As Turkish citizens continue to clash with the police in protests against Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and his Islamist-rooted Justice and Development Party, Twitter has become the place to turn for dramatic Vine videos and photos depicting attacks on crowds with water cannons and tear gas canisters. Where can besieged protesters turn to get away from it all? CNN-Turk, apparently, which surprised the nation by providing coverage not of Turkey, but of penguins.

Reuters reports that protesters took out their frustration on at least one broadcasting van, tipping it over and spray painting “government crony media for sale” and “Where were you yesterday?” on the hood and side panel. A petition on demands that CNN pull its name from the channel or risk tarnishing its brand. Others, meanwhile, have adopted the penguin as a symbol of their movement.

  • gracepmc

    Hope for the best. Here is a good in country report.

  • peteee363

    looks like cnn sucks everywhere.

    • John Taznar

      CNN International was going to go with penguins too, but they realized their was no need to cover for Obama on this one.

  • JadedByPolitics

    Just remember that CNN does all in its power to protect dictators, Ben Bradley told us how they did so w/Saddam Hussein just to be able to stay in Iraq and “report” #StateRunMedia

    • Smiley

      Exactly, thus how CNN became successful worldwide. Any two-bit
      regime or crony government can get the CNN fig leaf for a price. But remember, only Fox News is evil or something.

  • socalcon

    CNN must be coat tailing MSNBC, now they’re ahead in the ratings. Go figure.


    Nothing to see here because if you think media manipulation is real than you might be an infowarior and we all know that’s not allowed on twitchy

    • Abiss

      Iknowrite? Media doesn’t slant anything. Serious you guys!

  • Al Waishard

    We have over 20 NATO installations in Turkey. Seeing as how 0bama wouldn’t save our Ambassador,…do you think he’d even bother to wake up for a US Base merely being overrun by rioters?

    • ObamaFail

      If they were Christian rioters? He’d probably send in the marines. Oops, my mistake. He only calls in the Marines to protect his suits from rain.

    • Anthony Clay

      obama would say you waking me up, i told you a club samich, not turkey, the short answer americans anywhere are in danger now. he will not back you we all know that now, those two brave guys fought for 5 hours i cannot get that thought out of my mind, this coming from a old 11bravo

  • nc

    American networks are taking notes on how it’s done…

  • JustLikeAnimals

    CNN is the new “not the place for breaking news” network.
    That means MSNBC is now last in the networks that are “not the place for breaking news.” Wow. MSNBC can’t even be first in being last. But I must confess, the competition between CNN and MSNBC to be #1 at being the worst news network is sooo entertaining.

    • R1486

      Actually Pew studies show that CNN reports more news than either Fox or MSN. Fox news was reported as being 55% opinion/commentary and 45% news where as CNN was 54% news and only 46% opinion/commentary.

      • Abiss

        LOL. Oh, well that settles it then.

      • Anthony Clay

        nonsense, cnn does puff pieces on the commander in thief, example why are you so wonderful barack, sure judy be glad to tell you why, when i got my first alias it gave me a sense of pride, also my first fake diploma, or was it my second, by the way there is yet to be one person from Columbia to say the ever saw him, jim root just went to the reunion and asked 150 people not one, knew him or saw him how is that possible, jim went to columbia the same years, everything about this guy is hokey

    • Anthony Clay

      lol and they admit it proudly, no i am last nana nana

  • Hyork Dench

    CNN is taking a lesson from MSLSD. News just isn’t their brand…

  • Jason Conley

    Good luck to the Turkish people standing up to tyranny and fighting for Libertarian principles!

  • Anthony Clay

    yep that and old movies, no news here move along folks, biggest demonstrations thruout the country zip coverage

  • Anthony Clay

    my turkish friend was killed because the fundys didnt like what he said, thats how they roll