? No accusations of racism against the Huffpo? Amazing!

    • Elaine

      Don’t worry, they too, will be threatened and intimidated into a retraction.

  • Bklynnygirl

    Did anyone watch The Five today?
    I can’t believe, I agreed with Bob Beckel.
    Eric Bolling dismissed the Verizon scandal by saying ” I’m not doing anything wrong.”
    Dana Perino said ” I trust the Government.”


    • carla5731

      Yeah, Bolling and Perino were both wrong. Our government is built on the concept of innocent until proven guilty, not the government gets to treat everyone like they’re a criminal until they find the criminal they’re looking for. If you’re not doing anything wrong, the government is supposed to leave you alone.

      While Dana Perino may trust the government, I definitely do not; and she has no right to sell out my privacy along with her own.

      • rinodino

        Patriot act!!! Patriot act!! Patriot Act!!!

        • carla5731

          I never supported the Patriot Act and have been an outspoken opponent of the TSA since its inception.

        • $30423294


        • journogal

          You mean what Obama extended, when he could have (and should have) let sunset? You mean that Patriot Act? It’s Obama’s now, remember you won…

          • MarcusFenix

            Shhhhh, dont confuse a liberal with facts, statistics, or any kind of logical discussion about the fact that Mr. Hope and Change screwed libs and only now are some of them even marginally opening their eyes.

          • alex cobb

            And don’t expect on unbiased opinion from a republican.

          • MarcusFenix

            You shouldn’t expect an unbiased opinion from anyone, in general. Of course, liberals are totally unbiased and never would allow their own self interests to get in the way of things, right?

            But when you base an opinion on statistics and facts, rather than if it feel good, or if it’s just something that’s anti-republican…..well, what do you do about that, hmm? I mean, let’s be honest. If i’m arguing a point using facts, logic, numbers, and plain common sense…..and your best shots are going to without those things…..well, then you lose.

        • lainer51

          I will get rid of ALL of Bush’s policies!!! I will get rid of ALL of Bush’s policies!!! I will get rid of ALL of Bush’s policies!!!
          Liar, lying liar, lies of lying liar!!!

        • Jerry Camp

          The act Obama could have allowed to sunset?

      • Elaine

        Are you sure they weren’t being sarcastic?

        • carla5731

          No, they weren’t, and Beckel was definitely the most vocal detractor of the program.

        • 1SkepticalChick

          No they were perfectly serious. Wishing they’d Tweeted it so I could Favorite it for posterity.

      • MissJames

        Whenever there is a law that flies in the face of the Bill of Rights , in order to protect us, there is a slippery slope that goes with it. The Patriot Act was born out of fear and has always been wrong,IMO.
        It’s simply too enticing to expect any administration to not abuse the info they can get access to under the Patriot Act. There’s always a “good reason” and citizens seem to go along…………until it affects them,personally.

    • BlueGood

      No matter how you look at the “Morphed Pic”…it’s dang FUGLY in any colour…..

      “Percussive Hurl Snort Gag Thru my Nose”…..UGH………….GASP…..GASP GASP……

    • Billie Slash

      You mean Dana PeRINO?? Yep.

      • thetreyman

        watch out. a month or two ago i got called names for saying bad things about dana p rino on twitchy. my how times have changed.

    • 1SkepticalChick

      I’ve found myself agreeing with Bob several times recently. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one. I was starting to think there was something wrong with me.

      • Bklynnygirl

        It’s the Twilight Zone.
        I was starting to think there was something wrong with me.
        That’s exactly what I thought, glad it wasn’t only me. :)

  • djaz

    No fan of HuffPo, but I don’t see this as racist.

    Either, Obama’s voters wanted real “change” from Bush’s policies, or, they didn’t. It seems on the surveillance issue, Obama’s electorate are willing to give him a pass on the worse infringement of the 4th Amendment by any president, including, Nixon.

    • Bklynnygirl

      We are just playing the same game the libs play.

    • Michelle

      It’s not racist, and that’s the point of the jokes about it being racist. Anyone who dares to make fun of or criticize Obama is called a “racist” by the Liberals. How have you not noticed that in the past 4 1/2 years?

  • Roto

    With this worst President of all time, it should’ve been Jimmy Earl Obama or Barack Hussein Buchanan

  • Lady 12

    Way to do your job and cover the news, HuffPo!

    • TomJB

      Tomorrow they will post an image of the staff’s votes for most kick-buttingest animal ever! By a huge margin the winner was obviously a liger

  • cscape

    “Brutal” to whom?….. This business about blaming Bush for VERIZONGATE, would have worked fine back in April….. BUT, since the revelation about excesses in the IRS and Justice Department (to name just those two), the idea of massive spying on American citizens takes on an entirely different connotation…… Not only that, but weren’t we told just two weeks ago by El Presidente that the “War on Terror” was officially OVER….. that being the case, WHAT ELSE could this NSA spying be all about?

    • thetreyman

      maybe they think that verizon is the official phone service of the tea party.

  • tops116

    Those lousy racists are trying to whitewash Black Jesus!


  • cscape

    Gee…. I hope those folks at the NYT and HUFFPO have all their tax returns in order!

  • BeeKaaay

    Could it be? It is dawning on Huffpo that both major parties have become the same and we are under a one party state?

    • Chevypowered

      Only because when Obama’s henchmen went hunting for tea party patriots the progressives got caught by friendly fire (ie AP and Verizon phone records). If that did not happen this article would be nonexistent.

  • Elaine

    So when they BLAME BUSH now, they are actually blaming Obama finally? hahaha Screwed up bunch!

  • Gordon

    What, no Hitler mustache? I didn’t think you could put an image of Bush on the HuffPo without that.

  • $30423294

    If you added President Clinton you would have the first black president (Clinton) and the second black president (Obama) sandwiching the man who beat the morbidly obese pasty white Algor (which is in my mind the only remaining legacy of GW Bush).

  • stuckinIL4now

    My personal fave is the Obama/Nixon assimilation since it combines two decidedly evil frowns that perfectly represents their collective depths of corruption.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Definitely one DBZ Fusion you DON’T want to happen!

    • Damien Johnson

      Nice. Younger folks representing!

  • Damien Johnson

    Well in my non-partisan opinion (yes I’m aware this is a conservative site but you people aren’t stupid like liberal ones), Obama is no different from Bush. Yet I know that’s not the point Huffpo was making. HuffPo is such an execrable rag.

    • thetreyman

      i wouldn’t say there’s no difference but there are certainly similarities.

      • Damien Johnson

        True. I mean sure, I never supported the “War on Terror,” but the fact is Obama is still keeping it going what with his drone strikes (did we not already get Osama two years ago?) and has propagated several social wars here, so in a way he could be seen as worse than Bush.

  • greego

    That ‘debut’ image is as least 4 years old, it’s been my disqus gravatar since 2009.

    • Wonder Pony

      Yeah…I used it as my FB avatar about that time too. Amd I’m the last guy to be accussed of being a Hipster. It was around long before I used it.


    Bush was bad. But he was a saint compared to Obummer. The two just doesn’t compare.

  • tjp77


    • thetreyman

      all they did was make obama a quadroon. meaning 1/4 black for those who didnt know.

  • tingle007

    remember when obama ran saying he would stop these practices? who knew stop meant expand. it is its own opposite like cromulent or cleave.

  • Chevypowered

    I guess like the NYT Huffpo will have a “revelation” about this article. Heck maybe with an apology thrown in as well.

  • Hank Scorpio

    I’ve been saying Obama is the 3rd term (now 4th term) of the Bush presidency for years. All the policies the lefties complained about with Bush accelerated under Obama.

    The vast majority of politicians in Washington belong to the Party of DC. The come in subgroups of “more” or “less” but most of it is the same. Their main goal is expanding the reach of DC bureaucrats to intrude upon the freedom of American citizens.

    I would hope that the public begins to understand that major reform of our federal gov’t is in order. Term limits for congress, balanced budget amendment, and re-emphasis of the 10th Amendment are the only way out of the mess we’re in where the overlords in DC, elected or unelected, have so much influence and for so little common good.

  • Suzyqpie

    Thanks Guardian, you have inspired the American press to engage in a little introspection. Hope & change isn’t working out to be exactly what they envisioned. When the starting line in the sea level and the planet, it’s hard to not end up at Disappointed.

  • Lynn R

    Make it go away!

  • CrusadaB

    That is one good looking morph! Makes both look better! Too bad.

  • 3seven77

    I think the picture of Obama morphed with Nixon was better and much more accurate.

  • ricsands

    If we had all just gotten a powerful magnifying glass and read the micro-micro print in our cell phone contracts first we’d have no surprise here. But morphing Obama into a Bush look alike wreaks of the obvious problem of hypocrisy displayed by this arrogant POTUS. He should humble himself and admit his admiration for how Bush did things before he starts tripping over his words like Bush, oops I saw that speech today, too late.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    That picture has been around for a while, not that the progressive corporatists would have bothered to print 5 years ago…to busy shilling for the obvious fascist.

  • orleansbelle

    This photo is not new! It’s been going around the internet for quite a while now.